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MARCH 2021
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Elsa Peters
March 31, 2021, 4:41pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 31st March

So I had my bath last night and just managed to save my Kindle from sharing the experience.  I was just at the sleep stage and the woke me up and a rapid reaction on my part scooped it on to the bathroom unit and towel.  Lucky old me...I should know by now that it's not a good idea but I was playing Sudoku until seconds before.  That put a stop to my snooze mood, I quickly washed down, fortunately I'd washed and rinsed my hair already and it was in a towel so into a bath towel and down to the fire grabbing PJ's on the way.  I brushed out my hair and it was fairly dry already so plaited it, snuggled down on the sofa and watched the end of some program or other and then went to bed.  I slept through until three thirty, turned over and went back until six thirty so not bad for me.  Coffee and back to bed for a while, up and out by eight and made poached eggs on toast to set myself up for the day and I was still in my pyjamas at ten so I though it was about time I launched myself into the world.  I had been out and put bread out for the birds but no takers, it was too cold for anything to be out.

My dream last night had been about a problem that I'm having with my ancestry.  One of the wills states that John named the grandchildren as his beneficiaries and the house was to go to his beloved daughter Alice and I can find no Alice in the family except that someone named John, who I'd dreamed could have been his son, may have married Alice so I fired up the computer to check it out and joy, oh joy, no internet and it was off for about three hours.  I phoned the engineer and he said that the electricity to the antenna had failed.  It's good to have phone number of the people that know.  I settled down with the documents and decided to go though old notes and realised that I'd done loads of research and it was more confusing and no issues resolved so I made a coffee and demolished a packet of biscuits and it was now getting of for one so that was lunch sorted.  The internet came back on but by this time I knew that it wasn't an easy one to solve so after an hour or so I shut the computer down and headed back to the lounge to watch Netflix and a Spanish murder mystery and five episodes later it was time to get supper underway, the fire and get myself into evening mode.

Supper should be ready in around twenty minutes.  As for working outside, no way Hose, it was far too cold for me to be out there, it was very deceptive.  The gust have been cruel with clouds whistling across the sky and there will be other day, I'm off life's treadmill.  LN....Kitchen and fire duties are calling me......LN

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