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Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 1, 2012, 5:17am
Wednesday 1st February

White rabbits but if there were any I wouldn't see them this morning hopping over the hillside...well it is the first of the month and why should I change the habit of a lifetime when saying it.  

This month is one of birthdays for my family.  Princess on the 3rd who refuses to go beyond twenty nine, my son's on the 13th and my own on the seventeenth.  My mothers would have been on the 4th and my grandmothers on the 15th so we were all water carriers for better or worse.  I like to think for better.  Cards are in the post and hopefully should get there this year or in time for does seem quicker coming this way.

Forgot to mention that I came back with a box of Belgium chocolates from Lidl yesterday and I now have half a box left...note to self...start rationing them.  Jobs for today...sort my desk out and get some stuff laminated now that I have got one.  It would be a shame not to use it.  Coffee calls....and then to get on.   Minus seventeen overnight and it might even climb up to minus ten today so I am informed....I'll let you know later.
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 1, 2012, 4:36pm; Reply: 1
Wednesday continued

The desk remain untidied, the laminator is still in its box and if you ask me what I've done today I would say, not a lot.  I did walk the estate with several layers on, got small and large wood in and filled the coal buckets, fed the birds that seemed to be physically shivering and why didn't get above minus five all day today and has rapidly dropped to minus twelve now.  I had a bonfire of kitchen rubbish and settled down to read my book, cooked chicken and rice soup and had it for a late lunch so tonight can't really say that I'm in the mood for much to eat.  There's tuna mayo in the fridge already made up so if the mood takes me later, I'll have it with buttered toast.  

Few pickies of today....not many people about's just too cold.

Posted by: Princess, February 2, 2012, 11:42am; Reply: 2
Hi Mummy, I'm doing a snow dance as we speak...... It's forecast to be heavy snow this weekend so I'll hopefully be snowed in and have to survive on wine and birthday cake!....... Its a hard life!

Hope you are well and keeping warm? Love you to the moon and back, Princess xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :K)
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 2, 2012, 2:12pm; Reply: 3
Thursday 2nd February

Quoted from Princess
Hi Mummy, I'm doing a snow dance as we speak...... It's forecast to be heavy snow this weekend so I'll hopefully be snowed in and have to survive on wine and birthday cake!....... Its a hard life!

Hope you are well and keeping warm? Love you to the moon and back, Princess xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :K)

My darling, I'm joining you in your snow dance and here's hoping that school gets closed and you can have a few days deserve it.  Steady on the birthday cake....the less you eat the more wine you can have.  Think of the honestly....which would you prefer.... ;) ;)  And also moon and back...xxxx

As I suspected, we are now covered with the white stuff again and despite my gallant attempts at keeping the terraces clear, it stopped, I scooped, all clear...then it started again.  Minus lots overnight again and settled out at about minus five at the moment.

I have had the most adorable little dog hanging around today.. it was sniffing round the bonfire to see if there was anything that might be eaten and when it saw me it went bobbing down the garden with long ears bouncing up and down.  I reckon it is part ....well I don't know...... Basset sounds about right.  I'd put the remains of the tuna mayo out since it was a couple of days old and I'm pretty fussy about things like that and decided that I would lob out a couple of slices of bread.  Now that little beauty finished the tuna in quicksticks but I've decided that it couldn't be that hungry since it made no attempt on the bread at all, unless it has coeliac or one of those ailments and is pretty strict about its diet.  Any way the upshot...I was thinking that it looked a little lonely and was imagining getting a rope round it's neck and claiming it for my own....on closer is a female...sorry...only one female in this abode...don't like competition and her hair was a beautiful shade of brown...why should she get all the attention.... ;) ;)  At least the birds are finishing off the bread...I've got little foot prints all over the place.

Lesson called off today....the road outside is like a skating rink but covered with a layer of powdered snow.  When I came back on Tuesday it felt not too safe.  There are one or two hills on the way back with very compacted snow and you go through the forest where the sun never shines.  I've sent him some homework...he has to write a paragraph on his family and the likes and dislikes of his grandparents....I'm a hard task master.

Just about to take down my big curtain and make a few improvements.  Well there are two curtains...but there is to be...just one to save the wind whistling through the gap.  The house is so well sealed that the fire has got to draw it in from somewhere and the upper landing seems to be the place...if it didn't I suppose the house would suck itself in and there's a thought.

Supper tonight....curry chicken with's already made and just need heating.....and tomorrow I promise I will divulge the six books that I read and could have condensed into this space....early update today...I'm going for a curtain call..... ;) ;)
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 3, 2012, 9:24am; Reply: 4
Friday 3rd February

Silly o'clock this morning...four thirty and full of beans so I kept the fires going and started to read my Pelican Brief and decided that I am rapidly coming to the end of it so it's not being picked up until this afternoon.  A good morning to the birds, the snowflakes, the minus ten degrees, two good fires and to my lovely daughter who is twenty nine years old (our secret) today.  Happy Birthday Princess....big hugs...big kisses (no tongues (our joke) and lots of love.  Unfortunately it looks like she might be snowed in tomorrow so we have one more thing in hope or Bob Hope of me getting out today.  

There is ice under that snow on the main road and I did see Gouljan in the cab of the milk collection wagon that manages to get through every day.  The cows don't give up providing and since it is some of my neighbours only income, it has to be collected.  Fortunately it's not deep enough for the snow plough so I shan't have snow dumped from where I have cleared it so that should there be a real need to get out, I would risk it but I really don't like driving in snow and I've got nothing to go out for.

Finished my curtain last night and what an improvement.  As well as joining them both to make one big one, I put an extra hem on the bottom to make three inches to lie on the floor to give it more weight...bliss, it works.  I've now got the urge to make the lounge curtains and the ones for the second bedroom.  Chances are I might have visitors earlier than expected and the bedroom over the kitchen is warmer than either mine upstairs or the third bedroom.  The other thing I could get done is a blind for the bathroom, well what will be a bathroom when bath and washbasin are installed...but we do have the toilet so I suppose that's a start.  It comes in pretty useful when I'm working away on the computer, forget about going and realise...must go now....I know we've all been my toilet...just the urge to suddenly go.

Chris Evans is my company for this to get on....
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 3, 2012, 3:36pm; Reply: 5
Friday continued

Just to report that my beautiful Princess has received the flowers that I sent her.  I had a bit of a panic on because I sent them to her school and the delivery was anytime between nine and six and she leaves at four but she has just text me to say that they are beautiful.  Good stuff.

Well the best laid plans...the furthest I got to making a blind was to get a piece of wood in from the wreck and clean it up but to be honest today, the fourish start has fair buggered me up....I really couldn't settle to anything.  Did make rather a good chicken and sweetcorn soup though for a late lunch with crusty was almost like the one that you get from Chinese restaurants.  It's just been cold and dismal today and the temperature is now dropping.  Not sure what has been forecast....might just happen to find one of the screen photos I took and post it.  It thermometer says minus five and so does the Beast....

Freasias are coming on in leaps and bounds.  I am so pleased.  These beauties were outside all summer and I thought that I had lost them....nothing popped a little head up until it was getting into autumn but now they are so beautiful and the fragrance is very heady.....I just love them.

Five thirty here....going back to my book...only got about forty pages to go...what I want to know is...who dunnit....

LN....that's me done for the night....
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 4, 2012, 1:43pm; Reply: 6
Saturday 4th February

Happy Birthday mum...I raised a glass to you at two this afternoon and I'm sure you appreciate it...

Really cold this morning...I couldn't get the house warm and I don't know why...The fire was going all night but maybe I just woke up 'cold'....  Decided I needed a cooked breakfast to start the it was two poached eggs on toast so now I'm down to two eggs so rationing is called for.

So what have I done today...I managed to do yesterday's Daily Mail Sudoko that had eluded me and today's was four star and it took a couple of attempts before I could say...done and dusted.  Got some wood in and broke up some little stuff for the little one.  Sally used to use his axe to do it...I use a size six boot and it has the same effect...he calls his Bulgarian rabbote...I call mine English.  Played around on the roof of the wreck moving some of the melting snow...yes it is melting but this morning it was like a skating rink on the terraces.  I'm assuming that there was a slight thaw overnight, some of the stuff melted and then it froze again.  I was very careful emptying the ash cans...accidents happen in a second.  Moved some of the snow from the polythene and especially where it had melted and was retained by the polythene...there were dangerous lumps of the stuff.  So got a nail and made some holes in the polythene.  The last thing I want to do is walkout to my wood store and get clumped on the head.  Got up to my summer bedroom terrace and removed the snow only to be left with an inch thick layer of ice that hopefully recedes.  There is a drip drip about today that might be OK if there is a drip drip about tonight.  If it freezes, it's going to be really fun tomorrow.  The cars are having a field day outside now...I think I might be at the upstairs bathroom window tomorrow waiting for the fall out.

Mum's glass was taken outside on the terrace on my one remaining outside chair....that sun briefly broke through but it's now shrouded in fog that seems to have come and gone all day.  I reckon the temperature is going to drop....time to stoke up the furnaces, batten down the hatches and await what comes.

Supper is already in the slow cooker.  The remains of yesterday's chicken and sweetcorn soup with potatoes, peas and a spicy sausage added for good measure.  I think that might just about suffice for tonight.  There is blue cheese and crackers for afters if I still feel hungry.  Tomorrow I might just have to nip in to Djebel and get another lot of polythene.....I reckon there might be roof repairs in order....LN

Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 6, 2012, 6:08am; Reply: 7
Monday February 6th

Well you might be wondering what happened to Sunday the 5th......I can tell you it is one of the most horrible days I have spent out here.  Rain, rained, thunder, thundered and lightning, lightened all day so no chance of getting on the internet at all.  

The rumbles started at about nine thirty yesterday morning and they were only rumbles.  So being connected via a dongle and a mast over the hill it's best that you don't make the connection until you see a window of opportunity.  The electricity was on at this point so I decided since it was Sunday that a cooked breakfast of bacon, eggs and fried bread was in order and there was enough gammon left for supper.

During the day it got progressively worse and the storm seemed to be trapped between the mountains.  When I say, bangs, they were huge and the ground and the house were shaking.  So then the electricity went off after one particular loud thud so I was rooting around for candles and tea lights.  Got my candelabra from Star mush out and into a stainless steel tray to avoid accidents.  I got my windup lamps fully charged and decided that reading was the thing to take my mind off the chaos that was outside.  Looking at one of the last photos, it did forecast 4.3mm of rain for Sunday but at no point was I going out there to measure it just to keep tabs on it or to let them know that they were right.

So power restored, but since it was up and down like a bride's nightie I decided that I couldn't have such a huge fire going in the big wood burner in case there was not enough juice in the UPS to burn it out so got the little one going and if push came to shove. I could move into the kitchen for the evening especially if as predicted the temperature went down into the minus again.  

I have never known a thunderstorm last for nigh on eighteen hours....silly stuff.  Didn't find a lull at all yesterday, there was no window of opportunity to make a connection and the thunder and flashes were going strong at 3.00 this morning.  There was yet another power cut and the UPS kicking in with its warning let me the upshot is....this morning it's dark, damp and dismal, lakes all over the hillside and garden but so far, so good, no thunder but it is only eight o'clock so we have the whole day ahead of us.....    
Posted by: createdbyme4you, February 6, 2012, 8:32am; Reply: 8
Hi Elsa Good to hear your ok !!!!! you where missed on Sunday  :)
Posted by: 50 (Guest), February 6, 2012, 9:17am; Reply: 9
Was worried about you Elsa.  Glad to see you, and hopefully all your friends there, are safe and well after a traumatic day.    :)
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 6, 2012, 10:20am; Reply: 10
Monday continued

Quoted from createdbyme4you
Hi Elsa Good to hear your ok !!!!! you where missed on Sunday  :)

Thank you and also to you Danuta for caring...can I remind both of you, only the good die young.... ;) ;)

As for the rest of my friends...haven't seen a soul so maybe I just 'went through the wardrobe'...and it was a lovely day here in thoughts....if it carries on like this I will have to ask my good friend MOS for the plans for the Ark.  I've got enough wood here to start one...and I foresee a need...
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 7, 2012, 7:09am; Reply: 11
Tuesday 7th February

It's struck again....only this time with howling winds, snow sculpture around the house and it's stuck to the windows but fortunately it's on the outside.  So it's drifting, I'll have to get out there and get in a couple of days of logs just in case this keeps up but according to the weather forecast, it's only here for one day but it's going to get colder.

Seven twenty this morning when I raised my little head...the biggie was just in but the little one has given up the  ghost and has yet to receive resuscitation (that's the wood burner not me) kiss of life comes in the form of hot black coffee without sugar and I am on to my second. Breakfast has yet to be decided upon but since I have no eggs, I might have to dig some beans out of the these temperatures a good breakfast sets you up for the day....

Looks like my student is's not that the snow is deep, well two foot of it but it's drifting so I guess the roads are going to be tough in places...think I might just forego a few leva to struggle into Djebel and I think that's the snow plough that's just come down the road so as well as the snow outside my house, I have a road full all deposited in front of Beauty.

So pickies.... here you go....
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 7, 2012, 8:52am; Reply: 12
Tuesday update

OK Oates...this make take some time....but it didn't.  I cleared the terraces on the theory that two feet on top of two feet makes four but two feet on top of a smattering is more or less two feet.  The wind is icy, whipping round the bends, I managed to rescue Homer (my windscreen shield) hanging on to the wing mirror by the skin of his elastic and now he's safely thawing out.  Path to the wood shed is cleared.  Path to the front gate is also cleared lest the postman calls.....there's a thought.  

So wood in, I'm in and have no need to go out unless it looks like there is another two feet out there and they're not mine....bbbrrrr....
Posted by: theroo, February 7, 2012, 5:40pm; Reply: 13
Hey Elsa,

I must admit I did wonder where you'd gone to over the weekend. It looks like the weather is very exciting at the moment! I hope it clears for us in a few weeks :)

It has been frosty here but not that bad; thermals are on order for our trip :)

Cheers for everything :)

A and J
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 7, 2012, 8:57pm; Reply: 14
Tuesday update

Not a lot to report really...once all was safely gathered in, like wood and coal, it was a matter of keeping the home fires burning.  The snow has continued and all that hard work this morning has been undone.  They are now back under about four inches of snow but the wind hasn't abated at's still gusting strongly.  As for the weather lifting in the next couple of weeks or so....we can always home Andrew but it is winter here as I was reminded by the father or my student when I mentioned how cold it was.  And it's still snowing

Got some beans out of the freezer and tonight's supper was a bit of a mish mash.  Fried off an onion, added the remains of the gammon, potatoes and the baked beans from the freezer and stuck it on the hob until I could transfer it to the biggie.  Took out an ageing red cabbage and sauteed it in butter and olive oil.  Both served with a glass of the red at sixish tonight...delicious.  Now nine your time...wind still howling, fire still going and about to hit the sack...LN... I promise tomorrow I am up in the roof of the wreck securing the polythene that's hanging on by the skin of its teeth if it had any....
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 8, 2012, 6:33am; Reply: 15
Wednesday 8th February

Six am this morning and there weren't even any embers left in the had burnt itself out so that was the first job.  It's still snowing hard and I need to get out and take that other thirty centimeters of snow off the terraces.  If it continues falling at this rate....despite both weather reports declaring that there would be only grey cloud today, I'm likely to find my front door fairly well hidden. The wind's causing it to swirl so I'm thinking that the sunbed might  be dragged from the garden and put somewhere to deflect the snow and wind. I haven't worked out where yet,  now where's that drawing board ....but first...breakfast....
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 8, 2012, 3:51pm; Reply: 16
Wednesday continued

Breakfast was two slices of buttered eggs, beans used up in last night's supper.  At this rate I might be on a diet before the week is out....I think not!!

Cleared the terraces, got the wood in. chopped some sticks, went up into the wreck armed with hammer and nails and hammered a few no avail.  There is so much snow up there that I need a sunny day to get my trusty snow scraper out and do the business.  Cleared the road access so that if there is a problem I could get out and the car and noticed that my Avatar was out there trying to clear outside her house so off I trundled to give her a hand.  Her comment was that I was like a 'bagga' machine (digger) with my scoop and it was all due to the fact that her son was coming in the car from Djebel and the a space had to be made.  I carried on and cleared her way through to the front door and Tommy was watching while all this was going on.  As it happens...the car didn't come and the space is gently filling up again.  Silly lady was out there without gloves and only her little rubber shoes...I was out there like Nanook of the north with several layers, snow boots and insulated gloves...toasty.

So polythene still rattling around and I think I need some new but as and when springs to mind.  It's still snowing, there's plenty of wood in and the water is being pumped around the system so it takes the chill off.  It's not hot in here but at minus ten out there at the can't expect it to be.  Came in and fancied something to eat and so I'll let the pictures tell the story.  Sunbed is now in place and the idea is that it keeps the snow from the door....I think it's back to the drawing board Cecil.... :-/

Last night's bean thingy is tonight's supper and is already on the biggie warming up.  Might not be eaten though since my lovely Avatar has just delivered hot filo pastry with local cheese...(banichka) and I've just eaten one of them already.  Birds might be in for a treat tomorrow....

So almost six my's hardly going to get over the yardarm since I only caught a glimpse of it today and yes that's the sun I'm talking about.  I have a Reader's Digest four story book that I've started....not bad stories....LN....I have a glass to fill, a book to read and a fire to tend to....LN
Posted by: MikeyB, February 8, 2012, 6:41pm; Reply: 17
Mmm home made chippies!  :D

I take it the mobile disco van isn't coming still with all that snow?

I was just imagining those chips sandwiched between that lovely local bread he sells with lashings of butter and a bit of tommy sauce! Nom nom  :P
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 9, 2012, 4:34pm; Reply: 18
Thursday 9th February

Quoted from MikeyB
Mmm home made chippies!  :D

I take it the mobile disco van isn't coming still with all that snow?

I was just imagining those chips sandwiched between that lovely local bread he sells with lashings of butter and a bit of tommy sauce! Nom nom  :P

No Mikey mobile van...I'm out of eggs too but I do have a supply of bread in the freezer that comes out and gets stuck in the oven.  Justa lika momma useta bakea..  Chips in the post....

So at six this morning, no embers so had to start from scratch...but all this practice makes perfect and six fifteenish the hot water was belting round the system.  Snuggled up on the sofa washing the flames for half an hour or so clutching a coffee then decided that the nest wanted dismantling and the quilt cover, bottom sheet and pillow cases wanted washing.  Normally you'd wait for a good day but since they are made out of fleece and I have a 1200 spin on the washing machine...all done, dried and back on the bed smelling fresh, laundered and welcoming.  So definitely a shower tonight before I go to bed....but that's much later.

I cleared the terrace since there was a hint of sun but there was also a hint of snow coming down and I wondered if I was doing the right thing.  I cleared the snow from the route to the outside and inside of the wood store, so that when it does start melting it will be outside not inside and finished up with the access to the road .  Realised that despite the sun, the wind was icy cold so I wasn't out for too long.  Did the business, got the wood in, started Beauty to make sure that it did.

Looked at my desk area and the landing and decided that it needed some improvement.  Improvised and built a shelf area on the landing using a plank straddled between the bathroom floor tiles and the bathroom washbasin that still sits in its box.  Threw out lots of 'bits' of paper and did my filing and general tidying.  Perfick?  Never but much better.  Had the radio on most of the day and dear old Sally Traffic is having a field day.  Everything seems to have stopped and warnings tomorrow.....don't go anywhere unless you have have been warned....check the weather....

Tomorrow I'm definitely curtain making.  The second bedroom is next to the chimney stack so it's actually warmer than the one that I use door though but since there's only me....I should be worried.  

Time for that's six thirty here...supper is curried something that I found.....and that glass is about to get poured...enjoy your evening...I'm about to start mine...LN

Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 10, 2012, 8:09am; Reply: 19
Friday 10th February

Slept like a little log last in the fireplace.  Lovely shower last night, clean warm jimjams, and snuggled down in my new feathered nest. Six thirty, fire still going and I must work out the seems to be different every night.  I'll put it down to the wood not the execution.  It's a bright day today but snowing lightly so I'll need to be out there with my trusty scraper just to keep on top of it.  Checked my weather forecasts and they vary quite considerably from minus seven today going down to very minus tonight but I'll never know.  Yesterday I tried to remove the outside thermometer from the jar that was stopping it from falling over and now it states that the temperature is very, very, hot...yep...I snapped the tube and the red shot up to danger point. Reckon it's telling me fibs. ;) ;)

There's a recommendation that you don't ever go food shopping when you're hungry.  That trolley gets filled with all the wrong things and there is invariably a packet of crisps or a chocolate bar selected and set aside for the journey home.  I've come up with a similar theory...don't go looking in the freezer for something for supper when you haven't had breakfast.  So there they were facing me and knew that I had bread, butter, salt and vinegar and tomato fingers.... and it had to be done.  Not normal, I could have saved the pleasure for supper and had them with mashed potatoes and peas....why wait...were the words that flashed through the I didn't.  Still sitting around in my PJ's this morning but the kitchen is tidied, I have logs to get in and a bonfire to get going in the garden.  

Onwards and upwards...snow gear to the fore....must get on and then think about those curtains .....
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 10, 2012, 4:56pm; Reply: 20
Friday continued

Bonfire done, wood in, terraces cleared and all the time it was snowing a tad but then the sun came out.  Went up to the roof of the wreck and decided that there was an awful lot of snow up there and it would be better if it was at ground with my trusty snow scoop, up I went and spent a couple of hours up there more or less and got rid of most of it.  Really lovely up there and suddenly realised that I could hear a small pipe being played and eventually spotted the source.  A man on the opposite hillside taking his six cows for a walk and playing them a little tune.  Now I know not if his wife had sent him out.  Strange things happen on this hillside.

Polythene needs replacing, the wind has done its stuff but there is still no chance of getting out with safety.  I saw Avatar's son and asked him what the road to Djebel was like and he pointed to the surface of the village road and said that it was about the same.  Not worth risking it but at this point I might have to change my religion to tee total...I'm on the last dregs, that's dregs not legs, and I just hope that I pull through. :-/ :-/

Got some beans in the slow cooker this morning and tonight's supper was those haricot beans with honey, sauteed onions, tomato paste and a dash of chili flakes with gammon chunks added.  I got some rolls out of the freezer, put them in the oven and when they came out...they were ditched.  They had that freezer smell about them so that's a few calories less and more for the birds tomorrow.  

Funny incident this afternoon.  My man that takes his cow for a walk arrived with a parcel from England and he usually stands around until I explain who it's from and when I said Martin, he kissed the envelope.  I found this a bit disconcerting and when I said that Martin was coming out in June I thought he was going to have an attack.  He then asked me about Bekir and I thought he wanted his telephone number so I wrote it down for him and then he said that he hadn't got a phone and could I ring him....I listened to the conversation but it was in Turkish so goodness knows what that was all about.

Anyway opened my parcel and  tried them out...cracking and if they're for my birthday, they're early but thank you.  All closed up for the night, curtains drawn, both fires going well, supper over and done with and about to see what I can salvage on the alcohol stakes....LN....I might have to go to bed early... :'( :'(
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 10, 2012, 5:03pm; Reply: 21
Friday continued, continued...

I forgot to post the photo of the contents of the you go....
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 11, 2012, 4:38pm; Reply: 22
Saturday 11th February

Very good night's sleep despite the lack of alcohol but remarkable vivid dreams...roll on clear roads and access to shops or bring back the mobile van...either he's having a holiday or made his money and decided that it's not worth the risk.  Baked beans on toast for breakfast and they do put Mr Heinz to shame.  It was three o'clock before I felt in the least bit hungry and there was some blue cheese in the fridge that filled the hole with some cracker biscuits but I'm jumping ahead.

The foil parcel that I got out of the freezer yesterday when I went to get the bread rolls that ended up as the birds' breakfast turned out to be veal from my Avatar's little one.  After breakfast I fried off an onion, added the cubed and trimmed meat after rolling it in seasoned flour, added a stock cube and curry powder and it sat on the biggie all day and has ended up in the slow cooker.  The rice is cooking itself on the top of the biggie and should be ready when I rush.

Moved out into the garden, cleared more of the terrace and moved on to digging out the trench that drains water that collects under the wreck if it's very wet or there's lots of snow.  Sally dug it out first time but with the wall coming down as part of the renovations, the trench got filled.  I'm within a foot of the drain hole so should be able to get my pipe through tomorrow...trouble is some of the stones from the wall are really heavy so I'm having to roll them out of the way I can lift them.  Decided enough was my logs in but threw a huge on on the biggie this morning so that it ticked over nicely with little intervention.  

Came in and played a few Freecell, did my five star Sudoko, checked emails and read my other favourite site, listened to radio 2 and finished reading the third story in the Readers Digest book that I've borrowed.  Very restful afternoon...supper's ready when I am.

LN....I've got to close the curtains and batten down the hatches...the temperature has dropped tonight and it's still only six thirty.  Nice to know that England is coming out in sympathy and is experiencing really low temperatures in places.  I know just what you are going through and you now know what I've been going through for the last few weeks....enjoy and stop moaning about it....  LN...
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 12, 2012, 6:09am; Reply: 23
Sunday 12th February

It's back again.....OK so it's only light but I looked out and decided that the nest was the warmest place once I had got the fire going.  Now this is serious stuff....all the library books are finished as is the alcohol, food I'm OK but this stretch has gone on far too long.  Yes I's winter but there's been no lull for two weeks now and I'm thinking that I might even go to town on the bus what the locals do... ;) ;)  No...not 'go to town on the bus'.....that's not what I meant at all.  I shall sit quietly like the rest of the passengers. ;)

Still got three quarters of the logs left that I got in yesterday so I don't need to venture out for a while...I've worked out the secret...stick a biggie on the biggie and go and work outside....when you come back in the house is almost tropical and when you start getting cold again...have another trip round the garden...winter?'s a breeze...
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 12, 2012, 5:10pm; Reply: 24
Sunday continued

Coming down the stairs and heard and saw the mobile shop. It was heading out of the village so I grabbed my keys knowing that it would stop about one hundred and fifty yards away at the next check out to the road and saw it in the distance so decided that I could make it on foot probably quicker than getting the car out so off I set.  The driver was walking in the road keeping himself warm while his wife did the hard part in the shop so I waved at him so that he wouldn't sally forth into the great unknown.  It looked a little bit empty but managed to get four eggs...two loaves of bread and two spicy sausages and a small bottle of the only thing I'm short of now is a book to read but I don't think I'm ever going to get one of those from the mobile van... :-/  Walked back and looked like a snow person....non-sexist here.

Decided to make the lounge curtains today so set up the machine and started and then yes, you've guessed it ....a power cut so went out and cleared the bedroom, lounge and kitchen terraces.  Got into the swing of it, cleared the drive and cars just in case there was an emergency and worked out that this is my daily workout.  With my trusty snow shovel it's good exercise for the tummy muscles.  Sat outside after I'd finished and my little man was out there with his pipe and playing the same tune but no cows out for a walk...too much snow around.  It was really peaceful...a dog was barking in the distance, a man chopping wood, my man with his pipe and the woodpecker knocking seven bells out of my special tree.  I knew there was no way I could photo it,  too nervous.  As I've said before ....I have the time to watch, listen and enjoy.

Finished the curtains and all I need now is a curtain pole and a man to fit it unless I get the bit between my teeth....not literally....and attempt it myself.  I think it might just keep the rest of the house warmer if there is an airlock between my lovely windows and the snow and freezing temperatures outside.

Warmed up the remains of last night's curry....a curry's always better on the second day.  Tonight's treat...ouzo and water....everything closed up, curtains drawn and I'm listening to BBC Radio 2.  LN....I'm going to go to battle with Arnold at DS's normally a pretty even tournament....LN

Posted by: createdbyme4you, February 12, 2012, 6:23pm; Reply: 25
Hi  Elsa
You put some of us to shame !!!!!! just thinking maybe a grape vine in spring , wine making in the summer , lot's of the red stuff all winter  ;) more had work I know  :o
but just think you wont run out at the most  crucial  time ;D
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 13, 2012, 10:15am; Reply: 26
Monday 13th February

Quoted from createdbyme4you
Hi  Elsa
You put some of us to shame !!!!!! just thinking maybe a grape vine in spring , wine making in the summer , lot's of the red stuff all winter  ;) more had work I know  :o.  but just think you wont run out at the most  crucial  time ;D

It's like this....I have the grapevines but they are so much like hard work.  They have to be sprayed so many times a year and there is so much wild fruit around that it would be much easier to start brewing 'from the wild' so to speak. I'm collecting five litre jars in the winter. to start brewing in the summer. As for running out....just call it my idea of rehab. I know winter only lasts so long....;) ;)

Now...a happy birthday to my son and I'm not going to share how many years ago it was.  I was completely shattered after a long time in labour and in true NH form I had lain on a trolley for about two hours after a safe delivery of a nine pounds seven bundle, waiting for my GP to arrive to do the necessary repairs.  He said he couldn't decide whether to do use blanket stitch or French knots and I remember saying that since we'd joined the Common Market may be he should go for French knots (that might give you a clue as to how long ago it was and even then I had to go for the funny).  Not that it was really funny.....but I had complete confidence in my regular GP's skills, he was also a pig breeder, I knew I was in safe hands.  Sorry if you feel that is too much information...just a little background.

As for the weather was cold this morning with freezing fog blocking out the hillside... Now it can't decide what it wants to do.  It started to snow, then the thaw set in, it started raining, the fog lifted, it came back so I'm going to turn my desk round and face the wall.  (Not really.)  I've got this curtain bug so now after yesterday's success with the lounge curtains, I've cut out the ones for the second bedroom and brought in the wood for the top of my blind for the upstairs bathroom.  

All go here it work...

Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 13, 2012, 5:41pm; Reply: 27
Monday continued

Well I had a visit from another postman this afternoon.  You've gathered, whoever is coming this way or goes to the post office or is seen in the vicinity gets the job for the day...a bit like postman's knock....and today's lucky person ...was Semile the sheep farmer.  He's had a tough time of it with his animals this winter.  He started going on about how bad it is and if a local says must be.  He has lost a hundred sheep because of the cold weather and five cows.  I did say was his freezer full but apparently the cows went to the his sheep dogs...he has fifteen of know the ones...the big white ones that terrorise the neighbours and chase any car on the road.  I asked him how the road was to Djebel.  He told me he'd gone in because it was market day but with the rain on the snow, he was all over the road.  I was trying to explain about rear wheel and front wheel drive remembering the time that my daughter was out for the first time in snow...she sailed through to Brighton in her little beauty....I made it to Brighton...just.... in my Calibra.  The flaming big tyres filled up and I ended up going down the hill with two of the tyres on the grass verge.  Scary.... Anyway forgot to say....I had parcel from Princess for my birthday...who's the lucky girl then?...Me....

My next callers were my Avatar and my neighbour.  Now I can always tell when my Avatar has been put in a compromised position, she is uncomfortable asking me for anything and since my neighbour speaks less Bulgarian than I do...Avatar is the translator.  We had little chit-chats but then I was asked if I was going into Djebel tomorrow.  I said no because of the state of the road but if she needed to go to the hospital I was prepared to give it a go.  It was pension day and she wanted to collect and pay her electricity bill.  I declined blaming it on the state of the road.  Now there is a thaw on, and if it continues to thaw, I just might go in tomorrow but the temperature is already dropping, snow is forecast overnight so those roads are going to be a real nightmare if it comes to pass.

So another day without evening imbibing, sort of enforced rehab.  Roll on spring. Had toast and tuna mayo for a late lunch so not really into anything so far this evening but the night is young and there is Stilton in the fridge.  LN...Poor Arnold of  Scrabble fame was really thrashed last night and after five games, even I felt sorry for off to toast my tootsies....LN
Posted by: Joanna, February 13, 2012, 7:48pm; Reply: 28
Well I hope your birthday goes well despite the weather and the enforced rehab  ;)
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 14, 2012, 9:55am; Reply: 29
Tuesday 14th February

Quoted from Joanna
Well I hope your birthday goes well despite the weather and the enforced rehab  ;)

I think Spring is here Joanna...well there's a spring in my step now that I think I can get out into town....the sobriety is over.  As predicted last night the temperature dropped but Phoebus or Phoebe (whatever your thoughts on the subject) is at last shining down.

Seven thirty when I awoke this morning so this lack of alcohol might be an improvement.  I think I'll have to do a week on and the next week off and perhaps write a theses about it.  I've dug out the little ditch so the snow melts the water off the road will be whooshed down the lane and not into my yard.  It's a long lane and doesn't end up in anyone's garden I don't think.  Got rid of another lot of snow and slush from the roof of the wreck with my trusty scoop and removed a few more rocks from the canal that I am digging but looking under the wreck, there's doesn't seem to be much water down there so perhaps I've done enough all ready for it to drain away.
I am now legal to go on the road with both vehicles.  I bought the road tax window stickers and it's a good system here.  Not only do you get a receipt when you purchase them from the post office but you also have to have it in your car if you're stopped on a police check.  The sticker is two part...there is the bit that you stick on the window but there is another part of it which carries the same barcode and you have to produce that as well.  Cuts down on road tax theft somewhat....Both run for a year, both run out at the end of January next year so all forgotten about till then.  No DVLA...just my little lady that didn't quite get my surname so put 'Elza" on the receipt.  Don't suppose you get many of those in and around Kardjali...

Anyway...not had any breakfast yet so off to see what I can find.  Caught the mobile van this morning but didn't have any eggs or beer...not much of a shop but she did explain that it freezes overnight so not worth keeping.  To horse...

Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 14, 2012, 5:48pm; Reply: 30
Tuesday continued

Umed and arded about going in for my student but the call for topping up with essentials was coming in loud and phoned to apologise for being late, had a wash and brush up to look fairly presentable for my appearance in the grand metrolopes and set out to face the elements.  My first brush with the snow was coming out of the drive.  I underestimated the gap but Beauty pulled through.  The village road to the highway was not too good but made it and arrived in Djebel in good time.

Did my lesson, went to my one leva shop and bought a sweater made in China that is eighty percent wool with a silk mixture for eight leva  :-/ , topped up on essentials, and even checked out another local hotel for someone that is coming over next week.  Choice of three rooms. central heating, and wood burners available on request...thirty leva a night for the both of them....fourteen pounds thereabouts....think that might do.  

Got home, unpack the shopping and put it away....first job, rescue the fire that I had given up on and stick more coal and wood on it, batten down the hatches early, open the wine and head for the PC to check on emails and do update.  Everything in the garden is rosy...well if I could see the garden it probably would be....but it's night and I can't.

Had a phone call from my son today to say that he enjoyed the cheesy e-card that I sent for his birthday....but silly me ordered for him from Amazon a printable gift voucher not an email one so I have to go in to it and sort it out.

So everything 'hubov' the wine is open and for all those friends wondering it I would survive the drought...I'm fine...I have the drip in place and it's replenishing the parts that others don't reach....LN...I'm about to raid the fridge which could result in home made chippies and mayo, or hamburgers, or fish fingers...the choice is all mine...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 15, 2012, 4:33pm; Reply: 31
Wednesday 15th February

Happy birthday longer with us but fondly remembered.  As for last night's was chippies and mayo and really delicious.

So this morning it was six thirty when I raised my sleepy head.  The fire was hanging in there by the skin of it's teeth so gave it mouth to mouth and it was whizzing water round the system in quicksticks.  No need to panic though that sun came up and my green house started to warm through.  I decided to do my emails and horror of horrors, I couldn't get into Hotmail.  Last night I dreamt that something was eating my software on the pc and I thought that this was the start of it.  Not me though....sign in issues with Hotmail and about an hour later I could log in.  It made me realise how much we come to depend on contact with the outside world.  Decided to tidy up my sewing box, well not so much a box it is a large empty olive tin.  Moved all my reels of cotton that I have been given into another container, got the sewing machine out and made a bag for my knitting needles and put all the sewing needles into the needle pack that I made last year.  I really don't know how they escape...well I do but I'm not saying.

Suddenly a knock on the door and it is my mobile library but since she didn't tell me she was coming, she didn't have any new books for me so on Friday I have arranged to go over for the day, sort out the internet connection and exchange my library books.  They've got load of them over there so I think they should share them.... ;) ;)

I didn't realise just how cold it had been in the night until I went to show their neighbour the wreck.  On my walk way to the wood store I had my own skating rink. There was about an inch of ice all over it, with water underneath fortunately so I did the conducted tour explaining what was going to be where and when they had left I was out with my scoop.  Ice and water slung it on to the heap of snow covering the bit that's going to be the outside terrace.  So workout complete....relit the fire and got the little wood burner's going to be minus ten according to one weather site,  Supper tonight is local hamburgers, mash and peas...going for the healthy option, can't have chip twice in one week.  

Forgot to of the freasia supports has started to bud...who's got green fingers then? ;) ;)

LN...I'm off to tend fires, be creative in the kitchen and see if my bar tending skills are up to scratch....  ;) ;)
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 16, 2012, 5:30pm; Reply: 32
Thursday 16th February

Six thirty this morning and my bastard fire wouldn't go for love nor money....It was alight but would it roar into action...big no...I emptied the ash can, I poked it, I prodded it, I added small pieces of wood, a lump of coal here and there and then suddenly, all my efforts came to fruition and the radiators were warm as you like.  I think when the wind gets in a certain direction, it confounds the no go.  And at that point the sun came out and my outside central heating kicked in but my was it cold overnight again.  I checked my skating rink but I'd move too much water out yesterday so Torville and Dean wouldn't have stood a chance.

Walked the garden and the snow had frozen so I was walking on top of it.  My lake at the bottom was frozen over too.  My man with the penny whistle was out again so I sat in my swinging chair and made peace with the world again...not that I'm at odds with it these days.

Played on the pc and decided that I was suddenly suffering hunger pains so a couple of poached eggs were delivered and dispatched.  I was going to have a shower and wash my hair before I went off to see my student but decided that tomorrow was another day and that with a wash down, that was going to be adequate.  

Did my lesson....booked the hotel for guests next week, phone Gouljan since I was in Djebel to see if she wanted a lift home but she had her student after work.  It started to snow quite heavily and although 'white cloud' was forecast, nobody said that it would be dropping anything on the homestead.  Got home, rejigged the fire so that it was burning brightly, started to prepare leek and potato soup for tonight's supper and Gouljan appeared at the window.  She came in and we sat in front of the wood burner with a glass of the red stuff and had a little chinwag and she headed home before it went dark.  I did offer to drive her but she declined.  Tomorrow I am off to the library weather's not snowing now so it should be alright.  My soup was delicious, my wine is not the best but adequate, my fire is belting out and the little one is going as well so it can do what it likes outside. glass is empty and it's a long walk down those stairs.
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 17, 2012, 8:39am; Reply: 33
Friday 17th February

It's my day today....but I'm not raising a glass this early in case AA come a knocking on the door.  Joy of joy, I was reminded how old I was when I picked up my DS this morning while I was waiting for the fire to come to life and it gave me my first happy birthday greeting and displayed my age on the screen.  Now I regard age as a number...and it's what's inside that matters.  Your general outlook on life determines how old you really are despite the birth certificate ;) ;).

I've opened my parcel from Princess.  I have cards from her and her husband and from my grandson CJ and included were six individually wrapped pressies.  No...they are still wrapped....I'm going to show some will power and open them slowly over the next few hours....I want this birthday to last.  Gouljan delivered her parcel last night and again I'm leaving that for a little longer.  My birthday is for the whole day....
Posted by: Hwlffordd, February 17, 2012, 3:53pm; Reply: 34
Happy Birthday! I hope you have a marvellous day :) Mine was the 15th so I'm finishing celebrating (commiserating) being another year older
Posted by: 50 (Guest), February 17, 2012, 5:21pm; Reply: 35
I know I have said it on our other site, but never mind.  Happy Birthday dear Elsa. Hope your day has been wonderful and you have opened all or at least most of all those presents.   ;)
Posted by: createdbyme4you, February 17, 2012, 6:03pm; Reply: 36
Happy Birthday Elsa  :) I know you will ENJOY your day  ;)
Posted by: theroo, February 17, 2012, 6:54pm; Reply: 37
Happy Birthday Elsa :)

I hope you have enjoyed opening your presents throughout the day :)

Drinks are on us next week

A and J
Posted by: Joanna, February 17, 2012, 7:29pm; Reply: 38
Same as Danast, wished you all the best on another site but heh we only have birthdays once a year, so all the best and hoping you enjoyed the pressies from your daughter.  8)
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 17, 2012, 7:57pm; Reply: 39
Friday continued

Thank you so much all of you for the tremendous support and well touches the heart and soul.

I've had an amazing day apart from the fact that I had to get the Beast out of the know how it is... something was telling me to take the Beast this morning and I hadn't realised the pitfalls.  I started it up, undid the gate and worked out that the snowbank on either side of the drive needed increasing before the Beast would get through the out with my shovel and realised it was frozen solid.... :-/  Dug a bit, pushed a bit and thought I would give up but I had this nagging feeling that I had to take the Beast.  So now I moves Beauty onto the patch under the bathroom window...comes out at an angle from the gate and towards the well, I close the gate and then reverse out onto the road and am now facing in the opposite direction to where I want to I drive down the road, turn, drive back up the road to the amusement of my neighbours and reverse, eventually into the gap that I have come out from.  It took a few attempts, the snow banks were high.

Off I set for the library....the road was not too good with icy patches but eventually got there and left the car about a hundred yards from their gate but turned it round ready for lift off.  My son phoned as I walked to their house, we had a little chat and I thanked him for his e-card....never one to remember dates...had lunch, changed my library books, birthday cake and sausage rolls into a goody bag for me for when I got home.  Drove back in the dark since I was playing around with their computer loading free security packages and trying to get a Hotmail account set up and had to go down the road to reverse so that I could reverse back into the lane.  No way was I going to try to get it back into the drive when it was dark.

Fire was out so that was the first job, no, I tell a lie, I grabbed a sausage roll from my goody bag, then lit the fire and poured a drink.  When the fire was going, I put a candle in the cake, lit it, took the photo and now I am making my updates.

My first present from Princess was a little square one and it was a fridge magnet with a lovely message on it so at that I shed my first tear...the rest of the presents I am going to open one a day....I like things to last.  Lots of emails that needed answering and thank you for the kind wishes (you know who you are) and for those that didn't bother....your absenteeism has been noted. ;) ;)

Any way...thanks again...I look forward to seeing some of you during the year....I have four bedrooms and only need straw in the bottle needs sucking....
Posted by: MikeyB, February 17, 2012, 9:02pm; Reply: 40
Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Elsa.... Happy Birthday to you!  :P

Sorry it's late... been one of 'those' weeks.... Hope you've had a lovely day xXx
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 17, 2012, 9:21pm; Reply: 41
Quoted from MikeyB
Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Elsa.... Happy Birthday to you!  :P

Sorry it's late... been one of 'those' weeks.... Hope you've had a lovely day xXx

Mikey B...parenthood is like that...lots of love to you and yours....and thank you ..... ;) ;)
Posted by: KingDom, February 17, 2012, 9:54pm; Reply: 42



(PS Annie reminded me)
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 18, 2012, 9:36am; Reply: 43
Saturday 18th February

Quoted from KingDom
Happy Birthday

Dom......(PS Annie reminded me)

Thanks Annie...and of course to you Dom for getting it into print. ;) ;)

So now those plans of opening a present a day failed miserably last night.  I opened the biggest one from Gemma and I sort of guessed what it was and it's.....all eaten a touch of the munchies.  Opened my present from Gouljan and I have a set of tea cups and saucers, bright yellow and all I have to do now is to get five friends round at the same time ....

It is cold today but so far no snow....I'm mulling over going to move the snow from front of the drive so that I can get the Beast back into the yard but I'm suspecting that the snow's still frozen so it wont be an easy task...and if it's going to snow later....I'll mull it for a little while longer....and do chores.... :-/... ;)
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 18, 2012, 4:57pm; Reply: 44
Saturday continued

Well did my daily workout and removed the snow and the Beast is now safely ensconced in the drive.  The snow was really frozen so not an easy task but the librarian is visiting tomorrow so now she can get hers off the road in safety while Beauty clutches the wall of the house for protection,

It's been a cold one today....really light snow on and off but ne'r a glimmer from that sun only briefly to see it rising and the same to see it setting.  I went to sleep in front of the fire today after having my exercise and had this peculiar dream of walking in a flood of water with frogs all around...checked the plumbing in case if was a premonition and nothing is frozen and all running perfectly...well.... at the moment it is.

Lit the little wood burner in the kitchen know what it's like just feel cold.  You can see the blaze, feel the heat but your body just doesn't seem to get warm...maybe I'm due for a bug of some some sort or maybe its the anticlimax from yesterday's euphoria....another year older and trying not to act my age but more my shoe size.  Both fires going...curtain closed for the night, lots of wood in...supper might be meatballs that I cooked earlier but I don't know what I want tonight....maybe just a little hot water and brandy and an early night....with a book now that I have a whole shelf full of them unread.... to have a shower and get into some snugly PJ's, stoke up and warm up....
Posted by: linda g, February 18, 2012, 6:31pm; Reply: 45
Happy Birthday. Sounds like you had some nice goodies come your way. Sorry I am abit late, but went out with my friend on Friday night as her B/day also. We had a nice meal and she a few drinks as I dont indulge these days. But we had Coopers Beer bater Fish & chips. It was very nice. So I hope you enjoyed your cake. All the best for Friday gone. Loving the photos. My Mum wishes you well. Take care. Linda & All.
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 19, 2012, 6:27pm; Reply: 46
Sunday 19th February

Morning and it was a cold one...silly me fell asleep in front of the fire and woke up without one...chilled to the marrow  so decided that I would be active this morning.  Took down the pipes from the biggie and gave it a spring clean...moved the new little one from the kitchen and replaced it with the old that seems to burn better, got the hoover out and broke a cup of coffee spilling it on the hall curtain...cursed with a smile in my voice since it was my fault....and carried on regardless.   The old woodburner was the one that the men used in the wreck and when I tried to remove the ash can from it, it was obviously frozen in place so I had to light it and the water dirtied the floor washed over the floor, sponged the curtain and no harm done, got lunch underway and prepared to meet my librarian sometime after eleven.  Hands feel like sand paper but since George Clooney isn't expected in the next few days I didn't worry too much about it.  Lunch today was meatballs with overnight soaked beans tarted up with honey, onions, tomato paste and a dash of chilli flakes...delicious if I may say so myself.

Played around for the rest of the afternoon and had lovely chinwags as women do when they get together, stoked up the fires and flitted from fire to computer and eventually decided that it was staying in the hospital for another night or two and I'll deliver as and's been a bugger...Tell me why Microsoft wont allow Google Chrome to be run and brings up the  dreaded security firewall warning...why can't they all be friends.  Had to go on with Blank since it wouldn't go into Internet Explorer either.  The laptop hasn't been used for a couple of years so we met the first interruption in having to alter the time and date...and it's been down hill from there...but at last we seem to be getting somewhere...I'm on the internet using Blank as I said and everything that was loaded has now decided that it needs to be updated...that's computers for you...

Well, it's well over the yardarm...didn't tell you but it's been a beautiful day today but cold. and now on to the brandy snifters to make sure that my old bones don't get chilled tonight....  The old new fire is burning slowly and as it should...the other one rocketed through the wood and didn't seem to retain any of the heat so another problem solved in the kitchen but why did it take me until February to come up with the solution...DOH...well I knew it, just didn't do anything about it....double DOH. to think of something for supper now that I've eaten well at lunch time... Taking my shoes off to to bare foot into the kitchen but there is no danger of having to complete the phrase....LN....pickies tomorrow...I've been far too busy....
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 20, 2012, 7:02pm; Reply: 47
Monday 20th February

Really cold overnight and what thawed out yesterday was frozen solid again.  Oh my beauty little woodburner...still chugging away this morning where the new one would burn everything up and have no heat left in it.  The new one is sitting outside the front door....I really must get it into the wreck ready for when, no if, the men come back.  It's too cold at the moment but looking at the end of this weeks weather forecast...we are into positive figures of two figures at the weekend and night time looks reasonable too.  Well we are almost in March and let the festivities's the ladies' month.

So today managed to sort out my librarians laptop and got her connected to the internet, downloaded printer drivers and got that working, free virus protection, Google Chrome and an email address.  Sweet as a nut but tried to download printer drivers for mine so that I can get the scan function working and I spent about three hours on it and it still hasn't worked.  It tells me to put in the cable and switch the machine on and then warns me that several screens will be updated and what does it do?  Flaming well sits there and nothing happens.  So I've given up...I can always use my laptop with the printer attached if I have something really important to do but  hey...CBA....

Sunshine today and didn't even light the biggie until five o'clock this evening but it's going well now.  Just about to put this to bed....I've had enough of computers for one day.  Reading a book about a woman who walks through the stones in a henge in Scotland and ends up two hundred years previous with the men in the glen....I've managed one hundred or so pages and they are attached to the cover.  The next two hundred are unglued so I'm doing a page at a time and then putting it down.  I just hope I don't fall asleep reading would take me sometime to sort it.  

Supper tonight was leek, onion, carrots and potato stew with tomato paste and a little chilli.  Absolutely delicious and had it with hot buttered toast.  Maybe not so healthy if you look at the whole package :-/ :-/.

So LN....I'm sleepy and its nine o'clock here.  Going off early in the morning to get the fan belt tightened on the Beast to save it squealing, get the oil topped up, off to Kardjali for a few things and then back for my student in the afternoon. LN.....going down for a warm, a little beer and an early night with a very frustrating book. ;) ;)
Posted by: scarahfluff, February 21, 2012, 5:18pm; Reply: 48
Hi Elsa
Been reading your diary for ages and Dom and Annies.   Only found out recently that they used to live in the same small village in Wales that we do now.   It is lovely to see how you cope with each day, and all the friends you have made.   We also would like to move to Bulgaria, but our house has been on the market for six months now and the market is just dead.   So one day hey.   Keep falling in love with houses on the net, one near Plovdiv at the moment but I do not want to become to attatched.   Hope you had a nice Birthday, I tried to write to you on your birthday, but the lap top just would not let me sign in.   Your house is looking beautiful, you have come so far, and all your adventures with the cows make me chuckle.   Well take care and hope it feels a bit warmer for you soon.   Sarah :)
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 21, 2012, 7:15pm; Reply: 49
Tuesday 21st February

Quoted from scarahfluff
Hi Elsa
Been reading your diary for ages and Dom and Annies.   Only found out recently that they used to live in the same small village in Wales that we do now.   It is lovely to see how you cope with each day, and all the friends you have made.   We also would like to move to Bulgaria, but our house has been on the market for six months now and the market is just dead.   So one day hey.   Keep falling in love with houses on the net, one near Plovdiv at the moment but I do not want to become to attatched.   Hope you had a nice Birthday, I tried to write to you on your birthday, but the lap top just would not let me sign in.   Your house is looking beautiful, you have come so far, and all your adventures with the cows make me chuckle.   Well take care and hope it feels a bit warmer for you soon.   Sarah :)

Thank you Sarah.....I really miss Dom but hopefully one or the other of them will be out soon.  I like my 'Annie' time....we shop in the nearly new shops in Kardjali and she's the daughter that I don't have out here.

So what's happened today?  Cold overnight, fires still burning slightly so salvaged.....I love my little one in the kitchen...apart from tonight but that's a story for later...Bonfire, wood in and then a little visitor came to visit.  Mikey B will remember quite well when I thought that 'Socks' (as we called him then) was actually Tommy and belonged to my neighbour.  I think he's got schizophrenia ...but I did tap him on the nose yesterday when he insisted on peeing up my columns on the patio...If anybody is going to do's's mine...and my privilege.  He's really a sweetie though and loves it when I scratch his head...don't think dogs get much attention here. :-/

Had a shower, washed my hair, prepared a text for my student, started the Beast who was due for an airing, returned a letter to the main post office that was delivered by the Mayor and just because it had 'Peters' on it they thought it was mine.  Sat out in the sun and watched the sheep...they are must be spring.

My student was a little grumpy when I arrived and I think it was because it clashed with his basketball....he hadn't done his homework so I read him the riot act in English and not sure how much he took from it but I said that if he didn't cheer up....I was off....

Beast down to the garage for a mini health check...anti-freeze OK, fan-belt OK, oil needed one litre, gearbox oil 'super", and set off for Djebel to book the hotel for this weeks visitor...and I put out my best Bulgarian and then she told me that she could speak English....I got her with 'central heating and radiators' when I asked about room heating,,,,she told me that they had I said 'Parno" Bulgarians not as bad as they think it is.  Went down to visit my tile man to get a quote for a new bed for the second bedroom...gave me the cost for a big one and then I asked about two smaller ones to give me the same size...he frowned and said that it would be more expensive....we did the is cheaper.

Shopped in Billa and Lidl....came home to no heating and those bastard fires took ages to light...I was swearing with a smile in my voice...well you have to talk to them and at last they are doing what they are supposed to.  Put a couple of onions in a cooking dish with a sliced potato and put five chicken wings on top...into the oven and it should be ready about now so I'll be leaving you with that thought....

LN....I have food to scoff...with a little beer tonight...I'm driving in the morning....LN
Posted by: MikeyB, February 21, 2012, 10:07pm; Reply: 50
Wow Socks has grown since we last saw him!  :P  Give him a tickle under the chin from me!

Any news on Stara Mush? Is he ever coming back?
Posted by: createdbyme4you, February 22, 2012, 7:47am; Reply: 51
Great to see the not so little socks  !!! he's not so silly  ;) knows where to find the best of cuddles, food, and a nice kind woman called Elsa  :)
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 22, 2012, 4:46pm; Reply: 52
Wednesday 22nd February

Happy Birthday to's his birthday today...

Now to answer your questions Mikey B....Star Mush as I understand it is on long term stay in Turkey....the house is so damp that his daughters wont let him return and I believe have destroyed his passport.  He was a lovely man but age has taken its was a hard life living as he did here and despite help...he was the sort that you couldn't really help...he despised it.  As for Socks...he's had his tickle for today but with regards to feeding him, I don't do that and if you knew me...created by me for you....I'm not that soft...well may be deep down but you have to dig and maybe he has...

Cold this morning but not as bad as it has been.  Went to sleep last night in front of the fire with that loose-leaved book on my chest, sat upright and all the bloody pages disappeared southwards.  Picked them all up or so I thought and put them on the settee and recognised that it was a job for the morning not when it was silly o'clock.  Got the fires going and found that there was one page missing and thought that without it...the whole story would go pear-shaped and it had drifted under the settee. Only fifty or so pages to go and then I reach the glued part...I can hardly wait.

Delivered the computer to my librarian today and they were having enormous problems.  The central heating was playing up and I suggested three weeks ago that it was probably the had had it was one of the connectors in the regulator I think but what was it today....the pump.  So new one purchased...and then found out that they needed new aluminium piping and so it goes on.  Everything they need has to be fetched from one of the towns and I have got my men into the mentality of ...what do we really need and how costs to get backwards and forwards....and found another problem upstairs because the pipes had frozen in the wall with the extreme cold and wanted I asked them if they could put stopcocks in the pipes to save it happening again and their little eyes lit up...of course we measure the pipe and write down everything that you want...jobsagudun.   Left them to it and came home.

Got back and went down to have a chat with my neighbours who were out for fresh Avatar threatened me with a snowball so I picked one up in defense...realised that there was so much water in the snow and that it would be dangerous so we declared a truce and dropped them to the floor.  Peace reigns in Dushinkovo....the peace pact and ongoing cordiality is recognised between nations.... ;) ;)

Lit my fires again and spoke to them rather sharply before I started...I wanted no nonsense tonight.  Supper is the soup from a couple of days ago with fresh bread followed by cheese and biscuits...I'm off to see what's left on the alcohol front.  I know there's a wine box but starting it can prove fatal and I have guests this weekend...LN...I'm off on the soup trail....
Posted by: createdbyme4you, February 22, 2012, 8:42pm; Reply: 53
SOFT NEVER !!!!!!!!!!!!! kind was the word I used not that I know you just an observation from reading your dairy  ;)
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 23, 2012, 6:20am; Reply: 54
Thursday 23rd February

Thanks Jackie for that....kind...yes ...up to a point...I help those that help themselves but not to my things...I pay for the first round, might even pay for the second but never pay for the third.  ;) ;)

Cold, white over, really frosty overnight, fires going and joy of joy, I have got to the end of the unglued pages this morning now the book should be plain sailing.  Yes you've guessed it, woke up last night in front of what at one point was a fire before it went low, the book was on the floor again and I really couldn't be bothered to sort out the pages.  This morning, job complete at seven o'clock, floating pages finished by eight, more logs on the fire and now just a quick update before I face the day.

My visitors should be at the airport round about now, full of fear and intrepedation for their first visit.  Wishing them a safe journey down from Sofia...I still take the bus, backwards and forwards and insist that all my visitors do.  It costs twenty two leva for a four hour I call that economy.

The day starts, well not, starts....continues here.  Destined to be sunny all day once the morning mist rolls away, it should be a good day....catch you later....
Posted by: Hwlffordd, February 23, 2012, 10:05am; Reply: 55
Hey visitors is exciting for all concerned eh :)

22 lev is about 10 pounds sterling?

It's a little rainy here in Cardiff today :\
Posted by: MikeyB, February 23, 2012, 6:39pm; Reply: 56
Well not all hey Elsa.... I seem to remember  :P

Although we did get the bus back... I remember using my last ever holiday inn points for the room in Sofia infact!

T-Mobile had its uses occasionally... allowing me to build up lots of free nights and room upgrades!
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 23, 2012, 6:45pm; Reply: 57
Thursday continued

I hear it on good authority that the plane has landed and I shall know nothing more until the morning...I don't pester.  As for visitors Bob....thanks...I had to get the hoover know what it's like...but only for about two minutes..takes me as they finds me.

Yes I know Mikey B that TM had it good points...I still have them..three nights at the Holiday Inn...four years later.....

Did my student this afternoon but on my way into Djebel my belts were squeaking like pigs in a sty so decided to buy the stuff that you spray on them and it goes away and it went away.....a trip to the garage and all in the garden is without squeaks but as I say, they pay me with one hand for teaching their son and they get it back in the other for things that go wrong with my cars.  Now when you buy a car here or a car changes ownership, you have to go to a solicitor to make it all I bought the car from the parents of my student and the ownership details have never been transferred to me. So today I mentioned that I had got the part of the transfer document that stays in the car but never the part that stays in your house...they  looked at me as if I was telling porkies but no...I had never received the transfer document.  So at that he went down to the garage and came back with...the official document and the spare key that had remained in the garage for the last two years.....result...I have a spare key and I am now official if only to the last stage when I must visit a solicitor with the man on the document and really make it mine...  Bulgaria...

Tidied the house a little, got something in the slow cooker just in case we eat tomorrow....beef in red back into my book now that the unglued pages are history as is this novel.  Sun was red going down tonight which made a change from the cloudy going back to my book....I don't feel hungry now...maybe munchies later...LN
Posted by: Hwlffordd, February 24, 2012, 10:08am; Reply: 58
Lovely looking sunset!

I awake to some tweets from a certain person who was in Kardjali and was last evening laughing about how many "skodas" he was seeing!! :)

I'm tempted to buy a load of land and just sit on it :) Why do I think these things are a good idea?!?!?!

Hope your day is most enjoyable (I'm sure it will be) and that the weather (and guests) are kind to you!
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 24, 2012, 4:25pm; Reply: 59
Friday 24th February

Well he didn't count the Skodas today...he was too busy concentrating on the road Bob, missing the potholes and keeping up with me....

Decided to take the Beast this morning and the bastard thing decided not to start.  It did go down to minus six last night but I don't think that's the problem with it...So having sorted out my insurance for Beauty yesterday, I had to remove last year's sticker from the window screen and stick on the new and it all seemed to be taking time this morning that I thought I was going to be late for this morning's meeting at the hotel.  Then my Avatar shouted over and asked it I could take her granddaughters back to Djebel and I replied that two minutes and I'd be going.  Girls delivered and carried on  and arrived there at just on ten...perfect timing.  Two people putting luggage into a vehicle and we met on the car park....everything the previous night in the hotel was fine.  I suggested coffee so we sat and talked and prepared for the Kardjali tour.  Into the Leva shop so that a hat could be purchased since there was no need for the balaclavas....the sun was out and I didn't feel in the mood to do a bank that early in the day...I got a few more picture frames since I never know when my ladies come a calling to the photo studio....and two more pairs of sock.  My visitors were impressed at the range of goods and the first time I went in about three years ago, you feel so obvious that you don't notice anything.  Went on to my second hand shop, back to the hotel and picked up the car and went to the other end of town so that they could see the markets and when hunger called we went into the restaurant that Mikey B decided was the best in the area and had a whole chicken with bread and soft as chips but unfortunately the chips were cold.  An old lady sat at the next table and since we had not picked the chicken carcass clean she asked for it so I handed it over, also gave here the remains of the bread that we hadn't used, took the straw out of the half drunk Fanta and handed that to her as well.  Cost of the meal for three....thirteen leva...well really for four...the little old lady dined well.

Settled in the hotel....back to mine for the conducted tour and I've given them maps and suggested routes for the next two days.  They've gone back to the hotel to warm the room up for tonight and I'm meeting them later for a meal in Djebel.  So just going now to finish off sewing the sequins on to my ball gown.....for a night on the's Djebel we're talking about.

LN....I've got to throw logs on the fire and warm this place up.  No fires today it's been beautifully sunny but now the sun's gone down the temperature if falling rapidly.  LN....time I did something else....
Posted by: Hwlffordd, February 24, 2012, 10:04pm; Reply: 60
Sounds like a good fun day :) I'm sat in Wales quite tipsy this evening :)

Wondering if I want to buy a camper so I can travel more with my dog!!:)
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 25, 2012, 6:53am; Reply: 61
Saturday 25th February

So who was a late bunny last night then and an even later one this morning.  Eight twenty when I raised my head for the second time and did something about the brain activity, made coffee and opened up the curtains to view the world.  Well my world anyway.

Arrived at my favourite restaurant last night clutching my present for the five year old granddaughter who shares my birthday.  It was an up-to-the minute Barbie with loads of clothes and shoes to play around with and hair fixing stuff the likes of which I would probably not bought for my Princess.  We had a good collection of action men and that was enough for us.  I also received a present which was a surprise...a very colourful jumper.

My visitors were waiting and the restaurant was chosen since it was over the road from the hotel allowing them to sample Bulgarian hospitality, which they did beautifully...I'm pleased to say.  I abstained last night having my little chariot outside the door, getting home at about twelve thirty and feeling wide awake after the drive.  Got out my book, read and it was two thirty before I was nest bound.  I checked this morning, I didn't lose a glass slipper on the way home so there'll be no Prince Charming and his retinue in the next few days.  Food for three, wine and beer for two...just under thirty leva.   ;) ;)

Sun is shining, small fluffy clouds. I'm looking for something to get up to today....but maybe I wont look too hard.  Well it is Saturday. ;)
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 25, 2012, 10:08am; Reply: 62
Saturday continued

As I said nothing too strenuous this morning and I've just checked out Russel Grant's'horror scopes',,,,for me for today....

'Money will soon come flowing into your bank account, and not a moment too soon! Use these funds to make some home improvements. Replacing a broken appliance, patching the roof, or upgrading the plumbing.

Do you think he's been reading my blog....and seen the wreck ;) ;)
Posted by: MOS, February 25, 2012, 3:55pm; Reply: 63
I had heard the rumor that Russel is your builders Brother in law  ;D
MOS xx
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 25, 2012, 4:59pm; Reply: 64
Saturday continued continued

Quoted from MOS
I had heard the rumor that Russel is your builders Brother in law  ;D
MOS xx

I have the feeling that Mystic Meg is his mother....

Had a really lazy day and there was thumping and banging that I ignored but looking out of my window northwards...a new fence has been erected around the field opposite.  There was a problem with the cows making their way there and so a professional has been employed to do the deed.  Let's see how long it lasts.  I looked out of the window to see my neighbour carrying two of the posts that had not been used towards her house at the end of what must have been a long day.

So seven o'clock rice, beef, curry with ginger 'thing' has been on my biggie all day.  Now there was no real need of a fire if you were up, about and active....but if you were reading, decided to rest your book on your chest making sure that the pages weren't going to cascade to the ground and got your head down for a couple of hours....the fire was really pleasant to wake up to......and I did.

Supper's ready, a little beer has been poured...curtains drawn now that that starry sky is upon us....LN....temperature back to normal....a little in the minus....LN

Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 26, 2012, 7:11pm; Reply: 65
Sunday 26th February

Lovely morning although I didn't see any of it until eight thirty this morning and not like me to miss sunrise but I had trouble sleeping after yesterdays nap and ended up finishing my book at three thirty this morning. Ended well, now have the second to go and there is a third awaiting...I did mention the six volumes that I could have written in one.  I don't think that I told you who it was and so for those that have's the story of Ayla that was born to  a prehistoric tribe, parents killed in an earthquake and raised by a family of 'flatheads' (the species before).  Forced to leave and look after herself in volume two, found a man in volume three, not sure what happened in volume four, moved back to live with his folks in volume five and found herself in volume six.  Frankly | was pleased when I got to the end....

So what happened today....delivered my kitchen roll to my neighbour and told her that it was a present.  The result was that she tried to ply me with chocolates just after my two dippy eggs and toast, offered me stuffed vine leaves that again I refused since as I said my dippy eggs were still in the process of being digested but did accept three eggs from her chickens.  A later visitation, she arrived with a dish of the said stuffed leaves that I think might last until tomorrow.  I remembered that I had a fresh chicken that needed cooking so in that went, I went up to the roof and secured the flailing polythene on the wreck and made my way with my English fork to turn over the garden.  The said fork immediately decided to give up the ghost since the handle was only held on by a nail and I resorted to the spade and finished the job, well almost.......Frog garden complete and three quarters of the vege patch.

Visitors arrived and they came bearing gifts.  They have had a wonderful time but the 4x4 turned out to be a 4x3 and so they didn't manage to do the full tour and being a hired car made them slightly wary of the unmade road covered in ice.   I had a lovely candle holder which fits in superbly well with the rest of my treasures...thank you both.

Chicken for supper tonight, roaring fire only lit at about six this evening since there has been no need for one ...a lovely mild spring day.  I hear a cake calling in the kitchen so I'm off to refill the glass and fulfill its visitors are chasing an elusive dish that they've read about in the guide books....good hunting...LN
Posted by: Joanna, February 26, 2012, 8:05pm; Reply: 66
Quoted from Elsa Peters
Thursday continued

I must visit a solicitor with the man on the document and really make it mine...  Bulgaria...


Just catching up so a bit of a late reply, here in Latvia we have to go to the local car tax office with the owner to exchange documents and get a new document. Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork. Nothing like that is over the internet and sometimes quite far to get to.  :-/

Oh yes and also what is that green stuff around your house? I haven't seen anything green since errrrrr January I think.  :D
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 27, 2012, 4:53pm; Reply: 67
Monday 27th February

That stuff Joanna is ...grass and clover....but I've a feeling that tomorrow it will be covered in that white stuff again.  It's blowing a gale out there at the moment, the Greek and our hills have another fresh layer and I know...I just know because you can smell it in the air....I'm going to wake up to a white world.

So what today....both fires going hell for leather and I couldn't get warm this morning.  I had visions of making the curtains for the next bedroom but they remained just that...visions.  If you imagine it long enough you usually take the plunge...a bit like getting into a cold swimming pool but all I did was go down the stairs to the woodburner...throw an extra large log on....grab a hot chocolate and settle down with the new book.  I did strip off the chicken carcass, simmer the remains of the leeks with onions, carrots and potatoes and threw the chicken in towards the end and made a huge pot of chicken vegetable stew.  My librarian had indicated that she would be round with my log basket on her way from Kardjali round about lunchtime so this was ready in good time.  Put it on the biggie to finish and settled down again with my book and my visitors arrived at about one ish......

I am over the moon with my basket...made by the gypsies in their local village and it is so good that I have ordered another.  The cost...twenty leva....just under a tenner and it's beautiful.  I've now got grand schemes that if I give them dimensions of other items that I want that they will be able to cough them out to order.  OK so it took a month to get it but what's that in the grand scheme of things.

Lunch was a success and was served with hot crusty oiled bread.  Found pineapple and cherry juice in the cupboard so we sat around talking this afternoon and sipped and supped and no alcohol in site.  They left at about five and now I've washed up, tidied the kitchen, refuse to fill my log basket because it is so nice, the wind is undoing all my hard work yesterday and destroying the polythene from the roof of the wreck but I refuse to put the outside light on to witness the destruction....I'll look's another day.

My UK visitors should have arrived home round about now...they picked the right slot for their visit...well done...lovely peeps...that balaclava live to face another day ;) ;)  LN.....going down now to do my own damage to a wine box....I think I deserve's been a hard day.... ;)  
Posted by: Joanna, February 27, 2012, 7:59pm; Reply: 68
Well I never, grass and clover heh! Such a novelty. It is funny how you can smell snow isn't it? I am always amazed when I can smell it in the air and I wonder what it is about snow that means you can smell it.
Posted by: MOS, February 27, 2012, 8:13pm; Reply: 69
Hi Sugar
NICE BASKET ,can they do you a big one for the wreck it may hold the polly sheet on better than the nails ,you might start a craze for thatched basket roofs .
stop smelling the snow ,think spring time thaughts xx MOS
Posted by: createdbyme4you, February 27, 2012, 9:38pm; Reply: 70
It's good to know that the money for the( wonderful  hand made )  basket goes strait to the person who makes it  :) must get there name and address from you would like to place some orders well worth the wait I say !!!!!!
Jackie x
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 28, 2012, 6:19am; Reply: 71
Tuesday 28th February

Thank for the roof MOS, I think I'll stick to wood and tiles....I reckon the snow would come through the weave of the basket.  Joanna I was right...not only got a whiff of it but now got the real thing..s'no good and I've lost the greenery again and it's still coming down. are so right for the money to find itself in the hands of the creator without the 'inflator'adding his or her 100%.  

So it's cold again, it's white again and winter is back with us.  
Posted by: Hwlffordd, February 28, 2012, 7:51am; Reply: 72

Looks glorious I'm extremely envious your dogs get to play in so much snow and mine just gets to tramp around in a muddy bog :\
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 28, 2012, 4:10pm; Reply: 73
Tuesday continued

Cold as you like or don't like...that wind is raw...and the damage has been done to my roof.  Got another eighty pence worth of nails but I think I'll wait till the weather's better.....I might end up in Greece and that would be a problem...maybe I should always carry my passport just in case... :-/ :-/

Did my student today...not that he was really interested but the homework is a little different and I've told him...real sentences not just the odd word here and there.  I told him he was like a wet lettuce this afternoon ...he's bright as a button but he's a boy and almost thirteen...what can you teach them?  

Now my Beast has been a bit of a problem...when I came back on Thursday the fuel gauge was showing half full and I thought that was a little weird since I had used it quite a bit since I put one hundred leva of fuel in.  So when I came to use it on Friday...absolutely I was forced into using Beauty.  So today to Djebel armed with a big water bottle I bought twenty levas worth, got back and put it into the tank and ....nothing.  So I read the manual and it says that there's a little pump thing and I can unscrew something and remove the air from the fuel pipes.  So I lifted the bonnet, looked around, found nothing that resembled what I was looking for so my man will be out tomorrow to ascertain if it's something or nothing.  Something is going to what I'm hoping.

Shut up shop early tonight and closed the curtain...the temperature is dropping rapidly.  The snow's gone and my garden is being back to green and only light flurries all day.  Not sure what's forecast for tonight but those fires are going to be thumping out until I go back to the nest.

LN......I looked at the damage to the wine box....I think it's almost terminal.  I have the remains of yesterday's soup and the bones went to Tommy along with the rest of the beef curry that lingered in the fridge a little longer than I wanted it to.  Tommy started gulping it down and then sneezed...maybe he's not used to curry or maybe he's never had it before and as for beef.....probably a months supply there.  I did feel wasteful but hey....better safe than sorry... LN....back to the warmth of the fire...
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 29, 2012, 6:40am; Reply: 74
Wednesday 29th February

What a day of variances and it's only just gone eight thirty are better than a thousand words...not that I'll bore you with the detail but I'll just's snowing again and flipping freezing into the bargain...
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 29, 2012, 6:34pm; Reply: 75
Wednesday continued

So the wind blew and the snow snowed and it was one of those days that you had to be in.  I didn't even get the logs in until four this afternoon.  So I made one of the curtains for the second bedroom...just need the supports putting in place for the curtain rods.  I think I might have to get a man in to drill the holes and get the supports in place so that at least I can hang the curtains that I am bothering making.  

It's been a day of having BBC2 playing in the background over the PC and taking comfort from Chris Evans and the likes.... Liza Tarbuck is playing now and you forget all about them but when you hear them....memories flood back.

Forgot to post picture of the rest of the pressies from my Princess.  I had my fridge magnet as I said,the bar of chocolate that was demolished in one fell swoop, two plastic chocolate sachets that have yet to be had and the one that I really loved was the 'LOVE' hanging that is now ensconced int he hallway underneath my magic eyes that keep the evil spirit away....arrrgggg. :-/ :-/

Supper was last nights chicken soup with haricot beans and chilli added and it was delicious.  It has snowed all day and it is cold so it was good to have something warming.  Wine bottle opened...just need that something special is getting more interesting,,,four hundred pages down and another five hundred to do they manage to write that much....LN...the story will I'm back to the warmth of the fire,,,not even BBC2 can keep me from it and the aroma of my freesias if filling the house with a beautiful aroma......just need to fill my glass now....LN
Posted by: Hwlffordd, March 2, 2012, 9:39pm; Reply: 76
Well here I sit and I'm all excited! I have booked flights which will arrive on 24th March and I leave again on 31st March so I get to see some of BG at last for real!

Now do I actually need to worry too much about snow ?!?!?!

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