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APRIL. 2015
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Elsa Peters
April 9, 2015, 4:25pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 9th April

So at three thirty this morning I thought day was breaking.  The moon was so bright but my goodness was there a howling wind.  At one point I even put the floodlight on outside to make sure that my tree was still standing...yeah, yeah, yeah or so the song goes.  Got the Kindle out...nothing worse than lying there and tying to sleep so I got a coffee at four thirty and decided to catch the cheap electricity and go the washing machine on.  I waited for it to finish, unloaded the machine and put it out on the airer in the upstairs bathroom and it's all ready to put away.  The fire was in all night and my goodness did I need it....that wind is just so cold.

My first visitor this morning was Haciber and she delivered a packet of sultanas and an instant coffee drink and I don't know why.  She mentioned something about someone from Turkey and they are all so kind here that they all get a piece of the action and keep them coming.  Now I've tried to find Haciber's son on FB but it's difficult with the surnames.  She'd mentioned that he wanted to sign me up as a friend so I messaged Gouldjan and she came back with the name and said that on his photo he was sitting on a chair...and I found him and asked him to add me.  I popped over to tell her not to bother giving him my name, that it was all sorted and I was now waiting for him.  Ten minutes later she's over again still complaining about how cold it was with a dish of her home-made yogurt.  Breakfast had arrived.

As I looked up from my book my two bastard bovines were standing at the bottom of the garden on the other side of the fence and it had obviously worked.  I watched them saunter away and head back to where they were removed from by the boys.  Unfortunately I didn't get their number from the ear tags....next time...

Got the wood in, stoked up the fire and went back to my book but then had the urge to go into Djebel and give my garage owner's wife a big hug.  The have been so good with the car and sorting out the bits and the good news was that the engine had arrived and they were working on it.  I offered cash up front since it's a lot for them to put out but she refused saying that they wanted to make sure that it was all working before they submitted the bill.  Sat talking for a while and my student came down and his mother said that his English had taken a step backwards since he'd had last year learning German so I offered my services and we're off again next Friday.  He'd just come back from the local gym and confirmed that there were ladies there but he did mention that there were no grannies....maybe I'll be the first.  It's three leva for the day or thirty leva for the month and I might even give it a go.

So phoned Gouldjan from the garage shop and arranged to pick her up so that she didn't have to wait for the late bus.  She was so grateful and I dropped her off at about half past three.  I done a little shopping and got a chicken, some apples and a red cabbage and decided that I cook for my Avatar and Haciber this evening and give them back some of the sultanas in baked apples,  All delivered by six, I sat down and had mine, the kitchen is all sorted but the washing up can wait.  

What a good day apart from the holing winds and scudding clouds but at least my fence stood the bovine test today...LN

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Elsa Peters
April 10, 2015, 4:43pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 10th April

Quarter to seven this morning and looked at the washing up from last night and I've just looked at it again....I'll get round to it.

Spent a while on Messenger this morning helping a new friend out with a few issues regarding immigration and car registration...it's a minefield out there and you need to get all it 'i's dotted and the 't's crossed or is that the other way round and have a really good Bulgarian friend who knows the ropes.  It's an emerging nation so to speak and they do take kindly to you if you try the language at least.  Chicken and mayo sandwich for lunch and then decided to tackle the rest of the hedgeline garden to the left of the house.  I'd done a lot of it but when you live next to a field, it tends to encroach.  

Today I wasn't the one troubled by the bastard bovine or the incorrigible rogue-esses....it was poor Zelinger.  I saw them lingering, heard someone hammering and reckoned that they were fixing the garden so they couldn't get in.  As I've mentioned before, they just stand and stare just out of brick throwing distance.  So they moved away from the hedge, lay down for a while as if to say...'that's OK we can wait' and they did and no sooner had the banging stopped and all was quiet on the western front...off they went and broke down all that had been erected.  There was a bit of a kerfuffle  and out they sauntered and more banging and this time I thought they would be permanently out and heading for me but as it happened, they went in for the third time and I just carried out digging.  The oly thing to keep them out is barbed wire and that's what I repaired mine with...anything else, they have the weight to go through it....

So eventually came in at just before seven and have had a good day in the garden.  I've put more supports into the wooden edging but I'm thinking of using the old roof tiles instead...they might last a little longer and the grass might not travel under them so easily.  A little beer o the go and it's only cold chicken for me tonight with maybe chippies...sound like a plan...LN...A really uplifting day....LN

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April 10, 2015, 8:11pm Report to Moderator

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This is what you and the neighbours need to keep the BBs out  

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Elsa Peters
April 11, 2015, 5:30pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 11th April

Thanks TC....once the men get here there will be an adequate barrier.  I want the wall to match the rest and might only resort to barbed wire if I have to....and the machine gun posts....

So last night I cranked up the boiler and had a really hot bath to take away any potential aches and pains from yesterday's effort in the garden.  I did find myself reading at silly o'clock but went off again and the sun was already up by the time I'd opened my eyes.  I got dressed, had my coffee and thought I'd do a little bit of burning but managed to get the fire going brilliantly outside and cleared all of the hedge cuttings that have been hanging around for a while and then got on with some digging and planting shrubs that had been sitting in the little house,  It was beautiful out there...hardly any wind for a change and that sun had some heat in it.  Came in at eleven and eventually got round to the washing up, made another coffee and took it outside and contemplated the workload.

Last year the clover really got the better of the garden,  I couldn't use the mower since it was too wet but after a couple of days of sun and a breeze I decided that I would try to get the thing going and see how much I could achieve.  It had been stored in the little house for the winter so topped up the fuel, wheeled it out onto the terrace lawn and tried to get it started.  I primed it, swore at it, swore at it again and eventually it fired but then fizzled out.  I left it in the sun to warm up, swore at it again, it fired and again fizzled out.  I got the manual out and there was no help text for said problem so I emptied out the tank into a flower pot, turned in upside down and at once realised that I had't cleaned it before I'd put it away last year and it had set like concrete so there was obviously no airflow to turn the rotary blade.  It's now pristine, I replaced the fuel and started it up and ....bingo...it was a runner so now I can add motor mower repairer to my CV....

It was hard work and I only did the top half of the garden since the rest of it was under water and needs a few more days to really dry it out so that the thing doesn't have to work so hard.  I've cancelled tomorrow with my student.....I've had such a good couple of days in the garden and the weather is supposed to be changing early next week.  I really need to take advantage of tomorrow's forecasted sunshine.  So I'm back to having a few stripes...it looks a little raggedy but it is the first cut of the season.  It's a lovely feel good factor when the weather is right, mechanical things eventually do what they are supposed to and it's a contented tiredness...LN....I think I've earned my little drink tonight...LN

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Elsa Peters
April 12, 2015, 5:12pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 12th April

Well another day that the sun was up before me...and a good night's sleep was had by all...that'll be me then.  Made a coffee and sat out on the terrace and enjoyed the warmth of the sun.  I was also a deciding factor as to whether it was a t-shirt and shorts day but I compromised with a long sleeve sweatshirt and a pair of shorts over a pair of tights.  Not exactly 'the look' but not much of a fashion show goes on around here.  I could hear the hoopoe calling but didn't managed to spot it and I saw the first of one of the swift, martin or swallow and I never know which family they belong to and not a camera in sight.

Out to the garden by nine and I was determined to get the 'lawn' edged and the flower beds weeded.  It was one of those dippy days where you do a little of this and then you dip in and do a little of that and eventually they all overlap and it comes together.  I realised that most of the wood round the vegetable patch had rotted so I went scrabbling up to the loft in the little house and came down with some reasonable four meter planks and most of the work is done but I still have to dig over the two smaller planting areas and I think I might even make them bigger.  It's not perfect but it will be finished tomorrow and then I'm off to the market to buy some plants.  Talking of plants I bought the conifer and then I read that it reaches between three and five meters....that might take some thinking about....

Avatar had a rotovator in this evening and several of the ladies came out to watch the event and yes, it does make a change from television.  I noticed that the neighbour who gets visited by the bastard bovine had her wrist in plaster.  Apparently she was chasing the cows out, fell over and hasten days in plaster.  I'll  offer her the ball so that she can exercise it and buy her a tubed of the cream I used....it's pretty good stuff.

Put supper in at six and roasted chicken wings with potatoes and onions were ready when I came in at seven fifteen.  The blog had to wait...it smelled to good to put on a low heat and spoil.  Just after eight my time and I have to find a new set of books...Travis McGee is no more....twenty two down and the end of the series....LN....I deserve a beer tonight...I'm off to do the washing up...LN

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Elsa Peters
April 13, 2015, 5:43pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 13th April

'Well good morning world it's a brand new day' was the song rattling round in my head this morning.  I was up before the sun, managed to get a couple of shots of it showing its little face, two loads of washing in the machine and blowing in the wind by nine.  I always seem to do it...I always manage to light a bonfire before I peg out the washing and no matter which way the smoke is blowing, as soon as things are attached to the line it changes direction.  Having said that there is enough fresh air in this place to not make much of a difference.

Into the shower, washed and dried my hair and went to peg the washing out in a light sweater and a pair of tights and Nureyev spring to mind but then with my warped sense of humour I felt it should be 'Oldreyev' and I chuckled to myself.  It's marvellous what you find to laugh at when you are on your own on a hillside.  So out with the spade, the lump hammer and I worked on clearing the last two beds in the veg patch but then the energy levels disintegrated so I headed for the kitchen, opened a pack of bacon and fried up a couple of eggs on a slice of bread which filled the gap tremendously well.  Off to Djebel taking with me some of the wax egg candles for my student's mum and sat with her for a while in the shop with the five year old.  He's just acquired a new tablet and he was showing me the games...and lost me completely.  

I walked the market and bought nothing, went down to the garage to see the stripped 'Beast' and the new engine is in and they are attaching the belt drives but they were so busy and mine goes on the back burner until work dries up.  Apparently there was a rush for summer tyres and spring cleaning of cars and it is the Easter holiday here and they are taking advantage of the better the deed.  

Home for just after two....took two dishes back for Haciber with a couple of oranges in them but there was no one home so Avatar said that she would give them to her when she got back.  I took the oranges and threw them at my Avatar and eventually I got her to take them and Crava Mush wife was sitting on the grass watching her work so they had an 'orange' interlude.  I told her that I would report her to Haciber and we put it down to luck...if she'd have been there she would have had them.

Back to the garden.....all dug over again and ready for planting tomorrow so I've a busy day in front of me.  I've written my checklist...and I'm determined to get the jobs done tomorrow...weather permitting.  So down to the kitchen to see what's in the fridge...not in to cooking tonight but I know there are cold chicken wings, cheese and 'stuff'.  LN....I'm sure I won't fade away overnight...LN

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Elsa Peters
April 14, 2015, 4:36pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 14th April

Well that sun beat me again but I was watching Filmon until just after midnight and then ended up reading...that'll teach me.  Handwashed a Merino wool sweater that's been hiding in the bottom of the wash basket for a while...it was such a good day.  I decided to set the rinse and spin programme on the machine and I was sitting reading when the machine played me a tune that I'm not used to and it came up with a message o the display that I've no idea about really but since it was the only thing in the machine, maybe it wasn't heavy enough to warrant the spin.  That's what comes of technology.  Anyway out it went on the line and it came in at four smelling better than it did at eight thirty this morning.

Heaved all the plants that have overwintered in the little house on to the terrace and then decided that I'd play on the internet for a while....my day...my decisions.  Chatting to a friend on facebook when I remembered I hadn't had breakfast so I finished the conversation, beans on toast sprang to mind and they've kept me going all day.  Back to it and I've planted some shrubs out, cleared the old pots ready for this season's beauties, run the lawnmower over two thirds of the garden until the urge to succeed diminished and honestly, I did feel a couple of spots of rain.  It will wait for another day.  The cuckoo is back...I heard the first one of spring for this year but this appears to be a normal one...not the one with hiccups from last year...so far....Two things that made me smile today...there was a bumble bee that was determined to get into one of the tulips on the terrace and once in there, he couldn't remember how he got in.  The tulip was swaying backwards and forwards and eventually it appeared.  The second one was watching a couple of birds on the electricity wires.  He too a couple of steps towards her and she moved away and not to be deterred, he moved in again and she moved away....Isn't nature wonderful...

Nothing planted as yet in the vegetable garden.  I raided Haciber's heap of cow shite and will put it to good use tomorrow.  Supper has gone in and it should be ready by the time this is posted...another enjoyable day and it's been a t-shirt and fisherman's smock day but the only problem is...having pockets on the front is very handy but you should remember to leave the contents in the workshop and not cart them into the house....LN...I'm going to check on supper and get a little mastica...I deserve it...LN

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Elsa Peters
April 15, 2015, 5:48pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 15th April

And that blessed sun beat me again this morning but it soon hid its little face and took a while to get round the initial clouds.  It certainly did though and we have had an absolutely stunning day.  I sat out on the terrace for my morning cup of coffee and started picking the old lacquer orr the slats and I thought that it would be a good day for getting out the wire brush and stripping it back to bare wood....and that's how it started.

Washed and dressed out with a Sudoku book so there wasn't any real urgency for the wire brush but I looked in the little house and in for a penny so to speak.  I started at the door end, cleaned it all out, separated the good wood for that suitable for burning, moved the floor and wall tiles, moved the roof tiles and stacked them in the garage with the other, got rid of the remains of the sawdust that was clinging to the equipment, swept and got my new hoover out to get in the corners and I now have a room that is in spick and span order.  I moved all the old flower pots into the lounge area of the little house and cleaned and sorted them into piles and got all of the seeds ready for going through on Friday.  It would have been tomorrow but I am off with the Librarian into town for an away day.

So after tidying it it was one hell of a bonfire and I felt sorry for my neighbour rebuilding her fences after the snow had brought them all down.  I got the impression that I was smoking her out.  I came in for tuna mayo sandwiches at one thirty, read for a while and had my first beer to settle the dust and then took the lawn mower for a few trips down the garden but that was proving unproductive...It was just too wet so I abandoned that idea and went back to the garden.  Dug over the two top flower beds and the one behind the frog garden and that's ready for scattering seeds now that I've sorted them out.

What an impressive day...I'm absolutely knacked, dusty as you like, am going for a shower and supper will be the tuna mayo on toast.  I really can't be doing with cooking at this late stage in the proceedings.  LN....I've got the inner peace of a good day's work and I'm not sure if the inner heat is from the thumping good bonfire or from the sun's rosy rays.  Matters not really....a good day...LN

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Elsa Peters
April 16, 2015, 4:26pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 16th April

So my internal alarm went off just before six and I ended up having a facebook conversation with my ex-boss.  Unfortunately she is two hours behind me clockwise so for her it was really early.  I took photos of my rising sun and posted one to her facebook page offering her a little of my sunshine to brighten her day.  

Showered, shampooed, hair dried by seven thirty and was out to the garden clearing round the decimated broom and it does look a lot better.  I'm going to let it flower and then dig it up, prune it thoroughly and then replant.  It suffered a lot in the snow.  Beans on toast for breakfast, cleared away the breakfast things and washed up and the Librarian was at my door by nine this morning.  We strolled the garden, chatted about what we'd been up to and slagged off those that needed it and set off for Kardjali in Beauty.  I work on the principal that she uses fuel to get over here so we share the burden of cost.  We picked up a hitchhiker along the way before Rogoche and if I see anyone on the road knowing that there is no bus service, I always stop.  Dropped him off outside the garage shop and went in to drop off the beer bottles so that they could fill then and sell the oil.  

On to Kardjali...first stop Basmar and I picked up two ceramic pots and dishes for eighteen leva.  I also found some drinking glasses for under forty pence each so got six of each.  They're really chunky and will do for the garden...don't want to ruin my best ones....it has a habit of getting a tad risky over here when some of my friends call.  On to Mania and I picked up a cheapy sweatshirt for about thirty pence and a great laundry bag which was eight leva but would sit quite nicely in the boot of either cars for getting the shopping home.  Into the curtain shop and got some material for covering the outside cushions for the chairs and then over to the other cheapy shop where I picked up a couple of large pillow cases for the back bedroom to go with the decor.  I finished it off with a rucksack for my student for silly money.

Kaufland for plants, Lidl for food and a couple of solar lights for the garden and back to Djebel and the lower food shop for some bread, eggs and beer.  We stopped off at the garage for an update on the Beast and they seem to be doing OK with it but not quite ready.  I phoned Gouldjan to see if she wanted a lift to beat the bus home and she was over the moon......three ice creams from the shop and off we set.  Dropped her off, Librarian's purchases were loaded into her jeep, I moved inside, put my shopping away, assembled my lights that are now charging in the garden and the plants can wait until tomorrow.

Supper tonight is going to be the remains of the tuna mayo with toast....or maybe add it to some potato salad from Lidl....I've just eaten a bowl of salted peanuts to the urge to gorge is not up on me yet.  I'm going to say LN...it a beautiful tranquil evening and has been a stunning day with the temperature reaching about twenty two degrees which for this time of year is much to my liking.....and the same tomorrow please...LN

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Elsa Peters
April 17, 2015, 5:21pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 17th April

Stupid night....I woke up at three and it was so warm I decided to open the window to get some air in and what a wrong move that was.  Somebody in the next village has a bird scare shooting off on the minute but fortunately the dogs must be used to it because they didn't kick off.  I got my book out, read for a while but I don't think I'm really going to get into the next series that I uploaded to the Kindle....she's a vampire slayer and zombies and zombies rights are being mentioned.  I think it's time I moved on to someone like Bernard Cornwell for a little light entertainment and culture.  So I listened to the popping, couldn't stand it any longer so I shut the window and eventually got my head down at about five and then slept in until eight thirty.

Made some coffee, got the washing machine started since it was a lovely day with a good breeze blowing, decided to walk down to hand over the gel that I had bought and the ball for my neighbour with the broken wrist and they were all sitting in Byser's garden chatting away so I handed over the gift, she asked me how much and the nice thing is...they don't assume it's a gift and then I confirmed that it was.  She was so grateful.  Out came the Turkish Delight and I was forced into a square so that was my breakfast sorted.  Mentioned to my Avatar that I was going to knock up some shelving and she asked me if I had any little nails and I realised that she wanted panel pins to put the back on a television cupboard where the staples had collapsed.  I checked the workshop and all mine were too big so I decided to go into Djebel to get some decent sized nails for the shelving that I wanted to make and I could get panel pins at the same time.  So into the hardware shop and got what I needed plus a couple of metal buckets which I didn't need but liked, into the garage shop and sat for a while chewing over the fat so to speak and then Gouldjan returned my call and she was over the moon that I was in Djebel and could take her home.

Carried on with my wood working and the two surveyors that are working on the road stopped the car and asked if they could come in.  I think they wanted to see the house and practice a little English so they had the conducted tour but the bad news is that they aren't going to tarmac outside of mine.  Apparently it stops up the road and then starts again below mine and on to the next two villages.  Now my Kmet/mayor lives in the village that is going to get done so I'm thinking I've got to pay a trip to the Municipality and kick off somewhat.  There are some thumping big holes in our stretch of the road....wait for the sparks...

So shelving unit up and I've just got some shelving to finish off and the back support to do.  It means that I can clear out some of the stuff from the little house and start to get things a little more organised.  I've got tools in two places in the little house and it get's a tad frustrating when you come to look for anything.  The next think to knock up is a potting bench to get the gardening stuff into some sort of order and that will be on the workshop terrace.  

Supper is going to be spicy sausage with onions when I manage to get down stairs....I'm going to say LN...the worms are beginning to insist that I feed them...LN

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