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Elsa Peters
October 1, 2017, 4:02pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 1st October

So we're really on the count down to winter now.  It had been raining overnight yet again and it was cold out there again.  I eventually got dressed and settled for toast for breakfast and contented myself taking pictures from the desk and managed to catch woody both on the ground and on the fir tree. lots of starlings around and the very timid jay is nicking something from the garden and having a field day but I'm not sure what.  The medlars seem intact at the moment but they are so hard that you'd need a hammer drill to remove them from the tree and I'm told that you have to wait until they're rotting on the tree before you remove them.  I'll test one out but may be actually leaving them..they don't look very big or appetising.  

So it was garden round-up time and from the bottom of the garden I noticed two woodpeckers on my tree but as per normal the camera was sitting on the desk.  I walked back up the garden and didn't look at them thinking that they might just ignore me but no...they flew off as I grew level.  I came in, got washed and dressed and headed down and made toast for breakfast and yet more coffee.  I set a load of washing going as the weather seemed to get lighter so I hung it out, there was a glimmer of sunlight and just a few spots of rain falling.  There was a stiff breeze so I left it out thinking that at least it would do something.

I headed into the little house and I've been looking at the way the wood has cascaded down the wall ending up almost perpendicular.  It's old wood from the building work and some of it is covered in cement so I decided to do something about it.  I brought in the wooden trug from outside that's never got planted up with anything, three quarters cleared the wall stacking some of the wood in the trug, some I put for burning and I was beginning to see the wood for the trees so to speak....except no trees inside.  I was working away and was brought out of my industrious state by a friend and his wife who are over from the UK.  I'd not heard their car pull up but they explained that there was something going on in the village and they'd had to leave it and walk down.  I suddenly remembered that it was Dushinkovo day and I'd missed it....almost so we had coffee in the garden and another surprise...Bekir appeared....he'd expected me to be at the fete and when he hadn't found me, he came down to the house.  We chatted for a while, he's still finding wood for me and is going to come down and finish the metal work on the wall.  I don't want much work done this winter...I have a list of 'bits'.  So Bekir left, I got changed and the three of us walked to the village and had roasted lamb with bread for lunch and the bones were packed up for a lamb stew but not one of my favourites.  Back to mine for more coffee and to warm up...by now it was raw so I lit the fire and in quicksticks the hot water was circulating round the radiators and is still doing so.  Off they went, washing in and in the bathroom to finish drying and now I'm settling into the evening.  

So to sum up September...too much heat in the early part and no real transition to the cold that we've had.  It sort of hit home and I'm really feeling it.  It's supposed to be getting warmer this week and about time to....I'm not ready for winter yet.  No supper for me...the lamb will see me through until the morning and a busy day tomorrow is planned.  LN....And relax...LN

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Elsa Peters
October 1, 2017, 4:40pm Report to Moderator

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Pickies from today...can't post them on the first post of the month....

Attachment: woody_on_the_fir_1623.jpg
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Attachment: mother_and_daughter_gardenia_doing_fine_694.jpg
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Attachment: seed_pods_on_the_oleander_8005.jpg
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Attachment: hypericom_needs_to_go_in_4782.jpg
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Attachment: lamb_getting_cooked_7106.jpg
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Attachment: poor_things_4887.jpg
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Attachment: but_tasty_223.jpg
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Attachment: forgotten_what_this_was_5455.jpg
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Attachment: same_again_tomorrow_pretty_please_9249.jpg
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Elsa Peters
October 2, 2017, 5:13pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 2nd October

Seven start and that sun was coming up so it must have listened to me last night.  I asked it for same again today.  Washing away, washing up done, washed and dressed and ready for action by eight,  I made toast for breakfast with marmalade, checked round the plant pots and watered a few, put the the umbrella to dry it out so that it can get put away and also set the cushions from the outside furniture to dry.  I moved the Beast out onto the road and waited for my guests to arrive at nine thirty, we settled down with coffee and on the road by ten heading for Haskovo.

It was a fairly misty morning but it had cleared by the time I got to Kardjali.  The journey was uneventful and the first stop was the market garden and it still looks pretty run down.  The front of the displays looked very much as if they'd arrived on a pallet from Holland but the part that I was interested in needed love and attention.  I did select four berberis, two lavender and another winter flowering jasmine with a pretty yellow flower and two seventy litre bags of potting compost.  Leaving the market garden garden I spotted a very pretty plant which they didn't have a little one of so I asked them if they could let me have a couple of 'bits' and I could try to strike cuttings.  The lady actually said that she considered it to be a weed and I could take the lot.  I left with the Beast looking like something from Kew Gardens on the move.  From there we carried on to the hardware shop but I didn't get the carpet that I went for.  The cream one didn't look to be the same quality as the last ones that I bought so I'll go back and get the more expensive one when I've measured up the bedroom.  I've also managed to find some rechargeable batteries for the solar lamps that I've had for ages so that's a job for tomorrow.

Lunch from the hot dog stall at Kaufland but it took me ages to get to the Kaufland carpark.  There was a u-bend that was an option but there was a police car parked on the junction and I had the feeling that they were just waiting for customers so hence the diversion.  Eventually we drove by them after taking the diversion and they were handing out a ticket so I guess I was right.  A quick trip round Kaufland and then the drive back home.  I'd not taken the back lane on the way out but risked it on the way back and there was only one really muddy patch which wasn't bad after all the rain we've had.  Made coffee, took their washing out of the machine so that they could take it home to dry and off they went.  I brought the Beast back into the drive, unpacked the plants and gave them some water, wrestled the potting compost into the little house and finished off stacking the wood.  I did see some wildlife in the little house.  It looked very much like a shrew...it was really small with long back legs and moved very quickly.

So it's been a lovely day and it was a strip down to lightweight sweater by the afternoon and same again tomorrow please...pretty please.  No fire tonight...back to normal.  LN....Eggheads and a book at bedtime.....LN

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Attachment: misty_mountains_838.jpg
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Attachment: attractive_little_woodburner_2398.jpg
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Attachment: and_on_offer_3521.jpg
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Elsa Peters
October 3, 2017, 5:05pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 3rd October

Late night bath and I think I need another one tonight....I'm knacked after a hard day on the chain gang and I'm thinking I'm going to stiffen up if I don't...

Seven start, washed and dressed by eight fifteen, toast for breakfast with Marmite and I was out to the garden by nine.  I'd set out my table for today....I intended to clear the rest of the stone heap at the bottom of the garden and it was going to be full on.  I did start off with a bonfire though and despite the fact that it was pretty damp from the rain that we've had. it burnt well and is still going now.  I did intersperse the nominated task with a few others that hadn't appeared on any list but were in my brain.  I used the new potting compost to pot up the Busy Lizzie that seemed to be struggling and I'm keeping my fingers crossed,  I also decided that I needed a spot to perch down the bottom of the garden so brought the wheelbarrow up the garden intending to put one of the large logs in it and wheel it down the garden but I couldn't even manage to get it in the barrow.  So the brain got into gear and I rolled it down the garden going down the grass between the house and the front wall and all the way to the bottom.  Out with the chisel and hammer and I stripped the bark from it and laced it with lamp gas to drive away the bugs that were starting to burrow into it.  Success on a plate and I how have a place to perch.

The rest of the afternoon was spent moving rocks, chips of rock and old roof tiles and eventually at six tonight I emptied the last wheel barrow, gathered my tools and by six thirty all was safely gathered in and chicken wings were put in the oven for supper.  Heading for a full moon tonight but bright and well formed.  Just had a phone call from Princess updating me on her new job...she seems to be really enjoying it.  There's an element of fear when you first start anything new but I pointed out that the team are on her side and she's such a lovely character ...she'll do fine.  

Anyway TV-Catchup is catching up by asking you to remove Ad-Blockers and wanting to download things.  I might have to try other things.  Chicken wings are ready so time to wrap up.  LN.....Hot tomato sauce...out of mayo...need to shop....LN

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Attachment: messaging_indians_8140.jpg
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Attachment: playtime_801.jpg
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Attachment: chain_gang_stuff_6625.jpg
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Attachment: and_now_just_the_biggies_956.jpg
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Attachment: lovely_evening_6515.jpg
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Attachment: all_dry_and_ready_to_be_put_away_6546.jpg
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Attachment: new_perching_spot_947.jpg
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Elsa Peters
October 4, 2017, 4:26pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 4th October

Six start but with the curtains drawn I wasn't really sure what the weather held until I ceremonially opened my window on the world.  Someone has stolen my mountains overnight. sun hasn't even come up yet but I felt there was little chance of seeing it.  As the morning progressed the sun was making a valiant effort and when it eventually broke through it turned into a very warm day.

I felt quite achy when I got up from yesterdays marathon in the garden so knew that today was going to be a 'bitsa' day and it turned out to be just so.  Washed and dressed and intended heading for the bread van but I was playing on the computer and couldn't raise the effort to leg it down the road.  I had two day old bread which had no lifeforms growing on it so it was into the toaster with it and Marmite provided the topping.  

First job was to replace the batteries with the rechargeable that I'd bought the other day from Haskovo and they all appear to be working.  I've left them on the window ledge in the corridor to see how they perform tomorrow.  I've had a bit of a mare with my little Lenovo after I'd carried out the system updates.  I'm not sure what was updated but I fell down on my Google password so I then went into meltdown and now can't sign in until tomorrow with the new password.  There are times when I hate computers.  I moved outside and put the umbrella into the little house, finished off the wood, swept the floor and collected up the debris, moved the swinging bench on to the main terrace, came in for a drink, settled down on the sofa and promptly went to sleep for an hour or so.  Woke up and knocked off a couple of Sudoku's and then found the log that I thought there was a duck hiding in and thought it was time to set it free.  I took the old bark off using a chisel and hammer and then it was down to the detail.  I took it into the little house workshop. stuck it in the vice and used the hacksaw to take off some of the bigger sections and the chisel to create the form.....and I love it....so far so good.  It needs more work  and tomorrow is another day.  I planted up the hypericom...it needs some decent ground to spread in so we'll see how it does now.

Leg of lamb in the oven with potatoes and butternut squash and they should be ready in about half an hour.  I've just caught sight of the moon coming up tonight and it's but yellow in an early evening sky.  Time to concentrate on supper and the kitchen....I might even try out my gift of Bisto extra to see what extra it has.  LN...The anticipation is killing....LN

Attachment: whos_stolen_my_mountains_5238.jpg
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Attachment: shy_this_morning_7215.jpg
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Attachment: batteries_replaced_1803.jpg
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Attachment: having_a_rest_today_3224.jpg
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Attachment: umbrella_away_2707.jpg
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Attachment: wood_sorted_5375.jpg
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Attachment: new_cuttings_from_the_market_garden_3381.jpg
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Attachment: reprieved_for_a_week_or_so_1921.jpg
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Attachment: hacksaw_art_9146.jpg
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Attachment: not_much_of_a_sun_set_6812.jpg
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Elsa Peters
October 5, 2017, 7:59pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 5th October

Sorry late tonight...I was very settled with my student and her parents and where did the evening go?

Seven start, washed dressed early, intended the bread van but again didn't manage it so out came one from the freezer.  It was blackcurrant jam on toast this morning, sitting in the sun on my swinging bench and watching over my estate.  The birds were very active this morning but the light was just too much for the camera viewing screen...I couldn't see what I was trying to take so gave up as a bad job and setting into storing the memories in the brain cells.

I'd dressed for work but decided instead to head into my local post office to see if my other camera cable had arrived and it had.  I suggested that she wrote down her telephone number for me so that I didn't have to get the car out to check...I could phone instead and she did.  It's not stored in the phone book...  So being dressed for work I grabbed the rest of the bulbs, two of the berberis, a lavender, the euonymus , a snow berry and headed for the bottom of the garden complete with fork and garden spade.  They are all planted, beds dug over and at three I'd had enough since it was pretty warm out there so I came in, finished the rest of the lamb from last night, showered and shampooed and ready for the off to visit my student and her family at six.  They apologised in advance...they'd got unexpected visitors from Turkey so it was the usual round of 'where do you live, how many houses do you have, how many children and how much is your pension?????'  Just the usual things that occupy their minds.  They did bring over a batch of truly seedless white grapes which were delicious and I munched my way through them and also through the apple cake which had been made by my student's sister.  

So home safe and sound...no bears or wolves to be negotiated on my drive back through the forest.  LN....And so to bed said Zeberdee...LN
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Elsa Peters
October 6, 2017, 4:28pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 6th October

So last night I made the mistake of staying up to watch Question Time and I really wonder why.  There was no one on the panel that really had a grasp of the situation and the only one that I recommended was the man who said that he was at the Tory Party Conference and that it was insulting that the only thing reported was the last speech from the PM...He really had a dig at the reporters and television coverage.  Of course it was soon slid washed over.

I eventually got to bed at one thirty and had a hard time settling but eventually I nodded off and it was six thirty when I came to.  I sorted out the Lenovo and I'm really disappointed.  It was supposed to be a system update instead of which it obliterated all my settings and reset everything.  It's worth a complaint.  Washing in, went down the garden with my coffee to contemplate what the rest of the day would hold.  I abandoned the idea of Kardjali, sat on the wall and watched the birds with camera in hand.  Back up to the house, got washed and dressed and put on  work clothes...it was going to be another gardening day.  Toast for breakfast and then out to the garden with spade and fork in hand.  I threw some more stone over the hillside...the ones that I didn't want....loaded four larger stones in the wheel barrow and tried to head back up the garden but with a wobbly wheel...I had to take one out and carry it to the plum tree and then go back for the barrow with the other three.  It all started because I dug up a self set acacia intending to plant it close to the bottom wall....and realised that the soil was good round the tree and I needed a place to put more of the daffodils   and they're in.

I was in an out all day but eventually came in at five thirty...I'd had enough.  I'd finished off with a bonfire, clearing the down branches that I'd taken off so that I would end up with two working eyes and got the washing in.  I've got one of the steaks out from the freezer and working out what to do with it.  The last one was tough so I'll probably slice or dice and see what's available.  I think it's time to put the boiler on for a soak.  It's supposed to rain tomorrow and that should give my newly planted up a good drink to save me watering them.  LN...it's in the lap of the gods...LN

Attachment: first_light_9742.jpg
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Attachment: dew_on_the_hillside_in_the_misty_light_9313.jpg
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Attachment: pj_morning_on_the_wall_2033.jpg
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Attachment: gardens_looking_good_2241.jpg
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Attachment: cosmos_doing_it_at_last_6270.jpg
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Attachment: look_at_my_lemons_898.jpg
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Attachment: sheep_starting_their_day_695.jpg
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Attachment: todays_playground_2832.jpg
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Attachment: magnolia_with_destructions_9514.jpg
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Attachment: off_it_goes_5670.jpg
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Elsa Peters
October 7, 2017, 5:53pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 7th October

Sleep of the just last night and awoke at six this morning.  It was very dull and clouded over and true to form and as predicted, it was raining by eight thirty.  I did manage to get the morning stroll of the estate in but soon back in.  I didn't bother with breakfast but went on the computer and wasted some of the morning until hunger got the better of me and I opened a tin of what should have been beans and bacon.  I think I found one nugget of bacon, three of a congealed substance and the overall appearance was one of soup with beans and carrots floating in it.  The flavour wasn't bad though but not for the faint hearted.  I'd made toast with it and it was ten thirty so early lunch/ late breakfast but it stood me in good stead until late this afternoon.

A job well done today...my summer clothes are away and my winter ones are sorted and have taken place of the summer ones in the hanging space and shelving.  I've also been through my shoes and socks, ditched a few of both and know exactly where to find the rest.  I've lots of darning to do on the woollen ones...or maybe it's time to replace instead.  I have visions of unpicking down to the holes and knitting new bits on them but I think this could be more of a chore than a pleasure.  By three thirty I'd put supper into the oven, remembered that it was the world gymnastic finals from Canada so settled down to watch it but being aware that there was thunder lingering around.  I lit the fire more as a comfort thing, by this time the heavens had opened after the sun tried desperately to come through but miserably failed and that fire took some doing.  There was no draw in the chimney despite the wood being perfectly dry but once going, just one big log and it's away, the pump kicked in and the house is toasty.  By six I'd had supper, realised that the thunder and lightening was going no where so I switched off the computer, removed the cables to the modem, took to my bed with a print out of Friday's sudoku, succeeded in completing it and must have promptly fallen asleep.  

Summing up....I missed Djebel fair but it really wasn't the weather for it, I could have carried on with the planting but again, not the weather for that either but perfect for sorting clothes and enjoying the home comforts.  It's still rattling around now and it might be worth risking it for Strictly...I've got my wood coming tomorrow so that could be an active day for me but it might be a day for throwing a sheet of polythene over it and leaving it for another day.  LN...It's in the lap of the gods again....LN

Attachment: lone_mushroom_gatherer_6494.jpg
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Attachment: pretty_stormy_out_there_4644.jpg
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Attachment: from_the_balcony_3280.jpg
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Attachment: flooding_round_the_lake_7082.jpg
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Elsa Peters
October 8, 2017, 4:51pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 8th October

Well I was still playing games at two thirty this morning...the sleep during the thunder left me ready for everything...except sleep.  I was still awake at six fifteen this morning and it was rather an eerie start to the day.  There wasn't much of a sunrise but the clouds were hanging low in the valley after yesterdays downpour.  There was quite a bit of wind about when I went out on the balcony to take the first shots of the day and eventually the sun broke through the clouds.  It's been quite a chilly day though.  I played around with sudoku knocking off the Sunday five start in twenty minutes.  There were a lot of variables and just the threes and fours in various positions which once they were home and dry led on to several other possibilities.  It took me two attempts so not so bad.

I was out to the garden by eleven only managing toast for breakfast.  I planted up the rest of the newbies and am only left with one berberis to find a home for.  The remaining daffodils are in.  I also chopped the rest of the wood that was lingering bringing the chop saw in to play and lavished linseed oil on the ducks head.  I was trying to work out how to fix it to the base and what the base should look like but that's for another day to worry about.  I managed to dig out two decent sized holes at the bottom of the garden but it is absolutely riddled with stone and I think it's part of a seam that's running along there.  Guests for coffee and to pick up something that they wanted printing out and at four this afternoon they left, I headed for the kitchen and used the meat that I'd thawed out overnight and got a curry in the oven.  Tidied up outside and just to update you...my wood didn't arrive so a bit of a wasted day waiting in but I've achieved loads in the garden...so not really wasted.

Had supper watching the Chase which is quite a good program except that some of the questions are absolutely unfathomable....three multi-choice but they could be any of them.  Today though the three remaining contestants managed to win the money and I like it when that happens.  So kitchen tidied....I've just lit the fire going as a comfort factor and the chimney must have warmed up...first time goer.  Strictly tonight and I'm hoping for a better night's sleep.  I'll be on the phone tomorrow to Bekir since he made the arrangements for the wood...he can make the calls.  Lovely sunset and the huge humming moths were out round the tobacco but no...they are just too fast in the twilight.  Now I've got the new cable for the Canon ....I'll give it a shot tomorrow...LN...I'll be waiting....LN

Attachment: atmospheric_morning_563.jpg
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Attachment: not_sure_which_way_to_go_7509.jpg
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Attachment: found_this_on_the_terrace_7604.jpg
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Attachment: not_quite_in_focus_130.jpg
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Attachment: beautiful_clouds_696.jpg
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Attachment: still_pretty_for_october_1726.jpg
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Attachment: tonights_sky_4476.jpg
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Attachment: and_from_the_long_wall_2378.jpg
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Elsa Peters
October 9, 2017, 4:22pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 9th October

So late to sleep and late to rise makes me....grumpy but eager to get on and do something.  I got dressed q
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Elsa Peters
October 9, 2017, 4:55pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 9th October

So late to sleep and late to rise makes me....grumpy but eager to get on and do something....so I stripped down my bed and got the first load cooking and the second load sitting by the machine for a quick turn around.  I got dressed quickly just in case the wood did a super early delivery but I phoned Bekir to let him know that the wood wasn't delivered yesterday but got his 'busy' tone and the next thing he was phoning me.  Spooky...nananana.....telepathy with a local.  He explained that the weather was so naff on Saturday that the wood wasn't delivered to them so everything was running late.  He phoned back about thirty minutes later and said that the wagon was on its way and that I should put the Beast outside which I'd done yesterday so fully prepared.  At that my painter arrives at the door complete with two bags of mushrooms he'd collected from the forest this morning and did I want any and I responded with a negative.  He knows his stuff but I'm a bit suspect as he explained the different sorts he'd collected.  At that the wood arrived and we managed to get it into the yard successfully without knocking over my pillars and the man unloaded it into the yard.  I have wood.  He did try to sell me the idea of having it ready cut but I think you get better value if you cut it yourself...well not me personally.... but you seem to get more for your money.  Any way....I said I'd think about it for next year and my painter went on his way.

So I got washed and dressed for town I had to get a letter in the post but as I was leaving the village my guests from the previous days were returning something I'd lent them so I turned round and met them as they were leaving mine.  I mentioned that I was off to post a letter to England and since they're flying out tonight...they've taken it so I know it will get there in time.  My next stop was at my student's house to take some English language books for her sister and unbeknown to me...it was lunchtime, mother returned from work and I stayed for lunch with them.  I sat down with the books with her and explained how they worked and we had a lovely couple of hours together.  On to Kardjali....straight to the bank and they couldn't help me but they gave me another form to complete.  It's all to do with where you get taxed and they were as confused as I was.  Still it might help someone later on if we get it sorted.  I further compounded it by going to the Revenue to see if they could provide me with the number I wanted and they hadn't got a clue...even using the Bulgarian form so it looks like 'Bob Hope or no hope'.  Over to the chain saw shop for a new blade for my painter but they didn't have any in, Kaufland for a few goodies including plants for the garden and finally to Lidl for things I can't live without.  

Home for six thirty and it seems to be threatening rain so it was an 'in box' exercise as to what got done first.  I covered the wood with polythene just in case it throws it down, got the washing in, unpacked the Beast and put the shopping away, the remains of last night's curry is in the oven warming up and windows closed and no need to light the fire.  It's pretty warm inside due to the afternoon sun.  First task tomorrow is to try and sort out this number everyone requires...My bank in UK couldn't help, my Bulgarian bank now know what it is and didn't before and I suppose I could go onto the tax website or webs*ite in the UK.....it might have an answer.  Supper should be ready by now...I have enough rice  left from last night....and I've bought something sweet to finish on.....I was searching last night and ended up with rice cakes....mmm.  LN ....Supper is ready...LN

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Elsa Peters
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Tuesday 10th October

Six start again, first load of washing in and cooked on cheap rate and second in to follow it.  Nothing like getting off to a good start!!  I managed to put yesterday's washing on the airer last night...I suppose better late than never, it's been emptied, put away and ready for the next lot.  I have nothing lingering and all my winter vests and tights have been washed ready so let it snow....I'm prepared...well I will be when the rest of the wood is put away.  I was out on the balcony with the Canon taking photos of the morning and I suddenly got a message that the card was full.  I tried to link the camera to the computer but received the message that 'the device had malfunctioned' so I'm back to the drawing board with the cable and have now ordered another one with the same serial number as the one in the manual which came with the camera.  I even tried to connect it to my little laptop but still no go and when I tried to download the drivers, the message said that the camera would download them automatically when connected to the computer.  Scratch head time but eight lev for a new cable...it's worth the investment to see if it cures the problem.  So my pictures of the dawn are locked away...ah well...

Off to the bread van this morning and it was one for the freezer and a crusty for breakfast lashed with a new orange jam that tastes a little like marmalade from Kaufland that I bought yesterday.  I didn't really rave about...there wasn't much 'bite' to it but when I'm a lazy bird that doesn't make her own marmalade then I can't complain.  I don't seem to have much success with jam and the likes...I end up with a sticky mess but I suppose burnt marmalade would have its followers.  Most of my ladies were down there so we had little chats and my wood delivered yesterday was the topic of conversation.  Haciber came up to have a look at it and hers is going to be delivered from the local forestry...she is in the know.  If it's good I might get some more from them...it always keeps.

So the washing was pegged out, it's been a beautiful day and I've pottered.  The internet was up this morning when I ordered the cable but has been down for the rest of the day so I've not been able to investigate this number that I require for the banks.  Tomorrow is another day.  It was out with the reciprocating saw and I managed to isolate several of the thinner logs and the saw managed it.  I did get prepared with steel toe cap boots but it's fairly easy to control if you get the wood firmly in position holding it in place with your foot and the second foot well out of the way.  You have to watch for the wiggle with it being a long blade but I got the hang of it pretty quickly and managed to get the first line of the new wood where the old wood was and now it's ready for a man with a chainsaw and I will only stack.  At least it's organised.  Washing in and Haciber came round with a bag of potatoes, onions and garlic so they're sorted and ready to bring in.  I really don't know why they grow so much but I suppose it's habit.

Bit more wood slicing tomorrow...it's not for the money you save but it's my effort toward being self sufficient and to impress my ladies but they do other things like bake.  Sandwiches for lunch today so not really about to create a feast for the gods.  I think I might just stick a jacket potato in the oven and that will suffice.  Nothing on the agenda for tomorrow...Kardjali on Friday when I've managed to solve the enigma of TINs.  LN...TV quiz programs and a gentle evening....LN

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Elsa Peters
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Wednesday 11th October

Up with the lark this morning and I was fascinated by the sky.  The redness of the sun appeared to be following the mountains with very dark clouds overhead.  As the morning broke the clouds seemed to be like scales of a fish and rippled getting redder until the yellow of the sun changed the vista and then as the sun got to breaking over the top of the mountain. the clouds paled and it turned out to be not so splendid.  As the sun got nearer to breaking the mist started to gather and it took a while to burn off.  I was out on the balcony with bare feet and soon came in.  Lots of dew on the grass and it will soon be time to get the lawn mower out looking at it now.  Just need a really hot sun and today would have been a good day but it's too late now to worry about it.

Coffee and back to bed for a few games on the Kindle and then down to the kitchen for toast and more coffee.  I put on the PC and did my emails and checked up on FB and sat out in the garden and enjoyed the sun...it's been a beautiful day.  I did work up the energy to collect some seeds from the tobacco and my tall white 'thingies' that were self sets last year and for the last few years but I want them where I want them next year.  I also removed the sunflowers from the little garden at the bottom of the little house terrace and planted up two new plants that are called hebe but look more like heather to me and covered the bed with gravel.  There were lots of weed seeds starting.  I also decided to bring Harold the Hare out of the front wall and put him in the new cleared out garden and as I was picking him up by the ear, I remembered that I'd had to stick it on last year...off it came and the other ear broke off giving it an appearance of a black panther so it got put on the bench and covered the ear sockets with gloves.  It was spooky.  

Ms D of S phoned and arrived about fifteen minutes later.  We sat in the sun and looked over the documentation that was concerning me and I've gone with her suggestion, the forms are filled in and will be posted on Friday.  We worked out that for my local bank I would provided passport and national insurance number and that should sort them out.  Off she went after we'd had coffee and a catch up, I cleared away the cups and have spent the afternoon with my head in my flower books and watching silly television programs.  

Fire lit...it's not cold but I felt it was more cosy with it going.  I'll probably do a little more work on the logs tomorrow and I'm heading up to one of my neighbours to see if she wants to go to Kardjali on Friday.  When I was heading in the other day she said that she had to sort out her pension and that's not a million miles away from where I'm heading,  More of the same weather tomorrow please....this is more as I remember it from previous years.  LN...Tele, quiz programs and bed....LN

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Elsa Peters
October 12, 2017, 4:37pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 12th October

What a silly night last night.  I was busy working on a problem with the house in the UK and ended up filling in planning enforcement forms ...my brain went into overdrive and at four this morning I was trying hard to relax. visualise the white light in my brain and drift off into oblivion.  It must have happened but I woke up just before eight and the sun was up already so I missed the dawn.  

I went on to the PB for a while, heard some rumbling outside and there was my painter moving logs around and preparing his chain saw for action.  I was still in my PJ's but he wasn't fazed by might flowery fleece thing but I legged it upstairs got washed and dressed and was out to help him with the logging.  He firstly took the thing apart and started to sharpen the circular blade which is pretty normal for anyone starting to cut wood.  I set about moving more of the old wood to make room for the new and eventually he started cutting but he wasn't a happy bunny.  He said it wasn't cutting properly, I offered to take him into Kardjali to get it professionally sharpened and to get the new one that's been ordered but he was determined that we'll stick to the plan and go in tomorrow.  He persevered, he did some more cutting and I started stacking.  I had to move more of the old wood and had visions of the pile falling on top of me but I survived.  At ten thirty I made coffee for the both of us and we sat out in the sun absorbing the vitamin D and having conversations about anything and everything.  He split the ones that he'd already cut and I started again and by twelve thirty I realised that there was no way it was going to be completed today so I suggested that he packed away his goodies and headed home.  As he was leaving we spotted a spider by the newel post of the front gate and realised that it wasn't as big as it looked ...it had loads of eggs on its back.  He also spotted a different mushroom growing at the base of the gate and told me that it was pretty special and tastes of lamb.  I'll take his word for it...he didn't take it home so it can't be that special.

I carried on tidying after he left and moved the rest of the logs from the small pile on to the big one so that it's not scattered in the yard.  By two thirty though I was settled on the sofa with my book and it didn't take long before I was off with the fairies waking up at four thirty.  I called it a catch-up and at five Beyser came round with some green banichka and I'm unsure if it's onions or spinach and I'm hoping it's the former.  That will be my supper.  Off she trotted and fifteen minutes later Haciber was round to view the contents of the wood store...they like to check up on me.  

At six I lit the fire .....I'd got cold in the afternoon but as soon as I'd lit it I realised that it was only me that was cold and the temperature was not so low.  I raked over the yard to clear the wood chippings and generally tidied everything up, filled up the log container to keep me going tonight and locked everything away.  Really toasty house, supper at the ready and what a beautiful day it's been.  I sat out on the terrace at six thirty and realise how lucky I am to be out here.  My terrace is a good place to put all your ducks in a row.  LN...Nine start for Kardjali tomorrow....LN

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Elsa Peters
October 13, 2017, 4:10pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 13th October

Early to bed. sleep of the just and a seven thirty start.  I had about three really deep dreams that I could remember when I woke up.  They've gone now but why is it that we seem so be a part of some of them taking a really active part.  Lots of fog around and could barely see the sun when I woke up and it took quite a long time to burn off.  I got washed a dressed ready for town, I'd put my documentation ready so there was no scratching around at the last minute and got the Beast out in plenty of time,  I walked the garden which I realised was a mistake since my suede boots absorbed the dew marvellously dampening the toes but I decided not to bother changing them....I put the heater on in the car.

My painter was waiting by the bus stop in his village and I noticed that Gouldjan's father was waiting for the bread van.  We had a a word but then back in the Beast and down the back lane to the Kardjali road.  I ended up following a gravel wagon for quite a long way but eventually we hit the duel carriage way and it was all systems go.  We stopped off at the main hardware shop to see if they had any work boots for him but they didn't, next on to the man who sharpened his chain for his chainsaw, back to the car and over to the main car park.  He went his way, I went to the post office and posted my letter to the bank and then back to my Bulgarian bank and completed the necessary forms using two number that we managed to find on other documentation and for both of the declarations...it they want more they can let me know and I'll have another shot at it.  Down to the chainsaw shop and despite protestations I bought him a new chain and he was really grumbling about the cost.  It was suggested by one of the men in the shop that we could get it cheaper in Greece but everyone forget about fuel to get there.  We stopped off for breakfast. then over to the cheapy shop and we both managed to find leather boots at reasonable rates.  Kaufland, Lidl and home and we both felt as if our batteries had worn down.  The sun had got up and a post lunch lull had hit us both.  We did managed to go down to the natural spring close to the village and I filled up three large bottles for free then I dropped him off at home, continued to mine and put the Beast in the drive, unpacked the car and put the shopping away.

It's been a bit of a lazy afternoon.  I felt like getting my head down but decided against it...it does mess up the night-time sleep pattern.  I've been munching peanuts so I reckon supper might not happen for a while, lit the fire about five and comfortable in jeans and tee-shirt.  Another lovely day, my painter is coming round in the morning and we'll knock the rest of the wood off between us.  We should have more success now that he's got a new chain and the other one sharpened.  LN...Busy day tomorrow....LN

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Elsa Peters
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Saturday 14th October

Lovely late start but I decided that it was washed, dressed knowing that my painter is used to an early start.  I heard him rattling around and when outside and yes....the chainsaw was in pieces as he tried to put the new chain in but I think he did something with the safety bar while it was dismantled and I think he did something to it.  Domage, quelle domage....we 'was stuffed' so to speak.  He went down to see Remsier's husband and I went back to making the picture framed hanging for my student.  I'd removed the glass, fixed material over the back board, added cardboard and replaced the staples that kept it all together.  The glass was put to one side so that she could use it later as a picture frame if she got fed up of the display frame that I'd made for her.  Back came the painter and unfortunately the guy he'd gone to see was out working down the other end of the village so he came back. fiddled a little more and then off he went to find the other man.  He was back in half an hour or so and again....Umir is not a mechanic....we had no success.  A few more phone calls, a little more fiddling and off he went down the village to another 'expert' and I haven't seen him since.  I did suggest that Umir was drawn in to chainsaw the wood and then my painter could chop it but that was refused point blank.  I think that since i paid for a pair of boots for him yesterday and the new chain that he has to work it off...and he's right.  Haciber came round this morning with a request for three leva for a mevlit for the village and there was a steady procession of neighbours from the surrounding villages heading down to the next village for another mevlit for someone who's gone over to the other side.  I normally go down and enjoy the solitude but gave it a miss with the comings and goings of a chainsaw.

So a lovely surprise, my student's sister had messaged me asking if they could come down for a visit this afternoon.  They duly arrived, we satin the sun, walked the garden, the student took lots of photos that she posted to Instagram and she did ask permission first.  We found some well rooted honeysuckle and some of my new rooted cuttings and they went into a plastic bag and will be planted tomorrow.  Tea, coffee and water with orange chocolate biscuits and off they went at about four.  They still have demanding guests so they were going back to give their mother a hand to get tonight's evening meal done and tomorrow they are processing meat and putting it into jars so that it can be taken back to Turkey by their guest.  Who needs guests like that....do don't get any ideas if any of you come over.

It six, I've just lit the fire and I have a bag of rice and meat for supper that Haciber came back from the mevlit with.  As is normal...you eat with them and then come home with enough to feed the five thousand.  I've cleared the rubbish and set fire to it in my burning pit.  I'd bought chicken wings yesterday, put them into three bags and didn't want the dogs to get into the wrappings so hence the fire.

Logs tomorrow if he managed to get it fixed and if not...I have a day to myself and it will be Kardjali on Monday. What do they say about the best laid plans of mice and men?  Strictly tonight so supper needs to be over and done with.  LN....Saturday nights I love....LN

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Elsa Peters
October 15, 2017, 3:16pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 15th October

Six start, washing in, coffee and back to bed with the Kindle.  Down for more coffee, washing pegged out at seven thirty and the sun was just breaking through.  I managed to take a few pickies of the start of the dawn but it was pretty brisk.  I decided to get dressed pretty quickly in case my painter arrived to continue with the wood but since there were no visitors I went upstairs and settled in to the Sudoku without any luck and I still haven't finished it.  I've printed it, Tippexed it out, started again but haven't got round so far to printing it out again.  I'll save that for bedtime.

As for the rest of the day, my painter and he carried on with the wood.  He'd taken his chainsaw to Momchilgrad yesterday and it was all to do with the brake which is what I suspected, He must have fiddled with it without the casing on and triggered something.  We were going well but he started to grumble about the wood.  He was telling me about some of it which grows on the shady part of the mountain and it is much stronger than the other that grows in the sun.  I felt that he was beginning to worry about his chainsaw and felt that we had been given the wood that was difficult to cut....the wood that his men didn't want to cut for ready cut deliveries.  I'd originally ordered oak and beech but we reckon that we have other wood looking at the leaves and the bark and I think I have some complaining to do.  Not much but enough for them to realise that I noticed.  So we rumbled on until Remsier came to the front wall and told me that it was time to get my act together and head down for the 'it's like a mevlit, but it's not'.  I asked a few questions and apparently it's forty days after byram and it's rather like out harvest festival where they gather up what's left and make a special pot for everyone.  It's supposed to have beans, pomegranate and is made from Bulgar wheat but instead Beyser had produced two big pots of rice and meat with a few odd beans thrown in and that was it.  

We all met up down the bottom. there were about twenty of us all with our own stainless steel dishes ready to collect out trays of rice and meat.  It amazed me how much you get.  My dish was piled high and I had my statutory two chocolate cakes and after an hour or so I headed home clutching my tin, got out two dishes, forks and bottles of water and set out lunch for my painter and myself.  He reckoned that it was meat out of jars and in someways it was much better than the meat they usually use.  It has been known to have bits of sinew and fat in previous efforts of the rice mixture.  

While I was away he'd given up on the chainsaw and chopped the wood that he'd cut.  The rest was stacked tidily in the yard and post lunch together we put the cut wood into the wood store.  I'm also a little concerned at the quantity delivered.  It's not until it's cut and stacked that you can judge whether or not you've got the quantity ordered.  I'll let you know when it's finished.  Off he went clutching another bag of rice and meat...I have loads....and the new boots that we got for him in Kardjali.  I raked over the yard and scooped it up into my wood carrier on wheels and went back to my Sudoku, was just about to nod off when Haciber came round and wanted to look at the wood so again we did the guided tour of the wood store.  Again back to the Sudoku, out to get the washing in and empty the wood carrier down the bottom of the garden, had five minutes with my neighbour in the garden next to mine and had the option to come back with potatoes and sugar beet but I refused saying that I had plenty at the moment....another time.  

Strictly result tonight and here's hoping the internet stays up, TV Catch-up behaved itself last night for a change and I've now got my favourites.  Another beautiful day weather wise and it looks pretty settled for the coming week and as for the Cosmos....they are fantastic...flowering at long last.  LN....Lazy day tomorrow for me....LN

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Elsa Peters
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Monday 16th October

Really restful sleep last night and not even a too early start.  The curtains were left open last night and I was amazed at the view and that the moon was only just starting it's journey across the sky..It was down for the camera and on to the balcony but I didn't stay out there long...there was an early morning flying bird that was dedicated in dive bombing me and forced me to retreat.  I went down to make coffee and on the way noticed that the sky had changed and yet again and there was quite a lot of red showing so it was out with the camera again.  I just love mornings here.

Back to bed with the coffee and camera and took lots of photos of the three windows towards the terrace.  Dawn was definitely breaking and it was exciting to watch the changes.  It was like the sunset last night....I took loads and posted them to FB and as I wrote...always thing to photo here.  So eventually out of bed by eight, washed, dressed and had breakfast of banana and yogurt while sitting out in the sun.  It was going to be another good day.  I headed out with the loppers in hand and cleared round the well, trimmed the hanging branches of the acacia and the wild plum...I hate when I walk underneath anything and I get branches in my face,  I chopped it up so that it would fit into the burning bin and got the fire going and got rid of the lot of it.  I came in, printed off Sunday's Sudoku and sat at the desk on the landing....and finished it...eventually.  I had three colours of ink on the page...black for the definite answers, red for the next lot of probables and green for all systems go....when I knew it would come out.  Out to the terrace and I sat out in the sun with my feet up and was surprised when the Librarian turned up.  We had more coffee and I suggested that we headed out to the Soup Kitchen for lunch...I wasn't up for cooking.  Back by three after a little shopping and then I transferred photos that I'd saved from her old computer on to a memory stick to her new computer.  She was on her way by four fifteen after we'd walked the garden.  

I was really surprised...as I was saying goodbye my garden neighbour came to the gate and offered me a bag of her potatoes and a sugar beet,  Now I've never had sugar beet before so tonight I shall be trawling the internet for recipes.  I cooked the potatoes tonight with onions and chicken wings and the potatoes were so tasty.  I must buy her a little present...she's such a sweetie.  Tomorrow...nothing much to do...another day of pottering I think or maybe a start on the wood with my reciprocating saw.  I shall run the wrath of my painter that considers it;s 'his work to do'.  LN...Tele and a Kindle at bedtime....LN

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Elsa Peters
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Tuesday 17th October

Happy birthday today to my lovely grand-daughter...I hope she is having a super day.

Five o'clock start and really not sure why.  I tried to go back off again but it wasn't happening so I was out of bed and making coffee at five thirty and back with my book of Egyptology and reading until I got fed up with that and moved on to my Parker's book of Astrology.  Now I've tried to work out what goes where and how to read charts and this book has everything but I still find it really confusing...so if any of you out there...

Washed and dressed by eight but no painter again today.  I went down to the bread van and I didn't stay there long.  There is a very bad case of flu hitting Bulgaria so I'm desperate to avoid it.  Breakfast was toast with orange marmalade while I waited and waited for the DM to post the daily Sudoku but it didn't happen until eleven so I'd done lots of other things by then.  It was a slow start...I went back to the astrology book and studied my personal chart that I'd printed off a couple of years earlier and I'd done nothing with it.  A few surprises in there but again I found it hard going so I decided to get out and bring the stones up from the bottom of the garden to the top to go round the acacia tree.  I'd gone down there to clear the rest of the stone from the bottom but instead I set about removing some of the wild plum trees.  They're very short rooted so fairly easy to get out but unfortunately they go from one to the other and that's the bit that gets pretty chunky.  There was a new garden in the offing so I planted up a berberis and a kerria and all it needs is another two days of effort.  It's a bit compacted underneath the top soil but I did find a jam pot lid and some polythene,  Nothing changes.

I came in for a bit of a break and there was a message on my phone to say that there was a parcel for me in the post office at Rogosche.  I went down there and it was the second cable that I'd ordered fr the Canon and I was keeping my fingers crossed that this would work....and it did so I emptied the photos from the camera and sorted out the filing.  I heaved a big sigh of relief...back to normal now.

More work on the garden this afternoon and now i'm knacked.  Jacket potato in the oven at five, I came in at six and jacket potato eaten by seven.  I was going to do baked beans with it but decided against it...just a naked potato with lashings of butter.  I think it's a bath tonight to ease the aching bones...ready for more gardening tomorrow.  LN...I think an ice-cream is calling me from the freezer....LN

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Elsa Peters
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Wednesday 18th October

Dawn was just breaking in the eastern sky when I woke this morning and there was just a sliver of moon overhead with I believe it's Venus.  So pretty but the camera just wouldn't take it.  I tried the Canon and it was insistent at activating the flash but with the mist in the valley and hardly any light...no go....ah well.  We can save that for another day.

Out of bed, washed and dressed by the stroke of eight, a load of washing in the machine but no real activity this morning.  I did managed to wash up the stuff from yesterday and there was enough bread for toast and Marmite so that was the first meal of the day out of the way.  As you can tell...I'm not much for cooking and regard food as fuel....the easier the better.  Washing pegged out and I downloaded a book from the Amazon cheapy suggestions, the history of Egypt for ninety nine pence so that was what I was intending to get stuck into today but it didn't happen.  Before heading out I decided to download the book to my little Kiindle but that's when I discovered that the internet was down and it was like that until five this afternoon.  I thought at first that they had a problem their end having reset my router and eventually phoned them at two and she said that they didn't have a problem and that she would get an engineer out to me.  At five it was up and running without and engineer and it suddenly struck me that my account was due to expire around now but I'd already paid for the next twelve months/  I think someone forgot to set a flag....just an idea.

As for the rest of the day.  The heap of stones is no longer a heap, I've dug over the bed round the tree, removed most of the weeds and de-barked the log that I put by the wall yesterday.  I've returned the bench to its original position and like it better there.  I've put a fair dollop of bug killer on the log...I want it to last for more than one season.  I was going to do the grass but that's now on tomorrow's list when the dew has been burnt off.  The grass is looking in need of which after the hot spell that we had...it's come back ok.  I might do a little more work on the new bed tomorrow...and get rid of the last of the big stones putting them at the back to hold back the bank.  It's all go in this neck of the woods.  Just managed to catch one of the last humming moths tonight....glorious things but they are just so fast.

Supper is in and I can smell it from here and it should be ready about seven.  I might have another back tonight but this time I'm going to rev up the boiler...last night's was a failure...the water wasn't hot enough so by the time I'd washed my hair and was ready to soak, I was eager to get out and into some warm pj's.  Still no fire at night for me...the doors and windows are still open...beautiful weather for the time of year...so lucky.  LN...Same again tomorrow please....LN

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Elsa Peters
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Thursday 19th October

First and most important...Happy Birthday Harry Thomas ....my father.  When I'm working in the garden and things are getting tough...I think about how he used to get into the garden after working seven hour hewing coal out of the ground,  For the most part of his life he must have either had a shovel or a pick in his hands apart from the time he used to use his arm to raise his glass.  I hope he's enjoying a glass of 'Highgates' in the great beyond.  Since I've gone almost two years without alcohol ...I'll raise and imaginary glass and give you the 'nod'.  We were never much for emotion....

Six thirty start, lovely start to the day and I was out on the balcony taking a few of the morning.  Not sure exactly when but I saw the biggie in the air and it looks like a heron to me...I think the storks have already left.  I hope it avoided my internet mast...it looked to be heading in the same direction but it's been up and working OK today,  Back into bed with a coffee and out again by eight, toast and marmalade for breakfast and then it was a little light entertainment with FB and emails and out into the garden by ten thirty.  The lawn mowing is still on my list.  I got out there and decided to make my little garden into a big garden and have been uprooting loads of wild plums that have been left to run riot by the previous owners and by me for the last five years or so.  I was never sure what to do down that side and now that the wall is up and the trees don't support the fence, I've given it all a pretty hefty haircut and it's opened up the view from the new bench half way down under the big trees.  So the new garden will be duel aspect.  

I came in for a bit of a rest at twelve thirty, Kindle out, eyes down and out for the count for an hour or so.  I woke up cold so I went back out to start again and I've only just come in when light stopped play.  I got the bonfire going and I've got rid of most of the rubbish that I've cut down but I now have my work scheduled for tomorrow.  Clear the rest of the debris, dig the garden over and move some more big stones over for the new bed and get it planted up...and then finally the grass if I've got any energy left.  

No ideas for supper...I'll have to see what's in the fridge/ freezer when I've posted this.  I love days of activity like this...it takes me back to my early days here constructing the garden but boy do I feel knacked again.  There again...I love a challenge.  LN...Kitchen calls....LN

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Elsa Peters
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Friday 20th October

Nothing much on the tele last night so I had an early night for me.  Settled down early and had a fantastic night's sleep until five this morning when I appeared to be hit in the ear by what I thought was a flying object.  It could have been part of the dream but I was compos mentis in a shot, all lights blaring, shaking the bed clothes and sweet zilch.  So down for coffee, a touch of Soda Crush until I got really frustrated with that since I have that I can't do and it's been too long.  The machine should have given up by now and allowed me to move on.

I spent the next couple of hours ready the history of Egypt...my new download and eventually made it to the bathroom to wash and dress and settled down on the PC to see if the DM Sudoku was loaded and it was.  A four star in twelve minutes....that's what I like.  Marmite on toast for breakfast and I was delaying going out to the garden.  The little new garden has become a Herculean task and the mowing seemed to be moving further away.  As it happened I got stuck in, got the bonfire going again, finished clear out the old roots from the bed, planted up honeysuckle, jasmine, another sort of jasmine, I moved a spiraea that never looked happy where I'd originally put it and two more that I think the damp conditions will suit better than where they were.  Of course, there had to be a marigold...instant gardening and it should seed so I shall have them there next year.  So I raked the spare earth from the bed and took two loads in the wheelbarrow to the base of the low wall by the walnut.  It had got grass in it but I shall leave it there and let winter do its worst and that's a bed for next year...unless the mood takes me...and it just might...the weather is so good.  I walked over to the bench to sit for a while and suddenly a little frog did a leap in front of me.  It made me jump so both of us were at it and fortunately I had the camera to hand,  Have you ever tried to catch a camouflaged frog in two inch deep fallen leaves?  It took me ages to find him but then the camera wouldn't focus on him but eventually I managed it.

At four thirty I came in for a rest, answered a couple of emails and at five twenty I was out there again, I collected everything that I'd left lying around into the wheelbarrow and put it under the little terrace of the little house.  The lawn mower sits next to the wheelbarrow and you could almost hear it begging to be used.  I relented.....I was going to leave  it until tomorrow but instead, fired it up and managed to two two thirds of the grass before I could feel the damp settling in.  It's away for tonight, I missed sunset, it was down by the time I was ready to pack in but I know another bath is called for tonight.  My back aches...I've done too much but hey....this could be the last cut before winter.  It's going to be fish fingers tonight and I might even do chippies with them...haven't had them for a while.  LN....Let's start again...LN

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Elsa Peters
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Saturday 21st October

So after my late bath last night I was full of fish fingers and potato croquettes and I'm reckoning that that was the reason that I found it difficult to get to sleep last night. Late fried food doesn't really do it for me....this temple of a body was having difficult digesting the ingested.  It was three before I put off the light and settled down and it was straight through until seven thirty this morning.  I was pretty drowsy when I woke but it is Saturday after all...slow down before the day of rest.  Most days are the same so I don't have to manufacture excuses for not getting things done...I always have the next day. Washed and dressed in quicksticks and down to the bread van for bread and eggs.  Having fresh eggs, poached for breakfast and it's been a while since I've gone to such lengths...I've been making do with toast.

I cleaned the kitchen from last night's supper and this morning's breakfast and on the list for today was finish the grass and dig up a forsythia that was struggling under the base of the long wall and plant in the new garden.  So what did I really do before I managed to get out there?.....I did the DM five star Sudoku but I half did it on the screen, printed it off with the entries I'd made and managed to do it with not much effort.  I designed the new porch that was in my head and now on paper and measured up the door in the little house to get the dimensions right.  I need it to stop the drafts coming in in the winter...in the summer the door will be permanently open and it will replace the wooden structure that's there now. I was surprised how much I'd done.....perhaps I should stay up until three every morning and sleep in until seven thirty.   I managed to get outside eventually, walk the garden and rescued yesterday's coffee cup from the perching bench at the bottom of the garden, forsythia dug up, one big wild plum removed and forsythia planted,  It sounds easy...the main root on the plum was monumentally thick so I had to resort to the garden saw to cut through it.

In for a late lunch of tuna mayo with toast and I settled down on the sofa with my book and was surprised when I heard the latch on the gate.  My painter had arrived with a friend with car and trailer filled with cabbages and leeks and they wondered if I wanted any.  True Bulgarian form most are bottling cabbage but as for me...I refused all offers.  They looked at the the wood together and have now decided that the thick logs want splitting lengthwise and then cutting up on the electrical saw.  So that's another week then that it won't be finished.  Off they went and I settled back down on the sofa with my book and promptly managed to catch up on an hour or the lost sleep and then it was lawnmower, rest done and all that remains is to strim the bank between the two lawns and round the flower beds but that's for tomorrow.

Tools away and in by six,  It's been another beautiful day in Narnia and it's getting towards the end of October...t-shirt weather again.  Same again tomorrow please.  I don't need supper...my late lunch is sitting heavy so I'll see how I feel later.  LN....Strictly and bed...LN

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Elsa Peters
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Sunday 22nd October

Seven thirty start and I feel like the day is half over.  Washing in, coffee, washed and dressed, washing out and toast for breakfast and it's only nine of the clock so I managed to catch up with myself.  Don't know what the rush was about so the brakes went on and I was on the pc and attempting the DM sudoku five star and managed to achieve it in twenty minutes.  Not too bad since there were a lot of variances but I guessed right.  I also downloaded some new books from the CD I've got...my history of Egypt is much of a muchness and I've only just hit 2500 BC,  She certainly knows her stuff, so many names and such detail...makes me wonder where did she research it.  She must love here subject.  All that I could imagine was going on Mastermind and having it as my chosen subject and scoring a big fat zilch....mind boggling so my new books are a little easier on the brain cells.

I did eventually get out there and potted up some honeysuckle plants that have rooted in water and gave the other pot plants a good soaking.  They seemed to be wilting somewhat.  I cleared the grave garden of weeds and planted up one of the new roses to go against the wall and then it was down tools and I sat on the wall in the sun and enjoyed my day of rest.  The sheep are very active and the ram was trying to get on board but without any success as they rushed round the hillside.  I reckon he must have more success at night.  

So ...on the sofa with the new book which is remarkable easy to read and I didn't go to sleep.  Eventually at four I was out there again, I've moved another heap of stones so that I can put a border in between the two new stone circles round the trees, cleared the rest of the heap from down the bottom of the garden and hoping that the grass will start to grow soon.  I came in just after six, supper is in, I caught the end of the sunset as I was transferring the photos to the pc and now it's time to check on supper.  Lovely day...tomorrow I'm heading off to Kardjali.  I've got a few things on the shopping list that I can't get locally so it will be a day out.  LN...Supper, Strictly and book...LN

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Elsa Peters
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Monday 23rd October

What a good night's sleep last night...seven start for me.  Coffee, washed, dressed after I'd done the photo shoot with the woodies in my garden.  Such timid birds though and I was inside and they were out and I had to take them through the window.  I did go out but off they flew and it was no more than I expected.  I really need to build a hide in the garden...I'll get the project plan organised.  Toast for breakfast again and I'd washed up last night and I do enjoy coming down to a clean and tidy kitchen.  I used to do it every night but I've been a bit lazy.

So this is going to be a quick update,,,we've just had some very bit flashes of lightening on the hillside so it might be soon time to get out the kindle and abandon the PC.  Djebel this morning and on the way in I spotted Remsier looking longingly for a lift.  It was market day today and I asked her if she had missed the Monday but but apparently the cow had to have an injection so she had to wait for the vet to arrive.  I went straight down to the garage after I'd dropped her off to sort out the rattle on my bull bars and it was done in quick sticks.  I stopped off at the leva shop in Kardjali and spotted a couple of bins with lids that I thought would do for my starter wood.  One was a little bigger than the other so I put the little on down to remove the lid from the biggie and an old lady picked up the little one.  I told her in Bulgarian that I wanted the two but she totally ignored me saying that I'd got one and she went to the cash desk.  My flabber was completely ghasted...I did tell her in Bulgarian that she was a a really bad lady but I spotted another one the same size as the big one so I settled for that instead.  Car park and cheapy shop and I fell on a pair of leather boots which are absolutely fantastic and fur lined for twelve leva and fit perfectly.  I paid my home phone bill, over to Kaufland for a few items and had lunch from their outside take away....hot dog and chippies,  On to Lidl for my butter and essentials and stopped for fuel in the garage next door.  I asked for fifty lev's worth, I don't know where the assistant's head was but he stopped at eighty and that looked like his day's pay had gone if I didn't cough up the rest which I obviously did much to his relief.  

Back home via the back lane and by now the weather was looking a little black over Kardjali so I set to with my reciprocating saw, got rid of the little ones that the saw could manage and moved most of the others into the garage before the rain started.  There are only a few really big ones remaining and I've covered them with polythene.  Tools away and realised that I'd left a bag of shopping in the car so rescued it, put stuff into the freezer and there's liver left out for tonight or for breakfast....according to how I feel.  Knacked after doing the wood but another good day's work. Garden stone edging tomorrow if it clears up, otherwise I might just go on a visit...I'll see what tomorrow brings.  LN....Relax time and hoping that storm stays away....LN

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Elsa Peters
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Tuesday 24th October

Five start so settled in with my book for a while...it was pitch black out there and I didn't see a glimmer until seven fifteen.  It was raining. grim, not a day for being out there and 'doing' so I was planning how to spend the day.  I went down to the kitchen and put a load of washing in. made coffee and headed back upstairs to the computer and didn't get dressed until nine thirty.  Boring toast with Marmite for breakfast, I was just getting settled on the computer and we had a power cut so end of play.  Now I was having to find something else to play with.

The weather appeared to be getting better but then it started again.  We had a few flashes of lightening and rumbles and it started again.  Eventually by one it had started to lighten and by two I was out there,  I managed to get the stones that I'd brought up from the bottom of the garden lined up fairly straight between the two stone circles, planted out a couple of erica that I'd picked up cheaply yesterday, moved some flags to other parts of the garden and emptied the spoil down the bottom of the garden.  I uncovered the wood pile and set to moving the rest of the wood into the garage.  The polythene had done its stuff and it was completely dry but I feel happier now it's not sitting in the yard.  There are only about five big logs left to move so I'll try the saw on them tomorrow and see how I go.  In the absence of any workers...a girl must do what a girl must do.  

I came in just before six, a cooked mashed potatoes and the liver with onions in Bisto gravy and the washing up can wait.  There are a few flashes over the hills, the rain is helping my new shrubs get settled.  My beautiful Princess has just phoned with the latest updates....Last of the logs tomorrow weather permitting is top of the list and if not...I might be finding an indoor swimming pool...sounds like a plan.  LN....Let's see how it pans out...LN

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Elsa Peters
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Wednesday 25th October

Just before seven start and it wasn't quite raining but very dull.  I managed to get dressed quickly and down to the bread van and nobody was lingering...it was place your order and get back into the house and find any warmth that was around.  I'd bought two loaves, eggs and a cheesy bread for breakfast but I thought those plans were out of the window when I cracked the eggs on the door as I was unlocking it.  Surprisingly they were all intact so I settled for the cheesy bread.  It was at this point that the heaven opened and it's not stopped all day.  

I played on the internet for about an hour and started to work through my music on my machine.  I'd copied them originally in the UK on to iTunes but now they sit on my iPod and in Music and despite having the destructions to move them into iTunes where I can create list I haven't got round to it.  I shall one day. I got wood in and lit the fire and have kept it going all day.  I've been reading, playing games and resorted to sleeping this afternoon on the sofa with a quilt over me.  The house has yet to really heat up...I've only had about three fires this autumn so not really getting the house up to temperature for the winter.

There are no pickies today...I've had enough of grey clouds and rain drops and there's only so many you can take.  LN...Fingers crossed for tomorrow...LN
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Elsa Peters
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Thursday 26th October

Seven start and not much doing out there.  There was a hint of morning which showed its little self and then disappeared in the mist so I sent back to bed with a coffee.  Eight before I got up for the second time, washed, dressed, toast, garden in the mist and started the bonfire to get rid of the rubbish.  The smoke mingled with the mist so no one saw that I was polluting the atmosphere.  I threw out the stale bread for the birds and made poached eggs on toast for me and sat in the kitchen to eat it instead of taking it up to my desk,  Cleared the kitchen and left everything back in place and then had a day of going into spaces and tidying them up.  Firstly I tackled the sliding baskets in the bathroom and sorted out the winter underwear and tights, put some new elastic in a pair of pyjamas that I love and refolded the towels and stacked them on the shelving unit instead of having them in one of the sliding baskets.  I normal get notice of visitors these days.

I went through the list of things that I could have done today and realised that I'd not really achieved that much but at least I know where things are.  It turned into a splendid day but I really couldn't work up the enthusiasm to get out there...it was going to be hard work if I did and I wasn't in the mood for hard work.  I imagined getting out the reciprocating saw and tackling the five big logs that are still under polythene and quickly put it out of my mind.  Tomorrow is another day.

Had a little zizz this afternoon and eventually went out and swept up the leaves that all falling like ninepins.  We had severe gusts around lunchtime and then it calmed down as quickly as it arrived.  Out with the camera to catch the sundown but it had gone already so just took a few of the garden.  Impressed with the moon though, it was up early in a pink tinged sky.  Jacket potato in the oven for supper tonight...I probably lash it with just butter and cheese...nothing nicer.  LN....Logs tomorrow....LN

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Elsa Peters
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Friday 27th October

Five start this morning and it was black as you like out there...not even a glimmer.  Down for coffee and ended up washing up the rest of last night's pots and pans and straight back to bed and settled in to the history of Egypt and I'm getting up to a few names I recognise from my schooldays.  It's still boring in places...as I said she knows her 'stuff' but name after name and places that without a map open at the page I'm unsure where she's going next and I'm only on twenty five percent....

Down for another coffee, boiled eggs for breakfast, washed and dressed and fed the stale bread to the birds and the apples that had gone really hard on the outside and no amount of cooking last night stuffed with dried fruit, honey and butter made them any softer.  The filling was good but the rest of it went out to the birds along with the bread.  I was out in the garden by nine and moved the pallet shelving that I'd put at the base of the wall to the underneath room of the little house.  It's now housed in the gardening room and has the gardening 'bits' on it so that I know where to find all the things that go missing just when you need them.  I carried on tidying but managed to hear the phone going and it was the Librarian seeing if I wanted to come out to play....and so I was rescued from a day of doing.  She came over about twelve and we sat on the terrace and then set off for Djebel and our favourite soup kitchen.  We headed off to the leva shop and I bought a really good hacksaw with a superior blade for ten lev...point of origin...China...and let's see how long it lasts.  

Back home for three thirty and we sat and had coffee in the garden, she headed home and I got ready to leg it to my student's for supper.  Lovely evening with the family and I've made the big on promise that she will come out next week for an English lesson but I'm going to prepare useful phrases for her and get her used to listening and responding to questions....familiarity and all that.  Now it's late and time for my bed...it's been a long day but it could have appeared longer if the Librarian hadn't rescued me from my endeavours.

Tomorrow is a wood day...I really need to sort it to feel happier in my little head and I asked the question tonight as to how many cubics of wood make up a ton to be told that it depends if it's wet or dry and it's about two point two cubics.  At least I've got a rough idea of quantity and than I had before.  Sorry no pickies...too much mist this morning and too little time this afternoon.  LN,...Wish me luck for tomorrow...LN
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Elsa Peters
October 28, 2017, 5:06pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 28th October

Four start this morning  so I read until six and then got my head down again.  Not sure what it's about...probably the change of season and I was a little cold in bed, perhaps that was the problem.  I've not got my high tog quilt on the upstairs bed yet...still managing with the lighter weight one wit a top up quilt.  The temperature looks to be falling around the time I woke up...I'll put the other one on top of the bed tonight.  Having said that I managed another couple of late hours in and at eight I started my day.

Breakfast of beans on toast so that should be a musical evening then.  I managed the five star sudoku, it was raining , dull and miserable so I hadn't got much enthusiasm to get out there and do anything and by ten thirty I was lighting the fire.  I watched a little of breakfast television until I realised I was really wasting time and having checked up on the weather forecast, most of the outside pots especially the lemon had to come in.  I put on an extra layer and body warmer and got most of them in.  It's going to be OK tonight but later in the week it's supposed to be going down to minus six and that would be the death knell for some of them.  So all lemons and oranges in along with the jasmine, white petunias in the Welcome pot, the freesias and the fuchsia that I'm not sure if it's a hardy variety.  The cactus that I'm looking after have also come in for another season...it must be around eight years now but I'm not complaining....I now consider them mine.

I came in very wet and cold so stripped off my socks and found dry ones and slippers.  The body warmer was assigned to the bathroom radiator to dry off and I eventually started to thaw out.  I think its that it's sunny one day and cold and damp the next that's playing havoc with my thermostat so at four this afternoon I turned on the boiler and got the temperature up to 'very comfortable' for a long slow bath.  I locked up the house and headed up to the bathroom and ran the bath, settled in with my little Kindle and my history of Egypt, realised that I was close to nodding so put the Kindle down and slept for about half an hour.  There is nothing nicer and it reminded me of when my mother used to knock on the bathroom door at home and ask if I was asleep and of course I wasn't...she'd already woken me up.  I topped up the water again and eventually got out and caught the end of the under seventeen football world cup final.  Well done to England...five -two win over Spain.  I've just had to go down and perk the fire up...I'd put rather a big log on it so a little starter wood under it and I can hear it crackling now....I have lift off.

I spoke with my student's last night and they wanted to carve a pumpkin and their father said that he wouldn't sacrifice on of his home grown so it looks like I'm going to have to buy one for them and deliver it.  I did suggest that they could use one of theirs and make pumpkin soup with it but that didn't enthuse them at all and I can't blame them for that.  So I have a jacket potato that I'm about to fry up and have lashed with cheese and butter.  That will suffice for supper.  It was too wet to get out there and do the logs today....I have plenty of dry ones so there's no issue but I just want them out of the way.  Again...tomorrow is another day.

Strictly tonight and it's a Halloween theme night so should be fun.   LN..Kitchen bound...LN

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Elsa Peters
October 29, 2017, 4:09pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 29th October

So it was a seven start for me and there was a glimmer of light.  I'd remember to put the clock back so there were no surprises but I'd forgotten about the boiler settings but as soon as I saw it I remembered so that's sorted.  Last night's supper worked well...my day old jacket potato with onion, I folded in two eggs, sprinkled it with cheese and served it with beetroot.

It was a bright morning but still damp from last night with lots of mist around.  I made it down to the bottom of the garden by about eight and sat on the wall but no sighting of Mr and Mrs Harold...I just hope they're still surviving.  As to my Harold, I've 'superglued' the ears back on and now he's sitting by the spider plant in the stair well and he looks fairly pleased about it.  I didn't want to risk the ears with the frost that supposed to happen later this week,...t would be such a shame.

I didn't bother with breakfast...I was out there by nine with boots on and ready for action with the wood pile,  I managed to split three of the long lengths but boy was it hard work.  One lump hammer, one axe head, one bolster chisel, two long lengths of flat headed iron bars and lots of effort from me.  The rest of the wood is undercover, the smaller ones have been cut and stacked and the polythene is dried and folded.  By two I had finished outside and all my tools were put away.  There's only one out in the yard but that one is going to be made into a bird table and water bath .  It will need a little assistance...it needs to be cut to size and needs to be man handled as well as woman handled.

At two thirty I made a pork curry and got it into the oven to cook while I was doing other things except that there wasn't much to do.  The DM Sunday sudoku never appeared...perhaps they'd been caught out by the time change.  About three there was a shout from the yard and I was amazed to see Bekir out there with my 'white haired man'...his chauffeur.  He came to see if there was anything that I wanted doing this year so we discussed the porch and the plan and he will be contacting me in a week's time and it will get done.  Also the metal work for the wall but the rest of the work can be saved for the next spring.  We specked out the sun gazebo half way down the long wall so that the tiles can be used up...it might get done this year...we'll see how the weather holds.  Off they went, I had my curry, lit a fire. got another load of wood in and it's only six...it's been a very long day but I've achieved loads.

Off to Kardjali tomorrow with the Librarian...shopping will be a lazy day for me and we might find somewhere else to have lunch instead of the pizza shop or Kaufland's outside takeaway stall.  I think a sit down in front of a log fire would be nice.  Songs of Praise is belting out and I'm just about to join in the chorus...it's one that I know.  LN...I shall go to my bed content tonight...LN

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Elsa Peters
October 30, 2017, 4:29pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 30th October

And so for last night...I had a quick nod but managed to stay awake for Strictly results and it was a no brainer who was going from the two couples in the dance-off.  I watch Attenborough until the quick nod off turned into something more serious and at twelve woke up in front of the computer.  The upside is that it's a quick trip to the bathroom from my desk and then straight into the bedroom...almost like a bungalow and I'd turned off the downstairs lights and pulled up the drawbridge at about seven.  Unfortunately when I got to bed there wasn't an ounce of sleep to be found and I ended up trying to imagine the white light, did some breathing exercises and muscle relaxing but nothing doing.  Out with the Kindle and half an hour with the history of Egypt and eventually I managed to switch off the light and go to sleep.

It was a six thirty start this morning and I love the fact that the extra hour has given me more morning light.  I don't mind the dark nights.  I fed the birds and made coffee and went on to the computer to catch up on the DM Sudoku and they'd managed to upload Sundays so I was happy.  Eventually I had to print it off, make my entries and then I realised I'd screwed it entirely so back to the drawing board.  At nine I went down for more coffee and noticed that my painter had arrived to attack the wood and I'd decided that he wasn't going to do it.  I discussed Bekir's visit yesterday and that he was prepared to use his machine to cut it up so there was no way I was going to let him tackle it manually.  I explained that there were lots more jobs that I wanted him to do later, he's worried that he owes me money in labour and I was taking it away from him but it was going to take him far too long to split the lengths that were store in the garage and eventually he agreed so he gathered up his tool and I got the Beast out and took him home and started to get ready for the Librarian arriving and setting off.

Kardjali via the back lane and over to my favourite car park.  I had a birthday card to post so into the post office and I got told off by the lady in front for talking too loudly in English.  I asked her what was her problem, it isn't a library but she chose to ignore me.  Unfortunately she'd addressed the large letter that she was sending wrongly and it took ages for her to be served.  The joys of Bulgarian post offices...you just can't buy a stamp...you get a receipt for everyone you send...time and motion at it's best,  Over to the cheapy shop and I got a pair of UG boots and another pair as a surprise for a little person I know.  Into the other cheapy shop and we both bought birthday cards for our caches, Kaufland for lunch (we didn't fancy the smart restaurant) and then final visit to Lidl.  Back lane home complete with a plastic container of chocolate eclairs so it was tea and coffee back at mine and off she went.

Fire lit, logs in for the night, not interested in supper yet so maybe later.  Tomorrow I'm going to be sawing up the logs that my painter managed to split lengthwise for me before I told him to stop and the rest will be done when Bekir appears.  As for the weather today...sunny but that wind was sure cold and it was winter boots and body warmer with a roll neck sweater and I've shut the door in the little house to the room where the plants are stored so that the wind doesn't open it up tonight.  The curry will go into the freezer...a meal for another day and I might even invest in a microwave tomorrow...Kaufland have one on offer and maybe it's time that I had one.  I'll see how I feel tomorrow morning.  LN...Now relax after I've thrown a log on the fire...LN

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Elsa Peters
October 31, 2017, 4:09pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 31st October

Five o'clock pit stop but then back to sleep until seven this morning.  The sky was light but the sun wasn't up and it was cold out there.  There was a white sheen to the grass...my first ground frost of the year and the cosmos have taken a bit of a shaking.  After tonight's threatened minus four they may be no more and destined for the compost heap.  

Today my student's sister was coming round for an English session and I was unsure how to play it.  It had been a long time since she was at school and had not really studied English so the starting point was a little low.  Last night I fell on a site on the internet which despite it being a little American in tone was structured well so I printed off a few...'really useful phrases. really useful nouns and pronouns and verbs'.  So it was a bit of a heavy start but we got there and her homework is to write the Bulgarian alongside the English and we'll have a look at it on Friday.  I also gave her a link to the site so that she can listen to the text, answer the multi-choice questions, have the ability to look at the written text together with the spoken text and it seems very logical to me.  She can also work at her own pace.  She arrived just before eleven and left at half twelve...we'd had a good first session.

I'd cleaned through before she arrived, sat out on the swinging bench for part of the morning so after she left I again took up my position of the bench with the Kindle.  It turned out into a beautiful day if you kept out of the wind...that was very keen.  I came in at two went on to the internet for a little of 'Good Morning' and I was amazed how Britain had adopted Halloween.  The presenters were all heavily made up and then when it went on to Lose Women it was exactly the same.  Perhaps I'm missing something.  Carved pumpkins were all we seemed to get up to and no mention of knocking on peoples' doors for money and sweets.  And we did have November the fifth to look forward to.

Gentle afternoon with a bonfire and the Kindle.  I toyed with the idea of carrying on with downsizing some of the wood that was split yesterday but the idea didn't last long.  I reckoned that tomorrow was another day and I would use it well....weather permitting.  The remains of the curry from the other night is now warmed up for tonight and fresh rice is finishing on the woodburner.  I'd lit the fire at four thirty when the temperature was dropping and now the house is cosy, curtain over the door in place and locked up and I'm in for the night.  LN...Welcome November tomorrow...LN  

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