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Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 1, 2013, 5:44am
Sunday 1st December

Good morning and the answer didn't come on a postcard but in an email.  His memory was jogged or one of 'those upstairs' sent him a message and here is wiki's take on the fruits from yesterday...

'Maclura pomifera, commonly called Osage orange, hedge apple, horse apple, monkey ball, bois d'arc, bodark, or bodock is a small deciduous tree or large shrub, typically growing to 8–15 metres (26–49 ft) tall. It is dioecious, with male and female flowers on different plants. The fruit from a multiple fruit family, is roughly spherical, but bumpy, and 7.6–15 centimetres (3–6 in) in diameter. It is filled with a sticky white latex. In fall, its color turns a bright yellow-green. It is not closely related to the orange: Maclura belongs to the mulberry family, Moraceae, while oranges belong to the family Rutaceae.'

So now have it and look what I've saved you on postage....almost eight my time...the day is before me....have a good one...  
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 1, 2013, 4:22pm; Reply: 1
Sunday continued

Cold this morning but the fire was still in so I rescued it.  The day warmed up but I let the fire tick over all day and tonight the house is toasty warm.  Remsier came round this morning and it was for nothing in particular,  We discussed the weather, the general state of play but there was nothing she wanted but the photographs from the baby party but I'll do them tomorrow.  I had to change every cartridge on the printer.  It didn't tell me that it wasn't working but the yellow was not printing at all.  So much for Brother printers.

Read for a while this afternoon and thought I would get my head down but only managed about an hour.  I had such a vivid dream that I think I was better awake.  Cooked spaghetti bolognaise and it was a toss up as to whether it had beans thrown in and became a chilli but I thought Avatar would prefer it 'au naturel'.  Dear Tommy her dog was champing at the bit when I arrived at the gate but he'll get what's left tomorrow...tonight it's mine and theirs.

Put some food out for today into the burning pit and set fire to it but there was a general rush of cats and magpies for the remains.  At one point there were five magpies around the cat but it was not had her/his fill and then they encroached.  

Supper over and delicious....a little mastica on the go and then down to the fire and my book.  I've started book far so good...LN...enjoy your evening.

Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 2, 2013, 5:57pm; Reply: 2
Monday 2nd December

Four thirty start, read for a while and then back off again until just before seven.  Sleep pattern is all to blazes since I get so tired in the evening, have a nap and then expect to do the complete eight hours but it doesn't work like that.  

Lazy morning because there was nothing to get going for and it was damp and cold.  Sudden  burst of energy and I was washed, dressed and tried to get a loaf of bread out of the freezer and the second drawer had stuck fast.  The ice had seized hold of one of the packs of meat and there was just no go.  Unplugged the cable, ran upstairs to get the hairdryer, emptied what I could and waited for the hairdryer to do its stuff and everything back and ready to replace the plug after about half an hour.  The surge of activity stayed with me for the rest of the day.  The discarded planks of wood that should have been stored in the house before the men left are now ...stored in the house.  The rest of the debris has been sorted and is either ready for the wood burner or stacked to be used again.  The metal that is supposedly for the remainder of the wall was on the floor of the garage and I had to drive over it to get the car in.  Again that's in the little house and the garage is now swept, the fallen leaves collected and burnt and the bits of metal put into a container.  All this activity took me until four thirty this afternoon and the temperature began to drop and sleet was falling but that seems to have petered out.

Fire has been going most of the day and it's been very welcome as I've popped in and out.  Supper was the remains of last night's spaghetti bolognaise and a couple of chocolate biscuits to help it down and now back to my book.   No photos today, it was just too dark by the time that I'd been back and forward from the yard to the little house but at least I feel that it's tidy for the winter.'s been an active day...
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 3, 2013, 6:48am; Reply: 3
Tuesday 3rd December

Six fifteen this morning so it's getting better.  There was a glimmer of light over the mountains that got better and better and now, that little ball of hot stuff in the sky is flooding the house with light and warmth so not much wood for me today.  Heck of a wind though and as I stood outside on my bedroom balcony taking photos this morning, it fair cut through my little fleecies so I didn't linger too long.

There must have been quite a wind in the night too as I notice several garden accoutrements have been on the move namely my antique woodburner and that is now partly under the Beast.  A plastic bowl was scurrying about the lounge terrace at one this morning but it didn't disturb me for long and I let it have its fun.  Eight thirty my time....when it warms up I'm out to make a real start on the metal bank...I've looked at it for long enough and it's time it went...alternatively I could get my knitting out and become creative but the clothes from Turkey for ten leva take a lot of beating.  I've even photographed it for's so cosy and warm and is one more layer to the 'winter cabbage' that we all become with so many layers.

Toast for breakfast, but I should have left the bread out yesterday when I defrosted the freezer but  I can now afford to get good stuff in there now that I've ditched the 'bits' that we all accumulate with the intention of getting them out and doing something with them.  Well I did something with them....I threw them over the hedge for my army of cats that patrol the garden and its perimeters.  Now to horse.... ;)
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 3, 2013, 7:36pm; Reply: 4
Tuesday update

Well the metal mound is still there...the weather didn't go much above the zero and the wind was howling all day.  It took quite a few pegs to keep some of the washing on the line and as it was my jeans escaped...but fortunately they fell where I could retrieve them.  All was safely gathered in...I only put out the towels, jeans and a sweater...the rest went on the airer in the bathroom.

Fire going all day.  Read for most of the afternoon but this evening decided to ball up a couple of skeins of wool,  First one went OK, second one reminded me somewhat of spaghetti and the same colour...but I stuck with it and I've started a set of wrist warmers for my Avatar for including in her Christmas goody bag.  If the weather stays like this she'll be needing them on her trips to the outside privy....

Nine thirty my time....almost time to get my little head down but not had a nap today so hoping it's a seven start tomorrow...I'll miss sunrise but hey...I've captured most of them to date....LN...I've got a fire to attend to said Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrue, Cuthbert, Dibble and Grub...if my memory serves me correctly.... ;) ;)  LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 4, 2013, 5:04pm; Reply: 5
Wednesday 4th December

Seven o'clock start this seems to be working.  Beautiful sunny day minus six showing on the thermometer with a front over the Greek mountains when I went out earlier to empty the ash can.  Lit the fire and went to get the wood in and I should know better by now to do it with just the PJ's on but hey, it took all of five minutes but that wind was fair whistling again. Washed and dressed, didn't feel much like breakfast and if you don't, why force yourself.  Got the sewing machine out and did a job that I'd thought about for a while and not got round to.  The fleece blanket that the boys ruined while clearing the grass in the early part of the year is now made into a door curtain and permanently attached to it's own pole so that I don't have to juggle it each evening.  I also made a Christmas present and I can't tell you more, it would spoil it.  Had another go at cleaning the stairwell windows....I've got to organise some sort of platform...the brain is thinking about it. ;) ;)

Phoned the Librarian for an update on the parcel saga and they are still waiting for customs to release it from Sofia....not looking good at this point and DHL is having to earn it's fees....I think the solution is to have it readdressed to the's much simpler there.  So I was sitting in the hallway in the sun and I suddenly felt very warm and looked at the thermometer and it was showing thirty seven.  Now those that have visited my home know that it's almost like living in a conservatory but when it's on 'freezing' outside, it just shows what a good friend the sun can be.  As for the fire, I'd only got a couple of logs on it.  Two of the clock into Djebel in the Beast armed with a shopping list. Bread, black wool to finish the present, diesel for the Beast so that it doesn't freeze and an assortment of little presents to make up the goodie bags for my neighbours.  Jobs-a-guddun but I forgot the wrapping paper so it's back to the shops tomorrow.

Home at five, the fire was still ticking along nicely, moved some more wood inside under the wood burner to dry out, did my emails and found a cruise going round the Orkney Islands in May from Scotland that looks promising.  Fed Tommy the remains of everything that I had left from the Chicken curry that I was making and now down to my fire, my knitting and I think it's going to be an Irish coffee this evening....sounds like a plan...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 5, 2013, 8:59pm; Reply: 6
Thursday 5th December

Up nice and early this morning, fire still going from last night so rescued it.  Eight o'clock was on the phone to the Librarian asking her if she wanted to come and play today.  I suggested a visit to Kardjali, a mouch round the shops, see what we could pick up for very little, I wanted to buy the wool to finish the present that I couldn't get yesterday and we could have lunch in town.  The answer was yes and who wouldn't be tempted by such an offer so she was here at nine thirty after finishing off her chores and we set off at about ten.  Did my dress shop and picked up a Doris Streich black evening top for three leva fifty (that's about one seventy to you and me) and a bronze coloured over top for four fifty so I have my Christmas outfit sorted.  I t would also have been rude not to snap up a polo neck sweater and a Christopher and Banks woolen cardigan spending yet another eleven leva so total spend,,,about a tenner.  As for the Librarian...she managed to pick up a ski type jacket for working in the garden or just leaving in the jeep for five leva and again I say...rude not to.

Over to one of the dinky do shops and got the christmas presents for the girls which were beautifully gift wrapped for free, picked up a set of six egg cups since the ones that I use allow the eggs to rotate or simply disappear 'somewhere down there' and a couple of christmas table trees which were original and pretty with it.  On to the wool shop and got another present and two kilograms of wool for nine leva a kilogram, one black and the other brown with bobbles, on to lunch, half chicken each with chippies and salad, into the mosque toilets for a brief interlude then off to our favourite leva shop to try to track down wrapping paper for the presents to no avail. There are lots of gift bags but for the ladies of my village I like to wrap the presents individually and they are used to that after three years and come to expect it and finally to the market to get a couple of fleece blankets for the second of Librarian's presents.  

Home for four thirty, quick cup of coffee with the Librarian and gave my fire the kiss of life and back in the car to meet Gouldjan in Djebel at five at the school for a night of fun and festivities in one of the local restaurants.  As it turned out, two her friends appeared but we disappeared to go to the town to track down the illusive wrapping paper which we did so tomorrow I can do everything that I need to do.  I am moving towards my departure.  Back to the gathering and only two others arrived so we sat around for a while and I answered twenty questions as to why I am in Bulgaria and eventually I suggested that we made a move because I was hungry and there was no food in the offing and I was drinking orange juice.  We made out leave and set out for my favourite restaurant and ordered chicken livers, salad and cheesy chips with an apricot juice this time since the Beast was still waiting to get back to the stable....and at nine thirty I dropped Gouldjan off and headed home even managing to get the Beast into the drive.

Unpacked some of the shopping and the rest can wait...We had a lovely time this morning and it was good to get Gouldjan out for a meal and a chat...we haven't done that for a while either.  Coffee and Brandy at my pleased with my purchases today...I do love a good bargain and Doris Streich is one of my favourite designers. chilled....and talking of was minus three as we were heading home...brrrr...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 6, 2013, 5:16am; Reply: 7
Friday 6th December

Another beautiful day looming and the mist is rising...where did this adage come from that a red sky in the morning is a shepherd's warning?....I don't think it applies to Bulgaria....and I suppose I could steal a march on the day...nice and early and I have lots to do...catch you later...
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 6, 2013, 4:53pm; Reply: 8
Friday continued

Brilliant start to the day and worked well.  Brought my outside table into the lounge and my sun lounger into the workshop, the one outside bench into my downstairs bedroom and it's at times like this that you need another pair of hands to get the other end of the thing that you are trying to move.  Having said that ...all is safely gathered in and the plants and pots are now in the little house to keep them safe from the frost.  There are even lower temperatures forecast but tonight doesn't seem so cold as last night.  

Settled down on the sofa in the hall with a book and a bar of extra cocoa chocolate at about four this afternoon after today's exertion and woke up at five thirty to the dying embers of the woodburner in the dark but that was soon remedied.  Lamp on, quick poker job on the fire, added a couple of logs and off we go again.  Just added some coal and another big log and that should do it for the night.

Had trouble getting on Google tonight.  I'd been listening to radio two this afternoon just before I went off to nodsville, heard it go quiet and then when I tried to reconnect I kept getting the message that it was resolving host.  All seems sorted now after restarting it a couple of times...maybe a glitch.  So after my bar of chocolate I can't say that there are any hunger pains rattling around so I might be light on calories this evening but don't think there's much chance of me fading away just yet.  Present packing tomorrow I didn't get done today but I really have nowhere to go tomorrow and it's a nice feeling.  Moon out and there's a large 'something' hanging in there underneath it....I must check out what it is and now back to my book and the fire.  LN....I'm getting ready for slow easy stages...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 7, 2013, 5:24pm; Reply: 9
Saturday 7th December

Seven o'clock start without any interruptions and fire salvaged.  Dull start to the day with a biting wind that rattled through the PJ's when I went to empty the ash can.  Hungry this morning....I didn't eat last night and so it was a half can of beans on toast for breakfast and decided that the cooker could do with a good clean ready for the new year....don't try and join up the thought process...there wasn't a lot going on this morning.  Cats had a field day...the curry that I'd made out of the two old chicken legs from the freezer clearout should never have seen the light of day.  I should have disposed of them from the onset but you know what it's like....economy is saturated in the bones but then the stomach says no....and I couldn't bring myself to eat it but there was a very ginger tom with a very ginger looking curry mouth. :-/

So settled in and carried on with the present I'm making and it's very close to being I said can't tell you too much about it because then the cat would be out of the bag and it's not a curry faced one.  Found last years Christmas tree decorations and realised that they are too big for the little artificial ones that I bought from Kardjali and it's as well that I got a couple of boxes of mini-decorations.  The rope of lights is on the wall of the little house and Santa is climbing the ladder by the main house front door but not sure how much of it will be left by morning...we have gale force winds blowing but mostly gusting stripping trees of their final leaves and bringing with it a snow flurry this afternoon which turned into nothing more serious.

Cooked fish fingers and chippies for a late lunch, read this afternoon and those presents are still waiting for their wrappings.  I did make the gift tags this morning so I'm one step on the way but the eyes headed downwards as the words on the Kindle blended together and woke up about an hour later.  Closed up for the night...again I don't suppose I shall be wanting supper after munching my way through lunch and tomorrow I'm Djebel bound for my student and family.  We're making lasagne together for lunch, they've not done it before and since Mum's lasagne used to be my son's favourite, I'll give it my best shot.

Seven fifteen my time...I'm beginning to feel a little Christmassy with the fairy lights twinkling in the hall way and this time next week I'll be at the airport hopefully waiting for the plane.  I bet this week flies by... :-/ :-/
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 8, 2013, 3:25pm; Reply: 10
Sunday 8th December

So another late start for me and it just gets better...the downside was that last night I was wide awake at midnight after watching Filmon TV.  Now I don't do this very often but lst night I happened upon the ITV singing thingy and what a load of rubbish it was.  The girl should win, she nailed both of her songs but I have the feeling that she won't.  Nuf said...I'm not an aficionado on the subject and I doubt very much if I'll catch the final but I thought I'd just throw in my stotinki's worth.

Shower and hair wash and ready to go to Djebel by about tenish and popped up to Avatar's to see if she wanted anything from Djebel.  I looked back and noticed that there was smoke coming out of Sar Mush house chimney and thought that I was seeing things...not so...his daughter is over and we had a little joke about me wondering if the old man had come back.  So yes she did want something...a fire bucket for her other petchka but it had to have a hole in the bottom of the bucket not one in the side like the normal one but this was purchased on my way in to my student's and we had a little laugh in the hardware shop...I think it must be something to do with hole in the bottom that got them going.

So lasagne made by three pairs of hands....first time for them and goodness knows how many times I've made it and it turned out delicious.  Mother made the bread rolls and it was served with grated carrot and grated beetroot in yogurt.  The father had prepared pumpkin but there were no takers...the rest of us abstained.  Family descended in force after lunch and so I answered questions for about an hour and asked them and then took my leave.  Stopped off and got some beer for tonight and bread for tomorrow, I had a phone call from Bekir while we were having lunch and the men are working tomorrow...I think the intention was to tidy up for the winter but it's already done so they can concentrate on the metal work for the wall.  Delivered the bucket and Avatar came round with the money clutching in her hand a pot of yogurt as a thank you for going.

Beautiful sky tonight and it caught me unawares,  I only spotted it because I was going down to check the fire.  Back in and all battened down for the night, plenty of wood in and so it's back to my book.  Those pesky presents still need wrapping but while the men are will give me something to do.  LN...I'm going to take up my position in front of the wood burner with my Kindle and a glass...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 9, 2013, 5:58pm; Reply: 11
Monday 9th December

Some of the presents are wrapped.  Listening to various artists yesterday I sat in the lounge at the outside table that's been taken in for the winter and started wrapping....but not to the music.

Gave up at about ten thirty and headed for the virginal couch and managed through till five thirty but by then the brain was active and the body catching up.  Out at seven thirty in minus six and it got better as I headed for the men's village and we ended up at minus two but it still reached the minus six as we approached my now you believe me!!! :-/ :-/

They were amazed that I'd cleared up the yard and all the metal and wood was ensconced in the little house and so...the metal came flying out along with their welding gear and it was music to my ears.  Three panels complete and hoisted into place...tomorrow they will make one more and make the weld to keep them secure and free from the travelling community not that I worry about that here.  Mentioned that Beauty had failed to start yesterday hence the pick up in the Beast this morning but can't get them used to luxury...this baby has to go so Bekir started the push from the garage and fortunately I'd opened the gates and it was rather like 'crime has no frontiers'.  I shot out of the gate at and angle...gave it a drop into second and no go so Sally was propositioned to help with the push and this time we had action, no music and the camera was on charge.  Drove down to the next village and turned round and the reception committee was there to greet me....into the house, picked up my bag and phone and off to Djebel to give it a run and to have the exhaust hose replaced since I noticed that it was in two halves that never the twain should meet.

Home and had a bonfire and set about the metal mound and the new patch of earth between the house and the new fence and all's looking good.  I have more to do but you can't put right in five minutes what has taken three years to accumulate.  Most of the empty tins is from their every day lunches flung onto the heap...ah well.

Home...there was no one to greet them when they got to the restaurant...I think there were parties but Bekir hadn't been informed and Sally didn't want to go anyway.  Home for me and into the kitchen and I have a spicy sausage with all of the ingredients added but this time I lobbed in a can of kidney beans and some chilli's now simmering on the  woodburner and I reckon I've got fifteen minutes to blast off...depends how much chilli I added.

Santa is still climbing his ladder and the men are really impressed with the disco lights on the little house terrace.....Next year I'm going to make the little house into Santa's grotto and have a bran tub for the children.  I'm not here this year but it's put on the back burner for would be fun especially if I can persuade any of my lot to come out to play.  LN...a  brandy and hot water is called would be rude not to...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 10, 2013, 5:34pm; Reply: 12
Tuesday 10th December

Cold start this morning and I was out early to make sure that one of the modes of transport kicked into life and Beauty responded beautifully.  Men waited inside until the allotted eight of the clock and then we set off.  The road was good, I was reminded that the man was coming to fit the windows in the workshop and the garage this morning  and we discussed the weather and Bekir said that the internet forecast twenty centimeters of snow but I replied that that was in their village not mine.

Chilly start as I said but they got their toys out to play at welding and the man with the windows dutifully arrived at about nine thirty and this time I had the correct coloured materials.  I did crack the joke with the boys that I thought white would be much better and we should plan on replacing the lot of them but it was only in jest.  Coffee was served, welding was happening and then it started to come down...that white stuff from up there.  Slow at first but then it started to gain momentum, the wind got up and the temperature went down.  Welding gear was sheltered from the snow along with the outside electric supply but we had another slight problem that the man doing the windows wanted the hammer drill to move some of the bricks that had been added by the men.  Bekir was general handy man to the window man while Sally moved the toys inside.  The wood that I'd move inside the house last week was now added to the second level of the little house along with the wood that was removed from the wall yesterday so again all is safely gathered in for the winter.  

Windows and door complete, lock for the workshop now works, told the men that I wanted to take them home early which they weren't completely in agreement with saying that they could do the loft ladder in the big house but I wanted them home because I wanted to get home safely.  The car had frozen windows when we eventually got out at three thirty and I knew that there would be ice under the snow that was still falling and it would be treacherous and it was.  Dropped them off and had a bit of a joy ride back to the main road when I hit a patch of ice and I know that I have to steer into the skid...but then I hit another icy spot and off I went the other way but managed to avoid the ditch.  The main road was not so bad but there was a BMW that decided to overtake and went for it and I nearly chuckled my socks off when I was going up the hill towards Rogochez and he was half way up the hill with his hazard lights flashing away and no I didn't's one hell of a hill and I just kept going.  Careful down my car knows the way and I know the hills and dales and opened the gates and in I went.  The men will phone tomorrow if they are able to come out to play.  It's supposed to be OK tomorrow but we'll have to wait and see. Currently I'm thinking a big fat no... :-/ :-/

Supper is on the wood burner and it's time that I got down to it.  Most of the presents are wrapped, my mystery gift is finished more or less and now I'm in to making some wrist warmers for the women.  Fire going beautifully and house toasty....LN....I think a little drink might be called for tonight...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 11, 2013, 5:04pm; Reply: 13
Wednesday 11th December

Silly three thirty a.m. start and don't ask me why....brain into overload with so much to do and so little time...she said with back of hand pressed to forehead and eyes firmly shut.  So while I was up I threw a log on the fire just to keep everything ticking over and that did until the morning.  Sun came up and I could have really let the fire go out at that point...really cold outside but I'm  amazed how warm the house stays remembering my first winter when I was walking around with a hot water bottle in the pocket of one of my times change and how soon we learn what winter is all about.

Bekir phoned but I wasn't going to risk it this was a bit of a trek getting back last night and I though it wasn't worth it.  Settled in and finished my book, wrapped the rest of the presents, made my cards, took part the present that I was making and now I can tell you about it since I've told the Librarian why she won't be getting it for the 25th but it's definitely on it's way.  I was making her a shawl come poncho thingy and I wasn't happy with it so it's gone back to the drawing board for will be done.  She phoned at about twelve and said that they were on their way to Kardjali and did I want to go.  Two things I wanted to do was finalise the shopping which I've done and get my ticket for the bus for Saturday which I've also done.  Unfortunately Kardjali did entail a visit to Lidl and Billa so there are things in the freezer that I had no intention of buying but it's always the way and I'm o the Baileys look and taste alike this evening.  When asked what I was going to have with it by the Librarian, my immediate response was...more of the same...very morish.

Not into supper, we snacked on the way back from shopping.  Only six more presents to wrap and that's me finished and the cards to write now that I've managed to get some envelopes to put them in.  Phoned Bekir and it's a nine o'clock pickup tomorrow...I want the streets to be aired a little before I set off...last day of term for all of us...LN....where's that bottle....oopps...NL
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 12, 2013, 7:39pm; Reply: 14
Thursday 12th December

Early morning fire patrol, into my new Jim Butcher and over to pick up the  men at nine o'clock and the road was not too bad with only a few places not visited by yesterday's sun remaining under ice.  Men carried on making the panels for the wall, Emula came round to talk to Bekir complaining that his house isn't warm since they haven't got any wood and that's why he's standing talking in my little house.  

Into Djebel for some more welding rods for the panels...picked up some more Reparil Gel from my twinkly chemist and told him that I'd damaged my shoulder playing basketball...he looked at me strangely but I skipped away laughing.  Over to the 'everything' shop for some more wrapping paper so everything now is  completed....packed starts today.  Men said that they had finished and it was just five of the clock.  So I went out to look and the new panels that they had made were still sitting at the base of the wall and not welded into place.  Apparently they had run out of time, light stopped play and I am over that barrel where they need not work tomorrow but  if they don't the panels are quick pickings for any roaming Romany....not good. Upshot is...they are working tomorrow and I'm picking them up at eight thirty in the morning.

So I'm over at the Librarian's tonight.  Lovely beef supper and I brought  over a three litre wine box that will be here when I'm not.  Quick update tonight....I'm home after I pick up the men and packing is on the agenda.  Goodnight from's time I came up with the LN and got on to helping with the wine box...Pickies of the wall tomorrow and the fence....down to the serious stuff....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 13, 2013, 4:27pm; Reply: 15
Friday 13th December

Slept OK and was warm in my little nest at the Librarians and we both started to circulate at about seven this morning.  Dogs were put out to do their morning business and I put my outdoor clothes on top of my pyjamas and after two coffees was ready to pick the men up at eight thirty.  So they got stuck in straightaway and the snow that was threatened was no more that a few flakes but it was still a little chilly out.  The sun tried desparately to break through, there was a glimmer or hope but off it went again into the great beyond but not a bad day.  I emptied out the fridge and got rid of stuff that will be out of date by my return, the cats hung around for a while but I got the bonfire going really well just to get rid of the debris. Spent some of the morning sorting out keys and padlocks so that we all have the appropriate sets...what a job that was.

Wall is complete now with the metal panels and only a few hats of the columns to be done but I'm sure it will manage for the winter without.  The porch to the little house is now shrouded in polythene to keep out the snow and they did in one hour what it took me half a day last year to do and theirs looks much neater.  I also asked them to put some down pipes on from the roof gutters so that it doesn't linger in the foundations so they got four of them fixed to take the water away from the garage and into the ditch at the front of the house.  Unfortunately where I had cleared up most of the leaves from the yard Bekir decided to clear out the gutters and job well done but I'm hoping for a stiff breeze to remove them to someone else's garden or over the hills and far away.  Men home, I gave them their gifts from me and they both seemed quite touched that they had presents.  They took their welding gear home with them and the rest of their toys and I've sent Bekir home with a full set of keys as a precaution and the instructions are that if there is a problem that my Avatar will phone Bekir and the wheels will be put into motion.  Kept stopping the car tonight to take photos...the sky was so lovely.

Off to deliver presents to my students family this evening, my other student's family will have theirs tomorrow when I drop off the Beast at the garage so that at least I have one good car to come back to.  Back to do my packing but it's not as if I've much to take....passport, money, boarding pass and credit card, a couple of Bulgarian vests, woollen sock and tights and a spare pair of jeans and that will be me done and dusted.  

So supper will be what' left....I can't be bothered to get changed to go out tonight so they will take me as they find me and I'll shower and shampoo in the morning when I've locked up the estate and delivered the village presents.  Let's get going....last day is always the worst....LN....I have things to do...LN

Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 14, 2013, 5:58am; Reply: 16
Saturday 14th December

Well quite an early start and went to get a big log from the fire and realised that the outside wood container was still in the little house and Bekir had been very efficient and locked it up.  Now to find the key ....but I managed it and so far the system seems to be working but let's see how well it stands up to a ten thirty departure.

Flipping lots of minuses below this morning and white over but fortunately the sun has just come up so the fire will have some assistance at lifting the temperature above the pain threshold....unfortunately my core temperature has dropped with washing my hair and taking off several layers of the dust that appears to keep up warm.  I think my PJ's have made it to the washing machine on their own.  

So last view from my desk for a while...tomorrow I'll be waking up in my other bed which is equally as comfortable but without the nest to snuggle in to.  I might just have to go and buy a couple of fleece blankets and get the sewing machine out....No update tonight....flight doesn't land until after ten so I shall be starting to flake around that time so your daily fix is here....LD
Posted by: tabs, December 14, 2013, 12:43pm; Reply: 17
Wish I had a view like that from my desk! Have a good Xmas!
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 15, 2013, 8:46pm; Reply: 18
Sunday 15th December

Thanks Tabs...I'm already missing the view.... :-/ :-/

Not a bad journey up to Sofia yesterday and arrived in plenty of time to settle into Angry Birds and Jim Butcher.  Came time to check the bag in and the lady on the check-in desk looked at my luggage and said it had to be checked to see if it fitted in their containers so told her that it had already done the journey twice before between there and London but she wasn't having it so I rammed it home, showed her that this ugly sister could get the slipper to fit and then she offered to carry it for free if I'd put it in the hold.  Now since I had intended it to travel with me and not put any locks on to it I said that I wanted to keep it with me and asked if it was a busy flight.  She replied that it wasn't and I told her that I had jewellery in there and no way did I want to lose sight of it.  Eventually I was given the green light but so much for the easy-jet email advising me that they had confirmed that provided that luggage met their specification even if it was slightly over, it would travel for free.  I think I might have to leave feedback.  Flight was a little hairy....quite a lot of turbulence and the landing was quite spectacular with a severe crosswind and the Bulgarians on the flight applauded when eventually we arrived at the terminal.  Don't you just love it ...and the Scandinavians also have this annoying habit.

Woke up at three this morning and completely disorientated and couldn't find my way out of my bedroom to get to the loo....and it took a while to realise where I was.  I'd fallen into a really deep sleep...but went straight off again and eventually put on the light at what a thought was six forty but unfortunately the bedside clock hadn't been was one hour out so read for a while and at seven decided to rest my weary head and slept until seven.  Breakfast was Marmite on toast knowing that it was going to be a day of feasting later

Over to my daughter's for lunch along with my ex and his wife and a very civilised family occasion.  Big pork roast and now I think I shan't need anything for a week....I'm not used to big meals.  Played around with maths homework online and my daughter and myself were calculating angles in polygons, circumferences and diameters using all of the things that we'd both was a silly afternoon.  It was the next stage on from my grandson's homework and I was amazed to see homework so formulated and I think if it had been around when I was learning it. I could have gotten the hang of it.

Home for the weather, it's been persisting it down all day...not really pleasant at all.....I've looked at the temperatures for home...cold but sunny...maybe I flew out a little early.  Tomorrow shopping and card's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas...LN...not much changes....I'm down to find something to drink...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 16, 2013, 8:01pm; Reply: 19
Monday 16th December

Six o'clock start this morning and finished Jim Butcher and got settled with Angry Birds until I could start to disturb the household, all one of them at about seven.  Went on to the computer and noticed that there was a hint of pink in the sky so rushed to get the camera.  Sod's the time that I looked again it was very small hint of pink but I managed to grab it anyway.  The wind was howling around the house, and the rain was lashing but eventually it sorted itself out and the temperature climbed somewhat.

My task for the day to try to get my bus pass renewed but this was thwarted by the fact that I'm considered to be no longer resident in the UK...some little lady with access to local records decreed...not eligible so for the time that I'm here...not too great a problem.  Walked into the shopping centre and I was amazed at the number of people and the fury with which they were shopping.  I'd forgotten what it was like.  I did Primark and managed to get another pair of skinny jeans since I noticed that I'd gone through the backside of a pair that I had to leave in BG so this is a replacement and I didn't exactly splurge out.  I headed for Smiths and picked up cards and books that I know will be appreciated, generally mooched around realising that at about one thirty I'd had enough and felt that I needed to head home.  On to the bus, got the last seat at the front and unfortunately a lady on crutches got on after two stops so in my usual fashion I got up and indicated that she could have my seat but the lady next to me was getting off at the next stop so I sat down again and she joined me.  We struck up a conversation, she said that she had been born with the deformity and had had eight operations as a child ending up in a wheelchair but through sheer cussedness she got herself free of it and had had a few years without incapacity but unfortunately she had had a hip replacement that hadn't worked and now has to have her femur broken, trimmed and replaced.  By the time that she was ready to leave, we found out so much about each other and realised that we were both more or less out of the same pod for character...stubborn little tykes that didn't respond well to people telling us that we couldn't do things and we waved to each other as the bus pulled away.

Home, Christmas cards completed, found some that I hadn't used up from previous years for the general ones and into the post box they'll go tomorrow apart from the two that the addresses for them are in BG. yes I forgot them and now emails have gone out to try to recoup the information.  Just watch Nigella's Christmas cookery special and I watched it until I could watch it no more.  There was a certain fridge cake that you wouldn't want to drive after eating....well I'll rephrase probably would want to but you wouldn't make a good job of it.  Number one son phoned this evening....I thanked him for the presents delivered by my ex yesterday and I think we might make arrangements for the weekend after Christmas.  That will be good.

Eight of my time now.....need to find another book...this tele thing doesn't do much for me....I'm thinking that snuggling up with a little port might just be what the doctor ordered.  LN....I'm hoping that the weather is going to improve or I'll be checking my feet for signs of webbing....I'll keep you updated...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 17, 2013, 8:04pm; Reply: 20
Tuesday 17th December

Six o'clock start so it's getting better....on to the pc and did my stuff quietly and brought the house to life around eight this morning.  Breakfast, final cards sorted and decided to walk down to the village to post them and no one wanted to come and play so off I went.  Bit of a grim's just damp and miserable but at least it had stopped raining.  On with the trusty duffle coat, beanie hat, card in pocket off I set up the hill that is renowned for sorting the men from the boys and people with dodgy tickers from the foolhardy.  I stopped every now and again, it's just a very steep hill and my access to the South Downs, but made it to the top with my heart rate raised which can only be good for me.

Just like my garden...there was sheep mess everywhere which I wasn't expecting but apparently so I found out later, sheep shall safely graze to keep the grass down behind an electric fence and they were doing their stuff.  Over the Downs, by the windmill, did the necessary at the post office and on to the sea.  Clouds had thickened somewhat but as I said, at least there was no rain.  Saw some interesting things that had been washed up on the stones....there is a sandy beach but it's right down at the waterline.  Came across an interesting specimen....and believe I've been reading too much Jim Butcher science fic stuff...eekkksss

Back up the village and stopped off at a new shop.  Found out the lady was Turkish but married to an English man and her brother actually delivers Turkish clothing to Bulgaria...such a small world.  I mentioned that I had seen some escorted holidays offers to Turkey and she asked me to send her the link which I've done already.  I might just have to have another look at it myself.  Stopped off at the Co-op and raided the reduced meat section and we have a curry bubbling away and it should be ready to serve in about ten minutes....and so down to the kitchen....LN....the rice should be ready...and a beer should be about the right temperature for me...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 18, 2013, 7:17pm; Reply: 21
Wednesday 18th December

Six start this morning, coffee, book, and sky watching.  Not a great day but it got better and eventually the sun broke through but one pigeon was haning on to the branch for dear life....and only just made it.  Toast for breakfast, started to sort out my old clothes into charity shop stuff and those that I'll offer to friends and caught the bus into town at just after twelve thirty this lunchtime.  The shops were very busy again and I don't know where they get all their money from.  All I managed to buy was an egg whisk and that was the sum total of my purchases.  I couldn't find any presents that I wanted to buy so I might be reverting to money again.  At least they can buy what they want not what I think will do.

Came back on the bus from town and we decided to eat at the White Horse. It was a fish and chip supper with mushy peas which was so liked by my student and a couple of pints helped it on its way and then on to the bus to the end of the road.  It's blowing a gale out there now and I'm thinking that if the temperature drops a tad then we could have snow for tomorrow.  We'll just have to wait and see.  I'm down now to see what I can dredge up from the's probably rubbish so I'll keep my kindle to hand with a glass in the other....LN

Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 19, 2013, 8:28pm; Reply: 22
Thursday 19th December

Seven this morning so it's getting better all the the time I've adjusted completely it will be time to go home...

Today the weather has been OK until this afternoon when it absolutely pelted down and the temperature has dropped.  What have I done today...I've attacked the wardrobes, given away stuff to some of the neighbours, there are piles for the charity shops and clothing that is for friends to look at and if they want it fine, if not that will join the charity shop piles.  I have got some that I want to take out to BG so I strongly suspect that I shall be taking 'luggage' home even though I had no intention when I set off.  I've also decided to keep a bag marked 'cruise' and it's the stuff that no way would it get worn over there and that applied more to evening shoes...don't feel the need to dress up at home.

Just watched the Hairy Bikers Christmas show and marveled at the food they created....just too much for my little brain to think about but I did like the ice sculpture of a Christmas tree with a hole through it to dispense the what an idea.  So going back down...the heating hasn't come on yet upstairs and it's not like home where if the wood burner is's going.  LN...tomorrow will be into Brighton to get the presents that I saw but didn't get the other day....It's getting nearer...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 20, 2013, 8:56pm; Reply: 23
Friday 20th December

It was a horrible night...awake at 2.30...and again at 5.00...reading and being a very 'Angry Bird'.  The wind is whistling around the South Downs and hasn't seemed to have stopped all day and is still at it now.  Breakfast routine appears to have been established...two slices of buttered toast and something on it but there is a very enticing fruit cake lingering on the worktop and it is gradually disappearing.  It's covered in almond nuts and picking them off is a temptation closely followed by pinching out some of the cake before taking a knife to it and doing it properly.

Today has been spent again delving in drawers and wardrobes and I have yet more stuff to go to the charity shops from the first pass.  Trouble is that you put things to one side and it is with steely grit and determination that you throw it to one side.  It's not even the cost of the's just the getting rid of.  So now let me tell you about my find of the day,  As you know I have four diamond rings that no longer fit me since my knuckles have got this arthritic tendency and the last time I returned to BG after my Australian trip I thought that I had lost them.  Eventually the guys and girls upstairs told me to look in a certain folder that contained my house documents and out dropped the rings and I breathed a sigh of relief.  Now before coming to UK with my student I decided that I would bring them over to have them fixed so that they fitted once more but then when I got back to BG I thought that I had left them here but couldn't remember what I'd done with them and you know the fear when you don't want to look.  Today I was tidying off the dressing table and down by the side of the television in the bedroom....there they were stapled into an NHS envelop so now they are in my jewel a suede pouch in an Aramis sponge bag.  I know where they are and I've sorted out the rest of the jewellery so that I know what is here and what is over in BG.  Relief fair poured out of me. :o :o

Supper of gammon with vegetables and cheese sauce was prepared for me, I opened and am drinking the wine and am feeling very chilled.  I didn't go into town today...the weather was just too cold and windy...the rest of my seasonal shopping can wait until tomorrow.  Posted on Kingdoms FB today a lovely picture that sums up the season's greeting for him and I'll recreate it here and a quick one for the rest of you.   I'll say LN....that bottle appears to be calling me from the lounge...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 20, 2013, 9:06pm; Reply: 24
Friday continued

Just a quick update to the original file that was too big to load.  May you all have a wonderful Christmas if that's what you want to call it and I wish you everything you wish for yourselves in 2014.....I might be a little early but....better late than never....LN
Posted by: 38714 (Guest), December 20, 2013, 9:48pm; Reply: 25
And the same to you Elsa. I have so enjoyed following your adventures this past year. Hope 2014 turns out to be spectacular for you!

Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 21, 2013, 9:08am; Reply: 26
Saturday 21st December

Thanks Chris.....hope your Christmas and New Year are all you want them to be. ;)

Oh is it blowing a gale out there!!  It kept me awake most of the night...the wind was howling and the rain was lashing on the window.  I just made the mistake of checking the weather for BG...closely followed by, hoo. hoo. :-/

Now for the rest of the day....catch you later...
Posted by: tcinbg, December 21, 2013, 12:18pm; Reply: 27
A Very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to you as well Elsa
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 21, 2013, 11:59pm; Reply: 28
Saturday continued

Thanks TC..hope you are settling...

Now as for the rest of the this afternoon and I think all of the zombies in Tesco were out there on a mission...fill up trolleys, fill up trolleys...We did minimum shop and I danced around to the Christmas music and filled the trolley with essentials namely wine and let's get priorities right.  Over to my mate Angela's and settled in to watch the 'Dancing' programme and we managed to fit in the fish and chip supper between the first and second half of the programme...including pudding and cheeses and biscuits.  I did have to return to the watering hole to fill my glass with the amber nectar and pick at the grapes to go with the cheese but that was no skin off my nose to make the trip.  I really enjoyed the programme and well done to Peter Crouches' missus for lifting the trophy.

Home five minutes packed away and now to my virtuous couch....It's been a good day and an exceptionally good evening with friends...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 22, 2013, 6:23pm; Reply: 29
Sunday 22nd December

Slept in until seven this morning and it's getting better all the time.  Toast and ham for breakfast and then checked on the visiting person taking the service at my local and eleven o'clock I was singing my little heart out.  Unfortunately I'd forgotten my glasses and the 'ones with more insight' had changed the words of the carol so I was there singing what was the original version.  They brought out one of these newfangled hymn books....for high days and holidays and they change the words to fit in with their culture.  Heavenly becomes healing....and it just isn't the same....what happened to tradition.  Met up with some old friends that I haven't seen for a while and it's good to know that the church still survives.  

So down to Brighton Marina for a wander round after church and looking at the retail outlets that have closed down I'm thinking that the rates must be very high down there.  Why are the councils so greedy?  It's the same with most other town centres...loads of charity shops that hike up their prices and you could almost believe that they are normal retail outlets.  Picked up the last of the presents and some snow over shoes that have studs in them....reckon I can make use of them over there....after last year's mishap...don't want any this year.  

Settled into reading my latest Jim Butcher until the favourite top ten carols were being televised.  In this case they had been voted for by the public and where did number one come from....anybody heard of 'Oh Holy Night'?  Michael Ball sang it beautifully but hadn't got a clue where the words or tune were going so I'm assuming it's one of the 'new breed' for the 'Happy Clappy' churches.  It's all changed since I've been away.

Supper is going to be ham, egg and chippies and special care will be taken with the chip pan this year... now everything is looking back to normal and new...great care will be taken.  Tomorrow is lunch with Angela, just the two of us lingering over a meal and grabbing the easy chairs in front of the fire if all goes to plan.  LN....I'm off to cook....and to attack the remains of the would be wrong not to...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 23, 2013, 6:34pm; Reply: 30
Monday 23rd December

Wind and rain lashing all night again and more storms forecast.  It's truly horrible here. :-/ :-/

Over to Burgess Hill for lunchtime and met up with Angela and off to a local restaurant/pub where we had already made a reservation.  The last time we went it was full of party goers from the local offices, this year it was more like a kindergarten and all of the parties must have taken place last week...there was very little atmosphere in the place so we had to make some...or at least try to.  We ordered the wine. a bottle of Merlot that set us back just over fourteen pounds.  Now I don't mind paying out but when I compare the price of it with a box of Merlot in BG.....I could have approximately nine litres of the stuff for the same price....and I jest not.  So I watered it down with a few tears, the first course of a shared cheese and garlic dough ball left a lot to be desired and the waitress did say that it wasn't to everyone's taste and that was all the sympathy we got.  Main  course was OK....steak and onion pie in a red wince sauce with puff pastry topping and the mini pud of cherry something washed down with coffee was a pleasant OK.  We chewed over the fat for about three hours....and I managed to drag it out of her that she will seriously consider another couple of weeks 'chez moi' in BG....result.

Swapped pressies back at theirs, drove back over the downs and the car was all over the road with the wind rocking it.  Floods on the roads and there can't be much more rain left up some point it has to stop.  I'm sure there will be a few trees down before the night is out and many of the bridges in and around London have been closed for safety.  No's just been too dark and miserable....LN....I refuse to check the weather in BG....LN
Posted by: MikeyB, December 23, 2013, 10:29pm; Reply: 31
Happy Honika Elsa!  :P

Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 24, 2013, 9:52am; Reply: 32
Tuesday 24th December

Mazel never did understand my religious beliefs and leanings.... ;) ;)

Bloody wind, bloody rain it kept me awake most of the night and I ended up reading at four thirty this morning for about an hour.  This morning there will be an attempt to get everything back in the garden from whence it started out.  My old car has been stripped of its protective covering, next door's fence is lying on the pavement, some of the shrubs in the garden are flattened but the trees are still standing.....yeah, yeah, yeah....let's put it to music.  Breakfast for speed was buttered toast since after yesterday's blow out there was nothing on the menu last night but the hunger bugs that were nipping this morning have now been satisfied until lunch.  Down to the last present to get and then bring on the 25th.....

Grandson's birthday today so here's hoping he has a good day and big hugs going his way.  Catch you later....
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 24, 2013, 7:59pm; Reply: 33
Tuesday continued

Over to my daughters after after a request of which end is the turkey's bottom and which do you stiff.  I gave her the instructions over the phone closely followed by 'do you want me to come over' to which there was 'yes if you can'.   By the time I'd got there she's managed it (well she is my daughter) and it was out with the bacon and cover the breasts of the turkey (not my daughter) and all is ready for six of the clock tomorrow morning.  I suggested using the giblets to make the gravy and that idea was taken up (not) but I think it was when my s.i.l. thought it would be a good idea to make giblet soup that it went pear shaped.  When we got to the house they were erecting fence panels.  That wind was murderous last night.  

Finished my shopping in the Peacehaven centre, down to Brighton Marina for fuel and the last of the shops, back home and cooked supper and opened a bottle of port and after a couple of glasses....update complete and last of the presents to be wrapped.  As for the weather...still not nice but it is threatened to be a little better tomorrow and Boxing day.  I'm sending a thought out for those that are without power and their houses are flooded.  There but for the grace of god....LN....back down stairs...I'm all ready for the 25th ....LN
Posted by: scarahfluff, December 24, 2013, 10:10pm; Reply: 34
Merry Christmas Elsa. Hope you have a fantastic day and a perfect new year. Big hugs from us all. XXx
Posted by: 50 (Guest), December 25, 2013, 1:56pm; Reply: 35
A very Merry Christmas Elsa.  Hope you have a lovely day and the weather is a bit kinder to you today.  Have fun. xxx
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 25, 2013, 10:21pm; Reply: 36
Wednesday 25th December

Thank you Sarah and has been a lovely day, good food, excellent company and a board game to boot after lunch.  Obviously the girls won...what more do I need to say... ;) ;)

The weather has stayed fairly dry all day but it's started to rain now but what is a day without it...I wouldn't know....I don't believe I've had one good day in the last ten days.  So my daughter and I were both dressed in black with leopard scarves and we'd not even planned it.....we spent the first hour unwrapping presents and I have a beautiful pen with different coloured cartridges. a new book to write down my poems in and as my daughter reminded me....there used to be lots of them so now seems like a good time to start over again.  The boys both had one of those silly wooden toys that separate out into thousands of pieces that you have to put back together again....and they persevered.  My daughter was under instructions to open one of her presents last....I knew that once she got her head in the VIZ new dictionary that it wouldn't come up for a while.  Husband was in the kitchen and towards the end of the cooking we were commandeered to stir sprouts and she made the bread sauce and we made out that we had done such a wonderful job of it.

So home now...the rest of the red is about to get rather took second place to a little white fizzy number with 'something special' added that saw my daughter and myself through the meal.  Party hats, silly jokes and the red fish that tells you if you are passionate or not....just had to be done.

I hope that you all had a super day....I know that I did with family...LN....I'm going to find that bottle of red..LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 26, 2013, 8:05pm; Reply: 37
Thursday 26th December

Got a surprise new Kindle last night and sat up until one getting my email and stuff sorted on it and another free version of Angry Birds.  He, he, he..... ;)

Woke at eight thirty this morning and went down to make coffee.  The sun was shining and as I walked into the dining room that is normally in darkness to maintain the heat in there, the words from Yentle flashed through my mind so I drew back the curtains and 'welcomed the dawn'.  I maintain that that's the story of my move to Bulgaria instead of her move into Judaism.  Breakfast was a mince pie...I was much too busy sorting out clothes for the charity shop and children's books for my neighbour's grandchildren.  Lunchtime came round pretty sharpish and at two thirty we decided to walk down to the sea forgetting that they have an annual tug of war, the best of three, between two of the local pubs.  Now this takes place in the High Street, illegally closing the main road to the discontent of some of the local 'boyos' but close it they do and it's a very serious, alcohol fueled affair and it's not only the participants.  Best of three, the Black Horse crew beat the Plough by two to one and then we continued to the sea, the road was re-opened and normal service was resumed.

Lovely walk on the Undercliff with lots of families and children with scooters and newly acquired Santa bicycles and roller skates.  Sat and watched the sun on its way down, walked back up the village via Kipling Gardens and spotted some tiny cyclamen that were in flower.  Supper was a selection of all things that could be stuck in the oven and nibbled to be closely followed by cheese and biscuits but I'm working up to that.  There also appears to be a bottle of port on the go.....but it's not looking as healthy as it did. might need a little mouth to mouth....have a good evening all....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 27, 2013, 5:52pm; Reply: 38
Friday 27th December

Six start...slept straight through for seven and a half and for me that is good.  I did get into a bit of a recurring dream and was trying to get six people through an airport and someone on the flight with hand luggage that entailed a  bed where did that come from?... :-/ :-/  Too much port last night maybe.  Unfortunately I woke up to lashing rain and wind and yet again with no hint of that big yellow thing that I'm used to.

Neighbour came round and managed to offload the books for his grandchildren, Martin is off to the hospital today so I'm going to be a shoulder to cry on.  Went in on the bus and took one of the saver tickets so that I could jump on and off at my leisure and I did just that....To the hospital, from the hospital into town, from town to the pub and from the pub, home.  Door to door for under a fiver.

Lots of people round the shops today but we didn't linger long.  We did the North Laines and The Laines and the only thing I bought was a lovely vase made up of lots of little vases on a pottery tray and's destined for BG.  I looked at several other things namely clothing but everything is so expensive here that my purse stayed firmly in my pocket.....just as it should.  So down to the White Horse on the and chip supper so I now don't have to think about either being in the kitchen or making enough noise for someone else to be doing it.  Pint and a half of the hard stuff to wash it down and at just before six, I have nothing to do and can chill for the thrill so to speak.  LN....I'm switching off physically and mentally...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 28, 2013, 5:09pm; Reply: 39
Saturday 28th December

Really late start this thirty and I was falling asleep in the armchair last night at just after ten and eventually made it upstairs by eleven.  You know what it's've got to go upstairs, get undressed and go through the bedtime routine...'nuff said.

Not much has happened today in the way of going places and seeing people.  The weather started off with a little of the yellow stuff but we're back to's raining but at least the wind isn't rattling the rafters.  So the grand clear up has continued...the charity bags are heaving and I have been in corners of the wardrobe that haven't seen the light of day for years.  I also came across a jacket that I made for my daughter when she was three years old and now that's gone into the treasure box.  Somethings you can't part with and I'll let those doing the great sort out get rid of it when I've either gone to higher pastures or they've eventually selected my care home.  I'll wait to see which comes first.

I found it amazing as to how many evening dresses that I have and at least three have still got the price tags on them.  I used to go out shopping with my daughter, spot it try it on and then out came the credit card.  Sometimes it was for me...sometimes for her but we were a tad naughty.  As it is now I get great delight picking up sweaters in BG for three lev and boots for twenty.  My how things change ;) ;).  Now I'm waiting for the charity shops to open and the house will look much tidier.  I'm hoping that some of the charity shops don't send things overseas....

My turn in the kitchen tonight..... I've got to hunt through the freezer to see what I can's not like being at home where I know what's lurking...pork chops I'm thinking.....LN...and I believe there is still a bottle or three of red left over that may need some attention....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 29, 2013, 8:30pm; Reply: 40
Sunday 29th December

Late thirty.  I languished in the bath for a couple of hours reading with my old Kindle, got dressed in a new pair or skinny jeans and headed off for the lunchtime gathering of the clans.  The table was already booked and fortunately it wasn't as heaving as we thought it would be.  Simon  Cowell's mother was at the restaurant but fortunately she didn't bother me for an autograph....I get so sick of it.... ;) ;)

The meal was good.  I tried a party trick which unfortunately resulted in me knocking over my wine but I managed to salvage most of it and we were ready to leave at just after three thirty.  Home James....and I promptly fell asleep on the settee but this time having put my book down next to me, removed my glasses and just......nodded.  Woke up to Country-file which I think is an amazing fair takes me back and the Antique's Roadshow special edition where someone bought a painting for four hundred pounds and after restoration is now valued at four hundred thousand more or less.  There are still things out there to be had....maybe I'll find them in Eastbourne tomorrow.

And so tomorrow is a shop until we drop day....I'm off with my daughter for a mother and daughter shopping trip which could prove expensive if I don't keep my wits about supper for lunch is still sitting somewhere in the alimentary canal...and wish me luck for tomorrow...LN
Posted by: Princess, December 30, 2013, 7:48pm; Reply: 41
Monday 30th December

Mum can't come out to play tonight as she doesn't have her password!..... Had a lovely day shopping and done our bit to get the UK economy moving again. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.  ;) ;) LN from My Mummy xx
Posted by: scarahfluff, December 31, 2013, 12:02am; Reply: 42
Brilliant!  Love the last post, Glad you had fun. Have a fab new years eve. Xxx
Posted by: Elsa Peters, December 31, 2013, 4:31pm; Reply: 43
Tuesday 31st December

So having done our bit yesterday to ease the National Debt.....and as this year draws to a close....may I wish you all a Happy New Year, health, wealth and happiness.  Hope all your dreams come true and for those truly striving....maybe this is the year that it all comes to fruition.
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