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Elsa Peters
October 1, 2013, 3:36pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 1st October

Not so much 'white rabbits' as 'grey bunnies'  After sweeping and clearing the other schoolroom and the inside of part of the roof so that men can start on a clean playing field tomorrow, we were both covered in dust.  

So out to pick up the men at seven forty from their restaurant  We went along the new road to the property and I was able to take photos since I wasn't driving.  The Bulgarians have really cut a swathe through the mountains, following the river for most of it and it's exposed some wonderful views.  Ordered the materials and completed the paperwork with the council for the electricity company and we were over to the property by ten thirty. Breakfasted in the sun but then it started to rain and then it continued to rain, rained some more so we decided to call it a day at just after four thirty.  Men can't dig trenches in the rain and unload lorries and then hang about in wet clothes.

So I've just lit the fire...it's not cold but the air feels damp and I suppose it is October now...what can you expect.  Tonight out to the restaurant...neither of us feel like cooking or washing up so quick shower, down to Djebel to my little restaurant to pay our respects, eat their lovely food and then get an early night.  There's lots to do tomorrow...we're making good some of the windows and boarding up some of the others while the men work on repairing the roof.  LN...I'm going to get a shower and get my glad rags on...LN

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Elsa Peters
October 2, 2013, 5:31pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 2nd October

Woke up at silly o'clock this morning and opened the window to get some air since we had a fantastic thunderstorm last night but at four thirty I was closing it, the temperature had dropped rapidly and the wind had moved round and was coming from the north.  From the west we call it 'gypsy weather' and from the north we call it bloody cold.  It took me a while to get ready this morning...I had to search out something to wear that would keep out the cold and my boots had their first outing of the year.

Men for just after eight and over the new road to Momchilgrad.  Kettle on and then attacked the windows and going into Kardjali to get some polycarbonate window stuff to close off the windows in the downstair corridors...it was blowing a gale.  Poor Bekir had a rotten day today....he was connecting the water for the school to the village main supply and at one stage he was down to his vest standing in two feet of water with this trousers partly rolled up and fortunately had spares upstairs.  Result...the supply is now into the garden, the trench they managed to dig is filled in and everything in the garden is rosy and the flowers go in tomorrow.  I had a brainwave for lunch while out getting the window stuff I made the suggestion that we got a box of fish fingers and a frying pan and lunch was obviously fish finger sandwiches that went down a treat....we know how to live.  The rest of the day was to prepare for tomorrow so that they know what they are doing and the water board will sign off Bekir's work today...

Men home by six, we were home by six thirty, fire lit by six forty, zebra nest is out and installed and chilled and playing Angry Birds by seven.  Quick update....I smell supper and am about to raid the omelette that my guest has cooked for himself....it has to be done.  LN...please bring back the sun...winter has come early...LN

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Elsa Peters
October 3, 2013, 5:55pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 3rd October

So last night I was cuddled up in my Zebra quilt better known as my nest and was I glad of it.....it was four degrees this morning when we set off to fetch the men and my joke is that we have missed out on Autumn and gone from summer to winter....and that's not good.  Over to pick up the men and we had to go to the water board to deliver the documents but unfortunately the chief was playing with the indians so we had to go back later.  As it happened my guest had forgotten the document that you carry at all times so we had to go back to my village and we were confronted by Stara Mush's daughter and the breeze blocks that we stored in front of his old wreck had to be moved so that they could get a wagon in so in true form...we did it and guess what...when we came back tonight...no delivery but there again this is Bulgaria.

So the men struggled with the water supply and fitting the clock and so much so that we have reinforcements in the form of Tanir...my Cmet's nephew to give the men a hand for the next couple of days.  They eventually got up to the roof by four thirty and it was all systems go.  They removed tiles, replaced old rotten beams with new stuff since until planning permission is granted they cannot replace the roof so patching is the way to go.  Dropped off by six thirty and poor Bekir was nodding off on the way home.....they have both had a bad day and I'm sure will appreciate a rest next week for their holiday period.

Home for us at seven fifteen.  Fire ignited, showered and I got some leeks and potatoes out this morning and made some sort of concoction and supper is that with chicken wings done in the oven.  It that should be ready about now so I'm not going to linger.  I'm out of red wine, mastika and all things good so finishing off the vodka and tonic...bitsa night...bitsa this and that.  LN....I'm kitchen bound...LN

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Elsa Peters
October 4, 2013, 5:53pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 4th October

So it was a five thirty start and the Angry Birds had preference until the battery ran out and I was one angry bird.  I promise not to use that phrase again...   Beautiful sunrise and fully captured...it was a joy to wake up.

Out by seven thirty and the third workman was waiting at the gate....over to the men and they sorted out Tanir with lunch and I joked with the lady from the restaurant.  It appears that I have more guests on Sunday since it is the Dushinkovo fete worse than death and all of the locals from the men's village are coming to see what they get up to every day when they are working for me.  I think I'll head for England...I could have a house full.  

Men replaced one of the large windows that had been blown out as their first job...just so that they could give me something to do.  It was the science store room of the school and it was fun to dig and delve in the rubbish and find old bell jars, test tubes and pipette pipes.  So much fun and we also found lots of little bottles and plastic containers of 'stuff' that we roughly translated and thought that they might have been used to keep aggressors at bay....

Lunch was a kebab in Momchilgrad, over to Kardjali to fill up on supplies especially alcohol since it has been sadly depleted but now is restored to health but severely under attack again.  Men had a good day on the roof and I was up with them on the end of a long ladder.  It really took me back to the early days here and we had a giggle about it.  It was good that they remembered it too.

Men home, third workman home, supper is sweet and sour pork chops, rosti potatoes and red cabbage and it's just finishing off.  Tomorrow is another day...weather has got a little warmer fortunately so no fire tonight.  Do I pack away my summer clothes or not...decisions, decisions...I'll leave it til tomorrow...LN....Neil Diamond playing and supper needs serving...LN

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Elsa Peters
October 5, 2013, 5:20pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 5th October

Beautiful sunrise but the temperature fell overnight and we struggled to get above zero until the sun picked up her strength. Again I've been in body armour or so it seems with polo neck sweater and body warmer.  The lady next door has lost her tomato and pepper plants...everything looks very sad.

So out to pick up the men at seven thirty and down to the other property by eight thirty.  It's been a hard slog for the men this week.  They have been stuck on the roof mending it and readjusting the roof tiles from fifteen or twenty years of neglect.  They've strengthened the beams, added new and generally 'made good'.

Lunch today was fried off 'preformed' chicken and mayo on bread and it went down well.  I had to go and get materials from the yard in the town and Bekir told me that I knew the word for what he wanted but blowed if I could think of it...eventually we negotiated the language barrier and we came back with the goods.  Made some polythene windows today and boarded up another one so that the goats and the neighbours can't get in.  Of course in true form, a little like my village, everyone has an opinion as to how things should be done.  You have to live in a village for three years or so and then they leave you alone to do things your way.  If my neighbours had had their way I would have knocked the house down.

So men home, we're home, fried pork and baked beans with chunky bread is underway and about to be served.  I'm on the ouzo tonight to keep out the cold and to banish the tiredness.  I've already lit the fire so I shall have a shower after supper and chill to some gentle music or alternatively give those angry birds a bashing to get rid of some of the stress.....

Tomorrow it's my village's fete and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for good weather.  LN...there are pictures but tomorrow is another day...they might be posted later...now it's food and feet up time...LN
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Elsa Peters
October 5, 2013, 7:30pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday continued

Supper over, Bernstein playing on the ipod...it's been a good evening...LN

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Elsa Peters
October 6, 2013, 4:41pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 6th October

So last night I drew the curtains so that I could sleep in.  No so...four I had to get up to go to the loo and the stars were amazing.  Whether it was because it was a frosty night, I couldn't get over how bright they were and everything was so clear.  I sat on the stairs for about ten minutes just watching and then went off to bed with a satisfied grin on my face.  There is always something here that puts a different slant on things...or just it's my frame of mind but anyway up...it ain't a bad place to be so to speak.

So eventually came too at eight ten, bacon, egg and fried bread cooked for me by my guest while I cleared out my summer clothes and headed for the winter storage bags but no sooner had I packed it all away that I was looking for a white sleeveless t-shirt...it was my village's fete worse then death.  Finished tidying up the house just in case I had any guests from my men's village, Gouljan wasn't coming out to play again so washed my hair, had a shower and off we went to the village centre.  I met up with several neighbours and friends from Djebel,  We sat down at a table and ordered a couple of beers, two chunks of bread and a kilo of roasted lamb the rest of which is being turned into honeyed lamb for supper.  There was just so much but dear Tommy benefited from the remaining bones.  We caught up with Bekir and Sally and their friends at the Prasnik.....it was a good day.

So over to the property that my men have been working on for a last minute tidy before my guest heads back to England to earn the cash for the rest of the renovations.  His neighbour came out with coffee since he had given them a gift of chocolates and a bottle of booze for her husband.  Came back from Momchilgrad on the 'cheren put' or black road on a bit of a mystery tour but the road went upwards and onwards and we ended up two villages higher and took the lane back to mine...result.  I do think it's more a road for a jeep than a car but it made it without much effort.  Supper about to be served, Randy Crawford belting out tonight and we have a little beer on the go.  Super weather...frosty start, beautiful afternoon and now the chill is in the air and the plants that need a little protection are in the little house.  I'm off to the kitchen...LN...supper is on its way...LN

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Elsa Peters
October 7, 2013, 4:00pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 7th October

Seven thirty start and a cup of coffee waiting for me in the kitchen.  My guest leaves today.  I waved him off and just after eight, struck up the computer, did emails and the likes and became a photographic studio.  Gouljan's mother still hadn't seen pictures of her newborn grandson so I plucked them from Facebook, printed them off, laminated and delivered.  She was over the moon with them and then I noticed that my ladies were sitting out enjoying a cup of tea and a good old natter so I stopped the car on the way through the village and went to join them.  It was really warm in the sun and a pleasant interlude but when the chicken and rice came out I excused myself and headed off for Djebel.  I had been asked by Gouljan's mother if I could managed to get her ten kilograms of sugar so that was my weightlifting exercise for today.

Now this morning's task was to deliver the final bill for my student's visit to the UK but this had been increased by two pairs of trainers and his pocket money and I felt bad about it.  It was minimal for what we did but you can't help how you feel so I told them to offset it against my car costs for their winter checkups and the little one's tyre change to the winter variety.  Having said that it's been a beautiful day and the temperature has settled for about ten degrees tonight but is set to fall for three but no mention of frost for tonight.

Delivered the sugar and had picked up chicken wings for supper and replaced the potatoes that we had managed to get through last week.  The ladies were still out but this time at the bottom of the village so I acknowledged them but asking them if they had nothing to do they could finish my wall off.  This was greeted with derision so I wound up the window and headed home with a smile on my face,

Chicken wings cooked and eaten with the rest of the red cabbage and for my daughter and one or two that read the blog....how much...no idea.  Cilla Black is belting out tonight....she really did have a superb repertoire and it's stood the test of time.  Seven my time and a fire is gently ticking away giving the house a warm feeling.  Time to curl up with a book....it's been a day for getting back into my village after what seems a long time away....LN...  

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Elsa Peters
October 8, 2013, 7:44am Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 8th October

What a lovely lazy day....seven twenty when I woke, no men to pick up (in the nicest possible way), still in my PJ's which I really should do something about but what the heck...the day is mine all mine....   A few things on my imaginary list for today...sort out the plants so that 'all is safely gathered in', plant out a few to see if they survive but take cuttings first and have the last run with the lawn mower over the grass.  What I love about the fact that it's not committed to paper...I can pretend that I had no intention of even attempting it.  Why beat yourself up....I don't get paid for the effort apart from a sense of achievement when all is attained.

Beautiful morning and yet again...what a joy to live here...

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Elsa Peters
October 8, 2013, 4:49pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday evening

So a few things got knocked off the mental list today but not all of them.  I shan't bore you with the details.  Lovely afternoon...I took my kindle out and read for a couple of hours.  Temperature is supposed to drop to four overnight so lit the fire just after five after getting in two loads of washing.  Found a couple of leaks in the fridge so supper tonight was leak and potato with chunks of gammon with crusty bread.  Did it for me.

Bekir phoned and he had received the quote for the windows for the workshop and garage...reasonable so they are ordered and will be fitted the week after Byram...their holiday.  It seems to be all coming together.  

Good night from me...I'm going to get the beer out and the Kindle.  Bernstein is belting it out tonight and his music is so atmospheric.  The Early Years and Rhapsody in Blue....now what could be better than that with a crescent moon to boogie by...LN....my glass is empty and that just won't do...LN

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Elsa Peters
October 9, 2013, 5:06pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 9th October

Silly night again and I knew I would suffer after falling asleep for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon.  On the computer at one this morning playing freecell and the usual rubbish and eventually settled off again at about four.  It was more like a night time siesta and woke up at the usual time.  Misty moisty morning and the sun was slow to shine.  It broke through enough for me to take my coffee outside in my PJ's despite a little nip in the air but I was soon in, got ashed and dressed ready to face the day but there was little activity.  My only visitors were a couple of begging gypsies who quickly went on their way when the heard that I was English and not contributing to the welfare state.

Phone call this morning from Bekir and I was hoping it was to tell me that they could work.  Not so...it was to tell me that he had received the quote for the windows and door for the workshop and garage and could I confirm that it was acceptable.  Very reasonable and they will be fitted the week after the holidays.

Curled up and read this afternoon.  That sun didn't break through at all despite a real effort on her behalf and I lit the fire at five this evening.  I suppose I think that it's early days to have the fire going ...but this time last year I was on my way to England for my trip to Australia.  This year no such escapades....I am Christmasing and New Yearing in the UK....but that really seems a long way off.  And so it came to pass that the eyes clouded over and the lids headed cheek-wards and yes...I went off for another couple of hours waking up just before seven.  Now I'm wondering if I'm making up for lost time last night, catching up on the long days that I found myself working last week or dipping into tonight's statutory eight hours....only time will tell me thinks.

Very chilled night....I feel as if there might be an element of the sniffles heading my way but on the other hand it might just be tiredness.  I'm back down the wooden hills and into a new recommended book by a Russian author.  The last one ended OK but at the end I didn't seem to get into the style of the writer.  So now to the kitchen to ferret something out....be it liquid or nourishment but they can come from the same source so I'm let to believe.  LN...I'm back to the fire...

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Elsa Peters
October 10, 2013, 3:32pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 10th October

Morning at six which wasn't bad considering the two hours sleep in the afternoon and today has been exceptionally chilled.  Angry Birds, DS this morning and my book until the urge to get breakfast struck and that was fried tomatoes on toast just to use up a couple of bedraggled ones that would have otherwise been lobbed onto the hillside.  Made great breakfast with a slice of toast to follow eaten while making my way round the garden.  I noticed that there were loads of seedlings popping their heads up so out with the hoe, hoe, hoe and it's off to work I went round all of the flower beds and they are no more.  Last year I was swamped with clover and partly due to the wrist I was unable to do anything about it and had to pay for the lot to be cut down.  This year hopefully I shall have an element of control provided that I stay on my feet during the winter months...

Bekir phoned mid morning and I'm meeting him tomorrow to head out to Momchilgrad to pay the bill for the installation of electricity to the school.  We have cable to buy and contact points and we might even go as far as light bulbs, let's see what we get for our money.  Star Mush's daughter came round today to see what I have done to this house.  She has made a start on the renovations to Star Mush property but I suggested that she put the roof on before anything but I think there is a shortage of cash.  They've screeded inside but it's really only fit for animals.  My head touched the ceiling when I walked in but she added that she is short and so is her husband so there isn't a problem.  Thank goodness she doesn't have to meet building regulations.  I think the intention is to put a second storey on similar to mine and I think she came round for ideas.  Unfortunately she has only ten days here and then she's back to Turkey.  I said that I would do the plans and if she sent me the money I would project manage the site FOC.....I don't think they can raise the cash even for that.  Had my water meter read today and noticed that one of the men had walked into the little house so I asked him what he wanted.  I'd mentioned that I might be putting in a dip pool in the little house and I reckon he was checking.  I reminded him that winter was on it's way...which idiot would do it at this time of year...dooohhhh

Late lunch / early supper was home made hamburgers with chippies with a beer and I took to my bed afterwards to read and yes, you've guessed the rest.  I woke up just after six and realised I was cold.  Shut the doors to the outside from the terraces and lit the fire and now it's warming up nicely.  Typical autumn day today for us....hot in the sun and out of the wind but guess there might be a frost tonight.  So out and about with Bekir tomorrow so in the morning I'll take my car in for winter tyre change and anti-freeze check.  I shall be like the proverbial boy scout...prepared.  LN....I'm off to refill my lunchtime tipple, eat the remaining hamburgers although they are cold and settle down for the evening....LN

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Elsa Peters
October 11, 2013, 5:27pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 11th October

Misty this morning when I woke so got my head down again and it was almost eight when I pushed my nose out from under the quilt.  I've assembled my nest upstairs but last night it was too warm.  One cold spell and we think that winter's arrived but it's been a super day to day and we're back to lightweight sweaters again so those sniffles I though would develop into something that didn't probably will now.  

So I've been on the admin trail today for electricity for the school that's to be turned into a house.  A very big house.  Now the Kmet said he saw no problem with it when we met him last time and he assured us we would have a connection.  Bekir received a telephone call so we went to the office today and this is where the goose chase started.  I wasn't fully 'with' the conversation that Bekir was having but I knew that we had to go to another office in Kardjali and make some arrangements.  We received a document and so off we went stopping off at the electricity magazine to buy the bits so that we could continue with the wiring after the electricity company had done their bit.  The lady at the office didn't know where the office that we had to go to was, so we parked up pretty near where Bekir thought it was and I was left sitting in the car.  Eventually he returned and he told me that the work could be done but that it would cost approximately four to five hundred lev and then there was the cost of the electricity company on top.  Now by this time I'm understanding what had been requested and it was time to go back to Momchilgrad for further interrogation of the Receptionist.  Fortunately one of the installation guys that did my connection came out of the back room and we went outside to calm the situation down a bit.  The long and short is...I feel the Kmet thought he could cut corners but the higher ups in the electricity company were having none of it.  I've recommended that we leave it to the architect and I'll be over in quicksticks to pay any monies that are required from the pot of lev that has been left for me...but on second thoughts...there's always that cruise going out of Istanbul....

Bekir home at around five....I've spent a while trying to scan in the document when I should have taken a photo in the first place since the scanner doesn't do Cyrillic very well....all emailed off for someone else to worry about....LN....I'm down to find something in the fridge that's not going to take long...LN

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Elsa Peters
October 12, 2013, 5:15pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 12th October

Slept the sleep of the just this morning and woke about seven without any interruptions...bliss.  Down for coffee and then it suddenly struck me that I have lots of shoe boxes that seem to acquire 'bit's and bits need to go so I've had a day of sorting until it was too warm inside and I headed to get rid of the rubbish in the burning pit and then is escalated from there.  There was a heap of old polythene in the yard left over from the men so that went on, old cement bags were burnt and work seemed to move outside,

The men left pretty suddenly to start on the other property so I've sorted out the wood that remained from their wall building, put the planks together and the other stuff in a heap that they can organise when they come back from their holiday.  Now I think I've set myself a bit of a challenge and I want to share it with you because when I tell someone what I'm about to do...I normally achieve it...it's called saving face.  Ever since I've been here we've accumulated metal be it from the ends of metal used for the house and wall building, old stuff from the garden or the workmen's lunch tins and there are a fare few of those.  So my challenge should I care to accept it and at this point of time I'm about to, is to sort it all out, get rid of the rubbish and take the other to Kardjali to the scrap man.  Having said that I think I need a local with me to make sure that I'm not ripped off on the value.

So between gardening, pyrotechnics and metal sorting I've had my fair share of fresh air today and the temperature remained at eighty at six thirty tonight.  We had this sort of weather a few years ago when it snowed just as we were about to have a barbeque and then back to normal.  Leaves are all turning on the trees...beautiful time of year.  Supper tonight was chicken with onions and potatoes done in the oven.  I think I cooked for two tonight but it will do for tomorrow....LN....got to find my bed from under the summer bed linen that I never did finish putting away...LN

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Elsa Peters
October 13, 2013, 3:24pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 13th October

Well seven forty this morning and really woke up feeling very relaxed.  Some interesting emails from friends on my other favourite website and a little bit of morning banter.  Coffee, dressed, have my student this morning so prepared two texts for the occasion of which neither we used.  Set off at just before ten and unfortunately they are all demob happy.  It's the start of their 'Christmas' so holidays from work for the lucky ones like my student and her sister but for the father who works for the government...he's still got to strut his stuff.

Lovely surprise when I got there.  The father and other daughter went to Istanbul and Bursa for a few days and brought me back an authentic tea making kit.  I'd said how I liked their and so now I have my own and full instructions how to make it and a bag of Turkish black tea to boot.  I now have no excuse for not holding a tea party in my garden for my ladies except now I have to invest in a set of small glasses for the occasion...I'm told to head off to the Leva shop and I should be able to pick them up for about three lev.  Now can someone explain this to me...the pound shop in England always sells things for one pound or two items for the pound....Bulgaria isn't like that...you have to ask the price and it's hardly ever one leva.  

So the lesson was put on the back burner. I haven't seen the family for three weeks and we had breakfast of pancakes, white cheese, olives, strawberry jam, honey and tomato paste.  Their celebrations have now officially started, mother was cooking them on the stove and the routine is to supply the neighbours with two each so I reckon that she must have knocked off about thirty.  She then made a huge banichka on a dish that must have just about fitted in the oven but that was for the guests that had come to spend the holiday with them.  I was force fed as a test for them and out came the stuffed vine leaves and I only went to teach English for an hour....

Left at four thirty clutching my tea pot and tea and that was under pressure since I'd been asked to stay the night.  I refused politely and think I would soon notch up the kilos if I lived there.  Got home to find fifteen sheep in my garden so out with my cow stick and headed down but the stupid animals had forgotten where they got in so I let them roam for a while until they figured it out.  Eventually the rest of the flock appeared like Oliver thinking that they would like to sample the delights so I watch to see if any more entered and I would have sent them out through the same hole.  As it happened none came in and as the flock went back towards the night pens one made a jump for freedom from my garden and there was a clatter but it made it.  Once one was out...it paved the way for the rest and all that was left was one who was frightened to make the jump so I had to give it a choice...freezer or glory and it chose glory.

Fire going and after the excitement, one of my neighbours delivered two more pancakes so no supper for me.  I dressed them with lemon and sugar this time and I'm all pancaked out so to speak.  There's a little of last night's supper lingering in the fridge so that will do for later.  So quite an exciting Sunday and falling back into the Sunday routine.  On the list for tomorrow is to mend the fence and inspect the rest of it to see if I can find the first hole and then on to the metal bank and make a start on it.  LN...six thirty more or less my time...I'm about to go and throw another log on the fire...LN

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Elsa Peters
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Sunday continued

And for the pancakes....LN

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Elsa Peters
October 14, 2013, 3:47pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 14th October

Sweetie celebrations for the children and I didn't have many callers so I have a huge bag of sweets for me...all me.  I have received eight mekitsi...local yeast pancakes and have downed one, photographed seven and have to find room in the freezer for the others.  As for the rest of the day.  The sun took ages to get started this morning so I hung out the washing with a prayer in my heart and it did what it was supposed to do...shone.  

Working away and went back upstairs on the the computer and I heard the gate rattle again just after my second delivery...went down thinking there was another on its way and there stood a bloody great cow by the terrace.  Unfortunately I didn't have time to grab the camera only my cow stick and as it turned it looked straight at my hibiscus and ate the flaming flower.  Now it would be wrong to document the expletives...bastard bovine will suffice.  As it turned out my second visitor must have left the gate part open and the cow did the rest squeezing in between the gate and Beauty and squeezing out again at the double.  

Did get the camera at that point since the day had cheered up tremendously and snapped not only the headless hibiscus but some of the other stuff remaining in the garden and a mushroom and goodness knows why that decided to raise its head.  Also spotted one passion fruit, honeysuckle about to lose their leaves, one solitary new dianthus and more of the pretty sun flowers.  Washing in...two more deliveries of the mekitsi and then finalised the sorting of the shelving on the landing and filing the things that should have been done at the time.  Found some really old photos of my daughter and grandson and sent a couple on to them....telling her how beautiful she looked and still does.  Not sure my grandson would appreciate me FB ing him at two years old...

Just lit the fire...it's got that mistiness about it that might just turn into a frost tonight.  Almost seven my time....nothing on my agenda for tomorrow again unless I want to put something on it...let's see what turns up...LN

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Elsa Peters
October 14, 2013, 3:59pm Report to Moderator

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Monday continued

...just a few more pickies

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Absolutely lovely pictures So impressed with the preying mantis ones... and the mushroom

sounds like your peace and quiet has returned which is really good

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Elsa Peters
October 15, 2013, 4:38pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 15th October

Thanks Andrew.....it's nice to know that the photos are appreciated....like you it's own record of the invents...

Five thirty start and ended up playing Angry Birds and on the DS until six and then back to sleep.  I think I got really warm in bed last night and that was the reason that my little eyelids fluttered open.  Second wind...I went through until eight thirty so that wasn't bad at all.  Coffee, toast for breakfast, got radio two up on the computer today so a day of non-stop music and now Sally Traffic is doing her stuff and I'm reliving the times that I had to negotiate the M25 and M23 regularly from Hatfield to Brighton.  I still shudder as to how I managed to complete most of the journey and not remember a lot of it.   They are now on to Drive time and an article on bringing back the Clangers..now there's a memory for some of you.

Not much achieved today.  Huge bonfire to get rid of the rubbish from my yesterday's filing and the shelving system on the landing is looking a lot tidier.  I thing we forget to look at certain areas of our lives but then reality hits and you've got two choices...learn to live with it or do something about it and I really try to do the latter.  Lunch was tuna mayo on bread that really should have been thrown to the dogs but I took off the hint of penicillin and tomorrow I must do some shopping and replace without I catch the bread man in the morning.  

Today on FB has been interesting and I wished my neighbours and friends a happy Sacrifice Day and got a wonderful script from my Gouldjan which Google translate managed in quicksticks.  I passed it on to her and she said that it had done it very well.  Several likes from my friends spending their time with their families and there are lots of visitors from Turkey making the pilgrimage to here.

So the sun has struggled today to appear but the temperature has landed at about eighteen degrees so comfortable to be out and about but I didn't do much outside today.  I cleared up some of the wood that needs cutting/chopping and got the fire going at about five and believe me...it's very pleasant.  Took a few pictures of the little house today....it's not really little but smaller than this one and next year should see it coming into its own.  The roof and windows have been done and we have just the finishing and that's where the decisions come in.  The wood should all be out of it when the windows and doors are fitted to the barn after the holiday and the tools restited....both from last bedroom in this house and the kitchen in the little house which was described as the 'padlocked rabotilnitza' or workshop.  I'm really looking forward to the design when the building stuff is removed.  It gives you a better perspective on space.

No supper required.....the tuna is still lingering and sufficient....Beer has gone and I've managed to find a bottle of Creme de Menthe and so that's the tipple for tonight.  LN....I'm closing down and getting stuck into a book by the fire...I'm exhausted after a day of doing nothing...LN

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Hello Elsa,
It's been lovely looking at all your photos, and the house is looking really nice. The wall looks great and you have achieved a lot I  a year. Coming back to the Uk with your student  and it looks like you spoilt him rotten. The cow and sheep In  the garden make me chuckle a bit like watching an episode of the good life. We have still not sold, so still waiting to get over. Look forward to reading todays blog. I have been searching for you on facebook but have not found you yet but if you get a request from a sausage its just me. Take care.

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Elsa Peters
October 16, 2013, 3:46pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 16th October

Thank you Scarahfluff.....I've private messaged you my details on FB so you should be able to find me now....I don't believe that you will actually mix me up with the Minister from the USA...not much in common.

So woke at five thirty this morning...played Angry Birds until the battery ran out and decided that there was more sleep in me so over and out until...wait for it...eight twenty.  Coffee and on to the PC and looked up and realised it was almost twelve thirty and did I feel guilty?...Did I heck as like.  Toyed with the idea of going into Djebel...I was out of fresh bread and I needed some more ant powder since I've upset a few nests recently.  Into the car for one of the clock, got rid of the empties into the skip in Djebel and over to my student's shop for chats before I started my shop.  Temperature today...22 degrees and very pleasant it was in the sun.  

Next to my leva shops and I'm now the proud owner of tea glasses so now I'm Turkish...I have the authentic tea pot and glasses so I can have a tea party any day I choose.  I've got all the kit.

Home four thirty or there abouts after my shopping was complete...bread, beer, insect killer, potatoes, eggs.... oh and a bottle of brandy.  And this time it's brandy not Rakia.  Supper tonight was home made chippies with eggs fried in the chip pan and lots of bread and butter to make chip butties.  This obviously had to be swathed in tomato sauce and mayo and it was absolutely delicious but for my sins I shall probably be awakened at fourish with indigestion and it's nothing more than I deserve.  Beer is on the go to wash it down...fire is doing its stuff and I've several messages on FB that I should be attending to.  I'm also following up on a holiday in South America combined with a cruise...well someone has to take up these special offers.  LN...I have things to do....LN

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Elsa Peters
October 17, 2013, 1:39pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 17th October

So it was the rain that woke me this morning and the howling wind.  It was chucking it down and so I went down and got a coffee at five thirty and there was one almighty flash of lightening and a clap of thunder and I was about to batten down the hatches and that was it.  Now it was either the last of the many and I'd slept through it or just a random flash...if you know what I mean.  Last night's supper sat well...I was expecting a turbulent night with all the food that I'd put away but it behaved itself beautifully.

Yesterday I was trying to track down a cruise going to Machu Picchu but why is it that the particular cruise that I was interested in didn't show any prices on their own website and suggest that you go to an independent to book.  Now all this takes time and puts you in the position of trying to find the best deals when surely that should come from the people who own the ships.  Anyway...I've given up for the time being...they'll be running the same cruises for a few years yet and I fancy having a mobility scooter on board...they seemed to have much more space in the dining room than I did on the last cruise and their corridors were bigger.  It got so bad on the last cruise that we had thought of introducing sleeping policemen ...they got up a fair speed.

Down for breakfast at nine thirty this morning...there was no rush since the weather was rubbish and toast and boiled eggs were the order of the day.  Just on to the second egg when I noticed that the Librarian was lingering outside the kitchen window so on with the kettle, out with the toaster and we breakfasted together.  She said that she'd fancied a ride out and have a catch up.  I've arranged to see her tomorrow...I was going to her neck of the woods to have a look at a house for a friend over in that direction so she's going to come with me.  I shall probably take my sleeping bag and stretch out there tomorrow night...it means we can have a little drinkie together and there will be no rush on Saturday.  Off she went at just after two...I lit the fire and got a few logs in...it's not so much cold as damp...we're not used to the rain and it's October for goodness sake.  This cold damp weather should not be starting yet but a very harsh winter has been forecast and not by me.  I'll just check out Accuweather...they seem to be on the ball...maybe crystal ball.

What else have I done today...topped up the coal bucket....found the new curtains destined for the lounge when I get the curtain poles up and that's a must for this winter, found out the material for the curtains for the spare room upstairs and unearthed the sewing machine so the curtains have found their way onto the unwritten 'job's list'.  

Leek and potato soup for tonight...I'm thinking about getting it underway and crusty bread will suffice tonight.  The old stuff was flung to to animals this morning along with a few eggs of undetermined age.  I have this thing about eggs...if I feel they are suspect ...they have to go...so over the hillside they went.  Weather calm and peaceful if dull and that's rather how I'm feeling at the moment.  I think it's going from periods of high activity where there is automatic motivation and you're on the merry-go-round and then it stops but please don't take that as an invitation to visit....I'm not that down   

So early posting.....going to 'chill' by the fire....with a book.  LV...

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Elsa Peters
October 18, 2013, 5:28pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 18th October

Firstly, Happy Birthday to my beautiful grand daughter and I hope that you have a wonderful day.  Your present should have arrived and here's hoping that your Bulgarian birthday card made it too.  Big hugs from a  very proud nanny.

Lashing rain, howling winds and the moon shining brightly over Smolyan hills.  What a morning.  Eventually the rain stopped, the clouds cleared and it has been a beautiful day and back to t shirt weather again.  Out this morning over to the Librarian's house and we were off looking at houses for another friend which turned into a complete fiasco with Beauty nearly losing her undercarriage on a road that only loggers go up following someone's satnav in my car because theirs broke down on the journey to the house.  Before I really dish the dirt I want to let other people know...when I've done that you can have the gory details.

So we dumped them and took the right road to try to find the village on our own and managed to find the village but not the house.  There is a reservoir close by and the area is really beautiful.  Went back to the local motel and bought stuff for lunch but we decided that we could risk driving with one Ariana since it is a back road or cheren put road back to the Librarians.  Lunch was served as fresco....and we both nodded off in the sun for about half an hour and whether it was down to the sun or the beer, who can tell and who cares....we certainly didn't.

Fish supper....I'm staying here tonight but the internet connection is so poor that you might only get a couple of photos....LN...the rest will follow tomorrow and off to bay at the full moon tonight....LN

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Elsa Peters
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Saturday 19th October

Happy birthday father and I feel that you have been around me today....

So this morning woke up at the Librarians at five thirty with the clock ticking away and read for an hour until sleep beckoned me and I was away for a couple of hours.  What woke me? She set off a banger to scare away the dogs that were barking and instead gave me the alarm that I really didn't need but her son slept straight through it.  So her locale woke up earlier than we did...toast and stuff for breakfast and then the neighbour arrived to take get us on the route for taking pictures of properties for sale with the intention of putting it on the internet.  Now my issue with this is that there are not many takers so if you post a stupid price for your property you will get no takers.  Too many people have worked in Germany and come back with European prices for Bulgarian properties and like....it just ain't happening.

Took the photos of today's three happenings and I believe one of my friends might be interested in one of the properties.  The roof has caved in on one of the others but they still want silly money for it and despite the fact that there is a lot of land...it's not really going to be of interest.  So pictures over to my friend in the UK...we'll wait and see if there is any interest and meanwhile we have lunch in Benkovski, sleep in her village and her neighbour insisted on waking me up since the rest had taken to their beds...That's the problem with being a guest...I was sleeping outside.  Hostess surfaced and I packed my bags and home for six twenty.  Fire lit, drink sorted, soup warmed from yesterday, photos of the properties sorted and minimised, facebook entries posted and now to rest my weary bones and take to my lounge.  LN...I have nothing to do and nowhere to go until tomorrow when I have my student at ten...moon tonight wonderful and posted on facebook and there are lots of pats on the back...LN...I'm off down stairs..

Attachment: one_of_the_houses_9576.jpg
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Attachment: one_of_the_others_5111.jpg
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Elsa Peters
October 20, 2013, 3:11pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 20th October

Silly night's sleep.  The UPS for the central heating was bleating it's little heart out and I turned on the light by my bed and confirmed...no TOK.  I heard the noise and thought that I'd left the PC on and after I found out what it was there was no problem.  The immediate urge since I was awake at three thirty was to make a cup of coffee...doh...work it out girl.  Went back to sleep and eventually surfaced at seven thirty...a most respectable time to open eyes and opened the curtains to a fairy tale morning of hills and mist in the valley and it just had to be captured.

Quick wash and brush up and a quarter of fruit cake for breakfast with a couple of cups of coffee and over to my student's house.  Mother is ill with a virus, my student has just got over a virus, father is fine and other daughter is hanging in there.  Mother has actually taken to her bed and is no where to be seen but heard on her occasional trips to the loo.  Now apparently this virus is virulent....sickness and diarrhea and this has been reported by my other student's mum, as being the result of the water in Djebel.  Now my water I believe comes from a different source so I'm hoping that what is in Djebel...stays in Djebel.

When I got to the house my student's sister was preparing bread from a new recipe and it was delicious.  She also prepared lunch with chicken wings, salad, and fried potatoes but next week the treat is on me.  I'm picking them all up at eleven and shipping them over to sample the delights of my Bulgarian/English cuisine....now this could be good or mediocre...let's wait and see but my salads will be made in advance and only the mains will be produced on the fly so to speak.

Home for four thirty.  My fire is laid for tonight, I've played around with lots of facebook messaging and tried to answer some of them in Bulgarian...trouble is...and the longer you are out there...you have friends that only speak their language and try as you might...you come unstuck occasionally.  My other favourite website is having issues with performance so I'm staying out of it for the time being.  I've sent other info on the houses that I went to see yesterday but not sure if there is a need to progress with more photos.

About to light my fire...after a huge lunch I'm not sure that I need to be slaving over a hot stove....I few swift brandy and waters might be all I require before I hit the virtuous couch tonight.  Need to catch up on my Daily Mail Sudoku....got a few back issues to do to try to bring down my average time and my telephone has just gone and my men are working tomorrow...super...my second wall will be underway.

So now to work out which photo belongs to which property and then to send the photos on...LN...it might become clearer after another wee drinkie...LN

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Attachment: and_the_sun_came_out_8789.jpg
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Attachment: the_beast_tucked_up_for_the_night_5074.jpg
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Elsa Peters
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Monday 21st October

Seven o'clock wake up and off for the men at the usual time.  We didn't go down to try to source the winter wood, we'll do that tomorrow.  Bekir has a bandaged finger which apparently he did with a knife and I didn't ask how or why.  He was also sniffling and sneezing so we might all be down with flu tomorrow.  I seem to be surrounded by ill people and I'm hoping that I've got resistance to all ills or maybe I should keep dosing myself up with alcohol so that they just don't have the chance to multiply.

So what have we done today.  I decided to get out my new telescopic window washing thingie and take it for a spin.  I managed to reach up to the top windows but didn't connect it to the hosepipe as recommended and only dipped the brush into a bowl of hot water with multi-leaning fluid.  The brush is superb...the scrapper thing for taking off the water is not so good but in the destructions it does say to use a chamois leather over the brush to get rid of the water from the windows so I reckon that they know that it's not much use.  The rest of the windows got the once over and my bathroom window still had the protective covering on the frame from when they were installed...it had somehow been forgotten.  So I set about it and it was a bastard..three years of sun had baked the glue holding it on and with the aid of almost every kitchen utensil including a knife, it is now job done but it took about two hours in total.  While I was busy the men were making the final panel for the front fence and I noticed that a little bit had been tacked on to the end and I'm not sure if it was measured wrongly but I pointed it out to Bekir and he still seemed to think it was OK.  Now at the time of hoisting it into place....I pointed it out again and there was a huff and a puff and a swift removal of the said panel, the metal cutting machine was in play and it was being done correctly.  Now whether he wasn't feeling well or it was first day back I don't know but I did give him a rub on the arm and thanked them both for making it to my standards...the little bit they used to make the small panel at the side so it wasn't wasted.

Brilliant starling flights today but where is the camera when you need it.  When I managed to retrieve it from the landing there wasn't a bird in sight but I found them all sitting on the electricity pylon in the next field so a few shots had to be taken.  Men home...think it's going to be a cold night but the house is warm from all the sun we've had today and it holds on to it well.  LN...I'm heading for the kitchen to see what I can find...LN

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Elsa Peters
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Tuesday 22nd October

Early morning start...up to wake up with the sun and fairytale and yet again but I took my camera with me this morning on the way to pick up the men and I got some really good morning shots.

Beautiful weather today...it hit thirty two at some point so my washing had to go out and bake in the sun.  Sally got on the wrong end of a shovel and proceeded to dig out the trench for the new wall.  We had a brief discussion about it.  It was supposed to be straight through without a knee joint but I changed the plan deciding that it was one hell of a long wall otherwise.

So left the men to it and realised that there was a lot of activity outside my gate and found the tractor and a broken something and there were big discussions and my tools coming out by the dozen.  Now Semile reckons that he doesn't like Bekir but today he absolutely loved him...because he was mending his tractor...but tomorrow...who knows and all this time Sally was shovelling soil to make the trench.  Work on the tractor complete...I have a few logs out of the deal but not much else and he was on his way with all his bits intact so to speak.

Went into Djebel to have my winter tyres fixed and goodness knows why considering the temperature today but there were a few other things that needed sorting with Beauty.  My dashboard lights have a mind of their own but now I am the owner of a new dashboard and everything works, we have added oil to the gearbox so that that works smoothly again, oil to the engine and the water has been drained, the rubbish got rid of and antifreeze added for the forthcoming winter.  Three hours in intensive care and one hundred and thirty leva later, including replacement of my winter tyres that were stored at the garage, I am good to go and that even included a new set of wheel trims and tie wraps to hold them on...

Back home...I had a new guest that I haven't seen before and I'm always worried since we are putting in a new wall that people don't remember where the old wall went.  Believe me I am not out to gain more than I should.  Men thought that I had gone AWOL and were suffering from caffeine deficiency but all back to normal within five minutes of returning home.  Men back to theirs, me home to mine, food is being thought about but despite my promise to supply my Avatar with leek and potato soup tonight...I think this is going to be tomorrow morning's task.  Steak thawing for tomorrow along with bacon for breakfast...what I don't get today I'll make up for tomorrow...LN...I think it might just be toast or maybe if I wait a while...it could be a steak sandwich...LN

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Elsa Peters
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Wednesday 23rd October

Firstly Happy Birthday to my cousin in Australia...it hardly seems a year since I was out there and catching up with the family history and the descendents of my mother's sister.  Not many of us left now but we're not quite ready to hand on the baton to the next ones in line...

Silly four o'clock start so it was Angry birds and a new book but by six thirty I was feeling that I should be going back to sleep but dreaded oversleeping and being late for the men.  Down for a coffee and kept myself awake and out at the usual time.  I did make my way to the kitchen last night and made a steak sandwich with onions which went down very well but didn't stop much in the middle.  Rare steak can have that effect.  This morning I had my normal fairytale start to the day with beautiful blue pink skies and mist lingering in the valleys.  What is there not to like about it except that I woke exceptionally early and was ready for it not woken up by it.

Stayed in bed reading until seven thirty then it was a mad dash to get dressed and out.  Managed it though and pulled up exactly at eight at the restaurant and my goodness doesn't Beauty feel good after her resuscitation...everything works including the radio which had been removed when I had a 'leakage' causing my battery to be flat each morning.  Had on the local radio on the way back with the men until two silly males giggling at their own jokes got up all of our noses so turned on to a Greek station playing Turkish music which went down well with the lads.  

They've worked well today on the wall but at lunch time Bekir was nowhere to be found.  Well by now you've got the message that he can make up a bed and sleep anywhere and Sally and myself looked for him but found nothing.  So Sally set to making the next lot of cement for the wall and hey presto...he appeared clutching a bag and he had been mushrooming.  Give him his due...he did offer me some but I refused and home they've gone,

Booked another body for tomorrow.  The stone for the wall has to be gathered from various piles around the garden and it's better that someone else does  it and the men concentrate on building...like head screwed on for the necessities.  Cooked leek and potatoes and added the rest of the steak and made a very nice soup which went half to my Avatar and the rest I had for lunch.  Eating at lunch time is so much better but she did bring us a snack this afternoon from her banichka lunch party with the girls.  

So tomorrow I have three men.  I've tidied the patio off so that he has a clear run with his wheelbarrow tomorrow.  On the way home we spotted a planet lingering low in the west and Bekir thought it was Jupiter but after a little investigation now that I am home...me thinks it is Venus.  No supper for me...I am replete...a little mastika and water might finish the day off beautifully until I take to my virtuous couch and my Kindle.  

It's been a good day...LN

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Elsa Peters
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Thursday 24th October

Awoke at six this morning and lay watching for the dawn and listening out for the mosque.  Not disappointed by either.  The dawn came up just as it has for the last few mornings with beautiful blue and pink dancing lights and the dogs joining in with the hojja at the mosque must be captured on video so tomorrow that's my challenge.  They all start and it must be something they detect from the morning prayers....you'll have to listen on facebook.

So seven thirty and out of bed, quick wash and jumped into my work clothes but it was only for show.  Took pictures of the journey in this morning to fetch the men but I don't know why I bothered risking life and limb for a few action shots but the windscreen was, and still is, so dirty that I might have been taking them with a pin hole in a dark room...effective egh.  Go to their village and the mist had truly come down and it was like entering a ghost town but they were there with their little rubber work shoes at the ready so I nipped into the shop to buy a loaf of bread...mine had gone green and Tommy finished it off yesterday.  Home, our new worker was waiting for us when we arrived and now we are three.  Three slices of heavily buttered bread for breakfast and coffee and then the work was on.  Now my third worker today was to get the stone from various points around the garden and deliver it to the front of the house for wall building.  I looked out of the upstairs at the goings on and noticed that my third worker was sitting down after delivering said stone and the wheelbarrow was now full of cement and the other two were using it as a receptacle.  Now I know they need a receptacle but now that leaves one new worker unemployed or underemployed so my logic tells me that if I buy another wheelbarrow, I can have him fully employed.  The men looked askance at my utterings but now I am the proud owner of two wheelbarrows and I've told them that this one is for me and my new worker and not one iota of cement is to touch it on pain of death.

Had a surprise visit from the son of my restaurant lady with another man and apparently he had been talking about the 'English lady's house' that much that he wanted to see it.  He loves it and is trying to get the locals to build in the same style but they only seem to want to use 'small' timbers not the huge things that I've managed to get in this house.  He works for Kamenitsa as a rep and left me two bottles of beer which I thanked him for but he commented on my honeysuckle growing by the little house so I gave him one of my newby plant.  Exchange is no robbery.

Men home...work on the wall has been superb today and having the third worker has proved well worth his money.  He went home with a sore back but maybe it will move some of the puppy fat from him....and he's working again tomorrow and a few days next week so he should be a little fitter.  As for Sally...lean as you come and really strong with it...Bekir is better after his afternoon nap which is now a standard.

I've got chicken in the oven, a dark beer on the go and a photo of Venus after confirmation that it's not Jupiter from the internet.  LN....kitchen calls along with an empty glass....LN

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Elsa Peters
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Friday 25th October

Six thirty start and I was determined to get out there and catch the hojja in the mosque and the dogs at morning prayers but there was so much mist out there that you would have seen nothing and has it happened, I heard nothing either.  No hojja, no dogs but maybe it was the morning mist that put everybody off.  Not only was it mist but it was the wettest mist that you couldn't call rain that I've ever experienced.  Heavy fog all the way through to getting the men and back again and that lorry that was supposed to have been loaded and was to be here at eight thirty, I reckon that it must have been diverted via Sofia...It arrived at about two this afternoon.  

So the men's first job was to take down the old pit that we stored the lime for the building work, tidy the yard in preparation for the coming of the wood and they'd finished that by nine.  Ordered some more ballast and that arrived promptly, the lorry backed in, dropped its load and left.  Again I'm beginning to resemble a builder's yard which in effect, I am.  The dilemma now was whether to carry on with the building work or wait for the wagon but suddenly the decision was made...the cement for the wall was mixed and my third buddy was out collecting stone from the four corners of my garden.  That wall is growing rapidly with a stone collector on hand and it really has saved time over the last two days and all thanks to my purchasing the second wheelbarrow.  

As I said, the lorry arrived after lunch and the men flagged him down and fortunately the lorry could back into the drive so instead of the wood being on the outside of the gate...it was unloaded inside making it much easier for cutting and storing which will be done on Monday.  Change for the men...stonewall building is a hard job...but someone has to do it and fortunately I know two that are good at it.  I also am the proud possessor of a certificate to confirm that the wood is authentic and not nicked from any forestry from the neighbourhood...neat.  Lorry unloaded by my third man and the driver's mate while the driver sat and watched as did my men.  My Avatar came round along with another neighbour...when wood is delivered they all appear to see if it's good value and um and arr at it.  They made a good job of it.  I nipped into Djebel and sat with my student's mum for about an hour.  I miss our chats but since the boy has now gone to 'big' school in Kardjali, there is no chance of a lesson since he gets home so late.

Men home, me tapping this out with another glass of the dark stuff from last night.  Made a chicken curry for lunch so not really in the mood for food so far tonight.  Third man paid off and he is with us again on Tuesday...he has work to do on documents on Monday so can't manage it but since the chainsaw work is already scheduled, he would only have helped out with that but I think I might be doing the stacking.  Enough for tonight...I'm going back to my fire that is going great guns.  I had the sense to light it before I took the men home tonight ...I think the temperature might drop rapidly tonight...there's frost in the air...LN....down to throw another log on...LN

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Elsa Peters
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Saturday 26th October

Seven forty start now that's more like it.  And then I lolled around knowing that it was a house clean day but did I want to start it?  Not on your life.  I went on to the computer and then I spoke sharply to myself as you do when there's no one else to do it and switched it off and got started.  By now I'd wasted a couple of hours but since they are mine, all mine to waste, I didn't exactly beat myself up over it...it just 'delayed' things a little.

Hoover out, corners investigated, freezer moved , everywhere mopped through, dust shifted around a bit, two loads of washing completed and hung out, showered and hair washed by two, in the car and good to go by three.  Rubbish dropped off in Djebel skip and old beer bottles to my student's father shop and recycled as oil container and now I'm cooking on gas so to speak.  So armed with my list I'm into Lidl and it is so busy....I was very tempted to go to Billa instead but I do like their fish fingers so I stayed with it.  Lots of meandering sheep in there today and now that they've introduced the baskets on wheels for the customers who don't want to take a trolley...lethal...absolute mayhem.  Even in their cars they're not much into spacial awareness, consideration or thinking let alone caring about other road users.  I think the best one today was letting a three year old drive the basket on wheels...that's going to work then.

Most on the list purchased, stopped off at Djebel and got the rest and home and unpacked for five thirty.  Washing in, folded and put away and a four cheese pizza from the 'reduced for quick sale' was slammed in the oven and I'm now munching away at it as we speak washed down with a German Premium Pils.  Seven thirty my time...it's been a very gentle day with the odd spurt of action and the weather is cracking.  Topped thirty two today and that's not bad for the end of October and I've only just lit the fire for a homely glow and closed the doors and windows.  This pizza deserves a little more attention than I'm giving it...LN...it's book time...LN

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Elsa Peters
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Sunday 27th October

So this morning I awoke at four thirty and my mind was going over what I was going to cook for the family this lunchtime.  Now I've cooked before, entertained but not quite with another culture and I realised that after buying pork as well as the chicken wings that pork might be off the men...but there was only the one that abstained.  Had a few jobs to do before I started in the kitchen like last minute bathroom routine, the rest of the house was finished yesterday and by nine this morning I was all good to go.  Decided to have a few minutes on the computer and suddenly realised that time was running away with me so dressed, got stuck into sweet and sour pork, peeled potatoes and carrots, chicken wings into the oven and at this point it was looking good.  I'd put a note into my keys that I needed to stop off and get some yogurt and white cheese on my way in to collect them and by what I thought was eleven fifteen I was at their house.  Surprise, surprise...no one was ready.  I dug out an axe that I'd found in Beauty's boot realising earlier in the week that their father must have left it there when we went to get the walnuts.  I handed it over to great sighs of relief.  Apparently he had searched for it for the last two days accusing various people of having lost it and all the time it was him.

Now let's get back to why no one was ready....the clocks had fallen backwards and I hadn't noticed.  My computer hadn't reported it, just done it and it was only twenty past ten.  The lunch was cooking, I'd put the chicken, pork potatoes and carrots into the oven before I'd left so it looked like we were on for an early, and I probably should refer to it as 'brunch'.  As it happened, they hadn't been to the house before so spent about an hour looking at everything and replanning their house and making offers on this property if and when the father wins the Toto.    Braised red cabbage was the only thing that I had to do and we sat out in the garden with yogurt drink for starters closely followed by water for the daughters, a little red wine for the mother and father had a beer.  Into the kitchen and everything went down well and I have enough left to feed the five thousand or so.  Finished off with coffee and I got them back home for two thirty since they have more visitors from Turkey...it's the silly season for guests.

Kitchen finished, fire lit, wood day tomorrow and a few pictures for you.  LN....time to relax..tomorrow is a work day...LN

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Elsa Peters
October 28, 2013, 5:23pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 28th October

Now that hour got the better of me but this morning I felt like enjoying it.  I got the camera and took a few of the dawn, one from my desk and posted on FB and then down for coffee...and back to bed with a book.  I don't think that I mentioned that I'd picked up The Bone Setters Daughter and at thirty five percent I was about to drop it again but then came...Part Two and I'm enthralled.  Eventually put it down and jumped into warm clothes to pick up the men but by the time that I came back it was warming up nicely.  Now you know that I don't mind sharing my men with the rest of the village but this morning I was a little put out by it.  Semile was round and Bekir was making him something for when he had two loads of ready mix delivered and this took about an hour to make.  It's Monday...first day back and he's working for someone else that isn't paying for his time and I don't think I was very charitable...but I made it me known when someone else came round for something else.  I think my comment was that it's a good job that I bring a workman  to the village for everyone's use...

The men eventually got on with the wall and it's going up...slowly.  Breakfast was poached eggs on toast and afterwards I sat on the lounge terrace with my book until I was almost melting into a glutinous pool so in I came and did a bit on the internet to cool down. Men broke for lunch and the coffee came thick and fast, the wall continued and so I went back to Angry Birds and the book.  I almost felt the urge to go out and start collecting stone but I got over it quite quickly...that's for another day and another man who will be here tomorrow...that's after they've got rid of the wood pile.

So several messaging on Facebook and emails and the sky tonight was really worth recording and obviously I did.  Men home, beer poured and the rest of the pork from yesterday and the veg have been drowned in a Madras sauce and will be ready in approximately ten minutes.  The remainder of the chicken wings have been put in the slow cooker with the remainder of the sauce and that will be tomorrow's offering and not to the gods.

I'm off to read the rest of my book now that I have one that I'm really in to.  This hour is so good since I have more time to do 'stuff' in the evenings as the men go home an hour early.  LN....I'm bound for the kitchen and supper and ...well a little beer might be in order...LN

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October 28, 2013, 6:22pm Report to Moderator
Guest User
The photos tonight are breathtaking Elsa.  We had no sunset here, well at least not one that we were able to see anyway, just very heavy rain and dark clouds until darkness took over.
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linda g
October 29, 2013, 3:54pm Report to Moderator
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Hi Elsa. Photos are great. so wish I was there sometimes just looking at your view....lol
Wall looks good, and the men do a good job. Take care and not envying u the winter coming on. We are to have a hot day tomorrow...35
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Elsa Peters
October 29, 2013, 5:53pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 29th October

Thank you both for such wonderful encouragement...I hope you can both get here at some point though not at the same time....Yes Linda...winter draws on and here goes that old joke again...as for you Danuta...all you want to do is hug a tree....you can get sectioned for that...

Five o'clock start and again I'm not fully adjusted to that hour of the clock but I do feel fully awake by the time that I take my drive to pick up the men.  Busy day today...they wanted supplies from Djebel, I wanted to purchase and send a birthday present and a card and the post office...and I should know by now stops at twelve and opens at one and what time did I get there...twelve fifteen but I was the first in the queue for one ten....but there was no queue.  So it was 'OK Elsa...what can I do for you'...but in Bulgarian and it's rather reassuring that they know you and you feel that your letter is going to make it and on time.  I got a receipt to say that I had posted it...I've never checked out if the receipt means anything...tova e Bulgaria.

Back with my two kilograms of size six nails and a bottle of oil for the chain saw...and it went on the bill.  It's rather nice that I have a bill at my student's parents shop but it's in credit and I'm not sure that that's known in Bulgaria.  The bike is going in for service and that too will be knocked off the bill as will the Beast when I managed to get it out of the yard for all the wood that's there.

Wall still going up at an alarming rate and the other gate pillar was erected this afternoon.  My third man is working so well but I'm wondering if I should be deducting his money from the first man on the list....I'll confirm it tomorrow.  Today I've had lots of visitors...Emula was back and asking if he could work and Bekir tried to convince him that if he was a good neighbour he would do it for free...how does it go...fat chance or no chance....  I did get out there for a while with my excavating tool and helped the third man to dig out the stone for the wall...He appreciated it if no one else did.  As I said ...we've had a succession of bodies here this afternoon.  One whose son works in the garage in Djebel and someone else on a motor bike who apparently is related to Emula.

Men home, well Bekir not quite home....I dropped him off at the local watering hole so not sure what state I'll find him in tomorrow morning....I'm home...fire lit and curry cooking and the chicken is for the dogs tomorrow and I'll watch Tommy as he goes for it.  Mine is on the woodburner finishing off...LN....we've had beautiful sunsets tonight so at the risk of boring you ...I'm going to post a couple...now down for supper...LN

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That wall looks fantastic Elsa! Bill and Ben are really talented, and how well they can turn their hand to anything is amazing !  

You are going to have a few unhappy cows by the time they've finished  
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Elsa Peters
October 30, 2013, 8:04am Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 30th October

Quoted from MikeyB
That wall looks fantastic Elsa! Bill and Ben are really talented, and how well they can turn their hand to anything is amazing !    You are going to have a few unhappy cows by the time they've finished  

Mikey B if I calculated the cost of the wall...there'd be one more unhappy cow....   'nuff said....

Now another beautiful day in paradise....I went out to video it and a stupid dog started barking for no apparent reason (to me) but it buggered up the shot.  Perhaps I should have shot him instead but the second one of the sun coming up was well worth the cold chills in my PJ's to get it.  Trouble is the house holds the heat so well that you forget what's outside until you stand there with bare feet for a couple of minutes or so....

Men working...we've just finalised the height of the wall, panels and column on that f** packet and all's going to plan...so far....

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Elsa Peters
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Thursday 31st October

I lost two lev today on a bet that I thought I had every chance of winning.  Now I've been waiting for a man and his tractor to come and straighten out the wire that gets delivered in a coil and we attach one end to a tree and the other to a tractor or a lorry and jobs-a-guddun.  This tractor man has been asked and yes...yes...yes and nothing so he said that he would be round this morning and I bet Bekir that again it was an empty promise.  So this morning I threatened to confiscate Bekir's telephone so that he wasn't able to call Semile but lo and behold.....nine forty five or thereabouts...I hear the tractor coming along the road and I'm saying 'but it hasn't stopped yet' ...but it did...so I dutifully took two lev out of my purse and shoved it in the top pocket of Bekir's overalls much to the amusement of Sally and my third man.  Now I got chastised for this Semile declaring that I was one of little faith....but on form...he wouldn't have been here but I'm so pleased that he was.  Ten minutes with a tractor and that coil of wire is now two one hundred meter lengths stretching down the road shortly to be converted into pillars and support for concreting for my wall.

So on my way back from picking up the men there was this almighty bang like a spring going and sure enough it was.  My speedo had finished working so a trip to the garage was called for.  They identified what was wrong, had the part, got it down from the shop, fitted it and there was still a problem so at my suggestion we took the dashboard control panel apart....I reckoned it was something to do with the balance that had gone off course when the bank took place and sure enough...a few 'tings' and everything back to normal.....reassembled and speedo working again.

Now back to the ranch and Bekir was 'umming and aarrggghing' and deciding to reassemble the metalwork he'd spent the morning creating and I think it was a moment of 'back to the drawing board Cecil'.  It was all taken apart and I thought the best option was to make coffee and smile which I did.  It's now done to spec...the men when home fairly happy but I went out there at the last in semi-darkness and asked Bekir why was that round the other way to the others....Tools down...he said his brain had packed up for the day so home James...and don't spare the horses....

Supper tonight was a huge omelette...potatoes, onion, and spicy sausage with a dash of chili flakes and washed down with a little mastika...the local pernod.  Eric Clapton, me and a spicy sausage omelette so what could be better.  I'm closing up the shop soon..witches abroad and all that and flying broomsticks...just as well that I got some fuel into mine....LN....starry night....  

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