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Elsa Peters
January 31, 2021, 4:35pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 31st January

Seven thirty start this morning and I even slept through the Voice last night thinking that I could do the catch-up this afternoon.  It wasn't there...only on Virgin and couldn't be bothered to work out how to find it.  Supper last night was steak. mushrooms and chippies and what a let-down the steak was, tough as old boots not that I've ever tried old boots but the chips and mushrooms were OK.  I only used half of it last night and intended putting the rest in the slow cooker to day and forgot all about it so might bash the remaining life out of the second piece and try quick frying it again.  The debris from last night's steak went out for the black cat and it was last seen scurrying towards the garage taking it out of sight of the other cats...good luck with that then....but it is completely black so stands a good chance.

Just caught the dawn coming up and the central heating arriving and then took to my bed with a coffee and the Kindle and played games until nine.  The temperature had gone down last night quite considerably and was pretty slow getting back to zero before it started the upward climb.  I cooked bacon and egg and made a sandwich and that was breakfast, washed up the damage from last night, cleaned the outside of the washing machine and I considered that my work for the day was complete.  I haven't done much today, I played around printing out some of the family tree, lit the fire at four thirty and settled in and finished Merlin.  I suppose I've got to find another series that I'm going to be drawn in to, even Transponder TV has gaps that need filling.  

So six thirty my time, the fire's banked up and the temperature in the house is comfortable.  Kardjali tomorrow to catch up with my doctor, get a picture framed and pay my one telephone bill.  I also need to get the Nipper in to the battery guarantee shop so that he can test that the alternator in the Nipper is working correctly and so transfer the guarantee over from the Beast.  I've also remembered that it's the cheapy shop day offer day so that might be worth a look.  LN....Hair wash and early night for me .....LN

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