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September 20, 2012, 9:47am Report to Moderator
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Hi Elsa.
I would recommend downloading a program called Calibre. It will convert between different formats and also manages your  ebooks. Kindles can also manage to display Mobi and pdf format books as well as their native AZW files. Their are tons of sites where you can download free books that are out of copyright - http://www.gutenberg.org is a great one. Also amazon occaisionally has the classics and others for free as a sort of promotion type thing.
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Elsa Peters
September 20, 2012, 8:09pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 20th September

I would ask where did the day go...it has seemed non-stop from morning to night.  Just got in from Gouljan's birthday treat and she insisted on paying and it's a first....I let her.  

Had to rush out today to get the chimney bricks so that they could build it into the wall and it was all down hill from there.  Late for my lesson, late for printing off the text for my student because of the chimney bricks but I've managed to acquire the concrete water thingy that Star Mush insisted in removing from the lane and depositing in his garden.  I am now the proud possessor of the said concrete thingy.  I do promise pickies tomorrow and I am not just saying that.

My guests are sleeping, I'm clattering on the keyboard on the landing so I'm going to say goodnight and get my little head down...I'm feeling very sleepy but at least the air has cleared with the mother of all thunderstorms tonight and lashings of rain so I'll see what's left of my garden in the morning....  LN...my bed calls....
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Elsa Peters
September 21, 2012, 5:04pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 21st September

Woke up at seven fifteen this morning and thought...lazy morning...guests sleeping in...but then suddenly remembered that I had to be on my bike to get the men.  Had a coffee and realised that those twenty minutes had flown so off I went to get them.  There with their little rubber shoes blacked into the car and second coffee underway and out for bread from the other van so that we had fresh for breakfast and saw that he also had cheesy bread on so it was three of those, one for the men to share, one for breakfast for the takers and one for pickies when the librarian came round later in the day.  So only the female of the species sat down for breakfast and almost ten, fresh fruit salad and Hacibar's home made yogurt followed by the cheesy bread which formed a good base for the rest of the day.  On their way by ten forty...Librarian arrives at eleven so down again for more coffee and cheesy bread picks and eventually headed for Djebel to meet Gouljan for lunch and the three of us had chicken soup with bread for just under five leva.  Had a bit of a shopping spree...into one of the local cloths shops and got some of their special trousers and gave my Librarian a pair as a present and when we got back. we threaded the elastic in them and I believe she is refusing ever to take them off.  I've got myself a new pair only this time with a top to match and they are going out to Australia with me   I also came back with a carpet for my bedroom so that it is warm to walk on the tiles now that winter is approaching. We've had a very girlie afternoon and both put the trousers on to test them out on Bekir and Sally and Hacibar was walking by the gate so I suppose it is all over the village now...just a normal day in my village.

Bed stripped and washed and having to air it inside...it has gone cold tonight.  The fire is lit and making the house feel warm and the librarian offered to take the men home for me since it is on her way.  I'm not into food tonight...I'm coffeed out and the soup is still doing it's stuff...perhaps a little later.

So the men have had a good day....I've had a good day and I'm settled in for a snug night.  Off tomorrow to friends in Elhovo so there might not be an update....I'll see how it pans out...LN.....I'm showering and getting stuck in front of the fire...

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Elsa Peters
September 23, 2012, 7:08am Report to Moderator

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Sunday 23rd September

Sorry, didn't do the update last night but a full update when I get home....Good night last night, no alcohol involved and home to bed with only one black jumping cricket in the bedroom as company...catch you later.

And here we go....had a good journey over there and took me about three hours but I stopped off and managed to get some strimmer chord...two lots of it...so now I'm ready for next year.  Can't see me getting much use out of it before then.  Good to see my friends again and new ones from the area....picky bits for lunch and then it was...let battle commence in the kitchen to prepare for about sixteen guests all descending on an adjoining property since there was more room there.  Potato and coleslaw with local Shopska salad, barbecue bits and some lady even came along with a corned beef and potato pie and I think it was by popular request since it is a very English enclave.  Mid forties to sixties and various reasons for being out of the UK...interesting.  I did make the comment that I would have difficulty finding that number of English in my neck of the woods.  

The barbecue was turned into an open fire after the food had been tidied away we sat around but by ten thirty I was getting chilled despite a sweater and we were ready to head back to the bungalow.  I must admit that a little brandy and hot water with sugar did pass my lips and I slept in my sweatshirt but it was a combination of different bed and the jumping cricket that didn't bond well for a good night's sleep so at eight I was making coffee ever so quietly until the rest of the house came to.  

Checked out my new (secondhand) knitting machine and I have also acquired a new slow cooker which I unfortunately forgot to bring back.  We sat around in the sun, had more pickie bits and eventually I realised that if I didn't want to be travelling back at midnight I ought to get my skates on.  Set sail at just before six, driving into the sun for most of the way, arrived back just before nine and couldn't get in my gate.  My lovely Avatar had tied it up with string and that would have undoubtedly slowed down any invaders/intruders as it did me.  I ended up pushing the gate open as far as the string would allow and ducking under it to get into the yard.  

Unpacked my bag but have left other stuff in the car until the morning.  I'm feeling very weary and am looking forward to getting my head down tonight in my little bed.  Ten twenty my time...those pickie bits are still sitting being digested so no food for me tonight.  I must admit though that there is a glass of beer in front of me, it is going down very slowly and it's very necessary tonight.  I've really got out of the habit of driving long distances...Edinburgh to Brighton I used to manage without a pit stop...not so easy these days.  

So...about to get ready for bed...thank goodness we don't have the plague of black leaping crickets that seems to have descended on their area.  Goodness knows how they were getting in but they were everywhere.  It got so bad that the hoover was brought into play to get rid of the blighters.  LN...men tomorrow and over to the wood yard to get that organised along with a few more roof timbers for the barn....a woman's work is never done....LN
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Elsa Peters
September 24, 2012, 6:30pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 24th September

Slept really well until six, dog dozed until six fifteen and thought I might as well get up and get coffee and see what was happening in my world.  The sky was very red this morning just before dawn and there were lots of stars in the sky.  Cold morning....the mist began to form in the valley and then I was off full pelt to get my men but forgot all about clearing out the knitting machine from the back seat so rearranged the car when I got to the pick-up point.

Down to the woodyard and after a little discussion we have to go back tomorrow.  Supposedly there is another 'drop' tomorrow.  More roof timbers have to be bought so that they can go full pelt on the roof.  Today has been a day of metal workings but I nearly had nothing to work with.  Apparently my Avatar chased  a couple of men out of my yard Saturday night.  They had done a pick up of metal from Star Mush' kushta and decided that they would survey the grounds full of ill intent but my Avatar was straight out to put them right.  Makes it all the more necessary to stick a padlock on the gate when I go away.

Found out what the shouting was all about Friday night.  Metal removed from Star Mush kusta on Thursday and Friday, grandson thinks that he is entitled to some of the cash for his hard work, grandmother things that he is not....families

Tomorrow looks like being a concrete day and Bekir has asked Emaula if he wants to earn some money.  I get the impression that he doesn't....he might do it for Bekir but he certainly wouldn't do it for me..that's the youth of today for you.  Up to Djebel, got my other pair of trousers, Gouljan's mother was in Djebel since it was market day so gave her a lift home...she asked how much and I told her twenty leva so we laughed and it cost her big fat nothing.

Men home....phone call to ask if I would visit the other house again with my guest and so tomorrow after the wood yard I'm back house hunting.  Supper tonight was pork skewers honeyed and tomatoed with chippies.  Delicious and I must admit that there was a glass of beer to wash it down.  LN...I'm feeling pretty tired after the weekend so I'm off to my virginal couch.  Tomorrow will be here pretty soon. LN...
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Elsa Peters
September 25, 2012, 5:16pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 25th September

Last night I was really tired and I took to the virginal couch at nine-thirtyish and so at four thirty this morning I had woken up prepared for the day.  Did the loo trip and back to bed with the Kindle and DS and decided at six that I would get my head down for another hour and dog dozed gently  until seven.  Quickly on to emails and Facebook and went to Djebel before I picked up the men so that I had enough money to pay for the wood should it arrive and petrol for the trip to Benkovski and home again.  Men were in the car before eight, down to the woodyard and no wood was delivered so we had the promise of an afternoon delivery which never happened but we went on the the farmers markets so that Bekir could see his mates and Sally could tag along.  They had cows, calves and goats and I've been advised that most of these wont see Christmas since there is the Muslim festival in between,  Lovely goats though and I'm almost tempted to have a couple next year...they could always run with Bekir's sheep.

Emaula is now working for me again.  I thought he was going to Turkey for pear picking but he said not so it looks like I've got him for the rest of the week.  As I said it's a concrete day today so the shuttering had to go up and they've been up that ladder with their bucket more times than I care to think.  Went off property viewing today and measuring up one of the properties.  Lunch in Kirkovo and the restaurant there has really improved.  The chief of police and the rest of the force were eating at the table next to us...obviously a job that pays well.

Out to my student this afternoon and by this time my energy levels were on the down.  Back home, washed up cups and delivered coffee for which seemed like the millionth time today but that could be a slight exaggeration on my part....took them home at almost seven o'clock and Emaula fancied the ride home with them.  Bless him but he never shuts up and it was almost like wanting a cloth to put over the parrot.  Watered the garden tonight since it has been in the thirties and just about finished when my Avatar arrived with a take away which went down very well.  I was thinking that I was having to summon up the energy to become creative and there it was...my vibes to the universe got through.  Kitchen tidy, heading for bed with the Kindle but not really getting into the book that I'm reading and keep trying to turn over the pages...doh.  Perhaps that will wear off.

So LN....warm night but the wind is getting up a bit so the balcony door might have to be closed soon.  Three workers again tomorrow...LN...I'm sipping beer.

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Elsa Peters
September 26, 2012, 4:07pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 26th September

Three thirty start again and I have felt rough all day.  A little bit of reading but I really need to get my head down...I'm thinking these tablets are not doing me much good and the pain has been on and off all day.  Come in number seven, your time is up.

Men ready, Emaula's birthday today and I spotted it from Facebook.  He was intending going back with the men tonight and having a wee night cap but my librarian came round and has taken the men home for me.  Lunch was what I could find in the fridge and was sparse but if I'd have known she was coming I'd have baked a cake and put some candles on it for Emaula as well.

Beautiful day today....the wood is still coming after lunch but as for which day, no one let us in on the secret.  We ordered sand/ballast and that arrived this afternoon as promised.  I just love that man...he never lets us down.  Took lots of pictures of butterflies this afternoon abounding on my zinnias and it was a real hive of activity.

The men have been filling the wooden shuttering with concrete today and it is looking good.  The plan to leave a gap between the end of the garage and the garden fence so that you can see either side of the tree has worked out well.  From the lounge you can still see the mountains whereas if they had built the wall you wouldn't have been able to.

Food for me is not on the menu tonight...I'm off to bed now and if I wake at midnight I am staying there until dawn.  I just feel so knacked.  Need to get my strength up.

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Elsa Peters
September 27, 2012, 6:44pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 27th September

It worked...I woke up at midnight and not a sound from the pavement so went back to sleep and got up at five fifteen.  My golly I needed that.  I think the sleepless nights with number seven and getting up and picking up and delivering at the end of the day is taking its toll.  Ah well, holidays soon.

So what have we been doing today?  The phone call came to say that the lorry with the wood was ten minutes away so two hours later it arrived and not sure if it had gone via Sofia or not.  Two men unloaded it onto the road...the question was asked if they could bring it into the yard and that was answered with a big 'no' but we had winter wood, roofing wood and metal.  The wood came in about one meter lengths but I'd like to add here that you get more for your cubic it you take it uncut and not cut.  Last year I had ten cubic of Accacia from the forest and this year eight of oak and beech but there is more this year than last.  Admittedly I was paying thirty five leva per cubic last year and this year it's double the price but I've already filled the small house bathroom from window to door and the drive is still full.  We borrowed my Avatar's son's chainsaw and could have it on condition that Bekir used it and no one else....so he was nominated from a short list of one while Sally finished off the metal work for the other support for the roof and Emaula was on the wrong end of both an axe and wheelbarrow while I drew the short straw of stacking it in the bathroom.  I now have wood to come back to in December.

Driving the men home and I saw Gouljan walking along the road.  Emaula was with us and I decided that we were taking him for a birthday drink since my Librarian took the men home last night.  Met up with quite a few of Bekir and Sally's friends and I suddenly remembered who one of them looked like....it was the Count who did the Italy Top to Tail on the BBC.  He's a cross between that fellow and Andrew Bochelli or whatever his name is.  Driving home and saw Gouljan waiting in the bus shelter so picked her up and dropped her off ..back home and omelet for supper...quick and easy..posting pictures and then to bed with a book.  I still try to turn the pages over but I suppose I'll get over it eventually.  So LN...I'm hitting the sack.

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Elsa Peters
September 27, 2012, 6:54pm Report to Moderator

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Two that wouldn't post

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Elsa Peters
September 28, 2012, 6:53pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 28th September

This morning I was a photographic studio but I actually laminated the pickies and didn't frame them.  Five of my four women since Bekir wanted one of them as well and one of my very sweet guest who was over the moon with his picture.  There is still a lot of wood to be cut but my old bathroom from last year is full to the gunnels where as last year it wasn't so eigtht this year is definitely more than ten last year.  

Decided to take to my bed at lunchtime in the heat of the day with my Kindle and think I lasted about twenty minutes before it was laid on my chest and off I went.  Woke up to the gentle hammering of an axe on wood but went off again and it was four before I opened my eyes sufficiently to go down, make the boys some coffee and be sociable to crava mush who was sitting pretty.  I thought my lousy coffee would see him on his way but apparently he likes it...got that wrong didn't I!!!

Emaula paid so wont see him for the weekend but the boys have realised that they only have seven working days left and want to do tomorrow and who am I to say no.  Had to go into Djebel to fill up with benzine ready for the off and went to my restaurant for cheesy chips, chicken wings and salad and ended up bringing home what looks like a lemon drizzle cake and some home made fruit concentrate now sitting in the kitchen.  Took a picture of a model in local dress by a bicycle but reckon she wont get far on that...   Food for tonight...ten leva ...so not bad for a night out.

Off to bed now...it's been a very hot day and it takes it out of you.  Pictures of my homeward journey and Djebel by night..LN...sleep tight.

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