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Elsa Peters
August 9, 2015, 5:51pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 9th August

Six fifteen this morning and it was a joy to watch the sun come up as I drank my coffee.  I sat watching the martins and there was a flurry of activity and it was almost as if the rest of the gang were enthusing the babies to join them in flight...they'll be off soon.  

I was out watering my garden when one of my neighbour's daughter descended and unfortunately she thinks that I understand Bulgarian like a native and speaks very quickly.  I get most of it but not all so end up saying things like...a-ha...a-ha...but she doesn't seem to slow down.  I got the gist...she was passing and wanted to get out to get some of a bush that they call 'trun' which they used to intertwine against the hedge line to keep out the bastard bovine and sheep.  It's got huge spikes on it but she explained that she has to do it before the sheep are out because of Semile's sheep dogs that are dangerous and she said that she was really frightened by them.  She liked my fence and then set about collecting seeds from my petunias, tobacco and other ones she obviously doesn't have in her garden and asked for something to keep them in so off I went to get her an envelope.  She also commented on the honeysuckle so I sent her off with quite an advanced cutting.  She put everything in a polythene bag, hung it on the fence and went about her business saying that she'd pick it up on the way back.

So on to my list for today.  I replaced the pipes to the wood burner, washed the towels so that everything is fresh, started to wash the windows and realised I'd left it too late and it was drying them as soon as I'd put the water on.  It was an impossible task so it's been moved to tomorrow morning's list.  I went over to see my Avatar who was mending her fence with the new wire I'd brought from Djebel the other day.  She asked if there was anything I wanted from the garden...I think she's on countdown until she moves over to Germany to her son for the winter.  I'm not sure she's looking forward to it....I've told her I'll go over and see her if she gets bored...

Really hot this afternoon so I was in watching Filmon TV and the swimming championships from Russia.....It all seems to be a run-up for the Olympics.  Phone call from my expected guests to tell me that they've just crossed over the bridge from Romania to Bulgaria and are unsure whether to do what they have to do in the north or head down towards me stopping off in Sofia tonight....Everything is ready...their choice not mine.

So lovely sunset tonight and I believe my birds have flown and I missed it.  It's going to be quiet from now on.....no continuous chirping for food and aerial displays.  I shall be able to clear the poo pile from the little house terrace...and put it on the flower pots.....extra nutrients.  So I've just caught my Avatar checking out the work that she did on the fence this morning...she asked me what I was doing and I said that I was having a little beer and watching television and how difficult my life is and we had a laugh about it....

So no supper tonight...I had cold meat, chips and a fried egg for a late lunch so not up for much tonight.  Windows in morning and I'll try the extendable window brush tomorrow with the hose.  It could be fun and it will be early...pictures will follow.  LN....It's been a good day, items on the list have been ticked....LN

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Elsa Peters
August 10, 2015, 10:03pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 11th August

My birds have not flown the nest.....they were hanging on despite the encouragement from lots of the other martins.  It's almost like they're willing them to take flight...

Normal start to the day but went down to the breadvan and came back with a cheesy bun and sat in my Avatar's garden and we chewed over the fat.  She goes to Germany in October and I thought she would be going by car and I was most surprised that she is going buy air with her daughter in law.  I told her to remember her false teeth but she said that they clatter so much and she can't eat with them and I likened her to a stork and the noise they make.....I think she's frightened about the plane but I told her that if she needed me....I'd be there.

Final flip through with the hoover and mop and bucket and house work finished by twelve and still unsure at that point when my guests would arrive.  They had work to do in the North of Bulgaria and so I headed in to town for some last minute top-ups and got the call that they would be with me at nine thirty.  After town I lay on the hanging bench and nodded off for an hour or so in the sun so hence no photos tonight.  I think there are some on the camera but the camera is still outside with the Kindle...it's been that kind of day.

Got supper ready and we sat and munched our way through some cold stuff and a couple of bottles of beer.  They've bought me over the batteries for my camera and more strimmer blades so I could put them to work tomorrow....let's see how the day pans out.  They're in bed and I shan't be long into my nest.....Nice couple to have around....LN.....
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Elsa Peters
August 11, 2015, 8:52pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 11th August

I was up and about this morning at six which is pretty normal for me but I was aware that I have visitors so I crept around and concentrated my efforts outside.  I grabbed a coffee, watered the garden and the pots and sat enjoying the morning.  I was aware last night that I didn't post any pictures so there are a few of last night and yesterday and the flurry of activity was in the Martin camp where the world and all its friends were trying desperately to encourage the little ones to leave the nest.  It was almost a 'come on, we can't go without you' and at one point it seemed that there were several feeding the youngsters.  

By eight thirty I was getting hungry and there was a little activity from my guests so I got the frying pan out, sliced up some tomatoes, got the bacon going in another and recognised that they needed this to get activated.  They'd had a pretty hard slog down Europe to get here so no pressure when they arrive...it's all good to me.  They love it here and refer to it as a bubble of tranquility...what a nice thought.  So toast and jam and marmalade to finish off and then it was a morning of watching the birds and finding places in the garden to get out of the sun.  It's been a beautiful day without the threatened thunderstorm and their washing was in the machine, out on the line and back in in quicksticks.  Lunch was a cold affair and back out and I did a few repair jobs with the sewing needle, a couple of beers over lunch and we retired to respective corners of the garden and I for one fell asleep on the swinging bench.  Came to with coffee and I got out the strimmer and took the heads off the few wild things that were growing and into the kitchen to get supper underway which turned out to be very successful.  

They've wended their way to their room and I'm about to go to mine....I've still got a glass of wine to go so it might be a few Freecells before I hit the sack...LN...And tomorrow's agenda is a visit to Kardjali and up to the lake for lunch which will be a first for them....LN

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Elsa Peters
August 12, 2015, 7:15pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 12th August

Again I was out watering the garden at six thirty and everything was going swimmingly until I pulled at the hose and broke the connector to the outside tap...bummer.  Took the thing apart as best I could but it took two of the kitchen jar undoers to do the job properly.  What a fly passed this morning...the martins were still doing aerial aerobatics and I am still surprised how many we have lingering outside the house.

I was down the street for the breadvan this morning and we had cheesy bread and banichka for breakfast with coffee and so for me there was very little to do.  Into Kardjali this morning stopping off briefly at my student parents shop so that my guests could say hello and I went into the hardware shop to get the parts for the broken hose.

Kaufland, Billa and Lidl for finding the cheap booze to take back to the UK, back home and we sat inside since it was hot out and I got supper underway...barbecue sweet and sour pork with jacket potatoes and that meal really does itself.  Desert was ginger cake and two was all you could take of those.  My guest have just showered to go to bed refreshed and I'm thinking it might be a good thing to do....LN....I still think they are trying to get the two little ones to fly the nest...LN

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Elsa Peters
August 13, 2015, 8:35pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 13th August

Normal start but the potentilla has been cleared of weeds and an Ariana bottle with two little holes in the top has been filled with manure and water and upended near the plant.  If it looks better in the morning I won't dig it up, put it back in the pot and put it into intensive care.  It topped thirty six today and there was a drying wind....fingers crossed it's going to be OK.

Trip into Lidl Kardjali this morning for the folding ruler that calculates angles and I bought myself a ten metre extension lead as a back up....and six bottles of Ariana as another back up...that's what having guests is all about.  Called in at the garage shop and made arrangements for Saturday night and they recommended a fish restaurant that I've only been to once before and it's good.  There should be about eight of us so enough to make a party but since I'm having to take the Beast...I shall be without alcohol.

Lovely supper of cheese, onion and potato pie with extra cheese on the top, topped off with gammon and pineapple.  It was a first for me but it worked very well....and served with brown sauce.  The meal was finished off with ginger cake biscuits....and now they are tucked up but not in...it's far too hot tonight....Just one photo taken by my guest as I sat and sewed buttons on my blouse....LN....just don't look for a review on Trip Advisor...I shall deny all knowledge...LN

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linda g
August 14, 2015, 3:48pm Report to Moderator
Big Poster
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Hi Elsa, Tips on keeping the dreaded Mozzie out.... spray before bed. Fan in ya room to blow them off course, Sandalwood soap when you shower, and if you are type O blood they love you more....lol Oh well you can only try. Good sleeping. xxxx
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Elsa Peters
August 14, 2015, 7:00pm Report to Moderator

Diary Admin
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Friday 14th August

Thanks Linda....I'll see what I can manage to buy out here.....

Usual start but it was a little damp and cold this morning at six thirty and I ended up putting a t-shirt over the vest top that I'd slept in.  My guests were snoring their little heads off while I got on with my chores and sat on my swinger to do a paper Sudoku.  I got started on breakfast at eight thirty more or less and we were sitting down by nine and can someone please tell me where the rest of the day has gone.  As we finished breakfast the electricity went off and it stayed that way until eight this evening.  We sent off to Djebel to try to log on to a free internet at the spring fountain on the way but couldn't get connected so we assumed that the mast was down.  We carried on to town, I went to pick up the sheets that I'd ordered and she promised they would be ready in an hour and so off to the cafe but again they were having issues with the internet to back to the sewing shop and they still weren't ready.  Promised but not delivered....she might now be off my list.

Stopped off at the supermarket and grabbed a few things for lunch and out came the salad since there was no power.  We stayed in since it was a hot one, the clouds came over and we had...two minutes of rain that did absolutely nothing for the garden.  Off I went to my Avatars to confirm that they whole of the village was out and I noticed that there is a new bus stop at the bottom of the road near the square.....brilliant...they are resiting it and Emula was moving part of an old stone wall so that it could fit snugly against the rest of it.  It looks good but I'm so pleased that it's there not here.  

So supper was a chicken with caramalised onion cooked on top of the gas ring of the cooker and it was delicious.  We'd got ready made salads and just as we were about to serve up, the electricity came on so we didn't have to resort to wind-up lamps and candles.  So we've put the world to rights, discussed some controversial subjects, supped some beer and soon it will be time for bed.  I've just had notification that I can download Windows 10....to download or not to download...that's the question...  LN.....shower and bed....chilled day...LN

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August 15, 2015, 1:01am Report to Moderator

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Windows 10, I and many others are not touching it for a while yet, let a few of the bugs get ironed out first.

Lots have said no problems with it, some have problems, so for me it is a wait and see game, maybe six months.

The free upgrade is valid for a year, so no rush.

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Elsa Peters
August 16, 2015, 4:47pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 16th August

Well last night didn't happen...by the time that I came to post for some reason I was having real issues so I decided that it would be OK to skip a date.  I was trying to import pictures from other cameras and there was no getting them to the size that I wanted....I know what I know and be buggered if I can work out some of the other stuff....

So yesterday was a good day and we ended up at the fish restaurant in the mountains with my student's family from the garage and a new guy on the block who's made his way over from Greece and is buying here.  I was driving since the guest's car isn't too good on rough mountain roads and I was unsure of the road surface.  We stopped off on the way and picked up Mrs D of S and got to the venue a little after seven thirty and shown to a very private table to seat around twelve people and ordered the drinks...beer for the others and water and orange juice for me.

The family and guest arrived and the food had been pre-ordered so we didn't have to wait long before it started arriving on the table.  Mixed green salad came first closely followed but a local tomato, onion and cucumber with cheese on the top and then two huge plates of fried fish and potatoes cooked with peppers and oil.  Lots of toast, small green peppers were the next to arrive and the conversation ceased and let the eating begin.  What a lovely night and when the bill came we really couldn't believe it.....seventy six leva which is roughly the equivalent of just under five pounds each for eight biggies and the little one was free.  So home for about ten thirty and that's when the fun began with the internet so now you have it folks.

Up by six this morning and watched that huge red ball hit the mountain top and it had been a cold start to the morning and it was very welcome.  Lots of mist around this morning defining the individual mountains which seems to have been missing for a while....maybe we're heading into autumn.  I did a little gardening this morning and burnt the bathroom rubbish and stayed pretty quiet until my guests were mobile.  Tomatoes on toast for breakfast since my Avatar brought me another bucket of the things over yesterday so this morning I picked two from my garden and took two over to her.  She'd got builders that didn't get the joke but she did.  

Sleepy valley this afternoon here and we all retired.  Supper of chicken wings with roasted onions, potatoes and sweet potato is finishing off as we speak but I wanted to make sure that I posted earlier tonight.....so let's see what photos I can manage today...LN...I'm keeping fingers crossed.....LN

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Elsa Peters
August 16, 2015, 5:01pm Report to Moderator

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View from the restaurant last night

Attachment: view_from_the_restaurant_copy_4999.jpg
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