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Elsa Peters
October 9, 2014, 4:57pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday continued

Look what I just spotted....LN

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Elsa Peters
October 10, 2014, 4:15pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 10th October

Silly five o'clock start so read for a while and as is the norm now...no sleep in me.  Not much to do this morning until the dentist at eleven so played around on the PC and generally messed around until nine thirty and decided it was time to get into gear, have a shower but the hair wash could wait.  

Remembered to pick up my grand-daughter's birthday card to get it into the post, stopped off at the rubbish container in Djebel to drop of stuff that I couldn't burn and joined the queue in the post office.  The queue was going well and the main guy was dealing with it and his assistant was stocktaking so it seemed until he hit a snag.  There was an old man wanting to pay something, I think he confirmed the wrong name, they were trying to get his telephone number out of him and if he's anything like me...it's something that you don't automatically remember.  Anyway...main guy saw me waiting and I think that the challenge of accepting my letter was far less daunting that obtaining the old guys telephone number so he told me to move over to one of the other counters, he delegated the problem to his assistant and two leva and thirty later I was leaving the post office clutching my receipt of postage.  Down to the garage to drop of the beer bottles so that they can fill them with oil and recycle them....I was almost ashamed at how many their were but I've had guests and been saving them for a while...my story and I'm sticking to it.

Over to the dentist and I really wish that they would not say eleven when they know it's going to be eleven twenty.  Fortunately I'd taken my Kindle so I had something to do while I waited and I was called in, sat in the chair and it was all go.  He's such a good dentist but it amazes me  how much on their hands they need to get in to get the job done.  So what has been done?  A new post has been installed and the stump created to take the crown.  On Monday I go back for an impression to be taken and on Wednesday it's going to be fitted.  His attention to detail is superb, his bedside manner leaves a lot to be desired and there's lots of scrambling for different tools but you can't fault the work.  I did take photographs of the work but too many of them showed good shots of the inside of my nasal passages so I decline from publishing.  Not a pretty sight.

Back home and sat in the stair well reading until the eyes decided to move south wards so I moved onto the activity centre so called because there's not much when I hit it and nodded off for an hour or so.  Four o'clock and Gouldjan arrived to pick up a blouse that I'd bought her and somehow I'd retain possession and another jumper that I thought would suit her.  

Off she went and I collected the last of the sweet peas from the garden leaving the pods to grow on....lovely night and I shall be looking out for that moon again later....it could be just as spectacular as last nights.  Kitchen bound and haven't a clue what I fancy so I'm on the hunt....LN...I'll photograph it for tomorrow if it's worth photographing...LN

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Elsa Peters
October 11, 2014, 4:37pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 11th October

Silly three o'clock start so read until five and then got my head down again until seven.  I had this horrible dream where I was pulling this cart round a supermarket and only later did I realise that my handbag was in the cart and my purse was missing.  It left me a little paranoid today out shopping or is it a warning to take car of my money?

Breakfast was a bacon sandwich and then it was wash down and over to my student's home to pick her and her father up for a shopping trip to Kardjali.  Over to Mania my cheepie shop but there was nothing for them but I managed to pick up six meters of material to cover some of my furniture, other material for cushion covers and a sweater cardigan for six leva.  Now I've talked to my student about my bargains but she didn't really believe me I don't think but she saw it first hand today.  Father didn't find anything but maybe next time.  

We went to the shoe shops to try to get her some to see her through the winter...she is only a size 35 so we had great problems and found...nothing.  There was a pair of 36's that I liked but she said they were just too big.  Over to the restaurant in the square and we had beef wraps for lunch in pita.....I had mine with water the others with ayran...the local yogurt drink.  Went into Kaufland and bought some chicken that I thought were wings but not really sure what it is.  It's in the freezer and will be identified one day.  Conversations with various Facebook friends and arrangements set up for tomorrow....it's Dushinkovo day.  I've just phoned the Librarian and yes she is up for it along with the Schoolmaster and his Ms.....

Did the lawns today and I have stripes.  Only took a couple of hours but it's a couple of hours of hard slog.  The beer came out at the end and it hasn't gone away again yet....Chicken into the oven with a jacket and it smells like it's almost there....so tomorrow we have the Dushinkovo day and I have a houseful of guests plus whoever else turns up because it is our village day...LN...I need an early night..None many photos today but I'll make up for it tomorrow.....LN

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Elsa Peters
October 12, 2014, 5:02pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 12th October

So three thirty start and my little brain was going ten to the dozen.  It's all to do with the wood and no men to cut it since they are busy with the roof and other things at the schoolmasters.  The original plan was that they would be finished and back to me by now...it's not happened...and I can't get my cars into the garage so it looks like UK is out of the question.

Having said that....we've had a super day today.  It was my village fete and day where they send out prayers at the mosque, feed everyone rice and meat and there are several stalls selling barbecued chicken, lamb and goat.  The librarian came round this morning along with the schoolmaster and his Ms and we set off for the village....did the few market stalls and found a table and were served beer until we were ready to order food.  A couple of beers later I ordered goat and chicken from Semile and Bekir was doing the business side and working out the best cuts for us and we paid over the fifty leva for a kilo of each.  So we ordered bread and sat down to pick at the whole leg of goat but we were all full as ticks so I went back and told Semile that we couldn't manage the lamb and a refund was immediately produced.  There were a few jokes going around but as he said...I am his neighbour and there are no quibbles between neighbours.

Went on to the wrestling ring after the food and the drinks and we watched the youngsters compete against each other for the shoulders down and it was over.  Apparently it is a recognised sport here in the south that I didn't know about but the piece de resistance was a couple of very muscular lads that worked very hard until one was the eventual winner.  It's one strike and you're out.... I think the best of three would have been more of a contest.

Home for five...the Librarian brought round the sofa that he had borrowed for the summer and it's now sitting in the lounge.  Tomorrow is the day for measuring up if I have enough material for it from the lot I got from my cheapie shop...I shall have to see.  Cold chicken and may for supper with a little mastica...almost eight my time and I shan't be late to bed tonight.  I have the dentist in the morning....an impression before I get the crown.....LN....I'm going to look for a film worth investing my time it...LN

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Elsa Peters
October 13, 2014, 5:22pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 13th October

Silly o'clock start again but eventually got back to sleep and was there until seven thirty more or less....  Don't know why...there's a few things rattling around but it will sort itself out eventually.  Dentist and impressions taken for my crown and I had to sit for five minutes while the stuff went off.  We selected the colour of the crown together...the dentist, his nurse and myself and settled on the one that was to be inserted.  Final appointment made and final bill calculated...230 lev for the whole works and that's four visits and the crown is 150 lev.  I'm very happy with that.

I remembered that I was to pick up Gouldjan after my visit to the dentist so the old brain is still kicking in when it matters so into the car by ten thirty after chatting to my Avatar for a telephone number for the man that cut my wood up last year.  As it happened, finished at the dentist, picked up Gouldjan, set off for Kardjali, realised that I hadn't made contact with my wood chopper and back we went to Djebel.  As it worked out the wife of the man worked at the school and as we approached the school she came out of the building so contact has been made.  

Off to Djebel and we met up with Gouldjan's boyfriend, had lunch in a cantina and I decided to have what he was having not realising that it was a stew made of aubergines and beef.  The beef was ok...the aubergines I've never been a fan of but hey...three of us had lunch for under four pounds.

They went off to visit estate agents...I went to my cheap shop and bought a pillowcase for my huge pillows and then drove round to the pillow shop and got two more biggies for the third bedroom and two smaller ones for the lounge.  There will be no more...I am complete...
Stopped off at Lidl and got some baked beans that were on offer, back to Djebel and into my student's mum's shop but she was busy but my student arrived home from school and proudly told me that he had got a six in his English...good boy...result.

Back home beautiful sunset.....not much on my agenda for tomorrow but I came across a word that I'd forgotten about and my stairwell is now called 'The Atrium' and tomorrow I shall create a sign somehow to rename the area until I remember its name....that comes of being old.  No supper...lunch is still sitting heavy and it maybe something to do with the chocolates I finished earlier.....the two gin and tonics that fell straight out of the bottle into my glass and the warmth of fire that is slowly burning....LN......I'm back to my book and maybe a search for supper.....LN

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Elsa Peters
October 14, 2014, 4:22pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 14th October

Seven start this morning and had a wonderful FB conversation with someone I used to work with a long time ago,,,I gave Feedback...she responded positively...age has it's advantages...

So today was a blank canvas.  I had the idea I should to and visit the Librarian and do her market but I put that aside and chilled.  Several minutes wasted on FB...but that is the beast and eventually settled down in my new Atruim...to read my Kindle...another waste of time.  The eyeballs went skywards and the lids downwards as you can expect and I eventually rallied round at two thirty.  My tummy was rumbling and I realised that nothing had gone through my intestinal tract since last night so I ate a packet of biscuits...yes...all of them.

The afternoon saw me moving my internal furniture outside, giving it a coat of anti-munchers and making it more amenable to guest.  I've always felt that the chairs in the salon were not long enough in the seat department making it difficult to get comfortable.  The chairs are now extended.  I took them out..dismantled a pallet, sawed the wood to the appropriate length, hammered the wood home and now all I have to do is make the cushions to match the newly formed seed pads.  It's only take me three years to get round to it but hey...tova e Bulgaria.

Everything back in place...furniture re-jigged to make it cool for the winter...tomorrow is a day of creativity to make the cushions to tie it all together...I've imagined it...it will happen.

No contact from my man with the chainsaw...maybe I have to try another tack/  About to go and tidy up outside....there are are nails and crud everywhere....LN....I'm almost ready for the winter...LN

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Elsa Peters
October 15, 2014, 3:06pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 15th October

Well what a funny day today.  The weather was beautiful until round about four thirty when the clouds started rolling in.

Didn't do much this morning.....I was still playing on the computer until about ten but managed to get a load of washing in and pegged out in quicksticks.  Washed up from last night....I'd cooked fish fingers, rosti potatoes and peas and hadn't bothered to tidy the kitchen but only me so no one to chew me off about it.  Not much into breakfast since it was about nine by the time I served up and went out to try to get the bonfire going but to no avail.  It really needs taking apart and the ash wheelbarrowed to the bottom of the garden but it's a job for another day.  Picked up the garden fork and started on the tomb gardens and removing the weeds from under the new long wall.  Boy what a job.  I did about three hours on it, on and off and eventually managed most of it but it was at that point that the weather changed so I came in after I'd taken the photos of the planes on their new flight path.  Not usual to come over but they must have been avoiding the storm

First clap of thunder has just struck so I won't belong with this update.  I'm off to say goodbye to the Schoolmaster and his ladylove tonight in one of his favourite restaurants...they are returning to the UK on Saturday and no I shan't be going with them.  My wood is still uncut in the yard, the cars are still out of the garage and I can't really leave for the UK for a couple of weeks unprepared for the winter.  So another time.

Another couple of bangs and flashes.....let's get the pictures posted and the machine to bed....LN...party time...LN

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Elsa Peters
October 16, 2014, 6:33pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 16th October

Woke up this morning with my brain pretty addled...the 'Last Supper' was OK...somehow I got the worst meal of the table and paid the same as everybody else....and I was only drinking water and orange juice...the car was sitting outside and it's zero tolerance here.

As I said ...brain going ten to the dozen and has been for the last few days.  I know what's at the root of it but it's not for discussion here.  So I didn't bother with breakfast but I was in the car and over to my student's mum's shop for a chat and to put the world to rights and then to the cash point to take out the money for my crown.  I was early for the dentist and he's at last beginning to appreciate the British sense of humour.  I teased the dental nurse telling her that I no longer understood Bulgarian and that she had to communicate with me in English and that lasted for about thirty seconds.  She asked me if the renovations on my house was complete but I explained that I had two in one garden and that the one was more of less there but the other needed love and attention.  I've invited her over...I can't describe what I have.  

Now for my crown and it's my crowning glory.  He put it on for a test run and it was such a good fit that he couldn't get it off to apply the fixative.  He huffed and he puffed and eventually had to apply mechanical aids to remove it.  And so to the fixative...he said that it would hurt a little, he put it in place and I had to sit for five minutes while it went off so I got out my Kindle and read for a while.  Back he came, adjusted the bite and I have never had something feel so natural....he is so good.  Unfortunately the next one to it is an old crown as well so that's being done next.....just to finish the job.

So back to my student's mum's shop to show her my new tooth and we sat around for a while discussing all sorts of topics.  My phone went and I handed it to her since it was a Bulgarian conversation and it was my Policeman asking if he could come and cut my wood....and he did.  I rushed home and got there just before him...it's now down to manageable size, the burnable that could be stacked is stacked...the rest is in the workshop /some in the garage and yet more still in the yard covered with polythene in case it rains tonight but the job is done.

I'm absolutely knacked...I've moved about six cubits and just got the rest to finish off in the morning.  The Policeman's son might be down tomorrow to splice what's left so that that can be stacked to...we'll wait and see.  Started to fix up a light into the workshop but the evening got the better of me...and tomorrow is another day.  Nothing planned for tomorrow.....I can get up to lots of practical or lovely stuff...LN

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Elsa Peters
October 18, 2014, 6:00pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 18th October

Sorry for last night....I made an outside light that when I plugged it into my kitchen to test it blew the house electrics so to speak.  I contacted my Bekir who was otherwise engaged and didn't turn up until five this evening smelling of a good day out with five other guys,  Not sure he should have been sorting out electrical cables but I was ready with the broom to sweep up the ashes...Remsir's husband chopped up my wood into stackable pieces after lunch and some of it was stacked this afternoon...  

So last night was spent with night lights and squinting at my Kindle and this morning I worked on the Kindle with Angry Birds until the sun came up.  I had blown the power supply and I'd checked the out side electricity supply in the fail safe mode but nothing.  So as I said....out with the candles so to speak and into bed at an extraordinarily early hour and back to two night lights and my Kindle in bed.

Morning broke and out with the night lights again and eventually the sun popped its little head up and I was able to see the kettle, and the coffee jar.  I realised after  waking up eventually that I'd washed up and put the clean tea spoons in the glass of wine that I'd put aside  earlier.  

Bekir phoned at eight this morning and I wasn't sure if he was making it to my house before or after he'd been to Kardjali and as the day wore on it was obvious... he arrived at five with five mates after spending time in Kardjali and the Dhebel fete.    So one with a screwdriver and five looking on, Bekir's valued impression was that the symptoms go away when you go to the dentist or doctor.  I'm taking that he could find noting wrong with the wiring...I only know that I had no power to the house at all.....and now I do...it's magic...haha ...

Served up coffee for the men and their friends...I asked them they wanted the bill...and they laughed.  I have and outside light courtesy of Belir...Sally was out in my garden smelling the Lavender so I had to present him with one of my lavender bags and said to give it to his wife...he said that he would keep it in his pocket....I guess he liked it so I had to give one to Mrs Bekir as well...fair's fair....

The Librarian came over today...we were supposed to be going into Kardjali but without my electrics installed I was loathed to go any where....we had a really lovely day talking nothing in  particular....result...

So power on and a light fixture to prove it...Supper was a fillet steak sandwich with onions that went down very well.  So pleased to be back on line...

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Elsa Peters
October 19, 2014, 1:34pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 19th October

Happy Birthday to my departed dad today....see I remembered...xxx

Silly night's sleep and at four I was reading and at seven I was back off to sleep again until eight....and the moon was more or less only just up in the east.  I've had a lovely day with the family today...chicken for lunch and the father went off to a wedding at eleven thirty this morning and I'm off to one at five this afternoon.  Not sure if it's at the same place and I might be saying hello to him in passing.  Home for two thirty from the family and hairwashed and just about ready to set sail for the autobus to take us there.  It's a five o'clock departure and I'm going with the rest of the Babas.

This might be all the update there is for today...it depends if it's over in quicksticks or a dancing until midnight affair but us ladies only drink Fanta or water while the men imbibe....doesn't seem fair really but that's BG for you socially with the locals.  So just go my nails to do.  I'll remember to take my camera to record a few moments of the locals on a social occasion...

LN...just got my nails to do and ready to party.....tomorrow is earmarked for getting the rest of the wood in the barn...nice to have a plan...LN
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