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APRIL 2016
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Elsa Peters
April 1, 2016, 5:00pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 1st April

Woke at five this morning, read for a while and then out for the count until just before eight....what a good start to the day.  Coffee on the terrace sitting in the sun and still in pj's and fortunately there weren't any visitors.  Quick wash and dressed, washed up from yesterday and then returned to the terrace with my book until the mood struck to get that strimmer going again.

I tackled the highest patches of clover but at this point I was only taking off the tops and hoping that the sun would do it's stuff and dry it up before I took to the lawn mower.  I don't think it did much to help...clover holds so much moisture.  Eventually...out with the mower and managed to get a whole run down to the bottom of the toilet end of the garden and concentrated my efforts down there.  Eventually I swung over the the other side of the garden and made it up to the lump of wood in the middle but it was really hard work.

I broke for lunch and used up the remains of the tuna mayo on toast finishing off with a huge chunk of lemon Madeira cake and then sat on the sofa in the sun reading until the strimmer was ready for action again.  After thirty minutes the battery was out again and so I concentrated the lawn mower effort looking down the garden from the lounge terrace but unfortunately I didn't manage to do it all.  I've got about two hours work left to do on it....and then it will be time to start again.   Clover just loves this weather.

So I came in and had a shower....mainly to get the smell of grass off me.....threw on a sweater and leggings and checked emails and played games eventually settling on Filmon.  I don't want supper...the tuna is filling the gap.  No plans made for tomorrow...I'll see how I feel in the morning....LN...Welcome to the new month and no April Fools actually came to my attention...LN
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Elsa Peters
April 2, 2016, 5:21pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 2nd April

I watched several programmes on Filmon last night and Mastermind was a real fight to the finish.  I did feel sorry for the guy who’d led at half way and he just couldn’t finish it when it came to the tiebreaker….So bed at early hours of the morning and not much sleep in the brain box so it was out with the book until the eyes started to head southwards.  It was good though…I didn’t wake up until just before eight but I didn’t miss much of a sunrise…there wasn’t one and the sun stayed hidden until getting on for lunchtime.  Breakfast was beans on toast and then it was out with the strimmer so that the rest of the grass could dry off before the lawn mower came out again.  After strimming the grass that was left unfinished, it was out with the book on the bench in the sun.  It gave the beans time to move down a bit and the grass top dry off.  By eleven I was ready for the final effort to finish the bloody lawn ….and it’s done.  

Between lawn efforts I’ve cleared part of the long fence garden and under the special tree and planted up a few flowers and a spirea to fill it out a bit.  Again the weeds had taken over but they are no more.  The afternoon snack at four was cream cheese with chocolate wheat biscuits and the cream cheese is no more….gluttonous…

Haciber came round this afternoon and delivered a bowl of nuts that had been given to her by her daughter up for a couple of days from Turkey.  She’s over the moon at the moment because her son is over for twelve days from Sweden.  Both of her sons have made lives for themselves there but do come back regularly with the grand-children so that they keep in touch and she adores them all.

So tomorrow I should finish the long bed and then I can attack the long under wall garden that is constructional that I love….and then I can get the rest of the shrubs in that are idling in the little house.  They need to start feeling their feet in real soil.  Semi finals of The Voice and it’s down to the public vote tonight.  Fire going although it’s not really necessary….Now shower time…and I should sleep well after the work I’ve done today…LN…I’m knacked.  LN…

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Elsa Peters
April 3, 2016, 6:16pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 3rd April

Ended up in the bath after watching The Voice, read for a while, put the book down and promptly went to sleep for half an hour or so.  Dried off, read for a while in front of the fire, into bed and straight through until just before seven this morning.  The sky was spooky.  It looked as it the sun would make an appearance and then it would be hidden for the rest of the day.  As it happened...I'm not sure what time the cloud lifted, it must have been while I was having my poached eggs on toast.

Before I headed out I cooked the minced meat that I'd left out last night preparing the base for my shepherd's pie supper, added the remains of the baked beans leaving only mashed potatoes to prepare to top off the mince,  Then out to the garden.....I'd noticed that I had a couple of mole hillocks and if you're of a delicate disposition...look away now.  I hate moles...you have a green vista and then they appear...the mole hills.  Not so bad you say but the underneath becomes lethal.  I'd bought tablets that you put either side of the hole underneath the mound and leave them to find it,  My painter had another suggestion....stick one of the bangers that you use to scare dogs down the hole and so I did.  I'll know in the morning.

Same as usual, digging out the two remaining weedy flower beds and another day and it will be finished and then it'll be time to get the lawn mower out again but it will be much easier next time....the hard work has been done.  So it was gardening, sitting in the sun reading until I decided that the t-shirt could come off if only for an hour or so.  I need colour in my life.  Came in at six thirty, lit the fire, peeled the potatoes and prepared the shepherds pies and into the oven they went.  Supper over and the second one will be there for tomorrow.  My painter should be coming round in the morning to give me a hand with some of the things that need two to do in the garden and in summary.....it's been a very restful day in the garden....just as it should be after the hectic lawn bashing.  LN...A little Filmon and then bed...LN

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Elsa Peters
April 4, 2016, 5:59pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 4th April

Disturbed night ...Too many bed clothes on now that the temperature is going up.  Nice start though just before seven...coffee and read for a while but dressed and ready for action by eight...my painter was due to arrive to give me a hand.  Eight thirty when he got there and his first job was to leg it down to the bread van....he needed something so I gave him my two leva and he came back with a fresh loaf and a cheesy bread designated for my breakfast so more coffee on the go and I got set up for the day.

He grabbed the wheel barrow and a shovel and off he went to Haciber's compost patch over the road and came back with the wheel barrow brimming over.  Our first job was to put in the new tree and we seemed to spend ages deciding where it should go.  It's ornamental, doesn't produce fruit and he wonders why I've got it....there again...my choice.  We dug the hole at the bottom of the garden towards the new wall and my job was to hold it straight while he filled in the hole.  He had disappeared off with the axe a little earlier and he'd cut a support to hold the tree firm while it's roots get established.  As we trimmed the roots we noticed that there were side suckers coming off so four of them have gone into other pots as 'experiments'.  

So all old plastic pots have been emptied and the compost recycled with the new stuff...the pots are due for the bonfire but I got told off about adding to the hole in the ozone so they wait for another day.  I've also started off seeds of tobacco, black eyed suzi and ornamental gourds that it's suggested could hang down from the balcony....We'll see....He left at lunchtime, I came in and read for a while and I had my afternoon siesta.  I went out to the garden and the clover round the little terrace garden had started to shoot again so I was out with the lawn mower and did a fair whack ran it until the petrol ran out which is good.  I can get fresh from Djebel tomorrow,

Gouldjan arrived with fresh yoghurt and eggs at six thirty...we walked the garden and sat on the bench talking and she didn't go until eight so no pickies.  I've arranged to take her into work tomorrow and then I can get my petrol and intend finishing off the little beds...not much left to do but it annoys me when it's not finished.  I also have several shrubs left to plant but seeing how easy it was to dig when we put the tree in.....I'll be creating a new bed down the bottom.

Lit the fire...not really necessary as the house is so warm from having the sun out most of the day.  I want something to eat but not sure what yet,,,might find some pate and toast....LN...I'll catch up on the pickies tomorrow...LN
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Elsa Peters
April 5, 2016, 5:34pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 5th April

Silly early morning start but there was a super crescent moon that just seemed to hang in the sky...there was very little of it.  I was into my book...I didn't feel like going back to sleep but I didn't have to be anywhere until nine this morning to pick up Gouldjan to get her into work.  As the sun broke through the moon disappeared and the mist was obvious in the valley..it was a gentle morning start.

So into the Beast and down to the bus stop in the next village for Gouldjan, dropped her off with her bags of clothing for the less fortunate and carried on to see if my other student was up and about.  Unfortunately there was no sign of the living...she must have been snoring her little head off.  I carried on to pay the yearly tax on my house where I paid it last time and the office had now moved to the main Kmet's office in the centre of Djebel.  I found the new office and as I waited for the cashier to finish her ongoing transaction, I watch when a couple of guys were looking through very ancient handwritten tomes and I asked them what they were and was told that they were the birth and death records for each village...fascinating and they were allowed to look through them without supervision.  Went to visit my student's mum's shop and we spent a short time with each other, then back to the petrol station to fill up so that I had top ups for the lawn mower.  I called in at the chemist to buy some Sudocreme cream as a gift for my painter since he'd really walloped his thumb and I was concerned about infection.  I stopped off at the supermarket and bought a few items and then back home and it was such a good day that it was coffee out in the sun on the bench with my sun top on....so I'm pinked up front and back setting down the base for the coming summer.

Moved inside and had my afternoon siesta and hadn't got the momentum to clean the lawn mower which was going to be the job for today....it'll get done tomorrow.  Lit the fire at five, two turkey burgers in a sandwich with red sauce and mayo and now about to go down and enjoy my fire.  LN.....I need to better tomorrow...back to the garden...LN

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Elsa Peters
April 6, 2016, 5:57pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 6th April

Really deep sleep and woke up at six forty and was sitting outside waiting for the sun this morning clutching my first coffee of the day.  No breeze to speak of but I was fascinating looking at the reflections and it brought back an item I'd read on David Icke about days when you see two suns in the sky....now I know how they got the photos....

The intention was to get the hoover out and go through this morning but it didn't happen.  I started off by sorting out the lavender from last year before I'm inundated with the new stuff this year.  I'd taken two bundles and de-seeded them but I started to wheeze so that task was put to later in the day but I didn't get round to it.  The soil heap behind the pile of tiles by the outside toilet is no more...it's now at the bottom of the garden and the new area is now ready for planting...well it will be when one more wheelbarrow load is delivered.  Sorted out a couple of little gardens, planted a couple of more shrubs up and the rest will go in tomorrow and my attention was suddenly drawn to the new flowering tulips....they are stunning...so colourful.

Came in at seven...no fire tonight.  Supper is the chicken that I got out of the freezer yesterday and I threw some yoghurt over it and some apricots that I had and slathered som lime and chilli sauce over it.  The pasta is ready so I'm heading down to the kitchen.  I'm aching from slogging with the wheelbarrow but it must be doing me some good in the long term.  LN...Same again tomorrow ...LN

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Elsa Peters
April 7, 2016, 5:07pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 7th April

Missed the sunrise this morning...I was getting in the zzz's.  Coffee on the terrace and enjoyed the sun but it was a little nippy in my PJ's so I didn't stay out too long.  I did catch the cuckoo this morning....spring has definitely arrived.  Got a phone call this morning from the Librarian and we planned Kardjali for Saturday and she'd phoned early to catch me before I legged it into the garden.  

It's been a bit of a mixture day.  I hoovered the upstairs before I managed to get dressed but didn't carry on the good work downstairs, I went out  to the garden instead.  I've removed the pots stored in the little house for the winter, some have been topped up with compost and others have been trimmed cutting out the deadwood.  Emula came round for a chat...he's off working down at the cemetery building a wall to keep the cows out form one of the family graves....bastard bovines strike again.  Then it was back to the shovel and wheelbarrow to attack the small heap of metal stacked against the outside toilet wall and dig out the soil covering the old cesspit.  It was hard work in today's heat but I kept at it.  I was rather surprised to see the brown drainage pipe so proud of the concrete lid.  I would have thought that the builders would have put it underneath when they built the wall so the plan is to dig it out some more and go in underneath the lid.  

A little light relief after the digging and wheelbarrow, I strimmed the dandelion heads and around the grass perimeter so that it will be dried out tomorrow so that I can go further in with the lawn mower.  Still got some of last night's supper left so I'm going to warm it up in a saucepan...it was delicious.  So more gardening tomorrow....LN....I should sleep well tonight...LN

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Elsa Peters
April 8, 2016, 6:08pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 8th April

Just before seven start but there wasn't much of a sunrise.  It was there but hidden by a low cloud base.  I did sit out with my coffee but soon came in again and it was at that point that I spotted my new purple freesia...I thought they finished about a week ago...hence the surprise.

Out in the garden.....I wanted to get the lawn finished before the weekend since it's forecast rain maybe tomorrow but definitely for Sunday.  I was strimming away when I noticed that my painter was walking by the gate and he came in.  He was on his way to Djebel and about to walk it so I offered to drive him in ...I had a new honeysuckle that I'd potted up for my student's mum.  He was reluctant and determined that he wanted to walk but I told him that I had things to do there so it wasn't a problem.  I told him to wait ten minutes and I'd be ready and while he was waiting he watered my seeds for me, hoed up my tomatoes and built little dams around my cucumbers.  Off we set and managed to park in one of the side streets, the car parks were all full.  He had work to do so we agreed to meet up back at the Beast at twelve thirty but if he'd finished earlier he could dig me out of my student's mum's shop and he did.  He wasn't able to do the work that he wanted to do but he'd done his shopping and we left at twelve fifteen.  On the way back I'd admired flowers in one of my neighbour's garden and he insisted that we stop off and begged some seeds but instead of that I came back with one with a root.  I don't know what it's called but the perfume is overwhelming and then I dropped him off at his home.  Unfortunately we'd had a little rain and everything was covered in Sahara dust so thank goodness I'd not cleaned my windows since the last time.

So a coffee and five minutes with my book and then I got my resolve together, filled up the lawnmower with petrol and at half past one I burst into action.  With the sun shining I slogged round the garden for two hours and I now have stripes.  Head down for an hour or so and then back out with the strimmer.  I was chatting to my neighbour and one of the young lads stopped his car and asked if he could see the work I'd done on the house.  He works in a Kebab shop...don't they all in England and I think he wanted to practice his English.  We did the tour, he loves the house and off he went.  I salvaged the fire, supper was spicy sausage fried with onions and I've just put the boiler on and tonight is bath night.....to get rid of the aches and pains. Looks like my painter doesn't want to go into Kardjali tomorrow so nothing on the agenda.  LN...Long leisurely soak with my book on the cards...LN

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Elsa Peters
April 9, 2016, 5:18pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 9th April

So I beet the sun but unfortunately there wasn't one.  Well there was but it wasn't visible.... I took a coffee outside and sat watching the hillside and listening to the cuckoo, came in for a second cup and used the onions and spicy sausage left over last night and made an omelette.  It was still only eight o'clock so I took to the computer, checked my emails, Facebook and did the Daily Mail Sudoku.....but not in record time.  

Washed, dressed, cleaned the kitchen and swept round the wood burner and laid the fire ready for later in the day should the weather really turn rough.  I strimmed the outside gulley and underneath the outside of the wall so that it's clear for parking and it looks so much better.  It appears that the cows are now under control...Haciber keeps chasing them away so they don't seem to be munching their way down the toad.  The rain that was predicted never happened but it's clouded over now and the mist has come in.  As for the rest of the day...I've had periods of activity that didn't last too long and a lot of reading.  Slept for a while this afternoon...I think I did too much yesterday but by five thirty I had the urge to get the rest of the grass in front of the little house mown before the rain gives it a new lease of life.  I was just about to start and Haciber was in the garden with a bowl of strawberries that her son had brought from the market.  I said a big thank you and I reckon they'll be turned into a conserve tomorrow.  

So I mowed until the petrol ran out and it was just on the finishing point.  I cleaned the machine, decided to fill it up the next time I used it and put it away under the little house balcony just in case the rain does come down.  Tools away...into the house, lit the fire and munched away on some cheese and biscuits and almost opened a bottle of wine for old time's sake but settled for water instead.  No photos today...didn't seem a lot to photograph.  I'll do better tomorrow...LN...Final of 'The Voice' tonight...that's me settled...LN
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Elsa Peters
April 10, 2016, 5:45pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 10th April

So 'The Voice' has been won and I agreed with the choice.  Of course there are the critics...always are.

Just before seven this morning and it was a lovely morning for putting on another PJ top over my thinner one and sitting listening to the cuckoo and the other morning sounds such as the mosque as he belted forth the call to prayer.  Mine was that it would that the rain would stay off long enough to finish the bottom rough patch of garden but it wasn't to be.  Firstly though I fortified myself with bacon, egg and fried bread with a second cup of coffee...Remsie came round this morning while I was still in my PJ's and invited me to a children's party this afternoon.  I asked her if it was at her house but it was at a village about fifteen kilometres away so I refused the invite.  I really wasn't in the mood to be social and sit there while they were nattering in Turkish to each other.....Bulgarian I stand a fair chance of joining in the conversation but that's about it.  Got washed and dressed, found out a pair of socks thinking that I needed wellies on because the grass is so long at the bottom and goodness knows what's lurking down there.  

So I grabbed the keys to the workshop and filled up the log basket first knowing that it could be a curled up in front of the fire book day if the weather predictions proved correct.  I decided to move the new shelving unit that I'd purchased a while back into the little house and that would be my job if the weather did turn rough, tooled up for the gardening and then the heavens opened.  It was something you couldn't work through...it chucked it down and then the thunder and lightening started so I retreated to the sanctuary of the house, lit the fire and settled down.

And that's how the afternoon went...the sun did come out briefly but the wind was batting around and there was a chill to it.  I finished my book, played Angry Birds for a while, a couple of Sudoku and ....sleep.  Woke up at four to a lovely warm house, and CBA to get out there at that time.  Had a phone call from the UK and another from my painter saying that he had work tomorrow so couldn't come into Kardjali.  I'm in there early with the Librarian since there is something on promotion that I want to buy and they appear to have lots of garden offers on as well.  Tele time....LN....I've had my Sunday day of rest thanks to the weather....LN

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Elsa Peters
April 11, 2016, 5:22pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 11th April

Up just before seven and had a bit of a sleepless night.  I’d made the mistake of drinking a litre of peach juice while I was watching Filmon last night that resulted in two trips to the little room last night.  Washed, dressed early and put on a shirt which was changed to a sweater as the weather closed in and the wind got up.  Toast for breakfast and pottered while I waited for the Librarian to arrive.

We set off at nine thirty for Kardjali and the first stop was Lidl so that I could pick up the garden wheeled rubbish carriers that they’d got on offer.  Because I hadn’t seen them before in BG and mine that I’ve had for eight years since I’ve been here is looking a little worse for wear….but it’s served me well.  So not only did I buy one…I got two and the Librarian bought one.  A lady stopped me in Lidl and asked if they were for use in the garden and I explained that I really wanted them for carrying logs from the log store and into the house.  Her eyes shot up in surprise….and she said ‘Bravo’ so she must have thought it a good idea.

Breakfast in town, trip round the market, into the Euro shop, Kaufland and I picked up more plants and back to Lidl for a few things we’d missed on the earlier trip.  Home for lunch, the Librarian nobbled my rhubarb promising to make me a rhubarb crumble and off she went at four fifteen and we’ve arranged to meet up at eight thirty tomorrow to do her market.  I lit the fire since it’s really cold, damp and miserable today and promptly got my head down for half an hour….out like a light.  

More logs on the fire and looks like an evening with my book….LN….looking for more plants tomorrow…petunias from the lady that I got them from last year…LN

Attachment: and_its_a_grey_day_7011.jpg
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Elsa Peters
April 12, 2016, 7:54pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 12th

Up by seven and dressed and out by eight.  A quick ham sandwich for breakfast walking the terrace with a cup of coffee.  Not such a good day...lots of mist on the mountains and almost but not quite raining so I dressed for the weather with sweater and body warmer.  Picked up the Librarian by eight thirty and two of her neighbours that were lingering by the pick up point and we almost had to hoist the old lady into the back of the Beast.  She only had little legs and was about eighty years old.  Parked up and hoisted her out again and off she toddled.

Down to the market and found some really established Japonica Kerrria in the market for three lev and I got two for me and the Librarian got one so we walked back to the car and left them there and back down for the petunia lady.  I selected seven really lovely plants of coral pink and others of dark purple and I'll put them in the pots tomorrow.  We did the rest of the market but nothing really caught my eye so picked up a kebab with the intention of eating it at the motel in her village over a cup of coffee.  Stopped off at the hardware shop on the way back and bought two rolls of plastic coated mesh to put on the long wall so that the plants have something to cling on to and headed home after we'd sat and had lunch.  

Arrived at eleven thirty and unloaded the car leaving it by the wall since I was out to supper tonight at my student's home.  Watered the plants and they should be fine for tomorrow, a guest arrived at just after one and he hadn't been to the house before and wanted to see what I'd done to it.  We started with the photo's ore-renovation which is always a good place and he was suitably impressed.  He's still waiting to buy his which can be a slow process here.  He left at just after four so I was out with the coffee and my book and happily passed an hour on the sofa and left for my students and just after five thirty.  Lovely evening with the family...father has the beginnings of a cold and we were laughing at his vitamins he was shovelling down as a precaution.

I've arranged to pick my student up on Thursday to take her to the regional office to do paperwork to do with her employment...a nice early eight thirty start so I've told her to be ready.  We'll do a little shopping in town and have lunch.....Nothing on the agenda for tomorrow apart from planting the newbies....LN....I'm ready for my bed after a pretty hectic day...LN

Attachment: petunias_and_cornflowers_8592.jpg
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Attachment: and_theres_more_7385.jpg
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Attachment: more_japonica_kerria_3198.jpg
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Attachment: the_sucker_from_my_tree_seems_to_be_going_2477.jpg
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Attachment: seems_to_be_thriving_2113.jpg
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Elsa Peters
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Wednesday 13th April

Just before seven start and opened the curtains to the sunrise so I was out with the camera.  There was mist over the mountains but it was full morning glory as the sun continued to rise.  Something beautiful about this place.  I took my coffee outside, the cushions were damp from the overnight dew but I sat on them all the same.  Not good for old bones but I didn't stay out there long...there was a nip in the air.

Washed and dressed by eight and down for the bread van for a loaf of bread and a cheesy bun for breakfast.  I noticed on the way back that Haciber's grass in front of the house was getting on for a foot high so I told her I'd be round with my strimmer to take it down for her.  She asked me how much so I said one hundred leva and in the end it cost her a box of Swedish ginger biscuits and three eggs...that's about the going rate but I didn't want to take anything but she insisted.  It set me back....I used up all the battery charge so I had to find something else to play with...and I did.  The petunias are in the pots, the marigolds are in the grave garden, I've moved the maple to a better place and it fills the gap from where I'd removed the choisya, the pinks are in a new white bucket by the front door and the cornflowers are in three places in the garden.  Everything water and I went round and had a word with everything wishing them good luck in their new positions.  Walking back to the house I spotted a little lizard sunning herself on the terrace and she kept perfectly still while I went to get the camera.

Cheese and pickle for lunch at one thirty, read for a while, went out to attack the rest of the bushes in front of the long wall.  First job was to remove the old guttering that's lain there for a few years and it's now waiting for the scrap man.  Cleared a few bushes and strimmed underneath and I can now put some of the new shrubs against the wall to add some colour to that end of the garden.  Came in at four for a read and got my head down for an hour, went down to get the tools and some of the debris is ready for burning which I might do later.  Tomorrow I'm picking up my student at eight thirty and we'll end up in Kardjali for lunch....and despite the age gap...it could be a 'girlie' day.  LN....A day of achievement...LN

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Elsa Peters
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Thursday 14th April

Up at five thirty this morning and back to bed with a coffee since there wasn't a hint of day break.  I got the Kindle out and read for a while and was out of bed for real at seven, washed and dressed and out to talk to the trees to tell them to get on with the move but it was rather a dull start to the day.  There were a few spots of rain and I noticed that the clover in the grass or my excuse for a lawn had really started to grow again and rain has been forecast again for the weekend.  

Picked up my concentrated oil that I'd asked my student's mum to order for me and paid my dues.  Over to my other students and knocked on her door at exactly eight thirty as agreed.  She was wearing a little summer number while I'd chosen a pair of jeans and a polo neck with my body warmer and I considered I was dressed for the weather.  She grabbed here umbrella but the design of her outfit meant that there was no way she could add a jacket to the outfit.  Over to Momchilgrad and she completed the paperwork and we headed in to Kardjali.  The original Mania is no more ...there is a notice on the door so the Thursday bargains have come to an end.  We headed down to the leva shop and I picked up a few things that I wanted and a few that I didn't but I only spent seven leva so it wasn't that painful.  We stopped off for coffee and I had a cheesy thing for breakfast and then over to out usual car park for a meander round two of the other shops that sell cheapy clothes.  Kaufland and more plants, we avoided Lidl and back to her house for coffee and I was home just after three thirty.  

I looked at the lawn, then the weather and decided to bite the bullet and get on with the job.  I did the section in front of the lounge terrace emptying the grass catcher as I went and was planning on finishing when I'd got half way.  As it happened I had a brain wave to leave the catcher off, jam the back flap up with a stick and do the rest of it with the grass being forced out of the back and to one side.  The upside was I didn't have to empty it but I got absolutely covered so when all the toys were away, I stripped off on the patio, hung the clothes on the old grapevine so that the grass could dry and I could brush it off and made my way to the shower.  

So tomorrow is a day for pottering and I've got some more plants from Kaufland to put in, a little strimming and a burn up later.  LN...I think the lawn mowing technique might become a favourite...LN

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Friday 15th April

Silly night again and I was awake at two this morning and read until three thirty.  Haven't a clue why...I'd worked well in the garden and thought I would go straight through but didn't.  I woke up for the second time at six thirty and sat out with my coffee and watched sun up, washed, dressed and out to the garden with the burnable rubbish by eight.  Cleared out the bonfire pit and got it burning fiercely so cleared all the debris which saves the cats spreading it throughout the garden.  So with an empty wheelbarrow I set about filling it with the clover from the side garden and at ten I felt the need of sustenance and beans on toast filled the bill.

I took the Kindle outside and sat in the sun with another coffee and got pinked up.  I'm still wearing long trousers to work in....Working in the long grass you're never quite sure what's there.  I've got bitten by spiders before in what they consider their territory and not only painful, they itch like mad. Back to it and finished the patch I was working on and planted up about ten gladioli.  I got the strimmer out and had a go at the bottom of the garden towards the wall and using a rake distributed the soil that I'd dumped from by the toilet but it got too hot so I came in.  Knocked back several glasses of water and then onto the sofa with the Kindle and it was head down for an hour or so and back out there with a reloaded strimmer and packet of big daisy seeds collected last year and spread them around with fingers crossed.

Smoked pork steak into the oven with chopped onions, potato and carrots and left them while I finished off outside and put the toys away.  Finally came in at seven....had a really good day in the garden and another couple of days and it should all be knocked into shape and then it'll be time to start all over again.  LN...A few clouds around tonight...fingers crossed for tomorrow...LN

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Elsa Peters
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Saturday 16th April

Six thirty start and I was sitting out with my coffee after watching the sun come when my painter arrived clutching a carrier bag with a white lilac tree for me and another plant that he swore was like the one that I'm growing in a pot....wrong but I had to show him the pot to prove it...I asked him if he wanted to go into Kardjali but he said that he had to dig his garden so I've arranged that we'll go next week when my visitor is here.

Checked my phone and I had a missed call and a text inviting me to a mountain ramble to a officially closed village that is used as a mountain retreat part of the year by Dutch arty types.  No water, no electricity, dirty road leading to it and I thought why not....not done much walking since I've been here.  Played follow my leader to a restaurant in one of the southern villages and met up with another couple of friends that I haven't seen for a while.  We all piled in the Beast and part way up a mountain track, left the car and off we set.  I'd shod myself well in a pair of old trainers, they were all geared up with hiking boots but I managed quite well.  We found the village after climbing up to 900 meters and most of the houses were falling down and goodness knows how they manage when they have summer camps there.  Not for me....

Stopped off and had a Thermos of tea and biscuits at about three and then set off back to the car and did I have a few issues reversing on such a narrow road.  Eventually the four wheel drive was brought into play and we made it, piled back in to the restaurant where we'd met up and had a very reasonable meals of several types of salad, chippies and chicken wings followed by ice-cream.  The three year old daughter from the restaurant apparently has a thing about 'Frozen' and couldn't get her head around the fact that I was the real Elsa and she tried to encourage me to undo my long hair and plait it the same way that the girl had it on the 'Frozen' poster that they had up in the restaurant.  Unfortunately despite several attempts the water in the bottle remained warm...no magic in my finger tips.

Home by eight thirty, fire lit although it's been a beautiful day and not really necessary.  We managed to do twelve kilometres and that was up hill and down dale.  I've really enjoyed it and will be doing it again.....LN...Hot bath but short on the Radox and then to bed said Zeberdee...LN

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Elsa Peters
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Sunday 17th April

Seven ten start, coffee and sat in the garden taking in the morning air.  I read for a while and then got my act together and took out the wood burner pipes to clean them but realised that the pipe that I use to poke out some of the soot from the chimney I'd lent out and hadn't got it back.  I was sitting with my second cup of coffee when my painter arrived in the garden with a telephone bill and he asked if I needed help....he insisted on taking the pipes to the bottom of the garden and cleaning them but pointed out that the brush had seen better times and I needed to replace it.  He also asked if I had one of the smaller ones that they get up on the roof and shove down the chimney and I didn't....but now I have.  I fried off the gammon steak that I'd defrosted the other day and had it with a fried egg and the rest of the baked beans and felt thoroughly stuffed.  Into the Beast and to Djebel, had a chat with my student's mum about nothing in particular and bought the pipe from the hardware shop.  They only had the big brush not the small one so I headed to another hardware shop and gave them my business.

On my way back to the car, my phone went and it was the couple that I was out with yesterday.  They'd left car keys in a jacket in the back of the Beast and asked if it was OK to head over to pick them up.  Apparently they had a spare but five minutes later they phoned back and informed me that the key was only good enough to get it out of danger in case of an accident and not one for driving with....At this I offered to drive it over to them, it was and still is a lovely day so I headed for the new Greek road and was there in ten minutes or so.  We sat in the restaurant and the little girl from yesterday came over and called me 'Elsa' like her star out of Frozen...she hadn't forgotten.  We chewed the fat for half an hour or so and then I was back in the car and took the back road from the new road and it made it an easy journey.

I put the pipes back and there's still a smell of smoke and a reluctance for it to go but that could have been due to the wind.  I'll still have him upon the roof tomorrow....and then it will be done and dusted for the rest of the year.  I've just realised that the snooker season has started again so here I go again with my following of Ronnie your actual....So.....lovely day today....superb weather...more of the same tomorrow please...LN....Fingers crossed...LN

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Monday 18th April

Fell asleep in front of the computer last night and woke up at twelve and staggered down the stairs and to bed.  Trouble was having had an hours sleep I was awake at two again, read for a while and it was six thirty when I was 'compos mentis' again.  Coffee, outside but unfortunately the windows caught my eye....and I knew that the Sahara rain dust had to be removed.  I'd been on the computer this morning and missed the bread van on it's way up the village but caught him on the way down.  I stood with his grandmother, Beyser while I was waiting for him to arrive and unfortunately...having strimmed Haciber's garden she asked if I would be able to do hers.  I explained that I needed to charge the battery and it wouldn't be today but it's on the list along with millions of other item,  Having done the one neighbour though...it has to be somewhere at the top.  My painter didn't turn up to do the chimney.....it's been transferred on to the 'pending' list.

So breakfast was buttered fresh crusty bread with a lump of smoked cheese.  I sorted out my clothes stored in the bedroom and put the winter stuff away.  Stripped the upstairs bed ready for my migration which should take place over the next couple of days.  My guest arrives on Friday.  Washing into the machine and headed for the computer, chased up more cutting blades for the strimmer and my attention was drawn to an advert for yoga retreats and as I read through the advert I chuckled when I looked at day six's itinerary.  Breakfast and 'sinner' had replace breakfast and dinner...typo's...don't you just love them.  I did use the contact form to let them know....let's see if it's ever changed.  

Windows...to horse......outside all done, inside, just the lounge and hallway to be done.  The old sun lounger is out of the little house and under the tree again but I sort of ran out of steam and decided that the sofa and book would be my resting place for the afternoon.  I didn't bank on nodding off for an hour or so.   More reading.... and now I'm watching film on and looking at the windows from my desk...result.

Tomorrow's list has nothing on it apart from more winter clothes away and a few summer things out of store and a little more gardening...the shrubs need sinking into earth....LN....I'm getting there...LN

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Elsa Peters
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Tuesday 19th April

Six thirty start, the washing had finished overnight....I'd set it for the cheap rate electricity.  I'd emptied the fridge out last night and only put back the stuff that was worth eating....the rest has gone.  Out on the terrace by seven for my coffee. first job was to get the bonfire going as I wanted to burn the rubbish before I hung out the washing.  The weather wasn't that good.  There was a cloud base and I thought that rain was imminent so it was out with the lawnmower, cleaned the underneath around the blade and by nine I'd mown the complete top of the garden where the clover seemed most active.  What a start to the day.  Out with the washing, sat out and had bread and cheese for breakfast with my next cup of coffee and by this time the sun had broken through so I took my book out and generally recovered from the mowing.  I took some beef out of the freezer last night and this morning made a curry that went into the slow cooker so that was another job done...ticking 'em off time.

Next job was to move the winter coats from my downstairs bedroom and sort it out into upstairs, downstairs piles.  I stripped the bed, loaded the washing machine again and back to the book while it processed.  Back to the bedroom and dragged the outside sofa onto the terrace and put the cushion into the little house and found the mop and bucket.  All clean, bed made up....and now it was time to finish my upstairs bed....I have officially migrated.

Washing all in, supper was delicious but there was a fiasco with the rice.  I put it to cook and then meandered outside to water the plants and I got a whiff of burning...yes you've guessed it so put on some more, went out to get rid of the first lot and just managed to salvage the second.  No fire tonight...it has been a hot day and the house is still in the twenties.  Just about to turn over for Eggheads....I missed Pointless...I was Skyped.   Only a couple of pickies today...I've been to busy to be out there with the camera.  LN....Time for tele...LN

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Elsa Peters
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Wednesday 20th April

First night in my upstairs bedroom and such a huge bed after the one downstairs.  I did drink too much fizzy water last night so had one or two trips to the little room....it's a good job I remembered I'd relocated....

Washed and dressed by eight and down to the bread van for my breakfast cheesy bread and was settled on the sofa with my book and another coffee and my painter arrived clutching his back pack spray container intending to do the chimney and then the Roundup on the base of the wall at the bottom of the garden.  I've decided that I want a path running along the wall and the plants about a meter in so the cows don't think I've installed a take-away counter for them.  As it happens it was too windy to spray so we concentrated on the chimney and the cleaning thereof...

He borrowed Haciber's ladder not realising that I have better ones than the rickety one he came back with.  We used the head of the lump hammer to weigh the brush down to break through the debris in the chimney and it was all attached to a length of rope.  His first job was to dismantle the chimney cover that my builder had crafted from roof tiles....it's going to go and be replaced with a preformed chimney cover from the builder's yard.  Maybe not so artistic but easier to remove and replace to clean the chimney.  So I was on the bottom end while he bashed away from the roof and in thirty minutes all was restored and I have a clean chimney without much mess at all in the downstairs bathroom.  Lump hammer restored to it's correct functionality, ladder returned and off he trotted with his back pack.

I set about cleaning through hovering first and mopping everything and my home is now finished for guests.  It's not been such a good day today.  It looked like it was going to rain this afternoon but it hasn't so far.  There's a fair wind blowing and it's been dull all day until the end when the hillside lit up as the sun was setting and there was just a final flourish in the sky.  The cows seemed to settle on the hillside on the other side of the garden not protected by a wall and I was a little concerned when they decided that they would all lie down and it looked like they were resting before the onslaught on the boundary.  As it happened the farm hand appeared, rounded them up and took 'em out....Rawhide.  

So nothing to do tomorrow.....I've got the fire going tonight and I've just managed to cook some turkey burgers for supper...not gourmet but adequate...fills the gap so to speak.  LN...Count down to lift off...LN

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Thursday 21st April

Five thirty start and not quite sure where the morning went,  There was no internet.  It had gone off last night when I was half way through one of the cookery programmes but I stoically switched the machine off and took to my book.  I was really tired last night....I'd done a lot in the day and only managed to eat two of the three turkey burgers that I'd cooked so that was breakfast.  I managed to telephone the internet company and by eleven it was back on.  Apparently they are moving servers and in my case it was down....my student's mum is having issues that it's up and down like the proverbial bride's nightie.

I've planted out the shrubs that were in need of love and attention and to do that I had to dig out under the wall and remove some more of the bushes.  It's looking good but I'm not going gungho on the bushes and trees...it has to be done slowly and surely...you can't really superglue them back on if you decided that you want them back.  I did say that I enjoyed this creative gardening but it was wearing a bit thin today.  Nearly there though...there shouldn't be so much debris from the final wall and that hedge is established anyway.

I came in at three for a cold drink ...got my head down for an hour or so....back to my book and was out there again at five.  I cleared up the debris and had a bonfire to get rid of the polythene that I'd discovered digging out under the wall and also a babies crib....don't ask.  They must have missed it or covered it up again when the wall went in.  Eventually came in just before eight....that's the problem with the light nights.  I just missed the sun going down and the moon was very pale when it first came up but it's a lovely specimen now.  You can see so much detail with the naked eye but the camera seems to lose it.  Perhaps and even longer lens might work...I'll have to investigate.

So my guest arrives tomorrow....so morning in the garden, shower and Kardjali for about three thirty depending on which bus he manages to get on from Sofia....Better start writing him a list of things that need doing.....LN...Where was that pen and paper...LN

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Friday 22nd April

It's going to be a short one today.  It was the usual run of the mill stuff this morning.  My washing was out by eight, the bonfire lit by eight fifteen and I grabbed the garden fork and decided to weed the larger of the frog beds.  The shrubs are doing well but the bindweed and chickweed have gone wild so an attempt was made to tame it.  I came in for breakfast and it was three eggs scrambled and that kept me going until tonight.  Back out to the garden again and did the little frog bed.  My guest had phoned at seven this morning to say they were just about to board the plane and the next phone call was to say that he was sitting on the bus at twelve and it was about to leave.  This then meant that I needed to leave home at just after three this afternoon and so I filled the time heaving the lawnmower about and strimmed the flower beds.  And doesn't it look good.

I had five minutes in the sun and waited for the grass trimmings to dry so that I could brush them off my leggings and socks.  I'd completed the job without the box on the back so got covered and next time I must remember to wear safety goggles.  It was hell out there.  Shower, shampoo, hair dried and into the Beast by three ten and arrived at the bus station by three thirty and I beat the bus by ten minutes.  Suitcase into the Beast, over to the coffee shop for five minutes and then the onslaught on Kaufland and Lidl and home for about six thirty.  Picked up a couple of rib-eye steaks from Lidl and they were delicious and I served them up with mushrooms, fried egg and chippies.  The wine came out and I still chose to abstain and stuck to the apple juice.  It's all a matter of choice.  So tomorrow it's Kardjali again....my painter needs to go in to stock up his larder and since he won't take any payment for the jobs that he does for me....I get my own back iin my own sweet way.  Slo it's down to the bus stop for nine thirty in the morning....let's see what we can find him in the cheapy clothes shop...LN...I'm down for my guest and five minutes before bed time...LN...and the camera will be out tomorrow.....
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Elsa Peters
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Saturday 23rd April

Five thirty start this morning  and read for a while and then went back to sleep with the light still on.  Second awakening was at seven thirty so down for coffee taking it very quietly while my guest snored gently in the downstairs bedroom.  I went outside and sat for a while, came in to refresh the coffee and at eight fifteen made tea and delivered it bearing in mind that we'd arranged to pick up my painter for a trip to Kardjali.  I know how long it takes my guest to come round to morning activity.  

Into the Beast at nine twenty and at the allotted meeting place as agreed and off we settled.  My only problem is that I'm now having to translate what's going on and I sometimes forget the English word for it....challenges I enjoy....we'll see.  The programme was set out by my painter.  He wanted to look for a industrial type strimmer so we did the round of shops but I suggested that he tries mine out to make sure that it does the job that he wants it to do so today way purely exploratory and it was successful.  So into Mania and two shirts for the boys and a handbag for me...three leva and you can't turn your nose up that.  We walked back to the car, I popped into the shoe shop and came out with another pair of casuals and then on to Kaufland where I spied the flower 'hospital' and decided that they would me more suited to garden since they were all fantastically reduced in price and wanting only a little love and consideration.  Last stop Lidl and then home via the dirt road...it does take kilometres off the journey.  Painter dropped off and we've arranged to take the strimmer down in the morning to attack his garden....watered the flowers well and they're looking better already....chicken wings and jacket potatoes in the oven, washing done and dried since we've got back and even started weeding the garden.

Six thirty my time and supper is more or less ready.....It's an early update tonight and it might just be a night for a glass of the red stuff....to help supper go down.  LN....I'm going to take in the last of the sun...LM

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Elsa Peters
April 24, 2016, 6:00pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 24th April

So we were both absolutely knacked last night and there was snoring coming from the downstairs bedroom by nine fifteen.  I managed to stay awake until eleven but even so I was up and awake at seven and the sun beat me to it.  I took my coffee outside and was surprised to see that my guest had woken up and was sitting reading in the kitchen by seven thirty....and for those that know him it was almost a first.

Bacon, fried egg and bread for breakfast and I'd tidied away by nine and it was out to the bench for the second cup of coffee but there were a few drops of rain so the bench was moved under the bedroom balcony and we sat there until it was time to leave for my painter's house with the strimmer.  The cutter replaced the chord and it was a training session in the use of while I stayed quite clear.  His wife was there and it was the first time that I'd met her and we were presented with cakes made that morning and cranberry juice that they had made.  Unfortunately I'm not sure that the machine will do the job that he wants it to do....he thinks he's getting too old for using the scythe and thinks that this will replace it.  

Back home for twelve thirty and I set about repotting some of my plants and taking cuttings.  I cleared out all the old pots and mixed the compost with new stuff to give plants a better start.  I forgot to mention that my guest brought me over a root of jasmine but without leaves.  I planted it up yesterday as soon as he gave it to me and it's already put out a small branch and the leaf is forming.  You just can't buy some of the shrubs here.  By two the heaven opened, the thunder crashed and lightening flashed.  The temperature dropped and so it was light the fire time and settle down with a book.  The sun did break through again and there was a complete rainbow ...so nice to see...and so tempting to leap into the field and start digging away...

A supper of cold cuts with home-made potato salad....very adequate and nine my time and almost time for bed.  The sky has really clouded over again and no hint of the sun tonight.  Quiet day again tomorrow....supposedly sun and thunderstorm around again.  LN.....I am still an alcohol free zone....LN

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Elsa Peters
April 25, 2016, 3:37pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 25th April

Up at six thirty, coffee and back to bed with my book until I realised that a visit to the bread van was sorely needed.  I'd bought the last lot from Kaufland and after a day it really needs replacing.  I did come back with two cheesy breads for breakfast though...saved any effort on my part.  The ladies asked about my guest and I said that he was still sleeping and that there was a gentle snoring coming from the bedroom....which most of them have forgotten about so I was awakening old memories for them.

The breakfast went down well and I was out to the garden and it's been a day of weeding and digging around the base of the special tree.  Lots of old builder's rubble had been dumped at the base of it and I wanted to give a couple of new shrubs a fighting chance and then came the standing stone.  It was a huge chunk of concrete that took me ages to dig out and I toyed with the idea of leaving it half exposed and then abandoned the idea.  I might do it down the bottom of the garden.  Planted up one of the very leafy jasmine and a rooted juniper horizontalis and one more under the hig trees against the wall.  We came in for lunch, messed around with water bottles and siphons that didn't work properly and due to the drop in temperature it was into the lounge with the Kindles and it was sleepy time for both of us.  I woke up at four thirty, grabbed a coffee, lit the fire and now I'm about to do a chicken and leek something with pasta.  Domestic goddesses...eat your hearts out.  

The skies have been amazing today....I love the variances between the blue and the different hues of greys...there must have been at least fifty shades of it.  The house is smelling delicious of jasmine and gardenia and they are far enough apart to be able to differentiate between them.  Kitchen calls....and tomorrow Djebel for starters for a new fork handle and no jokes please...or Kardjali if we don't manage to find one.....LN....I'm kitchen bound...LN

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Elsa Peters
April 26, 2016, 5:08pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 26th April

Rain. rain go away, come again another day....but it didn't.  Well it did briefly but it was back by six this evening.  I hit the sack last night at about twelve after my afternoon escape to snoozeland and I had to get up and close the curtains, the storm was raging and the lightening seemed to close for comfort.  I've never been one for standing out on the balcony and watching the lightening zig and zag on to the hillsides.  I think we lost power for an hour or so...the timer on the boiler had to be reset this morning.

So up by six thirty and not a mountain to be seen and all I could hear was the steady drip of the rain on the balcony rail...I really must replace the pink sock that breaks its fall from the roof.  The said sock became a casualty of the last storm and fell onto the downstairs terrace but it's now washed and ready for action.  Back top bed with my coffee....there must have been a sunrise somewhere but definitely not here.  Breakfast was yesterday's cheesy bread fried up along with bacon and eggs and it went down well and the rest of the morning was filled with a load of washing, the Kindle and Angry Birds....it was too wet for anything else.  By lunchtime it had eased so we got in the Beast and headed to Kardjali clutching the list.  I put the empty bottles ready to take with us and forgot them so we carried on to the garage and I got the tyres checked and an old car spring for making my next garden wood sculpture so watch this space.  

On to the hardware shop and bought some more clay flower pots for the patio.  They are just as cheap as the plastic ones, look better and last longer so why not.  Into the second hand clothes shop and I found a couple of pairs of long shorts and a duvet cover to make new covers for my outside furniture at a silly price and over to the next one and I found a body warmer for my guest since he'd though that he wouldn't need one....'nuf said.  Late lunch of hot dogs, chippies at Kaufland, back home for five.  I washed the things that we'd bought, lit the fire and we both settled down for an hour or so.  No photos today.....it's been a dull old day and the rain looks like it's set in for the evening.  The lights have just flickered....there must be a storm somewhere and I hope it's heading away and not towards.  I'll take shots of the pots tomorrow and of the new creative endeavour....LN...Now going to think of something for supper....wish me luck...LN
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Elsa Peters
April 27, 2016, 6:17pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 27th April

Really good sleep and woke up at seven but no hills were alive with the sound of anything....well...no hills...only mist.  Read for a while before I headed down to get my coffee and the drawing of the big curtain that separates the lounge area from the huge windows woke my guest up...not my fault...it's morning.

Breakfast was tomatoes on toast and by nine I was washed, dressed, washed up from breakfast and went out to start the bonfire and what a let down it's been today.  The sun eventually came out but the wind was very chill so it's as well that the bonfire didn't get going properly...I could have said goodbye to the village.  So my trusty English garden fork has a new handle thanks to my guest.  It's al little bit taller than the other but I suppose I could stand in a grow bag and keep my fingers crossed...and the rest of the day was taken up with pottering.  I chopped down some more of the wild hedge that growing along the long wall and that's the stuff that I was burning or at least trying to.  The rest of the little bushes have had all of the  thick branches cut out of them and they are going to be made into topiary balls which should amuse the locals.  I tried to explain it to my sheep farmer when we had five minutes over the garden wall but it doesn't come into there reasoning but he did complement me on the state of my garden saying it looked like a 'stadium'.....hard work achieves results.

Just finished supper and tonight we had a pork tenderloin with sweet and sour barbecue sauce with jackets, peas and carrots.  The rest of the pineapple we finished off with fresh yoghurt for the healthier and cream for me... Only a couple of pickies.....I didn't get round to it...that's what guests do for you.....Free agenda for tomorrow so far.....we'll see how it pans out.  Kitchen finished, time for book before bedtime....only two left in the series Kathy Reich's series....LN...time to find another series...LN

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Elsa Peters
April 28, 2016, 5:53pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 28th April

What a silly night.  I was falling asleep on the sofa last night so I took myself to bed and was asleep by ten thirty.  So far so good.  I didn't draw the curtains, there was no storm in the offing and I'm not normally disturbed by the moon but I was wide awake at one and looked up and there it was....really bright orange and it was definitely a photo-shoot opportunity...couldn't miss it.  So out on to the balcony I went ...I tried to photo the stars...there were just so many of them...it was impossible....I need a new camera.  It nippy out there and I was soon back into bed but there wasn't an ounce of sleep in me and I ended up with Angry Birds and Kathy Reich.  Eventually at four this morning I managed to get my head down yet again until six thirty.

Breakfast of bacon and scrambled egg and I was determined this morning to get that fire going....and I succeeded.  I carried on digging up the wild plums and cutting them really low to make my topiary balls, quick hard boiled eggs for lunch with mayo and then back to the garden again.  I scattered some seeds on the little grave garden and we'll see what manages to come up.  Out with my trusty strimmer and cleared round the grave garden and down to the bottom to finish the end of the long wall when tragedy struck.  I broke the cutter carrier plate and so into Kardjali and Lidl and I managed to get a new machine.  On the upside I now have two batteries so can do twice the work.

Supper was liver and onions with mashed potatoes but I had to compromise on the gravy....no Bisto.  I managed to concoct the equivalent of Swedish meatball gravy using flour, butter and OXO cubes  and I shall do it again...very complementary to the liver.  There wasn't much of a sunset...there was too many grey clouds lingering.  Not sure what the weather is supposed to do tomorrow...I prefer to wait and see...I'm not on holiday.  So fire going...I can hear it crackling downstairs ...either that or the house is on fire.  Nine o'clock my time and feeling OK tonight....it must be the liver...I should buy it more often.  LN.....I'm about to settle in with my book....another twenty percent outstanding...LN

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Elsa Peters
April 29, 2016, 5:01pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 29th April

Caught the sky just before six this morning after a good night's sleep.  Out on to the balcony with the camera but as for actual sunrise, the clouds had come over and it was a bit of a let down,  And that's how it's been for the rest of the day.  The clouds haven't lifted much, we've had dribs and drabs of rain but nothing to really write home about.  It didn't stop my exploits in the garden....I've cleared more of the long wall rough area  and my guest got out the big strimmer and cleared the grass from the base of it and also under the short stone wall.  He was a bit hampered by the debris that had been thrown down there by the men when they were building the wall but now at last I can see it and just need to clear away the half concrete blocks and old yellow stone.  I've had a good day ...not sure of my guest.....I think he's a little frazzled tonight.  I also managed to weed the veg garden and intended sowing beans and more carrots since the ants seem to have devoured the original seed layering....I think I'll put the beans near the ant nest and see if they can carry those beasties....

We had a good breakfast and a very late lunch so we're not really in the mood for much tonight which is just a well....I'm not really in the mood for heading into the kitchen and being creative....So on Good Friday we had a good day.....and tomorrow we might just take the Beast out and find something interesting to do...time to get the maps out.  I'm going for a little Filmon...I'm getting withdrawal symptoms...LN...Out of routine...LN

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Elsa Peters
April 30, 2016, 6:24pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 30th April

Woke up at five this morning and the moon was up...well half of it was showing....it's fading away rapidly.  I tried reading but really wasn't in the mood but then tried putting my head down again but nothing doing so back to the book and then tried again.  Successfully this time and came to at seven thirty.  The sun had come up but it was so gentle that you might miss it.  The mist was hanging in the valley and when I went down for my coffee, my guest was already sitting in the kitchen playing on his DS so I took my coffee outside to sit in the sun.  He joined me after a few minutes and it was really pleasant sitting out and that sun had some warmth in it.

Back in for bacon and eggs with fried bread and it seemed to keep us going until supper time tonight.  I went out to start on the bottom of the garden again...I tried strimming but the grass was holding too much water while my guest set to to mend the bottom of the main gate.  It did entail removing it from the hinges leaving a great hole so as well as mending the gate he was on cow watch to make sure that the bastard bovines didn't trespass but they were already in Star Mush's garden with Byser making sure that they didn't leach over into hers.  

The Librarian arrived unannounced at about one thirty with her neighbour.  They'd been to Kardjali selling chickens and she'd bought a couple of small rabbits.  They were cuties but I suggested that we put them in a larger box and give them some water and dandelion leaves and they spent ages giving themselves a good wash....I suppose the only water they'd had was from a drinking bottle...this afternoon... luxury.  We sat and drank coffee and off they went at about three remembering to take the rabbits with them.  I got chicken out of the freezer so that it could thaw out for supper and it came with home made chippies and baked beans.

The gate was reassembled and hung around six and I packed my tools away about the same time and in we came.  Supper was served, I washed up and lit the fire....it's not that it's cold...just pleasant to watch.  We're off to the restaurant the other side of Benkovski tomorrow for lunch with the Librarian and her neighbour....it's a day off from work...that can wait until Monday...after all it's Easter Sunday here.  Variable cloudiness according to the weather forecast for tomorrow...which means they haven't got a clue where it's going to be cloudy....Too busy to take photos today...promise to do better tomorrow....LN...I'll huff and I'll puff and blow the clouds away tomorrow...LN

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linda g
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Happy Easter Elsa. I know its not the right time for the rest of the globe. We already had ours. Hope you had a nice lunch out. Did u get a private msg from me on here? Wasn't sure i sent it properly......lol 😟🌹✉😕
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