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Elsa Peters
December 21, 2014, 4:22pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 21st December

Well watched Strictly last night and what results the finalist had achieved.  Really don't know why they get rid of one of them unless it's just to raise the revenue...and where does the money go...that's the next question.  Eventually got to bed at one my time and settled off quickly and didn't wake until just before seven without any interruptions....Looked out this morning and there was a ground frost and freezing fog but as the light broke the clouds were beautiful....it must have been a high wind up there pushing them around.

A few Angry Birds and back to bed with a coffee and washed and dressed in my new to me Alpaca jumper from my cheapy shop.  It's beautifully warm and so soft and checked it out on the internet and it was close similar ones range between one fifty and two hundred dollars.  Who's a lucky bunny then?  Over to my students clutching small christmas tree and carrier bag of presents with strict instructions not to be opened until the twenty fifth.  We shall see what we shall see....I don't think for one minute that they'll take any notice of that at all.  Moussaka for lunch, mother had gone to a wedding dressed to the nines and uncle arrived for lunch but said that he'd already eaten so took his in a doggy bag for later.  We sat around after lunch and visitors arrived so at three I excused myself saying that I had to get the fire going since the temperature was dropping dramatically but there was no need.  I'd thrown a huge log on before I'd left working on the principle that it would dry out if nothing else but it was still glowing red when I got home.  Unfortunately so was my battery warning light so it's into the garage tomorrow to get that sorted.  I've had a new alternator so something might have come adrift.  

So closed up for tonight...curtains drawn, another log on the fire, no need for supper and a little of the cream liqueur might have to pass my lips as the night wears on.  As I said garage in the morning...beautiful sky tonight and the wind was picking up somewhat and whistling through my strange fir in the garden.  LN....chilled day.

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Elsa Peters
December 22, 2014, 6:56pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 22nd December

Six thirty start and it was a classic blue and pink sky and not a cloud in sight...only twinkling stars and the lights of the villages on the hillside.  Coffee and back to bed....it was white over and minus six more or less and so bed was the warmest place except that the fire was easily brought back to life even though I was anticipating heading out pretty early to get to the garage.

I started Beauty to make sure that it would start, got in the wood and coal so that it would be a job off the list for later, and reckoned that I would charge the battery enough to get to the garage without a problem.  And I did....no red lights showing at all and the garage owner said that there was nothing to fix and I made the comment that it was like going to the doctors...all your symptoms disappear when you get into the surgery.  So while I was in Djebel I did a tour of the market and bought nothing, but went into my favourite restaurant owner's shop and bought a present for Bekir's new grand-daughter.  This will be delivered on Wednesday with Bekir and Sally's pressies.

Back home and nothing much to do today...I lay reading for a while and eventually the eyes headed southwards but my dreams were shattered  by Remsier who had brought my Christmas chicken, a few days early but what the heck.  It's now covered with foil and sitting in the fridge.  She mentioned how warm the house was and she said that she couldn't afford to get wood this year so I offered the old roof timbers that have been loitering in my garden for a couple of years or so.  Her husband is apparently arriving with the cart tomorrow to collect....we'll wait and see...he's not the promtest of guys.

Noticed two cats squaring up to each other in the garden today staking claim for my burning pit.  There's nothing gone into it for the last couple of days so their posturing means nothing.  Tomorrow will be another matter thought....there will be bones from the chicken that I got from Djebel this morning that's been roasted tonight with mixed roast veg and demolished and for pudding there was a baked apple filled with sultanas and honey.  I don't live badly on this hillside.

Caught the sunrise but not the sunset tonight.....the book has kept me intrigued and 74 percent complete.  I do like the way Michael Connelly intertwines his characters....So tomorrow Kardjali for Christmas foodstuff and booze stuff shopping with the Librarian.  Hoping the weather stays good tomorrow....LN...I have washing up to do so that the kitchen is clear for tomorrow...LN  

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Elsa Peters
December 23, 2014, 5:12pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 23rd December

I woke up at silly o'clock, tried to get back but didn't manage it.  I obviously didn't drink enough last night.  Thanks for the message TC...I read and inwardly digest.

Washing out, beautiful day for drying, bed stripped and two loads of washing finished at the crack of.  Fire rescued at five thirty even though I was out for the morning and the forecast was good...I like to keep the home fires burning.  Librarian was here for ten and she'd had a message that she had to register her car before they all went on their winter break so she'd already been to Kirkovo to get it done.  Took the Beast out this morning to Kardjali, the objective was to clear the garage so that Remsier's husband would be able to get the horse and cart into the yard to remove the old wood if they wanted it from the back terrace.  

Didn't buy much today...Lidl had some good bargains...the meat was reduced and some creme brulee but unfortunately I hadn't got a blow torch handy....so it was creme with a not so crisp topping when we had a late lunch.  Cold meats, potato salad, pickles and that just about did us and off she set at just before three taking with her my donation to Christmas.  Just the chicken to go and we reckoned it's either jaundiced or corn fed....and we'll see what it looks like on Christmas morning.  Remsier's husband had done his stuff and my old wood pile is no longer dominating the terrace.  After the Librarian left I set about tidying up the area and getting rid of the stuff that he hadn't taken but just couldn't get the fire to go it was so wet.  It's maybe a job for after the holiday.  Remsier did pop her head in while I was working and she'd come round with a neighbour and was asking about a photo I'd taken one of the weddings.  Now printed up, framed and she'll get it tomorrow.

Beautiful sunset tonight....magnificent clouds and the temperature has really dropped.  Managed to catch the slither of the moon but the camera didn't really want to know....it was difficult to get it.  So no food for me...still stuffed from lunch...LN....I'm off to check the fire and it's a little gin and tonic tonight....let's see if that will improve the sleep tonight...LN

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Elsa Peters
December 24, 2014, 5:51pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 24th December

Four thirty start and got working straight away on things that I didn't want to tackle yesterday.  Sorted out kiddiwinkles slush funds, emailed to let them know that funds were on the way, settled in to finish one of last years Christmas presents so that I could deliver it today apologising that it was a year late....ooopppss.

Ladies presents delivered, students delivered, Bekir and Sally's delivered and now I'm at the Librarians for the next couple of days.  Only problem....I've taken loads of photos and the cables to connect to my laptop are in my house and I'm here.  So you've got a treat coming when I get back....

Supper over, we've decided not to walk down the village, the temperature has dropped considerably and it's warm and cosy inside.  Now we have Bulgarian television to look forward to but unfortunately we just caught the end of the Producers and it's a pity that we didn't catch the beginning.....I think it's a cracking film.  

Almost eight our time.....I'm just about to hang my stocking up....ever hopeful....but he might miss out on Bulgaria....I better chart his progress on the internet and sit in the garden with a fishing rod or  net.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas...I  would post the picture I put on FB but that's on my PC and where's that....at the house.  I'm not use to this gallivanting...... and I wish you everything that you wish for yourselves.....and may you have a peaceful holiday......LN
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December 24, 2014, 7:50pm Report to Moderator
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Happy Christmas Elsa - apparently Santas just passed over wigan or so my son tells me.
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Elsa Peters
December 25, 2014, 5:41pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 25th December

Thanks Tabs...I was able to keep tabs on him and  play on words intended.  He filled my stocking and then went on his merry way.  It  was under duress may I state...but I nailed the  bugger so to speak but it cost me loads in carrots  for the reindeer...oh, oh, oh...

Out this morning delivering presents to the village children and then deposited some of the neighbours at a funeral in the next village....nothing stops in Bulgaria.  Found ourselves in the village where one of my friends had just bought a house and managed to get a padlock and chain and discussed it with the next door neighbour to make sure that the roof tiles are still there when they come back to claim ownership.  Once properties are sold it looks like fair game but since there is nothing  inside anyway it looks like over kill but it's done.

Back for a beer and salted peanuts in the sun and what a lovely day it turned out to be.  It was t-shirt weather.  Chicken and the veg went in at around three and she was off to  fetch the neighbours from the funeral to home ....we had a late lunch at around five and shared it with another  neighbour and just as we'd finished another neighbour arrived and the Librarian served him up a plate which  was eaten with the statutory six slices of  bread.  By this time the Pinotage was  out and was a very welcome change from Bulgarian wines....extremely palatable.

Washing up done and everything put away.  Back to being us and the dogs and Bulgarian television.  The Librarian has got an attack of the sneezes and I'm hoping she keeps it....I certainly don't want it.  

LN and  hope  that your day has  been as chilled as mine....as I said no photos....sorry I promise to  make it up to. you....LN
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December 25, 2014, 6:34pm Report to Moderator

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Merry Christmas Elsa! Glad you've had a lovely day!

Lots of love from the 3 Bees! xXx
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linda g
December 26, 2014, 11:25am Report to Moderator
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Merry Xmas Elsa, Glad you had a good day. I ate too much and flaked it later. And now its Boxing Day just vegging out on my lonesome for a bit of quiet after yesterday with the 4 boys....lol. xxxx
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Elsa Peters
December 26, 2014, 5:40pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 26th December

Thank you Mikey B and Linda.....  as you both know comments are always appreciated and more so at this time of year.....it's a time for family and I reckon that you all are included....xxx

So today the Librarian had jobs to do namely take one of her neighbours for an injection and even she said...ENOUGH....this is my holiday and yesterday I did the funeral run and that's enough.  It's my christmas and I have guests...(well one...me) and I want to switch off.  I think they eventually got the message.  So as you know yesterday we went to the woodyard and got the wood to finish her kitchen units and this morning I did it.

I have this sort of brain that works out the solution to the problem and one pack of timber i.e. two four meter lengths would do the first cupboard that she needed doing...The backing had come away and didn't look good so a little titivatin and it was what she wanted.  She went off to do her stuff for the village and I waited for her return.  I'd emptied the cupboards ready but I wanted her to see how easy it was to reback the unit...

I sawed away with a saw that I believe was past it's sell by date  but the job was done....She was pleased and now she knows how simple it is to use tongue and groove to get the jon done.

Back to mine for three thirty more or less...Avatar was cementing the uprights on her wall so that the cows couldn't manage to break through.....There was a lot of activity in the road when I arrived....One of the other lady's cows was being a bit of a mare so to speak...didn't want to go home.  Eventually is was all sorted....

Fire going, wood in for the next few days...rumour has it has that we have snow....it's dropping something but I know not what...I think the morning will reveal all...LN...It's all happening now that I'm back...I will keep you updated...LN

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Elsa Peters
December 27, 2014, 7:01pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 27th December

Caught a lovely film late last night...Victoria Wood with Michael Ball staring....I saw the documentary about the making of it and remembered in time to catch it although it was late for me.  

Seven start this morning and it was sleeting but nothing stuck although there was snow on them there hills over Momchilgrad  Poached eggs on toast for breakfast to keep hunger at bay and got the wood in and a good fire going and on to the computer to catch up with all the Daily Mail sudoku that I'd not got round to over the holiday.  Next thing there's a knocking on my door and I realised that I'm still in my PJ's at ten thirty but it was Remsier to tell me that her son is coming out of hospital on Monday and asking me how much the photos were that I'd printed and framed for a neighbour.  Nothing ...it's Christmas.  She also wanted to thank me for her christmas bag of goodies...shes' one of the four recipients.

Sleet cleared away eventually and it turned into quite a nice afternoon but then the temperature dropped.  The rain on the terrace turned to ice and tonight it's a clear with a crescent moon still but it's supposed to go down to minus nine so the fire will be banked up tonight.  I was just nodding off nicely this afternoon and the home phone started ringing and it was a recorded message telling me that I was using it out of my home zone and that my service would be suspended....so onto their help desk to advise them that it hadn't moved from the table let alone the house and that I was fed up of their stupid calls.....'we will make the necessary corrections to the service'....well thanks.  Back to my book and finished another Michael Connelly.....but think I'm going back to Travis for a while.

Supper is the remains of the chicken with some onions and rice and it should be just about ready now.  There's still half a bottle of Pinotage from the other night and it might be worth a trip into Billa for a few more bottles....it's very mellow.  LN.....I hear the wine calling me from the kitchen along with the chicken...LN

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