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Elsa Peters
October 27, 2012, 3:08pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 27th October

So I've just done the Trivia quiz with a couple of dinner table compatriots and we failed hopelessly....but there again it was our first time up against the seasoned cruisers....we'll try again and our spirits were not downcast at the end of it.

Just wanted to post the photos from yesterday that I promised.  There won't be many today unless we sight whales or anything moving in the calm sea.  The next big photo opportunity comes the day after tomorrow in Lombok, Indonesia.  We've been warned to watch out for the sharks that cruise the embarkation points looking to change Australian Dollars to the local currency.  Far more dangerous we are told than those that dwell in the sea.

Let's try to load the pickies....

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Elsa Peters
October 28, 2012, 2:45pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 28th October

Not much to report today.  It was hot, hot, hot and burnt to a crisp this morning.  The ship was heaving a little and the pool looked like it had a wave machine thrashing the water about.  One or two of the older ladies appeared to be threatened with being beached on the pool surrounds but I managed to survive.

Food has been very impressive so far but the joke is that there are some that seem to be 'grazing' from morn 'til night but that is what cruising is all about for some of the fellow passengers...

Beautiful pickies of sunsets but i think you've had enough of those.  Indonesia tomorrow and off for a scheduled 'trip' on to Lombok which is the next island to Bali so I should have some interesting stuff to post tomorrow.

LN...my clock has gone back by another hour tonight but I'm not waiting for the night that we have to add it all back on and more when we get to New Zealand.  I better get some early nights in ready.....LN...off to my virtuous couch....
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Elsa Peters
October 29, 2012, 5:07pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 29th October

Well what a day.  Out on the deck at six this morning taking photos and down to breakfast by six thirty.  On to the tender for eight fifteen and a bus ride to the various temples, mosques, artisan shops and manufacturers, lunch at the Sheriton Hotel in downtown Lombok and a gigantic thunders storm with lashing winds.  Most of the population buy motor scooters using a three year credit agreement and it was fun to watch them when the roads got flooded.  It was such a downpour that it was even managing to lift the drain covers.

Back to the ship.  I did forty five minutes in the swimming pool on my lonesome and got out to take the pictures of the sunset and then back in again.  For supper I had a huge rare steak and it was delicious followed by icecream and meringue..finished off the evening with the cabaret that should never have happened and into the bar for the final pint of the night.  Back to the cabin now and we have instructions to meet up with the Australian Immigration as does the rest of the boat and our personal invitation is for 9.30 in the morning so I might be coming back to England sooner than expected....(joke).

Pickies of today...here we go and let's hope that they post quickly....LN

Attachment: early_mists_1198.jpg
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Attachment: up_it_comes_1446.jpg
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Elsa Peters
October 30, 2012, 4:08pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 30th October

Not much to report today.  A beautiful morning down by the pool with a lovely calm sea and this afternoon sat out on the balcony in the shade with a book until sleep overtook me so down for a little nap.

Deck party this evening which we chose to ignore and we had an evening on the beer listening to a band in one of the lounges.  The staff were very busy tonight decorating for Halloween.  It looks amazing in the atrium and pictures will be posted tomorrow.

LN...time for bed....
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Elsa Peters
October 31, 2012, 7:38am Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 31st October

And ghosts and gouls roam but there were few on the deck when I took the photos at silly o' clock this morning but some were already force feeding.  Any way....I achieved what I set out to do and sat on the deck with a coffee, back to the cabin and did my washing and then out for a swim.  Not much of one, clouds rolled in and the wind got up so I'm not confirming indoor activities....don't intend lying out there just for the fun of it.  There was a Marty Feldman and Gene Wilder film showing but even that could not pursuade me to stay.

Formal night tonight or Halloween costumes so I might just cut a hole in the bed sheet and design somethin original or just get out the party glitz.  Heck of a decision...and tomorrow we are in Geraldton and going ashore by tender followed Freemantle and off I go to Perth....exiting times.


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