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Elsa Peters
November 30, 2018, 4:25pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 30th November

So at three thirty this morning I couldn't get back off so moved downstairs, stoked up the fire and lay on the sofa.  I started playing games and instead of sending me off to the land of nod I just kept at it and it was five thirty and not worth bothering to hit the sack.  It was really cold outside and despite the fire I put on my wool cardigan and grabbed a blanket for my legs.  Not much sun around until eleven but it soon sent the thermometer rattling up to twenty five in the house.   Bacon and egg cheesy bun for breakfast....it's becoming a habit and really does set me up for the day.

I headed out to fill up the log carrier that I'd emptied into the log basket at five this morning, scraped the ice from the terraces and it was ice...very little snow....and decided that I would turn over both the Beast and the Nipper to make sure that I have lift off if need be.  Both started first time and looking at the state of the roads I'm probably going to head in to Kardjali tomorrow to get my Christmas shopping done.  I've booked my flight for the UK at a very reasonable cost so shall be spending it with family and now I have pressies to buy and wrap...can't let my ladies down...it's a tradition.  I walked the garden and was surprised how many flowers are still out despite the cold night, winds and freezing temperatures and though it was worth taking a few pickies.  

I was ready for my afternoon nap especially since I had a really early start to the day and was awake about three and managed to rescue the fire.  It wasn't really necessary but it does put warmth into the fabric of the building to keep it topped up.  I've been on the hunt for curtains to put up internally ...one between the lounge and the stair well as it cuts down the flow of heat from room to room.  My house is designed for cool air movement in the summer but not really necessary in the winter.  I have been round and drawn the curtains in the lounge...it cuts down on the loss of heat through the windows.  Winter mentality takes over...

I've suddenly realised that it's the first of December tomorrow....my tree can go up despite the fact that I've got nothing to put under it yet.  I've yet to test the fairy lights but at three lev for a new set...it's not going to break the bank if I have to get some and Santa appears to be working too....he's going in the conservatory and should be warmer than he's been in previous years.  So Kardjali tomorrow when the streets are aired and not before...one hit at shopping....the list is made and then Sunday wrapping and realising how many more I need to get.  Ah well...it's only once a year.  LN....Evening has begun....LN

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