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MAY 2019
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Elsa Peters
May 10, 2019, 5:22pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 10th May

So I stopped up last night to watch 'Question Time' and there was so much anger around.  Nigel didn't have much opportunity to state his case, he was interrupted constantly buy one of the others who what remain nameless.  The one comment that struck a chord with me was made by the business man on the panel.  He observed that in business to get the outcome that you want you have to be prepared to walk away.  If our PM had been prepared to do this, I believe she would have got the deal that Britain deserves.  By the time that it had finished I was wide awake and ended up watching the spoof Countdown...very funny and off the wall.

Well we've had all sorts of weather today.....sun, rain, thunder and lightening and I have watched the grass grow by the minute.  I did a little more sorting out after I'd gobbled down my cornflakes for breakfast, eventually got dressed with a view to going in to Djebel but changed my mind as the weather deteriorated.  I'd managed to get the washing done and out on the line and fortunately it was more or less dry before the raindrops started and is now in the bathroom on the airer.

I stopped for lunch at one and I mixed tuna, mayo, sweetcorn, beetroot and cheese and wasn't sure I was going to get to the end of it.  It was a pretty full bowl and I managed it but not sure I'm going to find a space to supper.  Avatar appeared on the terrace at four thirty with a climber that she'd dug up from her garden and I've never seen a root that long on anything before.  Exchange is no robbery and I'd already put three shrubs ready to take over to hers but as I've explained before...some of my neighbours don't miss a trick and I hadn't enough for all of them.  I took the one from her and took the three out of the pots as she said that she was going to plant them up immediately and put them in a carrier bag for her so that no one would see.  I'm getting as bad as they are.  She left so I took the garden spade and headed for the bottom of the garden and planted it so that it could grow up into the trees.  I did think about clearing some of the shrubs down there to give it more light but the rain grew heavy so it was tools away, into the house and I lit the fire.  It's mainly for comfort, it's not that cold but I don't do damp and cold very well.

The cats have been on the prowl today using the wall as a motorway between the usual food dumping point over the wall and the bonfire pit at the bottom of the garden.  It's amazing they still go down there, I cover it up with piece of metal and the bottom of the old burning container.  Two of them have been doing what comes naturally seemingly all day, squawking and screeching so we'll have another batch of kittens pretty soon.  I suppose they do keep the vermin down.  Tomorrow I'm off to Haskovo to check if they have the garden shredder that I want but I have found one from an English company and to deliver to Bulgaria is fifteen euro.  I shall probably order it tomorrow if I don't find one.....it's a good make and reasonable.  

So early to bed tonight....and maybe something to nibble on for supper.  LN....Time to hunt something down.....LN

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Elsa Peters
May 11, 2019, 5:02pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 11th May

Six start this morning  and stayed in bed until seven thirty...I didn't have to be ready until nine thirty more or less was when I expected the Librarian.  Washed and dressed and ready for the bread van...I toddled down and most of the ladies were there already.  I asked for a cheesy bread and my Avatar had had the last one...so I grumbled to no avail.  I came back with a sliced loaf and as I was walking back to the house, Avatar met me outside her gate and gave me three eggs.  I told her it didn't make up for the loss of the last cheesy bread and we laughed about it.  I made toast and Marmite for breakfast, washed up the kitchen items, put my gardening gloves on and cleared some of the weeds from round the Greek plants, looked at the onions and decided that the weeds could stay until tomorrow...there were a lot to get out.

The Librarian arrived just before ten, I'd already got the Nipper out onto the grass outside the wall and we were ready for the off.  First stop was at Kaufland, I wanted a two step ladder with a hand rail on top...it's a safety precaution, I want to paint the rest of the beams with anti-bug stuff.  Next stop Haskovo and the stationery shop and I bought some big reels of sticky tape for my dispenser and envelopes while the Librarian picked up her favourite writing paper.  Next stop was out favourite nursery, the lady immediately recognised us and we were left to our own devices.  We headed for the cheap section at the rear of the building and I picked out four new shrubs that I haven't got in the garden and one berberis for my Avatar.  I managed to find a very large plastic tub to carry the shrubs to the payment point, noticed that they had some seventy litre bags of potting compost to bought a couple and the total for those and the shrubs was sixty leva and she threw in the tub for me....my lucky day,  I drove the Nipper nearer to the stack of compost, the bags were loaded, the tub went in complete with shrubs and we were on our way to the hardware superstore.  I was only interested in looking at the price of shredders but as it happened they only had one and not a particularly good make so I've settled on the one from the internet and will order it later.  Back to Kaufland for some chicken legs for my Avatar, stopped off in Djebel for some seeds for the Librarian and home for four and off she went.  I unpacked the car and used the sack barrow to transfer the seventy litre bags from the Nipper to the little house,,,good for burning calories and it reminded me of something from 'Strongest Man' competitions.

At five Avatar appeared with a bowl of rice and meat for my supper, I gave her the chicken legs and they went up under her jumper so that no one could see.  I followed behind with the shrubs for her holding it behind my back so that her neighbours wouldn't see and then when cars drove up behind us I held them upfront.  When they overtook us I move them behind my back and we laughed about it.

I've just looked up from the desk while writing my update,,,the bee eaters are back.  I only saw two and one really strange big white bird in the walnut that I couldn't really get in focus.  I'll have to keep watching out for it again.  Housework tomorrow...it's getting close to 'arrival day' and the rest of it will be spent putting my new shrubs in.  LN....I've had a lovely day....LN

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Elsa Peters
May 12, 2019, 7:18pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 12th May

So last night I couldn't understand where the light was coming from and thought I'd left a light on but I hadn't .  It was the moon but over in the west....not where I'm used to seeing it.  So I went into the back bedroom and took the pickie and then went back to bed and by this time it was quite late.  I'd stayed up to watch the television again to check out a new late night show and I've decided I have to get out of the habit.  It's not doing me any good at all...early nights from now on.

I still woke up early and it was before the sunrise.  The sky was that lovely shade of pink and blue that promised another good day.  I had gardening to do and meant to get on with it but I was a late starter to it.  I went out to the garden and started taking more pictures with the sunlight on the house and the garden.  Even I was surprised how the house appears to have changed...the shrubs have grown up round it and I have some cutting and shredding to do when I've managed to buy one.  I made poached eggs for breakfast and poodled around  for a while, sorted out the clothes in the bathroom and into storage with them.  The winter PJ's, tights and vests are all away.  I've declared spring is here.  By this time I'd wound down a little, a friend passed over yesterday and it set me back a bit even though I was expecting it....a sad end to a successful life....Alzheimer is a bugger.

I had my nap and roused round at around three and decided I didn't want to waste the rest of the day.  A plant that I bought in Greece is planted up in the little garden near to the bonfire, the new white one is in one of the small beds near to the walnut at the bottom of the garden and one of the nameless ones has been transferred to a bigger pot in the new compost.  I've cut back one of the forsythias at the bottom of the garden so that the new white one had room to grow.  I bonfire got rid of most of the weeds and the rest of the forsythia is ready to take new cuttings.  Bekir came round early evening to bring back the heavy duty strimmer that he borrowed last year and it's here for when my guest arrives tomorrow.

I came in at seven thirty after putting everything away.  I took a phone call from the UK, put forward a few new requests before the suitcase is sealed tonight.  I caught the end of the athletics and I've just realised how late it is...almost time for bed and supper looks like it's not going to happen tonight.  Last minute hoovering tomorrow and bathroom cleaning, I shall be heading into Kardjali for the pickup depending on which bus my guest manages to get from Sofia.  LN....I'll await the phone call...LN

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Elsa Peters
May 13, 2019, 7:06pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 13th May

Well if push hadn't come to shove, I would have been married  for forty seven years today.  I was almost tempted to send my ex and anniversary card but I'm not sure his current partner would have seen the funny side of it.  There's no pleasing some folks.

Six start today and out on to the balcony to catch the early morning glow.  It didn't take long before it was up and running but there wasn't so much heat in it...well there might have been but I was too busy to notice.  I did walk the garden and said good morning to the new shrubs and checked them out and they seem to be doing OK.  The only one that seems to be suffering is the one that my Avatar handed over to me...perhaps it didn't like been wrenched from its home on the other side of the road.

So at seven thirty this morning my working day began.  I'd made my list of 'things to do' last night so I reviewed and only added a couple more items.  I made toast and jam for breakfast and sat down to eat it, washed up the plates, took my tablets and first job was to take the hoover apart and empty the dust box.  It's a bit of a complicated one but on the fourth attempt  it was all back together again and all systems go.  Bedrooms first, down the stairs with the hoover and then I washed them down and it was surprising how much muck they accumulate.  Now I was on the ground floor and the tiles in the downstairs bathroom had been worrying me for a while.  The two down boxes for the chimney are in the bathroom and with the best will in the world there sometimes a very small smoke leakage from the woodburner pipes and obviously with white tiles....they show it all.  So I grasped the nettle, unpacked my new two-step ladder and it was much quicker than I thought.  Downstairs rooms hoovered and the tiles washed over, furniture polished and bring on the guest.  

Strange thing was, I got an early morning phone call to say that he was ready for boarding and my response was that it hadn't got off the ground yet.  I hadn't had a phone call to say that it had touched down so I checked the flight  tracker to find that it hadn't arrived and had a delay of two hours for take off.  The journey down from Sofia to Kardjali again was a two hour delay so I had plenty of time to get into Kardjali, get the shopping and be in plenty of time for a five thirty pickup.  I had my phone call as I was packing the shopping, left the Nipper where it was on Kaufland car park and I walked to the cafe which was the meeting point.  I stopped on the way home for gas and we made way home.  Car unpacked, I had a phone call from my daughter which was a very pleasant surprise., all systems go with hamburgers, chippies and baked beans, not very dramatic but quick.

Nothing on the agenda for tomorrow....I think he needs to recuperate from a long day and I need to get over a day of full on housework...but it's worth it.  LN....The eagle has landed....LN

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Elsa Peters
May 14, 2019, 5:38pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 14th May

Well I woke up at seven thirty and it was a dull old day. We'd had rain overnight and the terraces were very damp and the flower pots full so that was my first task of the day.  I made coffee and sat quietly drinking it only to be disturbed by the snoring from the guest room and eventually at almost eleven I deliver a cup of tea and told him it was time to get into gear.  Last night he'd discovered that he'd left his Kindle on the bus coming down from Sofia so prior to waking him, I'd found a phone number on the back of a wadge of discount bus tickets, phoned them, the Kindle had been found and handed in to the Kardjali office so I was able to deliver good.  I arranged with the man to head into Kardjali to pick it up later...we had a purpose for heading in to town.  Since my Avatar had delivered me twenty eggs yesterday, I hard boiled around eight of them and they're sitting in the fridge for egg mayo, and the outcome was that it was decided that we would have boiled eggs for breakfast and they were done to perfection and tasted good.  

Eventually we got out of the house by twelve thirty and I'd identified that I needed SD cards for my mobile and Chuwi computer so we had more than one thing to achieve.  We arrived at the bus station and the office wasn't manned so we headed up to the lev shop and made a few purchases, back to the office, OI telephoned the number on the door and the man arrived and we got the Kindle back.  Result.  On to  phone shop and one was unlocked and I managed to get my card bought and fixed and my phone now works correctly.  The phones these days download so many apps and basically all I want is a phone but that seems difficult to achieve.  Down to Lidl for a few items and home for five...and time for me to start supper...chicken and roasted vegetables, washing up done, only one photograph taken and it's time to get my feet up....it will soon be time for bed.  

Nothing on for tomorrow so far...but things change as you know.  Weather permitting I'd like time in the garden so that I can attack the bottom wall....fingers crossed there's no rain.  LN...It's may and should be better than this....LN

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Elsa Peters
May 15, 2019, 6:32pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 15th May

My big machine is playing up.....it's been doing an update for the last hour and a half so I've reverted to one that appears to be OK  but with a very sensitive key pad.  The thing is about to find itself on the grass outside if I get more of this.

Good day...quite a lot achieved and the pickies will go on later or tomorrow depending on what time Windows decide to give me back my system....It's been a dull miserable morning, cleared up for the afternoon and appears to have settled down a little.  I've worked my guest hard today....he's huffing and puffing and heading for a shower before he rests his weary head and the rest of him.  The door handle in the little house has been repaired, we are half way to installing a two hundred litre water butt to the roof down pipe on the little house which means that I can give my house plants reasonable stuff that's not loaded with all the extras that the waterboard feel they have to include.

No plans for tomorrow except to finish the water system, I'm planning on making a few more plant surrounds so that I don't shorten their lives when I'm strimming and I might even tackle the grass again.  The clover is looking very pretty....but it's not to my liking.  LN....I'll put my slave driver's whip to oneside....LN  
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Elsa Peters
May 16, 2019, 6:42pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 16th May

What a few days.  The blog doesn't seem to want to run, Google has been playing up and I'm not sure where the problem lies at the moment.  I tried to put pickies on last night and it was very reluctant to open up the screen for me to do it so bear with me for a while...I might get the same result tonight...joy on joy.

I sat out on the terrace this morning as sun was burning off the mist that was rising.  I rolled up my sleeves and that's the first time this year that the arms have seen the light of day...it's not been warm enough.  My guest was not so quietly calling home the sheep, the stork shot low over the garden at nine and the camera was no where in sight,  I'll set my alarm for tomorrow. My painter was out on the hillside and walked along near to the bottom wall and we had a morning greetings.
He was obviously walking to his first job, or so I thought but appeared about an hour later with a bag of mushrooms.  He again mentioned an old oak barrel that he said that I could have and I'd forgotten about it so we arranged that I would collect it on Saturday morning and he said that he would telephone to arrange a time and we left it at that.  The It's been a day of achievements...I have my water catchment completed and no sign on rain tonight....sod's law egh.  My garden fork is repaired yet again with a great big coach screw and that should have fixed it good and proper.  Around  lunch time my painter arrived again, with the barrel this time in his wheelbarrow and also clutching the reel for his strimmer which he asked my guest to load for him.  We went into the workshop, gave him a swift tutorial and he should manage it himself next time.  As for the barrel...it needs anti-woodwork stuff putting on it, the metal bands need painting with anti-corrosive paint and the oak needs staining and a preservative.  That's my work for tomorrow sorted then.  I decided to take the lawnmower for a walk on the top part of the garden and out with the strimmer and uncovered several plants from the frog garden that I'd forgotten about.  This year has been particularly bad for clover, a very pretty wild orchid type flower and we have the start of sticky willy...that clings to everything.  Another job, that bed needs forking over and clearing of weeds...I've got lots of seedlings that need homes.

Supper of chilli beans and rice and after serving ours up I toddled over the road and handed my Avatar a bowl of the same stuff with strict instructions that if she didn't like it she was to feed it to the local dogs and cats.  We thought it was OK so I reckon the local wild life could go hungry.  Washing up done and kitchen finished, nothing so far tomorrow apart from the work that I've handed myself from the list.  My guest is busy planing down wood to make an easel for my student....so we both are fully occupied you'll be pleased to hear.  LN....Lemon needs repotting...something else....LN

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Elsa Peters
May 17, 2019, 5:05pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 17th May

Beautiful start to the day...sky pretty dramatic and lovely mists in the valley.  Down for coffee and listened out for the bread van....I needed bread.  My Avatar was working in her neighbours garden again, Haciber isn't able to use the implements as fast as Avatar but since they process the outcome together,...it's fair trade.

I had a good day in the garden, digging over and weeding the spare beds in the vegetable patch while my guest busied himself weeding the onions.  After that it was in to the workshop with his and he got on with things while I carried on repotting and generally sorting out the old pots.  The lemon was the main one to tackle...I decided that it will go in the new barrel but I have to refurb it first and it is now in a large plastic dustbin which will fit inside the new old barrel.  There's method in my madness.  I can hardly lift the barrel when it's empty so with a tree and soil inside it it would be impossible and I have to bring it in in the winter for it to survive.  

More of the same this afternoon clearing things out of the posts so that I can put in the new seedlings that are coming on in leaps and bounds.  I came in at seven, supper is last night's remnants with a potato topping and it's almost ready for serving so I shan't be long....I have two hungry mouths to feed.  I've had a message that the Kardjali museum is open without charge tomorrow night...apparently it's European Museum day....we might even go.  LN....That could be the highlight of our day....LN

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Elsa Peters
May 18, 2019, 5:47pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 18th May

Early start but I managed to dog doze until six thirty, crept downstairs, came back with a coffee and went out on to my bedroom balcony to enjoy the morning.  There were about three cuckoos singing their little hearts out, the starlings nesting in the cherry were kicking up quite a fuss.  It seemed as if there was a challenge on for the nest or maybe the youngsters have made it out to the big bad world and mother and father were still keeping tabs on them.  There was just a lot of activity and noise.  As the sun got higher the mist started to climb and eventually you couldn't see the sun and I came in because the temperature had dropped.  I crept down for my second cup of the morning but didn't need to..my guest was rising from the ashes and I'd left a kettle full of water for him.  Unfortunately he found red berry tea bags, not a problem but not what he was expecting so my next job was to sort the tea bags out into their respective jars leaving the berry ones well hidden and the detox to the back of the cupboard.  Next job breakfast so we settled for bacon and egg sandwiches which set us up for the day.  

I popped over to my Avatar's house to pay for the eggs that I'd ordered yesterday ..we seem to have got through a fair few.  I had a message from my student's mum saying that they hadn't made their minds up about going to the museum in Kardjali but I messaged her later in the day to say that we wouldn't be going.  It would have ended up eating in Kardjali maybe and it wasn't organised so I'd rather do something with them another evening.  They had both been working as well so he'd probably be tired.

So it was out with the battery operated strimmer until it needed recharging and then I decided to try my electric little one that I'd repaired to see if the glue held...and it did and still is.  I paid peanuts for it two years ago and it's been a good investment.  I got down as far as the burning bucket, the clouds rolled over , the thunder started so I put the tools away and headed for the sanctuary of the house.  It looked like we were in for a huge storm but there were only a few spots of rain, the clouds dispersed, so I went out and armed with the garden fork that's been repaired, I dug over the side bed and have given some of the buried plants a chance to shine.  There is so much of the very pretty wild orchid plant but it does cover everything so it had to go.

It's a beautiful evening, we were going out to eat but neither of us could raise the energy so I've put the boiler on for a bath and that's happening any minute now.  I've just noticed that he moon is full and is hanging over the mountains.  There are sun streaked clouds covering it...quite a strange phenomenon and the sun has just left to the west.  LN...Bath time...LN

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Elsa Peters
May 19, 2019, 3:51pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 19th May

Lovely bath last night, washed my hair but the way that I've worked up a lather in the garden today...was it all worthwhile.  I did managed to dry it so that I didn't get into bed with it wet, stopped up to watch Britain's got Talent and I wondered why....it seems to be getting worse.

Lovely start to the day, the sun was up and it's more or less stayed clear for most of it.  The clouds came over around lunch time and it was almost thundery but it passed over which was pretty fortunate...I'd done a load of washing earlier in the day.  Breakfast of bacon and egg sandwiches and the pack of Lidl's 'cooking bacon' is no more so a trip to Kardjali might be on the cards for tomorrow.

So what did we get up to?  I strimmed the grass between the wall and the front of the house and round the top garden.  It's an area that you look at when you sleep in the downstairs bedroom but having moved upstairs and turned it into my guest room, I'd not noticed how my garden grew.  It's now strimmed back into shape with only the small flower beds to sort out.  I've done the big one and taken out a lot of the poppies to give the shrubs more chance of survival and chopped back the spirea that's finished flowering.  The shrubs needed more room and they've got it.  Next stage was to use the lawnmower to join up the strimmed sections and while I was in the mood I finished the big house grass down to the bottom and made in roads into the little house grass.  I don't like it when it's half done.  My guest was woodworking in the little house workshop and when he'd had enough of that took over lawnmower duties.

I came in for a brief interlude and watched some of the athletics from somewhere in Asia and didn't catch where, was about to nod off so went out again for more weeding.  Avatar's garden is now tidy.  A neighbour's husband had cut down the grass but hadn't managed to get it back to his place.  The trouble was that the grass was beginning to grow underneath and she would have had a similar problem when the mower is just not powerful enough.  Any way he turned up today with his grandson and between them they moved about four loads...that poor donkey was struggling...he's getting old.

So toys away, we're off to find somewhere in Djebel to eat tonight....I'm too tired to think what to cook...it's the thought process that goes in to it.  LN...A menu makes life simpler.....LN

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