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November 27, 2014, 9:22pm Report to Moderator

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Wow didn't realise that you were a month ahead and that you've already had Christmas!  

When I saw Thursday 27th December I had to double check that I'd clicked on the right thread...  

Lovely to see the little house coming along nicely! xXx
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Elsa Peters
November 28, 2014, 5:14am Report to Moderator

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Friday 28th November

Time travel MikeyB  .....that's Bulgaria for you...edited and now back from the future..xx

Misty start this morning ,,,the fire was still ticking over and it's been rejuvenated but not thinking it's really necessary.  There won't be a sunrise in my neck of the woods this morning....well there probably is but the clouds are obscuring it....Now to get dressed...time to go for the men.
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Elsa Peters
November 29, 2014, 7:30am Report to Moderator

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Saturday 29th November

Full on day with the men yesterday and I was absolutely knacked by the end of it.  The last day of the year is always the same.

They finished the under eaves woodwork and the rush to the finishing post was my reminding Bekir that I wanted lights in both the house and the wood store so that there were no hidden surprises if I had to go out at night.  The lights that I put up meant that there had to be two cables running from my outside sockets and no spare for Santa lights etc....well that season is almost up on us.  So now I have one cable into the little house and at my suggestion a hole was knocked into the workshop to take a cable that runs the garage light and the workshop light and it's all indoor....result.

Put chicken wings in the oven when I got back last night, sliced a potato very thinly and made thickish crisps and while that was cooking I got into my PJs and settled into my book.  I managed to stay awake for supper, returned to the sofa in front of the fire and the next thing I new I was cold, the fire was on its last legs and it was one in the morning.  Up to bed and not an ounce of sleep in me so read for a while eventually dropping off to a fitful sleep and finally came too at seven thirty this morning.  Lovely start to the day, magical sunrise and misting clouds.  It's white over with frost and the temperature is just on zero.  It's a day to be out and about somewhere....I'll let you know what I get up to...

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Elsa Peters
November 29, 2014, 5:56pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday update

Got two loads of washing out and dried...another good bonfire ...rest of the pot plants from the little terrace are in and it turned out to be 15 degree plus this afternoon.  I put it down to the fires that I'm having and it's nothing to do with global warming.  Must admit I did get filmon going and watched Saturday Kitchen this lunchtime for me...remember I'm two hours and I might even catch Strictly this evening after a bath.

The 'nest' has been made up in the downstairs bedroom and the room generally tidied although the house is warm enough so far to still be in my upstairs bedroom with the stupendous views.  Watching the morning come up starts the day off well for me.

Little beer on the go from four onwards, settled in to reading another of Michael Connelly...this time it's Mickey Haller a defence attorney....First book had a nice twist but it took me a while to get into it.  The second is moving along nicely.  Boiler on over-ride....I shall be wallowing shortly so I'm signing off.....LN

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Elsa Peters
November 30, 2014, 6:55pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 30th November

One lazy morning this morning....the bath last night did its stuff and I stayed wallowing for about an hour until there was no more hot water and off to bed by about midnight.  I did watch Strictly last night but there was just too much razz and metazz last night in there for me.  Some of the routines would have been much better on Play Away...bring back Brucie...and as for the judges...I would like to have rammed the scorecards where the sun doesn't shine.  Maybe I'm getting too old for British TV.

Eventually went in the shower at nine thirty this morning but that was so that I could wash my hair and rinse it out properly.  I didn't light the fire this morning since I was off to my student and the family so getting dressed was a pretty rapid affair.  Cloudy, wet and damp this morning and not even a glimmer of yesterday's sun.  I was out for ten, the family were all in since it was too wet to be in the garden and we chewed over the week.  The mother made potato salad, cooked some rice and the father barbecued some mackerel for lunch and it was delicious.  The family went off to visit and ailing aunt in the next village, the elder sister went to pay her respects to the family of a work colleague who had died that morning and I sat around with my student generally talking in English which is good for her listening and conversational skills.

Home for three thirty and lit the fire, got some more wood in so that it will warm up overnight for tomorrow and it was a beans on toast night with a coffee and brandy to stoke up the internal temperature.  Almost nine my time and I'm desperately trying to stay awake so that I get a good night's sleep in...two hours on the sofa and then to bed doesn't lead to a good night's rest.  No men tomorrow but looking at the weather forecast they wouldn't have been here anyway....No photos today although the mackerel would have made a good one.  Going down to my fire  to give it a poke and stoke.....LN.....A very restful day....
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