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JULY 2015
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Elsa Peters
July 27, 2015, 6:57pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 27th July

So I was awake before Cinderella's alarm went off and making my coffee to take outside.  It was six o'clock and as the sun came up I asked her to come outside and watch the sun.  I don't believe she actually appreciates the beauty of where she lives, takes time out to wonder at nature and she was amazed at the redness of the sun as it comes up.  I showed her the reflection in the little house.....I think she was overwhelmed.  

So into the Beast and I dropped her home and saw the rest of the village out to catch the six thirty bus into Djebel.  Beast into the yard and Beauty out and I left Gouldjan to find her own way into work because being Monday and market day, there is a nine a.m. bus.  I was off to Ms D of S to deliver the essential supplies and then on to the Librarians to share the sun and the swimming pool for the day.  Unfortunately Ms D of S couldn't join us...she had windows being fitted and two men knocking seven bells out of her upstairs.  I stopped for a coffee and made the pool by ten and by ten thirty I was with the Librarian in the pool and getting in the exercise and only a few families with small children were there early on before the bombers arrived at one ish.  I had a run in with one of the boys and asked him why he couldn't stick to one half of the pool instead of jumping in willy nilly all over but I think it went over his head.  If H & S got involved I think they would close the pool down but hey...tova e Bulgaria.....

Finished our lunch, the boys lunched and we swam and left the pool at two thirty and it was a good job that I did.  I got home just as the asphalt machine was level with my Avatar's house and ten minutes later I would have been parking up and walking home.  So Beauty in the drive and out with the camera to take pictures of the men working the machines and one actually posed for the picture...love them to have that sort of energy in this heat and my golly was it hot today....it must have been in the upper thirties.  Swimwear washed and hung out and I sat out on the lounge terrace and nodded off for an hour or so in the shade.  Came in, caught up with technology and played a few Freecell and then ready for Pointless.  Decided to cook the steak I bought the other day from Billa and what a load of rubbish it was....not worth the investment and I think it was misnamed.  Fortunately the lunch that we had at the pool still filled the gap so I didn't go hungry.

Little mixed martini with tonic tonight and it's a very refreshing drink.  I've been invited to a Mevlit tomorrow at Haciber's house and it might get me out of accepting the challenge to get the covers done for the outside furniture....... but we'll see what tomorrow brings.  I only have to get the insurance for the Beast sorted but that's at my students mum's shop so not too difficult to organise.  Temperature has dropped but not a lot but the windows and doors are open and there is a breeze blowing through.  LN.....I've had a very chilled day despite the temperature...LN

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Elsa Peters
July 28, 2015, 4:17pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 28th July

Saw the sun come up from my sofa on the lounge terrace this morning and was too idle to get the camera out.  It was the same as yesterday and the day before and I don't want to bore you or make you envious.  I hear it's not summer in the UK at the present time.  Maybe if we turn the world off and set it back to default settings we might get back to four seasons.  Did go through a couple of cups of coffee before I really kicked in this morning and noticed that there were a few ants in the kitchen.  I reckon they came in on the herbs that were delivered by my painter...I should know better than to bring them inside before I've doused them in water and the second lot I think came in with the pears that Gouldjan brought the other night.  Out with the spray and the ant powder and then out to the garden.  I watered the garden and at seven forty my painter arrived to tell me that he had other work on somebodies roof and that rain was expected next week.  Now the job that I'd lined up hasn't date code on it so I was happy for him to be elsewhere so off he went and I attacked the oriental poppies and pulled them up and collected the seed pods.  I can sow them where I want, not have them everywhere and have to pull them up.  

It was such a hot old morning that I decided to get out the terrace umbrella and sort out the stand and the stand weights.  Now this is such a big thing to maneuver and I had two attempts to get the umbrella into the stand until it occurred to me that it would be easier if I brought the stand to the umbrella while it was lying on the ground.  In like Flynn and then realised that it was in the wrong place and that there would be no shade until five that night so moved two of the cheeses from the base....moved them to where I wanted the umbrella to sit, moved the umbrella and moved the second two cheeses over on to the base.  When there is only one to carry out these jobs you become inventive.  Next problem was that the dust had got into the plastic pipe so I couldn't slide it to an upright position to got the oil can out and now it works....jobs aguddun so to speak.

Ten thirty was looming so I was into the shower, clean clothes and head scarf and over to Haciber's house for the mevlit (prayers for her husband's passing).  Lots of local women there and I am really welcomed as part of the village and I love it.  Two hojjas sing the prayers and it's getting now that I can sing the refrains but I look on it as a time of centering my own spirit.  It's almost hypnotic and at the end you feel really tired but relaxed.  The red clove drink comes round, you all have a serviette, hand cologne is distributed and after an hour and a half meat and rice is shared out, a yogurt drink and a chocolate bar are also handed out....a few more prayers and a few 'Ameeens' and we're all on our way.  It's a very social gathering...men in one room and women in another but one day I'll be in with the hojjas just to make a few feathers fly.

On the way out I was asked by Semile if I'd had a problem at the wedding the other night.  It had been 'reported' that I'd had trouble with one of the drunken young men and I confirmed that I could handle drunken young men and there had been no trouble and we laughed.  I am so respectful of the concern that they have for me in this village....people care.

So home and played pc's for a while but the ants were back so the kitchen was taken apart.  I fetched the tiles of the central island unit and washed them all and got out the wood preservative bezir and put two coats on it and the tiles will go back tomorrow.  Everything that could harbour them has been ousted.....only bottled stuff comes in now.  Sat out and played seeds this afternoon until I felt sleepy enough to get my head down on the outside sofa....it's very sticky tonight and the wind got up so the umbrella was secured for the night.  The outside furniture has another day of reprieve....maybe tomorrow.  A little beer on the go....chicken wings from the other night are being investigated as a filler...the meat and rice was the lunchtime meal.  Seven fifteen my time....it has all the makings of a storm and I really hope it rains to freshen things up....LN.....I'm going to watch tele...LN

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Elsa Peters
July 29, 2015, 6:55pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 29th July

As my phone went last night I was surprised and answered it and it was Gouldjan.....my Cinderella and she wanted to come over and stay for the night.  I offered to pick her up but no, she was going to walk up and ten minutes later she'd arrived.  I think two children and parents in her home that is normally for mother father and herself is proving to be a challenge especially since the children do not sleep until three in the morning and she has to be up to catch the bus at six thirty...so I offer respite...wait till she gets the bill....

So I was up at six and she was up and on the terrace waiting for me.  I told her the mistake that she'd made was that she hadn't put the kettle on but off she trotted ready to get ready for the day.  I made my coffee and sat out for a while, watched the sunrise, watered the garden, cleared out the weeds from a couple of the pots and then set to in the kitchen.  I just hate ants and I seem to have found the interest point....a jar of honey with the top not firmly screwed down so everything was taken out of the shelving, bezir or a form of varnish covering the shelves, all tiles washed and most replaced but I ran out of steam so tomorrow is another day.  It has been four years since the depths of the shelving has been investigated and there were so many jars of 'stuff' that were given to me and still seem to be in good condition.  Good saved, not good binned and tomorrow it's a day to the rubbish container but I'll offer the jars to my Avatar....they always need them.

Too hot to do anything this afternoon.  Hacibar came round with a bottle of home made Iran which is stored in the freezer and we looked at the thermometer and it was reading thirty eight degrees.  Slept for a couple of hours until four thirty, carried on with the kitchen and gave up at seven...too much like hard work and as I've said, tomorrow is another day.

Not much on for tomorrow so far...but things change.  LN.....I'm finishing this and taking to my bed....it's a much warmer night than it's been for the last few nights but at least with the doors open I get all the breeze that's going....sleep tight...LN

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Elsa Peters
July 30, 2015, 6:46pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 20th July

No telephone calls from Cinderella last night but she did offer her boyfriend to paint my lounge and bathroom that I declined.  He has his own work to do.

Five thirty start this morning and it was straight into the kitchen and started where I finished off yesterday. It was all going well until I'f replaced all of the tiles and stuff into the shelving unit and suddenly I had ants back on the worktop so out with the cooker. mop brought into play with extra strong gel.  Back of cooker cleaned and vinegar and chilli dutifully dropped...I need to find the source.

Out to the garden and watered everything in sight....and then back to the kitchen...I have to beat the bastard besties....  The hoover came into play...thought I'd finished and they were out again about the washing machine so more vinegar and chilli.  Did a bit of time on the p.c. and chatted with a few friends on Messenger.  Two of the clock and I was off to Djebel to get the Beast insured.  On the way in I met up with the roadmakers so I was sitting there with the engine running and I suddenly realised that my thermometer gauge was a little more than it should be so I lifted the bonnet and there were four helpers that fetched me water, topped me up and got me on the road again.  Straight round to the garage...new air pipe, water pipe and it cost me nine leva.  Back to the shop to buy my insurance and it's come down forty leva so that's fine by me.  Left them a whole load of beer and water bottles for selling their oil.  Stayed n the shop for about and hour and chatted with my student's mum...so easy for both of us.

Home and sorted stuff to up upstairs and into the kitchen and finished off or so I thought and the buggers were out again.  Spray out and they were no more and this could be the routine for a few mornings...I will beat them...believe me.  Sat out for a while and enjoyed my evening but the moon crept up on me...nothing and then this.  LN....I'm in now but still enjoying the view from my desk...LN

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Elsa Peters
July 31, 2015, 6:28pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 31st July

It's going to be a quick one tonight...the weather is closing in and that blue moon should be going behind the clouds any minute but at least I captured it.  It's magnificent tonight but not blue....and the old familiar phrase of springs to mind...'once in a blue moon' and it was explained on the web this morning.

Lazy start...those blasted ants had to be attacked again so cooker and fridge out and loads of powder sloshed behind them.  I'd watered the garden since any help is necessary to keep some of the flowers going but at such high temperatures it seems like a losing battle.  Any way...I keep trying.  Saved a couple of plants that were seriously in need of hydration and one is now repotted until be calm down a bit weatherwise and I found out the material to make the covers for the outside furniture but that's as far as it got.  The sewing machine is out and the tape measure so I'm working up to it so to speak.  Got yesterday's washing in and stripped down the bed and pegged that out.  That's what I love about here...I could have put it back on the bed in thirty minutes...no need for a dryer here.

Had my statutory afternoon nap and decided that a shower was the order of the day and to wash my hair....it was feeling very sweaty.  Got dressed and went out to sit in the shade and noticed a carrier bag on the bench by the table that I recognised as belonging to my Cinderella and as I turned the corner to the lounge terrace there she was...lying out on the sofa in the shade and only half awake.  I suggested that she went to bed which she did and in that time I had my painter round who took the pallet that I was deconstructing deconstructed and I was explaining what I wanted to do with it but it took him a while to get there.  Another man from the village came in and I reckoned that he was soliciting my painter for work and as he has other work at the moment and I'm next on the list...he was told to get in line....

So Cinderella went home but she wants to come back for the night to get a good night's sleep in....no bother to me and she's due back at about nine thirty.  Funny old day but enjoyably relaxing but the moon as gone as expected, I've just secured the outside cushions under the lounge terrace and the rain has started to bucket down and boy do we need it.  LN.....I'm in for the night....and the thunder and lightening have just joined in...LN

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