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Elsa Peters
September 29, 2018, 7:57pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 29th September

Very lazy day....eight start and the house seems surprisingly empty.  I made coffee, it was a dull old day and fortunately yesterday's washing was still intact on the line...nothing had ended up in Greece.  I didn't bother to get dressed...I was going nowhere today so washed and made breakfast of bacon and eggs with fried bread and the washing up is still waiting to be done but I did managed to tidy the kitchen.

I got the washing in at eleven and just beat the rain.  Not much fell but the washing was dryish so it was on to the clothes airer with it but by one I'd decided that it was to be the first fire of the winter.  I brought in a few more logs into the conservatory, I'd got kindling already and it's been going all day.  There's been no sun at all today so no outside heat coming in and fortunately no inside heat going out.

I found a quilt in the downstairs bedroom, put it on the sofa and started to read my book but I didn't get very far and it was eyes southwards.  I woke up at about three and there was a knock on the door and my neighbour from down the way has invited me to a meat and rice session tomorrow but it did cost me six lev for the privilege..  Had to go to the car to get my purse, I'd left there last night but ended up raiding my bread van pot for change...had only notes.  She was leaving at four and Gouldjan and her husband arrived to give me a gift and came in for tea and cake and for a chat.  They left after about an hour and I've invited them out for supper on Tuesday, he drives back to Germany on Thursday, and we'll go to the restaurant where they held their formal wedding celebration.  It will be a fitting gift for a lovely couple.

So Strictly tonight...no photos it's been dull and dreary but I need more rain for the garden...everything is dry and crispy.  I'm not in the mood for food...the chocolates and biscuits that my guest brought over that we part demolished are  no more...I'll have the same again next year though...salty crispy biscuits.  A little X Factor, bath and fresh PJ's and then to bed.  LN....No ancestry tonight....LN
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Elsa Peters
September 30, 2018, 8:00pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 30th September

Silly night last night...I was watching TV until late since there wasn't an ounce of sleep in me, ended up having my bath at midnight and then went back to trying to find more relatives.  It was two thirty when I took to my virtuous couch, seven thirty when I woke up and nine thirty before I got to get ready to face the day.  I didn't bother with breakfast...I had a meat and rice luncheon to attend but as it turned out I ended up bringing a bowl of the stuff back to mine, it was raining so there wasn't any alfresco dining.  I arrived and most of the village women were sitting around at Zelinger's house under the canopy in the dry and there was a huge honey and yogurt cake in the middle of the table.  I was given a spoon and told to get stuck in which I did and then that was whisked away and most of the villagers had already handed over their buckets while I handed over my bowl.  Two huge vats of the stuff were prepared and a few of the women were questioning why there was so much but for six leva which was the 'joining fee' I suppose that wasn't bad.

So back home and I had a bowl of the rice for lunch and settled down to an afternoon nap.  I woke up at about two thirty and was just coming round when thee was a knock on the door and our new next village interlopers arrived for coffee and chats.  They stayed for an hour or so, I lit the fire and made a second cup of coffee and off then toddled around four and I settled down again.  About half an hour later there was another knock on the door and this time I was surprised to see that it was the Librarian having returned from England today.  She'd taken a taxi from Kardjali, on went the kettle and we had a brief catch-up and off she went to air the house, light a fire and get things sorted this end.

The home fires are still burning brightly, I cooked pork chops with barbecue sauce and served it up with potato wedges....a nice quick meal.  I've just watched the first elimination for Strictly and so far this year I've not really warmed to any of the contestants ...maybe it will come later.  Almost eleven my time and I'm not going to sit up playing ..'find my great uncle Bill, etc'...early night tonight.  Bekir hasn't phoned so I'm not sure if I'm expected at the restaurant tomorrow morning....I'll give him a call first thing. but if it's raining like it is at the moment....I think they'll give it a miss.  LN....Wash and bedtime....LN

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