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MARCH 2013
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March 31, 2013, 4:05pm Report to Moderator

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Happy Easter Elsa. Just had all the family and some  neighbours around for an enormous meal. We are going to miss this a lot when we get over there. Looking forward to some hot sun and a slower pace of life though. Hope you really have a lovely day and should get to meet you very soon. Take care. LN. Xxx

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March 31, 2013, 5:36pm Report to Moderator
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Happy Easter Elsa. xx    
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Elsa Peters
March 31, 2013, 7:14pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday continued

Thank you so much for your Easter wishes and I'm pleased that you appear to have had a special day in your own way.  Chins up Danuta...we're all batting for you.

Had a lovely time with my new student this morning and was presented with coffee and biscuits and then entertained to lunch at just before twelve.  We covered quite a bit of ground and seem to be doing OK.  Popped in to see my restaurant lady on the way back and caught up with a girl who has now moved to Germany and has a seven month old little boy so that was good.  Picked up a little shopping, weather was good but there was a cold wind so got the fire going and settled in until my evening out with the ladies of the village.

Well in my Muslim community we hardly celebrate Easter but tonight turned out to be more or less the last supper.  Eighteen of us sitting round a round table on the floor in true Turkish fashion and the food just kept coming.  Such a shame though.  I have spent four years here learning Bulgarian and can normally understand most of the conversation and have enough words to add comments now and again but tonight I was completely out of my depth.  They all went into Turkish and yes, I have the odd phrase that I throw in for a party trick but on this occasion...not a snowball in hell's chance.  The other thing is, they have been weeding by hand and planting seeds and taking up a comfortable position on the floor is not great hardship to them  They bend their legs, pull the table cloth over themselves and 'eat, eat' or 'yash, yash'.  As for me...forty minutes sitting in a position that reminds me rather like sitting in a canoe is not for me but having said that...ten courses of food came out in lightening speed and after an hour it was cleared up and we were ready to come home.  We arrived at about seven thirty and I was back home for nine.  Now if you had given me a table and chair, I'd have spent at least a couple of hours over it and really enjoyed it...as it was I just 'enjoyed' it but the next time the party is at mine and I'll make sure that they all speak English.

Time for a little drinky....ten fifteen and time for bed me thinks.  Tomorrow could be an enterprising day...I'll see what comes out of tomorrow morning's phone calls...LN
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April 1, 2013, 4:57pm Report to Moderator
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Good evening. Today is beautiful dayweather is wonderful . I am already member of your website My opinion is that your website is very interesting. Will be very interesting  for me to read your new life in Bulgaria.
  Yesterday was very lovely day for us, too.
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