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JULY, 2012
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Elsa Peters
July 30, 2012, 6:10pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 30th July

Six thirty start and out into the garden to tend and water it and then on to the computer and wait for my guest to surface.  Now he's getting later and so much so that I almost had to knock on the door just to check if I had to get the local hojjer out to bury the body feet first towards Mecca but the only problem being that he hadn't given me full instructions as to how to drive his half electric/ half petrol thing that sits outside my drive.  Eventually he emerged and hard boilers with toast was the order of the day.

So found him a few properties to look at from another website, and eventually we left complete with my Avatar's gas bottle and went to pick up my Beast.  Gas station did not have gas for another hour, down to the garage and handed over ninety eight leva for new solenoid and all the trimmings including an oil top up and on to the restaurant until the gas station was in business.  Picked up cash, put twenty levas worth of gas in the bottle and that should do her until January, home via the water fountain and faced with four puppies that had been abandoned.  Absolutely beautiful, black and white patches all over them but how can I manage a dog...such a shame but this is Bulgaria.  We have seen several sets just lately and what can you do about it....I don't have the resources or the inclination to take them all in...you just couldn't.  Got home and jump started Beauty and hopefully it will be OK for tomorrow or it is in for a holiday down at the garage.

Delivered the gas bottle...left with rice and meat for supper and a bag of tomatoes and that is bartering.  Added and onion, mushroom and soya sauce to the meat and rice for supper and it was delicious. My cow man has just arrived with a letter from a girl I used to work with when I was sixteen...we have led entirely different lives but the friendship remains and I love her and her husband to bits.. and just started on a pack of very light biscuit thingies filled with jam....wrong move....so moorish....can't see them surviving the night.  

So tomorrow a trip to Momchilgrad in the morning providing my little one starts and then on to Billa to top up with beer.  It has taken a bit of a pasting tonight so supplies need to be got in.  Gouljan has reported that her trip to the Black Sea with her sister and nephew was not as it should have been....I'll catch the full story tomorrow when I pick her up from the bus stop for a lift into Djebel...the saga is to be continued...LN....I have to check out that my guest hasn't nobbled all the beer while I've been busy...update tomorrow.....LN
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Elsa Peters
July 31, 2012, 6:12pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 31st July

And now I'm suddenly thinking...where has this month gone!!!

Normal time this morning but something that I ate last night had me up in the night a couple of times and it was a touch of Montezuma's revenge.  Still up at six thirty though and left the garden and concentrated on the PC....Now the weather for Kardjali had stated that we were due for several bouts of showers for today and I was counting the Stotinki but all we got was a brief short downpour which lasted from four thirty until four fifty....and they call this rain.

My guest's tyres were looking a little the worst for wear after four thousand miles and a lot of them on Bulgarian roads.  Into the garage, priced up a couple of front ones and it would take a couple of hours to get them down to the garage.  Went over to Momchilgrad this morning to show my guest the delights of the local market and we ended up at the Makaza hotel for lunch.  The waitress dragged out the man who spoke English so that we could order and I continued to order in Bulgarian which made his journey something less that useless.  Hey I thought his English was good and I had no complaints on my Bulgarian.  Decided to go home after that and he set off for the garage while I set off in Beauty for my student and then down to the garage to sort out my flat tyre that couldn't be sorted by my knackered foot pump.

Lesson today was the Mayan culture and he had actually done his homework from last week.  We spent time talking about the Olympics and the fifteen year old's achievement in the swimming and that impressed my thirteen year old.  Went down to pick up my car and yes it had a puncture...all fixed now so home James via the supermarket to fill up on essentials like beer, eggs and bread.

There is only one of the puppies left at the spring fountain and it is the one that I said that I would have picked....but please, let someone else have it.

Home and supper was pork chops with sweet and sour sauce with potatoes, carrots and peas....the cakes are going to be left untested tonight...I had a sugar overfill last night......and didn't rest comfortably in my little pit.

Just about to check up on the Olympics....LN....and on to a new month tomorrow...where does it all go....LN...
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linda g
August 2, 2012, 4:40pm Report to Moderator
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Hi Elsa, great photos as usual. Hope u ok. All seems well. Mum sends her best. She wanted to know how many kids u have and how old they are. Shes abit dulally some days, and others as sharp as a tack. Anyway I said id ask.  lol take care. Linda.x
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