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Elsa Peters
November 1, 2012, 10:22am Report to Moderator

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Thursday 1st November

White rabbits....blue nose...the temperature dropped last night but it was up in the high seventies this morning...Went to Geraldton but we had to use the tender to get ashore and it was hopelessly delayed and again getting on the ship again this evening.  

Getting ready for supper now, drinkies at seven fifteen so I'm not going to get back to you today.  A few photos of today I'll post in the morning....

Tomorrow is Fremantle and then to Perth to see my cousin...and I'm getting excited now.....Linda...I'm on my way...

LN to the rest of you....
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Elsa Peters
November 1, 2012, 11:58pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 2nd November

Morning Fremantle...and in about one hour....morning Linda and hello Perth....I feel it will be a good day...
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Elsa Peters
November 3, 2012, 1:46am Report to Moderator

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Saturday 3rd November

A quick update from yesterday....I made it to see my cousin in Perth and sixty years and family arguments didn't get in the way.  We swapped stories from each side and laughed at it.  We'll never know the truth but with so much water under the bridge does it really matter...Thank you Linda G for making me welcome and making it possible for the oldest of our genearion gathered together and your four generations gather together.  Lots of tears were shed and somewhere along the line we should have always been friends but that's families for you.

So on the train from Perth and back to Fremantle a little shopping round the town and back onto the ship for supper and early to bed which was just as well.  Mornings on this ship are normally quiet but there were doors banging at silly o'clock and fairly high voices in the corridor.  I stuck my head out of the curtains to the balcony and there was a......helicopter and the ship had virtually stopped.  About one hundred meters off there was a destroyer so I popped my head out of the cabin and the emergency fire doors were shut.  Back to the balcony and that helicopter just got nearer and at first I thought that we had a man overboard but it turns out that we had a passenger airlifted off, the cabin next to us was evacuated, fire hoses rolled out and all hands on deck in case the helicopter got it wrong. Hope it's all good when she gets to the hospital.

Now time for breakfast to pick up the rest of the gossip and a swapping of photos.  I'm happy with mine now let's see what will post....A day at sea and hoping that it get's warmer or I'll have to get out my fur lined swimsuit.....have a good day.  

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linda g
November 3, 2012, 2:49pm Report to Moderator
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Hi Elsa, Great pics and abit of excitement..Wow, It could have been me stowed away...lol sad but I couldnt get in the front door...lol.
Still reeling in the fact that we have finally met again after such a long time. and I do think that if circumstanaces had been different, I agree we would have probably been great friends all along. So lets hope we are from now on. Hi to martin. Take care. Linda & all.x
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November 3, 2012, 7:53pm Report to Moderator

Hi from London but longing to be in Bulgaria
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wonderful  as they say better late than never  
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Elsa Peters
November 5, 2012, 12:05am Report to Moderator

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Monday 5th November

Bugger bugger ....tried to get on last night and for some reason the internet wasn't playing so yesterday's pickies are todays.

November the fifth and I've offered to light the bonfire on the deck but the Captain didn't agree and I'd lined up a few 'guys' but they might have to go overboard instead.  As you can see from the map, another day and sea which means another layer of the brown stuff now that the sun is out.  It hid for the morning yesterday then came out with a vengeance and I'm beginning to look more like a local each day....of India.

So breakfast over and the nice thing is that you have different table companions each morning and today there were a lovely couple from north of Sydney and an American couple that didn't want to discuss the elections but did anyway.  Interesting concepts of politics but there is a universal opinion that we are part of the minority groups from each country and it might have something to do with 'middle society' wealth that seems to be eroded as each year progresses.  I think secretly one or two envy my hillside....off to the deck to see what I can get up to and to check out if there are any activities that I want to raise the energy for...

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Elsa Peters
November 5, 2012, 2:08pm Report to Moderator

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5th November continued

So this afternoon was sunny but the wind was cold and we are told that that could be the end of the good weather...

There were a couple of albatross following the ship this afternoon and I tried really hard to get shots of them.  As you know I am still managing with my old camera so managed to get one of them in the shot at full stretch but you'll have to enlarge it to see it.  Anyway...this evening has now ended with a search of the cabin for the tour tickets for the rest of the voyage...goodness knows where they've gone and I've decided not to worry about it and get to bed.  Perhaps the poterguist will return them overnight

I've now decided to look out for the Ancient Mariner to go with the albatross....perhaps he's got the  tickets....

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Elsa Peters
November 6, 2012, 7:34am Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 6th November

Two weeks today we shall be flying back to the UK.....it's amazing really, it has seemed such a long holiday yet it has gone quickly.

Today was a really good day.  I didn't see much of Adelaide but we did the Barosa Valley and the wine yards and actually went to visit Jacob's Creak but there wasn't much water in it.  Three wine estates, lunch closely followed by a breathalyzer that I failed completely.  I wasn't nominted to drive the coach home.

Back on board at five thirty complete with two bottles of Tawny port.  Now the instructions when boarding state that all alcohol will be removed and stored until the ship arrives at its final destination....not true.  Into security, rattle, rattle and straight through.  Over lunch someone came up with the idea of running a sweepstake for the Melbourne Cup that was staged today.  We pulled over on the coach to listen to it and there was a winner that got paid out fifteen dollars, and also second and third payouts.  I believe mine had only three legs and ran accordingly.

Now time to shower and get ready for supper....and an early night.  Those damn tickets never showed up but were replaced by the tour desk after confirmation from reception that they hadn't been cancelled....As if I would.  Smart time....LN

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Elsa Peters
November 7, 2012, 8:24am Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 7th November

Woke up pretty early after a brilliant night's sleep and took to the deck to see what was happening.  I was very surprised to see a forty foot motor yatch heading towards us with lights on and wondered what the heck it was up to.  Five seconds later and there is the warning sirens from the ship, two bodies appeared on the deck of the boat and the engines were cut and it drifted back in our wake.  Lucky for some that we had people keeping watch since it could have been a bit of a mishap.  Not sure that anyone on the deck noticed it and there has been no mention of it from the crew today.  

As you can see I caught the dawn again and the clouds were amazing.  The rest of the day has been very relaxed.  We went down to the quiz and helped one of the  teams but were told severely to keep quiet so that they didn't get disqualified since they were only supposed to have six in the team and I thought it was a bit of fun.....obviously not.  Sat out on the deck this afternoon reading a very good John Gresham and up to seventy five percent so early to bed tonight I think again.

Tomorrow Melbourne and shopping for a fleece I think.  It is getting colder as we head for New Zealand and who came away a little unprepared....yep me....LN...time to get ready for supper.

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Elsa Peters
November 8, 2012, 1:13pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 8th November

Well Melbourne today and took the free courtesy coach in but discovered that we should have had tickets and didn't...doh.  Went up the tallest building in the city and the views were spectacular and ended up in Melbourne Jail...arrested for growing canabis and spent at least about five minutes in a holding cell...all play acting but very real...then on to the jail itself and saw the gallows and posters of the notorious criminals and head masks.  I found it creepy and was pleased to get back on the tram and back to the ship.  Again it was  a free ride.  Apparently they are changing the charging system and introducing something like the Oyster card operational in London but I'm told by a local that you are supposed to scan your card when you get on and off and nobody seems to be doing that so I got another free ride.  

Back on the  ship...stopped off and got a couple of bottles of the red stuff for the cabin,  down to dinner and on to the show which was absolute rubbish.  He was supposed to be a Rod Stewart impersonator but didn't do it for our party.  We sat at the end of the row by the aisle and managed to get out unnoticed after the first two numbers.  Into the bar, clocks go forward tonight as we head for New Zealand...few pictures from today....LN

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