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Elsa Peters
January 20, 2016, 3:59pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 20th January

So I didn't get my bath last night...too comfy in my own coating.  Film on was playing up last night so after Eggheads it was back to the book and finished it this morning.  I woke up at silly o'clock so threw another log on and didn't have a wink of sleep in me so read for a while and eventually I managed to get another hour in before I started my day.  Usual chores but I appeared to have enough wood in so didn't do that until late this afternoon.  I reckon to have another weeks supply in the garage and then I clear the little house first before I head into the workshop and I must have about eight cubic meters left ...easy on.  Very cold morning and the sun just about broke through but then it clouded over and the temperature is rapidly dropping now.

Laminated the photo for Zelinger and decided to take it down to her house but I should know now to look at the pairs of little rubber shoes outside each house on my way down.  I did check on Beysers and thee were none but as I got to Zelinger's house, Remsie's husband was just leaving and said that there was no one home so back I went and took a punt that they were all in Haciber's house and I was right.  I asked her what she thought of the baked apples last night and she said that they were delicious but not to mention them in front of the others.  I was invited into the lounge and the ladies' group was all present and correct so I handed over the photo and immediately got the same one back from Haciber who wanted me to laminate hers.  I joked that there was a small hole in my sock at the toe and there were several pieces of thread hanging from it and Zelinger took it upon herself to darn it all back together for me without me even taking it off.  I kept waggling my toes and got told off...I love it when it's the simple things that make them laugh.

Back home and made some chicken soup for tonight from the remaining chicken leg and then down for my afternoon siesta.  Came to around four thirty, sorted the fires and then settled in to some interesting conversations on FB, a little Candy Crush which I had loaded for me but I really don't like it and some Sudoku.  I found a book that I've been searching for for a while and it wasn't where I expected it to be....I was guided to it...thanks.  I think I'm in for a sewing day tomorrow...I have so much lavender that I really should start making some bags probably in red and white so that Gouldjan can sell them for her school funds for Baba Marta...or March the 8th....Ladies' Day..Now's the time to get going on it ...there's nothing to do outside.

Curtain ceremony about to start...it's just an added protection against tonight's forecast of minus nine.....LN....Log and supper time...LN

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Elsa Peters
January 21, 2016, 3:20pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 21st January

Well it was a four o'clock start again but this time I threw a couple of logs on. made sure the little one was going and headed straight back to bed.  No silly nonsense of having to read to get back off.  Six twenty was the second awakening and it was still dark out...not even a glimmer except from the wood burners but that was OK.  Absolutely toasty in and wouldn't have it any other way.  I do feel sorry for those that have not thought...central heating and concentrated on one room.  If you're burning wood...make it work for you.

Coffee and back to bed and reading until eight...well it is winter after all.  Shower, hair washed and I cut about three inches off it before I dried it.  I did forget to put conditioned on it and the frost today has made it so fly-away...so much static and it really didn't help that I put on an acrylic hat to get some of the chores done.  Washed up from last night and prepared a poached egg for breakfast and I did have visions of getting more eggs from the bread van but with wet hair I wasn't going out...it was still lots of minuses out there.  

Laminated Haciber's photo and when it came to do one of mine I realised that the rollers were not rolling and so despite it getting hot...nothing else was happening.  I delivered hers to her and there was the normal tea morning going on and I refused admission...I'd got my camera with me and wanted to take a few of the frost on the garden.  I walked by the frost on the fence wire on Beyser's house several times and not captured it so this time I was prepared.  Spent a while in the garden with the camera, went to get a couple of screwdrivers to take the laminator apart and Emula came into the garden to see if I was heading for Djebel and it was a no from me.  Fixed the laminator but it does smell a little warmer than normal so it might be knacked.  Wood in and then it was settle down for my siesta which seems to have become the norm.  

Out and about by four and watched the birds in the garden.  There is a pair of blackies that are very busy, a flock of starlings descended, grazed for a while and then flew off with a flurry.  Lovely calm evening with no wind at all....and fairly clear sky so down we go again and just managed to catch the last of the sunset.  LN....a very restful day...LN

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Elsa Peters
January 22, 2016, 5:53pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 22nd January

Three o'clock start and that's the last siesta I have from now on.  I read for a couple of hours and then managed to get off again until just before eight o'clock.  Fire patrol and both still going, coffee and out with the Kindle and checked emails and FB using the little one from the comfort of my bed.  Moved upstairs and fired up the PC and did the Daily Mail Sudoku, checked my horoscope and really didn't understand it at all and settled in to one of the emails I have with lots of videos attached.  Heard the gate go and looked out and my painter was in the yard.  I went down the stairs in my PJ's and went out to see if he wanted anything.  He was dressed for town and he said that he was going into Djebel but the bus had gone so I asked him how and he said he was going to walk.  I asked him to give me five minutes and that I needed to go in for potatoes, onions, mayo and eggs and he did suggest that we walked together.....and yes...that's going to happen then.  He came in to wait for me and it was ten minutes but we were in the car and heading for the grand metrolops.  I managed to park up in the main car-park despite the fact that it was Mosque day and we arranged to meet at half eleven and went out separate ways.  

I headed for my student's parents shop but she was a little busy so I sat there for a while and then headed for the market and managed to get the onions.  Back into the car, down to the little supermarket on the way home and picked up the items that I wanted and back home for half twelve.  I stopped off and gave my painter a litre and a half of wine that I'd got from the coffee shop  and no money changed hands...I dropped him off and I came back with beetroot and leeks from his garden.

I read for a while and had a coffee and a big fat cake from the shop and headed out to the garden and washed the beetroot and trimmed the leeks and then it was all go in the kitchen.  Beetroot on to boil, leeks, onions and potatoes for the soup and peeled and cored the old apples so that I could stew them.  What an afternoon in the kitchen and so for supper it was the said soup with smelly cheese and toast with apples to follow.  I'm full as a little tick and hopefully....I shall sleep like a log tonight.  

Nothing much on the cards tonight and unsure whether I want to go into Kardjali tomorrow or just enjoy the day.  I think I shall be freezing some of the soup tomorrow...you can only eat so much.  Almost full moon tonight and the wind has been cold all day so it could be a real humdinger tonight...LN...Fingers crossed for a solid night's sleep...LN

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Elsa Peters
January 23, 2016, 3:58pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 23rd January

Success...straight through until six thirty this morning.  Coffee, fires and back to bed with the Kindle.  I love my early mornings.

On to the PC and searched for my painter's number but couldn't even find my phone so it was ring the English phone to find the Bulgarian one and it's another good reason for not putting both sims into the one phone.  If I lose one...not a snowball in hells chance of finding it.  As it happens it was next to my purse on top of the freezer in the kitchen...now where else would it be.  One of the places I thought the number  might be was in my brown notebook and that was last seen in the Beast so out I went making sure that I had keys to get back in the house.  At minus lots this morning the last thing I wanted was to lock myself out.  Found and studied the book...no joy so I decided not to go into Kardjali after all.   Poached egg on toast for breakfast and I road tested a poached egg bag and I shan't be using them again. To finish off I had another of those lovely fat elairs  

Messengered Mrs D of S to see how she was and the Librarian was going over this morning so I contacted the Librarian to ask if she could bring over the mince meat that she'd got me from Zlatograd.  All arranged.  Lovely drive over and I stopped to take photos of the icicles on the rocks on the way over there.   I took some leek and potato soup over for Mrs D of S, the mince meat was delivered and I gave a couple of bags of it to her, the Librarian had brought cakes over and it was like Christmas but without the wrapping paper.  I came back with a pack of butter since that was all I was heading into Kardjali for from Mrs D of S's stash....we were all happy bunnies.  The next date is Thursday...weather permitting.

Home for just after one and took more photos on the way back and the drive through the forest was very picturesque.  My fires were still in so just needed a top up and filled up the baskets with wood from the little house.  I watched the tennis from Melbourne this afternoon, read for a while, soup and stewed apples for a late lunch and now I've finished for tonight.

As for the temperature it's not got over minus three today and at five tonight it was down to minus five and I think it's going to drop by a lot more.  I'm about to shut up shop....there's the last dregs of the sun going down and a lovely frozen mist hanging over the mountains to the west....LN...Same again tomorrow please...LN

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Elsa Peters
January 24, 2016, 5:17pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 24th January

Normal activities except that I went out to find out what the temperature really was this morning.  Fires still going but only just but easily rescued.  Very lazy day on the FB.  I'd posted several photos of my sister and myself and there were lots of comments and another conversation I got embroiled in was over the merits of heating systems in Bulgaria but it seems that we have an expert about to move here so he will be the answer to several maiden's prayers providing them with the technology for electric balanced flues...It ended up with me inviting a crowd up to his place for Christmas day and he was cooking the turkey....

Eventually I managed to get dressed...I sorted out the remains of the wood from the back of the garage and brought it into the house, got the sweeping broom and cleaned the area and it now looks much tidier.  Now I know it's only a garage but there you go.  Went into the little house and got some of the old wood that burns really well in the little wood burner in the kitchen and found the axe and chopped up more kindling from the old wood.  It's good for perking up some of the biggies if they fail to ignite immediately...not known for much time wasting if it can be done quicker.  Cooked up some hamburgers that I'd got out of the freezer and forgotten about.  Served up with fried onion and a fried egg they've kept me going all day though I did only managed two of them and the others will go in the soup for tomorrow lunch.

Gouldjan came round to help me with the internet order for the cartridges for my Lamy pen.  I'm not sure that she's seen cartridges before and it took us a while to find them.  All ordered, paid for, will be delivered in the next couple of days from Sofia and cheaper that on eBay.  What's not to like about it and emails confirming the actions that will be taken.  Remsier came round with her grandson this afternoon and I handed over my final Christmas goody bag to her.  I'd just not managed to get round to delivering it.  Gouldjan acted as translator as Remsier immediately moved into Turkish and off they trotted clutching the bag.  Gouldjan then went off for her afternoon nap, woke up about an hour later so I got the Beast out and took her home since the temperature had really dropped and she was only in her little jacket.  The just don't learn...youth of today.

Large shepherds pie in the oven and should be ready shortly,  Today is the first day that I was tempted to open a bottle of red but I said I'd go without until the end of January and I will.  I settled for water instead.  

Busy little place today.....but a happy place at that.  House toasty, LN...I've got some eating to do...LN

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Elsa Peters
January 25, 2016, 4:49pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 25th January

Six thirty start and I had to rescue both fires again and it was a little chill this morning.  I realised that the ash can was more or less full in both of them so out I went to empty them in the bucket and couldn't make out the thermometer but I know it was quite a few minuses.

I was still handing around in my PJ's at nine thirty and on the PC and reckoned that the big fat cake that I'd brought back from Saturday's get together would fill the gap and it did.  Unfortunately it didn't sit very well on an empty stomach but eventually it made it's way down so that it could get processed.  I did get dressed eventually, went through a box of papers that had sat under a table for a while and put the ones that I wanted to keep to one side and the rest were burnt along with the rest of the kitchen waste.  Wood in from the supply in the little house...the intention is to clear it.  I checked over the pot plants and they all seem to be surviving well and the bottle brush is again flowering along with the geraniums.

Read for most of the afternoon and the name of the author of this set is Sue Grafton.  She's very cleverly titled her books starting with A and working her way through and the next one for me is D for...and I forgot but at least I know which book is next in the series.

Supper was the remains of the shepherds pie with a portion getting frozen down for another day.  I couldn't manage it all and if I'd have put it in the fridge...it would have got thrown out. Only one photo today.  I missed the sunrise...I was much too busy and too much nestled down on the sofa this afternoon.  No siesta for me though it was close at one point and now at just before seven, the curtains are closed...it's going to be really cold tonight and tomorrow snow is forecast but we'll wait and see.  There's no moon tonight and there's a cloud base so they could well be right.  I did have a phone call this afternoon from the Pen Shop in Sofia...my ink cartridges will be delivered tomorrow...LN....What a speedy service...LN

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Elsa Peters
January 25, 2016, 5:49pm Report to Moderator

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Monday continued

All change...sky cleared and the moon came out...LN

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Elsa Peters
January 26, 2016, 8:31pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 26th January

Happy Birthday today to my nephew and I shan't divulge his age but I used to take him out in the pushchair when he was a baby and looked upon his as mine.....I think that some people thought that he was....None of the pain and all of the gain...and he is one that's made it out here and stayed be it only for a few days...an excellent guest.

Usual chores this morning and as predicted there was a slight snowfall but nothing to write home about.  I went out and cleared the terrace with a shovel in the absence of a snow shifter and messed around on the PC and read for a while and my phone went and it was the courier service asking me where my house was in Dushinkovo.  So in broken Bulgarian I told him it was on passed the old school and mine was the one with the long stone wall and he found it.  I was outside at the time, saw the van and went out to meet him.  I didn't have to sign for anything...my cartridges for my Lamy pen have arrived...and cheaper including the postage than eBay.

I realised that it was twelve o'clock and I'd missed the post office to get a birthday card off so started the next book in the series and headed out for Djebel at just after one.  By this time the roads were clear...the sun was out and it was a pleasant drive through the forest and I slowed down to take a few photos of the countryside.  In to the post office and letter sent, down to the garage so I could have the oil, water, brake fluid levels checked and my washes filled up with screen wash.  Total for the work including materials...fifteen lev...try that in the UK.  I'd remembered to take a bag that I'd brought from the UK as a present for my student and he came down to the garage so I handed it over.  It was one that I'd had from T Mobile as a promotion LG light rucksack and he was really pleased with it.  

Over to the garage shop and sat down with my student's mother and spent time with her in the shop.  Today was a particularly slow time so we had time to chat and covered loads of topics.  I also handed over the flip book that I'd brought to help the younger child learn a few English words and I suppose he'll be on my list soon for a few English sessions.

Home at just after five, rescued the fires, got some chicken wings out of the freezer and into the over with them.  I peeled a couple of potatoes and shredded a large onion and they went into the oven too....not much hassle with this meal.  Pointless and Eggheads but Filmon froze up quite a bit tonight and it was almost to the point that I switched it off...but I stuck with it.  

Cold out again tonight and the sky is clear and the moon is up.  The stars really do shine here, so visible since there is little light pollution.  I did bring a chart back with me from the UK showing the position of the stars and planets in the different months of the year...and just have to learn how to read it properly.

So nothing on for tomorrow so far....LN...Soon be bedtime for me and into my nest I'll crawl...LN

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Elsa Peters
January 27, 2016, 5:26pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 27th January

So today I have to say happy seventeenth birthday to my grandson CJ.....where did the years go?  I have some super photos of him taken on route but they're going to stay in my private collection....but I might dig a few out and embarrass him on FB later.  That's what Nannas and  FB are about.

Silly four am start so read for a while and eventually settled back and came to around seven.  Really hard frost last night and the grass was white over so I got the big wood burner ticking over.  I didn't bother with the little one...the sun was out early and despite the clouds drifting over, the frost was melting somewhat and at last it appears to be going from the little house roof,

Breakfast was a portion of a bun loaf that I bought from the supermarket and lashed it with butter.  I couldn't be bother to make anything special and settled in to read my book and that sums up the theme for today.  I didn't go out to get wood in until five thirty tonight since I appeared not to have used very much today at all except that I did want some of the small stuff for the little wood burner.  It was at that point that I noticed that the sun was going down so it was out with the camera and captured a few but am only posting a couple.  

Kardjali tomorrow with the girls and a search through some of my material samples for a project for Mrs D of S....If we don't find anything in my goody box we can always pick some up tomorrow.....Heard of a new restaurant that we haven't been to before in Kardjali so we might make a trip out if all are in favour....LN....I'm about to settle in for the night...LN.

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Elsa Peters
January 28, 2016, 7:09pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 28th January

Two o'clock toilet break and then went off again until seven this morning...result....It was completely white over again and a heavy ground frost but it didn't seem as cold as it has been over the last few mornings.  I only sorted out the big wood burner, we were out to the grand metrolops today so the little one had a day off.

I sorted out soma material off cuts as requested and one of the things on the shopping list was to find some wadding for stuffing what was about to be constructed by Mrs D of S.  We worked out that my offerings are more basic but functional where where she likes to have a touch of flair about her arts and crafts.  Into the car and off to Kardjali picking up one of the locals on the way and it's a good job he didn't understand English, the conversation was definitely for women only and he wasn't blushing when we dropped him off so we were safe.  First stop was to see if I could get my glasses mended...I snapped the arm off when I was in England but there was no one home, down to the leva shop and we all came away with things to enrich our lives...well maybe and then on to the cheapy Thursday bargain charity shop and I managed to pick up a super black evening top, a summer casual top, a see through evening hoodie and an emerald green scarf ....all for the grand price of one leva and fifty stotinki....and that's about sixty five pence to you and me in old money.  

By this time it was twelve so we headed off for the new restaurant that had been recommended to me and were we impressed.  The portion sizes are huge and we really over ordered and managed most of it and the bill was very respectable.  I'd not taken my camera but the Librarian has some on her camera which I forgot to take off before she left.  Lidl, Post Office in Djebel and we stopped for a coffee.  Gouldjan was spotted walking along the street so I called to her to see if she wanted a lift home and we picked her up outside the school as agreed.  
She's off to visit her sister in Turkey next week and I might just be making the trip with her for a few days....rude not to .....  

Fire belting out ....both going since it's supposed to be minus five again tonight..Really clear sky and lots of starts out but still waiting for the moon to rise...LN....I'm down stairs and back to my next book...LN

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