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Elsa Peters
September 30, 2020, 5:59pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 30th September

Not a very good night last night...I was knocking off Sudoku until two this morning.  The fish we had last night still seemed to be swimming against the current and the potato salad was doing nothing to help it down and at one point I thought it was about to head upstream so to speak.  I tried to get off again and it worked and this morning I was fine...but it was eight thirty when I opened my eyes and made it down for coffee.  My guest was already up and about as such, head down into the Kindle still following the Saxon Chronicles.

Boiled eggs for breakfast followed by toast which I was determined to work off and I did.  I started with the washing and there's something reassuring about a washing machine...work is being done without any input and all I had to do was peg it out and let the wind finish the job.  Unfortunately the wind never got up, it was fine all afternoon but by five it was clouding over, the rain was threatening, we had a shower and it skirted the village and must have dumped a load somewhere.  I set about gardening attacking the little bed of the little house terrace facing the bottom wall, it was always a dry area and the soil was rubbish and is no longer.  I tied back the tobacco plant that managed to survive winter and has flowered up to now, dug out the grass and made a hole for a plant that was growing elsewhere.  I had a lacy hydrangea that I'd put near the compost with a view to it climbing about the windows on the little house terrace but it just wasn't happy...didn't get any sun and now it's in situ  and looking better already.  I've also decided to try to 'over winter' an Albizzia that that I grew from seed taken in Greece reckoning that it might just get its feet under the concrete and manage to survive.  I'll use a phrase I use often...it's got two choices...it will or it won't.  I put in a pot of Michaelmas daisies that I picked up cheaply in Kaufland and three little conifers that have been sitting in a seed trough and fingers crossed...'they will survive'.

I moved on to the bed in front of the  main house terrace and started to dig another hole near to where I damaged the main pipe to the cesspit....and guess what...I found another pipe and I think it takes away the water from the roof so that it doesn't stay around the house.  This has now been repaired with three quarters of a new pipe stuck down over the damage and it will be concreted over tomorrow.  No one told me that either of them were there and now I know.  This hole was to put in a Spirea which would have covered the repaired pipe that's been concreted over.....and it's still waiting top be planted.  I'm getting scared about digging anywhere....

Avatar paid a visit and has left me with around ten kilograms of peaches/apricots...well it's one or the other.....and so to make jam I need to get more lemons for the pectin.  I think that's where I went wrong last time.  She came over again a little later with bread that she'd made and tomorrow I'm helping out by putting barbed wire on the drive gates to the garden with the objective of deterring the cows from battering through.  I've got a reel of wire left over from when I had similar problems, my wall is the answer to a maiden's prayer.....let the beauties try.  

Washing it and some of it wasn't quite dry so it's gone on the airer, I'd got pork chops for supper and added ingredients to the tomato sauce that was left over from a couple of days ago and made a barbecue sauce to top them off.  Hasselback potatoes served with them, baked red peppers for my guest and I didn't bother with any other veg.  I've had a good day on the Fitbit....just over ten thousand steps knocked up but I've realised that if you don't download the details to the computer, the results are not compiled.  Princess outstepped me last week.  Windows closed tonight and it's going down to seven degrees tonight according to the weather reports.  Cement mixing in the morning to cover the plastic pipe covering the holes, a little more gardening and then over the road for my afternoon's entertainment.  LN....No time for photos today...too busy wrecking water pipes.....LN
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