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Posted by: Elsa Peters, June 1, 2013, 4:58pm
Saturday 1st June

Yes is and I read the first ones around two years ago and was surprised to find so many more in the same series.  Started on book four a couple of days ago and have trouble putting it down but I'm thinking that since some of the characters have gone a little hazy...I should start it over again.

So despite the sun being out for the day this evening is considerably colder than it has been.  We've been at the Librarian's for most of the day who now has to have a name change since she forgot her logins for the sight and I couldn't be...well you know the sort it out so we have a new member....

Her computer has been rebuilt or rather one of the one's that she uses has been rebuilt by my guest.  All is sorted, she can get on to her favourite sites with little or no effort and our internet connection which sometimes leaves a lot to be desired has behaved itself very well today.

Lovely lunch...Lidl pieces of fish with salad and tonight I can't say that I'm in the mood for much to satisfy my hunger so it will probably be cheese and biscuits or toasted sandwiches if I rise to the challenge.  Just made up the guest bed and I'm surprised that the sheets were still on the line when a gust of wind from somewhere near the Sahara raced over southern Bulgaria during the afternoon but at least they're well aired... :-/ :-/

So fire going...student tomorrow since Turkey has been called off because Gouljan has health problems and we're off to the hospital at seven on Monday morning for blood tests...that's for her not for me....  I made the joke that she should drink more red wine and instead of eventually evens itself out so it's more fifty fifty and all problems evapourate.  Down to face the kitchen, made decisions as to what to serve at table and fill my glass.....what a hard life...LN

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