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Posted by: Elsa Peters, January 1, 2013, 7:30am
Tuesday 1st January

It's here.....we sat up last night and I tried desparately to send a text message to the folk back on on the stroke of midnight and at twelve thirty my time I was still struggling to find the backspace key and delete button on my new English phone.  In the end it got deposited on the table, out came my Bulgarian one and the messages were sent in quicksticks.  Thank you for the well wishes both on this site, facebook and texts and wishing you all good wishes for this new year.

Hint of sun this morning as you can see from the pickies and it should be with us until lunch time.  Poached eggs were the order of the day and since it's only half past nine the day is young and we are still....well I like to think spirit at least.  Off for a walk this morning...not sure I would pass the blow in the bag if I was in charge of anything motorised but we should be alright on the back roads...not many police find there way off the main roads.... ;)

To horse....let's see what I can get up to or photograph....
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