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JUNE 2009
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Elsa Peters
June 29, 2009, 5:33pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 29th June

The local doctor wouldn't see me as a private patient so I had to go into Kirkovo where I paid 5BGN to be seen.  After being examined and told that my blood pressure was normal I was sent on to the specialists in Momchilgrad for further tests and maybe an X-ray on my neck.  All this was carried out with Pepe translating into Bulgarian / Greek to Suzi who then translated it into English for me.  The specialist found this entertaining asking why there were three of us for one appointment!!

I firstly saw the lady doctor who after a really thorough examination decided that my blood pressure, heart and lungs were all working OK so she turned me over to an ear, nose and throat specialist.  He appeared with antiquated metal equipment and a third big metal 'eye', used a metal spatual to hold down my tongue to see my throat, stuck something metal up my nose to see that there was further infection and peered into my ears. He worked out that I had an ear infection thus causing the vertigo and that that was all that was wrong.  Cost for private treatment 25BGN.

In Bulgaria they do try to prescribe homeopathic drugs but this is in decline now that they have joined Europe.  Some of the drugs are no longer available and they have to go for the toxic alternatives.  And that's progress.  In Bulgaria they do try to prescribe homeopathic drugs but this is slowly in decline now that they have joined Europe.  And that's progress. I was prescribed two lots of tablets (one homeopathic for motion sickness) and the other to stop the infection and reading it up on the internet they are not sure yet why it works as it does on the inner ear.  I don't really need to know how or why I just need to know that it does.  Also supplied nose drops with a full demonstration by the specialist of how to administer. Good news..no need for an X-ray.

It's a bit like sickness hillside.  Suzi is also suffering and went to see the same specialist last Friday so when Pepe spoke to the hospital she now calls herself the Anglochanka's secretary which means that we get preferential treatment.  My next appointment is in one week's time so I can't go home for a flying visit now that I have this condition.  There are photos to follow
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June 30, 2009, 12:32pm Report to Moderator

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Ah really sorry to hear you have been poorly sick!   That's not like you at all!

Well I hope you get better soon, and back to your normal assertive self, so we can see some progress on your empire  

Glad to see the 'beast' made it in the end! Have you mastered it yet??

Lots of love

MikeyB xx
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Elsa Peters
June 30, 2009, 4:13pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 30th June

Thank you Mikey B for your well wishes.  No, it's not me but nature has a way of slowing us down sometimes.  

I hear that England is experiencing a heatwave.  I understand that Wimbledon is happening as we speak so is it destined to break soon?  We've just had the most awful thunderstorm despite the internet saying that there wouldn't be a cloud in the sky and this time I was in the caravan having gone there to administer my nose drops.  I sat and watched the lightening for a while and when the noise of the thunder got too loud I took to my bed and went under the duvet.  And boy was the thunder loud and the lightening flashing very close to the house/caravan.  I almost went down to the house but I had visions of being struck in the middle and Suzi sweeping me up into a matchbox and returning me to the UK.  I stayed where I was, went to sleep and when I woke up it was all over.  

I went to the woodyard today and got enough for the kitchen table that I intend to make.  Just got to get this bug out of my system and then I shall be at it.  The man at the woodyard speaks German to me and I keep telling him that my German is limited but it doesn't stop him.  I looked in the 'end of line' and he said to take what I wanted but on this trip I ended up with 12m length of 4x4 and one of 2x4 and the top will be acquired on my next visit.  I had a handsaw to make it fit into the beast but half way through he insisted that he used the chainsaw.  I don't think that many Bulgarian women go the the woodyard equipped with a handsaw to get what they need.  Novelty factor or what!!  Tonight I am designing the edifice and all being well tomorrow I shall be out there with my stick of inches and cutting it all to size.

The previous tennant of the caravan had a thing about Sharpe and historical novels so it's early to bed and late to rise until this thing leaves my system so at 19.12 and a grumble of thunder as if it is returning, it's PC off and a goodnight from me.
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