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APRIL 2018
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April 29, 2018, 7:20am Report to Moderator

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Thanks for the names.
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Elsa Peters
April 29, 2018, 5:05pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 29th April

You're very welcome Trevor....next time you're over this way or on your way to Greece...I will have cuttings and roots available...

Six thirty this morning and the sun beat me to it again....don't you hate these early risers.  I didn't jump too much this morning...I had to be ready with boots blacked for the mosque at tenish so I watched a couple of gardening programmes on TV Catchup, didn't bother with breakfast since there would be loads of rice for an early lunch and headed down for the mosque at about ten fifteen.  On my way down a couple of my neighbours were peering into the boot of an old car and I stopped to look and it is full of nougat and halva and he has a little set of scales.  I'd only got my money for the mosque with me so Haciber offered to lend me some but when I offered Beyser the fifteen lev she told me to keep it so I could buy my own goodies.  One lev's worth of each...I took it back to the house and tried it this afternoon after the earlier fun and games and it's delicious.  I'll have to look out for him again.

So I took the photo of 'the body' which it always looks like when the vats of food are wrapped up to keep warm. Ladies came from far and near and there is a newby who wanted to tell me where to put my shoes and I said rather sharply that I'd been coming for years and that I was OK.  She came to my house yesterday with my Avatar and asked me to have a look at her house which i promised to do after the mosque.  Now I know that it's not my faith but I have the belief that there's one power and no matter what you follow, I use the time for a little peace and quiet but with four head men going for it, I think I get closer to heaven sitting on my terrace.  Meat and rice served, a yogurt drink and a chocolate cake thingy and I found out that there was another mevlit at the main mosque in the village but I declined saying that my God was happy with one visit from me and didn't expect two which cause a laugh with the ladies.  I headed off to the lady's house to see if I could help with planning her stairs but it got a bit much...she was asking me for professionals to go an look at her place but in the next breath was telling me that she had no money to do anything, no man, no one to help her and that it was difficult on her own.  I decided that I would be pleasant but was going to sidestep it pretty quickly but blow me down she appeared at my door when I was relaxing on the sofa with the snooker and demanded coffee which I made for her.  Again I heard the same complaints but this time she had no petchka or washing machine here and I'm going to get a padlock for the front gate.  That sort of company I don't need....

She left and I soon carried on with what I intended...I've half cut the lawn with the mower but I reckon it needs the blade sharpening so I shall have to make a phone call.  I did tip it over when it ran out of petrol and cleaned the underneath to help the airflow, tried it again but it was still reluctant hence the diagnosis.  I came in at seven after watering the outside plants.  It's been another hot one and we could do with a good downpour but only a brief one.....Tomorrow I'm finishing the bottom of the garden with the strimmer, planting out some of the zinnia and nasturtiums and putting my two Greek plants into big terracotta pots for the terrace.  I've got a few little flowerbeds to weed and see what flowers are hiding there that might need moving.  I haven't seen many marigolds to date or tobacco plants and there should be some.  Eight o'clock...LN...Time to relax....LN

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Elsa Peters
April 30, 2018, 5:19pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 30th April

Six thirty start and I beat the sun.  I took my photos and sat out on the terrace enjoying the morning and the birds.  There was a bit of a tussle going on with the swallows. I thought there was a pair already established but they still have to fight for it.  The cuckoos were singing their socks of and there was a jay already attacking the cherry tree.  Seems it can't wait for them to be ready for a feast.

Poached eggs on toast for breakfast, two loads of washing done and out on the line and it was only eight thirty.  It was a bit of a funny old day in the garden.  I got the strimmer out and set about the bottom of the garden, came up for the garden fork to remove some of the big clumps and ended up clearing out the little frog bed.  It had been neglected and I wanted to clear it before the lilies come out...they would have been swamped.  I eventually managed to get back to the bottom again and worked on it until it got too hot to be out and i needed a drink of water.  I put TV Catchup on and watched Loose Women and when that ended I had a phone call from the UK and again straight out again and I have managed to find a couple of conifers. an hypericom and a spirea with several marigolds.

By six I'd had enough so reeled in the electricity cable and put my tools away.  There was enough power in the battery strimmer to edge round the backside of the frog garden but then it ran out so that was another one to go away.  I got the washing in...the clouds had rolled over and i thought we were going to have that downpour I'd ordered but they went over so I water the pots instead.  Bath night....I need it to ease the aches and pains away so the boiler is on.  LN...More of the same tomorrow....LN

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