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JULY 2018
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Elsa Peters
July 10, 2018, 4:11pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 10th July

Seven start and no sound from the guest room at all.  Made coffee, there was a stumbling and a mumbling so I made a pot of tea and took my coffee outside to get some fresh air and check out the garden activity.  The woodpeckers were out and there was a  lot of squawking going on....it's a tall tree but obviously not enough room for  three so one took off, another followed it and then the first came back.  It was more 'catch me if you can' and I think it was a mother trying to ditch the little one for a moment's peace...if they do that sort of thing.  

I went over to see Avatar to give her some jam pot lids that I'd bought when I was in Lidl and she insisted on making me pancakes for breakfast so I sat in her hall way while she did the cooking.  I skipped home carrying the booty and served them for breakfast with yogurt and runny syrup.  She also gave me a pot of pear syrup that she'd made the year before and the instructions were to put it in the fridge and it would be thicker.  It will keep for another day.  Washed up and cleared the kitchen and my guest took to the sofa in the lounge with a headache, moved to the bed so I went out to have a bonfire.  It was pretty clogged up so I pushed the bin along to the wall and emptied it and unfortunately it seems that all the air holes have joined up and the bottom seems to be coming away from the top...time I had a new one.  

I made a ham sandwich since there seemed to be no takers for lunch and on my way out a car pulled up outside and Zelinger had a bag of rice and meat for me.  There had obviously been a mevlit and I'd missed lunch somewhere.  I ate my sandwich and did a little more at the bottom of the garden, came in to check FB and saw that it was the 100th RAF Anniversary and managed to catch it on TV-Catchup.  Pretty spectacular...didn't realise we had so many planes and so many different types.  The Red Arrows take a lot of beating for displays but the troops with their ground display of 100 RAF came a close second.  

Back to the garden,  A chicken has gone in for supper and I dug up one of my beetroot, the first of the season and it's now roasting along with potatoes that were delivered by somebody and hung on the gate and I know not from whence they came.  No one has come forward yet despite interrogation.  I've also got a couple of onions in there as well and everything should come to fruition in about fifteen minutes.  

Well it's a calm old night and it's the first day for ages that we've had no rain and only one brief spat of thunder.  Fingers crossed that things might be settling down now.  Kitchen duties call, Serena I hear is through to the next round but where is the competition this year?  Not like the good old days.  LN...Kitchen calls....LN

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Elsa Peters
July 11, 2018, 3:38pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 11th July

Silly night last night.  I went upstairs to get my Kindle, got on the bed and promptly fell asleep and woke up at nine.  I didn't want to disturb my guest so went on the computer and eventually headed for bed at ten thirty and slept through until six this morning and eventually emerged for my first coffee at seven.  My guest was up and about which is very unusual so I took my coffee outside but didn't stay out there long.  There was a heavy mist, the sun was well hidden and it was pretty chilly out there.

I came in, made breakfast and decided that the order of the day was to go swimming at an hotel above Kardjali....and we did.  We stopped off at Kaufland on the way and I took back a computer mouse that had parts missing and the paperwork was horrendous, bought two large bottles of water and we headed up to the hotel and by this time the sun was up, a few clouds in the sky but nothing to stop up having a super day.  I must have been in the water for a couple of hours on and off or in and out and have that well being feel when you've exercised and had a day lying in the sun and reading.  I've started the first book of Game of Thrones and the second time I'm appreciating it more now that I've seen the characters on the screen...it's sticking more.

Supper is cold chicken with chippies....it's the remains of last night and then I'm all set to watch the football as long as TV-Catch up can supply it or if not I'm having an early night with my book.  I'm a little pink in places but only to be expected....more of the same tomorrow pretty please.  LN....Chips don't cook themselves....LN

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Elsa Peters
July 12, 2018, 5:55pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 12th July

Last night I had the most excruciating cramp just as I was heading off to sleep.  It was in the right leg thigh and I was almost screaming with the pain and stomping round the bedroom trying to stretch out the muscle.  Don't you hate it when that happens....suppose I should take more tonic water.

Six start but I stayed in bed until seven not to wake my guest and there was a gentle melodious hum coming from the room so I knew there was no chance of waking the dead.  I took my coffee out on to the terrace and this time with the camera and watched my little world come to life.  There was a young woody in the walnut but it didn't stay long and headed over to the other side of the garden.  The pied fly catcher was on and off the little pear tree in the centre of the garden spending some of its time on the wall and every time I'd got it in focus off it went but eventually I got it.  All good things come to those that wait.  Lovely morning but a heavy dew otherwise I would have mown the grass.  I was in for my second cup of coffee, my guest was up, I stripped the bed and got the washing in and then ham and cheese omelettes to use up some loose ham I bought and then set about to plan another swimming day.

Down the back lane again and up to the swimming pool on the hill but today it was very crowded.  I think school had finished and the lads and lassies were out in force chasing each other round the pool, jumping in and boys and girls flirting with each other.  Sap was rising.  I managed a couple of swims of about half an hour each and spent the rest of the time reading as did my guest.  At four I had my last swim, dried my hair in the sun after the suggestion had been made that we headed out to the restaurant near to Kardjali dam and as we drove away there was a huge transport plane that seemed to be on practice runs.  I only managed to get the one shot, the sun was on the camera display and I was lucky to get that...more manoevers.

We arrived at the restaurant about five thirty, ordered chicken in cornflakes and chicken livers in oil, tomato and onion salad and cheesy chips but my chips last night were better.  As for the rest of the meal, the tomatoes had little flavour and I remembered what I didn't like about the place...too many flies competing for the food.  So we swished and swashed and managed to get rid of a few but we beat them to most of the food and they had what little was left.

Back home for eight, sheets in off the line and bed made up, I haven't got the enthusiasm to finish the rest of the grass as was my intention....tomorrow is another day providing there's no heavy dew tonight.  LN...So it's not coming home.....LN

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Elsa Peters
July 13, 2018, 6:33pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 13th July

Six thirty start and not a peep from downstairs so I went out to have my first cup on the terrace.  I remembered that I'd planted a seedling acer from the UK and it probably needed water but it took me a while to find it.  Weeds had surrounded it but they are no longer there....all thrown over the wall for the animals.  I watered it well, forked round it so that the water went down to the roots and didn't stop there.  I was out there for about an hour working my way along the side wall and cleared out quite a lot.  

My guest was compos mentis...well more or less and I offered breakfast but it was declined...too early so I went back outside and carried on finding enough to occupy me.  I watered everything on the terrace, Haciber's tomatoes with bacon and egg for breakfast, washing up done and I decided that I would clean up the large garden umbrella and see where it needed repairing. I found an old pair of cotton trousers, cut off the seems at the bottom of the legs and used the material to pad out where the spokes of the umbrella are inserted and patched the one large tear with over-sewing and more material.  At two I was burning up in the sun where I was working so came in for a while and thought the sun had gone in and went out again....wrong....it came out with a vengeance and I suffered for my art.  

I'd invited the Librarian over on her way to Plovdiv to pick up family from the airport.  Her printer wasn't working and now is.  The flight was due in an hour ago and they should be well on the way to being home....let's hope it keeps fine for them but after the weather in UK....they might be looking forward to a good downpour. She set off just after five, I went back to my sewing, one of the dead trees was being felled at the bottom of the garden, I put the umbrella in the little house as the storm clouds gathered, the wind picked up, pots fell over and down it came and it was so cold.  Thank goodness we've had two hot days...it would have been hail.

So supper in, pork chops with barbecue sauce and it's over and done with and ice-cream to follow.  Washing up done, out to take a few pickies of the sunset and now it's time to catch up on Wimbledon.  Nothing on the cards for tomorrow so far.....we'll see what the weather brings.  LN....lots achieved.....LN

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Elsa Peters
July 14, 2018, 6:37pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 14th July

Don't you just love it...the zzzzz or a mosquito at five in the morning.  Fortunately the spray was at hand and a quick blast and I was off to sleep again but I think the critter managed to nibble my leg....I have an itch.  Upside was it was just before eight before I headed down the wooden hills. out with my coffee taking in the morning, realised that I needed bread so had to put on a little more than the bedtime attire ready to face my ladies.  I headed off before I heard the horn and my Avatar was just putting the finishing touches to a garage clear up and I grabbed the rubbish boxes and headed down to the containers despite protests for the lady concerned.  Anyway it was done and we arrived at the same time as the bread wagon and it was one sliced white, one cheesy bread and I found out that the potatoes that were left on the gate last week were courtesy of the lady who has the garden next to my house.

It was still very damp so the grass couldn't be cut until after lunch or so I thought.  I'm not sure what else I did this morning but the snapdragons are now all planted.  I thought I'd finished with the seeds but found another pot that I'd forgotten about. I started the grass at one ten and finish it at two twelve but decided that the rest of it needed to be done.  My guest had done it in stages so it never gets completed due to the rain but now it is.  I have my new starting point.  The mower has had an oil change and it's starter cable tightened so should run even better.  One of the old lintels has been sanded down to make a bench but until we decided on the height...nothing more will happen to it.  I think it can wait for a week or so and then it will be completed.

I came in to watch the ladies Wimbledon final but caught the end of the men's game and so pleased that Djokovic won.  I really don't like either of the semi-finalists but the least unliked got through.  I shall be supporting the Sought African int he final though.  As for the ladies final.  I said from the start of Wimbledon that I didn't think Serena would win and she didn't.  The German girl played so much better and deserved it.

Supper's nearly there.  I had suggested a pizza in Djebel but I've had a speck of dust in my eye for the last two hours ago and it's a little bit weepy so I put a couple of chicken legs in the over with some large potatoes for jackets.  It should fill the gap.  So food calls, my guest has had his shower and I think the boiler is going on for a bath...I need to soak away the day.  LN....Down with the switch...LN

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Elsa Peters
July 15, 2018, 4:31pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 15th July

Early five a.m. start and the mosque was going for it for all it was worth and my man in the next village was the same.  I'm not sure if he got the wrong CD in, he's over eighty and deaf as a post so really wouldn't know if it was a faux pas...so to speak.  It was a beautiful morning and by six I was sitting on my balcony watching and listening to the birds.  The Golden Orioles were flitting around but there wasn't any chance of catching them with the camera...they get tucked into trees with lots of leaves and they're in and then they're out.  As for the wood pecker...he started off in the big tree, went off for a while but then came back for more and by this time the camera was at the ready...Reasonable shots but I didn't know that it was the green one until the sun hit him as he made his way towards the little house and the balcony.  It must be some old wood on there that's attracted it,

First coffee at seven and I went back on the balcony for a while, came down for my second and remembered that we needed more eggs.  He was here just after eight and by the time that I got there all the ladies were assembled.  I walked back with my Avatar and she invited me in and made me wait for her to cook seven yeasty pancakes for out breakfast.  It's impossible to say no...she get's really offended...so I sat it out and delivered breakfast to my guest.

Today's task was to strim the surrounds and round the parts that the lawn mower doesn't reach and I succeeded.  It did take me until three this afternoon before it was done and without a break but now I feel happier...I can go and play tomorrow if I want.  I watched the tennis final and well done to Djokovich....it's just a pity that Anderson didn't start playing until he'd lost the first two sets.  Just showered and shampooed.....and about to think about supper.  I've got some liver out so it might be liver, bacon, chippies and a fried egg or however else it takes me as I head to the kitchen.

Nothing on the agenda for tomorrow so far.  I have a hotel to book for Wednesday night and I must try and get some plan in my head for Tuesday / Wednesday.  LN...I need a plan Baldrick....LN

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Elsa Peters
July 16, 2018, 6:36pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 16th July

Six start and I went out on to the balcony with my coffee and came to life with the morning.  I took a couple of pillows for the bench and snuggled down, it wasn't chill but fresh.  I spotted the green woodpecker feeding from the grass and heard the golden orioles along the valley and was snapping away quite happily when the battery packed up so it was out with the Canon.  Now I love that camera for clearness but for magnification, the Sony is better....and just as the exchange was taking place...up comes the golden oriole and I thought I'd miss it or as it turned out...them.  They were in the walnut, the balcony rail was getting in the way but I didn't want to move and frighten them away.  I got a few shots, they went to the mulberry and despite the fact that they were trying to hide in the leaves, I managed to get them,  Success...everything comes....etc., etc.

Breakfast of boiled eggs, cleared the kitchen and spent an hour or so putting the wedding and pre-wedding celebration photos on to the Lenovo so that she could see them properly.  I headed down to Zelinger's house to show her the pickies and we settled on one that I'm going to print and frame for her....she's a little treasure.  When I got to her house there were several ladies from the village eating a water melon and I had one piece but for me I can't eat the seeds and have to spit them out.  For them everything goes down and they reckon that that's where the 'vitameens' are.  I walked back with Avatar and deposited her at her house, carried on home and spent the next two hours planning our route as we meander to the airport in Sofia for a Thursday departure for my guest.  We have the hotel booked in Sofia and the other will be pot luck since I know where I want to be but with Bulgarian roads...who knows.

In to the garage this afternoon to get the Beast checked over before we leave and again I looked over the little car that I might be buying on Friday as a replacement for Beauty.  It's been impossible to get the correct documentation to register Beauty properly, the guy who previously owned it is still working in Germany so I've given it up as a bad job.  It can go down the garage for spares.  Over to the leva shop and I bought the picture frame and three more just in case....down to the supermarket and bought chicken wings for supper along with some large cartons of juice for the journey.  Chicken wings to go and diced potatoes, onions and my very own beetroot dug up this morning...delicious.

It's a warm, sultry night.  I here cases being filled, locked, unlocked and more stuffed in.  I've insisted that the shoes he leaves here are serviceable or thrown and a pair of laces have appeared in the kitchen so I know one pair has gone already.  Updates may be sporadic....I'm home on Thursday night all being well....and now time to do my packing.  LN....I can always buy along the way...LN

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Elsa Peters
July 17, 2018, 8:28pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 17th July

What a long day.  Reasonable start, plants all watered because I shall be away for two days or so and back home for Thursday after my drive from Sofia....all being well.

We were in the Beast by eleven thirty and the route took us via Ardino and Smolyan and eventually we've ended up in Blotevgrad and we'll be on our way to Rila Monastery tomorrow and Sofia tomorrow late afternoon...well that's the plan.  Just a special message for Mikey B....I've taken some photos that brought back memories of your visit.  We stopped off at the reservoir over the long wobbly bridge and it's just as long and just as wobbly but I ran over first and waited for Martin at the other side.  Some of the planks were a little suspect so on the way back I came over first again....I didn't want to get stuck.

Eventually found the hotel that we were intending to stay at after bothering the locals for directions and it ended up with one of them jumping in the car and directing us from the inside.  I thank the Beast...it's done us proud and after driving it for about eight hours on very twisty turney roads...I don't feel shattered at all but I probably shall tomorrow.  So only got about fifty or so kilometres before we get to Rila so we shall have breakfast in Rila village.  The restaurant tonight was good....spare ribs for me and a chicken mixture on pitta bread for my guest.  

He's in the land of Nod while I type this...and sorry no pickies.... I shall sort  some out and post tomorrow.  LN....Tomorrow I'll be on the look out for a monk with a clean habit.....LN
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Elsa Peters
July 18, 2018, 3:26pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 18th July

Another long day but we are in the Metropolitan Hotel in Sofia.....it's a free minibar on the booking but no hard stuff in sight....not that it matters to me but hey there you go.....trade description and all that.  

I had a very sleepless night and think it was the euphoric mood of managing to finish a Soda Crush that had resisted for a week or so and the noises emanating from the other single bed.  I don't do well with snorers and only purr myself.   I surfaced about five thirty this morning, my kindle battery was shot so  not able to continue where I left off and the little Kindle requires a bedside light and that would have disturbed my guest so I put the laptop on and played a few games.  Eventually there was life Jim as you know it...we were out of the hotel for eight thirty and heading down for Rila for breakfast as planned.  Found a small supermarket where they brewed coffee and had Bulgarian style breakfast goodies, both topped up we headed for the monastery and were there before the crowds.  Beautiful place, lots of work being done on it and bedrooms being added but only found one monk....they must have been hiding or gone for a early siesta.  Back to Rila for lunch and then Sofia bound and two trips round the block to find it and a third to find the entrance to the car park.  

Suitcase packed, unpacked and repacked and I'm taking 'stuff' home with me to store for another year.  Photos from cameras swapped between devices and now checking out the restaurant menu for tonight but there is no way the Beast is moving from its spot until I set sail for home tomorrow morning....I've been round more back streets than I  care to think about.

A few 'to hand pickies'.....I'll publish the best tomorrow.... and maybe some to FB.  LN...I never did find my monk...LN

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Elsa Peters
July 18, 2018, 3:34pm Report to Moderator

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And for Mikey B

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