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Elsa Peters
January 27, 2018, 4:33pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 27th January

Happy nineteenth to my grandson today...I messaged him and got him on his way to the early shift...card in the post,,money in Bank of Mum and instructed him to have a good day but to take care... he's very precious...

I woke up at seven this morning  and got the fire going...there was a real hard frost outside and it was to take the chill off while I was cruising around in my nightclothes,  It seen got going but I was pleased to see that the winter lounge had maintained twenty degrees despite it being minus nine outside,  My new porch is doing its stuff.

So my plans for the rest of the day went out of the window and had to make new ones...not difficult for a girl like me.  The preparations for the original included shaving legs but they were soon covered up with tights and a long skirt that I realised I bought in The North Lanes in Brighton around fifteen years ago so I've had my money's worth out of it.  I teemed it with a roll neck and wool cardigan finishing it off with a body warmer and leather boots and it still looks trendy even on this old bird.  Before there was a change of plan I made sure that the Beast fired up.  It was reluctant last time I used it and again it was reticent and took four turns to get it to fire.  I know it's been exceptionally cold so I left it running and on the yard not in the garage and turned it off after about five minutes.  After the change of plan I decided to head into Djebel and the garage...it could very well be the glow plugs and since the batteries are new it's nothing to do with power.  

I had breakfast before I set off, discussed it with the garage owner and have arranged for it to go in on Monday morning to be checked over.  My student was there and we had a hug.  He was driving one of the cars so I said that I was undercover for the police and did he have the correct documentation for driving other vehicles and knowing that he had I was jesting with him.   After that I set off for Kardjali, parked in my usual place, did the cheapy shop, my leva shop, Kaufland for a few groceries, Billa for a wander round and Lidl for the majority of my requirements.  I drove back and used the back lane and arrived home at four more or less.  I've had no complains from my Fitbit....I've exercised it well.

The curry is warming up in the slow cooker and I just have to do the rice, the fire is going and I'm in for the night.  LN....Successful day...LN

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Elsa Peters
January 28, 2018, 4:00pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 28th January

So I settled in last night reading in front of the fire....there was nothing worth watching on TV-Catchup that I couldn't watch this afternoon.  The Voice this year really hasn't interested me...it seems much of a muchness.   I fell asleep over my book as per normal and woke and ten thirty, threw a log on the fire hopefully to keep it going for most of the night but it didn't work out that way.  I lit it this at six this morning, the house had maintained eighteen degrees which wasn't bad considering that it was well into the minus overnight.  I washed up the dishes from last night,while I was waiting for the kettle to boil and made myself a hot lemon drink and took it back to the warm nest and it was out with the kindle.  I opened the curtains when it started to get light and was ready with the camera to catch predawn and dawn....It's one of my favourite times of the day.

Washed and dressed and ready for the bread van.  On my way down to the van I heard a really strange bird call and couldn't work out where it was coming from.  As I got nearer the van I looked up and there were a couple of woodpeckers stabbing away at a really old tree and despite lots of effort, they were just too far away to photo them.  Most of the ladies were down there already....I gave Zelinger a hug since I really hadn't seen her since I'd got back and in turn, they all had to have one.  I wanted fresh bread this morning, I'd bought what was supposed to be English bacon and not the sort I normally but as I began to fry it I noticed that there was a lot of water coming out of it.  The fried bread was getting soggy so I turned up the heat and threw in an egg and it turned out OK but for the extra money, the bacon isn't really worth it..  The birds got the rest of the stale bread and it didn't hang around in the garden for long.  

As for the rest of the day...it's been a lazy Sunday.  I read for a while, had to recharge my Fitbit so the averages are down for today but what an excuse.  When I put it back on again I had to sync it to the laptop....the time had gone haywire on it.  Speaking of the laptop, that came back with a really strange message and wouldn't boot so I had to force shutdown and on the second try it booted.  I thought I was about to have technology breakdown but all's well.

As for tomorrow...the Beast goes in in the morning and it should take a couple of hours or so but since it's market day...I can always find something to do.  Alternatively I can go and sit with his wife in the shop...it passes the time for both of us,  If they dn't have the glow-plugs in stock, they'll be sent down on the bus from Kardjali....love the system here.  Sun's down, temperature is dropping so I've just relit the fire and it didn't take long since it ws still warm from this morning.  LN....Same again tomorrow pretty please...LN

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Elsa Peters
January 29, 2018, 5:11pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 29th January

Six thirty start, lit the fie but not sure why, it wasn't that cold but it was very comforting.  Back to the nest with the morning health drink and opened the curtains as the dawn started to break.  It was a bit of a cloudy start, a heavy frost covered the grass but the morning woke up beautifully and I managed to catch it.  I'd put a load of washing in last night and it this morning it was ready to put away when i made it to the bathroom.  Washed and dressed by eight thirty, I logged on and sorted out the overnight emails and FB,,,today I was heading off to the garage to get my glow plugs sorted.  

I sat in the sun reading for a while, Princess was due to phone so I didn't head out to early.  She phoned...I must work out how to answer an incoming with this new phone and I had to phone her back.  She was on her way to work...hands free might I add and we had a little catch up.  We signed off as she pulled in to the office and another week at her job.  She loves it.

So wrapped up warm and went to start the Beast.  Again it was reluctant, eventually it got there so I moved it into the yard to get it warmed up.  I was at the garage for ten thirty, they took the plugs out and I was right...they checked them out and two were useless and the others on their way out so I told him to order the four and be done with it.  I walked back to Djebel....counting the steps as I went and I did just over a thousand from the garage to the garage shop.  I checked in with his wife in the shop, did a circuit of the market, stopped and had a few words with other shopkeepers that I know and when I got back to the garage shop was told that the Beast was out of the sick bay and all fixed.  Another thousand steps under my belt, I paid my dues and the labour charge was only twenty leva....just under ten pounds...try that in England.  My Fitbit was having a field day...

I wasn't in the mood to go home yet so I headed for Kardjali and parked in my usual place.  I went to my cheapy clothes shop and picked up a knitted cardigan for my student...I hope she likes it.  I picked up a stained window mindfulness colouring book for two leva but unfortunately as I put the book on the counter a pot of orange nail varnish shot off the counter , smashed and splashed my boots and jeans and I ended up clearing it up with the assistant.  The owners wife walked in, saw what we were doing and went back to her shop next door.....who could blame her.  I went to Kaufland and it had three pots of the tidy daffodils that were in need of love and attention.  They're now sitting in the veranda after having a long drink of water.  Home for four fifteen via the back lane, shopping put away, wood sorted, fire lit and chicken in the oven.  I'd had a record day with the Fitbit and only needed one hundred and seventy steps to knock of ten thousand today so I headed down the garden, back up, round the front of the house and I did it...first time ever.  The moon was up early tonight, not quite full yet, I'm all locked up for the night, the fire's ticking along nicely and now that the Beast is sorted...it's a weight off my mind.  I hate being in the position of not knowing if it will start or not.

Chicken with bread while I was watching Tipping Point and now I'm getting back to my book...well... after Eggheads.  The books not going the way that I expected it to...another twist and turn....but I'm sure they'll be a few more before it's finished.  I've had a lovely day today...the exercise has done me good.  LN...Long may it continue....LN

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Elsa Peters
January 30, 2018, 5:58pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 30th January

Silly night...three a.m. start and I read until six thirty. closed my eyes for an hour until seven thirty, showered, washed my hair and got ready for the day.  I'd rescued the fire at three and I had a beautiful warm house to meander through and by the time I'd showered the sun had come up and I sat smothered in towel drying off in the sun.  Out with the hairdryer and confirmation that Mrs. D of S was up for a visit to Momchilgrad market since she'd not been thee before,  In the surrounding towns, one market is very much like another but just the few difference make a visit worthwhile.

I lit the bonfire at nine thirty to get rid of the house rubbish, sat reading my book for a while and Mrs D of S and Munchkin arrived at ten fifteen.  I'd got the Beast out already and joy of joy...it flared up first time...it was worth the investment and it's also peace of mind.  We transferred the  baby seat over to mine and were on the back road to the Greek road by ten thirty more or less.  It takes about ten minutes to Momchilgrad and about thirty to find a parking space.  Eventually a large van move, I slotted into the space and battled the mud to save going up to my knees in ti.  So buggy assembled, baby trapped and we headed up to the market and II took up my usual stance as we made it up the two flight of steps.  I grabbed the front of the buggy and we lifted it up and little Munchkin thought it was a great game.  So up one side of the market and I spotted some wool that I fancied and reckoned to pick it up on the way back.  It was fifteen lev a kilo which isn't a bad price for pure wool  and I made a mental note to get it.  We cleared the market, stopped for a coffee near the park and then headed down to the swings but unfortunately she didn't take to them too well.  We headed back to the food stop, filled up and walking back to the car I suddenly remembered that I hadn't picked up the wool so it was back to the market, I picked out the colour that I wanted, it was weighed and I've got one and a half kilos, approximately 45 ounces for  twenty lev...We negotiated the mud once more, set off, topped the Beast up with fuel and we were back to mine for three more or less.  The little one had fallen asleep on the way back so we left her sleeping peacefully in the Beast while we had a quiet cup of coffee sitting in the sun and off they went about three thirty.  

I didn't bother with the fire since it was thirty one degrees inside but laid it ready for later.  I settled down with my book and had periods of eyes down for a full house, a few more words from the written page and then a few more zzz'z.  At five I struck up the fire and what a  mare it was.  It just didn't want to go despite lots of coaxing.  Eventually two firelighters later and lots of kindling it struck.  We had such a good lunch that I'm not really up for much supper but it will probably be cold chicken for later.  No pictures tonight...another lovely day in Narnia and you just can't believe the temperatures for January.  Another relaxing day...LN...Now what to do with that wool....LN
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Elsa Peters
January 31, 2018, 5:58pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 31st January

Five start again this morning so I rescued the fire, got a load of washing in, made a coffee and went back to bed with my book.  I'd finished the third book of Game of Thrones last night and managed to find the fourth book on my little Kindle but not loaded on my big one so that was a job, but for much later.  I got stuck in to the next book and before I knew it it was seven thirty and time to get going into the new day.  Washed and dressed, I thought I needed bread from the van but realised that the last one I'd bought from him was still OK so I settled for poached eggs again with ham on toast to set me up for the day.  It was white over and the ground crunched under my feet as I pegged out the washing, I moved the bird feeder into a better position than where I'd hung it yesterday and in the process disturbed about four woodpeckers in roundabout trees.  I went into the little house and filled up a couple of the lidded buckets with kindling and emptied out the old plastic chest that had been storing it.  It needs washing out but again can be left for another day and put to better use.

Back inside and I pulled the rest of the chicken from the carcass and put it into the slow cooker, cleaned and chopped three leeks, two potatoes and made a pot of leek and potato soup.  I checked the clock at this point and it was only nine thirty.  I'd been really industrious and so much so at this point that I decided enough was enough, fresh coffee and down on the sofa for the next instalment of my book and I thought the day was mine all mine and even messaged Mrs D of S that it was a day for ignoring the Fitbit and her response was that I was a lazy mare....   As per normal, lying in the sun reading with the door between the house and the new porch open, my eyes headed southwards and I was out for the count.  I came to suddenly when the Librarian crossed the threshold...I was surprised to see her but on her way to Kardjali, she'd heard strange noises coming from her car so had driven to Djebel from the new road and gone to the garage to have it checked out.  They'd done a quick check, were unsure what parts were needed but said that if she could get some off the old jeep that she had at home, they could fit them.  She asked me to phone the garage to see if I could get any more details which I did but the outcome was that to be able to get the correct part numbers they would need the car back again so I followed her in, we left it there and continued to Kardjali to fill in some time.  

We stopped off first at the bus station to check out the times of the bus to her village from Kardjali and one was leaving and ten to four so that was earmarked.  We parked up in my parking place and the attendant was surprised to see me again and then it was a meander round the shops. I bought a microwave and grill on offer in Kaufland along with more plants for the garden and I put the goodies in the Beast while the Librarian got lunch from the snack bar outside Kaufland.  By this time it was heading for three thirty, the Librarian headed for the bus station while I drove back to the garage shop to see how the land lay.  As I went into the shop the garage owner and his wife were huddled over the computer trying to find the parts.  He showed me photographs that he had taken when he was taking the underneath apart, they located one of the parts but in Prague....there was nothing in Bulgaria.  So I left them to it and thy'll update me tomorrow.

Back home and unloaded the car, got the washing in, rescued the fire again, put both of the soups in the fridge for tomorrow...not really in the mood after my hot dog and chippies.  The Fitbit is fairly happy...despite my promise of a quiet day I've knocked off seven thousand steps, caught up on a few catnaps for the sleep I didn't have last night and now quite settled in and the shop is shut up for tonight and tomorrow I have to sort out where the microwave is going to sit and how to use it...This one comes complete with grill and all for ninety nine lev...it was a bargain.   LN...The wool can wait for another day.....LN

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