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MAY 2012
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Elsa Peters
May 7, 2012, 6:16pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 7th May

Six o'clock, read for a while, beautiful sun rise and again we had the mists hanging over the river in the valley.  Out to fetch the men and today was a bit of a 'let's tidy up because we aren't coming back for a while' and I should have spotted it earlier than I did.

The roof got washed down and some metal work completed, Sally was out there with the broom and shovel and everything is spick and span.  It was suggested that the mower came out of the box and so I got the instructions in English, Bekir in Bulgarian and Sally in Turkish and it was all versions to the ready.  I had to go into Djebel to get some petrol and the box said use unleaded which isn't available in Djebel so the other one was purchased and did the job.  Apparently you can only get it in Kardjali so next time I'm there I'll fill up the bottle.  Bekir was on first run when it was fired up and Sally was on 'stone' patrol and I was ooing and aaring....and shouting...'I'm getting a lawn'.  My Avatar came round hearing the noise and watched with a serious face but thought that it was really beautiful.  We had it on fill height just incase we hit anything solid but Sally was doing a sterling job.

So my turn next...first job was to start it and that was a job in itself.  You have to have the handle and the clutch thingy in position and then you pull the rip cord and firstly no go.  Three attempts and I'm fired up and ready for action and it soon demolished the really long grass and we got two of the grass box full to bursting only after about ten minutes.  Well it is about a foot long.  Next time should be easier and enough is enough...tomorrow I am going to clear a patch of debris and a little and often and it will soon be done.  I don't think I'll go for stripes yet.....enough trouble controlling it.  It's parked up under the lounge terrace window sitting side-wards in its box with a lid over it....I suppose the kennel comes later.

So men home and there was a shuffling of feet and Bekir decided that there was no imminent work for them so they are off for a couple or three weeks.  I know they have their own work to do but I hadn't got my wallet with me so didn't pay them....I know they don't mind but I feel bad about it.

So tomorrow's mapped out for me...gardening....I've got my sweet peas in and created a support for them using an old wrought iron gate frame for the one lot and a wigwam for the other.  Now to sort out the flowers from the weeds, get the garden raked and the rest of the 'lawn' cut....   Had a visit from the stork today but didn't manage to get a really good pickie....it spotted me a fraction after I spotted it.

LN.....another beer calls....I can hear it from here.

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May 7, 2012, 7:22pm Report to Moderator
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OOooW RED Cabbage HOW MUCH  
Wow a lawn there will be no stoping you now that you have your own mechanical cow !!
that milk churn was once a red wine barrel .you arn't suposed to suck on the tap Elsa now look what you have done !!
See you soon sugar G & H
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Elsa Peters
May 8, 2012, 3:44pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 8th May

[quote=26]OOooW RED Cabbage HOW MUCH  

As for you MOS..two bloody rows now don't ask again....

Early start, read my book, out in the garden by seven. knackered by eight, breakfast and back into the garden renewed.

The top bed is now dug out completely and now has to have the woodwork and stone applied so that it becomes a garden and not a  earthen patch/...that will come tomorrow.  Up in the high twenties this morning so worked until the swear from my wrinkled brow ran into my eyes and headed for the shade of my lovely house to do emails and things.

I seem to be having a high interest from China on my blog and I reckon that they re going to start big time if I give them access so.....application to join denied.  The last bug I got from my emails was from yahoo.cn so I am very wary.

Did my student and the text was about a boy that was not particularly a good son until six months in a outward bound camp made him change his opinion on life....maybe I'm doing more than just teaching English..

Had a call from Gouljan and she had missed the bus and since I am going that way anyway....she found my car in Djebel....she is now in a relationship...two weeks of it and that is a big thing at her age with a thirty nine year old male....we are off to the woods on Saturday (weather permitting to collect thyme....she wants it for tea...I want it to plant in my herb garden.

Mother of all thunderstorms as I drove home from Djebel only to be greeted by four cows in my garden.  Weather being what it was and grass being very high. so long as they left my flowers and shrubs alone they could munch the rest.  Thunder stopped at about six so I was out there to shoo them out.   Supper tonight chicken curry and I must attend to it as we speak...rice is in the oven and the rest sitting on the hob.

LN....I have things to attend to....

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Elsa Peters
May 9, 2012, 5:07pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 9th May

Woke up at five, read for about half and hour and then realised that I had nothing to get up for so went back to sleep and it was eight thirty when I came to for the second time.  Bliss, sheer bliss.  You don't realise how much it takes out of you picking up and delivering the men back home but I said I would do it, since they don't normally work out of their village and I've always stuck to it.  I do like it when they have a rest though...

Bit of a damp squib day....a little thunder rocketed round early on, rain dribbled from the sky so it was definitely a day for pulling out weeds since the ground was soft.  It picked up around lunchtime and turned into a t-shirt day and I moved the plants that I had in the bowls where they had established roots and potted them up.  Busy lizzies are all out, three azaleas, carnation from my women's day flowers from my student, bush honeysuckles, mahonia and now ready to start a new lot off.  There's so much hedgeline that it would be rude not to.  More seeds planted up so that I can identify the self sets in the flower beds from weeds.  Last year I had tall white flowers and Zinias given to me so I know not what they look like as immature plants but I shall know for next year.

Worked until four thirty and generally tidied the terrace off and moved the bags of coal that I hadn't used into the coal store in the other house, neatened up the logs and swept up the crap that somehow lingers.  Sorted out both of the grape vines and got more supports in for the sweet peas and decided that an early supper was the order of the day.  I've not been eating until about eight after taking the men home so today I did a chicken breast with honey, onions, mushrooms, tomato paste, carrots, chilli and made it into a sweet and sour with vinegar and pineapple pieces served with pasta.  Pretty damned good it was too.

Eight o'clock my time.  Time I went down, sorted out the fire that I lit just because it went a little nippy tonight when the sun went in, chugging on with my book and about to go and get my first for the evening.  LN....time and tide wait for no man or woman in this neck of the woods.  I forgot to mention....the bea eaters are back and swooping in low.  Looks like I shall never get any to settle in Bekir's bee house....   And the thunder has just started....

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May 9, 2012, 7:32pm Report to Moderator
Guest User
Brilliant photos as usual Elsa.  The roof looks great.  By the way, I think I may like to conquer Everest some day!!!!!!!
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Elsa Peters
May 10, 2012, 5:11pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 10th May

Thank you for the compliments Danuta...I aim to please and sometimes I just aim...and they turn out OK...as for the climb up Everest, I have contacted Sherpa Tensing's grandson and he is available....when you are

Early morning start, book reading until five and then down for a couple of disturbed hours.  You know what it's like, did I sleep?  didn't I? was that a dream until at eight I was up and doing.  Walked the estate, raked up the rocks from the new garden, watered the plants, planted out the remains of the bizzie lizzies that were lingering in the water beds and decided that I needed texts for my student.  Decided to read for a while before I set sail and forgot my wallet and phone but I went back for them because if you don't have your driving licence on you, you are fined and there is no five day let out for submitting it.

Student today hyperactive but astute.  He's a bright boy.  Bought some more petunias from Djebel....found out the man that delivers the DHL post and went to introduce myself but he had disappeared to make a phone call.  I have things arriving and I want to make sure that he knows it's me that he is delivering to in Dushinkovo.  Thunder is rocketing round the hills and has been since I left Djebel so tonight's update is short and sweet.  The hills are not alive with the sound of music but covered in mist, the odd clap heralding what might be a storm or just a storm in a tea-cup.  I'm going to say LN....my fire is going...supper was the remains of last night's with some curry powder thrown in for good measure and I now have a Catherine Cookson on the go.  Alcohol is Oozo or the local Mastica.....I fancied a change and at four fifty for a litre, I thought I might run to it....or even walk to the kitchen and fill it up with water...LN....back to my book while the thunder, thunders and the lightening lightens....
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linda g
May 10, 2012, 5:12pm Report to Moderator
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Hiya Love the pics. 2nd build looks great. I dont know how you do it. U a better woman than me gungadin...lol. Take care. regards from all here. Linda.x
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Elsa Peters
May 11, 2012, 4:48pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 11th May

Thanks Linda and as for the jokes, keep sending them but I must admit I steal some to pass them on....bad girl

Quick update tonight....I've been out in the garden all day moving stone and the 'magare' or builders's horse to me and you and putting it out of sight.  It sort of took up a place in the garden all on its own and now is no more.  The stone has worked its way out of the confines of the original little garden and it is now firmly ensconced so that I can get the mower out tomorrow if the weather permits.  The thunder has just started and a few flashes of the white stuff and I'll be shutting down this thing pretty soon.  

Bea eaters are swooping as are the swallows, martins or whatever they are.  They were having a lovely time in the 'not so much a wreck' earlier on...going in through the bedroom, into the hall, round the lounge and out through the upper room....aerobatics at full stretch.  I must check out if they have made any nests in there but it's a job for tomorrow with the camera to hand.

A wasp has made a little nest on the outside of my upstairs bedroom door and unfortunately I caught it with the fly screen when I went out this morning.  Not damaged but I must take a photo before I give it the heave ho.  If it get's bigger it will be knocked off anyway so it's better that the little beauty has time to make another one but not there.

Tuna mayo for lunch and I've got hamburgers for tonight that are about to get fried off with onions and into some of the local big rolls that I've found.  I think it has to be a double decker and I might just happen to do chips with them....Big Macs all round and you'll need them if it rains like it did last night.

So I'm saying goodnight...there's just been another huge clap and that's not applause for the contents of this entry....time for supper and time to let the storm do its damnedest....LN....
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Elsa Peters
May 11, 2012, 7:13pm Report to Moderator

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Friday continued

Storm's passed so I thought I'd post the pictures.....the hamburgers were delicious....and now it's time for bed said Zebedee...LN.....

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Elsa Peters
May 12, 2012, 4:29pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 12th May

Six thirty wake up and not a moment lost in the night...the sleep of the just.  Drank beer yesterday with one tot of oozo to finish off so is that the secret?  Who knows??

Played in the garden and stripped the couch grass from underneath the terrace wall and now I have a bed that I know not what to fill it with.  I thought about rosemary and lavender and bush honeysuckle but maybe I'll leave it for a while until I control the wayward strands of grass...bugger this native gardening...some of them there weeds have been here a lot longer than I have...

Finished my Catherine Cookson and it was a happy with a big argggghhh at the end of it and now I set about another Anne McCaffrey...liked the last two but this one seems to be an ongoing saga and I have the first.  Must check out the library for the rest of the set....

So there I was trying desperately to kick the lawnmower into action and I realised that Semile's little one (ten years of age) was watching me from the gate.  He threw down his bike and offered to help to which I issued a big NO.  Drunks and children under sixteen should not be near the equipment so I reckoned that if it was a 'no go' I would ask his dad but after a little time in the sun it must have warmed up and at the third pull...there was life Jim and not as we know it.  Went round the easy bits again and some of the 'magare' ground but I realise that it is both too high and too damp to make much of an impression on the virgin stuff.  So out with the scythe and I've felled part of the untouched, tomorrow I shall rake it up and then attack the remnants.  Having said that...we had the storm clouds rolling in again and have just had a brief downpour but it seems to have passed over hence my update.  Gouljan came round this afternoon at five and we were supposed to be going to collect some thyme so that she could dry it and I was going to dig up a few plants to add to my herb garden.  Firstly thought she was going visiting a recently bereaved family and if it didn't rain we were herbing and if it did...there is always another day.  As it happened it rained so despite my offers to take her home, she walked it and thyme and my chunk for the garden will have to wait.

Lit a fire for no other reason than I wanted one....a big log and a few lumps of the black stuff and I have a nice rosy glow.  Vodka and peach and apricot juice on the go tonight and let's see how that effects trhe sleep pattern.  You do realise don't you that this is a scientific experiment????   LN.....I'm hamburgering again tonight but last night went without the chips....tonight the chips are down....and I'm off to the kitchen NOW...LN...
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