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Elsa Peters
September 30, 2017, 3:26pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 30th September

Seven start this morning and it was a cold damp start again and it's stayed that way all day.  I was down to the bread van and gave one of my ladies a hug and then two other declared that it was favouritism so I hugged the other two that were down there and threatened the van driver with the same treatment but controlled myself.  I ended up with two loaves, one for the freezer and a cheesy bread which was my breakfast.  I'd got dressed into outdoor clothes but I've been indoor most of the day.  I did venture out for wood for the fire and also got the chop saw going when I became creative in the third bedroom.  Last year I'd converted the old wash stand into a sewing table and I'd had visions that the new multi-drawer chest that I've just put together would fit underneath it and would store my sewing cottons and bits and pieces.  Guess what...the unit was just an inch shorted so I had the brain wave that I could put blocks of wood under the legs of the sewing table and then the unit would fit underneath.....and now it does.  Five of the drawers are full and one spare which is destined for my knitting needles and crochet hooks and now I have a free sliding basket that's been ear-marked for the lavender bag material.

I decided that I wouldn't be going anywhere...it was too damp and cold so I lit the fire and have been feeding it all day.  This afternoon I was bored so I got out my felt tips and completed one of the pictures from my mindfulness crayon book that I bought a couple of years ago.  Very therapeutic....  and I've got a whole book to go.  I also decided to book my flights to the UK for Christmas before the prices go up as the winter draws on.  Done and dusted and the price is very reasonable including booking my seat both ways at the front of the plane and on the aisle.  So supper is in...chicken wings...my favourite and my new found favourite waiting to go in...croquette potatoes.  Strictly tonight but I'm currently watching the rowing ....come on Britain.  LN.....Fire needs attending to.....LN

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