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Elsa Peters
October 1, 2014, 4:28pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 1st October

Beautiful start to the morning but boy was it cold.  I shall have to think about bringing in the pot plants from the terrace into the little house if it carries on like this.  It was white over but only a light frost so far.  Last night's film....David Nash....I've missed out on quite a few of the releases being here....very enjoyable and thought worthy...

Washed up last night's dishes and bacon sandwich served up with brown sauce at approximately eight this morning.  The Librarian phoned and said that she had the 'sniffles' and if I wanted to call off my visit today she would quite understand.  Now most mornings I have the sniffles....I've felt like I was going or coming down with a cold but nothing develops so I thought I'd risk it.  Back on the PC and found an interesting site about birth charts and found that I have Sagittarius as my ascendant and Jupiter in Libra in my tenth house...and now I'm fully enthralled but thank goodness I have my Sun in Aquarius.  I tried to get to grips with this years ago and have a book that's supposed to give me the Empirical Tables...so much simpler now...I'll leave it until I have a few days to spare...ie winter time.

So in The Beast and giving it a run so to speak and it hasn't been out since it came back from the hospital (read garage).  Started like a dream, stopped off on the way to get spicy sausage and cheese bread for lunch and over there for about eleven.  We played on the computer and I did her a training run in posting pictures to FB and recording her CDs on to the PC.  Full training documentation completed and for those of you who know me....it was fully formatted...haha.  We had lunch, turned off the computer and sat out in the sun chewing over the fat and stuff and had a really pleasant afternoon.  She did have the sneezes though and I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Hope for just before seven and Semile was walking his cows back home.  I asked him to wait and gave him the framed photos of his wife and sister in law, one for each of them, taken at the wedding in Kardjali.  Dentist in the morning at eleven but Beauty has to go in for winter tyre change tomorrow before that and I shall spend time with my student's mother in the garage...we haven't spent much time with each other lately.  No supper for me...I'm stuffed from lunch and I feel a sneeze coming on....NOOOO...LN
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Elsa Peters
October 1, 2014, 5:04pm Report to Moderator

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Pictures have to follow...you can't post pictures on the first posting of the month so here you go....

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Elsa Peters
October 2, 2014, 4:06pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 2nd October

Six thirty start and everything dark and dreary.  There was a glimmer in the Eastern sky and that was about it.  Down for coffee, on to the PC for a while of nonsense and decided to go down and get more coffee and breakfast....and the electricity went off.  I was able to boil the kettle for the coffee using the gas ring on the cooker but toast was out of the question so it was a spread cheese sandwich which filled the gap.  Into the shower and hair washed...I had my dentist this morning and nothing like fresh hair to make it more comfortable for him and maybe he would be a little gentler....

I got there for eleven as per my instructions and there was a lot of coming and goings and I eventually got in there for about eleven twenty.  I'd taken my Kindle with me so there was no danger of getting bored and into the chair and it was...let battle commence.  He showed me a new piece of kit that he has and it appears to have cost lots of money.  I think it magnifies everything so that he can do detailed work, puts it up on his monitor in the surgery so that he can see what he's doing without looking into your mouth and videos it.  I did make the point that I don't want to see any of my treatment on FB....   and me squeezing his leg to lessen the pain....   Today's treatment was to get out the old post from the crown, replace it with new and he's cemented it in until Friday of next week.  They have holidays for the beginning of next and I appear to have the next available appointment and the final instalment is the following Monday when I shall have the new crown fitted.

Down to the garage...I have my winter tyres fitted and my brakes checked over.  Over to my student's parent's shop and my student was in there and proudly showed me his new kit for the local football team.  Unfortunately he is a tall boy so the bottoms were mid calf and I asked if they had a bigger size but bigger size means...big all over so not cool.

Back home for four more or less....bought a chicken in Djebel and supper was chicken with onions and potatoes and my neighbour has just delivered some pancakes so I might fry a couple off and have them with some fig jam that I was given today.  No photos tonight....it's been more a day of activity but I promise to get some of the surgery next time I'm there just to prove that it's not out of the ark.  Trouble is though, they used much different products than I'm used to including lemon juice as an antiseptic...and I can still taste one of them now...LN...it's film time....I need to relax...LN
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Elsa Peters
October 3, 2014, 5:25pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 3rd October

Five thirty start and as black as you like...no moon, no stars and me and a cup of coffee and the Kindle.  Gradually got lighter though and the sun this morning although slow to rise was magic when it did.  So much so that a dropped a couple of photos onto FB this morning.  I really can't get over how different the mornings are from each other....and it's just a matter of catching the sunrise if there is one...about right....And I still think about how the Egyptians must have thought about it all those years ago....lifeblood.

So out of bed and doing 'stuff' this morning and sat waiting for the Librarian to give me the heads up on when her documentation would be complete from the bank and we'd arranged to meet in Djebel.  I got there for about twelve and into Immigration and new cards for five years were issued, the girls were quite happy in there and I said in Bulgarian, 'see you in five years' but unfortunately I have to go back next October...the Bulgarian permit has to run concurrently with the British Passport and mine expires October of next year.  Into the phone shop and I got them to change the menu on the Librarian's phone to English so that she can have a reasonable chance of reading texts and into our cheapie shop we went.  I got a super Tradewind sailing jacket for six leva which will be a reserve for when I have visitors over and the weather changes quickly, another couple of  sweaters for me and two more large pillow cases for thirteen leva...and that's about six pounds in total.  The Librarian managed to pick up about five sweaters for about the same price....Friday is a good day.  Over to the Pizza shop and three slices of the said meal and a couple of bottles of water for five leva...just over two pounds and now you know why we are here....well one of the reasons.  We did Kaufland, Billa and Lidl and topped up with goodies.  My booze box is up to date and I'm raising a 'Rocket Fuel' for my ex mother in law tonight just because I feel like it.  I bought a whole fillet of steak and my neighbour has been the recipient of one of the slices of it and some mushrooms that she was really grateful for.  I've had five children round tonight for sweets since it's the start of their holiday and I joked with my Avatar saying that I wanted some sweets too and Haciber insisted on giving me some and a couple of Mekitzi....like pancakes but with yeast to add to my collection.  I've had eight today and they're freezer bound.

Cold chicken supper with mayo tonight since I was too lazy to cook....I lit the fire as soon as I got in this afternoon and the house is toasty and we've had a super day in Kardjali.  Everything we wanted to achieve we achieved and bargains to boot.  LN....into my book tonight and I won't be too late to bed.  The rest of the village children will be round tomorrow collecting sweets...it's their day....LN

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Elsa Peters
October 4, 2014, 5:24pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 4th October

Funny weather today.  Started off pretty cloudy and then it appeared to be getting lighter so I got some washing underway and was ready to peg it out by just after nine.  There was something of a breeze but but by twelve it was looking like rain so I brought it in to go on the clothes airer in the bathroom and then the sun came out but I thought bugger it, I'd lit the fire so that it would dry if it had rained.  

Breakfast was toast with fruits of the forest jam and I looked in the fridge and thought it was about time I sorted it out and defrosted it.  Turned off the power and now out to the garden to get rid of the kitchen rubbish now that the washing was in, threw out several bits of cheese and didn't the cats have a field day this afternoon.  I didn't resort to the hairdryer this time...I left it for about and hour or so and dug up some more dandelions that seem to get big over night, checked on the replanted beetroot and about half of them have their leaves skywards and not dragging on the ground....they live to grow another day....So back to the fridge.  I took out my biggest carving knife, moved the small table into the kitchen so that I could sit on it and hack away and hack away I did.  If you judge it just right you can get some really big chunks off it but the only obstacle is the drip tray under the ice box.  In fact it's a rubbish fridge.  I might have to invest in a self thawing one...I really hate this job.  Eventually it was finished....the ice lumps I put into the outside sink and it's still there now, it's thoroughly cleaned out and there appears to be little left in it.  Maybe there was more these than I remembered and I'm down to some cheese triangles, smelly cheese but fresh from Lidl and some Cheddar slices for toasted sandwiches and it's a pity my sandwich maker dropped on the flour and is no longer serviceable.

Read in the sun for most of the afternoon and had a bit of a picky afternoon.  No children round today for their sweets but they better hurry up...I've had a bit of a go at them.  The temperature is dropping now but the fire is ticking along nicely.....the whole house is warm.  I'm about to go and be creative with the remains of the cold chicken....and maybe a little beer tonight..  Student tomorrow...I did suggest that I leave them to it since it's their holiday and they appear to have lots of guests but by popular decision that confirmed that they would like me as their guest tomorrow.....LN....I think the food will be exceptional tomorrow....LN

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Elsa Peters
October 5, 2014, 4:48pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 5th October

Five thirty start and I know I shall be absolutely knacked by later on and I was but hopefully I'll catch up tonight.  Breakfast was toast...only a glimmer of dawn this morning and even less as the day wore on.  There has been a chill in the air all day and it was sweater, body warmer and boots day today.  Walked the garden, took a few photos back in for toast and jam, on to the PC for my daily sudoku and ready for the off to my students at about ten fifteen.  As I was leaving I noticed Haciber heading towards my Avatar's house and realised that they were all in their Sunday best...they were off to vote so I backed the car up and gave them a lift to the polling station.  I did have a hug with my Avatar, here grand-daughter has gone to live in Germany and now she's all on her lonesome for the winter....and she's sad.

Got out of the car and went into the polling station with them and had the Byram greeting from one of the local lads as respect for the older person.  I also got a hug from him too and he had on aftershave which I noticed.  I'd got the camera out to capture the polling station but didn't trespass and go in there...it's not what I do and the police were on guard against any transgressions.  So he said that he wanted to straighten out his hair before I took it.  I went over and said that he'd got one hair out of place and I put it right for him which was rather impossible since it was only about a quarter of an inch all over.....we jest.  A little banter with the others and then back in the car and into Djebel.

I greeted the grand-father with the Byram greeting for the aged...I'd found someone older than me....and they had cousins who visited that worked in Sweden arriving with the bag of meat since they obviously slaughtered an animal.  Lots of food for lunch and grand-father was in fine form but very sad that he returns to Turkey this evening.  We sat and chatted this afternoon, the rest of the family went off to vote in dribs and drabs leaving only my student who couldn't decide whether she wanted to or not and I'm hoping did manage to.

Home for four thirty, lit the fire, I've eaten far too much and I'm suffering for my enforced gluttony....I've just had visitors...and have been invited to another wedding ...it's roll out the English for any event...and I love it.  No supper for me....and I'm drinking only tonic minus the gin tonight....lunch is still lingering in the upper tracts and I'm trying to force it down...LN

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Elsa Peters
October 6, 2014, 5:03pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 6th October

Four o'clock start so the theory that without a nap yesterday I should be able to go through until seven at least...tosh!!  Read until six and played Angry Birds for a while....there wasn't an ounce of sleep in me.  The dawn was particularly stunning this morning...it didn't look like it was going to do much and suddenly I noticed the reflection in the hall windows as I sat at my desk and so out with both cameras.  

Washed up from last night, eating breakfast at eight...two poached eggs on toast and I've got the whole day ahead of me.  The intention was to tidy round a bit but instead I looked at the windows and all downstairs inside and out are now sparkling.  I sorted out the window ledges and took the bottle brush plant out of the plant pot and yes, there was another thing growing in the same pot and so that's been put under the wall to see if it does anything and the bottle brush is repotted.  Planted up the geraniums and started digging out more dandelions from the excuse for a lawn and waited for it to dry out a little so that I could get the lawn mower into action.  

What a performance to get it to start.  I ended up taking out the filter and banging it a bit and eventually it kicked in.  I'd done the top by the terraces and it started spitting with rain.....I carried on and managed to do the mound under the tree but it gave up on me so I'm thinking I need to get it serviced and to get the fire going I resorted to a fire lighter and some old wood...not my day....  

Barbara Streisand singing her little heart out tonight.....not feeling like much food....still not right from yesterday.  Eight my time....time to put this time filler to bed and take out my Kindle...my other time filler especially at silly o'clock in the morning.  Guests for lunch tomorrow ....better think about what I'm serving up and whether I need to get into Djebel at the crack of... LN...I'm into planning mode...LN

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Elsa Peters
October 7, 2014, 5:11pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 7th October

So reasonable start this morning and it's been a fun packed day.  I played around in the garden and potted up some of the honeysuckle that had rooted, moved the pinks from the pot into the garden for the winter and potted up three little evergreens that I bought from Kaufland and they're sitting by the front door.  I might have to put some shiny balls on them if they manage to grow some for that holiday that comes round about the 25th of some future month.

Didn't want to get the hoover going...you know what it's like but managed to do downstairs and starting on the top floor when it told me that the filter was blocked, the bag was full and there was nothing to do but empty it and wait.  I left it plugged in while I did the necessary and about an hour later the thing struck up....and I unplugged it...the mood had gone.

I realised that I had no milk so headed into Djebel...not that I take it but guests do.  I also bought cheese, olives and grapes and those didn't see the light of day.  Guests arrived at 1.15 and their original time of arrival had been documented at 2.00 so I was working my little socks off so to speak to get everything in the oven so I could sit with them.  Everything was in the oven and waiting for serving by two five so my timing was right...there's was wrong.  Sad news...the Schoolmaster's dog has gone missing and they've searched everywhere and nowhere to be found.  We're now thinking that a bird of prey has had it...it got fed so why should it wander off.

Lunch was exceptional for me...chicken wings, sweet and sour pork with pineapple, Hasselback potatoes and potatoes with onions and red cabbage and before some smart a** asks how much...free to a good home...We sat in the garden after lunch, the washing up is still waiting and it can wait.  Schoolmaster departed around four and the others left around six fifteen.  Lovely couple...Danish.

Fire lit....moon out....red on the go...supper is the remains of lunch....nothing on the agenda for tomorrow so I'm pottering in the garden if the weather is good.  LN....a super chilled day....LN

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Elsa Peters
October 8, 2014, 8:49pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 8th October

Just before seven start this morning and where has the rest of the day gone?  Quite a busy day.

Mushroom hunt this morning having found a most weird specimen growing in the top of the lawn nearest the house and it got me thinking about what else was in the garden.  Of course my best mushroom book is in the UK and it is too much like hard work to Google the rest since I'm not much into eating the beasties anyway,  Phone call this morning from Bekir saying that my wood was on its way.  He'd told them to bring the lorry in the drive so out with the cars and over to Djebel to get some money out of the cash point and await the delivery.  It eventually arrived at just after twelve and it was fully unloaded and they'd left by one.  I have my winter wood.

Played out in the garden and cleared the weeds from the terrace garden behind the workshop, swept up the leaves from the garage now that both cars are near to the house, cooked spicy sausage in tomatoes, chilli and the remainder of the pineapple and made a delivery to my Avatar,  She'll let me know tomorrow how she found it. Fell asleep in the chair after supper and just woken up now so that's why the blog's late so I'll leave you with pictures...I'm off to bed...LN

Attachment: weird_3692.jpg
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Attachment: really_strange_3340.jpg
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Attachment: my_wood_is_here_6123.jpg
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Attachment: new_conifers_4498.jpg
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Attachment: old_wood_not_new_1412.jpg
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Elsa Peters
October 9, 2014, 4:45pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 9th October

Six thirty start and the man from the mosque was singing his little heart out but fortunately the windows and door to the balcony was closed so it was a gentle murmuring.  Down for coffee, back to bed, sunrise this morning was just after seven thirty and it was down hill from there.  

I dressed for gardening but had to change my sweater as the temperature notched up.  It was hot, hot, hot out there and I cleared some of the weeks from the frog garden ready to get the bulbs in but I think I have to be a little more determined about it.  I still see the tobacco and the zinnia flowering and just can't pull them up to make space for the bulbs....maybe I'll save them for another couple of weeks.

Tuna and mayo for lunch but I'd gone off the idea more or less as soon as I'd started it.....I had a really tired spell come over me at about four thirty and thought I might get my head down but I worked through it.  Got up and lit the fire and the house is now as toasty as can be.  I got a couple of good logs on it and the pump was going non-stop for about an hour or so and all the radiators were hot from top to bottom.  I think I'm ticking over at about twenty two which is not hot in some people's books but for me is OK.

Delivered olives that I'd bought for when my guests were here but they never got used, to my Avatar and some excess grapes.  I can only eat so many of them.  My visit was to ascertain what time I was taking her in in the morning but she's going in with my other neighbour on the nine o' clock bus and I'm pleased that she is.  It makes her more independent.  I've got the dentist tomorrow at eleven and I've warned her that I'll look out for two bewildered women looking at the cash point and banging it furiously...I'm not sure they know what they're doing but they'll learn.

Finished my detective series and I think there are no more since the guy has gone on to the great beyond.  I've managed to find some more of his books with another hero....I'll let you know.  It's pretty slow in the first but I reckon he's setting the scene.  No supper for me....tuna is sitting quite heavily...a little red to wash it down and at eight my time more or less I might be making my way to my virginal couch just to stretch out and relax.  LN....no wood chopped, no bulbs planted but no worries...LN

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Attachment: reflections_1620.jpg
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Attachment: showing_the_stairwell_7893.jpg
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Attachment: pretty_garden_1895.jpg
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Attachment: and_off_it_goes_7260.jpg
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