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APRIL 2021
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Elsa Peters
April 9, 2021, 5:35pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 9th April

Firstly, not unexpected but still a sad day for the queen and her family.  He will be missed....RIP Philip.

Five thirty start this morning and games and Sudoku until I started my day at seven.  I was briefly woken at midnight last night, I'd touched one of the buttons on the weather centre yesterday and set one of the alarms.  I knew I'd done it last night but couldn't find the book to show me how to deactivate it and I couldn't be bothered last night to get out of bed to turn it off so it was one of the first things that I did this morning.  Find the book...do the deed and I did.  I shall not be bothered tonight by it.

White over this morning, minus three outside and one or two of the hyacinths were looking a little jaded.  I took a photograph of the hillside and was a little concerned, there was lots of smoke coming from one of the houses and I was unsure if it was a bonfire or the house had gone up...it turned out to be a bonfire.  There was lots of morning mist hanging on the mountains...pretty magical.  Eventually my central heating appeared and despite the sun, it was still very cold and the wind remained that was all day.  I made bacon and egg for breakfast. cleared the kitchen, washed and dressed, got the wood in and prepared the fire for tonight.  It was still too cold to go out there and do anything so I turned on Netflix and watch Sense and Sensibility, heard lots about it and never watched it but what a pleasant interlude it was.  Twelve when it finished and I looked out and noticed that the insulation from the water meter had been removed and the rubber mats were lying on the ground.  I went to check it out and noticed that some bright spark had written the number of the house on the wall facing the road and I was having none of it so I went into the house, came out with a sponge and bowl of washing up liquid and removed it.  I shall paint it on a sign and post it in the undergrowth at the side of the gate....keep off my property.  

While I was there I also noticed that the grass had grown in the yard so it was out with the little electric mower and that was cut down to size and it didn't stop there.  I rigged up the long electricity cable and connected it via the little house and over the terrace and set about the grass in front of the big house terrace.  I didn't have the basket on it and it made life much easier and it didn't stop there.  I did the grave garden and eventually got half way down the grass, managed my ten thousand steps and tools away at four, I'd done enough.  The wind had really picked up and it was time to call it a day.

I lit the fire and it went first time thanks to the new started wood that I'd worked on yesterday.  Found a new series on Netflix and this one is based in Turkey and has some wonderful scenery and I think some of it was based near Cappadocia.  The dubbings not bad and quite watchable and since there is nothing but royal tributes going on, I might be watching for episodes tonight.  A couple of hamburgers in the crust end of the bread slathered with tomato sauce for supper, nothing sweet to finish on, the chocolates have gone and on the list for tomorrow's shopping.  LN....it's going to be another cold one tonight....LN

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Elsa Peters
April 10, 2021, 3:21pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 10th April

Reasonable night but I was in half sleep/half awake for the last hour and a half of the night/morning eventually getting up just before seven.  It was another cold morning so I made coffee and went back to bed and snuggled down with the Kindle to pass the next hour or so.  I was out of bread, heard his toot in the village to drag people from houses but I'd missed him and was still in PJ's....there was no way I was going to get dressed in time.  I washed and dressed not sure if I was heading into Djebel or Kardjali or having another good day in the garden. As it happened, I did nothing except make a bacon omelette and sat in the stairwell eating it.  At ten it was still too cold to go out and the frost was lying heavily so I waited for the temperature to go up and by the time it had risen slightly, I'd got engrossed in Ancestry again, still trying to solve one of my mysteries but I didn't and thought I'd leave it for another day.  

It was now getting on for twelve so I settled down on the sofa and wasted the next few hours following my latest series on Netflix showing lots of panoramic views of Cappadocia and it brought back memories of my visit around three years ago.  At four I was still trying to decided whether to go to Djebel or not so I looked in the freezer and joy, oh joy, I found half a loaf of bread so didn't have to go anywhere.  I took a chicken leg from the freezer and it's now in the oven and will be very adequate for supper.  

Maybe tomorrow will be a better day...the weather forecast does say that we are going to have sun all day and the current temperature is eight degrees out so maybe it won't get down into minus figures overnight.  I might have a look round for my get up and go.....the grass has to be finished and the weeds definitely need removing although they are protecting the lily of the valley and some of the other bulbs.  LN....Kitchen calls and I might light the fire.....LN

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Elsa Peters
April 11, 2021, 4:15pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 11th April

According to my Fitbit when I synced it this morning, I slept really well and have a good sleep score.  It didn't feel like it but obviously Fitbit knows more than I do.  I was up and ready for action just before seven, coffee at the table in the stairwell, I didn't go back to bed, it was a beautiful morning.  Not much to do this morning, I made toast for breakfast and only had to wash up the baking tray from last night and I'd put sliced apples in the oven last night with a layering of sugar and a little water and that dish needed washing too.  As for the apples, they were just sitting there so I thought 'why not' so I did. I should really have put brown sugar on them but for some reason I didn't, it was pretty late though.

So at nine I was ready for action except that I was waiting for the grass to dry out a little so I went to my dear friend, Find my Past and rooted around with the one that's bugging me.  I still didn't get a resolution but the family chart going back from seventeen eighty nine has lots of crossing out on it and date changes, a working document, but it was getting that bad that even I couldn't read it.  A new one is now in progress and I'm checking dates as I go and this could have gone on for the rest of the day except that I was wasting an opportunity to be out in the garden doing 'stuff'.  Boots on at twelve, found my rubber gloves, one was where it ought to have been and the other was in the front pocket of the last over sweater I'd worn the other day...tracked down eventually. I was out and today's task was to finish the grass cutting and also some weeding but the latter never happened.  I took the little electric mower out and connected up the extension lead but this time I ran it from the little house log store.  I unreeled the long cable and walked down to the bottom of the garden with it, it makes life easier when it's done first.  I started on the main grass and much as I like the little one, I find the cable a complete bind, I always seem to find it wrapped round my ankle and I dread running over the cable.  I remembered my safety glasses, I run it without the grass box otherwise you have to empty it every five minutes and the grass is still wet underneath so everything sticks.  At three thirty I had five minutes on the bench with a bottle of water, it seemed slow going but I had to stick with it and I did.  I swapped to the petrol mower with the basket on when I was doing some of the grass where there were stones in it but it the grass was too long for it to cope with it so back to the drawing board Cecil, the little one was back in business.

At six it was tools away, I swept the woodstore out and made it look more respectable and came in at six twenty.  It's amazing how all of the what appeared to be dead twigs are coming to life, there is lots of white blossom around, the forsythia have been magnificent this year, the six weigela twigs in the veg garden are really sprouting leaves and the white lilac is ready to burst forth.  According to Fitbit I've clocked up almost seventeen thousand steps, eleven and a half kilometres so I reckon that if I drank I'd deserve one tonight.  The boiler is on, I'm going to rest awhile in the luxury of a bath, I haven't a clue what's on for supper, probably a toasted cheese sandwich, in the bath. That's one advantage of living on your own, it's all at my pace.  LN...Boiler up to temperature....LN

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Elsa Peters
April 12, 2021, 4:36pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 12th April

Another good night and woke up just before seven again...it's seems to be getting a habit.  I didn't light the fire last night so did go back to bed with my coffee until the sun that was already up had some heat in it.  By the time that I made my second cup and had wasted an hour playing games it was very pleasant in the stairwell so I started to write my shopping list.  I'd done enough in the garden yesterday to warrant a day off so I was going to take it, Old Mother Hubbard's fridge was fairly bare, no biscuits or anything to nibble on or pick at and the freezer no longer had any bread in it.  I did a load of washing, had toast and peach jam for breakfast, washed and dressed and ready for the off at ten thirty.

I was tempted to take the old road down to the Makaza road but wasn't sure what had happened to it with the snow and heavy rains so didn't risk it.  Instead I went through Djebel and was in Kardjali by eleven and went to my pay car park and it was fairly empty.  I had a telephone call on Saturday asking me to go into the Vivacom shop to renew my contract so thought I'd do that visit first but when I got near the shop it was undergoing a refit.  I set off for the other shop near the market and they couldn't be bothered walking that far so back tracked and went down to my really Monday cheapy clothes shop and picked up a pair of summer weight trousers and a linen top for one lev ninety which in our currency is around seventy pence so that suited me down to the ground.  Navy trousers and mid green top...great for a cruise.

Kaufland and stuck to my list except for a jar of 'Over Sixty Five' day cream to save me using Nivea which is a bit like putting treacle on some mornings when it's cold.  The bill in there came in at just around thirty lev and that included four packets of reduced bacon so on to Lidl and that has now become the culinary issue.  I bought a fresh duck, in the oven it went when I came home, I made orange gravy but when I came to carve it, it was bloody so it's gone back in the oven and should be ready any time now.  Again I stuck to the list and have bought lots for the freezer for the next couple of weeks or so.  I had a phone call from Princess when I was on the car park and clipped my keys on to the other side of the handle than I normally use and after the phone call couldn't find the keys so all the shopping was removed from the boot.  Eventually I found them and headed home stopping off in Djebel for the last few items from the list including biscuits and chocolates.  One of my neighbours was in the supermarket and was waiting outside for me...I have become a taxi again.  I dropped him off in the next village, Guljan's mother was chasing cows up the lane so I stopped and had a few minutes with her.  

Shopping unpacked and put away, as I said, the duck should be ready soon and served with jacket potato, carrots and peas.  Gardening tomorrow after I've sorted out the melee in the kitchen, they might happen after a bacon sandwich.  LN....I'll let you know how tough the bird really was.....LN
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Elsa Peters
April 13, 2021, 3:44pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 13th April

So another restless night and I put it down to the duck.  I did managed to wash up the debris from the gastronomic adventure last night....it was more than I could have faced this morning....quoting...don't put off until tomorrow what could be done today....doh.  I could easily have tackled it at three thirty this morning when I hadn't an ounce of sleep in me instead of playing silly games and eventually getting back off to sleep at around five thirty.  This in turn led to a late start but since I had nowhere to go and only gardening to do, it didn't make much difference.  

I wasn't feel too good today.  I think I might be allergic to something...the bottom lip was swollen and I've been having strange red marks come up in the inside of the elbow joints.  The doctor put it down to dermatitis but I think this is way off the mark.  My doctor in the UK used to ask me if I'd only gone for a second opinion and usually I was right, his remarks were in jest buy he made sure that he got it right and we agreed on the diagnosis.  Unfortunately in the UK you don't have the luxury of time unlike in Bulgaria.  I think another visit might be on the cards for me....I get annoyed when things don't work properly despite my advancing years...

Breakfast at ten thirty, the duck went over the wall and I heard an angry bark and reckon that a dog had found it and was chasing off the cats.  I did check later and all that was left was the onion that was stuffed up it's nether region.  The other half is in the fridge and it's probably going in the slow cooker tomorrow, I'm not in the mood for it tonight since my late lunch was toasted sandwiches at three thirty.  So what did I do this morning?  The hand fork means that I have to get down on my knees or keep bending over while I'm weeding so I cut some of the handle off it and now have a long handled little fork.  The handle did need shaving off a little with a knife but it worked.
The little bed between the steps is cleared out of deep rooted weeds and chickweed and I've put in some pretty looking clover plants with pink flowers that come out in the sun.  I don't know the name of them and four of the sunflowers have joined them, they were outgrowing the pot so I'll see what they do out there.  It was a dull morning and around one it started to rain but I kept at it but at three it got heavier so it was tools away and in the house.  I lit the fire around three thirty, started to get into Netflix and then the sun broke through and then disappeared again when the clouds came over from the west.  Netflix suddenly went off and I couldn't get into Google browser so I spent the next fifteen minutes on settings and trying to reload when the telephone went and it was the garage advising me that my new tyres were in.  I was given the choice of this afternoon to get my summer tyres on or tomorrow but if the weather is good I certainly don't want to spend the morning down at the garage....there was no one there this evening so I changed my clothes and got down there by five.  They'd already put the tyres on the rims so it was an easy job for them, I was ninety light on the payment but they know where I live as I've told them before.  I went to the cashpoint and dropped the outstanding amount with my student who was working in the shop and carried on home.  

The fire was still going, it's a fairly still night, the sun flowers have survived so far and it was a pity that the weather changed, I was just settling in to the job in hand even though I hate weeding.  LN.....Now to sort out the tele....LN

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Elsa Peters
April 14, 2021, 3:37pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 14th April

So another disturbed night, three thirty seems the waking point, play games until five thirty and back to sleep until eight thirty this morning.  So a slow start meant that I didn't go out into the garden until it had warmed up a little but the overnight temperature was nine degrees on the outside thermometer and the sunflowers were looking OK when I checked up on them.  Ham and cheese toasties for breakfast but that didn't happen until ten thirty so washed and dressed and it was eleven before I was putting my work boots on.  I gathered the tools together and intended carrying on weeding moving down to the little bed near the washing line.  Unfortunately this bed has a lot of couch grass so I took the spade and cut through the roots from the outside of the old window frame and dug most of them out with the garden fork.  I also noticed that the window frame had sunk so decided to make an inner compartment so that I can strim round it without harming the shrubs.  Into the little house and found suitable wood, saw, hammer and nails and made the frame, used old engine oil to protect it and did the same to the old window frame and put the new inside in place.  I planted one of the beautiful pink Greek plants that I'd nurtured in the porch and jobs a good'un.  I was looking where to move on to next and it was at this point that the weather closed in, the sky was very black and there was the first rumble of thunder.  It was only light at first so I carried on, set up the strimmer and went round the new surround, the rest of the wooden borders until it was impossible without getting drenched so it was tools away.  I emptied the weeds from the log container carried, wheeled it to the wood store and filled it up with logs just in case I was going to light the fire later.

By now it was getting on for three thirty so I put on the TV and it came up first time via the internet.  I'd had issues with it yesterday and not sure if there was a problem with Google, I kept getting the page not found message but today it's OK.  So a little bit of Loose Women and then on to Netflix and started to watch something which I survived the first two but I don't think it's a binge watcher.  Fire lit and going well and I've just had a phone call from my friend in the garage shop, I missed her yesterday and spoke to her son when I payed my debts.  She phoned to let me know that Covid virus has hit the villages around Djebel and Kardjali and the hospitals are full....it was just so I was mindful of it.  I told her that she should have the jab but at the moment she said that only AstraZenika is available and she will, but not that one.  Apparently it's the only one available in Bulgaria at the moment.  There's such a resistance in Bulgaria...it will go on for ever if they don't start listening to sense.

So I've just checked the weather report for tomorrow and in the morning it's going to be sun but with a shower in the afternoon so perhaps instead of playing games I should get out into the garden at four in the morning by torchlight just to get a start on the day and sleep in the afternoon.  Not sure about supper, the half duck is still in the fridge and I suspect it might go over the wall....I really didn't enjoy it.  I do need potting compost so might plan to go somewhere to get some, I'll see how I feel in the morning.  LN....A good day if short on the labour time available....LN

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Elsa Peters
April 14, 2021, 4:56pm Report to Moderator

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And it cleared up

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Elsa Peters
April 15, 2021, 3:59pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 15th April

Does anyone know how to switch off an internal alarm?  It was three thirty again this morning and I really don't know why.  Eventually I went off again and it was nine fifteen when I arose from the 'close to dead' and started my day for the second time.  I went on to automatic pilot and went through the normal routines and then went into hyper mode and did lots of those little things that have been hanging on for a while.  I did get washed and dressed just in case I had visitors, which I rarely do and noticed that Chris Packham's Animal Einsteins  was showing on Beeb 2 so I settled down to watch it on Transponder.  I find his programs fascinating.

Two poached eggs and ham on toast was on the menu this morning, extra coffee and then into the day.  A couple of old eggs were thrown over the wall using a stone as target practice and I managed to get one of them to smash.  I also threw out a couple of apples that had seen better days and an orange that I only bought when I bought the duck a few days ago...it had started to go soft.  Washing up done, kitchen tidy, me fairly tidy, weather reasonable so I plucked up courage to grab the tools from the woodstore and pick my workspace.  I settled for the garden under the main terrace and it was really thick with small spreading weeds but they are no more.  I also found packets  of seeds and spread them liberally on the rest of the beds that I've cleared out, there are Californian poppies, zinnia, delphinium and I split up some clumps of oxalis.  I've just got my fingers crossed that the temperature stays reasonable overnight and they germinate.  I've also put red hot poker seeds in a pot and more cuttings of escalonia, the shrub under the long wall is looking sad so I will hopefully got some reserves on the go.  

I came in for water and ended up watching Netflix for an hour, lit the fire, went back out and finished off the corner of the long bed, tools away and what a pleasant evening it is.  Eleven degrees out there so I've left the rest of the sunflowers to harden off outside and they can go in for tomorrow.  I was searching seeds and found an envelope stuffed with more sunflower seeds so time to get more on the go....all go here.  LN....Tomorrow earmarked for gardening again.....LN
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April 15, 2021, 8:11pm Report to Moderator

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That dammed internal alarm. Mine was at 04:00. I defeated mine. I got up, make a cup of tea, read for 20 minutes, went back to bed and sleep. I think the internal alarm becomes a habit, it just needs breaking with something irregular.
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Elsa Peters
April 16, 2021, 6:04pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 16th April

Thank you Trevor for those words of wisdom. Last night I watched TV until midnight, played a few Sudoku and then went to sleep...straight through until seven so could this be the new pattern?  Let's see what happens tonight.  Straight into the day, the sun was rising in a very cloudy sky but the reflection in the pond in the next field was worth catching, or so I thought and it was rubbish when it came out.  I moved outside on the terrace and tried to take it again but still not good so that's not going to be published either.  Boiled eggs and toast at nine, washed up by nine thirty and got on with the usual things like watering house plants, putting things down and searching for them, emptying the ash can and raking the fire out for tonight...all the usual stuff that life revolves around.

Washed and dressed for the garden, the sun was at last peeping through but the wind was again quite chill.  First outside task was a bonfire and I'd just lit it and decided to weed the lower bed while it burnt down to a safe level and there was a yell telling me to 'put my back into it'....I had a visitor.  We walked the garden together and then headed up so that I could make coffee and we sat on the terrace and chewed the fat for around an hour or so, updating each other with the lack of 'happenings'....bloody Covid.  Apparently they are having an 'unveiling' of the border restrictions but it's still 'no-go' for us as we await the second injections and then two weeks to wait after that and, yet to be decided' how the passports will work and Europe still has to make a decision on the process.  At least our health details are held on a central system so they can confirm who's done what against our ID cards which will show up when we cross the border but they have to sort out whether or not we have to isolate when we come back to Bulgaria from Greece.  Left hand and right hand springs to mind.  

So off he went and he'd mentioned that his pot plants were all out and I decided to get mine out of the little house and on to the terrace.  First job was to get the Nipper out and go on the hunt for some gravel to help with the drainage in the new pots and cover the soil in some of the others to stop the weeds.  I took the car down towards next village, saw one or two heaps but they obviously belonged to someone and the road gravel wasn't really suitable.  On a bit further and I came across the perfect stuff where the waterboard have been working on the pipes, so I grabbed my container and a shovel and overfilled it and struggled back to the Nipper and headed back home, 'purloinment' carried out without a hitch.

The six containers of geraniums have all got very leggy so I've now go them down to a manageable size and fifteen 'babies' on the go.  Once the pots were outside it freed up the bench that normally sits under the porch window so I dragged that outside, found the old engine oil out and it's got its summer coat on and it does stop the bugs from finding new homes.  That's now sitting in the yard drying off and in a couple of days I'll put it on the terrace.  More seeds have gone into pots, started to tidy away but instead put supper in the oven to cook while I finished off outside.  Fire lit, was just about to start the update when the internet went off, and with it the TV and fortunately supper was ready so that filled the gap.  I had a telephone call asking if I was still alive because I'd not done my blog, I explained that the internet had been down so I'm running to catch up tonight.  I've had a good day today but can't put the weeding off for much longer, I'm running out of other jobs to do.  LN...I could go to Kardjali tomorrow I suppose... .....LN

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