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MAY 2022
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Elsa Peters
May 30, 2022, 4:58pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 30th May

Another horrible night, itching hands kept me awake and at three I was kitchen bound for more water but at least my lip was back to normal size this morning.  The sun beat me to it , quite a bit of mist around but generally it's been the first what I call a summer day.  The clouds did start building around three but they soon dissipated and now we have a pleasant summer evening without any wind at all.

Toast for breakfast, Avatar came over and suggested that I went to the doctors with my cough but Monday at the Polyclinic is more like a bun fight.  I toyed with the idea of going into Djebel to get some linctus and throat tablets but I seem to me coughing better than I was so I'll go to the chemist tomorrow if I go to see my student....I'll see how I am in the morning.  I set about finishing the job that I'd started sorting out the rest of the clothes from the big chest in my bedroom and now that's done.  I have sorted and put to one side ready for the charity shop, one load of washing went in and those items are probably still going to a charity closer to home.  I moved into the spare bedroom and over the time that I've been here I've accumulated lots of bedding ranging from winter, spring, summer and autumn and now it's time to sort out the fleece nests and get standard duvet covers on before we move on to just sheets and a lightweight cover.  So all the fleece are washed and put away, my boots are all in the spare room with everything that's already put aside for the charity shop.  Curtain material to be sorted next and new curtains are wanted for the guest room, the existing ones have faded so that job's been added to the list.

Not sure what's on the agenda for supper tonight...I'm giving my digestion a cooling off period after my swollen lip yesterday morning.  Just about to go out and give the garden a good watering, the new seedling especially the lupins are looking a little sad.  LN.....Time to get the hose out.......LN

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Elsa Peters
May 31, 2022, 6:47pm Report to Moderator

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Posts: 5,499
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Tuesday 31st May

Another disturbed night but after an hour playing games I went back to sleep and it was eight thirty when I woke up,  Not a bad morning, I felt as rough as a badger bit of anatomy so made toast for breakfast and then 'poodled' around with menial tasks before settling myself on the sofa.  I had a message from my former student suggesting that we went to supper on Wednesday night but decided to decline.  I explained that I had a touch of a summer cold and could we leave it for another time, well wishes for a speedy recovery and a date to be rearranged.  I next generated a message to my student's mum at the garage cancelling today's lesson with her son....my voice was almost non-existent and my coughing sounded like a badly tuned car engine.  She came back with a recipe for chamomile tea which was great but I'd not got any in the garden so that was a none starter,

At ten thirty I almost had a melt down.  My cough started up, I kept at it and nothing that wanted to dislodge dislodged,   I moved to the kitchen for more water and it was almost as if breathing and coughing had gone out of sync and eventually I managed to get control.  It frightened me so much that I decided to go into Kardjali and see my doctor, I thought a prescription for and antibiotics was very necessary and a good linctus.  I was ready by eleven thirty, got the Nipper out on to the road, Avatar was in her garden so I popped over to see if there was anything that she wanted from Kardjali.  As I drove in I went to clean the windscreen and had run out of water so decided to stop off at the garage to get more washer stuff, but first checked the boot and I'd got about a pint in a big bottle which did the trick.  She used to be a nurse and between us we decided that it was probably better to get a good linctus from the chemist next door, see how I was overnight and then go to the doctor tomorrow if nothing had improved.  Bought the local noted linctus for just over five lev, went into the supermarket and picked up sliced and standard hot bread and some lemons.  Avatar noticed that I had come back and suggested that I could buy her some ginger root tomorrow and she'd make me the local brew, I had ginger root in the kitchen so I gave it to her with half a jar of honey.

I settled on the sofa for the afternoon, slept for around two hours without coughing but started when I woke up, more hot water to ease the throat, more linctus and Avatar was at the door, she'd made me the preparation by grating the ginger into the honed and apparently a spoonful is to be taken each morning. Off she went but she is very worried about when it gets down to the lungs and by then it's hospitalisation and I saw her a few years ago and don't fancy time in a Bulgarian hospital, so doctor tomorrow.

Not bothered with supper tonight which in good. about to make up a bottle of water with fresh lemon and then I shall be heading down the wooden hills. as my mother used to call the stairs, and hopefully have a settled night.  LN......Almost time for my next dose, not like Zubes cough mixture which I loved a s a child....,LN
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