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MARCH 2018
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Elsa Peters
March 10, 2018, 5:11pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 10th March

Lovely day and silly night/  I was awake at three, played a few games and settled off again and up at seven thirty.  I don't mind that so much,,,I'd not really much to do.  The washing up is still waiting along with the laundry but I did get my backside into Djebel by nine thirty and make a mother's day card for a very special little girl to give to her mother.  To go with the card I went to the flower shop and bought a few plants including a couple of cyclamen, one of which went with the card. I also took round the sleeping bag for the little one that I'd managed to get from the cheapy shop and it fit Cinderella... The other cyclamen is for my neighbour who's not very well at the moment. I'll deliver that tomorrow with a 'get well soon' card, they're not much in to cards here so I'll have to explain it to her but I'm thinking she needs the boost.

So I had a messenger shopping list for Mr's D of S and after buying the flowers I popped in to the local supermarket and picked the best three out of a box of rubbish bananas but the second item was no problem...it was red, liquid and came in its own box...   I didn't longer long over the shopping and was heading for their village by ten thirty, managed to park up and had my first cuddle with the little one.  I handed over the goodies including a fridge magnet and chocolates from Turkey and the little one homed in on the chocolates until Mrs D took them away and spoiled the fun...but there were no tears.  We had our catch up while the little one played and lunch was take in the sun and she had her own little picnic box with a few things in it that were new to her which came out as quickly as they were popped in her mouth,  We had several trips round the garden...she's only little but boy can she move.

Home for three thirty more or less, lit the fire. rugby on and a pack of chocolate biscuits opened and settled myself on the sofa.  Irish -Scotland game was a good one and now England v France.  The first was on the Kindle but I've moved up to the big machine to watch the second.  It looks like a promising day weather wise tomorrow so I could be in for a spot of gardening.  Most of the daffs, tulips and lilies are showing their heads so I'll be able to work round them.  The only thing I'm having difficulty with identifying poppies for a weed which looks similar.  Perhaps I'll leave them for a while.

Not a bad sky tonight but I don't like the look of the dark clouds...it's supposed to be eighteen degrees and sunny.  LN...Back to the rugby...come on England....LN

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Elsa Peters
March 11, 2018, 5:27pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 11th March

Happy mothers day to Princess and DIL, and hope they've had very relaxed days.  I had a phone call from Princess who was still in her PJ's waiting for CJ to wake up and he did while I was on the phone and entered the lounge with suitably wrapped goodies.  He's a good boy.

I've had a busy day.  Awake at six thirty and the first load of washing went in at the night rate and the second two at normal rate.  My bed was stripped down and it's made up again now and it was great to get it out and blowing in the breeze.  I watched the sun come up just before seven and it's been out ever since with clouds on the perimeters but nothing in front of the sun.  It's been a beautiful day.  I cleared out the burning pit down the bottom of the garden and got rid of my rubbish...there's not much for the dogs and cats to have a go at and decided to tackle some of the raised beds, the weeds are really getting established so better out than in.  I've cleared a couple of the raised beds, swept the leaves from the steps going down to the room under the little house lounge, serviced the strimmer and made use of it to go round the raised beds and the vegetable patch to clear the chickweed.  I hate it...it goes everywhere.

I sat for a while in the sun but set about clearing the long wall garden but my mojo is not really up yet despite the sun...the enthusiasm has to build and it's early days.  Washing in, bed made up, fire lit and the boiler is on for a bath tonight to ease the aching back.  It's almost seven thirty my time and tomorrow I begin the document trail starting with the Statistics Office to tell them yet again that my company is none trading, I don't rent out my property and I'm a pensioner.  Secondly to the Finance Office to get the declaration done and thirdly to pay the annual tax on the Beast, the final document doesn't have to be in until June so that can wait.  

Same again with the weather for tomorrow pretty please.  LN....Seriously looks like spring is here..LN

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Elsa Peters
March 12, 2018, 5:11pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 12th March

Six thirty start and managed to catch the sunrise but I appear to have been chasing my tail ever since..

My task today should I choose to accept it was to get all my documentation sorted so that would be it for another year.  Now I'd got the old route sussed out.  Last year they put another step in place which was to included the National Statistics Institute into the mix and l got the shitty end of the stick from a lady who insisted that I filled out the forms myself...yea...and some.  This year I managed to find the office which is hidden away behind the Poly Clinic, found the said office on the fourth floor and received the said forms only this year she offered to help so I'm assuming that they've had customer service training.  Any way....I did it myself, nothing to pay and she asked me where I was going with the form and I replied that I was off to the Revenue Agency only now this step was out of the equation.  Instead I was to go to SUT which is where I had all the bother last year when I didn't submit the forms until late so I've really satisfied my Fitbit today, I'd parked in the usual car park in the centre of town but I'd headed out for Statistics and was now heading back towards the bus station,  Ten thousand steps knocked off and fireworks exploding on my wrist...Love it.  Now this lady wasn't so friendly, asked me what I wanted and I tried to explain but her volume when up as my understanding went down and I think she was stretched because there were two other people waiting.  I asked her if I had to go and pay the tariff and she said that this had been changed, there was nothing to pay but she had to print me off some forms which she did.  She tentatively asked if I could manage them so I said that I had friends that could help me out and I think she was relieved and I made my escape.  

Next port of call was to pay the annual tax on the Beast so I went and joined a queue, stood in it for about thirty minutes and then was told that this cash desk was closing and to join another queue.  I gave her grief but she shut the little door of hers to the outside world and I had no option but to do it.  So instead of being next to be served I went to number four in another queue.  Tova e Bulgaria.  So considering that my background is in customer service and supermarket checkout training ie...closing down cash points with minimum disruption. I'm going to have to sort out one of my old training manuals and suggest they follow it to the letter.  They seem to choose their own lunchtime...and that's it and there appears to be very little co-ordination between cash desks.  Anyway...fifteen minutes later I'm now legal on the road for another year and my paper work filed away with car documents.

I stopped off at Kaufland and bought beetroot, runner beans and parsnip seeds to plant out and more flowers to get underway.  On to Lidl and then up the back road to the village...I decided that Djebel would keep for another day...my back was killing me with all the standing around and I just wanted to get home.  Ham sandwich filled the gap, coffee and I lit the fire and now I'm settled.  The Beast has made it into the yard but not the garage....I might complete the forms and take them back tomorrow now that I understand what I have to do having looked over them.

The clouds have gathered and it looks like we could be in for a wet spell.  I only caught the sunrise...there wasn't a sunset  LN....Don't you just love form filling...LN

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Elsa Peters
March 13, 2018, 4:32pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 13th March

Awake pretty early again but by eleven this morning I was ready for an early nap.  I'd got washed and dressed intending to go into the garden but the flesh was weak and it was a morning of doing very little, I'd worked out what needed to be done to finish the paperwork from yesterday but I need a few more details from Princess to finish it.  I have time.  I made scrambled egg in the microwave for breakfast, finished it with a banana, updated the Fitbit to the Lenovo, more coffee and then sofa bound.

By one thirty I was ready to get out there and make a name for myself.  I've accumulated daffodils and hyacinths that have gone over now so I've cleared out one of the grave garden beds and they;re now planted up but there are so many weeds.  I think it's due to the fact that we've had a pretty light winter and they seems to have really dug themselves in and took some pulling up.  Three hours later I'm absolutely knacked. I've trimmed the Buddlea at the bottom of the garden and put the trimmings in water.  We had the odd spot of rain while I was out there and I was hoping for more but it didn't happen.....no excuse to come in but by the time that I was in and lit the fire. it really started.  The dark clouds rolling in and rolled out again but now they are hanging there again and we have lightening so this is going to be a pretty swift update.  It's sheet though not fork so maybe I can hold out for a little longer.

I've got to find something for supper and if the weather is good tomorrow, another day in the garden is planned.  It's just important to break the back of it before the weeds really become established.  No chance of the mower coming out, the ground is still sodden so the strimmer looks like coming into its own again.  LN....Evening duties.....LN

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Elsa Peters
March 14, 2018, 4:22pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 14th March

Seven start and the sun was up already but I didn't realise that it was only doing a half day shift today.  It was gone by one and hasn't really shown its little face at all.  There was a phone call from Princess this morning with the information that I required to complete the form for the company annual registration so tomorrow is going to be the day that I pull out all the stops to attempt to complete it in Bulgarian.  I'm doing it in draft first so that my student can look over it and then for the real deal that will be submitted.  I was in the middle of breakfast when she phoned and munching my way through toast and grapefruit marmalade and I really do need to make the peel finer next time.

So by nine thirty I was ready to face the garden, weeds and it was a beautiful day for it.  Sun was shining, I'd put on an extra sweater but that was soon off and I was down to one with my Bulgarian vest.  'Ne're cast a clout 'til May is out' and all that...the vest is the last to go so to speak.  I brought some of the plants out from the little house to give them an airing and removed three cuttings from last year that were in need of a permanent home.  They'd wintered outside so I had no worries with the temperature but they'll have to come in...the weather meant that I couldn't get them planted up.  The geraniums are also sitting on the little house terrace and they've got to come in as well.

I was doing well...I set to on the under terrace garden removing weeds and planted up several primulas from the porch.  I thought about watering them in but as it turned out, really no need at all.  The sky suddenly got darker at about twelve and I noticed that the starlings in the poplars were quite impressive against the dark sky.  As I took one of the pickies there was suddenly a flash of lightening so once again...we were in for a rough spell.  I put my tools away, closed up the little house, brought my sweater in and then the heavens opened and there were some pretty big hail stones falling and the temperature suddenly dropped.  I disconnected the internet, some of those bangs and wallops were very near, turned off the power to the computer and put the Kindle into Airplane mode and played Soda Crush stretched out on the sofa and it seemed like a reasonable time filler for me.  About an hour later I lit the fire...the temperature had really dropped by now and at least it's comfortable inside if it isn't out.

So we've still got dark grey skies and the hillside is awash as is the garden.  It was squelching yesterday when I walked down to the bottom and it was a good job I had wellies on when I emptied the week container,  I could feel myself sinking in. If it's like this tomorrow I shall be getting my paperwork done...it's not one of my favourite occupations but I found out a very interesting document on the internet detailing the departments customer charter and where to make your complaints if you have any...and further more it was in Bulgarian and translated into English.  I might even have to print a copy off and take it with me just in case I get any hassle...it would be a good document to produce....with great subtlety.

Time to get the rest of the plants into the little house just in case ithe temperature really does drop tonight..the three shrubs are bare rooted and the geraniums too small.  Time to throw another log on the fire.  LN...Evening duties call....LN

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Elsa Peters
March 15, 2018, 5:40pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 15th March

A day of two halves.  Silly night last night and I didn't get to sleep until well after one thirty...and I don't know why.  I have this method if the brain is really busy of imagining white light and trying to get just a dot of it in focus but did it want to play....no way Hosea.  I decided to play Soda Crush and boy did I rocket through some of the levels and I suppose that excitement added to the intensity of being unable to get to sleep even though I was using it to relax.  Eventually I went off and it was seven when I raised my weary head.

Washed and dressed by eight, breakfast of scrambled eggs on toast, framed up a birthday card that I'd received from a very dear friend of long standing and found one of my photos from the Mevlit of Zelinger, her brother who is one of the hojjas with another one of the gifted singers and I printed it off and framed it for her.  Unfortunately it had been photo bombed by another one of the villagers but I was able to crop her out of this one but will make one for her later.I decided to deliver it but walking down the road I saw a collection of walking sticks and little black shoes outside one of the houses so I abandoned my quest...it can wait for another day when she's on her own.  I would have to have explained to the one I'd cropped out the reason why...not worth the hassle.  

It wasn't a bad morning,  I'd put a load of washing in and was going to take advantage of the warm breeze to dry it and I headed out about ten thirty to continue with the weeding and managed to finish the frog garden.  The side bed will have to wait.  I turned my attention to the vegetable garden, removed some of the wooden walkways and they were certainly healthy weeds.  They had obviously found the cow shite I'd buried the year before last where the veg hadn't.  Half done and the rest tomorrow since at twelve thirty the clouds rolled over from Smolyan, a few claps of thunder and I made a dash for the washing and got it in just in time before the heavens opened and rain stopped play.  Back to the Kindle and a few games, the lack of sleep from the night before was taking effect so I lit the fire, lay on the sofa and nodded off until two.  Time to throw another log on and by three thirty the urge to continue where I'd left off took over and I worked on the garden until six thirty and have knocked off fourteen and a half thousand steps on the Fitbit today...result.

So weather permitting it will be another day in the garden tomorrow and I can keep on top of it with a trusty hoe, nothing else is screaming at me except for completing the form but I think I shall ask my student to give me a hand on Saturday morning....she writes Bulgarian much quicker than I do and they'll probably find it easier to read on delivery which should be on Monday.  LN....Bath time said Dougle...LN

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Elsa Peters
March 16, 2018, 5:09pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 16th March

Seven start, lovely night's sleep and woke up pretty refreshed.  As for the rest of the day....I've not done very much and am a complete disappointment to my Fitbit.  I've only knocked off four thousand steps today.   That bath that I was having last night didn't come to fruition until eight this morning but it was the complete works.  I'd left the thermostat turned up overnight so I had loads of hot water to linger longer in and after drying my hair was ready for poached eggs for breakfast.  I toyed with lighting the fire but abstained and decided to go into Djebel instead and get a few more things knocked off the mental list,  I was pretty slow off the mark and didn't get out until eleven thirty. Managed to park outside my student's mum's shop and she looked over the forms that I have to submit next week and confirmed that most of the things were in the correct boxes...and I suppose that's a start.  She updated me on the Djebel news but most of it I knew already.

So from my mental list I made my way to the Council offices to pay my house and land tax and was amazed that it has increased tremendously and it's all due to the fact that we now have rubbish bins scattered around the villages leading off the main Djebel Kirkovo road. I made the comment that I only wanted to use it not buy it but it fortunately got lost in translation...and goodness knows how my old ladies on pensions are going to manage it.  My next stop was at the hardware stall on the market and I remembered that I needed a new head for the shower and they call it a 'telephone' which confused me somewhat.  I had a selection brought out from the back and settled for one that has an adjustable nozzle on it and at the bargain price of six lev....approximately three pounds...and I went to the other hardware shop in the high street to get a new washer and that was twenty stotinki.  Back to the shop to say fond farewells and we confirmed that the lessons with her little one will begin next month.  She's not having much luck...he puts up all sort of objections and she's tired from work so it just slips.

Back into the car, down to the little supermarket and I picked up a few things, a square shaped frying pan that can also be used as a grill pan, more bottled water and a big fat chocolate eclair to have with my coffee when I got home.  Home for four thirty, shopping unpacked, car away in the garage, more wood in for tonight, coffee made and I sat on the sofa with the cake and watched the fire catch....good to be back....it's been a cold old day and it's supposed to be worse next week...back to winter.

Nothing for tomorrow so far...gardening if the weather warms up but if not it might be looking for more books for the Kindle.  Spicy sausage tonight for supper with onions and mayo...first pot I've brought for ages.  No pickies today...it's been too dull and damp and not much happening in the garden.   LN...Kitchen bound....LN.  
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Elsa Peters
March 17, 2018, 6:29pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday  17th March

It's going to be a very short update tonight..Early start, breakfasted by eight and out to the bread van.  Bought some eggs, bread but on my way back Beyser asked me to wait by the gate and she came out with eggs from her chickens...I wouldn't have bought any had I have known...it never rains but it pours so I'll be having scrambled, poached and fried for the next few mornings...

I was out to the garden and started work on the  rest of the  garden under the long wall and I've now completed from the walnut to the mulberry.  I came in at around one...the wind was cold when I went out, it turned round and warmed up or I'd been working hard and warmed myself up.  I went out again until around two thirty and  settled in to watch the rugby until  my attention waned.  

And now to mention that amber warning for high winds....and they were correct...The electricity has been flickering, I'm not going to top up the fire just in case it goes off and I can afford to let it go out...the house is warm, the fire's been going all day.  My poor tree is swaying in the breeze and fingers crossed it will survive....everything else is inside that can be swept about and the plants that I brought out yesterday to enjoy the sunshine are back in the little house house...much safer there.  No pickies again...what a failure. I promise to do better tomorrow but if I delay to load, chances are I'll  not manage it before the electricity goes off.  It really is horrible out there.  Now to find something quick for supper.  LN...Let's see what remains tomorrow...LN
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Elsa Peters
March 18, 2018, 5:03pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 18th March

Well the electricity did stay up last night as did my tree and all the rest in the garden apart from the line prop which is lying on the ground as we speak.  It's still raining now so there's not been a lot of activity outside today.  My Fitbit has been requesting me to 'take it for a stroll' and if it's not careful it will be going over the hillside on it 's own....

Seven wake up but it was still raining, the wind was still howling and despite the fact that the house had hold nineteen degrees overnight I got the fire going and it's been ticking along all day.  I did get washed and ready to get dressed but I'm still waiting and it's a bit too late to bother now....lazy mare.  Breakfast was a spicy sausage, onion and cheese omelette and the need for a top up has happened yet.  Haciber is back and came round bringing gift from her time away in Turkey with her daughter.  I was a little embarrassed....I hadn't got a gift for her wrapped up from Turkey but I'll have to deliver it tomorrow.  I apologised for being still in my PJ's but they do look like day wear so she probably wouldn't have known.

So breakfast over, I noticed that I'd had a missed call yesterday so I phoned back and got an answer machine and the call was returned after a short while.  It was only for a 'catch up' chat...and nothing to worry about.  I caught up on the Voice on the internet but in the absence of anything else I settled in to watch Game of Thrones and knocked off a few episodes and I still know nothing John Snow.  It's been a while since I finished the books and it took me a while to get back in to it again.

I've just done a tour of the garden to tilt on of the large daffodil flower pots that appears to be waterlogged.  I was amazed at the different varieties of daffodils that I have in the garden and the number of them...they went forth and multiplied.  I also just remembered that I noticed that my hat is hiding against the wall and needs to come in.  I was wearing it yesterday, took it off when I got hot and must have forgotten about it.  Next stop washing machine...

A little more internet television tonight....and no supper required so far.  Time for another log...and a fruit juice and water....and tomorrow it's final document day.  Let's see what she makes of my written Bulgarian.  LN....Wish me luck....LN

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Elsa Peters
March 19, 2018, 5:14pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 19th March

After a goon night's sleep I was up and about at seven, washed up from last night, washed and dressed by eight and ready to face the lady in the office in town. I phoned up the Librarian to see if she wanted to come out to play today or if she had anything on her agenda and I think she was suffering from camp fever and was eager to jump on the bandwagon.  I warned her that I had to firstly do my document and mentioned that it was only a matter of submitting the form and signing the final declaration so she was prepared.  I cooked breakfast and had finished and washed up before she arrived, got in two lots of logs and prepared the fire for when I got back.  I got the Beast out into the lane ready and when she arrived at ten we headed straight off.  We went down the back lane and it was with trepidation but slowly slowly did it.

Straight to the office and I managed to park close to it and the Librarian stayed in the Beast, I waited outside the office joining the queue and within ten minutes I was in. I handed over my forms and the first thing the lady pointed out was that I'd used a black pen and it has t be blue and that the details Princess and her husband weren't required...so why hadn't the other lady told me that on my last visit.  So she printed off new forms, handed me a blue pen and off I went again..writing in Bulgarian.  I think she was impressed, tried out her English on me when it came to filling in rows of numbers and final signature compete, declaration made and success on a plate.  My registration number was issued and I was given my copy of the documents.  

Back to the car and coffee was required, we headed down to the cheapy shop and I picked up a very cheap sweater, over to the Euro shop and I found the picture frames that I wanted.   Into the stationery shop and it had a very reasonable computer keyboard and this one is stable...the other one has lost one of its little legs from the bottom and wobbled all over the place.  We went to the Cantina for lunch and managed to knock up a bill of eight leva for two lunches.  We legged it to the other cheap shops and a few more items were purchase.  Back to the Beast, we finished off in Lidl, home via Djebel not trusting the lane.  She came in for coffee, I got the fire going and we sat chewing over the fat for a while and off she went.

There are not photos.  I have a feeling of relief washing over me...my documents are finished.  Good breakfast and lunch so nothing for supper tonight....I've managed to knock up almost ten thousand steps today with very little effort despite the weather.  It's been raining all day more or less and the fog really came down as we drove home and the temperature has really gone down again.  Rain's forecast for the rest of the week with maybe snow mingled in with it....Oh boy...back to winter.  LN....Keep the home fires burning...LN
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