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Elsa Peters
February 10, 2018, 3:31pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 10th February

Silly night...three a.m. start and back off again until five thirty so my day started early.  The fire was still going so I lobbed another log on and it's been going all day.  At three this morning we had a moon and starts....and for the rest of the day..it's been dull, raining and cold.  I've been on to Amazon and downloaded book five of the Game of Thrones but it's in two parts.  The author states that the first book is running in parallel with book four that I've just finished.  The one concerns the characters that appear to have been left out of the last one....so it should all come together eventually.  I went back to bed with the Kindle and started on part one.

Out of bed by seven thirty and got washed and dressed.  I wanted to go down to the bread van this morning...I was out of eggs and his seem much fresher than from the shops.  I tootled around outside until I heard his horn outside Remsier's house and started my walk down the road, meeting up with my ladies from the village.  Eggs, two bread and cheesy bread, back to the comfort of a warm house and bacon and egg with cheesy bread for breakfast.  I'd washed some of the new curtains yesterday and they were dry already...they'd been on the clothes airier in the bathroom over night.  The double width one had been washed last night and spent the night folded on the kitchen worktop so the little ones were removed from the airier and the big one took its place.  No chance of putting it outside today.

I got a load of logs in, split four of the huge logs from the garage and I have enough to last for two or three days.  They burn much slower.  I had a bonfire and later the cat came round but I'm afraid there were no pickings ..it had been a good blaze with the metal lid in place despite the rain.   The computer went on and I watch the first day of the Winter Olympics but I got fed up of Clair Baldwin's coverage so I put Dancing on Ice on recorded last week and I went back to the Olympic coverage, got the iron and ironing board out for a little domesticity , ironing the curtains watching rugby....and the internet failed so I ironed watching nothing.  Don't tell too many about this but it should bring a smile to Mikey B's face.

The rugby's back on,it's half time so the fire needs attending to.  Supper has been sourced from the freezer and I've put in a load of vegetables to roast.  I like suppers that cook themselves.  The rest of the evening will be split between TV-Catch-up and the Kindle and no nap today so hopefully I'll have a reasonable start tomorrow.  LN...Back to the rugby...LN

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February 10, 2018, 8:09pm Report to Moderator

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Well that's a picture I never thought I'd live to see!  

I thought you usually clicked your heels together and waggled your nose and all the creases would fall out!  
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Elsa Peters
February 11, 2018, 4:06pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 11th February

Not these days Dorothy...as I get older the power is diminishing and they were bloody big curtains....the gift that just keeps giving...

So it was a four start this morning, the fire was out so I made coffee and went back to bed with the Kindle, read for about an hour and then off again until seven fifteen.  What a surprise when I opened up the curtains…it was white over, not snowing but by eleven it had started again and it’s been at it all day and not at all expected.

At the bread van yesterday the ladies said that we would be having snow but the van driver and myself settled for rain…there was no mention of snow on the weather forecasts that I get for this area.  They were right and the others were all wrong.  Fortunately I’d stocked up with bread and eggs yesterday and the freezer’s full so no great hardships. I did get the fire going at seven though and it was chugging along very nicely until, yes, you’ve guessed it, the electricity went off at about twelve.  It was really strange.  It went off, came on again, the monitor was flashing to say that there was power, the computer was doing the same thing but nothing would boot.  Just when I’d set up the laptop with the monitor to see if it was a monitor problem or a problem with the computer, it went off again but this time it came on at reduced power and the desk lamp was hardly lit and then finally …nothing at all.  Fortunately the fire had got very low at this point so I didn’t have to empty the contents of the firebox into the little wood burner.  

So it’s been a very lazy day and my only exercise has been to get in two more loads of logs just in case and I cleared off the terraces so that if it really freezes tonight, they won’t be so bad.  So far no snow plough but there are two well defined tracks where some hardly souls have made it out or back.  

I now have power and internet so I’m going to get this posted while everything in my garden is looking wonderful…white over…covers all the weeds.  LN…And it’s still at it…LN

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Elsa Peters
February 12, 2018, 4:29pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 12th February

So I fell asleep on the sofa and woke up at one thirty.  It was still snowing so I peeled myself off the sofa and headed to bed.  Five start but I put my head down again and it was seven twenty when I got up for the second time...the fire needed lighting, coffee needed making and I was in to my morning.  The rest of the soup went out for the animals but most of it is still left on the garden...they don't appear to like curry but something is going to come along that's really hungry.  It will go I'm sure.

I didn't need to get the logs in...I'd done that yesterday and having thrown the soup out I managed to find some lamb chops in the freezer that I fancied for tonight.  Chops in Bulgaria are not quite like in the UK.  These came in a chunk, I tried hard to split the chops up so that I could have a manageable amount to eat.  I took them outside and bashed them on the concrete but I had to thaw out all of them but at least I have some for tomorrow.  

The rest of the day has been keeping the fire stoked, reading the fifth Game of Thrones and watching the Olympics.  I'm toying with either icing over the patio and taking up speed skating or building a half pipe in the garden especially now the snow is down.  The thaw has set in and I found one place that I wouldn't want to be standing...little house on the little terrace.  The snow bent the guttering last year and I think it's going to need replacing this year.  It's a little bent.  Supper went in the oven, I added a sliced onion to the chops and thinly sliced a potato and laid it on the top .  I cored two apples that have been lingering for longer than they ought to have done and they went in with sultanas where the core should have been with brown sugar, butter and honey but I could only manage one when it came to it.  I did think of taking one over to Haciber but it was too cold to be out and bothering people.

The kitchen can wait until tomorrow, I'm watching the speed skating and don't plan to be doing much at all except make it to bed at a sensible time.  I was going to see the Librarian tomorrow but the roads aren't good and it's supposed to be minus six tonight so the roads could be icy.  LN....Another lazy day to contend with... ..LN  

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Elsa Peters
February 13, 2018, 4:28pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 13th February

Firstly happy birthday to my son ...he's had to go to work but should be skiing and celebrating by the weekend, unfortunately not in Bulgaria but Switzerland with the family and the outlaws.

My day started at seven this morning and I was all set to face the day by nine thirty even though I was still in PJ's.  It wasn't cold but it was miserable and even though the forecast said sun and clouds, again it got it wrong....I didn't see the sun at all.  I checked in with the Winter Olympics and caught up overnight activity and we don't seem to be doing anything worth writing home about.  Norway are doing well and so are Germany and our speed skate lady got knocked out of it, physically, it was that or lose her fingers.  Two more events for her so maybe she'll come good after all she is World champion in both events.

A bit of banter with  Mrs D of S and the little one was due and injection and a check up with the doctor so we arranged to meet up for lunch.  I popped in to see my student's mother in the shop and again we discussed English lessons for her little one and I struggle with people that try to do direct translations into another language.  Bulgaria only has one word for somethings where we have several ways to phrase things and they're just not used to it.  I think it's better to learn the phrase within context and then there's no need to translate it.  I'll prepare the lessons ready for the coming of spring.

We had lunch in Nazdrave, the little one was full of beans despite her injection and kept us both on our toes.  She's such a little live wire.  I was home for two thirty and only stopped at the supermarket to get the wrist-bands that I'm sending off for the 1st March celebrations.  When I came back the fire was in need of attention and it's been slow to get going.  I think it's due to there being no wind today and a lot of downward pressure....lots of dry sticks and firelighters but it took a good couple of hours for it to take off and circulate the water round the radiators.

More lamb for supper tonight...if I get round to cooking it. Beans on toast for breakfast, toasted sandwich for lunch so can't say I'm really champing at the bit.  Nothing on for tomorrow so far apart from making a few cards to go with the wrist bands and I want them in the post by Thursday to make sure they get there in time.  The weather looks to be closing in again.  If the temperature drops the rain might turn to snow again....well it is only February ..still winter.  LN...Fire and kitchen in that order....LN

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Elsa Peters
February 14, 2018, 4:46pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 14th February

Happy Valentines day to those who haven't received anything through the post today ....it might come tomorrow...

It's been a horrible day weather wise.  The rain woke me up at silly o'clock, and I couldn't managed to get off again so it's been a long old day.  I loaded the washing machine and set it going at cheap rate electricity, managed to salvage the fire this morning and went back to bed with my book and a coffee.  Bacon and egg sandwich for breakfast and I made my way to the computer on the landing to catch up with the overnight happenings and apparently I have a huge amount of money sitting  in a bank in Nigeria...a distant uncle I knew nothing of.  It's probably the same one that a million others have.  Obviously I sent all the information that they requested including bank account details.....well you do don't you...

At eleven thirty I was still in my PJ's and it was a toss up as to whether I would get dressed today or not...but I did.  The rest of the lamb was put into the slow cooker with an onion, a tin of tomatoes and some tomato sauce and that would be ready around five tonight without much effort from me.  I cleared up the kitchen, made another coffee  and checking out the terrace noticed that one of my large blue pots with daffodils in it was waterlogged.  My simple remedy was to find the lump hammer out and bash three hole in the bottom of it so that it would drain...and it was as well that I did. ...it's been pouring down all day.  The washing had to go on the clothes airier in the bathroom ...it would never have dried.  

Very lazy afternoon watching the Winter Olympics...reading and my only activity came from the fact that my Fitbit kept prompting me to do so many steps to complete an hourly target.   I've kept the fire going and it;s been burning well all day.   I made mashed potato to go with the lamb and it was delicious and I' just washed everything up again and the kitchen is tidy for tomorrow.  It's good to come down to.  

Nothing on for tomorrow during the day but supper with my student's family tomorrow night.  Looks like it might be another lazy day.  LN..Hard life isn't it...LN

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Elsa Peters
February 15, 2018, 9:17pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 15th February

And yes, another family birthday it would have been today....my maternal grandmothers...we must all have ovulated at the same time to produce so many Aquarians...May fertility and all that jazz.

So I was reading again at three this morning but managed to get my head down again at five and slept through until eight so not so bad. I managed to have a shower and wash my hair but half way through I noticed that I was still wearing my Fitbit so it was a quick jump out, Fitbit off and fingers crossed that it was going to be OK.  It doesn't seem to have done it much harm but note to self to be more careful.  

It wasn't so cold this morning until you went outside and the wind was keen, so I didn't linger long.  I got dressed a little earlier today ...like ten thirty...in with a load of logs and moved the jasmine from the little house into the porch.  I think I've got flower buds starting on it so after checking out the internet for it's flowering period decided to give it a little more warmth to give it a chance.  I tied it up to the old grape vine that for some reason never got chopped down and it's certainly useful for hanging things on.  Fingers crossed I shall have flowers within the week.  It's sitting next to the freesias so it might give it a clue as to what I expect.  So after a fluffy of morning activity including poached eggs for breakfast, I took to the sofa with the Kindle and got stuck into the book.  The Olympics seemed to be doing a round-up of the previous day's events so I didn't linger long on that .  It was up to twenty four degrees in the house according to the thermometer and I knew where I was best off and it certainly didn't take long for me to have my eyelids fall southwards and off I went to the land of nod.

Back to the book when I came to and at four I lit the fire to keep the house warm for the night-time.  I went to my student tonight for supper and I was presented with a cake with candle and a present that I shall open on the seventeenth....Lovely evening with the family and I might be going on a jaunt with the elder sister.  There is a five day tour going to Turkey to Cappadochia and Ankara and I'm up for it.  It's a lot of time on the coach but hey....with Kindle and camera...I can sleep there as well as here.  I'm having to sort out if I can get a visa for Turkey over the internet tomorrow and have to present a copy of my passport over the weekend so it's going to be all systems go.

The fire was out when I got back so I've just lit it again....Not much sleep in me so far tonight so I'm moving down to the fire and might knock off a couple of chapters.  Only a visit to the post office on the cards for tomorrow...so could be another lazy day.  That's what winter's all about.  LN....Hibernation alley...LN
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Elsa Peters
February 16, 2018, 4:26pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 16th February

So instead of getting stuck into my book I got going on the document that I'd put myself up for to translate from Hungarian to Bulgarian.  It was four pages long so I first scanned it into the computer but that's where I came unstuck/  It resulted in PDF files that weren't recognised by the translation program.  Scratch head time and eventually I managed it but it was heading for one-thirty so it was a lengthy problem.  Back down in front of the fire eventually and I settled down with the book and knocked off that couple of chapters and in fact I finished the book so started on the next one in the series.  I headed for bed at three this morning but I just couldn't get my feet warm and it seemed to take me ages to fall asleep.

Out for the count until eight, there was a hint of pink in the sky but it was cold out there.  I meandered round for a while, took a copy of my passport, wrote a card for my birthday buddy and at eleven headed to Djebel to get my cards in the post,  Cards posted, money out of the cash point and over to my student's home to deliver the translated document.  She made omelettes for both of us and we finished off with the remains of my birthday cake from last night.  From there I made it to the mother's shop to buy a cake for my ladies tomorrow morning's delivery, down to the garage for a quick check of oil, water and tyre pressures....I'd decided to take off with Mrs D of S and the little one and the Librarian and head down to Greece for lunch.  Such a hard life.  I delivered my Birthday Buddy card to the grandmother, filled up with fuel and headed home for three thirty and met the local sheep hazard as I drove  through the village.  I finished the arrangements for tomorrow and everyone is primed...we shall be setting off at about ten thirty.

I lit the fire at four and it's chugging along nicely and it's just as well, the temperature has really dropped.  I had a really good lunch after a toast and marmalade breakfast so the bugs aren't really biting....We'll see what they do later.  I'm looking forward to tomorrow...LN    A walk by the sea....LN

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Elsa Peters
February 17, 2018, 6:40pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 17th February

Very frosty start but what a good night's sleep I had.  Seven before I raised my sleepy head from the pillow.  I intended going to the bread van to deliver cake for the ladies but I was still in PJ's when I heard the horn toot so ended up delivering the cake to them individually and have stale bread toasted for breakfast.  I'd fancied cornflakes but had left the milk on the shelf and not in the fridge, so that was a no starter.

Over to Mrs D of S's house and in the Beast for eleven with the Librarian and off we set for Greece.  The border was not very busy, only five cars in front of us and through in quicksticks.  We were a bit scuppered in Kometini....a policeman with a very loud whistle was blocking the road we wanted so it meant a quick tour of the backstreets and eventually I got up back on the road to Fanari....a very good haunt for a wander along the beach and lunch especially with the weather as it was. ...full sun, blue skies, cold breeze but a lovely day for a stroll.  We walked for about an hour, found a brilliant restaurant and ordered far too much food again as we normally do but this time we had an excuse for it....the waitress didn't speak English and didn't tell us that the meal came with chippies already and we'd ordered extra.  We'll know for next time.

More walking and into the car for four thirty and again there was only a few cars in front of us at the border crossing.  I stayed and had coffee with Mrs D of S and played with the little one.  She's such a poppet.  Home for seven, fire going, no need for supper, phone Princess to thank her for the phone call, spoke to my CJ and now to chill for the night.  I've had a beautiful birthday, another one notched up and have had some super presents and others still winging their way over from the UK along with my cards that are locked in the post office in the next village.  LN....Feeling blessed...LN

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Elsa Peters
February 18, 2018, 5:27pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 18th February

So last night I was watching television on Catch-up and before I knew it it was one thirty in the morning....how time flies.  I was fascinated by the program of Mel Brookes of the Producers fame until I realised that it was very disjointed and it was time to switch off and get to bed.  You get night like that....after what was a very busy day.  I was also trying to handpick the  birthday greetings out of two posts.  Mrs D of S had announced my birthday on FB before I had and comments were appearing on that news feed so that's shy I posted my own with a lovely cartoon suggesting that I was surprised after my life style to have made it this far.  Thanks to those who posted on both....I had a lovely day.

After my late to bed last night I didn't wake up until seven thirty and fortunately found a loaf in the freezer so didn't have to get dressed and chase the van.  I didn't bother with breakfast though...I was reading for a while. got dressed when I got guilty about lazing around despite the fact that it was Sunday.  It didn't really spur me into action though, I went on to the Olympics, shed a few tears with the parents of the girls who'd got gold and silver and especially that she'd retained the gold from four years ago...what an achievement.  Decided that it was time for activity...I topped up the log basket from the logs in the porch, filled up the log carrier from the wood store and reckoned that it would do me no harm to sweep the woodstore and split some more of the big logs.  I managed five of them which gives me enough big ones for the next couple of days or so and I suppose I'm eking out the wood from the previous year.  After that it was time for breakfast so I used the chippies from the restaurant from yesterday and just as I was about to serve up my chippie omelette my painter arrived in the yard asking where I had been.  I could have asked the same question of  him but didn't bother...he's the one that was supposed to be chopping the rest of my wood from the garage so I mentioned that I'd done some that morning and he said that it was his job.....so tell me when...and it's all his...

After my late breakfast I made a coffee and tackled the DM Sudoku on paper...I'd tried it on the PC but to no avail but at this point my eyes headed southward while the fire ticked away nicely and I nodded off for a couple of hours catching up on last night's lack of sleep.  More coffee when I woke up, the fire was out and what a mare it was to get that going again...the wind must be in the wrong direction.  Nothing for supper....that omelette was a big one and I used the eggs that I was given by my neighbour from her own chickens so that's why it looks very yellow.  The fire is at last doing what it should have been doing an hour or so ago....just a couple of pickies today yesterday's presents and I've got the cards to pick up from the post office tomorrow.  LN....Fire and book is on the cards....LN

Attachment: ceese_and_chip_omelette_4320.jpg
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