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Elsa Peters
January 1, 2015, 10:06am Report to Moderator

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Thursday 1st January

Now this is more like it.....it's still chilly outside...but cosy in...so I'll stay in then...decision made...

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Elsa Peters
January 1, 2015, 3:24pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday continued

And it's remained beautiful for the rest of the day but really cold with a biting wind.  Hardly a cloud in sight now and the temperature is dropping drastically.  Both fires are going now.  I didn't light the little one until four but it just adds background heat to the kitchen and the kettle is always on and ready.  

Lots of interesting comments on FB today....it really is quite and impressive community for keeping in touch with friends.....Five thirty my time and time for a little drinkie I think.  I've just found a new someone to read...I'll share it with you tomorrow.  There are fifteen books in the series and it's light and I'm enjoying it so far.  LN...it's down the wooden hills I go...LN

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January 1, 2015, 5:02pm Report to Moderator

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Happy New Year second mummy!

We had a quiet one too with just a few friends over... (Jon Bunn (if you remember him) and his wife Anna and daughter Lara. I managed it to 03.30am before retiring, but my trouble and strike came to bed at 05.30am... You can take the girl out of Birmingham, but can't take Birmingham out of the girl!  
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Elsa Peters
January 2, 2015, 5:50pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 2nd January

MikeyB, that's the nicest thing you've ever said...and as for taking Birmingham out of the girl..just remember I was born only about twenty miles from there so there's not much hope for her....

Really cold overnight and it was minus sixteen more or less when I opened the curtains this morning.  The fire was out but soon rescued and I went back to bed with a coffee and my book until some of the warmth had belted round the house.  Suddenly the sun came up...my booster central heating system and it was uphill all the way after that but it never got about zero all day.

Beans on toast for breakfast to top up the reserves, got dressed for the great outdoors.  Made the bed, threw back the covers and opened the window to get rid of the flu germs that must be lingering after all this time.  Remembered it after about half an hour and it seemed to have done the trick.  Got the wood in and thought it was a good day for a bonfire since there wasn't any wind at all.  Bathroom and household rubbish all gone now and I spent time wandering the garden and generally looking at what's coming through and what's left after the cow incident.  Haciber came round with another present but this time it was Swedish Pepparkakor biscuits.  Her son has come over to check on her and he remembers every time that I like them.  I asked her if he liked Rakia or Mastica to give him a present for a change but she said that he doesn't drink....not so sure, I've seen him at a wedding, but I won't push the point.  Wood in and at last I seem to be getting the measure of the little cooker using up the wood from when my tree was trimmed so that Bekir and Sally could put the roof on the garage.  That really seems such a long time ago...

Lay on the sofa this afternoon and yes, the eyelids went southwards and it was four before I came to.  Topped up the fires since when the sun goes down the temperature plummets but it doesn't seem so bad tonight.  Made a spaghetti bolognaise sauce with the mince that Gouldjan delivered from when they killed the last calf.  I've had some of it tonight with pasta and tomorrow I shall make a couple of lasagne and freeze one down.  Only problem I found was that they are no so careful and I found a couple of bits of bone in the mince but there again...nice of the family to think about me.

Moon's up, a few more clouds around tonight so it shouldn't be as cold as last night.  Meeting the Librarian in Djebel tomorrow, her car is going in to have the brakes done or at least to identify the parts needed and we'll carry on to Kardjali.  I need to take my kettle back and was amazed when I found the box with receipt and guarantee in it.....it's going to make the exchange simple.  The auto switch off has failed and I have to stand there while it boils and I'm petrified of forgetting it and burning the place down.............so new one please...  

LN....I'm heading down and the only thing I'm coming back up for tonight is the Christmas University Challenge....unless I fall asleep which is a possibility...LN

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Elsa Peters
January 3, 2015, 5:35pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 3rd January

Stunning views all day today...from sunrise to sunset and I think words might only get in the way.

Met the Librarian in the garage this morning...Her Hilux is going in for an overhaul but they have to order the parts so she is back ensconced at hers and they'll do the work on Monday.  They'll phone me when it's ready and I might be doing a taxi service...we'll wait and see.

Paid my phone bill so they won't be cutting me off, into our cheapy shop and I got a navy blue suede coat for two leva and one jumper for the same,  both designer labels...I've never felt so 'with it' on a budget. Took my kettle back and didn't have a replacement so gave me the money back, we shopped a bit in there even though we'd only gone in for the return and had parked in the other supermarket car park so we 'off roaded'  but did return it to the same place.  Found a bottle of white port in Billa and got another couple of bottles of the Pinotage to lay down...well may be.  Over to Lidl for the things I'd really gone in to get and stopped on the way back from Kardjali to take some of the icicles...Back to the garage, rescued her house keys and back to hers having stopped to take more pictures of ice flows.  Beautiful part of the world.  Unloaded and unpacked which is a job that I hate, fires started, wood in and supper cooked and eaten.  My Kindle has been returned...I'd forgotten it at Christmas so I need to update that with the new books and then down to the fire clutching the Lidl German lager at six 330ml bottles for three leva...it would have been rude not to.  So here goes with the pickies...enjoy....LN

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Elsa Peters
January 3, 2015, 5:40pm Report to Moderator

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And for the rest

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January 3, 2015, 6:33pm Report to Moderator
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Absolutely stunning photos, Elsa.  Lovely sunrise and sunset here too, but not as beautiful as yours.  Truly beautiful!
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January 4, 2015, 7:26pm Report to Moderator

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Hello Elsa happy new year. Been too busy to follow your blog at the moment but you have some beautiful photos up. Hope you are keeping well. We have a new roof all walls are now knocked down. Concrete floor and half a kitchen. Double glazing just trying to sort the petchka now. It's been a tad cold. When we are a bit more organised I will be in more contact. Big hugs. Xx

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Elsa Peters
January 4, 2015, 9:04pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 4th January

Thank you both of you....the photographs are down to nature...I couldn't do it without her.  I reckon she's having a rest after yesterday...there was really nothing to take the camera out for today so I didn't.  It was cold this morning, cloudy and that's the way that it stayed until it started raining this afternoon.  I was surprised that it didn't turn into snow but it stopped just as quickly as it started.  We've been threatened with gale force winds overnight and tomorrow but so far nothing unusual.  

The pot of mince from yesterday I reheated, added some beans and chili powder and I'll bag it up for the freezer tomorrow.  I didn't fancy it for today and into my brain popped cheese, potato and onion pie and not sure where that came from.  I learnt to make this at a domestic science class when I was at school and I've probably only made it a dozen times since in all that time.  So boiled said potatoes, chopped the onion finely and grated some Cheddar from Lidl, put it all together and back into the oven with more cheese for the topping.  Not as good as I remember it though but potatoes have morphed since my day or maybe those rose tinted specks are failing me.....the potatoes didn't seem to have enough body in them.  Maybe I boiled them too much but if I hadn't have made it....I'd have always wondered.  

Fell asleep after supper and woke up about half an hour ago hence the late blog.  The fire was hanging in there but nothing a little encouragement with a poker wouldn't fix.  Noticed on my way upstairs to write this that the moon is up and not many clouds around and it felt cold as I came up the stairs.  With the big curtain between the winter lounge area and the stairwell closed, you don't realise how cold it is until you climb the stairs.  That curtain was an inspiration ...it certainly does the job.

Almost ten my time so I'm off to bed with a book.  Nothing planned so far for tomorrow.  It's supposed to be sunny over the next couple of days but very cold at night with minus fourteen on Wednesday but no more snow destined to fall until February..  It's always a wonder to me how the long-range changes day by day..but that's enough on that subject.  

I'm yawning despite having woken up after a couple of hours on the sofa...I'll keep you informed of the effect it has had on my overnight slumber.  I think this poor body of mine is still feeling the effects of the Christmas bug but as my mother would have said...I'm coughing better!!  I'm off to take my medicine of honey, hot water and freshly squeezed orange juice topped with a little brandy...purely for medicinal purposes you understand....LN  
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Elsa Peters
January 5, 2015, 4:25pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 5th January

So last night I caught the beginning of a film on ITV one and if I had seen the title I would have avoided it.....Hot Fuzz.  At first I thought it was a series and recognised some of the performers but then when the first adverts came on and it said that it was sponsored but a car group I decided to watch it till the end....which was pretty late or early putting a couple of hours on from UK time.  Perhaps having that nap in the afternoon meant that I could go for longer but when it came to bedtime, just before three this morning I read for a while and managed to go through until seven thirty this morning.  Got up and made coffee opened the curtains in the downstairs bedroom, picked up my book and the sun was just coming over the mountains so had to read with my knees up so that it didn't take out my vision.  

The fire wasn't going this morning but once the sun came up I didn't bother.  My phone went just before nine and it was Gouldjan asking if I was going into Kardjali and Djebel and she was looking for a lift.  I said I'd made no plans for either and was still coughing and hacking.  She'd come back from Bursa where she'd been for the holiday, the weather had been atrocious and she'd come back with the same thing that I'd got and needed to get into Kardjali to get a sick note organised.  There was a bus this morning and so I didn't feel too guilty about it...market day.

It seemed warmer this morning so poached egg on toast called me from the kitchen, a load of washing was put into the machine and I had a shower and washed my hair and got dressed.  Five minutes later there was a knocking on the door and when I opened it, my Avatar and Byser were standing there to check if I was OK.  There was no smoke from my chimney and it's nice to know that somebody cares.  I explained that it was much warmer and my house was warm as but I looked out and both of their fires were chugging away.  Small windows...no secondary heating.

Washing out and washing in and airing in the bathroom and shortly to be put away.  Good day for drying but I did think at one point that they were destined for Greece.  Sat for the afternoon reading until the sun went down and it was light fire time and get the little wood in for the kitchen woodburner.  The wind got up this afternoon and it was still as cold as this morning but according to the weather report, it's supposed to go down to minus thirteen tonight so curtains drawn. fires banked up and I'm in for the night.  The moon's just coming up and I've frozen two pairs of sock off going out onto the balcony from my upstairs bedroom...it's cold out there but worth it.

LN....no word from the garage today so I'll wait for an update tomorrow before I make any plans...Have a good evening....LN

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Elsa Peters
January 6, 2015, 4:38pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 6th January

Fell asleep last night watching Filmon on the pc and goodness knows what that was all about.  Bleary eyed down to bed, straight to sleep so it was an early one this morning.  Rescued the fire at five thirty, didn't bother starting the little one and was waiting till there was a sign of my booster central heating coming over them there hills and....zilch.  Cloudy as you like, cold as you don't like so it was a couple of boiled eggs for breakfast with dippy soldiers and upstairs to get dressed and ready to fetch the Librarian if there was any news from the garage......and again a bit fat zilch.

Christmas tree decorations down but I've retained the sunflower seeds in the big earthenware pot.  I don't want to throw them out because the birds might be tempted and they've were spray painted gold for the festivity.  I really don't want lit up great tits it you'll pardon the expression.  The rest of the stuff is stashed away for next year and the lights from the little house are back to normal boring white.  Emptied my cache of wool from the chest in my bedroom just to see what's there.  I have a plan that since my Avatar likes knitting and has run out of things to do, I can let her have the wool and pay her for making me some socks....a girl can't have too many of those.  I've also got a pattern for a Beanie hat but it's in English.....I suppose I could try and translate it but goodness knows what it would turn out like.

Had some snow this morning but it was only in the wind.  Not much and it didn't stick.  I have a lasagne cooking.  I usually make the white sauce out of cornflower but it's not the same over here so I used normal flour, into a roux and then added the milk.  I had to put it through the sieve to get the biggies out....I thought I'd given up this specialised cooking but it has got a twist....it's got chili in the mince and baked beans so it sort of a chili con carne lasagne and it looks fine...I've just checked it and another five minutes and it should be done.

Nice sunset tonight as the sun eventually struggled out this afternoon and gave us a splendid farewell.  I was a bit worried about my tree...the wind was howling and strong winds have been forecast but there again snow wasn't and we got it...do these people really get paid?  So lasagne time and drinkie time and I might even make a start on my Beanie hat...LN

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Elsa Peters
January 7, 2015, 5:29pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 7th January

Last night a message from the garage so I was destined to go  over to the Librarians this morning  and fetch her into Djebel to get her car.  I woke up early and tripped to the loo and went back to read.  I glanced at the clock in the hall way and thought it was half five and thought I hadn't done badly.  Felt that I needed a little more sleep so thought a trip to the loo would be beneficial before I settled down again and looked at the clock and it was twenty past four so goodness knows what it was first time round.  Didn't understand it because I didn't feel tired at all but eventually settled back off again and woke up at seven thirty.  Opened the curtains and there was a covering of the white stuff and it was coming down but not much of it.  Made the phone call to the Librarian and arranged to pick her up at nine fifteen, took the biggie, into her main town to pick up a few things from her local supermarket and then into Djebel.

Down to the garage and the repairs were complete but by this time there was considerable more snow on the road and driving back to Djebel from the garage but the Librarian was a little snow,,,there was lots of ice under the snow.  Picked up some bread and eggs and they we decided that she would make her way back home since there was no sign of anyone spreading grit on the roads.

Back home, fires topped and had a bonfire in the garden, brought in the wood and by this time the sun was out and there was only a little snow falling but the temperature was still at minus six.  Watched the darts this afternoon and now I'm ready to batten down for the night.  Guessing it's going to be really cold tonight.  There's lasagne should I get a little hungry later but at the moment there's no need to rush to the kitchen but I think a little brandy and hot water might go down well tonight.  LN....I'm just going to put the kettle on...LN

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Elsa Peters
January 9, 2015, 6:23am Report to Moderator

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Thursday 8th January

Sorry I couldn't post this last night....my internet provider was having a down day or rather a down afternoon and evening so no service.

Sausage and fried egg for breakfast yesterday... set me up for the day.  Early fire going which went out as soon as the sun came up.  There was no need for it.  Productive day yesterday....moved the beds around in the third bedroom so that I could get my sewing machine up and leave it up.  It was such a task to move everything from my desk before...Also sorted out my wool and found a half knitted sleeve of a jumper that I must have started last year.  I undid it back to the ribbing, worked out that it would fit round my head and now have a new beanie hat and it looks so good that I intent to make another one today with some airforce blue wool to go with the new addition to the winter wardrobe.  Fashion icon me!!

So my internet world went off so no chatting on the various sites, no chance of Filmon so read for a while, got out Angry Birds and played that.  I decided to have a bath and that was a wrong move.  The water in the boiler wasn't up to top temperature and I only got about four inches of warm in there.  I'd put the boiler switch to on but it didn't heat it up quick enough to make a difference so I was out quicker than I'd gone in.  Note to self...more preparation and pre-planning needed.

Retained any warmth that was in my body by heading into bed with a brandy and hot water.  Only read for a short while before the eyelids headed southwards and woke up still holding my book so got up and switched off the kitchen light and back to it until six fifteen this morning.  

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Elsa Peters
January 9, 2015, 5:16pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 9th January

Just as cold last night if not colder and I lingered in bed until the sun more or less was there.  Oh central heating at last.  I know I have the advantage of two wood burners but the one was out this morning and I played around lighting it and didn't give it the attention that it deserved and I suffered the consequences.  It took ages to belt water round the system.  Eventually got dressed at nine thirty, got a load of washing in since there was a stiff breeze and a sun up in that there sky, toyed with the idea of going into Kardjali and forgot it as soon as I'd thought about it.  Much too cold to be out and about.

Having had such a success with yesterday's beanie hat I decided to start the blue one.  I didn't have a pattern but I reckoned that if I used three strands of wool and big needles and put forty stitches on...it would do alright for the main body.  I completed about two inches and checked on the weather and it looked like there might be some snow so in with the washing and on to the airer in the bathroom and the smell of frosty washing into a warm atmosphere took me back to when the monday wash would be airing round the fire at home.....memory lane.

Back to my knitting interspersed with getting in wood, lighting the little one, Angry Birds and reading the next in the series.  I headed for the kitchen at three thirtyish and found some chicken in the freezer, scrubbed up a jacket potato and banged it all in the oven along with some apples stuffed with dried fruit, dark sugar and honey and it was enough to feed the five thousand should they descend.  Supper ready by five thirty, I took one of the apples over to my Avatar with a pot of cream...they don't seem to cook apples and she invited me to a lunchtime bash down at Semile's mother's place.  Apparently there are ten of us walking down there at eleven tomorrow morning so it's off with the girls for lunch.

My parcel has been collected from the UK and I've been able to track it already.....there is no scheduled delivery date but it does say between three and five days....let's see how they do.  A bottle of Pinotage has been opened to accompany the chicken so that's me sorted for tonight then.  I'm off downstairs...good day...good food and my hat looks like the dog's whatsits.....back of the net so to speak...LN

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Elsa Peters
January 10, 2015, 6:01pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 10th January

Not much to report today except that I have had an exceptional day.  I got showered and hair washed knowing that I was out to lunch with my neighbours and it was imperative that I was out there with boots blacked...

Showered, shampooed and ready for eleven when my Avatar knocked on my door. Together with  ten of my neighbours we legged it picking up some on the way and walking though Semile's back garden and arriving at his mother's house down with the sheep and cows.  We were welcomed by Semile's mother, his mother in law and daughters in law and let the party begin.

Eighteen of us crowded into one room.  There was lots of Turkish spoken and so I was watching the body language and worked out some of the conversation but it was a bit of a mishmash.  Everyone was concerned that I was OK so I said in Bulgarian that I was and the rest went with a swing. The table cloths were laid on the floor, the table was unfolded and it was a super double sized, the first course of lamb with potatoes arrived and I unfortunately got the piece with the bone as did everyone else....the second course was turkey with rice and it was my first for this year...I think some of my neighbours got the right idea...make out you can't manage it to the floor and sit at another table and it gets delivered to you...I shall know for next time.  Next course ....stuffed vine leaves followed by macaroni with garlic and yoghurt that I gave a miss, home made banichka and baklava to finish.  The rest of the ladies were going to visit the mother in law's husband's grave....I decided to walk back with the ones that couldn't possibly have made it to the grave and back and home without seriously considered staying where they were.

Home for just after two and sleep beckoned.  My night hadn't been good so I made up for it waking at about four but frozen.  Bullied the fire into submission....and all's fine now.  Just watched the ladies darts tournament on Filmon...stupendous play.   Thinking about food but the lunchtime marathon although it was done at high speed has filled the cavities.  Tomorrow I'm off to my students...It's been a couple of weeks due to their commitments and my flu ...we'll see how it goes tomorrow.  No photos....not much of a sunrise or sunset...the son from the gathering took photos that I might purloin...LN....chilled day with my neighbours...LN
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Elsa Peters
January 11, 2015, 7:22pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 11th January

Late start this morning and as I opened the curtains I realised that the sun was already coming up so straight for the camera and managed to get a shot.  Didn't feel too good this morning so cancelled my student....and today has been a very gentle day.  The temperature is up today and the sun warmed up the house brilliantly ...so much so that I didn't light the fire until four thirty this afternoon.  There was a severe wind warning for today and as it picked up it was a cold one.  I checked out the weather and it's supposed to be cold tonight and back to low temperatures tomorrow with snow and we're back to the minus levels again.  It's just not normal.....   Enough wood in for tomorrow and I'm ready for it.

Package arrived today delivered by my post mistress straight to the door....Thank you DS....what a lovely surprise and I'm thinking that your sunsets are a little too close to mine for comfort....Tonight I'm watching the darts final and it's definitely nail biting stuff.  I'm rooting for Martin Adams but they are both playing so well.  Tomorrow I'm housebound....I'm expecting a parcel from the UK and it should be delivered by close of play but they're pretty good here, they should be phoning me when it arrives at the office and will give me a delivery time....just like the UK...NOT.

Supper was a Lidl pizza and I promise myself never to buy one from there again...most of it is still in the kitchen and let's see what the animals make of it.  Gone into the break at the darts now so it's down to check the fire and tidy the kitchen...LN...I have things to do...and I think it's time for a little drink...LN

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Elsa Peters
January 12, 2015, 5:34pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 12th January

So lying in bed and heard a funny noise outside and it was rain.  Now the  forecast was for snow and a short while later I put on the terrace main light and it was coming down and white over.  It wasn't sticking on the terrace and only slightly covering the garden but it got heavier but by lunchtime it had stopped and the sun was forcing its way through.  

I was having to stay in today waiting for my parcel from the UK and watching the tracking on the internet.  Got the fire going but not hugely banked up, there was no need.  It wasn't cold now that the snow had arrived.  I finished the last of the sausage rolls leaving some of the pastry for the birds and along with the pizza I put it in a spot where I reckoned I could take some photographs but the magpies are very skitty.  The blue tits or whatever tits they were were dipping in encouragingly but eventually one of the cats arrived and demolished the lot.

The parcel didn't arrive but I checked the tracking number and it said that it had been delivered.  I went outside and no footsteps in the snow and despite and signature that it had been accepted by a guy called Mark...I'd not a clue.  I phone Kardjali and they had nothing in for delivery and I've just received an email telling me that I have a new tracking number....we are now tracking it over BG and it has only taken three days to get from the UK to here....let's see how long it takes to get here...

Not much happened this afternoon, a little tv, washing done and drying inside and an early supper was on the cards.  Chicken wings, roasted parsnips and potatoes with peas and Bisto gravy with a small glass of white port to savour while I was cooking.  Supper delicious...and now I'm waiting for Eggheads at eight.  LN...the initial small glass of port is now no more so I'm destined for a trip to the kitchen.  Temperature is supposed to go down to minus six overnight....we'll wait and see...LN

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Elsa Peters
January 13, 2015, 6:01pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 13th January

Just before six appears to be the starting point for the day so I was straight back to bed with the book.  The fire wasn't going but the house had held the temperature overnight but at seven I decided to light it...just to keep the heat up.  Minus six when I looked at the thermometer nestled in the conifer and as I went out in the dark to empty the ash can I realised that it was a little slippery under foot but I was in my socks and they held safe.

Soon went round to seven thirty so out with the old bread for the birds, thought about visiting the Librarian since it was her birthday today but phoned her instead to wish her a happy birthday.  So back to the saga of my parcel and it's been riding on all day.  I've now found out that the box is still in the UK so the 'In transit' didn't mean a thing and we've had stupid excuses from the transport companies.  I shan't name them yet but I'm sure I shall if I get more of the same tomorrow.

Cooked an omelet from the remains of last night's roasted vegetables and sliced up one of the spicy sausages into it.  Delicious and it's set me up for the day...not into anything tonight.  Watched the snooker this afternoon and I love Ronnie O'Sullivan to bits...he's the bad boy...on a par with Robbie Williams.  Had a visit this afternoon and my Avatar opened up her cardigan and gave me ten eggs.  She sort of hides them on her person so that the neighbours don't see her delivering them.  

Almost time for a little drink...fire relit and going well and it's not been an energetic day but there again, they don't have to be.  As I say, if I waste time, it's mine to waste so what the heck.  Now where was that bottle...LN

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January 14, 2015, 4:10pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 14th January

Five start this morning so threw a couple of logs on and it was toasty for when I eventually surfaced.  Watched the sun come up from the downstairs bedroom, forgot about the curtains in the lounge last night but they are already closed up for tonight.  It's going to be another corker.  Emptied the ash can, washed up from the last couple of days, threw out the old bread for the animals and an old bunloaf that had got as hard as bricks.  Well somebody might fancy it if they're really hungry.  I didn't have breakfast and I'm still not sure why but I showered, washed my hair and was unsure what I was going to do for the day.  I answered emails and did my Daily Mail sudoku and I'm still keeping my average and under ten minutes...cracking.

Sat reading in the stairwell in the sun and I was disturbed by a man and a boy.  The man was obviously begging and saying that his son needed an operation but they both looked OK to me.  This is a problem and I don't like it when I'm put in the spotlight to give...I did say that I didn't understand him, well he was speaking Turkish, but I got the drift.  Unfortunately I didn't have the time to take a raincheck on my neighbours...if they'd have felt it was a worthy cause I might have.  The local philosophy is it's wrong to ask and wrong to say no so if they don't ask you're in the clear....

Electricity went off at two so I decided that I would go into Djebel and spend time with my student's mum in the carshop to break up her day.  I firstly went to the post office and bought my two road taxes at the princely sum of 134 BGN which translated means around sixty five pounds for the year.  On top of that I have to pay the government tax of forty three leva but that is so much better than the UK.  Local supermarket and got a chicken that's now in the oven, apples, carrots and bread and that's me done.  Lit the fire and that was after I put the chicken in the oven and I rather view it as an inbox exercise and prioritise the tasks.  Working down the list, carrots, potatoes, onion and parsnips in to roast....supper should be good.

Not much on the agenda for tomorrow.  I have furniture I want to make and adjust...it depends on the weather.  If it's cold out and warm in...bit of a no brainer.  LN...the wine is open to go with the chicken and I'm hoping there'll be some left by the time I come to serve up...LN  

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Elsa Peters
January 15, 2015, 5:27pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 15th January

So woke up last night in front of the computer at eleven and into bed for half an hour of the book and then down until five thirty this morning.  Morning has broken...well almost and I have the photos to prove it.

Seven thirty this morning removed my wood burner pipes and all cleaned and put back by eight fifteen.  There wasn't much rubbish out of them but at least I know that there's no issues lingering.  Decided to carry on with the good work and hovered the downstairs, got out the mop and bucket and did the deed.  There was a little disturbance in the middle...a blue something rattled into my window and ended up shell shocked on the terrace.  I watched it for a while outside and then poked it with my cow stick to encourage it to get a grip.  It fluttered eventually and then flew away.  I was a little worried about a cat thinking it was an easy takeaway...so I stood guard.

Phone call from the Librarian asking if I would swap the day from tomorrow for today for the Birthday lunch...no problem with me.  I was on the end of a mop and running out of enthusiasm and energy so got wash, dressed for the town, into the Beast and met her in Djebel...both into mine for Kardjali, gave the parking man two leva knowing that we were going to lunch in the cantina and this could be more than the usual one leva parking.  Super lunch, over to our cheapie shops, back to Djebel purchasing some water pipe insulation for her and off she went.  I chatted to my student and his mother outside the shop for a while, home for five thirty, fire started and going well and not into supper...I'm stuffed from a mousaka for lunch from the cantina.

So I checked up and O'Sullivan is through..and has claimed the record for the number of 100 plus breaks.  LN....I'm about to go for cold chicken and I might do chippies....what a lovely day....LN

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January 16, 2015, 5:18pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 16th January

Four o'clock start and it was like daylight outside and I caught the moon....real narrow crescent and I half expected a little boy with a fishing rod to be hanging off it.....Back to bed and read for a while and managed to get another hour or so coming to at round about seven.  Very cold this morning and despite the sun I don't think it's got above zero all day but I did manage to get a load of washing done and it's now airing in the upstairs bathroom.

Toast for breakfast and ran the hoover and mop round the upstairs so the house is clean.  It almost felt like spring cleaning but it's too early and I'm thinking that the snow is going to come back and bite us in the bottom again.  Popped over to my Avatar's house and gave her a packet of the mince meat that I bought in Lidl yesterday and came back with a bowl of home made yogurt.  It's very much swings and roundabouts but I made her laugh when I popped my head out of her door and checked for anyone spying on the comings and goings between the Local and the English.  Put two of the packs in the freezer as a back up.

It's been a snooker afternoon but what a rubbish game and it's still going on.  I put it on because I thought that O'Sullivan was playing but I got it wrong.  Good fire going and it needs it tonight.  I've got my PJ's on early, supper was cold chicken and mayo and I'll have to go some to stay awake to catch all of the snooker tonight.  I think I might even make it into Kardjali tomorrow....I need another few bags of coal.   LN

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January 17, 2015, 4:23pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 17th January

So another bitterly cold day and the ice has still not melted in the yard despite the sun.  Nothing for it....I stayed home alone.  Rescued the fire at the crack of and warmed the place up.  It hadn't lost it's overnight temperature but it needed a boost once I opened the curtains at sevenish this morning.  The sky was streaked with red pre sunrise but there were clouds hanging over the mountains.  It was almost eight when I notice the sun emerging, it stayed for a while and then went behind the clouds.  This morning it just looked huge and not sure of the reason why.

Used up the old leeks and the remains of the chicken and made a vegetable soup.  This is about to get put into the oven and I've got a few sheets of flaky pastry and we'll see what that does.  It was ready bought, I've not used it before but I thought I'd give it a shot.  Four scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast.  I've got so many that I need to think about using them up.  Had three shots at the Daily Mail five star sudoku but in the end I got there and my average is still under ten minutes so maintaining my record.  Showered and shampooed and got the wool and five double ended needles out and started the first of a pair of socks.  I find beginning knitting with five is always difficult but gets easier as it gets longer.  Watched the snooker this afternoon and my O'Sullivan was well and truly beaten....but it means that I don't have to watch any more....I'm not that interested in who wins.

Down to the kitchen, pie going in and I might be ready for it at about seven thirty.....Temperature has really dropped tonight...time for tending to fires...LN

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January 18, 2015, 5:14pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 18th January

Seven ten wake up and noticed the pre-dawn.  Coffee, book, opened the curtains from the bedroom via the lounge to the outside and it was really good.  As you can see, a few good shots but I had to change my position to get the best of it.

No breakfast for me...I was cooking baked apples with a hint of cinnamon with honey, brown sugar, raisins, sultanas and butter to take to my student's hous.  They feed me so I thought it would be a little offering and I learnt a new phrase.  'May your hand always be good to cook special gifts for us'.  They produced a couple of pancakes that they'd had for breakfast and I suggested that we had them with a sprinkling of sugar and lemon juice.  Now the faces changed....it wasn't something that was normal for them but I made one, I split in into several pieces and told them they had to try it....and it was well received.  I think they expected sweet but it's much better for them than pancakes with the jam and chocolate that they normally have...success.

We had chicken and potatoes for lunch and I'd bought yogurt to have with the baked apples and that went down exceedingly well.  No parents today...they were visiting a relative who had undergone an operation so it was me and the girls.  I stayed until four today...the older sister went off to visit a young relative and I was on my way.

Hope and the fire was lit....which took a while.  I couldn't get the log to burn but it's fine now.  I warmed up three sections of the chicken and veg pie and only two portions found itself in the freezer but I did make Bisto gravy to top it all off tonight.  Watching the snooker and we're on an evening session break and Coast to Coast is on in the background.  Two beers down and only one left to work through...LN....I'm about to start the snooker again and search for another bottle or two...LN

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January 19, 2015, 6:09pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 19th January

Forgot to mention that when I got back from my student yesterday there was a parcel hanging on my door knob and last night had a conversation with Gouldjan on Skype and her mother had left my present from Turkey.  I didn't open it yesterday but tore the wrapping off this morning and it is a table cloth and now it adorns the kitchen.  Almost eight when I woke up this morning and felt better for an uninterrupted sleep.  I hadn't gone to bed until eleven and perhaps that's the secret but it's a hard job staying awake some nights.

Coffee, no fire to be lit since I was heading into Djebel this morning and it wasn't as cold as it has been for the last couple of weeks or so.  Washed up the dishes from last night and cleaned the kitchen, up on the computer and then dressed for the big city.  Out in the Beast again...it's going much better now that I give it some exercise and I'd already loaded the empty bottles intending to lob them in the first container when I hit Djebel.  Task completed and walked to Gouldjan's school to thank her for the present and to give her and her mother's Christmas presents although somewhat late.  The rest of the girls in the office were apparently amazed that I wrap all presents individually but when it's only a bar of soap, it gives it a special appeal.  So my student's mum was working hard so I didn't stop for long, I caught up with the mother from my favourite restaurant that I hadn't seen for a while, did a quick tour of the market, into the supermarket for bread and a bun loaf and home for just before one.  

Found a tin of salmon that I had bought before Christmas and decided on sandwiches for lunch but it didn't measure up to John West's standard and I shan't be buying it again.  Got the wood in, read for most of the afternoon, lit the fire at four and the temperature seems to have dropped and there was a little snow tonight mixed in with the rain but nothing seems to have stuck.  I was really surprised that there was no rainbow...the sky looked as if there should have been.  Pork slices cooking tonight and I think there will be a few chippies with it and maybe an egg.  I'm feeling very tired tonight...it must be the fresh air today and am going to have trouble staying awake I think....better get my knitting out.  

So down to take care of supper, a little mastica I think to help it down and I think it's time to throw another log on.  LN...a woman's work is never done...well done but never finished...LN

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January 20, 2015, 5:12pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 20th January

Six thirty start and the sunrise was spectacular but different.  The sun then made it's way behind the clouds and it didn't really show its face until this afternoon.  Two loads completed.  Stripped my bed down and did the bottom sheet, duvet cover and pillowcases and they were ready to be brought in at four and were hung on the banister in the sun to air so that they could be put back on.  Had a bit of an issue with the petchka pipes this morning.  They were leaking smoke into the room so I transferred the burning logs from the biggie to the little one in the kitchen and cooled down the pipes from the biggie.  Got a rather strong looking log and bashed the pipes home and it seems to have fixed it. It could also have something to do with the direction the wind was blowing and boy, was there a wind...the washing was dried in quicksticks.

Not much to the rest of the day.  I had two birthday cards to make and have to get them in the post so it might mean a trip into Djebel in the morning.  Darts finished, snooker finished and now we have indoor bowls that doesn't seem to have the same appeal so this afternoon I found out a series of House Doctor and watched three episodes.  I sort of associate with him...he's an odd ball too.  Opened a packed of salted almonds while I was watching the videos and now I can't say that there is an immediate need to rush to the kitchen and find something to eat.  It could almost be a fast day since it's fast approaching bedtime for me.  A couple of beers might just hit the spot tonight....it doesn't hurt once in a while to go without food.  So nothing to do, looking forward to bed tonight...and the bedding has that smell when it's been dried outside...and it is January.  So LN.....back to Dr House....LN

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January 21, 2015, 4:12pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 21st January

Morning wake up at six twenty and guessed it on the button...Coffee and back to bed with the book and you know the routine by now.  Checked out emails and FB and breakfast called...baked beans on toast and did the usual chores around the house, washing up, emptying the ash cans and then got lost for things to do.

Went into Djebel at eleven to post the birthday cards and over to my student's mum for a chat.  I'd sent her a link to a UK website and she ordered and it was despatched and delivered with three days and I'm still waiting for mine.  Her website,,,House of Fraser...what a fantastic company...via DHL to be recommended.

Home for one thirty and received a phone call to say that my UPS is on its way.  I explained where my house was and true to form he arrived at four thirty with said package.  It's a shame that the rest of the delivery couldn't have gone so smoothly.

So opened it up and some of the things I was expecting were there but some weren't.  The contents have been washed and will be ready for delivery tomorrow and I think I shall have some happy bunnies'.  As for the rest of the contents...not sure but well...you can't get everything you want.

Supper wa shepherd's pie with the residue of this morning's beans and it went down well.  The intention was to freeze on of the portions,,, it didn't happen.  Fire going as of two thirty this afternoon and everything toasty,  I'm about to go down and get my book out in front of the fire...chilled day.  LN....I'm delivering tomorrow if it's dry otherwise Friday...LN....a little beer on the go me thinks...LN

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January 22, 2015, 5:08pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 22nd January

Disturbed sleep.  Because it's gone from minus to plus on the thermometer my winter duvet was just so overkill for last night and I woke up sweating my little socks of...or rather my Bulgarian knitted socks off.  So at four I was cooling off and reading and decided that I might get a few more zzz's in and eventually woke up at eight this morning.  Result.   The morning was shrouded in mist/fog and the sun sort of came up and went and the fog was in and out all day.

Looked at some of the ski stuff that I'd washed last night and thought that it needed another rinse and spin.  Some of the washing powder had lingered but again another result.  The two biggies were ok but the junior one, my two piece and the other ski jacket had to be put through the machine again.  I hung them out on the line in the hope that the sun would do its stuff but tonight they are in the upstairs bathroom and will be cooked by the morning.  Breakfast was late.  Two boiled eggs with toast and I put another six in and hard boiled them for snacks should I not feel in the mood for cooking.  It's gone almost salad weather....

Read for a lot of the afternoon on the sofa with the door open.  Lit the fire at five and now it's for comfort....not really needed tonight but it might be a little later.  So tomorrow I'm going to take the ski stuff to my student's mum's shop, some material that she might want to make some cushions out of and some paper for printing labels.  When I wanted some I could only buy a box and I think they'll be there when I'm not at the rate that I'm using them, so a donation will not leave me short.

Time for thinking about supper....can't say that I'm really ravishing so I'm going to get my head in the freezer and see what I can come up with.  Kardjali tomorrow if the weather is good.  Otherwise it's a day of.....what I want it to be.  LN

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Elsa Peters
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Friday 23rd January

Dull cloudy start and at seven thirty...it was OK by me.  It wasn't raining but low cloud and misty fog and at eight thirty I received a phone call from the Librarian to say that she'd prefer to hole herself up in the house today with a fire and comfort food.  I agreed but my agenda said deliver ski gear to my student's mum, firstly get out the pechka pipes to identify why I had smoke in my downstairs wet room, and secondly solve it.

Removed said pipes and cleaned them out, cleaned out petchka, replaced said pipes, cleaned tiles in the bathroom that were smoke tainted and lit petchka and there was smoke everywhere.  Bashed said pipes with a square sized log and smoke seeked to reduce somewhat and when outside to check and there was smoke pouring out of said chimney.  Eventually the heat warmed the chimney and I think it was an accumulation of the chimney not being warm enough, wind in the wrong direction and eventually all sorted and no further problems today.  It always seems to happen...whenever I run one of those things that supposedly clears the chimney...it doesn't....back to the drawing board Cecil.

Delivered the ski gear along with printer labels and took along the samples of material for my student's cushion.  Success...I have four cushions to make tomorrow.  One of the jackets was a success and the father left the shop wearing one and the others are all in ones so no try outs at the moment.

Picked up Gouldjan and gave her a lift home to save her catching the bus.  Came back fro Djebel with mandarins, oranges, apples and cooking apples so that I can start my healthy diet.  Late lunch of spicy sausage fried off with onions, orange juice, a hit of chili flakes and honey and the intention was to serve it with fresh crusty bread but I mad the mistake of serving it on to a cold plate.  I ended up with chili, onion toffee...an acquired taste but not bad.

Watching Doctor House this evening....three episodes down and they all seem to have run in to each other and there's no letting go.  I might just venture into Kardjali tomorrow if the weather is good alternatively I could make the cushion covers that I've just volunteered to do....Let's see what tomorrow brings.  There are a few flashes of lightening now a claps of thunder...I think I am going to say goodnight to my outside world....LN

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Elsa Peters
January 24, 2015, 10:52pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 25th January

Well it's been one hell of a day with the focus being on pipes that are belching smoke.  I woke up and lit the fire and ended up removing the pipes from my petchka and substituting one of them that was before the one that went into the flue,  And as it happened...no improvement.  So I decided to get the fire going in the kitchen so that I warmed up the chimney...so no effect....and had my arm up the exit pipe and I felt like a vet would during an animal impregnation.....but to no avail...the bathroom still had smoke pouring out of the bottom vent.  

So tomorrow I am buying a length of the pipe used to screen electric pipes and I'm going to shove it up the flu and attach the hoover to the end of it..desperate times call for desperate measures.  Other than calling for Bekir to go up to the roof I have no option but I really want to sort it myself.

As for the rest of the day...I did several rows of knitting, read my book, got in the wood and kept two fires going...seems enough for one day...LN  ...I'm off to lick my wounds....

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Elsa Peters
January 25, 2015, 5:48pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 25th January

No student today....had to sort out my chimney and I tried, believe me I tried but to no avail.  I found an extra length of the cable wrapping plastic pipe and I managed to get it up the chimney from the bathroom to about two meters.  Some of the crap came down but obviously not enough to make a huge difference so I decided to attach a knife to the pipe with fine wire and this got some more down but again...not enough and drastic measures will be taken tomorrow.  I've badly scratched my hand getting the knife and pipe to go round the bend so I'm swathed with Sudocrem and I'm hoping it will do what it does best...heal and stave off infection.

I gave in at one thirty having spent the morning at it, put my tools away, lit the fire to see if warming up the chimney might cause more to dislodge but I've had the bathroom window open all day to clear out the smoke.  I think I'll just put on an extra sweater and save the lungs.  Settled in to watch some more of Doctor House this afternoon and it really is addictive.  I think I watched about six episodes until the need to eat grabbed me so down to the kitchen and tonight it's chicken wings on a bed of potatoes and onions and they should be ready in about half an hour.  Sitting at my desk in the dusk and notice Harold my Hare who has been absent for quite some time come leaping up to my veg patch.  Now the only things growing are broad beans, last years beetroot and weeds so I'm not sure what took his interest but as I tried to get out on to my bedroom balcony with the zoom he legged it back down the garden but stopped just before the walnut tree.  I tried to zoom in but it wouldn't hold focus so I went back to my trusty Sony and you might just be able to see the 'blob'.  At that he took off again and I'm amazed that he's still around with all the dogs that we have guarding sheep.  

So tomorrow I have Bekir to pick up at ten at the restaurant in his village.  I succumbed, phoned him and said that I had a small problem and it will be for him,  I want to get the chimney sorted before the bad weather comes back.  At the moment I can do without the fire...towards the middle of next week we are supposed to be down to minus temperatures yet again....so the fire will be essential.  Supper is ready, I can smell it and so I'm off downstairs....LN....so I'll have a man on my roof again tomorrow...LN

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Sorry you're having trouble with your flues Elsa , especially at this time of year. I know its probably not something you can change at the moment but reducing the number of bends (or at least using 120s instead of 90s) should improve things as would using twin-walled flue pipe. Hope you talented handyman gets it sorted out for you
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Elsa Peters
January 26, 2015, 5:09pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 26th January

I'm a happy bunny.  Thanks for the advice Tabs but my man sorted it and by eleven thirty I was able to try it out and everything as it should be. I removed the pipes this morning and got most of the kit ready and set off at just after nine thirty this morning to fetch Bekir from his village.  He came bearing gifts this morning.  Ten eggs from his hens and some salt sheep meat that he had made himself from one of his own sheep and this morning I was having honey at seven from his own bees.  Such a talented and busy man.

So out came the brush from my 'magazine' and two four meter lengths of wood from my supplies and with a hammer and nails, the brush was secured to one of the pieces of wood and then up to the roof.  I showed Bekir my attempt at a solution and his comment was that I'd used my head but obviously my attempt was not strong enough since the bung was way up the chimney.  Up he went on to the roof with the equipment and balancing on the apex the one piece of wood was forced down the chimney and when the four meters were gobbled up the next four meter length was nailed in place and I was in the wet room waiting for the brush to appear ....and it did.  Now I was amazed that there was so little blocking the chimney, I collected it up in one of my metal bowls  and showed it to Bekir.  The reason it blocked?  Running the fire without much heat in it and the weather being so damp forced the smoke to form into clinker.  So tools returned to the 'magazine' for the next time, little relax with coffee and a walk round the garden and then I dropped him home.  

Since I was near to the Librarian's village I gave her a call to see if I could pop round for a coffee and I did.  As you know we've had loads of rain and everything is waterlogged and as I went up her lane and started to turn round I knew it was a wrong move and I got stuck...wouldn't go forward or back so I locked it up, went to the house and fortunately she's got a Surf and she towed me out and down we went to her village motel for lunch.  Lovely leisurely lunch with coffee and it was as well, as we came out a police car was carrying out speed checks and was very busy on a very straight stretch of road.  

Home for four...lit the fire and it's going well ....not wanting anything to eat since lunch of hamburgers, salad and cheesy chips has done the trick and should last me through until tomorrow.  Exciting day ...one way and another....and tonight I'm going to hot up the water and relax in a bath.  Soot and smoke always seem to linger so I'm going to wash it all away....LN...and then book and a bed...LN  

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Elsa Peters
January 27, 2015, 5:05pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 27th January

So happy birthday to my grandson CJ today.  Sixteen and where did those years go.....answers on a postcard please...

Seven thirty start and not much to see but clouds for miles so into the kitchen for my orange/lemon drink with honey and salt and then onto the the pc.  Suddenly looked up and was surprised to see it was snowing but there didn't look much chance of it sticking since the ground was so wet.  It stopped as quickly as it started and it's been pretty much like that all day.  I didn't bother with the fire since the house had held the temperature from last night but watched a couple of the morning tv programmes but drew the line at Jeremy Kyle.  At that point it was definitely time to get wood and coal in and light the fire.  Realised that I needed fuel too so found a spicy sausage lingering in the fridge, a red onion so into the frying pan with them and made an enormous omelette which kept me going until I sat down to read this afternoon and a packet of ginger biscuits came out.....and are no more.

Put my phone on charge since it had given up the ghost and immediately three messages came through and one of them was in Bulgarian and it was from a document delivery company and a telephone number for me to call.  I asked him if he spoke English but between us we managed to arrange the delivery time and I gave him instructions as to where the house was in the village.  He called when he pulled up outside and in the text it mentioned that there was a delivery charge and I queried this saying that surely the solicitor would be picking up the charges to which he replied that in Bulgaria they don't pick up anything.  Fortunately he gave me a receipt and this will be cross charged....

Back to watching Doctor House this afternoon.  It is so wet and cold outside that there is nothing I can do.  I have lots of ideas for things that I want to do but the weather dilutes enthusiasm and maybe I will feel more motivated tomorrow. I have cushion covers to make for my student's mum and some leather that I want to make into a handbag.  I'll sleep on it and take a rain check in the morning.  So seven my time and time to put this beauty to bed....now that there is a really brilliant fire going, I'm going to cosy up....LN

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Elsa Peters
January 28, 2015, 6:52pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 28th January

Seven forty this morning and even I was amazed at the wakeup time.  Orange lemon drink to start off the day and didn't even bother with coffee this morning.  Maybe it's an obsession that could bite the dust.

It was on zero this morning with not a hint of sun in the sky and that was the way it remained all day.  It did managed to get up to five degrees by late this afternoon and dried off the terraces but that was all it managed to do.  Haciber has been busy today and I have had two visits from her with mekitsi or frothy pancakes.  I think she is celebrating something religious...a mevlit...for someone who's passed over but I'm not sure who.  On the second visit this afternoon she also delivered some chocolates from Turkey and told me that her sister was visiting from Izmir so that she was really busy...she has gosti....guests.

So I decided to do something today and have made the four cushion covers for my student's mum.  She wanted to give her lounge a new look and I showed her the material on Friday and I'll deliver them tomorrow.  Not a bad turn around, the problem was starting the job and it only took a couple of hours to make them.

Got my head down this afternoon.  At four I felt really tired despite having a good night's sleep and was out for about an hour.  The fire was just hanging in there when I woke up so a bit of poking and we were soon back to something worth writing about.  Damp cold weather I don't do very well but it looks like it's in for the week.  Just watched Eggheads and I still find the programme enlightening but the new faces take some getting used to.  Some of the oldies will take some replacing.

Nine my time and the day has whizzed by today....nearly at the end of another month....and I shall be counting my logs soon to check that I have enough for another two months since the long term weather seems to believe that March will be a cold one.  I've still got a fair few that need splitting so come on Bekir...bring my ax back with its new handle.  LN...down to the warmth and to find something for supper...LN

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Elsa Peters
January 29, 2015, 5:09pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 29th January

Up at five so read for a while and back to sleep until eight.  Trouble is the morning seems to have gone when you've done the morning chores and gone on to the pc to do catch-up.  It was nine before I realised.  Normal orange but without the lemon this morning...it's on my list for today.  I did smell the bottled stuff and gave it a miss...not like Jiff.

Got upstairs and into morning tv but I was busy taking apart a pair of suede trousers that I picked up for two leva from my special shop. They're at the stage now when then are unpicked and at the design stage.  I'm not sure how it's going to work out so I parked the trousers, got dressed for the cold and town and picked up my cushion covers that are awaiting delivery.  Drove in and the cushions were gratefully received and the comment was that they looked very professional....and that was nice to know.

Over to Kardjali and my shop is undergoing a revamp and the only thing that I came out with was a long coat for three leva and now that I'm back I've brought it into this century by removing the shoulder pads.  Apart from that it's... tres chic...   Forgot top mention that I came back to four cows in my garden tonight..I have work to do tomorrow...keeping the bastards out...

Took a long time to light the fire tonight and it depends on the direction of the wind and it was obviously in the wrong direction.  Anyway...solved now and it's belting that heat round the house.  Chicken legs in the oven with potatoes and onions in a separate pan...easy to cook and really easy to eat.  I'm about to put an apple in to bake when the chicken comes out....let's make use of the residual heat.  Seven my time...time for TV and catch up..LN...I'm in to my evening....LN

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Elsa Peters
January 30, 2015, 4:58pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 30th January

Five o'clock start, thirty minutes with a book and then off again until ten to eight.  Pretty dull start with a cold wind and the thermometer showing just on zero and it looked as if there wasn't going to be any improvement.  

I went on to the computer and played around for a while and my Avatar arrived with some eggs and fresh yogurt and I found some wool out and offered it to her.  She asked how much and I said that it was free and she said she didn't want it so I asked her to knit me some of their little slippers and so she took it.  I don't know how many pairs I'll have...   Went back to the computer but couldn't get anywhere with the Daily Mail sudoku....and I had several shots at it before I managed it...there were just so may variables.  I suddenly realised how cold it had got so I had to light the fire.....and I knew that there was going to be no help from the sun.

I carried on unpicking the seams of the trousers and it was pretty slow since the cotton is very strong.  I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with the suede but until all the pieces are dismantled I shan't be able to decide how best to do it.  I looked at the clock and wondered where the day had gone...it was three o'clock already. I banked up the fire and headed to the kitchen and settled on fish fingers, mashed potatoes and peas but I put the mashed potatoes over the  fish fingers and peas and topped it off with cheese and stuck it under the grill.  

Another visitor this afternoon....Haciber this time was round with a bag of goodies containing a croissant stuffed with hazelnuts, a chocolate bar, a pack of Turkish Delight and a packet of hand wipes.  These goodie bags are delivered to all neighbours to celebrate the passing of her husband.  Such a nice thought.

So fire burning brightly, the temperature is back to where it started this morning and the wind is horrendous tonight with clouds scudding over the moon.  It's going to be a rough old night....LN

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Elsa Peters
January 31, 2015, 4:29pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 31st January

Woke up last night reading...with my eyes closed in front of the fire and one thirty...straight to bed and slept through until eight this morning.  There was an horrendous wind last night as I said and I wondered if I was going to find destruction this morning but nothing.  I phoned the Librarian to make sure she was safe but she said that there was a lot of things moving in the night and she lost electricity.  Mine went off momentarily but it was back on in quicksticks and it was only off for fifteen minutes this morning.  It happened when I'd just filled the kettle to make coffee but I soon filled up the whistling thingy and lit the gas.  That's the beauty of having two gas rings and two electric.

Nine thirty my Avatar was knocking on the door and I was invited at eleven thirty this morning to another ladies' get together.  I looked out to the garden as I'd finished drying my hair and there were two cows in the garden...so down I went and sorted them out, over to Avatar's house and realised that she wasn't ready so I went back to mine, went into my workshop and came out with lengths of wood and the lump hammer.  Down to the bottom of the garden and managed to raise the fence and propped it up on the far side thumping in the supports to deter the bovines.  I also put the supports on my side so that pressure either way wouldn't allow them entrance to the garden.

So back to Avatars and clutching an home made banichka we walked down to the party house and I was accepted like a local.  I have problems listening and joining in with the Turkish but when they start in Bulgarian I'm OK.  I still have this amazing feeling that I'm watching the end of a generation.  Lunch was a series of courses that came and went very quickly and I've had indigestion ever since I got home.  Got the wood in but this time I got the old stuff from the little house and it's been super ever since I lit it.  I was upstairs watching the TV and I heard the door open so down I went and there was Gouldjan and her mother there who didn't want anything but Gouljan wants a lift into Djebel tomorrow.

So fire going beautifully ....I'm chilled with the world...there are no photos today...it would have been rude to take them at this afternoon's gathering so I'm going to say LN....
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