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Elsa Peters
January 11, 2022, 4:06pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 11th January

Really early start this morning, it was seventeen degrees inside and four outside but by nine it had dropped to one point five outside.  The rain had turned to sleet and it looked like the prediction for snow would come to fruition....and it did.  I was out of bed by seven thirty, made coffee and sent upstairs to get washed and dressed and put the washing away that had dried overnight.  In fact the upstairs bathroom is the warmest room in the house.  I was undecided what to get up to today, I had my student at three this afternoon, I needed to get into Djebel to get more tablets since I'd run out and Ronnie was starting his attack on the snooker championship at three.  

Having time to make my decision and checking the weather frequently, I started with poached eggs on toast to give me a good start to the day.  I filled up the log basket and topped up the fire that I'd made earlier and made my way to the wood store and filled up three containers.  It just means that they warm through a little before I throw them in the burner.  By now there was more snow than rain, the grass was covered and there was a blizzard blowing but the terraces were clear and very wet.  Black cat was around but not many birds were out and about, my hands were frozen when I came in from the wood store.  I settled in to ancestry and had another attempt to track down the Canadian branch of the family to no avail.  I know I'll just fall on the record some time but it does get frustrating.

At two it had really started to come down and I decided to drive into Djebel to get my tablets and check out the road on the way.  By now, the road was white over and the wet surface had frozen but I took it very gently.  There were a few speed merchants on the road and a few in larger, heavier cars that were really taking it slowly but I remember my days with the Calibra,...the tyres would fill up and I'd slip, slide everywhere while my daughter in her little car had no problems at all.  I parked up outside the car shop next to the chemist, my student's mum was surprised to see me and I apologised and said that I wouldn't be staying for the lesson, the road between was filling up nicely and I was better off at home.  She understood completely, I bought my tablets from the chemist, got back in the Nipper and set off for home.  I was behind a BMW going really slowly, a snow plough came the other way and the BM moved to the wrong side of the road crawling along, I flashed it and could do nothing else but overtake it on the inside and having done that was on my way.  I arrived safely, got the Nipper back into the drive, got me back into the house and made coffee and by now it was almost three and ready for the snooker.

Such a good game for Ronnie, not so good for his opponent, fire topped up and burning well, it's still snowing so it will be terrace clearing tomorrow for my exercise routine.  Nothing on the agenda so will probably settle down with the computer and ancestry....I want to get it on to Excel which I've started but not finished.  I also want to work on my grand-daughters chart on my daughter-in-laws side, I've made a start but the records from Holland are not easy to find.  I've still got pasta bolognaise left so might settle for that or might just give supper a miss....I've had a pickie afternoon and the After Eights have taken a bashing.  LN.....Winter's here John Snow......LN

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Elsa Peters
January 12, 2022, 6:00pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 12th January

So minus five overnight, a funny night for me, I woke up in front of the TV and it took me ages to get off again when I eventually got into bed.  I threw a fair sized log on the fire, the temperature had dropped to minus five outside and I kept my fingers crossed that the electricity would stay on and I wouldn't be emptying the wood burner at really silly o'clock in what was left of the night.  As it happened I didn't have any problems and with a little poke this morning at six thirty it burst into life and it's been good all day.

Washed and dressed quickly. watched a little of morning television until I got fed up with the ITV witch hunt for Boris the Bold, the tennis player and motorway hard shoulders that I switched it off and set about my day.  Breakfast was first on the agenda and I made bacon with fried egg and fried bread and the washing up is still in the kitchen waiting to be done along with the supper dishes.  I fetched a chicken log out of the freezer and that was going to be supper with roasted vegetables.  I moved up to the landing and played around with ancestry but didn't get far with the links I was looking for.  I was pushed towards the new census release and since they were wanting me to pay for the pleasure even though I've got a top level subscription, they could whistle.  I wasn't that desperate to view it, it's not a direct family link but one that I'm doing for a friend.

I thought about clearing the terraces off but under the layer of snow was a fairly thick layer of ice and that wasn't going to be easy.  I cleared by the door, put more food out for the birds and collected the rubbish and decided to have a bonfire.  The sun hadn't really broken through as it was supposed to and despite gloves my fingers were freezing so I only stayed out to get the fire underway, fill up the log carrier and bring it into the house and then lock up shop for the day that was until I went out to take the picture of the sunset.

By three I was again watching the snooker and it turned into quite a good match with many twists and turns.  I did take a break to get supper into the oven, took more photos and was surprised by a phone call from my daughter just to check how I was.  I've just eaten supper from the roasting tin on a tray on my lap watching the finish of the snooker and again, kitchen is tidy but the washing up can wait until tomorrow.  It's going to be another cold one tonight and supposed to be down to minus eleven so shan't be going far tomorrow, it might never warm up to anything sensible but again....it is winter.  LN.....I think a bath is on the cards for tonight......LN

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Elsa Peters
January 13, 2022, 5:16pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 13th January

So minus six when I went to bed and minus ten when I woke up this morning,  For some reason I mistook the time on my Fitbit and read it as six thirty and in fact it was four thirty so I did get a little sleep in this afternoon to catch up,  I'd let the fire to out last night so I brought it back to life, I'd drawn the curtain separating the large landing windows from the winter lounge so the other side of the curtain was down to thirteen degrees by the woodburner side was OK so once the fire was going I opened it up to the elements and all was OK.  I topped up with hot coffee and by eight I was making a bacon and egg sandwich for breakfast, putting the old pasta out for the birds and more fresh bread.  Not many of them were around until I put the food out, it was a bit chilly for them and when they did arrive, they were all puffed up and why wouldn't you be,

I had a shower and washed my hair this morning and dried off in the upstairs bathroom, the warmest room in the house.  The sun was up by this time but it didn't really do much in the way of softening the ice and snow on the terraces so they're left uncleared.  In fact the temperature stayed just below freezing all day and now it's on its way down again.  I popped over to see Avatar and her daughter was giving the house a final clean before she leaves for Turkey tomorrow and I did mention that if she was really bored I could find her work.  I left just as Zelinger arrived, pretended to smash elbows together, cleared the ice from the gate so that it would shut and carried on home to clear my drive up to the road where the snow plough had done what it does best and blocked me in.  I also cleared the drive in front of the Nipper and cleared the snow from it so that I won't have to do it when I take Avatar's daughter to Djebel tomorrow morning at seven fifteen.  

I had a bit of a lazy afternoon, attempted to clear the terrace but gave up and had five minutes in the sun enjoying the view.  Next stop was Netflix and a new series called The Stranger and watched about three episodes before I settled in for the snooker and saw Ronnie go out again.  I'd put supper in the oven and I had a rib of barbecued pork ribs and a jacket, kitchen cleared and washing up done and fire relit and belting it out....it's going to be another cold one, the moon's up and the starts are out.  As |I said I'm out early in the morning and I'm going to take it slowly, not much snow but the road is going to be icy in places.  LN.....Note to self...set alarms.....LN

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Elsa Peters
January 14, 2022, 8:30pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 14th January

What a full on  day it's been.  I set the alarm so that I didn't oversleep this morning and at five thirty I switched it off, I was already awake.  The outside temperature was minus eleven so I was out of bed by six and dressing for the extreme cold.  I was taking Avatar's daughter to Djebel so that she could catch the bus to Turkey at eight this morning but thee was a lot to do before then.  The Nipper was iced over inside and out despite my efforts yesterday to clear the windscreen so I started the engine at six thirty to warm it up and with full winter gear on I was out there chipping away.  The passenger door was iced over so that was going to be a problem but eventually at seven I drove out of the gate, turned at the bottom of the village and parked up outside their gate and we started to load the Nipper.  There was only a faint glimmer of morning, Haciber was out already to watch the departure, two holdalls went in along with two extra large carriers and the daughter had to sit with parcels, the door wouldn't open, it was still frozen shut.  Eventually all was safely gathered in and off we set.  

I hadn't driven the road since I'd made it back when the snow started to fall so wasn't sure what to expect so I took it slowly., it was good in places, very icy in others, it got better as we hit the main road but where the sun hadn't managed to melt the snow through the forest if wasn't foot at all but eventually we made it by seven thirty.  The bus still hadn't arrived from Zlatograd so off she went to get food for her journey and I waited for her to come back. we unloaded the luggage and I set off for home at just before eight, again taking it very slowly.  I put the Nipper back in the drive intending to have a quiet day but at nine my Messenger pinged and my friend from the next village asked if I was up to anything and could I go over to his village and take him to get some money, his car was fixed and ready for collection.  Being fresh from my triumph of the morning, I set off again at nine twenty, found a cash machine in Djebel and headed down another back lane and on to the main Greek road which was more or less clear and was over there for ten thirty, a swift coffee and we were off again to collect his car from the repair yard.  The man wasn't there to pay him so he drove the car back to his, more coffee, a couple of phone calls and off he went to get money from another cashpoint so that he could pay me back, go back to the yard, pay the man and we could all now relax.

By now it was getting of for lunch time so we had lunch, chewed the fat for a while and I set off around three thirty for home arriving around four fifteen, got the fire going to  start warming the house up, settled down to watch the snooker and promptly went to sleep during the chase wrapped in a blanket lying on the sofa.  I woke up just before ten, toasty and realised I hadn't written up my day and now it's done I must remember to switch the alarm off.  Fortunately the temperature is only down to minus three tonight so it looks like this really cold snap has moved over, nothing on for tomorrow except for a lunch appointment with Avatar and some of the villagers but i might even side step that, I'll see how I feel.  Two good turns in one day deserve a day of rest and I'm going to take it.  LN.....That's unless I decided to go shopping to Kardjali......LN
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Elsa Peters
January 15, 2022, 6:36pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 15th January

Around seven  thirty when I woke up to face the world.  The outside temperature station was showing minus five so lower than I'd expected but not so cold as it had been.  I lit the fire, the sun wasn't up yet and I could always let it go out if the sun really shot up in temperature but I wasn't expecting to get the bikini out.  I did a load of washing and put it on the airer in the bathroom and made poached eggs on toast for breakfast but before that I was out and about in the house with the camera taking my view of the morning.  The sky was very cloudy but eventually the clouds cleared and it turned out OK.

I filled up the log carriers and put them in the porch, tried to clear the snow from the terraces but it wasn't having it.  The terraces were very wet when the snow began to fall and with the really icy temperatures, there was no moving it.  I also tried to clear a path to the wood store but that wasn't having it either and I guess I'll leave it to nature.  I moved upstairs and decided to sort out the photo that Beyser had given me of her daughter-in-law who had died prematurely, she wanted it made bigger and framed.  It had been a while since I'd done one and for some reason I couldn't get the scanner working properly so I ended up taking a photo of the photo with my camera, I managed to get the photo into a document and then when I tried to print last time it didn't print properly so I set of the cleaning routine.....and it wouldn't.  I have this horrible feeling that it's the print head that's failed so more than likely I'll need to replace the printer.  

By now the time had moved on and I remembered that I should be over the road with the ladies for lunch and as I left the gate, Avatar was about to come over and bring me lunch.  I carried on, she said that they were just finishing up and I said it didn't matter, I joined the gathering, made a hamburger with a bread roll that she'd baked and poured myself a glass of juice.  I'd now joined the party.  It was good to see the ladies there, Avatar hasn't had them round for a while and I think she needs to get herself established back in the village now that she's back from three winters in Germany.

The ladies left around one thirty and I stayed on to help Avatar clear away, we talked for a while and then I came home with more rolls and burgers and I'll probably have one later for supper or maybe put them in sauce and have them with pasta tomorrow.  I went out and did a little more terrace clearing but it really wasn't happening so I settled myself in front of the TV and the snooker, nodded off, woke up and watched the end of the game and what a good game it was.  I eventually got the fire going again, it had been very reluctant to burst into flames but now it's doing what it should be and sending hot water round the radiators and since it's going down to minus seven tonight, I shall need it.

Shan't be late to bed tonight, nothing on the agenda for tomorrow so far and if it's minus seven there'll be not terrace clearing.  LN.....Another day of rest......LN

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Elsa Peters
January 16, 2022, 4:39pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 16th January

Well to cap it all my internet went off and so I'm writing this OpenOffice and hoping I can copy it across later when all is restored.

Up to this point I've had a lovely day.  It was minus six when I eventually became compos mentis at eight this morning, the sun was up and had beaten me but hey, what the heck, I haven't a bad track record.  I opened the curtains and put down the drawbridge, set the fire but didn't light it, emptied the bins and accumulated the rubbish...it was going to be a bonfire day.  I found bacon in the freezer and fried it off with an egg and that was breakfast sorted, didn't bother to wash-up and it's still waiting for me now with tonight's supper dish in the bowl with it.

I went out to feed the birds and to my surprise saw my painter walking down to the village and he stopped for a chat.  I mentioned that I still had his Christmas present and that I'd been down to his house twice before I'd headed to the UK and he replied that Glucan's mother had told him but by which time I'd gone.  Off he went, he didn't call back or he might have but I was at the bottom of the garden and he didn't pursuit it.  So I suddenly remembered that Monty Don had his programme repeated today of his journey down the gardens of the Adriatic and since I enjoyed the last one I settled down for an hour with this episode and it was well worth it.  I didn't know much about Croatia or that coast except that Game of Thrones was filmed there and it was quite enlightening.

Down to the bonfire and got it going, cleared the old stalks of the Jerusalem artichokes and got those in the fire as well, removed the tin cans, sat on the wall enjoying the view of the house and hillsides.  Came back up the garden and cleared more of the ice from the terrace and I'm nearly there.  Settled in for the snooker this afternoon, warmed up the hamburger things from yesterday and had them with bread and mayo and that's supper over.  

Just noticed that the internet is back on so I'm going to post this before it decides to go off again.  Back to the snooker and it looks like my man is not having such a good time of it.  LN.....Up the English.......LN
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Elsa Peters
January 17, 2022, 4:11pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 17th January

So last night was solely for the snooker when the internet returned but I lost interest as the one that won it seemed to assume the air of the winner with still a chance for the other player to get back into the game.  I also get really pee-ed off with the commentators that change direction at the drop of a hat and always seem to want to back the winner.  At midnight I wended my way to the bedroom, settled down and slept through until six thirty, turned over and woke up for the second time at eight...refreshed.

I washed and dressed, decent trousers and sweater and was in two minds whether to go into Kardjali or not.  I meandered through the morning, toast and jam for breakfast, more coffee and moved on to the upstairs computer and played around with ancestry for a while.  I was surprised with a visit from Avatar as she used the door bell that I gave her, came in for a change clutching the pair of fingerless gloves that she'd finished with the purple wool that I bought the other day.  She'd also started the hat to match and wanted to test whether it fitted round my head or not....a personal fitting....and it did.  She left the one that I'd given her as a guide and I found another one in the porch as she went off with that one.

I cleared out the ashes from yesterday and went out to fill the log carrier.  The logs are going down and somehow two metal step ladders and a wooded one had found their was on top of the remaining logs so I ended up rejigging the wood store and now the ladders have a new home and the logs are easier to get at.  On the way out of the wood store I noticed that the English garden hoe was propped against the wall and my little brain thought that it would be a useful tool for removing the really icy topping on the terraces.  I started work and lo and behold I eventually cleared the lounge terrace and a decent path to the porch, the rest is just too iced on at with the temperature hovering at zero I decided to come in, get warm again although it was warm in the sun, it didn't do much to get rid of the ice.

Not much happening this afternoon, I checked out printer offers in Kardjali and think I've found one for a reasonable price.  I'll head in in the morning, it's on offer on the internet so I'll check out if it comes with cartridges and how much they cost to confirm that it's a good buy.  It's twenty leva cheaper on the net with free delivery so that should pay for the first refills.  

I've just lit the fire, went to close the curtains in the bedroom and noticed that we have a full moon that appears to have snuck up on me.  I grabbed a couple shots of it and one of the frosty hillside, sorted out the fire again that seems very reluctant to fire up and put my coffee through the microwave for the third time.  I switched the boiler on this afternoon and now it's up to temperature, I think a bath might be on the cards for tonight before my quiz night wrapped up like a mummy in the lounge and then snuggle down in the nest with a hot drink.  I'm not cooking supper...I thawed the mince out but after a packet of biscuits, be it a small one, the edge is off my hunger.  LN.....It's going to be another cold one......LN

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January 18, 2022, 2:32am Report to Moderator

Big Poster
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Some print heads can be removed from the printer. If yours can give it a good soak in warm water removing any dried up ink, no soap, allow to dry in a warm place, then give it a quick clean on any contacts. When it is dry stuff it back in and it may well work fine. If it doesn't nothing lost. Just read you are going to buy a new one, Never mind!
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Elsa Peters
January 18, 2022, 7:32pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 18th January

Thanks TC....had the same problem with the last one and looking at the price of a new one today, it's ordered and will be delivered hopefully tomorrow.  I may become experimental tomorrow and follow your suggestion, nothing wrong with having two printers just in case the other one goes wrong...

Another beautiful start to the day and I managed to catch the moon on its way to bed after it had lit up the estate all night.  It's just so bright and must check up if it's normal at this time of year.  Of course the snow helps and so far it's hung around for quite some time and the ice on the terrace is still as hard as ever and I was very careful walking around today....don't want a re-run of a few years ago.  Bacon and fried egg for breakfast, load of washing done, fire cleaned out and laid, logs in and the log basket loaded and it was only eleven o'clock.  I set about finding a text for my student for this afternoon realising that I couldn't print a new one out so had to make do.  I found about four that I could use so went back outside and tried hard to chip more of the ice away to no avail so I'm leaving it to nature.  

So into the Nipper at two thirty and I was surprised that the road remained really icy through the forest.  I thought the boys would have been out and spread more salt on the road but thinking about it, my terrace has had sun on it and it's still not melted so I approached it gingerly.  I managed to park up outside the shop next door leaving parking places for customers, my student returned from school and went up to the flat, I sat with his mother in the shop and ordered my printer from the internet saving money and getting free delivery.  Had a good session with my student, it was a slow start, it's been around five weeks since his last lesson.  We did OK though and as I was leaving he asked me to stay longer and I think he just enjoys trying out his English and raise his confidence levels.

It was six when I set off for home, slowly through the forest and then into fast mode to light the fire, fry off the mince with an onion, peel potatoes, open a can of beans and turn it all into a shepherds pie for supper.  By seven thirty supper was ready, the radiators were warming up nicely and supper was served.  The washing up is done and it's now nine fifteen and I shan't be long before I get myself snuggled down in the nest.  Nothing on for tomorrow except to collect the printer from Djebel if it arrives and I might even try to take the printhead from the old printer and give it the suggested treatment.  LN.....I've had a good day......LN

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Elsa Peters
January 19, 2022, 4:41pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 19th January

So I mistook the time of coming to this morning and thought it was six thirty...wrong five thirty but by this time I had a coffee made and was back into bed.  I did check the outside temperature and it was down to minus six this morning and since the fire was lingering on from last night I brought it to life and it's been going all day.  It's surprising really, I've only used about three big logs and the one that's on now should do me through the night and maybe through until tomorrow morning, it's not blazing just ticking along nicely.

Breakfast was hit and miss, I had a half jar of apricots in syrup that I finished off, more coffee and toast and that was it.  I've found out that Countdown has a re-run in the mornings so settled in to that, I'm tired of the witch-hunt by the zealous champions from ITV Morning programme, everything is done so far out in the open, let the party get rid of Boris if it so desires.  Everybody seems to get whipped up into a frenzy,  I'm all for a quiet life......the ducking stools will be next to be brought out.

So my job for today was to chop up starter wood, I was down to my last few sticks and now I have two containers full to the top to see me through,  I'm using old wood and went on the rampage for more and found it on the little house balcony and now it's gather in ready for the next chopping exercise.  I also sat myself down in the sun on Mikey B's bench on the woodstore terrace and envisaged my next project and how I could make it into a solarium with a dip pool and hot-tub and heat it with solar panels on the roof.  When the day to day dramas are far from your mind it's easy to let it wander and come up with ideas.  

I'd gone upstairs to make a call to the premium bond office about its insistence that I fill out forms that it sends to the UK and replacement cheques for a small prize that I've son.  I thought I'd sorted it from England but there's not even a record of my contacting them so not much chance that what I asked for could be done.  Let's see how they get on this time.  At the same time, my Avatar appeared on the terrace with the new hat that she'd made to match the gloves but when I put it on it was much to tall and looked like the comb on a chicken so it went back for readjustments and now it's fine.  She now wants to make me another pair of gloves in the same wool, at this rate we could go into production.

I tidied up outside and settled down to watch the first series of the After Life on Netflix written and produced by Ricky Gervais....it was suggested this morning on TV and low and behold was on...suggested for you.....and I managed to get through the first series.  The second one is available and this morning he was talking about the third one which is going into production but that will be the last.  Not much further he could be taking it considering the subject matter.

Supper is in the oven and I'm doing it for Avatar and myself and tonight we have chicken leg with roasted potatoes and onions and I should really check on it.  I've just added a baked stuffed apple to the menu and everything should be ready in around ten minutes so time to get a move on and get this posted.  LN.....Another productive day.....LN

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