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JUNE 2016
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Elsa Peters
June 1, 2016, 5:38pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 1st June

Welcome Sarah….I shall have to make the effort and head the Beast out in your direction…

What a lovely start to the day…I opened the curtains and there was a very red sun coming over the mountain.  I grabbed the camera and made my way outside and took a few shots and posted them on FB for those lazy ones that don’t manage ever to see the sunrise.  There were lots of ‘likes’ so at least it was appreciated.

Out for the bread van this morning and beat most of my ladies and was first in the queue.  I came back with bread and cheesy bread and the cheesy bread was my breakfast.  I sat out on the terrace with that and another coffee came in, washed the dishes from yesterday and it was still only nine o’clock.   I did go out with the intention of starting on the bottom of the garden but instead deleted loads of junk emails that had found their way to the ‘Inbox’ and it makes me wonder who sold what to whom to make my email visible.  So the time ticked on and it was twelve before I burst into anything like action which soon faded and it was back to my book.

I headed to the kitchen at three and peeled potatoes, carrots, sliced onions, collected broad beans from the garden and made a mixed vegetable salad.  I hard boiled some eggs, took some mince out of the freezer and made hamburgers.  I plated up two lots and trotted over the road with one for my Avatar at about five.  She commented that it was like a restaurant serving and later brought the plate round saying that it was very tasty.  Everything washed and tidied away and I’ve really enjoyed a day of doing very little.  More of the same tomorrow please….LN…The decision will be mine….LN

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Elsa Peters
June 2, 2016, 5:57pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 2nd June

Comedy playhouse last night in my village.  I looked out of the front facing bedroom window and my Avatar is out there with her wheelbarrow and loading it up with the gravel put out by the council for spreading on the road.  Now this had all been renewed in April when bad weather was threatened so there was quite a pile so crept out with the camera and boy did she jump....and then we fell about laughing.  I called her the thief of the village and at that point my other neighbour arrived to help in the removal so I did take the photo.  My other neighbour slung the shovel over her shoulder and off they set but stopped about five yards on and I realised that it was hard work for my Avatar.  I commandeered the wheelbarrow after much deliberation and set off for her house.  I am now party to the theft....ah well the three of us in prison will have a great time.  

So this morning I was up at the crack of but there was a slow start to the day.  The sun didn't break through until about nine and it was pretty grim all day.  I printed out the photo and ran it through the laminator and delivered them both at copy at eight this morning and again we chuckled about the night time antics of the village ladies.  Out with the strimmer to tackle the outside of the front wall and up she came again with the barrow in the daylight to see what she missed.  Poor pickings so to speak.

That was about the height of my activity. It's been a depressing day weather-wise. We had sun,cloud, brisk winds that moved some of the things on the terrace, it went a little chill so I got the book out and then nodded off for a couple of hours until five this afternoon when I burst into action again.   Started the bonfire, strimmed the little garden, trimmed the hedge at the bottom of the garden, cleared a heap of metal from when a bucket collapsed and weeded the little bed in front of the old stacked tiles.  Looked at the clock and it was just after half seven so tools away, enough for today.

More of the same tomorrow I think although the weather is supposed to be more settled.  I've got tobacco to plant and move around, the fig tree really needs to go in and zinnias to put into the main terrace bed . How else do I attract the humming moth....   LN....I'm going to find some supper...LN

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Elsa Peters
June 3, 2016, 6:12pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 3rd June

So my early morning alarm call was a thunder strike that appeared to be outside on the road….I looked out and no damage recorded.  Coffee on the go and it was a pretty grim day out there.  It’d rained overnight which was good for the garden and my new shrubs…and it looked like it was set in for the day….so much for my prediction that it looked like it was settling down.  We are due to have this sort of weather for a week or so.

I intended to go out early and move some of the seedlings and put the tobacco out but with the weather forecast being what it is I thought it could wait for another day or so.  It was out with the book and I read until about eleven when I made a trip over to my Avatars and it wasn’t until I got to the door that I noticed all the little black rubber shoes and realised she’d got a houseful.  I’d only gone to deliver a bottle of salad cream that I would never use bought in for my guest so I dropped it on the table and continued in to the room where she was slaving over a hot wood burner while eight of the neighbours were watching her and making a few suggestions when it came to turn over the huge pancake that she was making.  I kept well out of it, greeted the ladies in my usual fashion and then said my fond farewells much to the annoyance of some of the ladies.  I wasn’t dressed for visiting so back home I went.  Out with the book again and at two thirty this afternoon my lunch arrived courtesy of Haciber and I took it upstairs to eat while I was checking my emails and FB.  Down to the sofa again, stuffed to the gills, back to the book and ….sleep.  I did managed to get out and move some plants around and clear the bed under my tree but I’ve left it to the weather today….it’s doing more good for the garden that me.

So I caught the end of Pointless and at last the jackpot has gone and over to Eggheads and watched Kevin get knocked out…but at least thanks to Dave the jackpot didn’t go.  No supper, I’ve just despatched about ten breadsticks and that will do until morning….the weather seems to have settled down but I lit the fire earlier….it’s cold.  LN…Time to throw a log on…and it’s June…LN

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Elsa Peters
June 4, 2016, 4:51pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 4th June

Gentle sunrise at six this morning but the mist was covering up most of it and it took a long time to burn off.  Despite the sun it was a tad nippy out there so I came in again, got back into bed and finished the last ten percent of the book that I was reading...I couldn't manage it last night despite great efforts.  I eventually dug myself out again, got a load of washing in and made toast and jam for breakfast...I really must get in and do a major shop but I was waiting for a phone call from my student and if she'd managed to get an appointment with the dentist, we were going in to Kardjali but all was quiet on the western front so I got dressed for gardening.

I went over to Avatar's house to deliver the dishes from yesterday and there she was with a bucket of cement and she was mending her wall.  The rain last night had brought some of it down so she was repairing it before it got any worse.  I offered to help but she had one foreman on the job already so I said my font farewells and left her to it.  I hung out the washing and was preparing for an onslaught on the garden and managed to spend about an hour out there before it was in with the washing and down with the rain.  It's June for goodness sake.  The thunder rolled in along with it so I tidied up the mess I'd created and put the tools away.  

And that has been it for the afternoon.  I lay on the sofa and tried to go to sleep but I was cold but too lazy to get up and close the door and shut the windows and I guess you know what I mean.  In the end I did but I lit the fire around the same time and not it's OK.  I could put socks and a sweater on but it's not what we're used to.  I've even moved back downstairs to sleep and that's not normal....It's usually summer weight duvet and door to the terrace open but not this year.

At last the rain has stopped but it's still cold....I'm about to see what's on Filmon.....put on the water heater and have a long wallow and an early night.  LN.....We've got this for the next week or so.... ...LN

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Elsa Peters
June 5, 2016, 5:26pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 5th June

Six start but nothing to see...move along please.  The mountains had gone and you couldn't see the bottom of the garden.  I fired up the PC and checked emails and FB and posted the photo where you couldn't see your hand in front of your face and the comments came back....I watched a little breakfast Filmon and then it was down to cook mine...well it is Sunday and I had a packet of bacon approaching it's best before and the bread might be off tomorrow...   I also watched the gardening and farming programmes but the bit that turned me was the inserting the ring in the bull's nose.  It fair made my eyes water.  I turned off Monty Don...he's posing a little too much.

So when the mist eventually l lifted I was out there in a shot.  I grabbed the wheelbarrow and loaded it with the hoe, garden fork and spade and dug a hole for one forsythia that was about to be repositioned.  There were two of them in the small bed under my special tree and it was beginning to look cramped with the lavetera and the potentilla.  I've just given them all a bit more space...so grow and expand and that's an order.  So after digging that in and removing lots of builder's rubble, I threw in a bag of compost and settled it in watering it really well.  I also put in a bush jasmine that might or might not make it.....it's a cutting taken from the one on the little house terrace.  I came in for a brief sojourn...it was hot out there ...but then it clouded over this afternoon and I think we had a few spots of rain and a rumble of thunder but it didn't stay long.  I hoed the flowerbed to get rid of the weeds and planted up the tobacco that I'd grown from seed and watered those in well too.  Sod's law...I bet it doesn't rain tonight...where is it when you need it.  I cleared out some more of the rubble from various corners of the bottom of the garden but I sort of ran out of steam....the collection will be on another day.  Tools away, I watched some of the athletics and the gymnastics and at eight my time....I'm beginning to think about supper.  I've got pork in the fridge so I need to think about being creative with it.  

Last night's bath didn't happen but tonight it definitely will....it was a hot old day when it eventually warmed up and I'm feeling 'salty'.  LN...Kitchen, eat, bath, bed and book...another Robert Crais to get my teeth into...LN

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Elsa Peters
June 6, 2016, 5:57pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 6th June

Last job of the night was to use the pork to make a curry that would be stored in the fridge overnight and I had it at six tonight so there’s no deliberation tonight as to what to have.  I did have the bath last night and I put the Kindle away as my eyelids started to go southwards.  One floating Kindle is enough.  It was twelve when I went to bed and slept well until six this morning.  

I opened the curtains and there was a hint of red and I caught the sunrise.  It didn’t stay long though….It hid itself behind the cloud base and that’s where it’s been for most of the day.  I made it down to the bread van for bread and a cheesy bun for breakfast and ate it while I was walking the estate checking up on the plants that I’d put in yesterday.  I dug up some others from the other gardens and planted them in what now has become the Walnut Garden …it’s got a nice ring to it.  I got the bonfire going and burnt the rubbish that I’d dug up yesterday and despite the fact that it had rained overnight and was wet.

I came in for a coffee and got my book out and my head down and nodded off for a while.  It was a fitful sleep….the temperature had dropped and I felt cold enough to grab a sweat shirt and swapped long trousers for the short cotton ones that I’d started the day with.  It had also started thundering so it was back to my book but eventually I bit the bullet, out with the strimmer, cleared the bottom of the garden and neatened things up using up both batteries.  

Well more rain this evening and I can only say that it’s good for the garden, it’s definitely not good for me.  Tomorrow I’m out to play with the Librarian for a little shopping spree.  LN…..A little Filmon and bed…LN

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Elsa Peters
June 7, 2016, 4:31pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 7th June

So at nine thirty last night I was in bed reading and looking forward to an undisturbed night…wrong.   I must have been in a really deep sleep and there was a distant drumming and I thought it was heavy rain clanging on the balcony surround making the din…wrong again.  As it got louder, the cogs started working and I realised that it was the alarm clock denoting that it was time to get up and get breakfast for those that are observing the morning call to prayer.  I don’t know which of my neighbours is responsible…I shall find out I’m sure but I feel like hanging a notice on my gate…’Do not disturb’…pass quietly or my wrath will descend on the perpetrators.

I read for quite a while and decided to check up on any messages and yes…one from Mrs D of S asking me if I had booked my morning alarm.  I think it’s best that my response isn’t repeated but I offered to send him round to their village if they didn’t have one of their own.  Her response was that she would manage without…

So the second awakening was at seven thirty and again it was a dull old morning.  I showered, shampooed and was ready for the Librarian by about eight thirty and my phone went and Gouldjan was asking if I was heading out towards Djebel and wanted a lift.  I explained that I was but was waiting for the Librarian but that if she didn’t manage to get a lift in courtesy of anyone going in that direction, to make her way up and she could wait.  The Librarian arrived at nine thirty and Gouldjan at nine forty five and we set sail at ten.  I dropped her off and we were in Kardjali in quicksticks and over to the new cheapy clothes shop and we both picked up a couple or three items, bangers to rid the garden of stray dogs, more mole tablets, pizza and yoghurt drink and a visit to a new beauty product shop.  Kaufland for a few ‘can’t live withouts’, Lidl and home.  Quick trip round the garden and off she went, I put the shopping away and have just watched Great Railway Journey on Filmon.  Supper will be liver and onions and then early bed….Sorry...no pickies today...it's been too dull... LN….I might even be waiting by the gate with a banger at silly o' clock..…LN
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Elsa Peters
June 8, 2016, 5:37pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 8th June

So the little man was out again with his drum but I was in a fairly light sleep so knew what he was up to.  I settled off quite quickly this time and opened the curtains at quarter to six to a bright red sky.  I was out with the camera and watched it start and come to fruition and then disappear the grey gathering and thought that that might be the last of it today but I was wrong.  Unfortunately there was no heat in it and it was a sweater and jeans the morning.

I’d got a bit of a list together and top of it was petrol for the lawnmower.  Second was to deliver the empty water bottles to the garage so that they can recycle them, I needed a top-up for my mobile and needed more fly spray to attack the flying ants.   In sat with my student’s mum in the shop and caught up on events and we ‘discussed’ the Bulgarian education system.  I moved on to the hardware shop for the fly spray and came across Mrs D of S making a purchase so we headed off for a coffee again to catch up,  I then paid a surprise visit to my other student for a coffee finishing off at the last supermarket in Djebel to top up the phone.  All items on the list ticked off.

I got home just after four, put the Beast away, got out the lawn mower and managed to complete half of the grass and hopefully if the weather stays like it’s been today…I shall be able to finish it off tomorrow.  I was at the desk when I noticed that there was a small group of I think starlings buzzing a larger bird.  At that distance I couldn't be sure what it was but it seemed to be on the hunt but there was safety in numbers.  I've tried to magnify the original but looked like a hawk or something similar.

Supper was more of the same very thin potatoes done in the frying pan and I’d got an open box of fish fingers from the freezer and didn't count them before I tipped them into the pan and on counting them, there were four and it was far too late to rescue them.  There was no need…I finished them…piggy that I am.  

So lovely night tonight, same again tomorrow please, I have a lawn to finish…LN…Summer might have arrived….LN

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Elsa Peters
June 9, 2016, 6:15pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 9th June

Woke up at quarter to six and beat the sun.  The mist was hanging on the mountains and I watched the sun come up.  Strange effect on the pond…it looked like it was on fire so I had to take the photo.

I made a coffee and went back to bed and got settled into my book.  I moved from the bed to the computer and checked out emails and FB and I don’t know which site that I’d visited was responsible but there were forty three junk emails.  Into the kitchen and poached eggs on toast for breakfast…I felt like topping up before I went out to tackle the garden.  At least there’s a little more heat in the sun today but the clouds did gather for a while but then went their own way.  First job was to strim round the frog gardens and then tackle the bindweed and grass that was hiding everything else.  I double dug the little garden behind the frog to get rid of the bindweed and then planted it up with flowering tobacco.  I moved over to the garden under the big tree, strimmed the bank and cleared out the rubbish and have given the juniper horizontalis and the spirea some fresh air.  

I saw some stray sheep in the road and followed them down the road and stopped off for a bit of a break with my Avatar.  Another couple of neighbours came into the garden and the good news is that my other neighbour has come through the operation and is doing well.  Avatar gave me an old ten leva coin that she’d found in the garden and I’ll put it under the floor in the little house when I have it done.  Came home and at five thirty I decided to finish the rest of the lawn and after strimming round the surrounds I eventually came in at eight fifteen my time.    I’m going for a shower as soon as I’ve finished the update, I’m absolutely knacked and I’ve not a clue what’s on the menu for tonight but I’m sure I will be able to find something.  LN….Hard work today …LN

Attachment: and_this_was_my_first_view_of_morning_3489.jpg
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Attachment: and_of_the_tree_5184.jpg
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Attachment: pond_looks_like_its_on_fire_7600.jpg
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June 10, 2016, 4:00pm Report to Moderator
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Gardens looks lovely in that bottom picture
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Elsa Peters
June 10, 2016, 6:14pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 10th June

And thank you Tabs....hard work but somebody has to do it.  It's the blinking weeds that get me....and with all the rain that we've been having they just love it.  The nice think is by putting more shrubs in...you seem to know where you are in the year by what's in flower...and I'll be out there again tomorrow...I've got the side bit to do...

So as for today.  Last night I decided that a bath was called for after mowing the lawn in shorts and without socks....so after supper I took to the water and promptly fell asleep waking up at around one o'clock.  It's nothing new for me....I've always done it and my parents used to knock on the bathroom door and ask if I'd fallen asleep but now no one knocks.  The joy of living alone.  I dried off and got into bed and the alarm call, the man with the tin tray and wooden spoon was out and about just after two and then I was out for the count until seven thirty this morning.  The sun was already up so I made coffee and sat out watching the morning and listening to the birds.  Not much to do....the Librarian and Mrs D of S weren't arriving until ten fifteen so I lazed the morning away, painted my toe nails to match my finger nails and got ready for a day in Kardjali.  We had coffee before we set off and the Librarian had brought round her Kindle to set it up for emails and FB and because she hadn't got passwords with her, I drove into Djebel and a plan was hatched to pick up my car on the way back, drive over to the Librarians and I could drop Mrs D of S on my way home.  And it all worked to plan.  Shopping was the usual and I picked up a few bargains in Kaufland but didn't really have a lot to buy.  There is a little joke in the group that I'm always stocked up with toilet rolls and when they're on offer I top up even more and at today's count....I have about eighty.  

Stopped off and had a coffee with D of S and home for just after five.  I read for a while, watched Pointless and Eggheads and chicken wings are in the oven for tonight's supper.  I've just been down and put honey over them so it will be a night for sticky picking.  Thee are only a couple of shots tonight with the camera.  One that seemed to be a huge fire on the new Greek road but it's subsided now and one of the last of the sunset.  I'll do better tomorrow....  LN...The aroma of the chicken wings is calling me down to the ground floor....LN

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Elsa Peters
June 11, 2016, 2:25pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 11th June

Well he was out and about with his tin tray again tonight and I've got another three weeks to go.  I shall have eyelids down to my chin...Apparently this is only normally carried out in Turkey and when I mentioned it to my student, she didn't believe me.  Perhaps I should record it and play it back to the village one we are over the next three weeks.

The second awakening was about a quarter to six and as per normal, open the curtains, loo visit and kettle on....and grab the camera.  It was a fairly gentle start but depending on which camera I pick up it gets more dramatic.  So Sony first and then Canon...and the results are both good.  I headed out onto the balcony and caught the best of it, came back in, stripped my bed and my upstairs bedroom bed and was pegging out the washing by seven thirty.  I heard a few chipping and scraping noises over the road and my Avatar was out there with a bucket of cement adding some more improvements to her wall.  I went over for a chat still in my PJ's and she asked me if I had a blood pressure monitor which I don't but I offered to take her in to Djebel to get it checked over.  She said that she was OK today but thought she had a problem yesterday so I joked and said that I would add it too her tombstone...'No...I'm OK today'.  On to the sofa with the Kindle and read for a couple of hours, some toasted biscuits for breakfast and it's been a day of very little activity.  I did intend to do the side garden but I started watching the Trooping of the Colours and the morning drifted into afternoon.  Washing in and beds remade, I'm just about to have a shower and wash my hair....I'm out tonight with my student and her parents to a restaurant in Kardjali so the update is early....I could be late home.

I'll take photos of the restaurant...it's one I've been to before but they haven't....andit might be tomorrow before I post them.   Have a good evening ...I'm hoping we do....  

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Elsa Peters
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Sunday 12 June

So it was boots blacked and ready at six thirty last night to pick up the family at sevenish.  The mother was outside helping her neighbour clear the grass from the drive and I thought that they'd misread the instructions and that only the girls were going.  As it was she was in the house in quicksticks and off we set.  They'd never been to this restaurant before and up to the big city for supper wasn't something they did very often...they normally ate at six so they'd had to hang on.

The table was booked and we were shown to the new glazed area and it's so much nicer at night than the lower restaurant.  Although it did get a little chilled at night when the stars and the moon came out.  We ordered soft drinks and a beer for the father.  Now he's a small man and I thought it might be necessary to provide him with armbands just in case but he was fine.  We order and the food came very quickly....beef on the griddle for the girls and the father, spicy kebab for the mother and I settled for chicken in cornflakes and liver on the grill.  Unfortunately I'd forgotten my glasses so couldn't be ambitious.  Shopska salad, cheesy chips and cheese stuffed bread which was absolutely delicious.  Live music was playing in the background and the place had atmosphere.  There were several people from Djebel and the family were known...I was safe tonight.

Into the car and at their home for around ten and we watched the rest of the English-Russian football and what a let down that was.  Rooney went off and the Russians scored in extra time....sod's law.  I left just before twelve and we made jokes about my car turning into a pumpkin but I got home safe and sound and dropped the daughter a FB message to let them know.

Slept in until seven fifteen this morning and it started off a lazy day...peak of activity before one and downhill after that until after the sun went down.  I decided to cut the grass on the grave garden and the mower stopped so it was out with the manual.  I realised that I'd not changed the oil since I'd had it I proceeded into the realms of untrodden ground. It worked, I topped it up with petrol so I am now a certified mechanic and this afternoon Haciber and my Avatar came round with a heart monitor that wasn't working so I removed and replaced the batteries from my 'useful tin' and took Avatar's blood pressure so now I'm adding 'nursing skills' to my collection of 'can do's'.  I settled into the new book for most of the afternoon and tomorrow I'm taking Avatar to the doctor at seven thirty.  It's Monday and market day so we're going early to beat the crowds.  F

I finished my day off by strimming the drive and the walkway to the grave garden and round the flower beds and noticed that I need to get weeding to really sort it out but it can wait for another day.  Eight thirty my time and I'm thinking it's been a successful day all told.  LN...You get days like this...LN

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Elsa Peters
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Monday 13th June

So again we had the village drunk waking up most of the old women in my village at two fifteen last night and they're not even doing the forty days fast this year.  My Avatar has put in an official complaint..let's see if he's out and about tonight....I don't want to say anything in case it's taken wrongly since I'm the only non-Muslim here....I'm very tolerant but like it when he get's up their noses.....I don't have to say a thing.  Due to a disturbed night it sort of set me back today.  I was awake at five thirty and full of the joys and sat out with a coffee listening to the morning.  My cuckoo-ko was out, there were hoopoes and a couple of blackbirds were busy supplying little ones with goodies and suddenly there was a spurt required to be ready to face the day.

I picked up my Avatar at seven thirty this morning to get her into the doctor early and there were two waiting already and the surgery door was still locked.  We sat on the steps and that's when the hoards descended and we were ready to fight our corner.  As far as we were concerned we were second in the queue and when the door opened it was a jockeying for position and fortunately she knew the receptionist and we held our place.  Five minutes later she was out and we were heading for the chemist with the prescription which was next to my student's parents shop so I stopped for a chat with them while she sorted out her tablets.  She came out with two boxes and I asked her what they were for and she didn't know so I asked my student's mum and she told me that one was a B vitamin mixture and the other was to calm her nerves.  I'm putting it down to a drunken tray banging insomniac and I might be paying that doctor a visit.

We did a little shopping and she'd been recommended to drink fresh lemon juice so I got her some and I picked up fresh bread and we both had spicy sausage.  I dropped her off and she was heading back to bed, I ended up cooking sausage and fried egg and then got out my book to let breakfast settle and it was still only nine thirty....it was going to be a long day.

I didn't feel like gardening today and most of it is licked into shape anyway with only flower beds to weed.  The weather has been really oppressive with thunder rattling around, muggy and a gale force wind.  At one point things were flying across the terrace so I was out there wedging things to slow things down a bit.  At one point we had rain but not enough to do anything any good and with a bout of energy that arose from nowhere....I planted up the fig by the roof tiles stored by the outside toilet thinking that if the roots get down there there could be lots of nutrients and headed down to the bottom of the garden with the hoe to give the new plants a fighting chance.  I also did some weeding down the long wall and released the escallonia and  the jasmine from weed captivity, dug round the maple but I need to do more. Tomorrow is another day.

I intended to watch the tennis this afternoon but that was rained off, Kardjali tomorrow with my other student and a trip for her to the cheapy clothes shop. Her father doesn't believe the bargains that I get so I need a witness.  A little Filmon tonight and no supper required...my breakfast is still sitting heavy due to my inactivity but I'm still blaming the weather.  According to Accuweather....summer arrives on Thursday...bring it on otherwise I'm going to have brown hands, face and feet and a white body should I have the opportunity to get on a sunbed anytime soon.  I hear that the swimming pools are being filled up.....LN...That's more like it....LN

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Well the hard work is certainly paying dividends.

I was also looking forward to the tennis today , I really enjoy watching Gasquet play.
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Elsa Peters
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Tuesday 14th June

Thanks Tabs....I think it is but I'm waiting for the sun to come out so that the weeds slow down a little....Whip them out and the next day they're back....

Six thirty start and it had rained overnight but the terrace had dried up again.  I didn't have to be anywhere until nine thirty this morning so I had a bonfire to get rid of the polyroll with the old engine oil on it and a little garden and kitchen debris and it had finished by the time the washing that I'd put in was ready to peg out.  The rest of the morning was very liesurely...the sun was out and everything int he garden was lovely soto speak..

I picked my student up more or less on time and saw her sister on the way to her house.  I asked why she wasn't at work and she explained that she was having a few days holiday but didn't want to come into town since she was fasting and it's a pretty long time from breakfast at two thirty in the morning and supper after nine at night with no drinks in between.  You need a heck of a constitution to keep that up.  So off we set...first stop at the cheapy clothes store and she managed to buy a top for her mother and an evening waistcoat for her at the princely sum of eighty stotinki....cheap as chips.  I got a few things and shelled out seven leva but that included a black suede carry all so I didn't bother with a carrier bag for my purchases...they all went into the newby.  Over to Kaufland for some fruit and veg and I bought a  plastic tool box so that I will know where the main things are and they'll be to hand...it cost six lev but well worth it.  

Home and the sisters prepared lunch and brought out some biscuits and cherry jam that the elder sister had made.  We do have some interesting three way conversations and laugh quite a lot despite the age gap.  I got home just before five and managed to get the washing in before it pelted it down again and it's now on the clothes airer.  My Avatar came round to pay her debts which I accepted more for her benefit than mine and we met up with the rest of my neighbours to go visit Zelinger who's been released from hospital after an operation and into the care of her daughter from Turkey.  She looked OK but fingers crossed it stays that way.

Eight my time and having had lunch, supper will be a ham sandwich which should suffice until tomorrow.  Gouldjan has fielded a request that I deliver second hand clothes to one of the local village schools for the less privileged so I think I should have a sort out and add to the pile.  It's now turned into a beautiful evening and I'm assured summer is on its way so keeping fingers crossed.  LN...Swimming pools are us...LN

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Elsa Peters
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Wednesday 15th June

I missed the sunrise this morning...too busy sleeping but it was six thirty all the same.  I opened the door to check out the world and soon closed it again...despite the sun there was a chill in the air so it was, to kitchen, two coffees and washed up and tidied the kitchen ready for my culinary endeavours scheduled for today.  I'd bought an aubergine yesterday and decided that I really didn't want it so I was heading over to Avatar's house and she was heading over to mine with the four litres of milk I'd ordered yesterday.  She came into the garden and I paid her the four leva, handed over the aubergine which at first she refused but accepted when I told her that I was about to throw it to the cows if she didn't take it.  I back tracked to the house and gave her half of a box of mushrooms that I knew I wouldn't get through and off she trotted.  I made boiled eggs for breakfast and the next thing Haciber is at my door with a huge pan suitable for boiling the milk so I thanked her, finished my breakfast and then it was straight to business.

I've never made cheese before so this was going to be a first for me.  I had my packet of citric acid, knew how much salt to add and the process had been described to me...but in Bulgarian.  I managed to find a square of material in my sewing box...it wasn't cheesecloth but I thought it would do the trick.  On goes the milk and I'm stirring it all the time, when it was coming up to temperature I put the packet of citric acid in, added the salt and then I was advised to keep on stirring it for ten minutes or so.  There was a brief moment when I had to rescue it, thinking that it was about to go over but that's the beauty of gas and after ten minutes I turned it off and let it stand,  Never having done it before you don't know what to expect.  I thought there'd be a thicker consistency but onward and upwards.....on to the straining process.

I got the washing up bowl from under the sink and put in the colander with the material resting in it and used a plastic jug to transfer the saucepan contents to the colander.  I gathered up the ends of the material and raised it so that I could start to drain off the liquid but boy was it hot work.  Eventually the egg basket came into play so that it was held way above the liquid level so it could drain better and eventually I was in there and squeezing like mad.  I've made kashkaval cheese and my mind was going over the things that I can add next time to make different varieties..the list is endless.  I took a sample over to Avatar as she worked her way along the garden wall repairing it and it got the thumbs up and it's so easy to do.  Then on to other things..the swinging bench is out on the little house terrace and that took some manoeuvring and the umbrella is awaiting positioning...there's too much wind at the moment.....it would end up in Greece.

As for the rest of the day.....weeded along the long wall giving the shrubs a fighting chance to get all the moisture that they can, came in for a sandwich at three and tried hard to get a shot of the military planes that came from nowhere and disappeared just as quickly.  I positioned myself on the balcony for a fly past that didn't happen so went back to my book and that's more or less where you could find me most of the afternoon.  Over to the Librarian tomorrow by about eleven...we might find somewhere to have lunch.  There's still a fair wind blowing but it's turned round and coming from the south...LN....Filmon for Springwatch...LN

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Thursday 16th June

Again missed the sun but it was a late one last night....I'd slept for a couple of hours during the day so there wasn't much sleep in me when I went to bed so it was out with the Kindle until the eyes started going and it was out for the count.

There was a message from Mrs D of S surprised that I'd made cheese and asking for full instructions so since I was heading out to the Librarians, a quick trip into her nearest town meant that I could get more of the 'special powder' for me, some for the Librarian and also for Mrs. D of S.  I made a phone call and arranged to meet the Librarian somewhere along her road as she was walking down to the motel.  I was about five minutes late but we did meet up along the road so it was a run into Benkovski and only a stop in the supermarket.  We also picked up lunch...my day was to set up her Kindle so that she was able to do the normal routines without having to kick start the computer.  We had to sort out a few passwords but we achieved everything we set out to do apart from getting the Kindle to speak to the PC.  I tried a few things but to no avail....I'll do it on mine when she drops it off next time.

She knocked up a very tasty lunch and we went out into the garden to look at her new plants and I'm amazed how large hers are compared with mine.  She maintains that it's down to the cow manure that gets spread regularly and has been for the last six years.  I'm going to have to put more effort into collecting manure from my local dignitaries.  We sat out but in the shade drinking coffee and watching the world go by.  The dogs were racing around singing with the man at the mosque as he bellowed out his prayers and then came back into the shade sinking quickly into sleep and gently snoring.

I looked at my watch and the time had flown...it was six thirty and time that I put the Beast into forward drive and headed home stopping off to deliver the cheese 'magic potion' and to be told by King Dom of S that they sold it in the local shop and all the local women make cheese.  It obviously hadn't come up in conversation.

Home for eight my time, supper for me was my cheese, ham and beetroot with a couple of slices of bread.  This was devoured watching Eggheads and I must admit...I shall be making more cheese but next time I shall be putting dried apricots into it...I bought them today.  Well I've just had a visit from Gouldjan's mother...she brought me another bag of clothes to take to Djebel tomorrow when I do the charity run and some of her home made cheese.  I gave her a sample of mine....and the thought it was really good.  Apparently she makes hers with yogurt and is called something else which I didn't catch.  I'll have to ask questions in the house tomorrow...and I must apologise ...no pickies tonight....it's just been a very chilled day. LN...Springwatch is the next landmark...LN
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Friday 17th June

So the sun was up way before me this morning...it was after seven when I came to.  Coffee, first load of washing in and sat out watching the morning and listening to the birds.  There is still a chill in the air as if the ground hasn't yet warmed up but at least the grass is slowing down a little...it should be just about ready on Sunday.  I sorted out the wardrobe this morning and all winter clothes away.  I'm toying with the idea of a holiday so I was looking in my chest for suitable packing material and trying on things that have been shut away for the winter or bought with the intention of losing a little weight to fit.  Well I've lost a little weight and some did fit but the ones that didn't are folded neatly and they can come out as and when the final few kilograms disappear.  Ever hopeful.  The potential for the holiday were washed and might even get ironed and it's not often I use that word or the iron....I have an aversion to it.

At twelve I set off for Djebel and the school.  Since I'd made the arrangements for twelve thirty I thought there might be some activity...like the bags of clothes stashed in the yard so that they could be loaded quickly into the Beast...wrong.  I had to make the phone call that I was outside and then they started coming...rather like an ant trail.  Eventually all was safely gathered in and we were heading to a village way up in the mountains to the south of Djebel and we were to leave them at a shop but we didn't know which one and no one had made contact to say that we would be arriving.  Forward planning at it's peak.  We found the first shop...no go ...and the second was closed but we found the little lady in the back and after a little consultation, we started to make the delivery.  It was explained that I was English and living locally so then there were the usual questions about my living here and the final one asking how old I was....That's normal here closely followed by 'Mashalla'.  All unloaded we set off back down the mountain, into Djebel for some Diesel, over to the supermarket for a few things including two ice-creams for instant consumption and one for the freezer.  Now some lolly sticks have 'Bonus' written on them and guess who got it and it wasn't me.  Gouldjan will be able to claim another ice-cream.

Home for two thirty and hung out the second lot of washing and I've just fetched it in.  I settled down this afternoon to watch the Andy Murray tennis from Queens but it was switched off when the football started.  It potentially will come on for Eggheads but it's time to go out and give those thirsty plants a drink.  It's been hovering around the thirty mark most of the afternoon so I think they deserve it.  Broad beans will be gathered for supper tomorrow and I'm up for a little pickling of beetroot....and since I've not dug any up yet...not sure it they'll be baby beets or thumping great big ones....something to look forward to.

Nothing on the agenda for tomorrow....If the weather is good tomorrow it might be a sun worshipping day.  The more I think about the holiday..it would be good to be 'good to go' so to speak.  Just a few birds out, swallows and martins patrolling and a couple of wagtails looking for titbits and there's one out there that has got the most boring little cheep you could think of.  LN....To 'Hose' and that's not a typo...LN  

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Saturday 18th June

Stupid night with my mobile village alarm clock beating the tin tray at two fifteen this morning or there abouts.  Obviously the moans and groans from the locals about the performance bore no weight....ah well...not long to go now...

The sun beat me again this morning...well it was half in and out and there was very high cloud.  Made poached eggs on toast for breakfast and that was the highlight of my morning...washed up, sorted the washing from yesterday and put it away.  My sewing room / fourth bedroom was in need of a tidy and one of the seams on my favourite pair of linen shorts had come undone so it was in with the black thread and now all will be safely gathered in so to speak.  I also notice that the back seam on a pair of local trousers that I have needed repairing and I renewed the elastic in another two pairs...who's been a busy bee then?

At last the sun broke through so I thought I'd take advantage of it.  The swimwear came out, the chair and table went out onto the balcony, it was 'splash it all over Henry' with the suntan oil and I cooked gently for an hour or so.  I have a pink tinge but came in before I did major damage.  Took to my upstairs bed with my book and it worked a treat and it was four before I realised it.  I was out to the garden by five and gave everything a good soaking.  At one point it looked like it might rain....it was very humid and clouded over but held off...more's the pity.  I picked the broad beans and intended having them for supper but I had a shower, watched some tennis and football and just looked up and the evening has flown.  I'm not an avid football supporter but I've done too much reading today so I'm having a break.

Jobs for tomorrow...the lawn wants doing.  There are lots of plantain stalks that tickle your legs as you walk down the garden...they have to go and it might be a day for finishing some of the weeding if I start early enough.  LN  Let's see what the day brings...LN

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Sunday 19th June

So I beat the sun this morning but there was no red in it at all.  It did gain heat as the day went on but then it clouded over the same as yesterday and became very humid.

On to the scales this morning and I've taken off another kilogram but then I have to convert it back to the old stones and pounds...it seems to make more sense to me...old habits die hard.  I was out for nine thirty..I left it a little while...it had been damp overnight but then it was all systems go.  Out with the lawn mower, strimmer at the ready and backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards for the next two hours none stop.  I did cheat and left the collection box off and I ran out of fuel at half eleven so I was in for a couple of ready toasted thingies and a drink of water to keep the fluid up.  It was getting hot out there and the perspiration was dripping off me.  The downside of operating it without the box is that it kicks up the grit and with the sweat I'd got bits of grass and dust sticking to me which went down well with my neighbour.  Remsier decided to pick the bits off me and I told her not to bother...I'd got another half hour to go before I'd finished and then I'd shower.  I hadn't seen her for a while and she asked if she could attack my tree in the garden to collect the stuff for making tea.  I said that it was fine she arranged to come back later in the day.

I settled into my book after I'd showered and washed my hair ...it was much too hot to be out there and promptly fell asleep until four.  I got another glass of water and heard some chattering and ladies were out there stripping the tree.  I went out with the loppers and more bags for them and made their lives easier by taking off branches to save them straining their guts out trying to reach the flowers.  I got one of the plastic tubs and encouraged them to put the stripped branches in it....it's now all burnt along with more garden weeds.  I intended watching the tennis this afternoon but the ladies put paid to that...but I've just checked out and pleased that he won.  

So I'm kitchen bound to see if there is anything that I fancy tonight.  The appetite goes when it's hot and humid.  I'm going to Djebel tomorrow to get an extension for my hose pipe....I'm fed up of filling up the watering can and walking miles now that the weather looks like it's settled down.  I think the two hundred litre water container might also find its way onto the workshop terrace....I'll check out what bits I need in the morning.  So LN....I should sleep well tonight ....LN

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Monday 20th June

Five thirty start and I made the mistake of leaving my windows open....that blasted man was outside again at silly o'clock and I'm sure he bangs louder outside my house than anywhere else but at least I managed to get off again. I was up before the sun and it was the same sort of start as yesterday...nothing dramatic about it but it was up there shining.  I sat out enjoying the morning and decided a cooked breakfast was in order so I settled for boiled eggs and soldiers.  I went out again and watched the cows come over the hill and they had lots of the little ones with them.  They were being driven to the top field but one made a dramatic escape and it was in the next door's garden in a flash.  It grazed for a while, realised that it was the only one there so legged it and was last seen galloping towards the rest of the herd.

Washed up and generally tidied around and just before ten there was a commotion outside and a car turning round making a lot of noise.  I waited for it to pull away again but the engine was turned off so I went out to see what it was all about.  More neighbours asking if they could attack my tree and I explained that it had already been got at but they were determined to have a go.  There was a lot of pulling and tugging and Emula's mother walked down the road and started to speak to them.  The conversation was in Turkish and I got the gist that they were trying to find Emula but he wasn't answering his phone.  I helped them out cutting off some easy to reach branches but one of the ladies asked if I had ladders and I refused the request....if they took too much off the tree it would not shade the yard and they appeared to be damaging the tree.  The next thing Emula arrived and they disappeared in the car leaving to find another tree further down the lane and the ones that I'd cut off for them were still on the ground....sorry ...first and last time.  I played around in the garden and dead-headed the roses and cleared the grass from behind Beauty.

As the weather got warmer I moved into the house and got out my book and went to sleep for an hour or so.  It hasn't clouded over today but it's still been very humid so another shower is called for tonight.  The sheep have made their way home, the garden has to be watered so my work is about to begin hence the early update.  The tree debris needs burning so that's something else I need to do.  LN...I have work to do...LN

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Tuesday 21st June

So last night Beyser came into my garden at the same time that I noticed that there were some good shots of the closing sun to be had.  I'd just started to water my garden, rushed in for the camera and the next thing she is in my garden and cleaning her bucket with my hose pipe....She never misses a trick.  She eyed up some of my flowers and I told her that September is the month to start taking 'bits' and to keep her hands off my snapdragons.  I asked her about Zelinger my neighbour that had the operation and apparently she's had her stitches out already.  As well as taking some of the sun going down I got some of the new moon which didn't come out too good.  It wasn't dark enough but I managed another one later and these were put onto FB.  Longest day, shortest night a day later because of the leap year so it was really special.

Five thirty start and one morning I'm going to lay in wait for my musical neighbour that kicks off at two fifteen....People are supposed to pay him to do it....I think I'd rather buy them all an alarm clock and yes...I'm am whinging....So up and about and it was a lovely morning and I stood on my bedroom balcony and watched the sun come up and it appeared huge.  Poached eggs for breakfast, washing done and pegged out and it was still only nine o'clock.  I read for a while, fired up the big Kindle and checked out my FB page and emails and there was nothing that required my immediate attention so it was closed down everything and out to the garden.  I did some clearing along the long wall and measured up for the bench that I want to make surrounding the cherry tree half way down.  It will be like a staging post for those that aren't so nimble...   Now the temperature was rising so I headed back indoors, back to the book and it was time for a little siesta mainly due to the disturbed nights and early mornings and it was almost three when I was ready for the second shift.  The grave garden looking out from my downstairs bedroom is now cleared and it's more to give the plants a fighting chance when there's not much water around but at least we still have overnight humidity.

Cut down some of the acacia that is growing along the unwalled side of the garden....I hate it when I walk underneath and it touches the top of my head especially when I'm mowing the grass.  A bonfire followed and I remembered to water the grass round the bonfire pit, the grass is starting to get very dry and it only takes a spark.  Supper was ready for six thirty...I'd put a chicken leg in the oven with diced potatoes and onions and it was delicious.  I've got more broad beans to sort tomorrow.....I think their season is finished and they're taking water that would be better used by some of the others.

I've just watched Great Train journey on Beeb 2 and caught it from Plovdiv down to Istanbul..very interesting and now for a shower and I've just noticed that the moon is coming up...LN...Where's that camera?  Found it....LN

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Wednesday 22nd June

No man with his drum or none that I could hear anyway.  Perhaps he#d had too much of the local jungle juice to put in a performance...

Five thirty start, watched the sun come up from the lounge terrace while sipping my first coffee of the day.  It was a lovely morning and I shared it with the birds and insects...the birds seeing what they could find in the grass and the insects putting themselves at risk perching themselves precariously on bending poppies.  At least they all had wings to get themselves out of danger.  I looked at the bonfire but it could wait. there was quite a breeze blowing so it was out with the garden hose and by seven thirty everything had had a good drink so it was time for my second cup.  Breakfast was five of the ready toasty cardboard squares totalling one hundred and eighty calories for about ninety grams in weight and that was going to do my until the hunger struck.  I'm determined to take off another half a stone...three point something kilos.  

Considering the inactivity for the last day or so, I'm going to have to lose it through diet.  I watched the cows being led out for the day as I sat out on the bedroom balcony in quite a flimsy outfit so came in when the cowherd shouted 'good morning' as I took photo of his cows.  There were lots of youngsters out with the skipping along and this time a white one with her calf made a bit for freedom and there were strange noises from the cowherd as he got her underway again in the direction that the others were taking.  

As I lent over the balcony I saw a male lizard patrolling the terrace so I took a few shots of it and seconds later there was a dull brown femail heading under the bedroom balcony so I legged it downstairs to try and get them together.  Unfortunately there was no sight of the dull on but the other went about its business licking up the ants as it went.  Unfortunately he had such a long tail that to get him all in the shot didn't do him justice so I apologies to him for that.  

Back on to the bedroom balcony and it was on with the swimsuit and out with the Kindle and I've been reading in one place or another most of the day and have finished the last of Elvis Cole books by Robert Crais.  I have a few more with other lead characters so all is not lost....I'll have to check Amazon.  Guess whose duty lobster despite the sun oil but it's time I found one of my hidden hotel swimming pools....summer has arrived but it wasn't the weather for it today.  It clouded over mid afternoon and the wind was almost gale force and I had things moving around on the terrace but there seems to be no permanent damage.  The swinging sunbed on the little house terrace was going for all it was worth....there would have been a danger of sea sickness for anyone venturing in that direction...A little sleep on the sofa, hunger pains on waking and I headed for the Beast....I'd had a niggle that the MOT was due but it's not until the beginning of next month but I did find a packet of dried apricots in the glove box.  They are no more but they filled the gap.

So this is the best I can do for a sunset....I've just caught my Avatar finishing off her wall and she asked where I'd been.  I told her that I'd been on the terrace and that I had a spare bikini it she wanted to come round.  I told her that nine thirty would be about right before it got really hot...at a guess I bet her skin body has never seen daylight but at least we can joke about it....Kitchen bound....the grubs are biting...LN...Let's see what I can find...LN

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Elsa Peters
June 23, 2016, 5:33pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 23rd June

So my drunken drum banger has a friend.  He was a very sprightly young man that was determined to beat the drum louder than it had been done in the past.  It was very warm last night and I wasn’t sleeping well but I wasn’t sleeping at all at two this morning.  I was forced to get up and watched out of the guest bedroom window and I stood watching him wearing my white night dress and I was hoping that he might think it was a ghost and be forced to abandon his task…..the theory didn’t work out.  The local boozer walked up at a much gentler pace behind him.

Seven thirty start so I obviously missed the sun, coffee on the terrace and then took pity on the flowers that as well as being short of water had been battered by the wind and it looked as if we were going to have the same sort of day today and we did,  I ended up doing a little weeding and then Avatar appeared asking if I had any cement she could have to finish the wall.  Into the little house we went and found part of an old carton and I carried over for her.  

The rest of my day has been split between reading, eating, it was too hot to be outside and unfortunately as I said it’s been a very windy day with anything not battened down has found its way to other parts of the garden.  It’s clouded over now but still very humid and now time for my second shower of the day.  Thank goodness water isn’t expensive here.  Flowers first and then me….LN….I’m out to freshen up…LN

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Elsa Peters
June 24, 2016, 6:49pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 24th June

The drummer banged fairly quietly when he went by the house...perhaps someone had told him but it wasn't me....  Six fifteen start and the sun was up before me so I was out with my coffee and enjoyed the morning until the wind started whipping round and I soon came in.  My task for today should I choose to accept it was to clean the house from top to bottom.  I've been a little lazy...basics but not corners and there has been no chance to have a bonfire...that wind is just too powerful.  

I finished one of the Pike and Cole books by Robert Crais and at one point I'd got to fifty percent and I thought I'd missed some out so I went back over it but no.  There seemed to be a character that I didn't know and I'm still not sure if it was me or my mate Robert.  Anyway I finished it but it wasn't as good as the last one...maybe some authors just run out of ideas but feel they have to keep going..

So I checked my FB and I'd forgotten that there were results that I ought to be looking at.  I got the result and then I went onto Filmon for the detail.  So let's get on and sort out what has to be done, stop the recriminations, things will settle down and let's hope that the money that keeps the gravy train going won't be coming out of our pockets.  The hoover came out and it was about three o'clock this afternoon by the time I was doing the bottom of the stairs.  I'd done downstairs first and surfaces had been wiped over and there was only the kitchen left and I'd moved upstairs so the stairs were the pivot point.  I turned round and looked out to the front door terrace and there was a man and woman that I didn't know.  I went out and greeted them in Bulgarian and he was surprised that I understood.  They'd had a 'Mevlit' or prayers said for his mother's parents and I was presented with a huge bag of meat and rice, a sweet wafer biscuit and the clove flavoured drink.  He came round to the terrace to look at the hillside and loved the work that had been done on the house...and then they were on their way.  So this was a late lunch ...I picked out the meat and ate some of the rice....there was so much.  I finished the kitchen and was sitting on the sofa playing games on the Kindle and Haciber arrived with a second dish of the rice but this time it was cold.  I think she had too much as well  so brought some over thinking that I'd been excluded.  

A bit more of the meat, a little more of the book and then out to the garden to water the plants.  It's been so hot and the wind so brisk that the poor plants were windblown as well as looking a little crispy.  I managed to catch the tail end of the stork visiting the pond that's hidden below the first valley over the wall.  It comes over the house really low but it's being in the right place at the right time with the camera at the ready.....I'll see if I can do better tomorrow.  No more FB for me tonight....it's too acrimonious...Voting has taken place...the people have made a decision...let's get over it.  Shower, no supper....and then bed,  no siesta today...LN.....Let's hope the drummer is getting weak.... LN

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June 25, 2016, 5:57pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 25th June

Yes I did sleep the sleep of the just last night...with no afternoon siesta...that man could drum for all he was worth but nothing disturbed me,  I had taken precautions though...I'd closed the windows and it was just as well.  It was gale force again this morning.

So a six fifteen start and the sun was up so I took advantage of it ....I took my coffee outside and it really is a beautiful place to listen to the morning and just watch things 'happen'.  Wagtail was out along with the pied fly catchers stalking their prey from my special fir tree.  The sheep came over the top and I noticed that there is a different shepherd with them again.  I haven't seen my sheep farmer and his brother for a couple of weeks now.  I know they have relatives in Sweden...perhaps they've gone for a holiday or sold up and emigrated.  I'll have to check it out.  

Breakfast this morning was from the bread van.  I returned Haciber's dish from yesterday and chatted to my Avatar who had been out there since well before I was up and about and was weeding her half an acre and leaving it in little piles.  She's not grown much this year since she was in Germany for the winter with her family who are working over there and they intend to hijack her again for this winter.  There's no need to bottle everything in sight.  Before the bread van came I went down to see Zelinger, the neighbour who was in for surgery and she is up and walking about but very gently...Anyway, back to breakfast...I bought fresh bread and a cheesy bun but thought better of it....half for me and the other half to Avatar and she dropped the hoe and went inside so that no one would see her.  Strange village at times.  I set to in the garden, watered everything again and paid special attention to the red maple leaving the hose on it for about an hour so that it really soaked through to the roots.  I trimmed the forsythia...it's probably a little late but as I sat on the terrace I realised that I couldn't see the wall at the bottom of the garden and that was a problem for me.  I don't want anything blocking the view at all.

I came in at one dripping with perspiration, read for a while and decided to have tuna with fresh bread but the idea germinated into potato and tuna salad and I think I cooked enough for the five thousand....I have enough for this evening as well so I suppose it saves me thinking about it.  Book, games, siesta this afternoon and watched some of the tennis from Eastbourne...it's much too hot to be out and doing.  Again there is too much wind for a bonfire...it's settled a little now but I need to get out there and find out where everything is again,  I heard things rattling around but there was nothing of great importance.  So it's out with the hose pipe again and then settle in for the night. I'd find a swimming pool tomorrow but the wind puts me off....LN..maybe next week...LN

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Sunday 26th June

He didn't wake me up...I hadn't gone to bed by the time he was banging his drum.  I'd put the boiler on but wanted to watch Adele at Glastonbury but thought I'd listen to it instead from the bath.  So I took the Kindle in with me at half eleven, scrubbed the salt off from the day and was out with a towel round me and at two fifteen vaguely heard that noise...and you know which one I mean.  Bed by two thirty, a little more Kindle with Jo Pike and sleep through until seven this morning.  And woke up with lots of energy.

The wind had dropped so I had a bonfire.  It was dull but quite pleasant out there but a lot of the stuff was tinder dry so I was having to pay attention with the hose pipe at the ready.  I came in for a while and watched the Andrew Marr show...If it doesn't go ahead....there will be far more demonstrations that what we're seeing currently.  Out again, I had work to do and I cleared under the garden side of the little house terrace getting rid of the old poppies.  They've gone over and looked very untidy but it did leave several gaps that needed filling.  I managed to find lots of seedlings especially snap dragons underneath so they are spread around the garden.  Remsie popped in with a chocolate drink and a croissant from yesterday's 'mevlit' held by Zelinger.  We sat outside and Haciber joined us...how else do you get to find out what's going on.

It clouded over and then started to rain and it was really lovely being out there.  The temperature had dropped but it did little to soak the garden...I still had to use the hose when I was moving stuff around.  I removed the wheelbarrow ramp onto the terrace from the garden.  It looked untidy and was temporary two years ago so it was time it went.  I'll make a stronger one that I can put in place should I need it.  Tuna mayo for lunch...it took little effort and then back out again, digging up, moving and replanting and clearing out some of the old flower pots.  Tomorrow I'm on the hunt for more potting compost....some of the pots seem to have set solid and the poor plants are struggling.  Another couple of days and everything in the garden should be finished...until I turn my back and the weeds pop up.  No supper for me...it was a late lunch and tomorrow it might be a trip into Kardjali...it depends on the weather.  So eight thirty my time....shower and book and perhaps I get get into a deep sleep before the phantom drummer appears...LN...The shower is calling...LN

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Monday 27th June

It was much cooler last night and it was the sleep of the just again.  I woke at six fifteen and it was a dull old start to the day but I still took my coffee outside.  The woodpecker was the first to visit hanging on to my special fir tree but then it upped sticks and flew off to the bottom of the garden.  It was in the tree for about a minute and didn't tap once...maybe I'd disturbed its rhythm just by being there.  Anyway, when it had moved I went into the house and got the camera but it didn't stay long and flew off to where there might be better pickings.  I could hear the hoopoe but haven't managed to spot one this year...such beautiful birds.  I've also had several visits from the martin today and it's taken to sitting under the balcony and chatters away.  I think it's one of the of the babies that's been ousted for the second clutch....

It was a day for digging and I cleared more of the poppies but hunger pains hit at about ten thirty so I was in for beans on toast which appears to have set me up for the rest of the day.  I managed to get one load of washing done  but by twelve it was very dark over towards the west so it was in with the now dry washing just as the heavens opened and the thunder started in earnest.  It'd been rumbling around but nothing dramatic but then there were a few sharp claps.  Suddenly everything was on the move on the terrace....gale force winds sent the umbrella spinning and the watering can shot down the garden.  Clouds of dust were picked up from the yard littering the terrace but it was all over as quickly as it started.  I settled in to read since rain had stopped play, I watched Wimbledon for an hour or so but then it was back out for more clearing, strimmed the weeds from my new garden by the stone wall and dug round the plants to tidy them up.  I got the fire started and was surprised when I realised that it was nearly eight o'clock by the time I'd finished outside.

So no Kardjali today...I've had a very destructive day in the garden as far as the weeds were concerned but constructive from my point of view.  Unfortunately I'm left with one or two bare areas now that the poppies have gone....maybe it's time to start splitting up some of the bigger clumps of 'stuff'.  Kardjali tomorrow...I need a day out.  LN...Kitchen bound...LN

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Tuesday 28th June

Five thirty start and opened the curtains to a pink sky with possibilities and I wasn't disappointed ....it just got better as the morning wore on until it disappeared altogether and the rain came.  Two cameras on the go and a change of lens so hence different focus on some of the shots.

Back to my book with a coffee when the excitement was over.  I had no one to come out to play with today....my student had other plans, my Avatar's sister in law was at the hospital so I showered and washed my hair....the day was all mine.  I was out for ten and headed to my student's mum's shop to deliver a late birthday card and pressie, carried on to Kardjali and first stop was to the opticians with my prescription to get a new pair of reading glasses.  The remaining pair have metal nose pieces that grab my hair every time I put them out of the way so the criteria this time was plastic nose supports.  I chose a frame for twenty five leva and completed, forty eight leva and they took twenty minutes to make.  Interim I went to my cheapy clothes shop and picked up a dress, linen shorts and jacket, a cotton blouse and a tee shirt for five leva...and it would be rude not to.  Over to Kaufland for a few items and on to Lidl for the things I'd forgotten in Kaufland and a cordless screwdriver to do the work that my poor hands don't manage very well these days.  

On the drive back the thunder and lightening started in earnest and I began to rue the decision to go back over the top up the rough road.  It does cut off about thirteen kilometers but the way that the lightening was flashing and coming to earth it was with great fear and trepidation that I made the journey up the lane.  Now I know that the safest place is in a car....but it doesn't feel like it when there's a flash, bang, wallop and you are driving through the trees.  Anyway, made it safe and sound and only unpacked the things that needed to be refrigerated, the rest I left in the car...it was belting it down.  

I got stuck into my book again in the lounge this time and promptly went to sleep for a couple of hours and realising that I had to get moving to go to my student's house for supper.  Bit of a traffic hold up on the way over...sheep police were out....I was looking forward to the evening, grandfather is over from Turkey and he's a wonderful old man and so sweet.  Lovely evening with the family and grandfather was cuddling a stuffed bear and holding it like his sixteenth grandchild....classic.  I have some news.....a new hotel has been build in Djebel near to the police station and it's got a huge swimming pool that opens next week.  It's also going to be a spa hotel.....the hot water is piped from Djebel hot springs but that doesn't happen until next year when they got the doctors and clinic in place.....and it's in my nearest town.  There will be photos tomorrow....I knew nothing about it being built but it looks really good and the pool is big....

Home late....the Beast is outside in case we are visiting Avatar's relatives tomorrow.  What a good evening and a swimming pool close to hand...only the sun would make it perfect and rain is forecast again for tomorrow....LN....just a brief blip in summer....LN

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Elsa Peters
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Wednesday 29th June

So this morning at five thirty my mountains had disappeared again.  Last night's fog remained and there wasn't a sunrise and it took until about eight thirty to show its little self.  I went down to the bread van to get one for the freezer, a crusty loaf and a cheesy bread for breakfast.  I ate half of the cheesy bread, had another cup of coffee and actually practised my long forgotten iron skills on one of the blouses that I'd bought yesterday.  My Avatar was ready waiting by the Beast at ten twenty five, I heaved her in, organised the seat belt for her and off we set with a quick Turkish phrase for our journey.  

It didn't take long to get there, the village was about five kilometers the other side of Djebel.  Avatar came bearing gifts...which is the Turkish way.  She'd wrapped up a packet of biscuits that I was supposed to hand over but I left it to her.  The lady and man of the house welcomed us and her sister was there from Istanbul and I gave my condolences because of the bombings at the airport.  They didn't take me up on it so I let it drop but they found out from a phone call when I was there and then we discussed it.  The lady also had her five year old grand-daughter with her and she asked me my name in English.  The grandson who goes to school in Djebel was able to understand me but couldn't speak to me...all they do is read and write in their lessons....no listening skills...it's a shame.  Out came the dates, chocolates, Turkish delight and it's no wonder they all seem to have problems with blood pressure and sugar.  Coffee came next and they couldn't get over the fact that I never take sugar in it at all.  So by twelve my Avatar was itching to leave...she's not a good visitor and when she's had enough it's up sticks and away and she was handed a bag of tomatoes as a going away gift.  She managed to climb into the Beast on her own, I did have to organise the seat belt routine and then it was a quick stop in Djebel to take the photos I promised of the pool.

We stopped at the shop and my student's father had his scratch card syndicate in progress in the coffee area and the mother decided that he should come with me to take the photos.  He's known there by the builders, I'm not and since it's so near the police station, I didn't want to cause a scene.  There was a man cleaning the pool and I'm not sure it's going to be ready for the weekend as promised.  The pool is full but more decking needs to go down and there's not a hint of a sunbed as yet.  The builders were all at lunch though so perhaps they would burst into action after we'd left.  Home for one and Avatar asked how much for the diesel so I came back with the statutory response...one hundred leva working on the principle that if she hasn't got one hundred, she gets it for free.  I did acquire three of the tomatoes....salad for supper....

It's a dull old day again but no rain so far.  I've not done an awful lot....I was going to watch the tennis but rain has stopped play on Beeb 2 so we might manage to get to see Eggheads....why does everything stop for Wimbledon?  I've just check out the weather for the next couple of weeks and it looks more of the same so it appears to be more of a 'blip' than I thought it was.  Off to find some thing for supper....I think it might be a fish fillet in batter with chippies and peas...I need some comfort food.  LN...supper calls....LN

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Elsa Peters
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Thursday 30th June

Five thirty start again but the day didn't hold much promise of sun.  Grey clouds were scattered but in the end it worked out OK.

I stripped down the bed and got a load of washing on, had a bonfire, hung out the first load and it was only seven thirty.  The second load went in and after so much activity I fried off a couple of tomatoes and had them on toast.  Well I was just about to put them on the toast when my painter arrived bringing my electricity bill.  If you live in this village or the next you can be designated postman or woman or child for the day...there's no sexism ..or ageism here.  Apparently he'd been working in one of the villages cutting hay and he proudly told me that he'd managed to save up enough money for a industrial sized strimmer.  I'm still not sure that it's what he really needs to do the job that he wants it to do....At the end of the day...his decision.  

I was just about to sit down with a cup of coffee and the kindle at ten fifteen and my phone goes and it's Gouldjan asking if I'm on my way to Djebel...she's waiting in the bus-stop waiting for anybody going her way but nobody turned up.  I took pity on her and said I'd be there in five minutes but there was a method in my madness....I'd bought a language book from Kaufland and instead of it having a CD in it, you had to go to the website to download it.  So it said that the website was in English but the secondary options remained in Bulgarian and I was completely lost.  As I said, we went into her office in the school and we worked our way through it and the scripts were downloaded onto a flash drive and the book is now useful apart from the fact the the English person reading the seventy two lesson plans speaks with an Australian/some other accent.  I think I might have to complain otherwise it would be a useful tool for teaching them how to use their ears when learning a language.
While I was in the office a young girl who'd heard us speaking English approached us and said that she is learning it but needs more practice, she wants to do well in her exams.....I might have another student.

Home for twelve and the sun had made it out and it was too hot to get digging .  I whizzed round with the watering can, took the heads of the poppies and threw the rest away and headed out to take some pickies of the butterflies that have invaded the lavender along with the bees.  I walked down the garden and the small blue butterflies are out and I managed to get an extra special shot of one of them.  Normally when they settle they close their wings so you only see the outside of them.  Back in the house and a short while with the kindle...a few games until it was time for Wimbledon.  A couple of chicken legs went into the oven with yogurt and lime chilli spice and for supper I served it with a couple of grated carrots and beetroot.....very healthy.  It's almost ten my time and time for bed...I missed my sleep this afternoon.  

So another month gone and that's half way through the year...LN....early night for me...LN

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