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Elsa Peters
October 20, 2020, 7:08pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 20th October

I was having a very lazy morning in bed when I suddenly remembered that I was expected at the garage to get the tyres changed over to winter ones.  I had a rapid rise, washed and dressed, left the bed unmade, didn't have breakfast and was at the garage for quarter after nine.  One car was being sorted but my tyres were waiting and the new ones already on the rims so I walked down by the river and just missed a shot of a black stork as he followed the river northwards.  I went back to the car and by this time mine was on the car lift and work was underway and two replacements and two original put n place but the bad new was that the four that came off have to be replaced next spring.  One had a slow puncture and a couple had split in the depressions and it was decided that all four should go to that great tyre heap at the back of the garage.

I paid my bill and went back to the car shop to buy some covers for the rims, I'd lost one last year and so a new set was purchased and as it happened the garage owner came up for something else and ended up fitting the new ones for me and tie wrapping them in place.  My work over I went over to the Internet office and complained about my internet cover.  The girl said that someone might be out today but it was more likely that it would be tomorrow and I was surprised when he arrived at twenty after three this afternoon, did a few cheque on my router and  suggested that I cut the top branches from the wild plum tree since it lies in the field of sight of the base station.  Painter where are you...there's work to be done.

My students decided not to go to the painting  exhibition this evening so I'd arranged to have a lift with my friends from F since she had four paintings on display.  We arrived in Kardjali early and decided to look at another gallery that has opened up and noticed that there were soldiers training in one of the parks and a band striking up so we walked to the square and there were lots of army vehicles, weaponry and soldiers in camouflage gear around and a pleasant time was had by all.  I did come across a very disturbed looking soldier who was in a world of his own with a knife pointing in at his stomach.  He unnerved me a little, he looked like he was on a destiny run and I was hoping that he wasn't about to commit damage to someone or something,  We've heard nothing since so maybe he was just having a bad day.  We carried on to the exhibition and there were lots of paintings but nothing caught my eye and nothing that I wanted to push the cheque book out for.  I did meet quite a few interesting people though, there was wine on offer for the imbibers and mixed wraps but we decided that a meal at the Turkish restaurant was a much better proposition.

So over to the Turkish restaurant and on the way back to the car I noticed an unusual fungus growing on one of the trees so had to take a photo of it.  I got dropped off at home at around nine fifteen and decided to scan the Kardjali news to see if there had been any incidents at the army recruitment day....referring to my spaced out soldier and so far nothing.  LN.....What an interesting day.....LN

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Elsa Peters
October 21, 2020, 4:51pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 21st October

It was a funny night again and three before I rested my weary head.  I was awake again at six, couldn't get back off again so played games and was out of bed by seven.  I'd taken several photos of the dawn and really must find out which planet is out and about and took a chance by putting the washing in the machine.  It had two choices...it would get wet again or it would dry.  As it happened, it cleared up around lunchtime and I got it in and on the airer before the sun went down.

I made a bacon and egg sandwich, sat in the stairwell with yet another coffee and watched the clouds build up and the washing blowing on the line and wondered if it would end up in Greece which is not like the rest of us.  That border is still closed.  I wasn't in the mood for gardening and was still in my PJ's at this point, I washed and got partly dressed and ended up on the computer with ancestry.  I decided to try and sort out the dates of an Elizabeth who in my records was born in seventeen forty one but on the marriage certificate record was showing up as seventeen fifty five.  Again this was one of these where the person transcribing the  Lichfield diocese records the birthdate at twenty one years from the marriage record and not recon on 'twenty one years and above', but I wanted to prove it and did.  I suppose they did their best with the information they had.  About then I got incredibly tired so settled on the sofa with the rest of the paper records with the intention of sorting them out and getting rid of lots of scribblings.  Wrong move...I nodded off for a couple of hours or so but felt much better when I woke up.

Washing in and on the airer in the bathroom, fire lit, the temperature was dropping and I felt like a little comfort.  I've just had to go down and give it the kiss of life and it's burst in to life and a big log should ensure that it keeps going ....I'm obviously out of practice.  I got pork steaks out of the freezer this morning but think that it's going to spend the night in the fridge.  I made friends with a packet of Marie tea biscuits with a cup of coffee and it appears to have filled the gap.  I do have gardening on the agenda for tomorrow, bulbs to get in and leaves to sweep up and I need to contact my painter.  I tried to reach the top branches of the wild plum with my extended pruner but didn't manage it so I'll leave it to the experts.  The idea of the ladder did come into my mind but rapidly dissipated....too dangerous.  Lovely crescent moon tonight and several planets on display and hoping for a pleasant gardening day tomorrow.  LN....Toasted cheese sandwich is on the cards for tonight....LN

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Elsa Peters
October 22, 2020, 5:10pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 22nd October

Brilliant night, the afternoon sleep didn't spoil anything.  It was eight when I woke up and as I looked out I could see nothing, the hillside was covered in fog and I just managed to hear the sheep heading over to the far hillsides.  A couple of them had bells on otherwise they could have got there without me knowing it.  I did notice that they now have three dogs along with them and the man with them that normally looks after them.  I suppose it gives the owners a break taking some of the pressure off.  It's a pity that he doesn't have anyone looking after the cows that terrorise the village and summer crops.

Baked beans on toast for breakfast and then I set about making the pork curry.  It was only when I opened up the packet that I saw that there were four fillets of pork so decided that I would make pork curry in the slow cooker and freeze half of it down for another day.  So in it went, I cleared the kitchen and headed upstairs leaving the slow cooker to its own devices.  I fired up the computer to check on emails and I should know by now, I had a hint from ancestry and I was still there at three this afternoon checking out the wills and marriage bonds made with the Lichfield Diocese.  I was doing OK but as I went further back they were all written in Latin but one name really foxed me and I still don't know what it means.  Even Google didn't come up with the answer so I have to do more research.....it's Xpoferi...and all answers on a postcard please.  

I checked on the curry and turned it down so that it wasn't burnt to a cinder, went back upstairs and started to look for a special pair of trousers that I'd bought but never worn and just couldn't lay my hands on them......and so it began.  My summer clothes are away, the autumn and winter jumpers are out and the swim gear is definitely away unless I find a spa pool somewhere.  I went down at six and put the rice on, timed everything perfectly and it turned out fluffy and only the bottom was burnt.  As for the rest of it, the pork is destined for the hillside, it was tough so thank you Lidl....I shan't be buying those pork fillets again.  Soring out the clothes has made me realise that I have far too many and shall be donating lots to the local charities.  

No need to light the fire tonight, the temperature seems to have gone up again from the last two nights.  Haskovo tomorrow for a day out with friends, we'll probably visit the market garden but I think it's the wrong time of the year to be buying more...everything's slowing down including me....the bulbs are still waiting.  Visits from several varieties of woodies today and four helicopters went over but too high to get a shot of them but two wonderful pictures of clear blue skies.  LN.....Not want I wanted to achieve but a good day all the same........LN

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Elsa Peters
October 23, 2020, 4:21pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 23rd October

What a superb day it's been.  The sunrise was spectacular, mist in the valley, the sun crept over the mountain and just broke through making it a place of fairy tales.  I played around with my games from the bed and suddenly realised that the day was moving on and I needed at nine for a day out in Haskovo.  I didn't bother with breakfast, got rid of the remains of the contents of the slow cooker over the wall and someone was probably grateful.  I finished tidying the kitchen, offered coffee when my guests arrived and it was accepted.  We sat out in the morning sun and such a wonderful start to the day.  

We drove through Kardjali and on the way to Haskovo we diverted to Minerali Bani which is the old communist spa town and looked at some of the monstrosities that have been built as residences by the infiltrators.  We carried on to the main Plovdiv -Haskovo road, parked up and headed for the nearest coffee place and sampled the cappuccinos, decided to walk the market and the shops and I suddenly remembered that there was a bronze guy sitting on a bench and as we turned the corner I spotted him.  I suggested that we put a mask on him for a photo, took his off and had my photo taken with him and strolled down memory lane.  The last time was when I went to Haskovo for the day with Guljam around seven years ago.  Lunchtime was looming and we headed for the pizza restaurant but they were having work done, had cut down on the number of tables and there was no room at the inn.  We settled for the local 'Macdonald's', some sort of beef burger, coke and chips but it filled the gaps.  

Back to the car and again we took another diversion from the main road and stopped off to view the Stone Mushrooms.  It was my first time there and very impressive but the barbed wire fence round it didn't make it much of a beauty spot.  I had my photo taken next to the largest one so that you get the idea of how tall they are.  Apparently the volcanic stone underneath is softer than the top layer so hence it disappears and forms the mushroom shape.  We went to see the little man selling stone trinkets and I bought a couple of onyx dice for six leva and what a bargain.  Home for five and we sat out in the sun and it's amazing, end of October and there was still heat in the sun.  The moon was up and we had a discussion about the planets that are visible with the naked eye and it was confirmed by an app on the phone.  I'll be looking out for them tonight.  LN.....I've had a special day.....LN

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Elsa Peters
October 24, 2020, 6:17pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 24th October

Six start this morning and again a beautiful start to the day with mist hanging in the valley and the sun breaking through.  I stripped my bed down and managed to find three loads of washing, cleared my guest's clothing that he left in the downstairs bedroom and put it away in the chest and found the washing that he's left in the clothes basket.  Pegged it out, made bacon and egg for breakfast, threw the remains of the bread over the wall for the animals and birds and had a bonfire and it was still only ten o'clock.

Princess phoned this morning requesting my recipe for a cold and I really had to think about it.  I knew that it had fresh lemon and orange juice in it, honey, ginger and I think I used to use rum or whisky but not for breakfast.  We had a lovely chat and catchup, they found out some information for me from the internet and signed me up to one of their sites so that I can watch movies and the likes.  With winter coming on we rely on watching films and with the clocks going back tonight, we're on out way to winter.  I happened to drop a line following up a suggestion to my buddy in the other village asking for a run down on the program that I'd now got access to and he said that he was thinking about popping over to trim the tree for me...he didn't like the idea of me risking life and limb and doing the job myself and we agreed that after lunch would be about right.  Meanwhile I got the garden umbrella down and put it away and the flower container at the base of the umbrella I emptied out, waved the busy lizzies and repotted them and put the rest of the compost into another container and potted up some of the wallflower seeds that I'd started off.

I got the ladder out, trimmed what I could reach so that he could safely put the ladder against the tree, got out the saw and the long handled pruner and like a good girl guide, I was prepared.  I'd suggested that he brought one of his outside garden chairs over...they need reseating in a woven plastic material and if it passes scrutiny, I'll do the rest of them.  Exchange is no robbery and backs do need to be scratched.  He kindly downloaded for me two series of a series that I'd been following, he left at four and so I tidied up the things that were lying around, moved the umbrella base concrete slabs and swept the area, locked everything away and came in at around four thirty.  I made my bed up and put on my winter duvet cover even though it's a little early but the weather is due to change within a few days.....winter is coming John Snow.  Saying that, there was nothing on the television this afternoon so I settled down and watched episode one of the new series and realising that there was still nothing worth watching I watched the second episode with a cup of coffee and a packet of biscuits that are no more.

The camera didn't come out but should have done.  The tree is now trimmed so that there is line of site to the repeater aerials for the internet and having checked it a couple of times and the speeds being perfectly respectable, it shouldn't be freezing when I'm watching Transponder TV...but it still is.  I shall have to get on to the company again, there's obviously a bottle neck somewhere in the delivery process.  The boiler is on and I'm going for a relaxing bath and then into a fresh bed. Strictly is back on but if it starts to freeze frame, I shall be abandoning it and complaining. Gardening day for real tomorrow., those bulbs will be putting themselves in...if only they would!!  LN.....Clocks change....mustn't forget.....LN
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Elsa Peters
October 25, 2020, 5:24pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 25th October

So around ten thirty last night I was feeling tired so decided that I'd be better off in bed and have an early night.  For some off reason I put the clock on the landing forward not remembering 'fall back' and it wasn't until I realised that morning was breaking.  Gorgeous morning, beautiful skies and so much so that I took photographs and posted them on FB.  I don't make many posts but it's been very popular but there again....beautiful pickies.  I changed the clock over and had more time than I thought I did so I walked the garden, came in and washed and dressed, beans on toast for breakfast, cleared the dishes and it was still only nine thirty...the whole day in front of me.  

First part of the morning was taken up with putting my wall flowers into pots, finished emptying the compost from the flower container from the bottom of the sun umbrella into more pots and then ran out of steam.  Fortunately I heard the breadman's horn and legged it to the bottom of the village for a loaf of fresh bread.  I also had a few words with one of my neighbours and noticed that she had artificial flowers planted in the garden nearest the lane.  I asked her why and she replied that she did have real ones but Beyser's cows had demolished the lot so now she has to put in another gate further down her path so that the animals can't get in.  I remember well my days of chasing cows from my garden and one day in desperation I burst into tears. I chased them out, renewed the barbed wire and hammered a few nails in and one of the beasts crashed into the garden nearer the house and seemed to be smiling at me.  Obviously it wasn't but it was just how it felt at the time and now I have my wall.

I came in for a bottle of water and made my way on to the computer and was amazed to see that I'd picked up a few comments on FB.  A few witty responses and then I found my way to Game of Thrones, season seven, watched two last night and so thought I'd watch the third which then grew to the fourth.  Out again into the garden and dug up one of the fir trees that had gone to the great beyond because of the drought conditions.  I appear to have lost another one but that one can wait for another day.  More wall flowers planted, beds raked over to get rid of the seedlings and boy are there lots of them.  Even the zinnias have started up again.

Nothing for supper, I ended up eating too many peanuts while I was watch the film this afternoon, I'll stick to water.  Nothing on the agenda for tomorrow bur I've just looked out of the window with the terrace light on and it's chucking it down so I might be tempted to start to watch season eight...such a hard life.  LN.....Bath and bed.....LN

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Elsa Peters
October 26, 2020, 5:42pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 26th October

It's been a funny old day. It had rained overnight and was beginning to dry up but then the mist came down and it was with us until ten thirty more or less.  I was out of bed by eight, first coffee I made down stair since there wasn't a cup upstairs but subsequent ones were made with upstairs kettle.  It still hasn't been put away from my guest's visit.  Down for breakfast and I scrambled the last two eggs and had them on toast so that's something else on my shopping list.  I'm off to Kirkovo tomorrow as support staff so I'll have a shop up while I'm there....it wasn't worth going into Kardjali for the few things that I need.

I went out and viewed the plants that I'd put in yesterday and they seem to be doing OK.  They were well watered in overnight and even the shrub looks as if it's not rebelling too much.  I've also noticed that the second lemon tree in the conservatory that has just popped its head through is showing its first leaves and I've decided that putting the pips in wet kitchen roll seems to work.  

I hadn't got much enthusiasm for blazing a trail in the garden today, I went out and filled up the log basket just to make sure that I had some at hand should the temperature drop when the sun went down and it did.  The helicopters were out again today but three of them instead of the usual four.  I tried hard to get a shot of them but couldn't see the screen because of the sun and it was a big stretch for the camera and ended up seeing taking the tail end of it and out of focus....ah well.  I settled on the sofa and played a few games, checked out emails and FB, didn't fall asleep but had a very restful afternoon.  I lit the fire at four thirty, put chicken wings in the oven at five, potato wedges in at five thirty and I was serving up at six and having an early supper.  A little bit of Transponder and not too late to bed tonight....I've agreed the meet tomorrow at nine so I need to leave at half eight.

My step count is down for today, I did managed to do a circuit of the garden when it pushed me into moving but I ignored the rest of the demands.  LN....Need another log on the fire.....LN

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Elsa Peters
October 27, 2020, 6:22pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 27th October

Five thirty start this morning for no other reason that I woke up and couldn't get back off again.  Maybe the clock changes affected me more than I thought.  Played a few games and out of bed by seven, didn't bother with breakfast and was in the Nipper for eight fifteen to arrive at the destination at the allotted hour.  It was thick fog when I woke up, had been seven degrees over night so dressed for the weather.  I thought it would have slowed me down, there were lots of cows on the road so I kept my speed down but I still had time to stop off at the shop in their village and by cheesy buns for breakfast.  Coffee was made as I arrived and we all had breakfast together and then into the car and headed for the farm where the lorry loads of sheep 'poo' was coming from should we manage to arrange it but we found out later that the own was in Germany and we only met up with the shepherd and his family.

We left the farm and headed down to the petrol station on the Greek road to see if the next contact was available and it seemed such a shame that despite us carrying our passports, the border wasn't open for us.  The conversations were had with the contact and we carried on to the market in Benkovski and wondered round the market.  The plan was to buy fruit trees and the objective was achieved...two apple trees.  I was very tempted to buy a pomegranate but since they don't fruit for a new years I thought better of it.  We stopped for coffee in the local coffee shop and then went to the local hardware shop and I was amazed how the stores have come on in Kirkovo.  When I used to stay near there when I first came to Bulgaria there wasn't a lot of choice but now the border has opened they are catering for a bigger audience and the range has extended and the prices are very competitive.

Back to their house for coffee and a chat and I was in the Nipper at three thirty,  The fog didn't really burn off today, it was still in patches and the cows were still on the road so I again took my time only to be greeted by a herd loitering along my road.  Toasted cheese sandwiches for a late lunch, I set to watching Game of Thrones promising myself only one episode but I didn't stick to it....it really is a ripping yarn as they say....blood, gore and fantasy...what could be better.  I lit the fire around six and threw quite a big log on, I'd used smaller stuff yesterday and I seemed to be continuously feeding it.  It might not burn so hot but it's not a great problem, there's no snow yet and still waiting for the first frost.

No need for supper, the toasted sandwiches worked well but I might have cheese and biscuits a little later.  Nothing for tomorrow so far but I think I might be checking out the weather reports to see if anything needs to come into the little house for protection.  LN....It's all go here.....LN
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Elsa Peters
October 27, 2020, 6:45pm Report to Moderator

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And the pickies

Attachment: first_there_was_one_4484.jpg
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Attachment: and_then_loads_8756.jpg
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Attachment: walnut_seems_favourite_spot_9307.jpg
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linda g
October 28, 2020, 8:54am Report to Moderator
Big Poster
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Hi Elsa, fantastic pics as usual.  And great reading of your day to day activities.. and the definition of that word might be....
1. Latin abbr for Christopher
2. A form of saying you have a child or illegitimate child
3. Another form of saying a illness like the plague or something serious.

That's all I could find... hope it helps.   Take care. xx
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