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Posted by: Elsa Peters, April 1, 2013, 4:45am
Monday 1st April

So white rabbits....and let's see what the British press bring out for 1st April....I'm on spoof watch....
Posted by: gottaknit, April 1, 2013, 1:37pm; Reply: 1
And white rabbits to you too, now that I am qualified to say it here!
Posted by: Elsa Peters, April 1, 2013, 5:06pm; Reply: 2
Quoted from gottaknit
And white rabbits to you too, now that I am qualified to say it here!

Monday continued...

You have been validated and so you should..I cleared five hundred souls that want to join if only to sell stuff...Hopefully it will be sorted in the next day or two.  I could put on a 'capcha' if I knew what the hell I was doing but I'll just ban all guests and work on 'invitation' only. :-/

So what a lovely day today...I had two lots of washing swaying in the breeze by just after nine.  Emaula called round with the five leva but he only had a ten and wanted five leva change...let's go for another day and no, I'm not driving to Djebel since you missed the bus.

Played around in the garden and realised that there were far more weeds than I wanted.  Removed some of them but the wrist balks at too muck pain so I balk at the challenge.  Do I push it way and beyond or listen to the distant voice and I think I should listen.

Phoned my Librarian and worked out that the reason she wasn't connecting to M-tel was that she hadn't paid her bill.  Pointed her in the right direction, she paid by credit card over the phone and hunky dorey now...she's back online.  She came over, we had lunch and she played on he internet and so did I.  Chatted up my friend in Gibraltar, wrote several emails that had been lingering and did a little work.    Saw my village ladies so made my way up to my Avatar's house and my next door neighbour asked me if I would use my lawn mower to trim her grass so that it looks pristine.  As soon as I'v worked out how to use it on mine...I'll let her know.  The grass is so damp in the mornings that there is no chance of running it over the garden.  She's premature but that's the nature of the beast.... :-/ :-/

Washing in at five. fire lit at five fifteen, bottle of the red stuff opened by five thirty under my own steam...result and poured, sampled and settled down with the Kindle for the hour.  Washing in and put away....not sure what the rest of the night will bring but I have the Kindle, the fire and time....

LN...I'm so chilled I need that fire...LN
Posted by: 38714 (Guest), April 2, 2013, 12:50pm; Reply: 3
Thanks Elsa! I so enjoy your blog and you are so reliable - never miss a day. I always look forward to your daily epistle!   Chris
Posted by: Elsa Peters, April 2, 2013, 5:06pm; Reply: 4
Tuesday 2nd April

Thanks Chris...nice of you to say so....

Late start this morning...slept in until seven, grabbed myself a coffee and decided that my book was too good to put down so I went back to bed and at ten forty five my Avatar was at the door wondering what I was doing with my life.  She asked me if I was sleeping and I said no and that I'd just decided to go back to bed with a book which in their don't do.  Several of my neighbours had milked cows, fed chickens, walked sheep but the lazy English person...she reads books...  Now back to what she came round for.  A year and a half back, her son and daughter in law had a small problem with funds.  I coughed up to keep the balls in the air and she was there to pay me back.  Apparently it was drawn out of the bank this morning and had come down on the bus or with the milk wagon...I'm not sure which but it made me feel better knowing that she could sleep easier.  It worried her.

Delivered the rest of the chicken bones for Tommy and there was this amazing singing coming out of Hacibar's house....apparently they have women Hodgers (or muslim priests) and a session was going on in Hacibar's house and there were lots of shoes outside signifying a fair gathering.  All this was related to me when Tommy's chicken platter was returned to me containing a huge amount of rice with a little lamb interspersed and this was my lunch accompanied by a very sweet beverage laced with cloves.  Different. :-/ :-/

So out to the garden, pitched the fork in a few times until I realised that my heart wasn't really in it despite the sun but a coolish wind.  Sat in the house, stretched out and read my book and at five, lit the fire and shut up shop.  Supper tonight was cold cooked chicken with a pot of mayo and I dipped and nibbled and nibbled and dipped until both pots were empty washing it down with a glass of the red stuff.  I suppose that's one thing about living on your own....I don't feel obliged to cater for anyone except myself unless I have invited guests.

Eight my time.....I think there's something left in the bottle...LN...back to the fire and the book.
Posted by: Elsa Peters, April 3, 2013, 4:30pm; Reply: 5
Wednesday 3th March

Silly night...that chicken and mayo followed by half a box of vanilla filled chocolates were not the best thing to have before trying to rest my weary head.  Two thirty this morning I had indigestion to force me to get out the Kindle and read for about an hour.  Having said that and a few burbs later I was off to the land of nod and didn't wake up until seven forty....result.

Grabbed a coffee, looked at the dishes that needed to be washed up but made my way back to book had grabbed my attention and at nine thirty decided that I would face society.  Fortunately...society left me alone except for a man wanted to but metal with I chose to ignore.  Rather a dull day that turned into drizzle so I stayed inside and only went out to get logs when I thought that my supply might run out for today.....wrong...I think it was warmer outside than's just so damp and miserable after a cracking couple of days...but that's April for you.

My rabbit, hare, was out scrabbling around in my garden today and I guess the sheep dogs got a whiff of it and stood, or rather sat, on sentry duty today to try and bag it.  I hope he's too clever for that.  In fact he came round this morning and again this afternoon...perhaps he's just winding them up ;) ;)

Sat in reading most of the day but did tackle the washing up this morning and it's all stacked away.  I wasn't particularly hungry but thought that I should eat and now I have chicken wings with a honey glaze and potatoes and onions browning in the over...I reckon another thirty minutes and I shall be up for a feast.  All hunky dory in my neck of the woods....I'll say LN...I have supper to think about and maybe a little of the local home made yogurt to help it indigestion for me tonight...pretty please...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, April 4, 2013, 3:14pm; Reply: 6
Thursday 4th April

Silly night again...the electricity went off at two thirty this morning and the UPS for the pump for the wood burner started wailing, warning me of the lack of input.  Decided that the best option was light on...doh...that was going to happen...cup of coffee...another doh...then I woke up to the fact that nothing was going to happen until power was restored.  Three thirty and then I could get the show on the road and the book out since that sleep that was lingering had drained.  Coffee made, light book..light off. reset the clock...head down again and blow me down off it went again at six.  No rhyme or reason..... and it's been like the proverbial bride's nightie all day.  

Dull this morning...cleared up a little this lunchtime enough for me to dig over one of the little veg beds ready for the beetroot to go in, the tomato and cucumber beds are needing a little attention.  Emaula came round and returned that five leva that's been doing the rounds is now back in my sticky mitt and is going to stay on the table and see where it goes next.  It clouded over again but I had this big urge to get my head down for a while so snuck off to my virtuous pit for just over an hour and I was woken up by rain, two big claps of thunder and that's about it for today.  I've got the fire going's now cold but damp and all my intentions of going into Djebel and organising parts for the Beast dissipated into the ether...I had neither the will or enthusiasm to attempt to translate that it could be the fuel pump seals, according to the Pajero Owners' Club, or the fuel regulator......  :-/

So I'm out tomorrow...I'm off with my workers for a site visit complete with pen and paper and a measuring stick to do a favour for a friend...I'm hoping the weather keeps fine for us.  It's where I got my super glass thingy and i'm wondering what else I can come back with...need a swag bag. ;) ;) patrol, kitchen raid, new book to get stuck into and chocolate hunt for later....seems like it will be a good night and I'll have to black my boots for tomorrow.. ;)

Posted by: Elsa Peters, April 5, 2013, 3:20pm; Reply: 7
Friday 5th April

Update today will be very speedy....I find myself at the Librarians tonight after a very full day and unfortunately we are suffering from a very crappy internet connection.

Had as super day with Bekir and Sally and did all of the stuff that we intended to do with regard to the friend's property but for the life of me I cannot find the apostrophe key to shorten my words on this keypad so bare with me.  Measurement taken, rough estimates achieved and sat with the boys on the terrace at home working out the figures.

Pictures of the bridge we went over that is just wide enough for the car will follow tomorrow....cannot really risk it tonight.  LN....I think that is a bottle of red I've a whiff of along with onions and sausages and a nice fat new crusty roll to go with it....Hard life... ;)
Posted by: Elsa Peters, April 6, 2013, 6:42pm; Reply: 8
Saturday 6th April

So as for going home today it didn't happen....I'm still at the Librarian's,have ruined my reputation by cuddling the new puppy that she has acquired.

We've had a good day...the man from the mosque is singing his message out tonight almost to agree with us that it has been good.  I learnt something about computers today and managed to go restore a backup to the old computer and unfortunately we had part deleted one of the programs so not able to get it back on the internet...such is life...and tomorrow is another day.

Breakfast was a half of the biggest grapefruit I thing I had ever seen with toast and marmite and closely followed at lunch time with fishfingers, chippies and mixed this hotel is for serious recommendation.

So what did we do today....we cleaned the tiles in the bathroom, she chucked out a load of junk, put back what she needed  and the rest has been scattered far and wide.  It's called distribution of assets to the needy.

So tonight I'm going to attack peanuts...the wine is unfortunately finished so we might take to the beer....but hey...that's life.  My bed is made up, my glass is still full and my PJ's are about to go on.....LN...I promise there will be photos tomorrow of the little dog that I might make my own....or it's brother....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, April 7, 2013, 5:54pm; Reply: 9
Sunday 7th April

Lovely morning...dogs scooting around like crazy..slept until six, read for a while and then had an horrific dream that I was pleased to  wake up from...all to do with a rusty nail in my kneecap and getting it out...not pleasant.

Home by nine and settled down and worked out my lesson for today for my student...arrived at the allotted hour did what I had to do but lunch called.  Sat with the family and enjoyed every minute of it....they are a lovely unit.

Home and did the work that I had set myself of the day..I am struggling hard to stay focused...the wind is howling and it's not supposed to be like is spring.

Supper cooked...spicy sausage with onions and a fried egg on was delicious...not much preparations and quick performance.  Fire going now and just about holding its to sort it out but before I do I'll post the pickies of the bridge and the little bundle of yu go...
Posted by: Elsa Peters, April 8, 2013, 5:27pm; Reply: 10
Monday 8th April

All change.....the men are not working today since it's raining cats and dogs and not the furry variety.  Summer has good day and that's it but at least we aren't caught in the grip of winter...I've just checked the long term and this is a blip but at eight's a big one after we were sitting out in the sun on Saturday with a glass of the red stuff.  I suppose yesterday was as bad but I thought it would be over and OK by today.  So we'll have to take a rain check for tomorrow morning as to whether I have men or the weather rains off play.

So today I got the information together for the stuff that I'm working on and off to see my window man tomorrow that's after I've picked up the men (weather permitting), gone down to the yard to order the materials and my next challenge and I chose to accept it is to get my Avatar into Djebel and into the bank to check if her 'Tobacco' money as been credited.  I did think I could carry on to Momchilgrad but I don't think she has her passport and that's a slight exaggeration.  She doesn't leave the village much so I'll bring her back here and then head out again, it's market day in Momchilgrad so a trip out should do me good.

Supper is just about I'm not going to delay.  Pasta with spicy sausage and onions with just a hint of chilli has more of a calling than sitting here on the landing...LN....I'm off...
Posted by: 38714 (Guest), April 8, 2013, 9:26pm; Reply: 11
I've finally found you on the map! How far are you from Momchilgrad?
Posted by: Elsa Peters, April 9, 2013, 4:09pm; Reply: 12
Tuesday 9th April

Quoted from 38714
I've finally found you on the map! How far are you from Momchilgrad?

As the crow flies Chris, I'm probably about five kilometers from Momchilgrad but since I have to use the roads, probably ten.  There's one big river in between but when the new road is built it will cut off one hell of a corner....and that should be up and running in August so I'm told but not reliably informed...shall we wait and see on that one. ;)  The new road will cross the border into Greece and should take about forty minutes to get my little tootsies into the there's a thought.

So one out of three isn't bad today.  Men decided that the thought of a shower was enough for them to stay at home and get on with their own jobs.  I phoned at seven thirty this morning and they didn't want to come out to play but I couldn't really blame them.  It's just been dull most of the day and the air has been cold.  My Avatar was ready with her boots blacked at ten this morning, her money was in the bank, is now in her hand and she was back at home for just before eleven.  She insisted on paying me for the trip to Djebel and we nearly came to blows over it.  Because of her pride and after much deliberation I accepted it but I'll get my own back and she knows it.  Pensions here are not the best in Europe and while her sons find their future in other European countries, you have to feel for the ones left behind.  This culture here will die out with this generation of oldies.  The daughters no longer wear the old style dress but maybe time to move on.  It reminded me of both of my grandmother always wearing wrap around pinafores and grandfathers wearing caps and that changed...Last of the Summer Wine....

As for going to Momchilgrad....that will happen tomorrow after I collect the men.  It's weather's supposed to be good.  I decided that I would do a little bit in the garden which turned out to be just that.  The strimmer that I bought to do the job is just too big for me so I went out there with the garden sheers and trimmed some of the grass back....that worked...not.  Too much of it and if the sheep come in they would decimate the flowers.  Tomorrow is another day and I'll see if one of my men can get it going and Emaula can earn a little bit of the readies.

The sun has just poked it's head out and is casting a lovely glow over the mountains...keep it up Phoebe....I want to see you again tomorrow....LN....I'm about to raid the kitchen...
Posted by: Elsa Peters, April 9, 2013, 5:07pm; Reply: 13
Tuesday continued

Just a little add on for today.  On my way back from Djebel this morning one of the men from the next village was standing by the road and flagged me down.  I thought he had a problem so I got out and he wanted to show me a deer that was down the bank.  It was too far away to take a photo but I thought it was so sweet of him.  I thanked him and he said it was nothing and we all went on our way...that's life in BG.... :) :)
Posted by: gottaknit, April 10, 2013, 7:14am; Reply: 14
Seth says - That is a flower coming up in the middle of your rhubarb, and it needs to be cut out asap!
Posted by: Elsa Peters, April 10, 2013, 5:37pm; Reply: 15
Wednesday 10th April

Quoted from gottaknit
Seth says - That is a flower coming up in the middle of your rhubarb, and it needs to be cut out asap!

Thank you is obliterated, removed, sent over the hills so the sheep could have it.

I didn't phone my men this morning...I went on the off chance and there they were but Bekir had to have a session at the doctors in Fotinovo but that was after we had ordered the materials for the little little house roof...Priorities.

Back to the house, the men appraised the situation, the wall of the garage was to come down and come down it did.  We had a bit of 'what goes where' but tomorrow, Emaula is working and moving the hard black stone that was the wall of the house to the old'var' pit and the rest of the soft stone is being used to go beneath the terrace to the bedroom of the new little house.  Now that might sound very confusing but I know what it means and I have Emaula and his oppo working the weekend on stone removal.   Sorted.

Materials arrived at lunchtime so I had a trip into Djebel to pay my dues and I am now the proud owner of thirty bags of cement. and seven hundred and fifty tiles and the capping stuff.  I like to pay my dues as I go.  Unfortunately the rest of the load was meant for Remsie but they were not at home so it was dumped on the grass verge...such is life.

Removed more of the grass from the garden with my trusty clippers and dug over some of the garden...hand gives me gyp so a little and often is the code.  Didn't make it to Momchilgrad to do the window stuff...Bekir decided that we could do it over the phone but unfortunately we got the wrong man so I have to go in tomorrow to get it problem ...I shall go into Kardjali, work out if any of the offers from Lidl are worth basketing and the do my student at two in the afternoon.  Once my men are life is my own.

So going well...I've just put diced potatoes and onions in a pan with chicken wings on top of might be ready for a midnight feast...and hopefully I\ll stay awake to enjoy it....LN....I've got to check the kitchen, fire and wine glass and I'm not sure in which order they come...I'll leave you guessing...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, April 10, 2013, 5:53pm; Reply: 16
Wednesday continued

Went ladies anatomy skywards (tit's up) when I tried to post pickies here goes...
Posted by: 38714 (Guest), April 10, 2013, 9:25pm; Reply: 17
Renovations looking good. You are very brave to tackle such a big job (or, it seems, several). Are you drinking Bulgarian wine? I've seen some in the liquor store but not tried any yet.
Posted by: Elsa Peters, April 11, 2013, 5:56pm; Reply: 18
Thursday 11th April

Thanks Chris for the wonderful accolade...I often wonder if it is braveness or stupidity of not letting go.  This house will not beat me...she says with anguish ;) ;)  As for the wine've obviously missed that I seriously imbibe on odd occasions and I can recommend the local brew.  I think the price will inflate by the time that you get it....but well worth trying... ;)

Six thirty start this morning and into the fray by eight.  Men were ready in their cafe filling up with the bounce juice and bounce they did when we got here.  Straight to it.  The told me that they were going up on the roof and Emaula arrived at the allotted time and his day was scheduled in and we spent the rest of the day trying to keep him to it.  Bless him he\s young and keen....on the girls in Djebel and his mobile phone and need I say more.  He cleared out the spot that we had designated for storing the dark stone and the polythene was ceremoniously dumped on my burning pit and by eleven I had cleared it out and all the polythene was gone..there was a comment about how badly it pervaded the air so I  told him to stop breathing until it was all gone.

Got an interesting text for my student....there was a story in ten parts and he had to read, inwardly digest and put it into sequence.  I did it on the computer before I went and managed to get it all sequenced but panicked until it came back that it was all correct.  I quickly jotted it down so that I didn't have to go through the whole thing again and he got it right first time....bright spark!!  So we did a crossword and between us we managed it...I have to keep the lessons interesting before we both nod off.

Got in my car and the fan belt had decided to slip even more so down to the garage before I set sail to Momchilgrad to see the window man....All stuff delivered, one more thing off my plate.  Back to the boys, coffee and the tiles are being heaved on to the roof for dispersal tomorrow....I see progress and while this was happening, my wall was coming down....the one that is supposed to before any signs of alarm start echoing around.  Two days back and I see real improvements already.  Time to go home and I realised that my young protegee was not working tomorrow so I asked Bekir how much he should get paid for today.  He told me the rate and I asked the lad what he was doing tomorrow and he said that he had to go and pay a fine for not having his car lights on when he should.  So I offered him more towards the fine which he was not going to accept but Bekir told him that he had to.

Boys home, back in my little house, fire going, glass of beer at my elbow and all's good with the world....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, April 11, 2013, 5:59pm; Reply: 19
One that was missed

Forgot to mention, we had to remove the last part of the roof water down pipes today and we rescued two little birds that had dropped down, were fluttering and couldn't escape.  They shot out so rapidly that there wasn't a snowball in hells chance or recognising which variety...Good deed for the day...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, April 12, 2013, 5:15pm; Reply: 20
Friday 12th April

Sorry...late the time I get the men home it's almost seven when I get in...I do a twelve hour day almost like when I worked in the UK.

Six thirty start and over for the men.  Beautiful morning this morning.  The mist over the river in the valley made the mountains look very impressive and almost as if the biggie was spewing fog out of its top.  Not a lot of mist accumulated but the wind had a little nip in it until about ten thirty and then it warmed up enough to be t-shirt weather but I didn't.  I took the pickie of the little house with the wall's the first time that those new windows have seen the sun and the clematis seems to be thriving.

Two loads of washing in the breeze and dry in quicksticks and I looked at the garden and realised that I really should give it some love and attention.  I wheeled out the plants that had overwintered in the little house, re-potted some of the bigger ones and tidies up some of the others.  I keep blaming the hand but maybe there's a little reluctance to get the job done so after several slices of toast with peach jam I'd worked up the enthusiasm to make a start on the veggie patch.  This coupled with the urge to get the lawnmower into action forced me to ask Bekir to check out the oil and benzine in the garden machine which he did.  I few false starts, coughs and splutters and away we went....apart from the fact that I've only managed to get my garden shears round the top of the 'lawn'.  Bekir thought we could use it without the catching basket on it but it is so damp that we put that on the back burner, I wheeled it into its summer house and back to my book.  Tomorrow is another day..... :-/

Men home....I'm looking to a morning in bed tomorrow and I think I have another student.  My sheep farmer's daughter is taught English but not able to speak it very well and she's really a sweet shy girl so the first few will be like pulling teeth....quite painful but let's hope we get over that quite quickly.

Back to my fire....not essential but pretty to look at...beautiful sunset with dark clouds interspersed with the red.  Let's hope it's a good day tomorrow....I have gardening to do now that I'm in the mood... ;) ;)
Posted by: Elsa Peters, April 13, 2013, 4:09pm; Reply: 21
Saturday 13th April

Quick update tonight..the thunder has been rattling around since about four, clears and then it doubles back again.  Sun's been shining most of the day until the clouds rolled in from Kardjali direction, there were a few very large spots of rain but it seems to have sett;ed down again.

So what have I been up to?  The foot high clover has been removed from my veg garden and one small patch ready for planting.  The soil needs to dry out a bit first and then I'll rake it over.  The rest is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon (weather permitting) not forgetting that I have my student at ten in Djebel.  Really forced the hand today so I'm hoping that I don't suffer for my art tomorrow.  It was so warm today that I was down to my Bulgarian vest.  Not a pretty sight but no callers today so that was OK.  In between gardening, I've also removed another couple of feet from my Berlin wall and that's just have to remember to be fairly agile on your feet when some of the big ones change direction on the way down... :-/ :-/

Seem to have a glut of eggs so hard-boiled seven of them and had egg mayo for lunch and the rest are in reserve.  I did get a piece of fish out of the freezer this morning with the intention of cooking it Thai style with a sweet and sour sauce but it's gone into the fridge for tomorrow...still full from a late lunch.  Having made a start on the garden I feel so much better.  Australia put me back in that I didn't winter dig it and even when the weather was good I couldn't get out there with my arm in plaster....everything delayed this year.

Just heard another crack...going to put this beauty to bed for safety's sake....LN.....back to my book....
Posted by: Elsa Peters, April 14, 2013, 6:33pm; Reply: 22
Sunday 14th April

Lazy start this morning that's if you can call seven of the clock lazy.....everywhere was damp from last nights gigantic thunder and lightening storm but the wind blew the mist away as it formed on the mountains.  Did my e-stuff and realised that I needed to print off some texts for my student this morning and as the clock ticked away I had only forty minutes to get showered, wash my hair and get prepared to drive to Djebel....and I made it there for five to ten...result.

I hate English grammar...the verb tenses just get silly and I'm sure we don't use them properly anyway.  I went through the piece that I'd asked her to write and we made a few corrections.  We did some exercises together and I'd said that I didn't want them to feed me today but now I am really part of the family.  They had a guest who had a two year old boy and he was trying to write on the table with a biro.  Now I object to this so I went to my work bag in the hall, came back with a notepad and had him sitting on my knee in quicksticks and we were drawing cars and lorries, trees and houses.  The mother was insistent that she buy me a new notepad....why...they were all impressed that he didn't cry when dragged to my knee and once there didn't want to leave even to eat.

So lunch over, got home about one thirty, read for a while and put my book down and slept for about an hour until I heard the gate latch go and Emula was at the door.  I'd seen Bekir in Djebel after the lesson and he'd mentions that he'd forgotten the piece of paper with the dimensions for the guttering that has to be ordered tomorrow morning and asked Emula to get it from the workshop.  Everything in's by my keys for tomorrow.

Supper tonight was the fish that I'd not managed last night and it was delicious.  I fried it off and sat it on a bed  of diced potatoes and onion and topped it a sauce made out of onions. tomato paste. vinegar, chili, ginger and honey.  I'd cooked enough for two and managed to eat it all...pigsy... ;) ;)  Just realised how late it is....washed up, kitchen tidied, just finished another book in the Rudd series....Last one I think and then I have to find something else to indulge myself in.  Fire not necessary but bottle empty so it looks like it's time for an early night.....Monday is the start of another hectic week now that the men are here and firing on all cylinders.....LN....I have my student tomorrow as well about retirement... :-/ :-/
Posted by: Elsa Peters, April 15, 2013, 5:10pm; Reply: 23
Monday 15th April

Two boys at play today....firstly down to the yard to order the 'bits' for the roof and did the heavens open.  I thought they would cry off this wasn't good and the rain woke me up at about six this morning and sounded serious.  But no phone call and the sky was a little brighter by the time I set off but at the yard down it came again.  Bekir disappeared...apparently he had another trip to the doctor scheduled so we were a little late leaving but Emaula had phoned to ask where we all were.  He was supposed to work today but I said to Bekir that if he didn't have enough for three, and that was his decision, that we would delay his work for a few days since the weather wasn't that good.

No materials had arrived by lunchtime so I raided my 'tortoise' money box to make up the shortfall from the wallet. Went into Djebel and had my student at two and when I got home the lorry was in the drive.  Swapped the tortoise stuff for a note having raided the cash point in Djebel and I now have enough materials for the men to work without having to spend out any more for a while...although I thought that on Friday... :-/  So back to bread and water again.  Bekir was on the roof cutting tiles and Sally was on the end of a shovel lowering the floor of the garage.  I was tempted to tell him that I wanted an inspection pit dug but I hadn't got the heart...the weather was just too bad... ;) ;)

Drove the men home, there was a police speed check just before the men's village which we cleared more by luck than judgement but I remembered it on the way back.  Emaula made the trip with me and he was almost hyperventilating.....he hadn't got his Bulgarian registration document and if we had got stopped he would have had a fifty leva fine for not carrying it out of his home region.  As it was we sailed through...they had already got someone in front of us for not observing the speed limit....and the relief on his face should have been captured and posted...

Back home...chicken wings cooking in the oven...bottle of the red stuff opened and breathing just before I give it mouth to's been a good day.....supper calls....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, April 16, 2013, 11:45am; Reply: 24
Tuesday 16th April

Yet again the weather woke me up with gale force winds and lashing rain and I thought that there was now way that the men wanted to work but since there was no telephone call to the contrary, I got in the car and headed in their direction.  Out they came from the restaurant with Sally clutching his collapsible umbrella and Bekir his sausages for lunch.  Emula phoned but there was no way that there was work for him...he's not the best when there is rain about so he just came round for coffee mid-morning.

The men set to and have finished leveling off the floor in the workshop and are now beginning to screed it.  Emula has just arrived with a bunch of tulips for me saying that they have loads of them and they are such a beautiful colour.  So now he has just asked Bekir if he could work this afternoon for five leva since he has no credit on his phone.....I've left it for Bekir....but I've told him that if the weather is good for the next three days as the forecast has predicted, he has three heaps of stone to remove and sort it into good stuff and rubbish stuff for under the bedroom terrace so that should keep him out of mischief.  When I showed him the second heap outside of the workshop...his eyes started to spin in his head...he's a young lad.
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Wednesday 17th April

Men boots blacked and a super day apart from a chilling wind.  Emaula was not round for the opening ceremony at 8.45 but turned up later having milked the family cows but came complete with a television that he wanted Bekir to mend and so the bartering began.  'If I mend your television then you will her for half a day for nothing'.  Last night we had a power surge and mu computer decided to go on the go slow and I can only believe that the TV suffered the same fate.  Now this tv was an underhand present from the son of one of my neighbours and it was rescued from the dump.....I say no more but once it was working I was sworn to secrecy that it had another life.

Anyway...Emula decided that to move rubbish from one of my neighbour's houses was more profitable than working for me for the day with the wind blowing a gale so he took the easy option.  The guy he was working /helping out works in Sweden so the money is not so much of a problem. So what was I doing while all this was happening....I finished the veg garden and tomorrow it gets planted.  Next objective was to dig the rosemary out of its winter bucket and see how it was really doing and not bad...some die back but lots of life showing.  Meanwhile back at the ranch...Bekir had got the television working and I'd gone inside to have five minutes down with my book.  Now I could hear a voice that I didn't recognise and realised that the television was now working and connected to my electricity and this was vaguely reminiscent of every house in BG where the tele plays and no one is listening / looking at it.  My immediate response...I went out and reminded the men that I don't have a television in my house, I don't like televisions and the last thing that I want is one of the bloody things playing in the garden using my electricity..... Serious faces all round...I went back inside the house and half an hour later, Emula knocked on the door and told me that the television was back in the house and in was probably playing to ...nobody...tova e Bulgaria....

Emula returned in the afternoon and took up the clover challenge with a scythe and was I grateful...we still haven't worked out what the pay rate is but it's definitely worth a voucher for his telephone...He said that he is working tomorrow even if there is a I think he feels guilty.  Men home, the rest of the soup did for supper with toast, the wine is on its last legs, student tomorrow and down to the yard I think to find out where the rest of the order went and what about the stuff that we need now....

LN....I'm going back to my fire and my need for the fire but it's cosy...LN
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Thursday 18th April

And so I overslept.  I woke at five thirty and thought that I would get back to the land of Nod..the dream was so good and at seven, I thought I'd have five minutes more and at ten minutes to eight I'd had a few more than the allocated five minutes.  Dressed quickly and went to pick the men up but since I pay them from eight it was in my time.  They worked out that they needed silicon for the roof guttering and that the winter had put paid to any that was stored in there so off I went to Djebel for supplies and coming back with three banichka...sort of filo pastry things with white cheese fillings and yogurt drinks for the troops.  At this point Emula had joined us so mine was sacrificed and I ended up with a sort of bread filled with white cheese but no drink so settled for coffee.

The mistake today was asking them men that if it were their tree and their roof, how much would they take they did.  Most of it with a hand saw but they eventually resorted to my Avatar's son's chain saw and tomorrow it will be finished.  I'd also had a visitation in my absence asking if I wanted to go and pay my respects to a lady that had passed over in the next village and I'd said no to Bekir....but a deputation at the gate had me changing my mind and the ladies had to go back and get ready for the trip to the next village.  When they got back into the car from the house I had meet with rice in a tray and a cup of juice which was a thank you for paying respects.  I now associate death with rice and meat and juice.

Went and did my student and his next homework is to imagine what you could get up to if you are invisible for a that got his juices flowing after I gave him a few ideas...I want one hundred and fifty words on the subject.  

Back from Djebel and my tree is now bare but I'm assured that it grows a meter a year but it might be slow to start off....I had to nudge the men off the roof at home time but meanwhile my Avatar had taken a couple of bundles of wood for her fire.  The heavy duty stuff is to go into the new workshop and will dry out for next year.  On the way out Semile is driving his sheep along the main road so we have to do a photoshoot...he's convinced that a rich widow will see how fit he is and his life will change...dream on....Unfortunately one of the sheep had developed a limp so immediate surgery was underwent and there were enough experts on hand to make sure the treatment was OK...

Home after depositing the finger sandwiches washed down with a little of the red stuff....Late tonight but eager to get to my's been a busy day...LN

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Thursday continued

Life in the village...LN ;) ;)
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Wonderful photos, Elsa. Keep 'em coming!

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Friday 19th April

Thanks Chris...things just seem to happen here and most of it is worth photographing.....

Silly five a.m. start today so read for a while but didn't managed to get my head down again but at least I was on time to pick the men up.  Bekir remembered his chain saw today so the cherry got a bit of a hammering but it's all to do with the view from the upstairs balcony of the little house.  No good having a view if you can't see is there.....  Cleared the debris and had a good bonfire while Bekir got his trusty chainsaw and cut all the stuff up from the felling sessions and Sally split it and I've managed to acquire about three cubic which I'm assured will be ready in about a month.  Think I might save it for the autumn and it's stored in the new workshop.  No use putting it in the little house...what's in there will be transferred as work progresses.

Helped Sally with the wood stacking but unfortunately a speck of dust went in my eye and for the rest of the afternoon it's been weeping like fury and is exceptionally red and with the best will in the world, you know you shouldn't rub it and I've tried the water back and it seemed to have moved it but it's come back again so it'll be the blind leading the blind as I drive the men home.  I was going to go to the  Librarians tonight and spend tomorrow with her but I'm niggled by the eye so I'll put it off for another week.  I don't think I'll be good company tonight.

Found some strange mushrooms at the base of the bonfire when I moved some of the longer grass out of the way so that I didn't set the hillside on fire...must look up what they are...really peculiar.

Six of the clock my time....them men have been coffeed out today.  Emula decided he would work then decided that it was a much better proposition to go into Djebel with one of his mates...said he just didn't feel like working so I just didn't feel like paying him.  I bought him a voucher for his mobile but gave it to Bekir to show him as an incentive...but like the donkey and the carrot but it hasn't worked.  We've come to the conclusion that he just doesn't like work...the novelty wears off very quickly.  Men off home soon....I'm going to get the fire going before I take them so it's cosy to come back to.  Chicken wings going in too so that supper will be ready when
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Friday 19th April

Thanks Chris...things just seem to happen here and most of it is worth photographing.....

Silly five a.m. start today so read for a while but didn't manage to get my head down again but at least I was on time to pick the men up.  Bekir remembered his chain saw today so the cherry got a bit of a hammering but it's all to do with the view from the upstairs balcony of the little house.  No good having a view if you can't see is there.....  Cleared the debris and had a good bonfire while Bekir got his trusty chainsaw and cut all the stuff up from the felling sessions and Sally split it and I've managed to acquire about three cubic which I'm assured will be ready in about a month.  Think I might save it for the autumn and it's stored in the new workshop.  No use putting it in the little house...what's in there will be transferred as work progresses.

Helped Sally with the wood stacking but unfortunately a speck of dust went in my eye and for the rest of the afternoon it's been weeping like fury and is exceptionally red and with the best will in the world, you know you shouldn't rub it and I've tried the water bath and it seemed to have moved it but it's come back again so it'll be the blind leading the blind as I drive the men home.  I was going to go to the  Librarians tonight and spend tomorrow with her but I'm niggled by the eye so I'll put it off for another week.  I don't think I'll be good company tonight.

Found some strange mushrooms at the base of the bonfire when I moved some of the longer grass out of the way so that I didn't set the hillside on fire...must look up what they are...really peculiar.

Six of the clock my time....them men have been coffeed out today.  Emula decided he would work then decided that it was a much better proposition to go into Djebel with one of his mates...said he just didn't feel like working so I just didn't feel like paying him.  I bought him a voucher for his mobile but gave it to Bekir to show him as an incentive...bit like the donkey and the carrot but it hasn't worked.  We've come to the conclusion that he just doesn't like work...the novelty wears off very quickly.  Men off home soon....I'm going to get the fire going before I take them so it's cosy to come back to.  Chicken wings going in too so that supper will be ready when I get back....I'm tired of eating late. men call....
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Friday night

The mushrooms have been identified as morels...and you can eat them apparently...if I do and you don't hear from me again..they were lying.... :-/
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Saturday 20th April

Slept in until eight this morning and lazed about since there were no men to collect and no students to get ready for.  Breakfast went on the back burner as I did the usual on the pc and then as I was starting to get the toaster out there were a couple of phone calls from the UK and one from the Librarian so it was more early lunch than breakfast.  I'm pleased to say that the beam that was in my eye disappeared over night but it looks a little red and the lid is bruised whee it started to swell.  All better now.

Tuna mayo on toast for lunch and then out to the garden and I didn't come back in except for water and the odd coffee until seven fifteen and I was surprised how late it was.  I've managed to clear the big flower bed so that I've got somewhere to put the plants that I'm growing in pots.  I also need to clear out the other bed so that I can transfer the seedlings that are starting to germinate in the garden.  Lots of petunias starting, tobacco has got a few heads up and there is a very pretty white flower that seems to have dropped seeds everywhere but fortunately that's in the first bed that was dug over, the frog garden.

Another job was to sort out the bonfire pit.  The underneath was choker and some of the bricks had disintegrated but all sorted now,  Relit it and now there's nothing hanging around.  What a good day I've had....feeling really pleased with myself and at last I'm beginning to see patches of soil instead of clumps of clover.

Eight twenty my going but mainly for decorative purposes, supper is cold chicken left over from last night and maybe find a glass of the red stuff to help it down....Student in the morning....LN...I'm off down stairs and putting this thing to bed...and I shan't be long before I'm putting myself to bed...I'm knacked... ;) ;)....LN
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Sunday 21st April

So yesterday's gardening really worked and I slept like a baby last night and woke up refreshed.  Breakfast was toast and spread cheese since Lidl butter is no more and the trip to Kardjali is planned for Friday.....I need lots of goodies.

Out to my student just before ten and told them that no way was they to feed me.  I'd planned to go thet Librarians but they were most insistent that I got fed, they are so proud that everything that they have is provided from their own garden and I said down with the family.  Such a good lesson today and she is really keen to get practicing.  It's funny though...when we sit at the table having lunch, the questions keep coming from each direction and it's like playing tennis so that's our joke.

Stopped off at the supermarket and got goodies for tonight including a bottle of wine and one of beer....we've finished eating....I'm doing me quick update and I'll sleep here tonight and pickup the men in the morning from their village since it sits between the Librarians and my house.  Popped to my Avatar's house to tell her that I wouldn't be home tonight so that she didn't worry if she didn't see my car outside the house.

So I think the beer might be on for tonight....I've finished the washing up....just like a real guest ought to....need to set off by just before eight tomorrow...I have eleven and a half hours to fill...LN....what can I think to do?  Well there is that bottle...LN ;)
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Monday 22nd April

Sorry last night for the three posts of the same thing.   the connection is so dodgy at the Librarian's house that it wouldn't let me delete and at one point it wasn't even showing that Sunday's post wasn't there.....

Beautiful sunrise this morning huge great red ball in the sky and the mist covered the ground.  Seeing sunrise from a different place and I packed up the car at seven thirty thereabouts this morning and really early for the men.  From her house to the men is only about six kilometers and I didn't take that into account but they were ready with little rubber shoes blacked and into the car for five to eight.  They're walking around the new build and scratching heads....I've yet to go out but I'm hoping that the god of materials delivers today...otherwise there will be hell to play tomorrow.

So my student this afternoon and for the rest of the morning I've decided that winter clothes get packed away and two bedroom and the upstairts bathroom gets sorted for visitors that might be arriving at the beginning of May and definitely booked for the to horse....
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Hi Elsa, Good reading and great pics. the little house looks like its coming on fine. Wanted know if and when u shopping next, could you see if u can find these sweets I saw on tv, they are rose flavour and they are supposed to make u smell like roses when u eat them. Made in Bulgaria....if u find them would u be able to send me 2 bags plz. Took pc into my Mum to show her pics etc, she said to say Hello and wished u all the best on the build. She loved the pics of the animals and your house. Take care Linda & Gang.x
Posted by: linda g, April 22, 2013, 4:12pm; Reply: 36
Hi Elsa, Just thought of sweets name its DEO....Let me know if u can get some for me.. Ta. :) :)
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Monday continued

So now I'm on a mission when I go shopping next time to try and find these sweets.  I've never heard of them but someone should've.....and they'll be in the post to you.  So pleased that your mum likes what I'm getting up to.....she would have thought nothing less of me!!.... ;) ;)

Suddenly after checking my emails and such this morning...I find my Avatar on the wrong end of a machine they've made for getting the fine stuff out of the heap of gravel.  I'm wondering why Bekir isn't helping Sally so I thought I ought to check.  Now he is mending a scythe and I'm thinking that mine is OK, Emula is not here with his, and it suddenly dawns on me that Avatar is now, with spade in hand doing what Bekir should be doing and Bekir is mending her scythe.  I go to my purse and ask her what she thinks she's doing and how much does she want for a day's work...we agree on ten leva so I offer her go away.  No way do I want her working on my house but I suppose she felt guilty taking my man away from his work....why should she...he doesn't. :-/ :-/  Had a bit of a brain wave today and remembered that my ex husband used to sell plastic drainage pipe and that I had seen some in Djebel.....began to explain it to Bekir and so I was on a mission to find twenty meters of the stuff.  It's to be laid outside the wall of the garage so that the water drains used to be called Wavin pipe but I don't know what it goes by now...

Raked up the dross from my garden today and lobbed it over the fence for the animals.  Had a little fire and then realised that it was time to go student drilling in Djebel, went to my materials supplier and got my twenty meters and we debated whether it would go in the little car or have to be put on the roof and as it happened...I managed to get it into the car with the back seats flat and a rubber bungee holding the back door down.  Now this would have been fine but I met up with Remsie in Djebel as I left the car park to get to the material magazine so the grandson was in the back with the pipe and grandmother in the front with me and both deposited safely.  Arrived with the pipe and Emula showed real concern because the pipe had got holes in it....I told him that it was OK but he was adamant that I'd been sold a pig in a poke.  We then had to explain the why, when and how...and it all became clear...bless.....

Semile's brother was round this evening and I said that I had asked the Kmet (local mayor) for paint for my bus stop or to remove just looks naff.  He said that there is a gathering of the local DPC party tomorrow in the Kmet's office and he's promised, a promise of my paint for let's see how long it takes to be delivered and they might even get to meet the English lady of this tomorrow I better give the house a spring clean if I'm to meet the local dignitaries....all this for four tins of pain!!

Men going...what more could a girl ask for except for four tins of pain and that's on the burner for tomorrow.  Lovely life....moite jivot e po hubovo.....LN....or in the words of the electrical white goods and television manufacturer....Life's good....LG.....LN... ;) ;)
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Tuesday 23rd April

Six-thirty start but decided to linger until seven at at seven-twenty my phone went and men working today...Sally has a little problem but I'm assured that they are on for tomorrow....let's see.

Two lots of washing done and dried, all my winter clothes are away and the summer ones are now back into one room and back in control.  I'd used the upstairs bathroom as a dressing room for the winter but now it's back to a bathroom ...well it will be when the bath gets installed.  It's got a toilet and washbasin so it does have the rudiments but with the wet room downstairs...not much of a rush with only me living here.

The sun bed did call as I was on my way back from the washing line and for the first time this year, I stretched out for about an hour.  It wasn't really hot today but enough just to lie there,  Two men from the water board called and they are progressing into the next century or catching up.  I was given a reference number and a little blue card and today's payment of just under five leva is the last.  I now have to pay it at the post office so like my electricity....I'm going to let the bank take care of it so that I don't have to think about it.  Just a text to say how much they intend taking and another to tell me that they have now got their sticky little mitts on it.

Avatar has had a good day today.  A man and his son came round with a rotavator last night and today she was tramping out the squares.  I saw her putting in her potatoes and took pity on her and cooked enough supper for two.  Potatoes, onions with chicken wings in the oven and as I walked over with the dish Tommy was jumping about, his tail was going hell for leather and he was licking his lips.  I almost had to fight him off but I did return with the bones after I'd eaten mine.

So my paint hasn't arrived and I've not even been informed of the promise to deliver.....supper over, fire going but there really isn't any need for it....the wine is still waiting to be given the kiss of life....I'm on my way down.  I've had a good day and feel that I've achieved something...LN... ;)  
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Wednesday 24th April

Good day today...lawnmower out and I've done all of the top half of my garden and my Avatar's.  But back to basics.....apparently Sally's problem was his father yesterday and they had to take him to Haskovo Hospital since they didn't have the equipment in Kardjali but fortunately he's back home now.  The materials wagon has still not arrived so I thought the men would be stuffed today but no...I have my little roof over the porch taking place as we speak.  The boards are on, well most of them.  We have had the most outrageous downpour and it stopped play but they're back at it now.  I knew I shouldn't have cleaned the windows in the second upstairs bedroom in anticipation of guests.

I have a guest in the garden....we have a man who likes his Rakia a little more than he should and by this time in the afternoon he's a little worse for wear.  I'm staying out of it but he reckons I'm a bad neighbour because I don't get the coffee out for him but he missed the men's slot and four so tough.  I've just had delivered spinach filo pastry stuff.  Now I'm not a lover of anything green so I thanked her for it and it's in the kitchen.....I'll try it later.

Men are still banging away but today I can see what they've been doing and it feels good.  There are other days when the work is so fiddly or I've asked to change something that it appears slow...but definitely not today.  Beginning to pack up now....I think I'm on my way to Djebel to get a few things like nails and coffee and I might stay in my favourite restaurant for supper's been a while since I paid my respects.  So early night for my pain is supposed to be on its way....oh yeah....LN...getting changed to go to the big city....

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Thursday 25th April

Last night was an experience in my special restaurant.  The Chief of Police and one of the traffic sergeants were drinking in the restaurant and because the daughter of the restaurant calls me Baba (grandmother) Elsa I am now known to the chief of police by the same name.... :-/  I'll remember that for when he has to give evidence against me.....They were drinking home made Rakia while I was on the fruit juice and water advising them that my car was outside....not sure if they were on Shanksie's pony but they should have been.  Home by about nine...the fire was still going and settled in with my book for about half an hour but absolutely shattered and my energy level has been low all day.  Picked up the men on time...we were down to the yard and I asked the owner if his phone was working since we had tried several times to ask where our stuff was but no joy.  Made adjustments to the order from the non delivered items from the previous order that were already paid for, adjusted the bill after referring to the last one and we agreed a sum.

Off to see my student but his parents were in Sofia hospital with respective parents so I cancelled the lesson, left him in charge of the shop and went down to the garage to get my summer tyres on, have and oil change and the good news is...the new seals on the pump in the Pajero seem to have solved the problem.  Much head scratching was heard but seems to be it was worth it.  Back home and took to the garden and Gouljan arrived just to see how I was.  I've agreed to meet her next Wednesday and we'll have a day out in Kardjali.

Little roof guttering was a lot of work for two guys but it's done and dusted and the tiles go on tomorrow along with the cement floor for the garage....the Beast will be introduced to it's new home and should be stabled as of Monday net...Emula is supposed to be working tomorrow as it's a cement day and has asked for more money.  I let it be known that Bekir fixes his rate for the day not me...if he's worth it we pay more...if he's not we don't.

So home now and what a beautiful moon tonight.  It was red when it came over the mountains but now it's a great big hanging yellow ball and I'd take a better picture if I had a better camera.... :-/,  LN...tomorrow I'm off to Kardjali with a long list of essentials for various shops.....let's see what else I come back with that is inessential.... ;)
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Friday 26th April

Summer is reached twenty six this afternoon in Kardjali and was it hot.  

Back to business...picked up the men and went down to get some fresh bread from the mobile shop and breakfast was that with peach jam and without butter but after my trip today to the big city...not to happen again for the foreseeable future....I like butter and there is no substitute in my book.  Librarian arrived in good time...left in her vehicle to get to Djebel and the garage and my Beast took us to Kardjali in style but the agreed meeting with my solicitor buddy didn't happen...he had work in Momchilgrad but had to catch the bus back to Haskovo....'drug put' as we say...another day.  Left the men with the kettle today so at least their coffee breaks would be on time.

The Beast behave beautifully....into the Leva shop and a present of decent wine glasses for my Librarian.  I have standards that she has to learn to maintain... ;) ;) ;) glasses are big,  Picked up a stainless steel sink for the new workshop for a fraction of the price that I have seen in Djebel...bargain offer of toilet rolls so I have guests and no (t)issues....

Billa for coffee and filet steak, Lidl for fishfingers, more coffee, butter with a good shelf life and triangle cheese.  We reckoned that our shopping lists that Librarian and me could shop for each other....but the grand finale was a super white choc ice and we sat in the car and satisfied the urge.  Went to try and find a black cartridge for my printer and the girl in the shop had such attitude that even if I am desperate and I am...she wouldn't get my business.

Back home...unpacked...garage floor complete..well almost....made the coffee for the three of them and into the garden for the while to fill in the time until they leave.  Tonight I'm tired.  Emaula is going to the Black Sea to work for ten days....I did ask him if ten days was too much for him...and we left it that.  Men home...beautiful sunset tonight and when I sat out watching the sun get down the Mosque started up and I sat and listened to the Hojja doing his stuff......different world... different life ...and I'm listening to Barbra S doing her stuff and from Yentle she's just come out with the quote...'Will someone wake me from this dream'....but please don't.

LN...I'm heading for the kitchen with great prospects but having demolished half a chicken with salad and chippies for lunch...not much room left.  LN..might just squeeze something in....
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Saturday 27th April

Really early wake up but then back to sleep until eight day of nothing.

Breakfast was a little late...two cups of coffee and sat outside in the sun and I knew that it was going to be a scorcher from the off today...and it certainly was.  I went out into the garden with the intention of not stopping until the side garden was cleared but the flesh was weak.  I came in and decided that breakfast was on the cards and another cup of coffee....and since it was now heading for the two hands at the top, a little siesta was called for but try as I might and even though I felt tired...didn't manage to nod off but back downstairs again by two, played with my DS for a while and knocked off a couple of Sudoku and back out there,  The side garden is cleared, dug over and ready for planting up.  Put a chicken in to cook while I was out in the garden and supper was chicken and chips and early for me...all washed up before eight.

Short and sweet's been a day of diggin' and doin' nipping out now to get that bonfire lit and the rubbish cleared.  LN....the end of an enjoyable day....suns just gone and moon not up yet....nice clouds tonight...LN
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Sunday 28th April

Silly night again last night...perhaps chicken and chips with mayo early didn't do the trick....I was awake at two until four..reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.....but eventually went off again until six thirty and out watching the sun on the bench until I realised that there was a chillness in the air.

Shower and shampoo this morning and off to see my student for a session.  I set her homework last week but she said that she found the subject hard.  She was asked to imagine that if she could be invisible for one day what would she get up her ten year old cousin thought this would be great and decided that she would resit her school tests and get top marks for everything...that's my girl.

Lunch with the family and father had done the cooking.  This was topped up when the other sister and mother returned from a birthing party and more food arrived.  I was stuffed and still it came....  Got home about three after a stop at the supermarket for potatoes, onions, beer and an....eclair with confectioner's custard....delicious with coffee.  Took in the washing, burnt the rubbish that I was intending to burn last night but the wind got rid of some more weeds.  Noticed that there were flowers out that I'd missed before so tonight's showing is flowers from my garden.  Cold chicken tonight and leaving aside the mayo....I think that is the part that's hard to digest.

Top garden must be sorted over the next couple of days....I've got seedlings that need to find a home and unless it's cleared it's not going to happen.  Men tomorrow...not sure what's on the agenda but it might be the outside wall or the other little terrace....I'll see what they feel like.  Emula is apparently going to work at the sea side for the next ten days or so....we'll see tomorrow.  LN....I'm down to pour another beer...just to keep up my fluid intake you understand in this hot weather....LN ;) ;)
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Sunday update

My garden neighbour that lives along the road has just delivered fresh garlic, spring onions and a lettuce that I had to refuse.  I told them I didn't have a rabbit....probably not what they wanted to hear but it is green and I have an aversion to most things green.  As for the fresh is so pungent that I'm thinking one clove would keep away evil spirits for ever....LN....I'm off to pour that beer....
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Monday 29th April

Another day, another dollar was a phrase that one of my home help favourite phrases.  Appropriate this morning...Monday and the start of a new week for the men.  Not a good day for what they had to do.....they were cementing part of the yard so that I could get the cars into the garage without using a fork lift.  The little house was much higher so it had to be done.  Now when I left for my student...there was a huge tree root that I understood was being covered by the concrete....when I came back I saw no hint of a bulge and asked where it was and Bekir pointed to his side.  Wow I bet that took some shifting in this heat...PHEW.

Managed an hour and a half with the student and we ended up watching and discussing Willy Wonker and the Chocolate factory that I've just finished reading and watching sections of it on You Tube.  He is such a bright lad...I only have to tell him once and he remembers detail. His mother started to ask me about the different parts of speech that have no equivalent in this point I glazed over....but I really must read up on it.

Interesting find in the garden this afternoon.  I've managed to dig over my top garden and tomorrow will dispose of the weeds but as I was walking by the Sloe hedge I noticed what appeared to be a giant gossamer condom on it and couldn't understand what it was.  There were a couple of black caterpillars making their way across it so I asked Sally who told me they were very bad.  Apparently if they get on you they make you itch but to demonstrate, he took is lighter and there must be about two hundred of the things on the inside and they were starting to leap about a bit.  My first instinct was to drop it into a bucket and set fire to it....not much of a conservationist am I.

So gravel heap down to the last dregs and more needs to be ordered tomorrow.  I'm off to the Librarian's tonight since it's less of a journey for me tomorrow and we'll dine at the local Ritz.  Just about to get packed thinks the men will want an early night...LN....they look knacked after mixing concrete in 28+ today... :-/...LN
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You and your crew are making such progress! It must be very satisfying to see things come together as you planned them. Well done!  
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Tuesday 30th April

Thanks Chris...not sure whether the word 'plan' comes into it but it sort of rolls along.  What I'll do when we've finished (that's if that day ever comes) not might be that English School that I'm itching to start.

Went down to the local restaurant in the Librarian's village and settled for chicken kebabs. cheesy chips, salad and it had to be the necessary two bottles of beer.  Driving off piste so they say when you leave the 'Vinetka' road or half pissed if you take the English way of looking at things.  We both drove to the house despite my initial intention to arrive and for both of us to WALK down to burn off the calories of the imbibing and over indulging settling for two plates of cheesy chips instead of one.  I think it's something to do with the beer.

I picked up the told off by my Avatar for not telling her I was out for the evening but I'm sure she didn't spend her night wondering about my whereabouts.  Had a bit of a mixed day.  The men knew what they were doing fortunately we just had to work out the heights of the terraces, the wall and the steps on the the existing terrace and when that was done I could have the day to myself.  Did a load of washing, and got the bonfire going but not sure I got that in the right order but everything seemed to work out.  

Carried on with the top garden and got the lawn mower out and now know that it doesn't go without fuel no matter how hard you try to fire it up,,, :-/ :-/  Ginormous bonfire to get rid of the old polythene and the bags from yesterday's cement and everything in the garden is to speak.  Semile and myself are having a bet as to whether you can get two cars in the garage....we were even out measuring the width of the cars and we don't have much to play with but I think it's enough....How often will I really be putting two cars away...dream on.  Fresh home made bread delivered by my Avatar since I delivered her three bottles of shampoo that I had no need of and didn't like the flavour.  She asked me how much...I told her a silly price that she knows means she pays me nothing...but I have the bread in return.

Boys went home in the Beast tonight since there didn't appear to be enough petrol for a return trip and the outward in the morning.  The village were almost out there with banners....two locals have managed to get a bird with two cars and enough money to run them and pay them.....result.

Beautiful night tonight.  I was sitting outside with a glass of the red stuff in my hand when Hacibar descended asking me if I had TOK (electricity).  Since I could hear my computer humming away I said that I had no problem and put the outside light on as confirmation.  Now I thought she had blown up the TOK box and thus requiring a reset but suddenly there was a lot of shouting between my Avatar and Hacibar and I detected that she wanted a wall switch since hers was naff.....there was a lot of muttering but I poured another glass of the red stuff and my life is chilled.  All's not quiet in the village.

Tomorrow I am hitting Kardjali with my Gouljan and we are having lunch in town and trawling my favourite shops.....Ten thirty sharp at her bus stop where she will shed her little rubber shoes and put on her city strollers.  LN....supper so far is fresh bread...I must find something to go with it before the wine takes over.   I'm just about to raid the fridge...
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