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Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 3, 2009, 3:56am
Tuesday 3rd November

Well what can I say.  It appears that I am back on line.  Such a lot has happened and October seems to have been one of the busiest months so I'll try and fill you in on some of the activities that have taken place.  I think pictures speak a thousand words but where is that camera when you need it?  I was up on the second floor of my little house when I noticed that my little old man who lives next door appeared to have fallen down the well and all I could see was a little head with a very worried expression poking out.  'Help' in Bulgarian I understand but this was Turkish so I was desparately trying to make my builders understand that there was a problem and they ran to the rescue and pulled him out.  Goodness knows how he managed to get down there in the first place or how he came to fall in but there you go.  All day long I had this thought pounding through my head of ding dong bell, stara mush is down the well.  Stara mush being Bulgarian for Old Man as he is now affectionately titled.
Posted by: timpet73, November 3, 2009, 9:11am; Reply: 1
Hurrah, we appear to be back online... Glad to hear you are okay, as opposed to the stara mush. I hope that the house is finished soon...The hotel costs sound horrendous. Speak to you soon...T L E & L XXX
Posted by: MikeyB, November 3, 2009, 9:58pm; Reply: 2
WooHoo the mad women from the hills has been plugged back in  ;D

Good to see!!!

Anyway back on topic!! What do you mean no pictures! I was going to put a question mark but im typing on a turkish keyboard so you`re lucky you understand me at all  :P

Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 4, 2009, 8:30am; Reply: 3
Wednesday 4th November

Well to you Mikey B....I am lucky to understand you at all never mind the excuse of a Turkish keyboard ;D

So yesterday was a day of variables.  It was dull in the morning when I picked up the workers at 8.00a.m. but as we passed the young builder's house, I slowed down the car and his mother handed him a bag.  He just turned and said 'barbeque' and I just smiled and thought that he couldn't be serious.  Well yes he was.  But as the day wore on the weather deteriorated and we had the first few flakes of snow so what there was on those far off hills was slowly making its way to the lower reaches.  And then it started and continued but in the midst of it all the little builder started to make a fire in the garden on my bonfire spot and I thought it was just to keep warm but no.....a barbeque.  He constructed a makeshift lid, it appears that they had killed a calf and we had a few slices of the wee beastie that we were having for lunch so in the blizzard he set to work.  Delicious.  We all sat around the wood burner which was rapidly consuming the old roof and had it with bread and Fanta.  Not a drop of red wine in sight.  After that it was a bit of an anti-climax.  Too cold to work and so back to their respective houses and me left with the washing up.  There are pickies that I will add when I work what has changed so that I can't add them at the moment.  Do not fear....I have the evidence of this mad occurence :)
Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 5, 2009, 6:40pm; Reply: 4
Thursday 5th November

Well I did promise the pictures for the barbeque and here goes....this is the proof
Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 5, 2009, 6:55pm; Reply: 5
Thursday continued

Yesterday started off rainy but then turned into a reasonable day but hey if it rains, my builders don't want to work but this morning it was a beautiful but chilly start.  The Beast had thawed out by 7.30 this morning as I set off to collect the workers.  Now to ask anybody how they are it is usually Kak si but this has turned into Taxi which is what I usually say when I pull up outside the cafe.  It's become a bit of a joke and this morning they all turned out in hats but as the day wore on I was down to only two sweaters.  I had Heinz and Silvana over this morning checking out the reception for the home box to get internet installed.  I think I shall have to get electricity installed first since I am currently attached by an extension lead to the pole....

Lets have a few pickies of the house in it's current state.  I should now to be careful what I ask little house has now become my big house, all the lintels are in place and the roof timbers should be arriving tomorrow.  I am also proud of my wood working skills, not pretty but effective and very useful ;)
Posted by: 2 (Guest), November 9, 2009, 3:38pm; Reply: 6
hey, tried to get you earlier, to stop off for a photoshoot... well not actually to shoot you, just the Pajero!

the page on the site, has now been updated with your gearbox repairs, and alledgedly yur now due for a complete winter servicing too lol ...  8) however it seems both me and Rich havn't taken photos of the entire jeep!  :-/

so when yur washed n ready... the jeep will be featured here -
Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 10, 2009, 5:02am; Reply: 7
Tuesday 10th November

This is in response to a bantering by Mikey B who has nothing better to do than take a holiday, get to sit on the pilots knee on the way back by the look of his pickies and is demanding that I update.  Now getting up at the crack of and shifting builders around is not my idea of fun.  I thought I had retired from the early morning starts but not so.  I did tell a funny story about my stara mush neighbour and a well and so here are the pictures of the well and stara mush but not in the same sequence....where is that camera when you need it???

I have also the first wooden bits in place for the roof and yesterday we went and bought the steel gutterings and down pipes so I think that signifies that there is a roof on its way.  The big timbers are coming later today and I have just arranged for three acro props for the other house so that the ceilings don't come down in the snow.  My guys yesterday said that because the timbers didn't arrive on schedule that they seemed to have nothing to do after lunch time....I suggested that they dig the trench for the loo that connects to a pipe that supposedly takes the extruded contents down the valley.....where down the valley I know not but I now have the channel for the plastic waste pipes....progress.  OK Mikey B and I promise more to follow later.....
Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 11, 2009, 6:29pm; Reply: 8
Tuesday 10th November

The promised lorry arrived along with its load of timber that I though, what the hell are they going to do with that lot...Firstly the man couldn't get his lorry with his crane into the drive so it was dumped on the road in front of the main gate and dutifully blocking in the Beast so I'm now concerned that if they don't get it moved to within the compound then we are all well and truely stuffed.  Now I needn't have worried at all.  With my lovely Stara Mush of the Well fame instucting and advising everyone of everything...what could possibly go wrong... ;) Well it was unloaded as the pickies show but then the heavens opened and rain stopped play.  I've mentioned already that they don't like the rain but they don't seem to have a fallback plan either so we all sat round the petchka (woodburner) while Stara Mush related some funny stories but only if you speak Turkish or Bulgarian fluently.  Driving back we could have done with a life safety raft.  Bulgaria doesn't have very efficient storm drains on the roads so it was a bit like Thorpe Park water rides.  Not only did the heavens open but we had the thunder and lightening to go with it.  Ah well...let's get some pickies loaded....
Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 11, 2009, 6:48pm; Reply: 9
Wednesday 11th November...lest we forget

Now the pickup was same time same place but it was sunny when I left Dzebel but foggy when I got to the cafe pickup point.  In truth I anticipated a problem despite the fact that they seemed to be anticipating a breeze of a day with the barbeque forecast for 1.00.  Those logs seemed pretty big to me and considering that they had to get them onto the first floor of the house....bloody big.

So now I am discussng the possibility of a crane and ask them to make a phone call to the nearest crane supplier but he was on holiday.  Now I watched them wrestle the first one up there and then I thought that I had to do something constructive and end the agony.  Now Richard my car angel has a winch attached to his discovery so I put two and two together and gave him a call.  Now I'm trying to explain this to my guys who don't speak much of anything that I understand and neither do I as far as they are concerned but I got the message across.  Richard arrived and yes we could manage to winch the beams up to the first floor considering that we had nine of the beauties to move.  Success and we had the barbeque as planned and they sat round the fire while Richard and I sat round the petchk enjoying lamb the like of which you haven't tasted in England...these eat grass and roam free.  As for the kitten that you see in the's not anybodies but one of my mates confirms that if I pay the builders and they are providing food for the kitten then I am indirectly providing for the kitten.  We joke about it but with them gone I think I have acquired my first responsibility....

All beams successfully sited and guess what...we have another nine coming within the next couple of days and yes...Richard is on standby....Lecka nosht...everybody....oh and the name for the's yours....
Posted by: Princess, November 12, 2009, 1:16pm; Reply: 10
Well Hello there Mummy Moo Mar.......... I'm so glad that you are up and running again! Looks like things are all systems go with you.

I have been very busy at work and think that I'd be much better suited to Sainsburys and I would also benefit from Nectar points!.......... I hear that you are coming home in December? It will be great to see you. Miss you Mummy but so happy that you are living your dream.....................I'm dead proud of you, YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!

Remember, to the moon and back,

Big Kisses, Princess and her Frogs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :K)
Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 13, 2009, 6:37pm; Reply: 11
Friday 13th November

Miss you too Princess and your frogs and the moon and back seems positively nearer than my roof although saying that...I’ve just realised… Friday 13th and there wasn’t the option to stay in bed.  Off with the Beast to collect my little team.  My car was in yesterday and has been prepared for the winter and I’m advised that I can go down to -25degrees now that the anti-freeze has been done and my nipples greased….now there’s a thing.  Last night I decided to treat Richard, my car and winch guru, to the local for chicken livers done their special way, chicken wings, cheesy chips, salad, and two beers for me and I forgot to count how many coffees for Richard.  The total bill was 17BGN which roughly translates to £9.00 sterling. And……there were a lot of coffees.

On my roof there is a lot of banging and the pickie that they are working to is still up on my notice board.  It is now in their heads and they're placing beams accordingly.  It's rumoured that Bulgaria is held together by six inch nails but I believe they are much larger.  England screws, Bulgarians nail.   Now we had a funny story about bitumen.  Bitumen in Bulgarian means wooden timbers and I am trying to insist that we have a layer of bitumen over the timbers not relying solely on hardboard sheets to do the job.  I kept saying that they must put bitumen and they assured me they would.  Eventually we got to the bottom of it and now it’s their bitumen and my bitumen so that we understand what we are talking about.  I’m off to buy some of my bitumen.  More pictures to follow…..there is at last progress.   Just a little update on the kitten...she now loves my boots and is determined to get me to pick her up but I've left that to the men....Toya is not mine....theirs...and now I am going to rest my weary head.  Lecka nosht
Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 15, 2009, 5:48pm; Reply: 12
Sunday 15th November

Sorry that there has been no update but the internet at the hotel was down.  Here we go.....the workers have worked their little socks off over the last couple of days and we now have something that resembles the bare bones of the roof.  We did have a site meeting this afternoon with the 'picture' held in high esteem and decided that we didn't need any windows in the would have made it too tall.  I just suggested that if I am going to go up into the loft that they can fit me a light instead.  Again it started off with freezing fog and by the time that I had got the petchka up to full steam it was time to go home.  It's difficult though...the door remains open and I've only got shower curtains for windows as it stands at the moment so it doesn't have much of a chance.  It did get up to 12 degrees but I think it was warmer outside. Now for a few of the house....and lecka nosht...I'm off for a sorely needed shower...
Posted by: Princess, November 16, 2009, 1:07pm; Reply: 13
Well I'm at home with a poorly brave soldier (no..................... not my husband!) My little frog is croaky and has managed to persuade me that he should be off school for the day....... He did seem to improve slightly after 9.00 I must admit.
Things are really going well with you by the look of it, the house is looking great and the hard work seems to be paying off. Callum has fallen in love with Toiya and I think he would be a very happy bunny to get her wrapped up for his christmas pressie!..... I on the other hand would not so please don't be tempted to smuggle her home!! Well I'm off to do my Florence Nightingale bit.... I think Big Frog may have told Little Frog that Man Flu can be a killer and that he should let me run around and look after him......... Big Kisses, love you to the moon and back, Princess, Big Frog and Little Croaky Frog xx Rebbit, xx Rebbit :K)
Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 16, 2009, 4:08pm; Reply: 14
Monday 16th November

OK Florence, send the troops back to the front tomorrow.  Now if you think the Toiya cute take a look at these beauties.  It was suggested that I take both because we all had the same colour hair but we have a boy and a girl in there and so it will be probably the boy although the girl is more aggressive.  Now there's a thing.  As for the kitten picture I think it was being threatened with the barbeque if it didn't stop stealing food.

I've had a lovely day today.  Went with Richard into Kardjali, picked up my residents card and sorted out the insurance on the properties.  I'm amazed how much Bulgarian I am understanding and speaking or perhaps more people down here are giving English a try.  What the heck...everything seems much easier than it used to.  

Well today I went and got my bitumen from the local do it yourself place and it is now in the back of the Beast along with two pots of something to secure it to the hardboard.  The back seats of the Beast have no leg room whatsoever and the men have got to move things around in the morning before they can even get into the car.  They decided to take today off so that they come back refreshed or something like that.  The weather forcast is fine until the weekend so that's an improvement and it looks like it is getting warmer....  I paid off some of my hotel bill today not wanting to let it run until I come back to UK.  The last seven weeks has cost me the same as one week in the UK...gore dol (or there abouts) and that can't be bad.

Now for the pickies....and good night everybody.  I got a chicken leg and some crusty bread from Billa in Kardjali and I can't wait to tuck in...Lecka nosht...and to the moon and back Princess and the frogs even though one is ever so slightly croaky....XXX
Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 16, 2009, 11:34pm; Reply: 15
Tuesday 17th November

I'm a suffering insomniac.  I have just finished another book but fortunately the English fraternity here has provided lots more to go at.  I shouldn't eat cheese at bedtime Grommit..... :-/

Now what a beautiful day it turned out to be.....the weather was warm and sunny and so I shall continue to leave my new gloves in the pocket of my body warmer and the builders had a field day.

It was confusing at first.  The general conversation was to go to Chacalarovo which isn't spelt like that at all or were we to stop off at Fotinovo and wait for Ysat to deliver coffee me being a good customer?  Anyway it was all lost in translation and I went with the flow and without the coffee but came back with huge logs in a van that I know not where it came from.  That's BG for you.  The petchka was slow to light this morning when we eventually got to the house and was surprisingly warm by the time that we came to leave.  I spent the afternoon cutting down the trees that obscure my view of the Momchilgrad mountains and then refining them into logs suitable for the petchka.  Productive, good for the bust so I am told and now I have also removed the one remaining blot on the landscape so that I can take a good pickie of the house without there being any intrusions.  The builders put up eight courses of bricks, unloaded their bitumen from Chacalarovo and mine from the Beast before they went home or rather to the cafe.  I believe it is their watering hole and there again everybody needs one.  I pulled the Beast into the parking bay behind the hotel, went to my local, got my own beer out of the fridge and a glass and sat for an hour making animals out of plastercine for their three year old daughter.  Hubovo Givot or wonderful life as they say....Back in the room now and taking a much needed shower and time to get my head into a book or Sudoko on the time to relax...Lecka nosht....
Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 18, 2009, 6:13pm; Reply: 16
Wednesday 18th November

What a beautiful day it turned out to be after the morning fog had cleared.  I picked up my guys at the agreed time, got them to the house, lit the woodburner, made us all coffee and then drove the Beast down to Dzebel to get one of its boots fixed.  The cost of parts and labour was approximately £35.  I fell in love all over again with the little dog and offered to take him after Christmas if they would look after him until then but I recognise that they just want to get rid even though I offered money for food and injections until I returned.  Ah well.  I'm sure she'll have other pups.

Have a lovely Twitter interlude going with Peter James and the highs and lows of using an ironing board for its intended purpose or perhaps using it as a surf board and trying out the Thames Barrier.  He said that he is a novice with an ironing board and I suggested he stays that way and gets a housekeeper to keep him suitably turned out for all occasions.  I await a response.  I also want to know if his books are translated into Bulgarian yet.  It would be handy to have something ready if I get stopped for speeding and an organised book signing could keep me beyond the law....just a thought.  I await the next Tweet.

Now the roof is getting nearer and it's looking fantastic.  I dropped the guys off tonight and on the way noticed a huge 'bonfire' in one of the men's garden.  I joked barbeque and they said no....Rakia.  We had a still going.  I went to Pepes for coffee but on the way back I called in to see whether it was 'still' going and yes it was and found out the tecky terms and the second stage of the process.  I decided not to use the camera on this is as illegal here as it is anywhere but I stuck my finger in the outpourings and wow...what a taste.  I'll get my bottle or the pics get published....

Now back to the hotel for the well earned shower and looking forward to another super day tomorrow.  The builders apologised that it is taking so long to do but they are doing it properly and that's all that matters.  I'll get more up to date pictures for you then and so it's goodnight from me....sleep tight and if I had had more of that Rakia, I'm sure I would....lecka nosht....
Posted by: Princess, November 18, 2009, 7:27pm; Reply: 17
Good news, the little croaky frog prince is fully recovered and back to school tomorrow! I can't be doing with poorly demanding chidren...... especially when i am not being paid for it! I know he is better as he has talked non stop today and I'm looking forward to going back to school for a rest!!
The puppies that you have adopted are beautiful..... I think you should call them Itchy and Scratchy....

Can't wait to see you soon...........................Moon and back, Princess, Big Frog and Baby Croaker xxxxxxxxxx :K)
Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 19, 2009, 5:37pm; Reply: 18
Thursday 19th November

Well could always ship him out to me.  I could do with a hand chopping wood and that would be guaranteed to get him back to school in quicksticks.  It's become a bit of a joke.  Locals use the axe cum hammer cum whatever else you might want to use it for and this is now termed as Turkish Robote (work).  Now yours truely uses a saw for the big bits and props the little stuff up against a ledge and bangs down hard with a foot and this has now become known as English Robote.  If I can't get through it with the foot then it goes into the pile marked 'saw'.  Easy really.  I now have two piles of assorted firewood that is going to be stored in the other house waiting for the snow but today I was down to two tshirts having stripped off one Priory School jumper and a body warmer.

The guys have spent the day sawing and banging and bending rods of metal around the roof timbers.  Now I thought they were arials for the local radio station but I'm assured they are to keep the roof on if there is a gale force wind blowing so that it doesn't end up in Greece and once more I would be without a roof.

Had a bit of a battle with the cows again today and had more fence building to do.  It's not that there is nothing to stop them but they seem to leapfrog what's there even though it is covered with thorns and balk at the thought of going out the way that they came in.  I am now getting to be quite a dab hand at removing them from the garden and I have improved the fence using the beams from the old roof.  Let's see if it stops them tomorrow.  

Quick shower and off to my local for some cheesy chips and chicken wings....lecka nosht and big kisses to Princess and the frogs......
Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 20, 2009, 4:44pm; Reply: 19
Friday 20th November

Well Princess and the it to be Itchy or be delivered January, fully injected!! ;)  I better read the book...... ;D  Maybe just Scratch.....
Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 20, 2009, 4:55pm; Reply: 20
Friday cont.....

Just a couple of pickies of Scratch for the record.....he's the one with his back to you in the first picture and he does need feeding up a bit.  Having done some research there are vets all over the place and one working in Dzebel so maybe I need to take him as soon as possible to get him over the worst before I go.  And a big bag of dog food / puppy food to get him on the road to protecting yours truely.....The second pickie is definately him....and it is definately a HIM.

And what a record day with the house.  They are now bricking from the eaves up so that the snow doesn't get into the eaves and believe it or not....they should be starting on the hardboard and my bitumen anytime soon since they have advised me that they will be working Saturday and Sunday.  I think it was when I threatened that if I didn't have a roof....they didn't have their holiday ;D

Now off to eat with Heinz, Silvana and Richard with an already ordered menu of Carp which is absolutely wonderful washed down with a little red wine....Lecka nosht....

What a wonderful meal....carp cooked in the oven stuffed with onion and tomato..and I settled for beer not wine in the end.  £5 approximately per head and the rest of the fish was that can't be bad.
Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 22, 2009, 5:22pm; Reply: 21
Sunday 22nd November

This is especially for Maureen who has got me confused with a Minister in the States....Morning...I am just an Anglechanka in a state ...of euphoria...

Well there are a few photos that I didn't publish earlier so this is more of a photocall than an update.  Today has been glorious weather and I was down from the customary three tshirts and a body warmer to just one tshirt plus the usuals as I sat and read my book after fighting with a bonfire in the garden to get rid of the leaves from the trees.  We had a trip to the wood yard this morning to order another two cubic of wood.  Now I don't know what a cubic looks like but when it eventually arrived late this afternoon, we all thought it looked a lot and when it was unloaded it looked even more.

I have the first layer on the roof joists and I have elected to go for full wood, then comes the hardboard though I'm not sure why, then we have my bitumen, then battens and then roof tiles.  On the inside we have a layer of insulation attached to the roof timbers and after that we have the ten centimetre insulation that most houses have...toasty me thinks.  Overkill may be but definately toasty.  And all the ceilings will be wooden.  

A few pickies of the roof in its stages and views from the different areas of the upstairs....yet no stairs but the ladder works for the time being.  The views from the top floor are from the different bedrooms and the one of the house is .....well just awaiting the rest of the roof and a few finishing touches like windows and doors....Little problems...  Here you go.... ;)

Posted by: MikeyB, November 22, 2009, 5:48pm; Reply: 22
Wow!! Those views are totally stunning Elsa P!

I can't believe how well the roof is coming on! They look like they are doing a stirling job  :)

I wish I was there....I wish I was there... I wish I was there!

Has it worked yet?? Oh bugger I'm still in Orrible Manchester  :(
Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 23, 2009, 4:28am; Reply: 23
Monday morning for Mikey B  

You forgot to wear your red shoes and click your heels when you say it.....if you don't you'll just end up in Hatfield.  

Soon Mikey B....let me get an inside toilet which I'm assured will only take one day and shower facilities and with my wood working skills, at least a bed for you and Dawn....Have a good day and remember, red shoes Dorothy if you want it to work.....xx
Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 23, 2009, 5:07pm; Reply: 24
Monday 23rd November

Another beautiful day and another 3 kilograms of nails in the roof.  It is now completely covered in timber and tomorrow goes on the hardboard...why I don't know but that's just what they do.  

I was fence mending today and uncovered my well.  The cows had found a way in by the side of the house and builders being on the roof, they are also on crava (cow) watch and the cry goes up 'you've got visitors'.  Now yesterday I made a cow chasing stick and this came into its own.  It stands in the hallway right by the door and is easily grabable or cravable to get the beasties out.  Little did I think that I would acquire a new skill of cow punching at this late stage of my development.  I built a crava proof fence round the well and costed out barbed wire to go round the perimeter.  Not pretty but these cows can jump so the easier the solution, the better for me.

Today I went up on the roof when I delivered coffee and I jokingly said that it would be good to have a look out point on the roof.  They looked at me as if ' what is she on now' and I just smiled.  At one point I thought the one was going to throw himself off the roof in desparation until he realised that I was only joking and a look of relief came over his face.  We still stick to the phrase...purve poclife, postle sitchco.....first the roof, afterwards everything else.

Now I'm off to eat.....lecka nosht..  Introduced to local school teacher who wanted to practice her English so ended up starving and have just come back to the hotel and demolished a pack of so called digestives that taste more like malted milk than malted milk with the cows of them.  So I think it is a little red wine and to bed with hunger pains.....Again lecka nosht.
Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 24, 2009, 5:59pm; Reply: 25
Tuesday 24th November

The bottom fence worked.  The cows tried in vain to get over it and into my garden where the grass is a lot greener but I managed to keep them out or rather the fence did.  I was out constructing on the new fence by the well when the neighbour hood watch on the roof yelled 'crava' to which I replied 'let them try' and they did and they couldn't.

The one by the well has grown.  I have cleared out all the crap where I'm sure the locals decided it was a good place to lob plastic bottles, old petchkas and the likes and am getting the wheelbarrow from the first floor tomorrow and dumping it in someone else's garden.  It is sitting in the lane at the moment outside of my new fence and I think a wall and some greenery might look nice now that I've cleared it up a bit.  Eventually the well will have a pocklif but that's after mine I fear.

The bitumen went on today and the glue stuck just like it should but especially on hands. The guys looked just like they were about to do the Black and White Minstrals show and went home still wearing most of it.  They've convinced me that I did the right thing with my bitumen on top of their bitumen.  At the moment they are demob happy since they are coming up to one of their festivals.  They did say though that there is no alcohol during the three day feste but lots of barbeques.  I just asked what was the point of a barbeque without alcohol but I forgot that it is a religious time for them and they have lots of days where they do drink the dreaded Rakia.

Well fresh air and fun building fences has taken its toll.  I have now to go and pick out the splinters since I was using old wood from the roof and get lots of hand cream in to keep the joints moving.  The fresh air is knackering so I'm all set for an early night.  Lecka nosht.....into a good book by Sven Hassell so signing off...
Posted by: MikeyB, November 25, 2009, 8:06am; Reply: 26
Exciting times now the bitumen is going over the bitumen  :) So where's the picture then? You've already skipped the timber cladding and the hardboard going on, and now the bitumen hahah I feel short changed  ;D

Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 25, 2009, 5:52pm; Reply: 27
Wednesday 25th November

Well Mikey B...not like me to short change anyone especially you so here goes.  Today's instalment is more in pictures that words...just cus I know that you prefer it that way....

The first one shows the complete wooden cladding of the roof and I did suggest that they put me a lookout post on the top but the hole is only so that they can get in and out...I repeat it is not a cat flap.  I am a hard task master....they still have to work by moonlight while I just take pictures of the wonderful sunsets....

Enjoy...and now I am off to eat....Lecka nosht....
Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 26, 2009, 3:00pm; Reply: 28
Thursday 26th November

I am full, full, full of pancakes.  It is the duty of every lady in the village to deliver pancakes because it is their special holiday today and tomorrow it is the killing of the beasts and the barbeques.  So the builders were up on the roof for the first and second deliveries and I was constructing the remainder of my fence and depositing the dross in the lane by the well.  As I said everybody used to think that the garden was fair game but now it is infinitely better and is now ready for Monty Don to do his stuff (if only) on the landscaping to add to the stunning backdrop.  It is now crava proof to boot.  Lord help us all if a flaming great magnet crosses over the house and gardens there will just be a pile of everything else.

The roof is now complete except for the tiles but I am assured that there is a five year guarantee for the bitumen without tiles.  I confirmed that I wanted them on so the Monday (which is when they start again) has been designated tile day.  I dropped them off early tonight since they were not in the mood to start anything else at 3.00 this afternoon and they were obviously demob happy so home they went to start the celebrations.

Pictures...pancakes at dawn with honey and their special syrup and fence and garbage heaps to be removed over the weekend and taken to the local tip just up the road.  The motto has to be 'not in my back garden'.
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Friday 27th November

Well I found out today that they are not called pancakes but fortunately none were delivered.  I spent the morning with my car guru in the caravan and at 2.30 we headed for the barbeque of the beast that was and was no more.  It was culled, we ate the meat and Pepe had made a huge Bacalava which is a honey desert so beauty and the beast was the order of the day...

I didn't go to the culling of the animals.  I know where my meat comes from and it's not the chiller cabinet at Asda but I don't necessarily want to see it slaughtered but for the people in the villages in the south of Bulgaria it is part of their heritage and so we celebrate it with them.  They have two more days of this special time but tomorrow I am taking my car back to my guru to get the fuel filter looked at and then a trip to Kardjali and guess what....I found out today that there is an overnight  train to Istanbul with night sleepers for about 24 BGN each way which is about £12 so for all those lucky or not so lucky visitors this is one of the 'specials' on the itinery.  Now I love Istanbul since there is so much to see so you will be forced to enjoy it too.

Off to bed early tonight.....the internet is running like a dog with two legs so it's short and sweet from me.  Oh by the way I think my little dog is now called Herbert.  I looked at him today in the garage and I just called him a scruffy Herbert and it seemed to fit....and they are taking care of him at the garage until I get back from the UK.  I have also found a placement for him should I choose to take to the high road at some point.  It's always good to know the plan Batman....

Lecka Nosht... perhaps more pickies tomorrow when I get rid of the rubbish heap from the garden and put up my litter bins and the 'fine' signs for the little louts and try to break the national pastime.  Lecka nosht.....  
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Saturday 28th November

Now the beast decided to die on me today so the best laid plans of mice and all that rubbish remains in the lane awaiting removal to the tip.  The car needs a new fuel filter since the diesel in BG leaves a lot to be desired.  So instead I went out with Richard to get him a train ticket to Istanbul so that he can get his flight to Thailand.  Now this got a tad complicated.  We found the station in Kardjali and the station master and with a little bit of sign language thrown in we decided to go on to Dimitograd where the night sleeper started from...but when we arrived we were advised that the night sleeper went from Svelingrad so he has decided to take the bus instead but go a day earlier to make sure that he gets his flight.  It's not the distance.  Apparently the border crossing can take anything up to three hours and he is on quite a tight transfer time as it is to get over from the bus station to the airport.

Despite the confusion we had a very nice day out with a meal and coffee and I saw a bit more of Bulgaria.  Note to myself...must do more of this.  ;)
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Monday 30th November

Well the beast is still in the garage and yours truely is driving a left hand drive manual Clio and wondering what has hit her.  First time for everything so they say but after an automatic right hand drive with cow catchers it is certainly different. The fuel has been drained out of the beast and it looks pretty mucky and had water in it so the change of fuel filter didn't seem to do much good so in for a penny in for lots of bulgarian leva.  Just get it fixed... The workers are going to get a shock when I turn up in that tomorrow morning. They were getting used of the luxury of cup holders etc and rear control of the heater and aircon.  

I have also spent the day down at Richard's caravan sorting out my laptop.  There was no access to my emails.  I could see them but not access them and apparently an update had not completed properly.  I reckon this was partly due to insufficient space on the disk so I was shifting pickies and now running a defrag just to make sure that I can still get onto the internet...This morning at the garage it was a matter losho(rubbish), colata losho but az...dobre (OK).  Look on the bright side.  The sun was shining and it was a lovely day.

Any way now, back in the hotel with defrag doing its stuff so night night....
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