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Elsa Peters
November 28, 2015, 6:18pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 28th November

What a storm it was last night…more lashing rain and again this morning.  I set off to meet Mrs D of S and there was water everywhere with huge puddles reminding me of a water jump at the Horse of the Year.  So despite the rain we set off for Kardjali and the Varbitsa River running parallel to the road was so high and gushing more than I’ve ever seen it before.  We have had loads of rain overnight.

First stop Basmar to get another container of the beastie stuff.  We decided not to promenade the city…straight to Lidl and I told her I wasn't taking no for an answer… I was running her home so she was able to stock up on more than the essentials.  Back to Djebel for ten thirty, we stopped for coffee and breakfast, over to the coffee shop to get some of the wine that had been recommended by my painter, into the hardware shop and little supermarket for the things we’d forgotten in Lidl and then home. I stopped for coffee and we sat out but the wind was really cold.

Back home for two and set to taking the pot plants from the terrace and putting them into the little house.  We are threatened with minus four tonight and I didn’t want to risk it.  I cleaned up the rhubarb and put a bucket over it to protect it and wrapped a sack over the oleander and it’s amazing how much colour is still in the garden and we’ll see what’s left tomorrow.  I came in at four thirty, lit the fire and have just finished watching the Murray brothers in the tennis doubles…fabulous match.  Pizza for supper, a glass of the red, Strictly later and then an early night for me with my book……LN….nothing on the agenda for tomorrow…a day of rest…LN

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Elsa Peters
November 30, 2015, 12:59am Report to Moderator

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Sunday 29th November

Very chilled day, tennis this afternoon and well done to Andy.....and that's it for tonight.....LN...
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Elsa Peters
November 30, 2015, 4:34pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 30th November

Well  I realised that I was cold last night and went to pull up the bedclothes…wrong…I’d fallen asleep watching Filmon so it was a quick update last night since I’d forgotten all about it…shame on me….I ambled off to bed at about two thirty this morning.  I still woke up at seven fifteen though and washed and dressed to greet my workers at eight but only one turned up so plan B went into operation straight way.  He was frozen…the outside thermometer was showing on the zero and the cars had a layer of frost on the windscreens.  Plan B for my painter was to complete work on the beams and he’d finished by lunchtime.  Last job on his agenda was to pump up the front offside tyre and we’ll see what it looks like in the morning.  We checked up and the other builder is still in Turkey so tomorrow my painter is back to finish clearing the old putty from the metal frames and he’s already measured the size of glass required.  I'm guessing he may have already cut some of the glass this afternoon.  One thing he did ask me for was a lavender bag if I had one so that when he turned over in the night he had one under each corner of his pillow so I made him one and he was so pleased.

Beds are ready assembled and made up, the bathroom is tidy again as is my desk.  I stretched out and read for the rest of the afternoon and lit the fire at five this afternoon.  There was plenty of sun today but not much heat in it.  The outside table is in the lounge for the winter and is going to be put to use for wrapping the presents for the ladies’ gift bags…..

Six thirty my time and I’ve put the boiler on to have a bath and there’s no danger of falling asleep in the wrong place tonight….LN….I should sleep well.  LN

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