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MAY 2016
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Elsa Peters
May 1, 2016, 5:39pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 1st May

Silly start at five and put the light on to read but I went back to sleep immediately with the light on and didn't wake until seven thirty.  Sun up, guest up and computer up and played a few games of Freecell and two DM sudoku before I went down for my coffee.  Lazy Easter Sunday.

Breakfast was boiled eggs for one and beans on toast for me, I showered first to get the best of the hot water and devil take the hindmost for the next.  Did a load of washing and it was such a beautiful day that out it went....hot in the sun but a little chill in the wind.  Pegged out, into the Beast for twelve twenty and off we set for the motel to pick up our lunch dates.  Arrived at the fish restaurant, found an outside table, ordered the salads and chippies, hamburgers, largish whitebait, pork from the barbecue and calamaris and nothing got sent back and even the cats and dogs had lean pickings...like nothing.  We finished off with coffee and then did a walk round the site and they have new cages for peacocks, goats and there was an injured deer limping its way around the enclosure....and where was the camera when you need it....at home and my phone was in the car.  Paid the bill and walking back to the car there was a tourist map of the stone wind carvings in the area so we stopped off to investigate a few of them but you need vivid imagination and since the wind had got up...mine had gone awol.  To do them properly I need decent shoes...the last thing I want is an injury...no disability payments out here....

We drove back to the motel and had coffee, the Librarian and her guest  got into their car and we headed home arriving at almost six...it's been a long lunch hour.  Managed to get the washing in before the damp set in, neither of us want anything to eat yet awhile so I lit the fire and we both settled into our Kindles....

Lovely restful day and we've made arrangements to go to another fete on Friday towards Haskovo....LN...No chill pills or alcohol needed tonight...LN

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Elsa Peters
May 2, 2016, 6:09pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 2nd May

At three a.m there was a blinking big fly buzzing round and I was on the hunt for fly spray.  I was reading at the time and it sort of dive bombed my bedside light so it had to go.  Success....gone to that great buzz home in the sky.  Head back down again and seven thirty when I checked out the clock.  I crept down, there were snores coming from the guest room so I was outside with my coffee watching the flowers grow and the birds feeding.  The sun was up and it was pretty warm sitting out but I jumped to and gathered up the stuff to be burnt and got the fire going...another day polluting the atmosphere.  I washed and dressed for Djebel...the intention was to go to the market, the hardware store to get some washers to raise the gate up an inch or so and see what else was on offer.  I'd already had poached egg on toast when my guest blearily came into the kitchen and I left him to his own devices regarding his breakfast....I was eager to be off and we made it to the car by eleven thirty.  Problem is I have the feeling that the day is half over by then.  

I managed to park at the back of the town...all the car parks were full...it's market day and a holiday for some people.  I went to pay my MTel bill to be told that I didn't have one and that it would probably be in in a couple of days....so that's Friday then...I'm not going in before.  We bought a couple of t-shirts from the market, went to see my restaurant lady and found that they no longer have the restaurant but a coffee bar next to the shop....so we stopped for a coffee and a chat...they hadn't seem my guest since last year so wanted an update.  Over to the hardware shop and on to my student's mum's shop and delivered the empty plastic bottles for recycling and on to the supermarket for a few things and home by three more or less.  A late lunch and then the garden was calling and while I was washing up from lunch I heard the lawn mower going...bliss...someone else was pushing it and not me but it was short lived....he ran out  of steam so I took over and finished the job and it looks really good.  It was hard work since the clover had taken on mammoth proportions but it's now tamed.  Finished off with the strimmer and eventually came in just before seven.  Straight to the kitchen and made boiled potatoes and mixed them with fried onions and spicy sausage and finished off with cherries and fresh yoghurt.  

A day of achievement....and I'm absolutely knacked but with the weather being so changeable, the grass takes on a life of its own....so it had to be tamed.  I did manage five minutes with the camera ....the shrubs and flowers are at last coming into their own in the garden.  It's taken a while but they look really pretty.  So let me bore you with a few shots....and then I'm off to appreciate the fire.  LN...Enjoy...LN

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Elsa Peters
May 3, 2016, 6:23pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 3rd May

Very wet night and extremely wet morning but at least it's good for the garden.  Hint of a rainbow this morning but too far away to get the shovel out and the fields were too wet anyway.  Grey as you like but then the clouds lifted....I'd cooked bacon, egg and fried bread, washed up and played on the computer for an hour or so so I thought it was time I got dressed and got on.  Only slight rain and I planted up two sorts of beetroot, three sorts of beans and I only have one section of the garden that needs filling with something.  I've also been emptying various seed packets in odd spots in the garden and as I normally say...they have two choices...either they will or they won't and it should be fun sorting out what's where if and when they come through.

So I made a decision...the metal bank was to be moved...I was fed up of looking at it and I'm still waiting for the gypsy with the cart to arrive to move it.  I've now put it in front of the little house on the area that's been earmarked as 'terrace' and since I had to dig a lot of the old metal fence out because it had been covered as part of the wall build, it should be easier for them to remove.  Next stage is to level the site and get a few shrubs in and see what seeds I have left....

Next project was to attach the plastic coated fencing to the front of the cement block wall in front of the workshop terrace so that the plants have something to climb up and hang on to.....It was a bit of a job sorting the clematis and the wisteria....they sort of mingled together but we got there eventually.  Trimmed the cranberry...every time I walked underneath it it bashed my head so it had to go and I did start a bonfire off but it didn't really take off.....First job for tomorrow.

I came in just before seven.  I'd taken pork out of the freezer this morning so I knocked up a really hot curry and just managed to squeeze enough rice for two from the jar and I've now written it on the list that I'll forget when I head for town...Sod's law. Washing up done, Kindles charged but I need to find myself a new book list.  I'm not enjoying the last that I have of Kathy Riechs ...although I might invest in the last five books of the series....thanks to Mr D of S I have a birthday voucher that hasn't been spent yet and while we're on the subject...welcome home to Mr and Mrs D of S.....they've returned today.

So computer away....a little tidying tomorrow but nothing to energetic....I'm feeling a little knacked tonight....LN....I should sleep well...fingers crossed....LN

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Elsa Peters
May 4, 2016, 4:30pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 4th May

Damp terrace yet again this morning and someone had stolen the mountains and didn't return them until around ten thirty.  Cooked breakfast of spicy sausage and eggs at this well known four star...it would be five but no lift.

Out to the garden about the same time that the mountains came into view and the bonfire eventually went...it was very reluctant again.  Perhaps as well...it gave the washing time to dry before it belched forth.  So all the wood from the workshop terrace is now in bite sized chunks for the wood burner and thank you to my guest and the reciprocating saw.  I did have to go on the other end of the sawing horse...I was ballast.  I've potted up three ornamental gourds to grow up the wire meshing, cleared out the cut out ready to plant something in there and erected my standing stone that had a very spooky face when the rain got at it....Na..na..na...na...

The rain eventually stopped play at three thirty and was I pleased to sit down for a while.  I lit the fire to keep the damp at bay and supper...shepherd's pie should be ready in about ten so I'm not going to linger long.  Good day but knacked...tomorrow into Kardjali if the weather is not so good...there are one or two things on offer that I want from Kaufland.  Knowing my luck though...they've probably sold out but if I don't go I'll never know....LN...Kitchen calls...LN

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Elsa Peters
May 5, 2016, 6:25pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 5th May

Cold, miserable, weather and the fire going ever since we got back from shopping.

It was a dull old start to the day and I was hoping it would clear up but it never did.  Breakfast went OK and this morning it was bacon, eggs and fried bread and I've got to stop the habit before it becomes a compulsion....On the one hand I'm trying to take four kilos off but on the other hand...bacon does it for me in the morning....sort of sets me up for the day.

So into the car by nine thirty and the drive into Kardjali was OK apart from one or two dipsticks that hadn't a clue where they were going.  It's been quoted on the internet just lately that a lot of people 'bought' their driving licences and they're having a bit of a purge. I've got the feeling that most today had been shopping for one and not sat the test,  Mine's good...and it's Bulgarian....but years of driving on the British roads make you very aware of other users especially on the motorways.  First stop Basmar to purchase the paint for my next project, into Kaufland and they didn't have the oil lamp they were advertising...sold out..On to Billa and the main purchase for my guest was a bottle of White Port and into Lidl for a few things that we couldn't live without.  I'd noticed that the lights on the dashboard didn't light up when I put the key in soI stopped off at the garage on the way back and suggested that it was about time the oil was changed and a new filter fitted.  They checked the mileage or kilo-meterage and I'd got five to go before it should have been done.....Internal timing or what kicking in...

Off to the soup kitchen for lunch while they fixed the car...all sorted and home for three thirty and five lit by three forty....shopping unpacked and sleep by four fifteen.  It was definitely sleepy valley this afternoon.  Jacket potatoes in when I woke up and supper was under way, chicken kebabs cooked on the top and put into the oven, honey glazed and delicious.  I've phoned the Librarian...we were off to one of the neighbouring villages for a fete worse than death tomorrow but I've cancelled.  It's supposed to be storm clouds and thundering by eleven, it's an open site and lunch al fresco in the rain doesn't figure in my book.  There's another one on Saturday in another village so we might make that one.

Nine my time.....please warm up weather...it's warmer in the UK at present...not so pleasant...but I must keep repeating...'good for the gardens'.  LN....I'm back to the fire and my book...LN  

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Elsa Peters
May 6, 2016, 3:39pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 6th May

So I woke at six, started to read my book and then realised that there was lots more sleep in me.  Down for the count again and my guest actually brought me up a cup of coffee.....now there's a first.  I made my way downstairs and there are smells coming from the kitchen and there was a with that he was only cooking his own breakfast so I went out to the garden and there was a 'breakfast is on the table' so I went in and I could smell something burnt and unfortunately it was on my plate.  His was even worse so he said....He'd used the fat last night with honey that I'd cooked the chicken in and blamed the honey for the chard bacon....He blamed the honey...I blamed him....I reckon it's his way of getting me to get to the kitchen before him each morning....It worked.

I was still hanging around in my PJ's when the Librarian and friend arrived in the garden clutching the chain saw that my guest is going to look at for her.  I'd phoned last night to say that we would no be going to the fete today since the weather forecast was naff but she'd arrived o the off chance so we dressed quickly and set off by tenish.  As it turned out it didn't rain until we were winding up the day at a friend's house in the same village.  We had to park away from the venue...people came from miles around and we legged it to the first restaurant and sat down for drinks.  As it happened lunch time came round quickly so we had a barbecued chicken, chippies and salad with the statutory loaf of bread and spend another hour sitting there absorbing the atmosphere.  We decided to move before we took root and walked the site and my attention was drawn to a man who had a banjo with the back of it made from a cooking pot...very original.  The rest of his group quickly assembled and set up to serenade and group of diners.....I asked permission for a photo and the one game me a lovely smile.

Walking back to the car we bought Halva...a Turkish delicacy...and more sweets that we happily munched as we walked back.  We stopped at the flower stall and I bought some snapdragons and the Librarian some pinks and then over to the friends house where we had coffee and into the car as the heavens opened and there were lots of people running back to there vehicles.  The police seem to have lost control at this point on the crossroads...everybody was doing there own thing to get back on the main road.  Back to mine for coffee....it's Zlatograd fete tomorrow and if the weather's good we'll be there at the restaurant by ten and if no we won't....play it cool.

No supper planned...there's cold meat and pickles that will do for the hungry...I don't think I can manage a thing but it's still a little early to think about it.  LN....It's been a good day...the music and festivities lighten the spirits...LN

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sorry .sorry .........sorry very sorry ..........
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Elsa Peters
May 7, 2016, 6:14pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 7th May

No worries my Librarian friend...you can't be responsible for locals when they want to be irresponsible...   My consolation...it was pouring down when I dropped them off...

So awake by six and up and about eight...a really lazy start.  The weather was OK but the current standards and the forecast reckoned that it would be raining by three and they weren't far out.  Poached eggs on toast with ham for breakfast and then a quick shufty to be in the car by nine forty five to get to the restaurant by gen and we managed it.  It got a little confusing as you can probably tell by the beginning of this update...we were giving locals a lift to the Zlatograd fete but they were late and it got confusing as to who was taking whom and where we were picking others up fro.  It was eventually sorted and we managed to park not far from the venue but it was heaving.  

It was a really pleasant morning...we lost the natives and they were supposed to be on the end of a phone for when we were going back but more about that later.  Zlatograd day was all about the Bulgarian culture and the pride in all things of the Rhodope mountains.  There was a huge bagpipe band with players of all ages including little ones, gun and knife toting supposedly patriotic renegades...drum dancers...angelic virgins waving handkerchiefs, vibrant local singers and lots of people in their village local dress.  Unfortunately all the restaurants were heaving and with very long queues and not a lot of change of finding a table so we headed to a restaurant further into the town which was still good but outside of the event.  Lots of stalls selling wood carvings and local art to be seen but by two I was ready to go to my butchers and buy my mince meat and think about heading home and this is where it became difficult.  

On the way in we'd been blasted out by telephone music and never ending yapping and we'd decided that we were not going to be a taxi but one of the ladies had now acquired a male and waved up down as we were making a break for freedom.  As I said, the heavens opened on the drive back and I left them outside the restaurant and we headed off to buy a box of chocolates for my Avatar's homecoming which was supposed to be later today....but to date there have been no sightings.

So tomorrow is going to be a restful day...we've done much too much coming and going over the last couple of days.  Supper was liver and onions with mashed potatoes and my own few broad beans mixed with peas to pad them out.  They were after all the only two that had survived the winter....this years twenty or so are now in flower so there should be more.  LN....Cultured out but a gardening day tomorrow between the showers....LN

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Elsa Peters
May 8, 2016, 5:23pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 8th May

Seven start and eventually joined the land of the living by eight but there were no other movers and grooves at that time.  Not a sign of the mountains this morning...there was so much mist that I couldn't even see the bottom of the garden.  Out in my PJ's with my waistcoat on to keep the morning chill at bay and my box of matches, I set fire to the kitchen rubbish and my bathroom rubbish and the smoke gently mingled with the mist.  I moved on and weeded my parsnip bed and accidentally dug one up that I thought was a weed but what a tremendous root it has on it.  I put it back in and it must be all down to my double digging...they'll be all the way to Australia...watch out Linda...

Back in to cook a breakfast of spicy sausage that wanted using, bacon and fried eggs and that did me until tonight.  I got a couple of loads of washing out. strimmed the grass between the wall and the house and removed the new growth from the base of the cranberry near the workshop terrace.  I took it away so that any rain that falls is used up on the branches carrying fruit and not the others.   As I walked back to the main door I saw some chocolate on the bench and my Avatar had been round and left me a gift already.  I went into the house and picked up the honeysuckle that I'd cut for her yesterday and the box of chocolates and headed towards her house but there was a welcoming committee round her gate.  We gave each other a hug and it was hugs all round for the others as well and they were laughing because she is so white and not like the rest of us.  I've told her that she'll be alright in a couple of days when she gets going in the garden....she's got a lot of planting to do.  I know she's pleased to be back....

She popped round later in the day...her nephew had borrowed my tyre pump and he hadn't returned it before heading off to Djebel.  I think it's been an experience for her to go to Germany for the winter...and she'll have a lot of settling in to do.  So as for me...the thunder started as we talked in the garden and then there were a few spots of rain but someone was getting more than we were.  I tidied up and came inside, sat reading for a while and then into the kitchen to prepare and cook a roast chicken for tonight.  I'd got a few parsnips and a red cabbage and before Princess ask how much....it was about one kilogram....Everything was cooked to perfection...it's turned into a gentle night with a few clouds but no wind.  Tomorrow looks the same...good to start but thunderstorms rattling around later in the day.  I'm not sure what's on the agenda for tomorrow...currently nothing...LN..Let's see what tomorrow brings...LN

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Elsa Peters
May 9, 2016, 6:21pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 9th May

Six start so I was reading so that I didn't disturb my guest.  I crept down for a coffee and had the second one at seven.  Again I couldn't see the bottom of the garden...what is it with this weather....it's wearing a bit thin now.  I stripped my bed and got the quilt cover into the washing machine and out by nine thirty which was just as well.  Back in to cook tomatoes on toast and then out to the garden determined to plant the new self-set acer half way down the long wall. Where the cherry tree came down last year has left a gap in the wall and I can see the electricity pylon from the garden....the intention is that this tree will fill up some of the gap and in twenty years or so...it should look good.  Not sure if I'll see it...but someone might appreciate it being there.....   I then found the mole tablets out and 'planted' them in the runs...the blighters are having a field day in the damp soft soil....I hope they enjoy the feast...

Tree in but it took some digging to get rid of the old wild plum and the roots but I think the newby should be OK.  The next task was to clear the pile of soil which was at the back of the old metal heap, dump some of it down the bottom of the garden and smooth over the rest to improve the bank.  I was going well with it but then there was a rumble in the jungle and the sky had turned a horrible shade of grey and I reckoned it was time to put the toys away but that was after I got the washing in.  Priorities....I didn't want damp sheets lying around.

In for the afternoon with a book and a packet of crisps and lit the fire at four.  There were some really loud bangs and tremendous flashes and this seems to be the format at the moment.   Cold chicken and chips for supper....it was the remains of yesterday's roast.

It's supposed to improve tomorrow...fingers crossed...we're off to Kardjali.  Now down to the fire and to a new book...the last one was kind of laboured and I'm giving this new author one last try even though there are ten in the set....LN....I hear a crackle so I'm off...LN

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