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Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 1, 2012, 8:59pm
Saturday 1st December

White rabbits...forget hairs and I haven't spelled it wrongly.  My host decided to set fire to the kitchen last night with the help of a chip pan and I have spent the day on the wrong end of a j cloth.  Yes we could have been burnt in our beds if we had not noticed the smoke as it drifted under the lounge door so with the help of a fire extinguisher we were left an ash deposit  everywhere but doused flames.  What excitement.  So I've now cleaned out cupboards, we have sparkling crockery courtesy of the dishwasher, we have a new window in the kitchen and a new extractor fan.  The motor was still going but the fan had melted.

So what else have I been doing you may ask....sweet fanny adams.  I've just emerged from the bath and my nails are still full of  grime and I need a manicure NOW.  Thinks that since the shops are closed I'll settle for a bottle of the red stuff, get a good night's sleep, finish my packing tomorrow and enjoy lunch with Princess and the lost boys.  Monday is D Day and checking out what has or hasn't taken up residence in BG.....LN...sweet dreams...
Posted by: scarahfluff, December 2, 2012, 9:40am; Reply: 1
Oh, I am glad you are ok. I always have to keep going back and checking we have turned ours off.  Your holiday pictures are great and it looks like you had a fab time.   We are still trying to sell our house here so we can move over to Bulgaria, but no joy yet. Any idea what Chirpan area is like?  Hope you have a good journey home and fingers crossed we may come over March or April maybe for a look around, depending on the weather.
Take care..
Posted by: createdbyme4you, December 2, 2012, 1:07pm; Reply: 2
Hi Elsa
So good to here you are safe and well  :o material things  can be replaced but not YOU !!!!!!!!!!!
Jackie :)  
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 2, 2012, 5:59pm; Reply: 3
Sunday 2nd December

Thank you kind have to see the funny side and Princess reckons that he did it on a purpose so that he got all his kitchen cupboards cleaned out.  I'll check out Chirpan for you and see what I come up Sarah.  

So packing nowhere near finished and I've gathered pressies from my lovely daughter and the lost boys so I'll have to find spaces for them.  It's almost six, the taxi is booked for four thirty tomorrow morning and I should be home round about five thirty so long as the pilot and the respective bus drivers knows where they are going .  I think some of the summer things can stay here...don't think I shall be needing them.  My big lost boy just checked out the weather for me and it looks like snow on Thursday and into the minus.....bbbrrrrr.

Must get on.....laptop away, my chargers for various pieces of kit seem to have developed legs and could be anywhere.  I shan't be on for a couple of librarian borrowed my internet connection so I'll have to be down to collect it on Tuesday.  My main pc will have to be reassembled from its present location.....the bath in the spare bedroom seemed like a good place to hide it....LN and thanks for the good wishes for a safe journey home.  I hope so too.  Catch up soon.
Posted by: Princess, December 4, 2012, 10:55am; Reply: 4
Hi Mummy, glad you are safe and sound and that you had a good trip. The weather here is cold but I think its possibly too cold for snow although shall keep doing my snow dance!

It was so lovely to see you~so great to catch up........ I do miss you you know  :)

Big kisses, moon and back, Princess and my Boys xxxxx
Posted by: 50 (Guest), December 4, 2012, 10:09pm; Reply: 5
Safe journey Elsa.  I am sure you will be pleased to be home and back in your own bed very soon.   ;)
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 5, 2012, 3:49pm; Reply: 6
Wednesday 5th December


I'm back...and thank you for all your good wishes.  As for you Princess...look after those lost boys for me and don't take any nonsense from any of them...that's at home and at work.  

Too wet for snow here .....journey on Monday was long but my car was waiting for me in Djebel.  The bus got into Kardjali at 4.50, on to the school bus with the English language students at 5.00, Djebel by 6.00 and home by 6.30.  My house was safe and sound, the men had tidied up beautifully when they left the site and yes, back in my little bed with my fleece duvet.  Got the fire going but the house was warm when I arrived.  It went down to about freezing overnight but nothing to get concerned about.

My Librarian arrived on Tuesday morning and unfortunately had forgotten my dongle to connect to the internet so I was without contact with the outside world.  We went shopping in Kardjali, I bought a Santa climbing up a ladder with a string of outside lights as an added bonus, a little food, some beer and wine and everything is back to normal.  Just got back from her house and am now up and on the go and the fire belting it out.

Lovely one this morning.  I woke up at five and stuck the outside light on just to check the garden and guess what was out there...Nut Brown hare that froze in the light.  A second later he turned round, stuck his white rear up and raced off.  I think it's the same one and now I know why my red cabbage has come to nothing and my leeks don't have tops on.  He'd probably taste good in a pie...but I'd never forgive myself.

So LN....supper calls though there isn't much in the fridge to get worked up about but losing as few pounds won't hurt at all...that cruise did a little damage to the middle bit from the rib cage to the hip bone so light food for me for a few weeks, well until Christmas at least.  Australia seems a long way away and yes it is I know but thank you Linda for the arrived this morning via one of my neighbours and they are now sitting on the table in the hall with the pressies from Princess.  A crime is about to be tree from the forest some time over the next week... ;) ;)  LN....I'm safe and well...
Posted by: linda g, December 5, 2012, 5:21pm; Reply: 7
Hi Elsa, Glad you got home ok. I bet your going to miss the nice weather for a while. But its always nice to snuggle up to an open fire/pot belly fire, and watch the snow from inside. Something I miss here in West Oz. No worries about the pressie, hope you like it when you open it....Take care and lots of luv from here in the west....37 degrees yesterday.....only rubbing it in,,,,hahahahaha.  :P
Posted by: Joanna, December 5, 2012, 7:26pm; Reply: 8
Glad to see you back home. I will be in Perth too but only in April, so missed you by a long way this time. I go to greet a new arrival to our family, which should be born sometime in March  :)
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 6, 2012, 4:31pm; Reply: 9
Thursday 6th December

Give my regards to Perth Joanna...maybe in another lifetime and I hope that the birth goes OK.  I had a letter from that same city this morning delivered by my Kmet and so he hung around to see what it was all about.  Not much changes and he delivered an electricity bill for September (doh) already paid by DD and my water man came and demanded eight leva for October.  I gave him twenty and he was trying to shortchange me by thirty stotinki.  Now that's not much in old money but if he collects 100 bills and then tries the same with everybody...soon mounts up.

So this morning I caught the sunrise and it was pretty magnificent behind the dark clouds.  It was nippy, started to rain, turned to sleet and was white over with huge snow flakes by lunchtime.  I don't normally light the fire early but since it was ticking along from last night I shoved on some kindling and another log and the house is at last getting some heat into it.  Unfortunately there is an influx of flies.  According to my neighbours they had a bad attack towards the end of October and I think these beauties headed for my loft and with the warm air circulating they decided to wake up and not go to sleep.  I think some of the original flypapers will be hung in the loft tomorrow to stop them in their tracks.  I hate them.

I got the knitting machine out today but it's not as good as the one that I have in England.  This seems a lot more manual and I think I need to oilo the thing and get some thinner wool.  The stuff that I have seems a little thick but ought to work.  Back to the drawing board Cecil.

Gouldjan popped in tonight after work and the house was warm, toasty and smelling of chicken and a jacket cooking in the oven which now she has gone has been devoured.  We're out to rob the forest of two Christmas trees on Sunday if the weather is good..... like thieves in the night but we'll be doing it in broad daylight. Friday tomorrow...into Djebel and get my car topped up with anti-freeze...looks like winter might be here...LN
Posted by: KingDom, December 6, 2012, 10:15pm; Reply: 10
Must say your pic of the mountains is wonderful (2nd one down)  won't see you until January I am afraid.  UK is great isn't it?:)

King Dom
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 7, 2012, 6:18am; Reply: 11
Friday 7th December

Well thank you kind sir and looking forward to seeing you both in January and I hope you're not sailing might be next January not this.  You seem to be doing the rounds with the new job....enjoy...from a landlubber!!

So this morning sees the snow gone but the winds are fair whipping the clouds over the Greek mountains in an East to West direction.  It's pretty nippy too so work will happen this morning and bunker down for the afternoon.  With several new books on my Kindle don't think I shall go short this winter and plenty of dry wood to keep me toasty.  Shower and then to horse!!!  Catch you later. ;)
Posted by: janet, December 7, 2012, 11:09am; Reply: 12
Hi Elsa, Glad you arrived home safe and I am enjoying catching up with your goings on each day, feels like the holidays was not that long ago, Dennis and I are well into to work now,it has been a heatwave in Brisbane this week very different to Bulgaria and New Zealand.enjoying the lovely photos

Janet 8)
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 7, 2012, 5:35pm; Reply: 13
Friday continued

OK thanks for the confirmation of the heatwave Janet and as for the holiday, to me it seems like a dream and so long ago.  I'm pleased for the sake of your children that you are paying into the pension fund.  I tell my kiddiwinkles to do the same and I can keep taking it out ;)  And by the way...welcome.

So the best laid plans.  As you know I have unscroupulous individuals that want to join the blog so that they can sell stuff.  Just so long as I don't verify their account I am safe.  While I was in Australia I had to pay for the satelite connection and it didn't come cheap so I ignored the applications intending to sort it out when I got back.  Today I did.  I had ninety three pages of applicants with about fifty on each page and so my day was made up of ticking boxes and pressing the delete key and was I bored.  Trouble is it's on going, not so bad as long as I keep on top of it.   That's why Janet is now are special....only yourself and T were saved from the almost five thousand. ;)  The rest went with a whosh but a slow whosh that tok me about two hours to do. :-/

It started off cloudy this morning, turned into not too bad a day but the temperature has dropped now and it looks like we are in for a cold night.  The fire has ticked over all day, logs sitting in the log basket ready...bring it on.  Used some of the chicken tonight and made a curry that was delicious and I've left the dishes for the maid to sort out...yep that's me tomorrow morning.  Going back to my book..reading Death Du Jour...Kathy Reichs.....I'll let you know the verdict.  LN...back to the book and the fire... ;)
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 8, 2012, 3:54pm; Reply: 14
Saturday 8th December

What a day of lethergy,  I can honestly say that I've done very little.  I put the chicken bones ready for Socks and then decided instead to make it into soup and that's going to be my meal for tomorrow.  The rest of the curry was ready for about three o'clock so I'm replete.

I finished the book and it was a very good ending.  I got the impression that she wanted to tell me that she knew her stuff in her day job.  For me too much detail and lists go over my head so I start skimming.  Such a shame..perhaps I would learn something if I bothered with the detail...but there again I have no intention at my age of becoming a pathologist and I'm far too squimish. :-/

Weather started off with mist in the valleys again.  There was a glimmer of sun this afternoon but that quickly disappeared behind the cloud and it started to rain.  I had a visit this afternoon from Emaula.  He delivered my internet and house phone bills and I must have a ghost.  There was a charge of just over four leva on my house phone...that might need looking into.

So five thirty and I've just banked the fire up.  I've got BBC Radio 2 chugging away and there seems to be chaos on the roads and it's Saturday.  Again didn't listen to the detail...I hardly think it will affect me out here.  So down to the fire now....think I'm going to start on something with the wool that I picked up the other day from Kardjali.  Let's go and be creative.  Have a good evening and I think I've taken my first booking of the New Year...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 9, 2012, 5:10pm; Reply: 15
Sunday 9th December

So at silly o'clock this morning I was awakened by a shooting pain from a tooth that I really should get seen to....and will this week. The routine is that you see a dentist, he sends you for the x-ray and then down to business.  Decided to do the washing on cheap rate.  I'd got the machine ready last night but it was too early but at three this morning it would have been wrong not to.  Made coffee, back to bed, continued with the new book and it looks to be a goody, switched off the light and was going off again when the thunder and lightening joined in with the gale force winds and torrential rain.  It rolled on for about an hour so I got up again and put the washing to dry in the upstairs bathroom, put another log on the embers and snuggled down again.

Check emails, had an automatically generated one from my internet hosting provider saying that the monthly fee for one of my sites had been declined.  Checked payments, rang the bank and there was no problem.  Made the manual payment, contacted them by email only to be told that it was their system that had failed.  I replied saying that perhaps they should check their systems first before the letters were sent out!!  I received an apology.  That's worth a lot isn't it for the trouble it caused.  (Imagine grumpy old lady.) :-/

I rearranged the kitchen putting the freezer in the bedroom after checking the weather for the next couple of weeks.  It is going down into the minus so I shall be needing to light the kitchen woodburner so that it maintains the temperature during the night.  Had a phone call from Gouljan and the Christams tree purloining had to go on hold.  She thinks she is going down with flu....maybe next week end weather permitting.

Couple of fried eggs on toast for a late brunch and made a chicken stew and put it into the slow cooker for later.  Had just finished washing up and looked out of the kitchen window and my Librarian had brought back my plants that she had stored for me while I was away so I had company for the rest of the afternoon, food at three thirty with a glass of the red stuff and off she went at five to get settled in for the night.  Back to my book, it's sevenish my time, quick update and I'm hoping that the dental anguish stays away for tonight otherwise I could be at the dentist in the morning.  I think I'm putting off the inevitable and it's not that I don't like them....I think there is a lot to do.

Going to close....into Djebel in the morning to see if I can get some wool that is suitable for the knitting machine...LN....down to the kitchen for a refil... ;)
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 10, 2012, 6:33pm; Reply: 16
Monday 10th December

I was a slow starter this morning.  I was up, at 'em quite early but slow to get in the logs and get the car started.  Eleven thirty saw me heading into Djebel and I got to the post office just as they had shut the door for lunch so into my student's parents shop for a chat, gave them my old camera as promised and tried to remember how it worked, went to the market and got some wool for my machine and a quick trip round the supermarket to get the essentials.

Took Beauty down to the garage to get the horn seen to since there was no 'honk' and that's where the trouble started.  New honk was necessary and that entailed adding a new cable.  At three I was still standing around while they were investigating so I decided to take the Beast homeward and I arranged to pick up Beauty on Friday going in on the market bus.  Went via the post office and this time it was open, paid my phone and internet bill and home James, the fire was ticking along nicely so added more fuel to the flames to get the temperature up since it appears to have fallen outside.  

Looked at the contents of the fridge and so it was spicey sausage, potato and onion omelette for supper and I feel as full as a little tick and so much so that I have just opened my eyes after a half an hour zizz infront of a warm fire despite trying to read an excellent book.  

Eight thirty my time, looking at the weather for Kardjarli and it is definitely going into the minus over the next few days..winter drawers on so to speak.  LN...back to the book and the fire.  
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 11, 2012, 5:53pm; Reply: 17
Tuesday 11th December

Silly o'clock and yet again but after reading for an hour I went off again and woke up at seven ten...result.  It was a beautiful sunrise this morning and the grey mountains were edged with the red of the sun.  The few holes in the clouds were also tinted with the redness.  Alas it all changed.  The sun came up and tried hard to break through the clouds but it wasn't to be.

Breakfast of poached eggs on toast and then out to clear up the geraniuns that had so far survived my being away and put them in the house.  I put a bucket around the rosemay, cleared out the bonfire pit and got rid of the rubbish.  The lilac had taken a bashing from the high winds so neatened it up and burnt the debris.  I also found two dead birds on the balcony of the second house and they looked so sad.  I think the ginger tom is responsible but I the bonfire became their funeral pyre.  Dug up a few of the bigger dandelions and thistles that were battening down for the winter.  My trusty Engl;ish form still works and dug over a couple of the vegetable beds and loosened them up for the frost to do its stuff.  Eventually the weather got the better of me....the rain came and it has carried on for the rest of the afternoon.

It was reading in front of the fire this afternoon until my eyes couldn't manage to stay open so must have nodded for an hour or so.  I just hate this weather....cold and damp never did much for me but it's supposed to be sunny tomorrow but cold over night.

So what am I doing now.....I have fell upon the film Sense and Sensibility on another link that I was looking at and now about to settle in for a couple of hours.  Not sure how old it is but I haven't seen it before so sorry but that's about it for tonigh. supper finger sandwiches at about three this afternoon so nothing to do for my film....
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 12, 2012, 7:06pm; Reply: 18
Wednesday 12th December

What is it with me waking at silly o'clock....maybe I've got into the habit of reading in the middle of the night.  I set my internal alarm for seven but it doesn't seem to be working...Australia has a lot to answer for.....I'm back in the European time zone...get it.

Eventually back off and at five thirty I'm awake again so throw a log on the fire but it took a little time and effort to get it going.  Silly me last night thought that I'd put a biggie on so that it would tick along gently but it was just too big to tick.  I've run out of coal though, that might have made the difference so it's on my shopping list.

Breakfast of scrambled eggs for a change, put in some dried beans to soak and then they went into the slow cooker to be processed later.  Walked the estate and decided to have a go with the knitting machine with the thinner wool that I got from the market.  I started with forty stitches, lost some on the first pass and ended up with about ten somewhere in the middle.  Now my machine in the UK has bells and whistles, this one is very basic and at one point almost found itself alone on a hillside but not this one. I persevered.  Itr is still on the landing but another day might give results.  I think the whole thing could do with a smattering of oil and it was too much like hard work today to walk to the other house and get it from the tool room.  Tomorrow will do.

Beautiful sunrise, beautiful day and the house was warmed by the sun.  The beans got manufactured with onions, honey, tomato paste, water and I now have a huge pot of my own baked beans but baking was not part of the process :-/.  Now that is a rhetorical question...why are they called baked beans?  So served up tonight with hamburgers and fried slithers of potato as an alternative to chippies and washed down with a little beer.  Back to my book...not sure if I like his style but the story is OK if a little far fetched.  More details to follow.  LN....I'm back to the fire now that I've eventually go it going like it should be.  I'm not going to apologise that sunrises and sunsets seem to be my speciality...I look forward to both each day.  Especially for D....did you see the whales?  LN
Posted by: KingDom, December 12, 2012, 9:33pm; Reply: 19
Whales - I live in Wales - Dementia is sad thing it comes to us all.  Any chance of a taxi from Plovdiv 14:30 26 Jan?  :P  Tidy Byt
Posted by: janet, December 13, 2012, 9:17am; Reply: 20
Hi Elsa
enjoying the photos and D said no whales today or not in the water anyway, damn he said he always misses them. :P

Maybe tomorrow ha ha :-/
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 13, 2012, 3:41pm; Reply: 21
Thursday 13th December

Five thirty this body clock is getting nearer the mark...just a few more zzz's tomorrow please but having said that I am on the nine o'clock city bus to pick up Beauty with the hopefull fixed horn.  Bit like the cows round hear...horns but no beep, beep.

So what did today hold?  Flaming freezing as I walked the estate this morning  but my did I appreciate how warm the house was when I went back inside.  KingDom has been heard to say that when you are cold inside, take a trip ouside and you soon realise you weren't cold at was all imagination that your fingers were turning blue.  As for you and Ms Dom, the lift is on weather permitting.  I would obviously come the scenic route over the mountains but we are talking about January.  Let's see how it pans out.  As for your quip about Wales / whales...since when have you been D?  I do have a few other friends you know!! ;) ;)  I'll let you know when senility strikes...I'll know it first.

So this morning's panic...I'm sitting at my computer generally doing nothing in particular and the back of my very expensive earing falls on the table in front of me.  The diamond is no where to be seen.  Now when my mother passed over, she'd left me a bit and I thought if I put it into the bank it will go and nothing for it...hence the investment.  Quietly I run through the options.  It is in the bed so I check and nothing.  I did the floor in the bedroom, kitchen but then I remembered I'd walked the estate and thought how beautiful the grass sparkled with the frost. :-/  I'd removed one jumper so I checked the polo neck,  Not there and went into my bedroom doing a quick calculation of the loss and removed my scarf and something fell onto the bed.  Joy of joy, I almost nailed it into the earlobe for safety's sake and checked the other for good measure.  I am complete again.

One visitor this morning with a Christmas card.  It was Semile my sheep farmer/postman for the day and he told me what a hard life he has with the cows and sheep and the many women in his life that I take with a packet, yes a packet of salt.  He asked me about Australia and I briefly explained what a wonderful time I had there and I'm sure they wonder what I'm doing in Bulgaria....

So finished my book....the author was Hugh Laurie...the Gun I said yesterday not sure of his style but the story was good and it came good in the end....he got the girl.  Sorted out my numerous chargers today and now I have a semblence of order...I get fed up with trying to find where the different ones are.

Fire going, red wine out...I've just been outside to take some pickies of the sky and surprised Semile's cowhand as he was walking home.  I surprised my self...I asked him how he was Turkish and he responded's good.  Supper tonight...more beans and hamburgers that are now warming pictures, supper and fire...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 13, 2012, 3:42pm; Reply: 22
and there's more
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 14, 2012, 6:18pm; Reply: 23
Friday 14th December

Six thirty start and the temperature was down to minus eight overnight but the house felt warm enough.  Lit the fire, had my lemon, honey, salt with hot water this morning before my coffee and breakfast was a non starter this morning.  The intention was to catch the 9.00am bus into Djebel this morning but deciding to take the washing out of the machine and put it on the airer was a mistake and I really should syncronise the clocks and watches so that I have a fighting chance of catching things like buses.  So I went out and stood for about ten minutes and fortunately I was informed that it had already left so back to plan B.  The next one was at two this afternoon so I was just delaying not aborting.  

Didn't do much this morning, got the logs in ready for tonight and found out the christmas tree support for the planned raid later in the day.  Sat in the sun contemplating what a good idea big windows are when the sun's out as it hit twenty five degrees.  Managed to catch the bus this time, I had company for part of the journey as one of my neighbours was visiting a friend in the next village but then all that was left was the driver, conductor and my good self.  Walked down to the garage on the sunny side of the street and picked up the car and they have put in two litres of anti-freeze so I can go down to minus forty, siliconed round the sun roof and the windscreen so that the rain no longer creates a swimming pool on the inside and fixed the horn which the second in command at the garage had great delight at proving it to me as he took it for a test drive round the yard.  Thanks for that. :-/

Phone Gouldjan and she was ready to come home so picked her up from the school where she works, carried on to her house and I waited while she turned into a cabbage (by adding layers of clothing) for our forey into the forest with chopper in hand.  We gave her mother a lift down to find out where her nine cows had got to and they were coming towards us so she got dropped off to walk them home.  We carried on a little further, parked up and headed in, took what we needed and headed homewards.  I dropped her off so she could walk in the back way to save prying eyes and mine is now sitting outside the front door.  Tomorrow it will be in and decorated and I'll say that Santa delivered early should anyone ask or make out that I don't understand.  I didn't take any photos of the could be used in evidence against us. :o

Supper tonight was a couple of already cooked hamburgers broken up into the rest of the baked beans, put into a casserole and topped with mashed potatoes crusted up under the grill....delicious.  A little beer on the go tonight.....just stated to read Iain son used to read him but it's a first for me.  Closing now...need to see to the fire...tonight is not the night for it to go out since we are threatened with the same low temperatures as last night.  LN...I have something important to do...
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 15, 2012, 3:50pm; Reply: 24
Saturday 15th December.

I'm going to update early since the beer came out at four o'clock and I want it to make sense.  Silly o'clock this morning and biological clock appears to be going backward...bastard.

Christmas tree sited and erected, lights and balls arranged, string of outside lights around the grape vine but maybe resited tomorrow..not sure yet.  Not much happened today apart from the tree and the lights.  Lit the outside fire to get rid of the trash but that was about it.  Bugger to get the tree perpendicular but I blame it on he gravel.  It's the art mistress said to the's up and that's all that matters.

Fabulous day today...minus nine this morning that went up to minus two but in my atrium...that's what the stairwell is now to be was twenty six degrees.  Now that's what I call smokin...but it's back to twelve tonight now that the sun has gone.  I've lit the little one in the kitchen now that it has really dropped.  That seems to keep the house warm when all else fails.

So nothing much today apart from the tree and the decorations...supper tonight is lamb with honey and tomato sauce with carrots and there might be a touch of curry spice and rice.  Quiet down this neck of the woods....I've made my list for the presents I have to get and Monday looks like a good day for shopping.  

Down to the fire. beer on the go and supper in the slow cooker...what could be better... LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 16, 2012, 2:25pm; Reply: 25
Sunday 16th December

So at one o'clock this morning or thereabouts I thought it was time to get up...silly I ended up reading until three and then back down until seven this morning so I got the end time right...just got to sort out the middle now. :-/

And the weather has changed again.  Yesterday beautiful and today it has still been cold and we had freezing rain this morning which made the Beast very pretty if you like icicles dangling off the side window plastic vent things.  Trouble is...not only is it cold but it's damp and it seems to go through you.  I went out this morning to empty the ash can and that about as far as I ventured today except to the house to get the logs in.  The little woodburner was doing its stuff and has kept going overnight and still ticking along nicely.  

So tomorrow...I am going to the dentist first thing.  I've found out that one of the ones in Djebel has x-ray machines so no need to go to the dentist first, go and have an x-ray taken and with negatives in hand go back to the dentist.  I understand he is a little more expensive but hey...needs as needs must.  It is now painful and I've realised it will not go away.  Supper is the remains of last night's curry and it's in the slow cooker already...  Spent the morning trying to work out a crochet pattern and in disgust it's sitting on the side table until I work up the enthusiasm to have another go at it.  I though it was ambitious when I started it.  Forgot to mention yesterday that I really did try hard with the knitting machine but to no avail....I have even put it back in the back bedroom until I work up the enthusiasm to that again...not having much success with my arts and crafts at the moment.

Log time, supper time, my time...LN..
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 17, 2012, 5:43pm; Reply: 26
Monday 17th December

And again it was silly o’clock but read for a while and then back to sleep again until five thirty when checked out the fires and topped up one and lit another.  My tooth was giving me gyp and so this morning I left at eight thirty and stood in line and established that no one spoke any English.  I was told to go back at two thirty which I though was quite appropriate (yes tooth hurty) but try translating that into Bulgarian and I did to my student’s mum but it did take some time but we got there eventually.  

Home for the interim, walked the market but didn’t see anything worth buying despite I have a shopping list for presents.  So back for my appointment and my is he the butcher of Dushinkovo.  Not a lot of bedside manner and I think he was trying to get out of me how long I have been in pain.  I told him for about a month but I excluded Australia in that.  Joy of joy, x-rays taken but with a camera and no one had to leave the room,...what is technology coming to?  So my forward appointment is made…it is for the 25th December at 8.30 so I know what I’m doing for Christmas.  Perhaps Santa will be there and it will be fitting if I take round a present…not that I think it will be appreciated…didn’t sense any fun or bonhomie there.  Called in to the school to pick up Gouljan at the end of her working day and I’ve been invited out for supper with the ‘girls’ on Saturday night.  There with my boots blacked.
Made arrangements for tomorrow.  Wednesday is supposed to be heavy snow so off to Kardjali with my librarian to get my goodies for my ladies and some coal that is supposed to be only ten leva for twenty five kilograms…and will fill up with ten of the beauties.

Supper tonight was chippies and eggs…there appeared to be nothing else that wasn’t frozen.  By tomorrow that that was purchased today will be available in the kitchen.  LN…fire and beer…LN…
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Tuesday 18th December

Ten minutes to seven this morning.....first eyes open at five but thought I'll just lie here and it worked.  Today I've had Radio 2 on all day and it so Christmasy.  Today's plans went out of the window.  The Librarian was supposed to be over and we were off shopping in Kardjali but she got very involved with neighbours and getting them to hospital but they had to milk the cows before they left and at three she phoned and I called it off.  Got the wool out while I was waiting for her and I've managed to knit one fingerless that's for four fingers and a thumb but I think I mistook the size of the needles.  I thought it was a six and I think it was a nine so it is now destined for someone with big hands, well that's when I manage to do the other one.

The weather has been horrible all day....raining, cold and miserable.  It was supposed to snow at five according to BBC weather for Kardjali but to date nothing but once the temperature drops it might start.  It got quite windy this afternoon as well.  A little bit of work...I fixrd up a light in the other house so that if I need to get in there for anything after dark at least I don't have to find the torch.  I'm normally quite good though...the routine is logs in the morning and using yesterdays first and the new lot have a time to air so to speak.  Supper tonight was roast chicken with roast potatoes and onions, peas and carrots...a real roast.  Washed up, kitchen tidied and chicken is on the menu for the next few days.

Looked up today and there is half a loaf of bread on the old wall between the houses.  I can only assume that some great big bird managed to get it up there and now has forgotten all about it.  It's now looking very sodden and not even worth eating but if they're desparate...needs as needs must.  It's seven my time....back to the fire...toasting my pretty little toes and on to the second glove...LN...and still no snow...the BBC lies I think. :-/
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Wednesday 19th December

So it was not to shopping with the Librarian...there was about four inches of snow this morning and the temperature was about minus two but it wasn't nice snow...wet and soggy.  Went and had a bonfire and got rid of the kitchen rubbish, the little fire was going like a dream but the biggie was very reluctant.  I talked to it nicely but eventually reasoned with it and told it that it wasn't doing anybody any favours and then it did it stuff.  

Fried egg for breakfast this morning and the remains of the toast headed outwards for the birds, got in the logs and the snow was still falling but only lightly.  Got stuck into the second fingerless glove and it is now complete but as I said I am looking for a man with hands like spade so that they'll fit.  I know now that the needles are sixes not nines.  I'll know for next time.

Went out eventually to move the stuff that the tractor had left in clumps outside my gate and now I can get out if it holds off for the night but Semile came by in his van and said that there had been a 'catastrophe' in the village and apparently there has been a fire in the school in the centre of the village and he has lost his winter hay.  Not sure how it started...I didn't get to that part but he mentioned about somebody being in custody in tomorrow and the full story to follow.

Now still listening to radio two, my DS battery has given up the ghost so I'm checking it out on Amazon for a replacement but it needs to be fixed.  It fills gaps in my day.  Fires going beautifully, chicken stew waiting for imput from a spoon and bowl and then I shall be replete.  Out of beer, I've got a   quarter bottle of dark rum lingering so it may go tonight....LN....chilled as you like and it has nothing to do with the weather.....LN....
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Thursday 20th December

It was a cold one overnight and the thermometer said minus seven when I went out this morning at just before seven.  I went out to get the spare ash can to sort out the little one in the kitchen but when I got it inside there was snow in the bottom and the little one burst into life so need for drastic action.  Biggie still going so on with a couple of logs and the pump was up and in action is quicksticks.  There was a cold wind blowing this morning and not much snow on the terrace but it was heaped up against the wall.  It had obviously snowed overnight...the road was covered again.

Finished Iain Banks and the hero got the girl in the end.  My son always used to read him but it's the first one I've managed.  I'll look out for others.  Had a visitation from my Avatar and my other neighbour this afternoon.  We sat around talking about the fire and I knew that they wanted something but didn't come out with it.  Eventually we got there.  Apparently my other neighbour has a problem with her roof and wanted to know if my workers were available.  I said it was winter and that they didn't work if it was cold but I suggested others from the next village.  It would mean me going out to fetch them and take them back and in this weather...I don't even go out unless I really have to. :-/

Back on this tooth lark...I have had the most excruciating pain all day and aspirin doesn't seem to do anything.  Gone for the dark rum treatment tonight but checking the internet it suggests that you pinch the v of the thumb and first finger for about five minutes so as soon as I've posted I'm going to give it a whirl.

Weather for the rest of the day...didn't get above minus two but it's going down now.  The moon's out and according to the's supposed to be minus eight tonight so winter draws on so to speak.  Right off now to pinch the pressure point...didn't go to see the remains of the school fire...couldn't get the car out....I'll let you know if the treatment's a better option that chewing a clove of do not want to post...manana....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 20, 2012, 4:56pm; Reply: 30
Thursday continued

So one posted so let's see if the rest will....LN.  Technology is a real bugger at times... ;) ;)
Posted by: linda g, December 20, 2012, 7:00pm; Reply: 31
Hi Elsa. Just thought I'd rub it in a little, we had 35 here today. And forecast for the next few days is 30's, and Xmas day 40.    I will melt, and be driving around in it to go see my a car that will be 52 no so might have to crank up the air con in it, so I can get from A to B....hehehe. Take care in the snow, and always wear something bright, so u can be seen......Alpine joke.

Tip: pinch yourself somewhere really hard, and that will take the pain from your tooth away short term.....not a remedy, but cant be that bad. The pain from the pinch will immediatly take the tooth ache away, but you'll have a sore arm or where ever for a few minutes.....heheheheh >:(
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 21, 2012, 7:27pm; Reply: 32
Friday 21st December

Thanks for that Linda....I could have done with some of that this morning when I came to get into the car.  Thawed it out by pouring water over the door frames to remove the ice, managed to get inside, it started first time but it was a long slow process.  Just finished when my house phone went and my Librarian was at the end of my road with a car full of her neighbours heading for the hospital and did I want her to pick me up instead of the agreed meeting in Djebel.  Great idea so I popped over to my Avatar to see if she wanted anything from Kardjali and I wrote down toilet rolls and clementines.  

Dropped the ladies off and headed for one of the Leva shops and got a few things, managed to find the builder's merchants and got six bags of coal, went into my Leva shop and found a few more things for pressies for my ladies and then into the second time around shop and picket up a padded fleece sweatshirt and the lady went into the back and came out with a handknitted woolen jumper that she thought was me.  I asked her how much and she said fifteen leva...I said that I thought it was expensive and we settled on ten which is just under a fiver.  Lovely bargain!!  Had lunch and then on to the shoe shop and found a pair of red ankle boots with a sheepskin sleeve round the top and for twenty leva they were mine.  They'll look great on Christmas morning as I sit in the dentist's chair :-/  I'm thinking of taking him a christmas present just for the sheer hell of it and maybe a couple of mince pies.

Got home and unloaded all of the goodies from my Librarian's car, Avatar came round and helped me get the coal outside the door.  Both fires were just hanging in there but are now chugging away as the temperature is supposed to be really minus tonight.  Checked the forecast and it is supposed to be down to minus fifteen on christmas night....might need a touch of Bailey's and a hot water bottle when I stay down at the Librarians on that night providing I can get down there and I thaw out alright from my dental visit.

So supper was last night's soup with hot buttered toast.  A little touch of the dark rum with coffee for tonight just to keep the cold at bay and so back down to the fire with my new book which is proving to be a bit of a nice rambling yarn.  As for the school...there doesn's seem to be any damage to the structure,  just loads of damaged hay bales in the school grounds..  LN...I'm heading south for the evening...
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 22, 2012, 9:49pm; Reply: 33
Saturday 22nd December

So that's a first for me.  I thought it was only the end of term get together that I was invited to but it turns out that all of the women in Bulgaria celebrate (as part of the new year festivities bearing in mind that most down this neck of the woods are Muslim so it's not exactly leading up to Christmas in their book) a women's night out.  There were only women in the restaurant and lots of them and no need to dance round handbags...they dance round each other.  The only downside for me is that it was at mega-decibels, when Gouljan and a stragler from the same village got into the car to come home about thirty minutes ago, I am deaf as a post in one ear and it appears to be rattling but it seems to be sorting itself out fortunately.  On the way back I was asked if I could head into one of the villages on the way and pick up the straggler's children from her mothers.  I was a little concerned since the side roads have not been gritted and there is a fair amount of ice around but everybody is home now, I have had to light both fires since six hours is about the stretch and am waiting now for them to catch properly before I go to bed. I have a rum, hot water and sugar keeping me company, it can get a little lonely on your own( ;)) and soon to my virtuous pit.

As for the rest of the day, I finished getting the presents for my village ladies and the wrapping paper, sat down this afternoon reading my book and decided that at five I ought to make a start on the gold larme and the sequins or I wouldn't have been down at the bus stop for Cinderella at five thirty.  No glass coach (but there again not a man in sight in the restaurant) only my little Bearuty.

Tomorrow I think I might have lined myself up to help build a cow lean to for Gouljan's father or at least to get him into Djebel for materials...I'll see ir I get the call.  LN.. I've danced the night away in my new red boots...just so comfortable for the first outing...I think I am going to like them muchly.  LN
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Sunday 23rd December

Slow start...I was up until two thirty this morning trying to get the fires lit so that they would be up and running by this morning helped by the dark rum but as a result I slept through until seven forty.  What a result.

But this morning both fires were out and so your first task should you choose to accept it is to get those bastards lit again and I did,  Up on the landing catching up on nothing in particular on the PC and Hacebar was round with a dish of her home made yoghurt and the beef in the slow cooker provided Tommy with his morning treat and home went the dish at the same time.

Gouljan and her father decided that it was too cold to go into the construction business this morning and thanked me for offers of help but no thanks...nothing doing.  I settled in and finished my Linda La Plante and revaluated the books that I have on my CD for my Kindle from my kind benefactor and joy of joy...the Scarpetta novel that I had to hand back on the ship because I hadn't finished is now downloaded to my Kindle...thanks Roo.

Sun came out about three this afternoon and I sat like a cat reading in the sunshine.  Wasn't very warm but there again we started off from minus eight so it had to go some.  Saw it go down tonight and the moon is up already and there is that cold feeling and look about the countryside.  It's going to be another cold one.

Supper tonight was beef with onions, carrots, potatoes and peas and tomorrow it will be soup...I love this two day stuff.  Not much will be left for Tommy...he's had his bones already.'s a little beer tonight and now back to the Scarpetta book and trying to remember where I left off on that last day on board seems such a long time ago...LN...back to my fire.
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 24, 2012, 7:15pm; Reply: 35
Monday 24th December

Only one more sleep...and then I'm off to the dentist!!  And was there something special happening?

Presents all wrapped...well almost...stuffed under the tree in the hall and I shall play Mother Christmas when I get back from the dentist.  I love the look of surprise on their little faces...I caught them all out picking baby spinach this afternoon when I came back from my final onslaught of the shops in Djebel and they looked like naughty children scrumping.  I laughed and was told I was a good neighbour...not sure what I'd done to deserve the accolade....oh well...I accepted the complements gracefully.

A little bit of sad news today.  On my way in to Djebel I saw lots of cars outside the house that was half up for sale at the bottom of the village.  One of my friends was interested but when we found out that it was only half the house I had to explain that English would want the whole house and I think they were disappointed, they wanted to go and live with their daughter.  Well unfortunately he has gone to the great beyond and I saw her in the garden on my way back and went to offer my condolences.  They don't hang around sooner off then they are down under...She was so distraught, they must have been married forever and I tried to find the words but in the end I just gave her a hug.

So as I said, only one more sleep and I'd like to wish you all a happy and peaceful Christmas and for the New Year, all that you would wish for yourselves.  My yuletide log is on the fire and hopefully it will be going for the morning but I shan't be sitting up watching it burn as is the custom here I believe and if any of the men knock on my door dressed in funny gear they can keep knocking....I don't answer it to anyone that knocks after nine o'clock at night....not even opportunity.  Weather looks fine, we had a bit of a thaw this afternoon as the temperature went up but it's gone down again now. early night for holiday for the wicked or dentists out here....LN

Posted by: scarahfluff, December 24, 2012, 10:38pm; Reply: 36
Merry Christmas Elsa. Hope you have a lovely day. We are sitting enjoying a rum and coke, watching a really bad horror film. Hopefully see you this year coming if all goes to plan. Ln xxx
Posted by: tabs, December 24, 2012, 11:33pm; Reply: 37
Merry Xmas! It looks beautiful with the snow! I hope you tooth gets sorted.:)
Posted by: janet, December 25, 2012, 6:32am; Reply: 38
Hi Elsa, Merry christmas from Dennis and myself and hope all goes well with the tooth there is nothing worse than a toothache especially on Christmas day, Best of luck and stay warm :)

Janet :P
Posted by: KingDom, December 25, 2012, 10:24am; Reply: 39
Dom & Annie......... :)
Posted by: createdbyme4you, December 25, 2012, 10:57am; Reply: 40
merry Christmas Elsa hope you get the tooth sorted  :)
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 25, 2012, 1:03pm; Reply: 41
Tuesday 25th December

HAPPY CHRISTMAS and the tooth is as sorted as it will be until the 7th January.  For two and a half hours more or less that man was working his little socks off and managed to give me four root canals and most of it without an anesthetic.  There was a time when I ground my elbow into his leg with as much force as I could muster but I suppose his christmas present will be presenting the bill at the end...Ah well as Noddy Holder would's Christmas.

Presents delivered to my two boys. The little one got some bricks that are supposed to be used to work out one plus one but he had a great time building a tower out of them.  The big one was working in the shop so I won't see the look of 'pleasure' when he opens up a book to help us with his lessons but I did make him a fleece quilt cover since he was complaining about how cold it was.  I did suggest to his mum that he put the little brother in with him but we thought it really wouldn't work out.

My ladies have their goodie bags, Gouljan's is hanging on the front door handle since I could raise nobody at their house and I'm just about to pack an overnight bag and my quilt and I'm off to the Librarians for Christmas day lunch.  I don't suppose I can drink now that he's put me on quite strong painkillers but maybe I'll forget the tablet and take the brandy instead.  Let's see how the day pans out.

So have a good day all of you....don't go eating too many humbugs KingDom and lots of love to that lovely wife of yours.  As for the rest of you...thank you for all your well wishes and forward now into the new year.  LD....I'm off to pack....
Posted by: 50 (Guest), December 25, 2012, 6:00pm; Reply: 42
Merry Christmas Elsa!  xx
Posted by: MikeyB, December 26, 2012, 10:22am; Reply: 43
Merry Christmas Elsa! Hope you had a lovely day at the Librarians, and the brandy killed your tooth ache!  :)

Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 26, 2012, 8:47pm; Reply: 44
Wednesday 26th December

Thanks Mikey B...I reckon I've managed to kill my fillings myself...part of the temporary filling has decided to drop out and I assumed that temporary meant more than one day but one part of the tooth has already broken off.  Back to the drawing board Cecil.

Had a lovely day today.  Nice steady start with toast and marmite for openers and then down to the next but one village for the religious festival and the locals were bused in from Turkey for free so I hear.  I have photographs but the cable is at home.  When we came back from the festival, my librarian asked if I wanted a drink and I replied that that caused a dilemma.  If she could put up with me for another night then I would have a red wine but if she couldn't I'd have a squash.  We finished the bottle around eight o'clock, the remains of yesterday's veg were bubble and squeaked and this afternoon when we got back from the fete we sat out in the sun in t-shirts and took the sun until three this afternoon.  What a wonderful day.  After that I've been setting up my librarian's computer and downloading Google Chrome so that she can get on without any problems and that is now finished and the jobs a guddun,

Any way...she has now gone to her virtuous couch to read a book...I'm finishing my update and then will get on with my Scarpetta's pretty good to date,  Got some lovely pickies this morning of my librarian's rabbits that she has set free playing and chasing each other round the garden...great fun to watch and the rest of the menagerie just looked on.'s been one beautiful boxing day here and I hope you enjoyed yours....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 27, 2012, 7:19pm; Reply: 45
Thursday 27th December

What a busy day it was.  I started on the PC today and confirmed that I had managed to set up the system so that my Librarian has access to hotmail and my website so that she could access friends and family.  Her internet connection is a little spikey at the best of times but at least we managed to achieve it.

We shot off to Zlatograd and sat out in the sun enjoying a coffee after purchasing a couple of fleece blankets and a quilt for her neighbour who saw hers and fair quaked in his boots.  We decided to split the cost and fit him out so that he's not found dead in his bed.  Came back and got the sewing machine out and jobs a guddun.  His quilt cover made and the quilt inserted.  Had some sausage rolls to stave off the hunger pains and set off back to home before the sun went down so that I could have the fires lit and get everything cosy before the frost set in.  Fires lit, checked out the photos from yesterday's holy gathering round the spring in a village close to Benkovski where people were bussed in for free.  Also checked out the bunnies that my Librarian has liberated from their cages and now run wild round her garden.  Really fun to watch.

So back established, washing done and on the airer....can hardly wait to get back in my little bed and now a run down to the New Year.  On the way back though in the next village I saw Emaula who told me that Star Mush is no more.  He died yesterday and it was quite upsetting for me.  He was his own person.  He could be a pain in the you know where but at least he was true to himself and I admire that.  He will be remembered as the one that somehow fell down his own well and had to be rescued by Sally and Bekir in the early days of my being here.  God speed his journey to where ever he is going.  

So LN....I'm off to bed with a good book...
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 28, 2012, 7:05am; Reply: 46
Friday 28th December

Yes I'm early but I'm late with 'my' Christmas.  I've opened my presents and am having a very pleasant morning.  Thank you Princess and co for the assorted gifts...the hazelnut with chocolate will have to wait until after may ask why...I'm being disciplined. ;)  Linda's fleece wrap-around will be put on tonight but this morning it has got to be my tube of Vegemite on toast...well not all.  I've never had it before so this is my initiation ceremony.  A little hint of Australia.

The rest of the day I haven't worked out but I have to make a journey into Djebel to get something for my Avatar but that could happen much later.  I'm in chill mood... ;)  Catch you later...
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 28, 2012, 4:37pm; Reply: 47
Friday continued

Made it to Djebel, went to see my student's mum and the little one.  Popped into the shop to see my student looking after the business and I asked him how was his new quilt and he managed to string the words together to tell me it was very cosy.  The little one was playing with Lego and having a wonderful time with the many cars that he has...maybe he's getting ready for when he takes on the garage ;) ;)

Got some more of the material for making the covers for my sofas and that's a job for the New Year,  got back to Rogoche and realised that I had forgotten the one thing I had gone in for for my neighbour (a new bucket for her wood burner) so turned the car around and went back again.  I popped it round to the house but I reckon they were having a siesta so left it on the doorstep and an hour later she was round with a bottle of wine as a pressie for a jacket that I took round last night from the Librarian for the grand-daughter.  I'll pass the bottle on.... :-/

Temperature high for the time of going well, supper is in the freezer somewhere and when I'm hungry I'll get round to it.  I did demolish some chocolates that Princess sent over as a pressie.  As I said on one website...this little piggy went to market but this big piggy went to town on a box of chocolates...oink, oink.

So down to the fire...back to the Kindle to finish off the Kay Scarpetto but I'm not sure if I am enjoying this one as much as her earlier ones (Patricia Cornwell)...just finished one of the fingerless gloves I'm doing for my student's mum so on to the second so that at least she can warm both hands.  LN..I should be going to look in the freezer or the fridge...New Year approacheth....
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 29, 2012, 4:58pm; Reply: 48
Saturday 29th December

What a miserable cold, damp day.  My fire has been going at full stretch but having said that I have had a good day.  My Hacebar came round with some more yoghurt and a stick of salami probably as a thank you for the presents that I gave her,  I don't want returns but you can't say no.  

The rest of the day.  I found some mushrooms in the fridge so I decided to make soup and went to the cupboard to find the flour and opened it up and found traces of wildlife so that was out of the house in quicksticks and into the burning pit and set fire to immediately.  Not sure if they were still alive...didn't bother to find out.

So soup's going brilliantly now that it is so cold and damp with a hint of snow in the rain, working on the second fingerless glove but hit a bit of a mishap.  The rule is...never knit when you have a glass in your hand so I had to undo about six rows of rib and redo it and I should know better but didn't pass control...but now it is redone.

Gloves will be presented tomorrow student mum's hands were a tad cold when I went into the shop when she was working there last time...she might find a use for them...she might not....her choice.

So soup needs eating...honours list was very good apart from Cherie Blair...what's she got to do with the tea in China....BBC radio going all day and feeling really quite chilled.  That's what I like about knitting...counting chills the nerves...try wine and bed...LN
Posted by: tabs, December 30, 2012, 3:06pm; Reply: 49
Its also a miserable sunday here in Lancashire, still its always a busy time for us as my daughters birthday is New Years Day! She was due on Xmas day but decided she didn't want to rush things! Its not looking like snow for us either which is a bit of a downer:(
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 30, 2012, 7:41pm; Reply: 50
Sunday 30th December

So this morning was a very slow morning and it was partly due to waking up at silly o'clock.  I decided to read and finished my latest Scarpetta and I found it disappointing.  Why do some writers go into such detail as if they are trying to either tell me what they know or what they have managed to research.  I would buy a technical manual or internet it if I really wanted to know....grrrrr.  

Weather this morning is cold, cloudy, damp, but dry when my neighbour came with three pancake thingies her little face was frozen and she had a  warm from the fire before she set sail to her house.  Still in my PJ's at ten when she arrived but I'd managed to strip the beds and had two loads of washing drying.  What I love about my washing machine is that it has a thirty five minute programme and a 1200 spin so no dripping stuff around...straight up to the upstairs bathroom.  The 'nest' was demolished, everything washed and all ready for the Librarian for the new year.  I've even made another fleece quilt so that there is no danger of me freezing when I take to the upstairs bedroom while she can be down.

Looked down the garden and realised that the fence was leaning inwards so now supports put in place with thumping great nails.....I still want to maintain a bovine free zone :-/ :-/  Came back indoors and finished the gloves and stitched them up and will deliver them tomorrow when I'm in Djebel.  Just got a little shopping to do up on wine to see the new year in tomorrow.

Lovely surprise this morning...a 'holiday' gift from 'baa Humbug' since he doesn't believe in that word that I can't possibly use in the same sentence.  I shall probably invest in a ton of 20p books from that well known supplier.  Sorry about the weather Tabs....we seem to have little control over it but it's so much better when it's completely wintery.....LN....I'm back to the fire....LN
Posted by: createdbyme4you, December 31, 2012, 10:00am; Reply: 51
A very happy new year to you Elsa  :) with  glass or two of the red stuff raised for  good heath, blessings and much joy  ;)
Posted by: linda g, December 31, 2012, 4:19pm; Reply: 52
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 31, 2012, 7:20pm; Reply: 53
Monday 31st December

OK Linda..just cus you live at the other side of the world...and could get there first....I'll say Happy New 2013 to everyone who chooses to look at this page and to those that don't.  I've had a beautiful meal with my Librarian, the temperature is up tonight so the fire is belting out and warming the house through and through.  Now you know I'm not a pet lover but my heart went out to my Librarian's dog that would have been destined to enjoy it or not enjoy it by himself while she was embibing.  He is curled up in front of my woodburner and it's a first for me.

So into the New Year....may I just add that I wish you all that you would wish for yourselves but be careful what you wish for. :-/

I'd like to add a thought for 2013......there are no wrong actions...the problem comes if you use the wrong action at the wrong time so I'd like to share these with you .  They will give you something to think about:

Again nothing is's just a matter of using the right action at the right time and I owe the above to Elizabeth Haich....and her book has now been republished and available from Amazon...LN....I'm off for another glass of the red...again...Happy New Year....
Posted by: scarahfluff, January 1, 2013, 1:23am; Reply: 54
Happy new year Elsa. Hope it brings you happiness love and good health. We are sitting in with a poorly 10 day old puppy with a bad tum tum. Nice cuddles though.  Cant wait to get over there. Ln
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