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Elsa Peters
November 30, 2010, 7:06pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 30th November

Thank you Princess and while you're all suffering in UK we were running at about 20 degrees again today but the wind turned a little chilly tonight.  Unlike UK though, when it does get bad here, nothing stops.  Give CJ a hug from me and tell him to get well in time for school to reopen.  Pickled onion egh, Ive got green and red cabbage pickled in the Turkish way.  What are we coming to and I hope Big Frog told you to get a new joke book now perhaps Santa might have one for your stocking...

What a funny day.....I have my new builder since Sally is still not well but we are hoping for his return tomorrow.  We went into Djebel first off this morning before going back to the house so that I could order my ton+ of oak so that I would have enough for the winter.  That added to the stuff that I sawed up over the last few days I'm assured will see me through....if not, let's have another load.  Anyway on the way there Bekir made a phone call and disappeared and returned to the car with a small box from which a noise was eminating.  I asked the question when we all loaded up and he opened the box and a bloody pidgeon flew out.  Now the Beauty (the Clio) is not exactly made for a couple of pidgeons to flying around in but it turns out that he has twenty five of these birds back at his hacienda and they have their own little kushta.  Can't be let out though until April because they make a tasty snack for eagles so I m reliably informed and this was seconded by my Bulgarian teacher that said that they lose chickens to the arial preditors.

So back to the house, the birds were esconced in the back bedroom in a roll of wire netting with a square of house insulation on the top with a pair of trainers to hold everything in place and where is the camera when you need it....suffering from a flat battery but I did manage to charge it so have night time shots.  So what else did I do today besides two hours of Bulgarian?  I made a quilt cover out of two zebra pattern fleece blankets and this now adorns my bed.  Really cool looking and should be toasty to get into at night.  I'll let you know in the morning but I need to cold weather to test it all out

Now a couple of pickies of Bekir's new birds.....

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