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MARCH 2016
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Elsa Peters
March 30, 2016, 7:51pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 30th March

Just before seven start and the usual routine except that dawn was worth capturing for a change.  I used the Sony at first but took out the Canon to get ones of the sunrise at super stretch but it seemed to really make the colours come alive.  A coffee was snook in between the shots and then headed to the kitchen to clear up the plates from yesterday....The water is so hot in the morning that there's no effort involved since the water heater comes on overnight on the timer.

So sat for a while with my book and the coffee and on to the pc to check out emails but by nine I eight thirty I was dressed and ready for the garden since it looked like it was going to be a good day.  First job was out with the strimmer so that I could put it on to recharge and get a second go at it and I managed to do round my special tree and another chunk of the garden.  It was time for another coffee and five minutes in the sun with the book which turned into twenty but I was out with the wheelbarrow, spade and fork and tackled the last bed in the tomb garden and it was really full of weeds and clover.  Three wheelbarrows later there was only a little left to do so I broke for lunch before it broke me.  Eggs mayo, ham, cheese and beetroot and water to wash it down and at one fifteen I was about to get my little head down when I had a visit from my Painter who'd finished his work for the day and decided to pop in.....bless him.....I reminded him that the clothes that we'd got in Mania were still waiting for him so I bundled them into a plastic bag still on the coat-hanger and he asked me if he could buy some mince meat from me to see whether or not he liked it before I got him a couple of kilograms from Zlatograd.  Out came the wallet and I told him to put it away....I can spare a pound of mince....

Back to the garden and by this time the battery was charged so more of the lawn strimmed down and then it was back to the little garden and I finished it off.  Found a couple of flowers and planted one of the new shrubs but looking at the label it needs to intertwine in the trees so it's going to be dug up tomorrow and re-sited.  Cleared the rest of the frog garden and tomorrow I have just the long garden by the fence and the lilac garden to do and then it's back to the creative stuff that I enjoy.

Just after four thirty when I came in and quick wash and change and by five I was heading into Djebel to get the burning barrel that I'd asked for from the garage, picked up a couple of bottles of fizzy from the supermarket and carried on to my students for supper,  Lovely evening with the family and put it to them tentatively about coming to England for ten days in August.  The older sister was really up for it....the younger one might need working on,  So home for ten thirty and ....sorry, I didn't manage to take any other photos except of the sunrise.....the garden ones will come tomorrow.  LN....I'm ready to hit the sack....LN

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Elsa Peters
March 31, 2016, 4:16pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 31st March

Well that’s another month almost gone and this year seems to be rocketing…At least we’ve had what could be called a spring day but the wind got up this afternoon and the poor squatters were having trouble lining up the nest to take refuge.

So normal morning, washed dressed and waiting for the bread van at just after eight but there was no cheesy bread or eggs on board.  I did ask what sort of shop he called himself and I had a little giggle with my girls….well they used to be but so did I.  Breakfast was two thick slices of the fresh loaf and I spread it with cream cheese and it was out to the garden and on the bench to eat it in the sun with my coffee.  It was that good a morning,  I got the book out and suddenly there was a flurry of activity over the wall.  The noisy old sheep were out there and there was a tractor and trailer making its way to the other side of the hill.  The farmer shouted a good morning to me and then it stopped near to the lake and the banging, chain saw and hammering began,  There were four of them erecting a new fence and there was certainly a lot of shouting which is the way in Bulgaria.

At eleven I thought it was time I started…and got the strimmer out and you know the rest…I worked until the battery was no more, straight on to charge and then it was out with the lawn mower and it started first time.  I took it carefully and probably emptied the grass box more than I should but it was still very wet and I didn’t want to jam up the works.

Tuna mayo for lunch and settled on the sofa and got my head down for an hour or so, out with the strimmer again and have another patch to go at with the mower tomorrow,  It’s all in the technique.  So it’s seven my time but I might not be able to post this until later…the internet is down.  Lovely sunny evening and the wind has at last dropped.  The fire’s going, I’m cosied in for the night…LN….Nose to the grind tomorrow to conquer the lawn…LN

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