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Elsa Peters
August 1, 2017, 4:39pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 1st August

Another silly night...I went to bed scratching at my foot and it was almost as if I had been bitten by some little creature while I was watching TV-Catchup so I was rooting around looking for the anti-histamine cream and religiously slapping it on.  That seemed to settle the foot but an hour later I was awake again and this time between the fingers was itching so it was back to the bathroom for that cream again but it was too late for any more sleep.  The sky was that lovely pink blue hue and it grew more intense until the sun started to climb behind the mountains fading everything out and then it burst forth at around six ten.  Prior to that there'd been what appeared to be a double star in the sky.  I tried to capture it and with great difficulty managed to get the blown up version...Anyway back to my book and now it seems to have got more interesting...her chapters appear to have reduced in size and are she appears not to be dragging it out so much....and I've been dipping in to it all day.

Six thirty I was out with the garden hose and everything had a good watering by seven.  I was down to the bread van by nine after stopping off and having a conversation with my ladies.  Apparently Beyser took a nose dive in the garden in the long grass and has a scraped knee to show for it....it was quite a topic of conversation.  Haciber has another set of visitors from Sweden along with her son who is also here...the house seems pretty full and it's a lot of work for her but it's routine and they can't say no.  So I came back with my loaf of bread and settled for freshly buttered with peach jam and that quite set me up for the rest of the day.  It was a cold start this morning and there's been a heck of a wind blowing all day but at least it warmed up as the strength got into the sun.  Bonfire and washing and then I was on the sofa with my book, door open and enjoying lying in the breeze from the lounge door being on tilt and turn.  It does keep the house cool and aired.  It didn't stop me from sleeping and catching up on the missing zzzz's from the night and it was one thirty when I retrieved my book from the back of the sofa and headed for the kitchen for a cold drink and some roasted peanuts.

It was back to the book after I got the washing in and put it away and then in the car to replace the missing fuel cap.  My student is managing the shop since his parents have escaped with the little one to a water park for a few days and he seems to be doing a fair job of it.  The garage was too busy to get the Beast washed...it got pretty messy when I came back from Kardjali the other evening, I managed to get some B12 tablets from the chemist and she was trying to get me to buy the ampules and go for injections.  I remember vaguely that my doctor in the UK got me on to a course of these and he joked that it's what they used to give racehorses...I'll stick to the tablets.

Eight my time...I'm not really hungry tonight so I'll see how I feel later.  LN...Shopping list achieved but bit of a lazy day....LN
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Elsa Peters
August 1, 2017, 5:10pm Report to Moderator

Diary Admin
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This morning's funny pics...

Solved..'for the second time in 2015, Venus and Jupiter will engage in a close conjunction — this time, separated by just more than 1 degree, with Venus passing to the lower right of Jupiter and shining more than 10 times brighter than the gas giant. Then, there will be two "mysterious" bright lights for the price of one!'.

Attachment: so_this_was_first_light_4973.jpg
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Attachment: from_a_distance_6166.jpg
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Attachment: a_little_bit_closer_1719.jpg
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Attachment: im_sure_i_didnt_move_8204.jpg
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Elsa Peters
August 2, 2017, 4:50pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 2nd August

Much better night last night.  I closed the door on to the terrace, sprayed the room about eight last night and the landing at about ten.  Peace perfect peace...not a hint of a tzzz at all last night but with fly screens...not sure where the little beauties are getting in but I suppose the hole doesn't have to be big.  Anyway...none last night.

Breakfast was Beyser's tomatoes on toast and they are so sweet and as I've said before, they seem to take so long to digest that there's not much call for other food during the day...except perhaps a packet of chocolate coated peanuts while one is engrossed in a book.  There was a brief flurry of activity around eleven thirty when I dug out the under wall bed by the bench...the weeds loved the heavy rain last week and I think I've got to start at one end again but I think the hoe might come out this time but it was just to hot to keep at it today.  I had the  secateurs on the roses when I noticed a procession of cars and walkers heading for the mosque.  Fortunately I saw Remsier...I was a little worried that one of my old ladies had popped off for a little gardening in the sky but instead it was one of the old men from Turkey who'd come back here to die and had done. I didn't know him but I'll still wish him a safe onward journey..

So I've finished my book and I think I've got them out of sequence and I'll have to buy book eight from Amazon...seven is finished, six is I believe unread unless I've forgotten or lost the plot which has been said but I'm denying vehemently....   Afternoon nap and why not indeed..And I've just finishes watching Tipping Point and the guy won the jackpot on his last counter....Well played...he did get all of the questions right.  I'm now heading to the evening shift...the garden needs a good watering...as I've said it's been very hot out there today and my plans to do some woodwork didn't materialise...lethargy was the order of the day and tomorrow is another one.  Having said that...Lidl have the garden tree trimmers on offer so I might head in to Kardjali to get a set for my painter so that I can have mine back....he's had then for a couple of weeks and I found a need for them today.

So garden and hose pipe call...I don't think I shall be heading for the kitchen anytime soon...LN...Eggheads and an early night...LN

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Elsa Peters
August 2, 2017, 4:56pm Report to Moderator

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And just a few more

Attachment: white_roses_still_flowering_4928.jpg
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Attachment: and_the_sunflower_4190.jpg
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Attachment: yellow_plums_5890.jpg
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Attachment: new_climber_on_the_front_wall_4993.jpg
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Elsa Peters
August 3, 2017, 6:09pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 3rd August

So it was a good night’s sleep again but there was coolness about the air at six this morning.  I’d remembered that I was off to Lidl to get the extending loppers for my painter so telephoned him at eight to confirm that he still wanted them.  He’s working in Sofia which I wasn’t aware of and there was lots of noise and banging in the background so he was either in a very noisy apartment or he’d started already.  So at eight thirty I was in the Beast and heading for the big city.

My first stop was at Basmar to see if they had any solar garden lights which they did but at exorbitant prices so I gave them a miss but I did find a couple of wall tiles in their cheapy corner which I really liked but the trouble with this store is that if it hasn’t got a code they can’t sell it.  Why they don’t put the code on when they display it I shall never know…so I told her I would be back and walked to Lidl to get the loppers.  On the way round I noticed that they’d reduced the steak so picked up four packets thinking they might be gone when I was on my way out of town and walked it back to Basmar taking my life in my hands on the crossings.  I went back to see my lady…took the list to the cash desk with the tiles and they cost me ninety stotinki…and now I’m looking for a use for them…

Into town to pay my telephone bill and true to form there were two assistants and a big long queue…obviously someone had got the rotas wrong.  Back to Kaufland and picked up a garden blower for twenty five lev and an electric strimmer for fourteen which will do as spares.  Back home for one….the steaks are in the freezer and there was no real activity this afternoon it was just too hot and humid….After a little nap, a read and a Sudoku I set to and the garden is already watered and the Beast has had a hose down…it was very dirty from the other day.  I’m writing this in Word…the internet has gone down so not sure when I’ll be posting but fingers crossed for tonight at least.  OK...just come back up...LN….A book at bedtime me thinks…LN
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Elsa Peters
August 4, 2017, 5:10pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 4th August

Six start and after a good night.  I'd bought a liquid mosquito plug in yesterday so I tried it out and whether it was psychological or not I'm not sure but the sleep of the just.  I did make it down to the kitchen to get a coffee, washed up from yesterday and legged it back upstairs to check my emails from the comfort of the bed.  I'm really not sure why I get so many offering me Viagra so I block the lot but they appear to recreate other email addresses and so it continues.  You would think that in this day and age there could be something in place to recognise the oddballs....obviously not developed enough yet.  It was a lovely clear morning except for the heat haze and it was obvious that we were in for another hot one.

I managed it out to the garden by nine and set about weeding from the walnut to the mulberry and by ten I was half way along the wall but it was too hot to continue.  I came in on the pretence of a drink but didn't go out again until four this afternoon...I just moved up to the PC on the landing, watched some television, played a few games and generally chilled out.  I didn't even managed to get my head down this afternoon....that could mean a really good night tonight.  At five I decided to get the steak out, fry off an onion and one of the large mushrooms that't I'd bought yesterday and flash fry the steak.  It's not that I was disappointed, the flavour was good, the texture not so good.  I think the others that are sitting in the freezer are going to be made into a steak pie....I think I'll enjoy it more.  

So now it's just hit me that the World Athletic Championships are starting today so that's next week sorted then.  It's going to be writing history...it's the last appearances of Mo and Mr Bolt and it would be lovely if they could finish their careers on the up.  I've just put the opening ceremony on and fingers crossed that TV Catchup doesn't let me down.  LN...Tele-tubbie is going for tele- time...LN.

Attachment: new_strimmer_6338.jpg
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Attachment: such_a_delecate_flower_9513.jpg
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Attachment: its_been_a_warm_one_913.jpg
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Attachment: i_have_a_leaf_cutter_about_8657.jpg
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Attachment: pretty_snapdragon_9436.jpg
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Attachment: getting_there_5052.jpg
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Attachment: evening_glow_4380.jpg
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Attachment: and_on_the_garden_9033.jpg
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Elsa Peters
August 5, 2017, 5:05pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 5th August

So after a really late night watching the athletics...it was one before I got my little head down and six on the dot I was awake again.  Mo was the draw last night and what an exciting race it was an what a performer.  With so many working against him...he never faltered...what commitment to sport and his determination to succeed.  Mr Bolt will be the call for tonight....so it looks like being another late one.

I hadn't watered the garden last night....lazy mare that I am so I was out at six fifteen soaking everything before the heat got up and drained everything again including me.  I'd finished the watering by seven fifteen and the intention was to get out and do more but it just didn't happen.  I was down to the bread van to get bread and a cheesy bun and I joined my Avatar and sat in her garden and both ate out for breakfasts at the same time.  She offered me tomatoes, coffee, yogurt drink and I refused it all...I didn't want to put her to the trouble.  

It was just too hot again and thundery even though we didn't have a storm.  The perspiration was just dripping from me even though I wasn't doing anything and it will be another shower before bedtime.  I lay on the bed for a while and I obviously needed to catch up on sleep so I did but by twelve I was back in the land of the living and settled in to watch the athletics this afternoon.  No way was I going out there...I sat in the breeze from my bedroom balcony that races across the landing and out through the guest bedroom balcony door...

Haciber came round this evening with a dish of meat and rice...not sure if she was just cooking it or it's from a mevlit...prayers for the dead or dying.  Only one problem with it...it's more rice than meat and they do use rather a lot of fat in the cooking process.  I ate what I could but I'm not that hungry...it's still too hot.  I do have a chicken that I ought to be putting in the oven to cook....so kitchen calls, then bathroom calls, then athletics calls.....LN...I've found my calling....LN

Attachment: this_is_my_morning_9542.jpg
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Attachment: peeping_through_7638.jpg
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Attachment: new_sunflower_show_685.jpg
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Attachment: good_use_for_an_old_fridge_5478.jpg
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Attachment: my_rice_supper_745.jpg
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Elsa Peters
August 6, 2017, 8:51pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 6th August

Late night again watching the world athletics and it was a seven start so didn't miss much sleep.  I was coffee and gardening straight away....I watered those I missed last night and the ones that looked in need I watered again.  It turned out to be a scorcher...thirty three inside and forty one in the shade on the terrace.  By seven thirty I was out there gardening and finished weeding the side bed of the long wall, the small fire pit bed that had just gone mad in a short time and anointed four wooden planks with a view to carrying on the edging.  I turned my attention to one of the first benches that I'd put outside my downstairs bedroom, trimmed the sprouting from the bowl of the tree and removed the bench with a view to putting it somewhere else. I moved the other bench under the plum tree and cut down most of the other fruit tree that had bore no fruit.  It should do it good.

Eleven and I came in...it was too hot to be out there so I got my book out and read for a while.  I moved up to the landing and watched part of the marathon and a few of the field events, put the chicken into the oven to cook before it took off by itself to the burning pit and realised that it was heading for four so it was tools away.  I was out with the hose again, there were some giant peels of thunder and I gave up silent prayer that it would rain but not until I got to the venue tonight for the wedding.  As it happened, it didn't rain but I was now on a deadline to get on a coach at six heading for a place I hadn't been to before.  I put one of my favourite outfits on scrubbing up well for the occasion and it went down well with my ladies...

So we managed to find a table together and there must have been about five hundred there..The bride and groom arrived to the wedding march which I still find amusing, the food was standard fare and the service was good, the soft drinks kept flowing and we left before those that were imbibing  got up to speed.  Just arrived back now...they are a lovely young couple but some of my shots were spoilt by the official photographer and his megawatt bulb on his camera.  It really messed up some of the long shots.

Trying to cool the house down...all the doors to the balconies are open...please let's have a little respite tomorrow otherwise I'm going to find a swimming pool for the day.  LN...Chilled but not chilled...LN

Attachment: and_were_off_to_a_wedding_9080.jpg
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Attachment: the_venue_3307.jpg
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Attachment: theyve_arrived_3468.jpg
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Attachment: ready_for_the_bride_and_groom_6090.jpg
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Attachment: bit_daunting_3347.jpg
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Attachment: that_first_dance_5053.jpg
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Attachment: my_avatar_5173.jpg
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Attachment: haciber_and_my_avatar_5002.jpg
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Attachment: beyser_1719.jpg
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Attachment: and_a_full_moon_for_them_2229.jpg
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Elsa Peters
August 7, 2017, 4:57pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 7th August

Seven start this morning and I had my plans worked out but remember all plans should be flexible otherwise they fail.

At ten I was on my third cup of coffee, I had managed to get the washing done and out by eight but I looked at the garden and it's really suffering.  It reminds me of that add where the airline attendant says that you pick the child to help first in the event of an emergency.  You seem to water them all equally but when you scrape the surface...only the top soil is damp.  Underneath it's like dust.  I did give severe remedial mouth to mouth virtually to my hydrangea that is against the wall....I got the garden fork out, eased the roots and applied the contents of two watering cans to the said bush.  I've just checked it out and it appears to be doing OK and I'll give it a good soak tonight.  As for the rest, the zinnias are looking a little crumpled, still flowering but the leaves are crinkled.  The cosmos have still yet to flower despite there being a couple of buds on the ones under the plum tree.

As for me.....I didn't stay out there long.  It clocked up thirty six in the shade and it was thirty four indoors.  I got my kit together for laying another portion of the soil retaining wood on the flower beds but it stayed outside until five when I felt it safe to go out there again, I spent the afternoon reading and sleeping.  So one edging in place and the others are in place just need to ease out the trenches.  I tell myself that I must do better tomorrow and get out there early but unfortunately this weather seems to drain the energy levels.  Washing in, cold chicken for supper and I'm about to go out and give every thing a good soaking and then tools away.  I have the feeling that my next bill is going to be huge too but what else can you do.  LN...Work calls...LN

Attachment: out_by_eight_9038.jpg
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Attachment: play_zone_3315.jpg
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Attachment: rescued_yet_again_6098.jpg
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Attachment: moved_bench_8325.jpg
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Elsa Peters
August 8, 2017, 5:14pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 8th August

So six fifteen this morning and all was well in my corner of the world.  I'd given the garden a really good watering last night so I only topped up or bottomed up the patio plants...it was going to be another scorcher.  I sat on the terrace to watch the sun come up and it really does put a spring in your step at that time in the morning but you know what it's like, come twelve you are beginning to feel drained since the temperature has shot up, by two you're dripping with perspiration and when you wake up at four your soaking, needing a shower and wondering what happened to the day.  That sums me up...

So met up with Mrs D of S minus baby this morning for coffee.  Apparently the little one is in to throwing things...oops.  I remember that stage well and you have to be aware of everything you have and where you leave it if only for a minute or so.  Anyway...bottom line she needed a new phone.  I think we're feeling the same...it's too much effort to get out there and keep up friendships...home is a nice place to hide away.  We did managed to arrange a joint visit to another friend for next week or so....a sort of baby party where the two newbies can get to know each other.  We sat for about an hour over coffee and water and juice for me and then went our separate ways.  I headed for my student's mother's shop wanting an update on their short break to a water park and five star hotel in the south.  She said everything was perfect, the hotel, the water park which they'd booked in the hotel package and the spa.  Five swimming pools at the water park including water slides for the children and one with swim lanes for the more serious visitors.  It might be worth investigating.  I left the shop at about one, picked up a few items from the supermarket and decided that Djebel was sufficient for today....CBA to head into Kardjali and swimming. I hadn't bought tuna for ages from Lidl mainly because they've shot up in price .  The little supermarket had some so I stocked up.  Lunch....tuna mayo on fresh bread while I read my book on the sofa.  I finished off with some honey Turkish delight...back to my book and of course the obvious...head down for an hour and a half.  Siesta time folks...

Garden watered already....it soon will be time for that beautiful moon to be popping it's head over the mountains.  I caught it last night in its very early stages, and what I thought was the cloud base hiding part of it was in fact a partial lunar eclipse...silly old me...and I'll post the photos to prove it.  Few clouds about tonight but the temperature is still pretty high.  This weather is supposed to here for another week or so and the weight should drop off me...but not with honey Turkish delight....ah well.  Supper is not necessary...stuffed and too hot to eat...maybe some yogurt later.  I'm warming up for the World Athletics but we only seem to have had the one contestant that lived up to expectations...it must be the pressure and coming fourth just doesn't pay dividends but that's sport...it can be cruel.  LN...A little tele time...LN

Attachment: sundown_827.jpg
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Attachment: from_the_yard_7484.jpg
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Attachment: early_moon_and_eclipse_7137.jpg
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Attachment: evening_falls_5176.jpg
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