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JUNE 2017
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Elsa Peters
June 29, 2017, 4:34pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 29th June

My start to the day was at six again and it was a lovely time to be out on the terrace with a coffee watching the day unfold.  The martins were super active and it's almost as if they are encouraging the new baby in the nest to take to the wing.  It keeps popping its little head out, calling for its parents and it's backside to poop to keep the nest clean.  It's good for me, I'm out with the shovel and putting it on the pot plants...the bottle brush seems to be doing OK with it extra nourishment.

There were several types of butterflies on the lavender and all that was left when I managed to get the camera out were the black and white ones and their name escapes me....I need to get the book out.  I was having trouble focusing with the Canon and unfortunately the new Sony only has a small pop up viewfinder for use when the big screen is in the sun.  Ah well...I got a few of them.  The strimmer came out after that and I tidied up the workshop terrace...the 'jamir' had been moved there while I was in the UK and it had really encouraged the weeds so they'er now back under control at least for the time being.  So breakfast this morning was bacon, baked beans and egg....well only one egg...they're on the list for tomorrow. I picked the best part of the day for working....I came in at 10.30 more or less and didn't go out again until four thirty.  It was thirty seven degrees in the shade this afternoon...much too hot for working so it was out with the Kindle, down with the eyelids for an hour or so and I felt much better for it.

It was out with the strimmer again when the temperature had dropped a little...but not by much....and the bottom of the garden is looking more in shape than it has before.  I did loose several plastic cutters though...some of those weeds were pretty thick....I'll find them next time round.  

Chicken and pork is in for supper and the potatoes are just about to come up to the boil.  I think I'll be making a barbecue sauce to go over both types of meat....it can always be used up cold if we don't manage it.  Kitchen calls....LN...Time to get saucy....LN

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June 29, 2017, 10:48pm Report to Moderator

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Quoted from Elsa Peters
Thursday 29th June

the black and white ones and their name escapes me...

Zebra Swallowtail?

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Elsa Peters
June 30, 2017, 4:40pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 30th June

Thanks TC...always to be relied on.  I did put on FB that it was a Western Tiger Swallowtail but it was taken from an American site....who knows....pretty though and zipped around pretty speedily.

Six this morning and it was on the cards that it was going to be another warm one with amber warnings out to stay at home....I was out on the terrace with my coffee, got my new Lenovo tablet out to check out who won the dessert course on the latest Wimbledon celebratory menu since I fell asleep watching it last night.  The one that I wanted to win it...the contestant with the Turkish heritage came first and I missed it....ah well and tonight it is the banquet so I shall be watching it ...unless I fall asleep again....

Funny one this morning...I had run out of eggs so I got the Beast out and went chasing the bread van.  I got to the centre of the village and he was coming towards me so I turned round and followed him back to my starting point.  He was a little confused and I became first in the queue, ordered up my eggs, bread and cheesy bread and headed home leaving the Beast out in the lane.  I think it was much to the chagrin of my neighbours who had insisted on parking the car half way along my wall...I didn't block them in but they weren't very pleased about it.  they left in both cars so I moved my car further back since I was expecting a visitor and there were yet more mumbling....Guest arrived...we set off in convoy down the back lane and headed off to a shop that he wanted to visit and then off to the restaurant that he hadn't been to before.

Brilliant lunch as per usual...grilled liver, chicken in cornflakes, salad and cheesy chips with mineral waters and he was on his way to Sofia by two thirty.  We headed to Kaufland for top-ups, Lidl and the intention was to stop off to a swim but the pools on the way back looked to be heaving.  Out on the terrace in the shade reading my book, my guest took to his bed for a sleep and at least it's cooling off.  Cold chicken for supper left over from last night....easy pickings tonight.  

Looks like it's going to be a corker again tomorrow...need to find a pool.  LN..Kitchen calls....LN

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