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Elsa Peters
August 30, 2019, 5:23pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 30th August

Last night I was really suffering from the work in the garden.  I don't know if it was down to dehydration but I had my middle finger, middle joint on the left hand really playing up.  As my mother would say...it had the screws and whenever I bent it it hurt and as my daughter would say...don't bend it then.  I managed to find out my Volterol arthritis tablets out and took one and a generous slathering of Deep Heat and after a good night's sleep, no pain Hose...minus the accent.  I went back to bed with the statutory coffee and had to shut the door to the balcony...that stiff breeze was very cool and picking up so I went down and put the umbrella down...I want it to last a little longer to get my money's worth.

Washed and dressed and soaked my hair with serum to get the brush through it.  I should have washed it but decided it would last for another day...tomorrow I'm off to a wedding.  I headed out to Avatar's house armed with very fine wire and a pair of scissors to seal up the hole that the cat goes through to get the bread that she puts out for the birds.  I'm working away and she offers me breakfast, bread dipped in egg and fried and when I'd finished I went into the garden and sat down to enjoy what I'd never had before and Haciber joined us and never said a word.  I think she was keeping tabs for the rest of the village.  Avatar thanked me for her last night's supper and at first she didn't know that it was a potato because I'd wrapped it in foil, opened it up and filled it with butter.  She said that she really enjoyed it.  The cat came, tried to get out and almost ended up shredded and had to find another way out.  I went home and counted the number of A4 laminates I had and unfortunately not enough so I message Ms D of S to see if she had any and she did so I was over there just after nine thirty, picked up the laminates and the laminator and came home with red and white onions, four different types of tulip  bulbs....and crocus.  I was given instructions on how to harvest the saffron....out with the tweezers.

Drove to my students with the laminator and laminates and had lunch with them first and managed to do the work that they wanted.  The one that is getting married headed off to meet the bridegroom to be in Kardjali and the other one went back to work on time.  I popped in to see her mother where she works and said that she must ask me if she needs anything...it's a busy time for her.  After that I headed to the garage to ask them to check out the brakes, I'd pulled up sharply and thought that I'd hit metal and wanted the pads checked over which they did.  Nothing wrong, brake fluid and pipes checked and they even spruced up where the paint on the fairing has been attacked my the cow pats as I've gone along the lanes....very corrosive.  Final bill...thirty five lev...and now my mind is at peace.  Stopped off at the garage shop and had an hour or so with my student's mother and then home for four thirty.

A few games of Soda Crush, a little time with a book and no sleep today..I should rest easily tonight.  Cold chicken for supper and I stopped off and bought mayo so I might add some curry powder for an oriental touch.  Wedding tomorrow but not until seven in Momchilgrad...I'm trying to get Avatar to come with me....she needs encouragement to leave the village.  LN....Supper... time to get creative...LN
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Elsa Peters
August 31, 2019, 9:43pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 31st August

I didn't managed to get to sleep until one this morning despite not having a nap yesterday afternoon.  The brain was going overtime and I'm not really sure why.

I was awake by six, coffee, a few games of Soda Crush until I ran out of lives, headed down stairs and walked the garden and moved the hose to the patch of garden that needed it the most.  I watered the pot plants first realising that it would be the quicker thing to do and then attached the hose to the rest of the garden hose and turned the water on.  I moved it to about three positions and now I've got some happy garden flowers.  I spent the next fifteen minutes or so chasing a butterfly that was having problems settling due to the wind but that achieved I went back to moving hosepipes and weeding the garden, interspersed with having a bonfire and pegging out washing.  I also had the bea-eaters back...probably filling up before they head off to the sun for the winter.

I came in at twelve and heard a strange noise in the bathroom and realised that I'd somehow managed to capture another bird so I went over to see Avatar to release it for me.  I just hate things that flap about.  Over she came, checked the two soot collection points in the bathroom and nothing to be found, we banged the pipes to both pechkas and nothing and I even took the little on in the kitchen apart...and still no joy.  It must have found its own way out,

I settled on the sofa and slept for an hour or so and then it was time to think about having a shower and hair washed to get ready for the wedding,  I was originally taking the car when Avatar was threatening to leave the village but when she changed her mind, I decided to ride roughshod with my neighbours.  Tried about three dresses but settled for the navy with my bright green jacket, navy shoes and felt good.  All aboard for six ten and over to Momchilgrad picking up along the way and we arrived just before the bride and groom so well timed.  Lovely evening, I'm getting the gist of them now and despite the announcements in Turkish I'm going wit the flow,  Festivities over we were back on the coach for eleven, home for half past straight to my door and ready for sleep when I've posted this.  LN...Another lovely day....LN

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